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Accelerated Reader

Goals Setting and Printing Reports

Getting Started! • Select AR Management • Click anywhere on the AR screen • Log in with your classroom password.

YOU”RE IN! • Click on the OK button to close this overlaid window.

Select Classroom and it should show your grade and class in the window.

??Setting Goals?? • You need a Goal Setting Chart, so go to the Classroom Reports screen (Go menu > Classroom Reports). It is included in the "RP Forms." This chart helps you set point goals for your students base on their Zones of Proximal Development (ZPD). AKA the reading range.

• Next, open STAR Reading Management, using the same password, and Click on “REPORTS.” Scroll to READING RANGE, Select it and then Click on Preview to the left. Print your report.

Determining the Goal for Each of Your Students! • Use the Reading Range Report from STAR and the Goal-setting Chart. • Match each students STAR Reading Rand ZPD to the closest match on the Goal-Setting Chart. • For 30 minutes outside reading daily, then scan across the matching ZPD’s to the last column. Double this number for a semester’s required points for each student. Write the product down on the Reading Range Report, right side.

!! Setting Percent Correct, Point, or Book Level Goals !! • Go to the Reading Practice screen, click on the Go menu and select Reading Practice. • Click on the student that you want to set goals for. • Click on the Goals tab at the bottom. • Click on the marking period that you want to set, then click the [Set] button to open the Set Goals dialog box.

!! Setting Percent Correct, Point, or Book Level Goals !! • Click in the Percent Correct Goal field and enter the percent correct (between 85 and 90) that you want the student to earn. • TAB to the Point Goal field and enter the points that you wrote on the Reading Range Report. • TAB to the Book Level Goal field and enter the average book level you want this student to read during the semester. • Finished? Click the [OK] button.

!! Goals Are SET Now !! • Continue with the remaining students, and you’re done with GOAL Setting! • Now it’s time to figure out which reports you will be needing, Huh?


?? REPORTS ?? • Diagnostic Report - This report shows how many Other Reading Quizzes each student has taken and the number passed, plus the average book level, percent correct, and the results of the latest quiz. • Goal History - monitor student progress toward book level and point goals for the semester, or the school year as a whole. • Student Record – shows all quizzes taken, pass or fail, % correct, accumulated points, etc. Listed by date taken or title.

Reports, cont’d. • Student Points – shows the number of points earned, used, spent, and remaining. • Weekly Progress – shows for the year to date the activity each week. Average weekly tests taken/passed, points, score, and average book level for the week.

Keep on Readin’ • Hey, buddy, here’s the book I tol’ ya about!

Accelerated Reader Goal-Setting n Reports