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East London1 Retail Park Breakfast Run Hochland 154 Numbers meeting in Sweden Welwitschia 213 at Walvis Bay 36 Dance Project Bloemfontein 158 Heila Kotze Support Initiative Hochland 154 Medic Rush Welkom 40 Business Meeting Shenanigans Windhoek 34 End of an Era Augrabies 273 Travel Bingo Swakopmund 145 Blanket Drive Bloemfontein 158 NFS Tri Area Daniel Kristensen On Fire for Tabling Swkopmund 145 Soup Kitchen Know your Exec – Adrian Ihlenfeldt Bloemfontein 158 FS Winter Con Walvis Bay 36 Golf day Douglas 224 Boer Vooruit Welkom 40 Winter Knights Walvis Bay 36 Host Douglas 224 Tableview 246 Christmas comes Early Walvis Bay 36 host Michael from Singen 119 Welkom 40 Heritage Day Walvis Bay 36 visit Alex Kenton 210 Welwitschia 213 hosted by Westerdales Welkom 40 House of Hope Welwitschia 213 Food Run Welwitschia 213 Buisness Meeting Welkom 40 NFS Tria Area 2|Page


-To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional and business occupations; -To emphasise the fact that one’s calling offers an excellent medium of service to the community; -To cultivate the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions; -To recognize the worthiness of all legitimate occupations and to dignify each his own by precept and example; -To foster responsible citizenship and loyalty to their Country; -To further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships; -To further these objects by meetings, lectures, discussions and other activities


Table greetings to all the Tablers, Ladies and friends across the world! I can’t believe that six months have already passed us by since ARTSA 2019 in Langebaan! I have managed to visit 13 of the 14 Areas, with my visit to Namibia scheduled for next year February. I managed to combine my Exec Meetings with a few of these visits, and we have conquered 3 of our 4 meetings thus far. So often I get asked how my year has been, and quite honestly, I have enjoyed every minute. The places that I have travelled to, the people that I have met, the homes I have stayed in, the projects I get to hear about and the experiences I get to share with friends is immeasurable! I have an amazing team of Exec Members and Area Chairmen working with me, and I do believe that we are working with RTSA’s best interests at heart. TriArea Conference (Free State, Northern Cape and STNOFS Areas) - On the weekend of the 13th September, I travelled up to Johannesburg and was met by fellow ASSCO Member and Eastern Province Area Chairman, Marinus Rautenbach, at the airport. This man is something else when it comes to organising things, and he had organised a courtesy car for us through East Rand Automark – a stunning new Lexus saloon. What a treat! We set off on the road to Parys and met up with the local Tablers and a few familiar faces at a popular eatery in Parys. After catching up and enjoying a great lunch, we drove to our accommodation spot near the venue and sorted out our luggage etc. Thanks again to Brad & Leeane Rhodes and Sean & Jaclyn Trautmann for organising the accommodation and for hosting me. We joined the rest of the conference at the venue and the fellowship flowed from there. A large contingent of Tablers and Ladies from outside the three hosting Areas joined us for the weekend, and it was great catching up with them all! The next morning saw me opening the Conferences officially, following which I inducted some new Tablers to the Association. Always such an honour to induct a Tabler, and it filled me with hope for the future! After the opening, we (a group of Exec Members as well as out-of-Area Tablers) moved from each meeting to another in order to chat the Tablers and offer a question and answer session. The Ladies had by this point embarked on their tour, which involved a scavenger hunt/amazing race around the venue. From the sounds of the laughter both during and after the tour, it was a great hit! In the afternoon we headed back to the accommodation for a quick change of clothes and rejoined the party for a great evening of fellowship. Thank you to the three hosting Area Chairmen – Justin Boone (Free State), Attie Naude (Northern Cape) and Brad Rhodes (STNOFS) for all the hospitality, as well as to the Tablers and Ladies at the conference for all the laughs, the memories and the support. RT177 Port Alfred Meeting - I am sometimes fortunate enough to hear about a Table meeting happening near enough to attend and can grab a few chaps to go with. On the 5th September a few of us from my own Club jumped in a car and raided the RT177 Port Alfred meeting. It was great catching up with the guys and hearing what they have been up to. There was also a bit of planning to be done as their Club and mine were planning a combined project. Thank you to Chairman Julius Horak for allowing us to raid your meeting, and to the Tablers of 177 for the fellowship and hospitality. RT64 White River Meeting - On Thursday last week (26th September) I drove to Port Elizabeth, flew to Johannesburg and caught a flight to Nelspruit. There I was met at the airport by JL, Brian and Walter. We drove to a local eatery and enjoyed a few cold beverages whilst various members of the Club joined us. We then drove to their Clubhouse and I attended their business meeting, where it was great to hear their ideas for projects and experience some of the camaraderie and fun these guys have! Thank you to the guys for making me feel welcome! After the meeting, we decamped to another local spot, where I was introduced to a “Hammerhead” initiation. Better to ask me about it over a cold beverage than for me to explain it! I was kindly home-hosted by Gerrie and Nicola van der Westhuizen (ARTSA 2020 Convenor) for the night – thank you both! ARTSA 2020 Sabie Venue Visit - The next morning, Gerrie took me on a drive to visit the venue for ARTSA 2020 in Sabie. As I am not married and need to think on multiple levels for certain functions at ARTSA, it was ideal for me to be able to visualise the meeting rooms, hardcore hut, banquet room and the venue as a whole. Well done so far to the ARTSA Committee on all your hard work, and I can promise that they are pulling out all the stops to put on a great show for us in April next year! Don’t forget to book accommodation, or take advantage of the brilliant offer of free camping facilities for the duration of ARTSA. Registrations have opened and accommodation always books out fast – although Sabie can at least accommodate 3,000 people in the local area. TriArea Conference (Bushveld, Gauteng and Mpumalanga Areas) - After we got back to Nelspruit, Werner Swanepoel (Area Chairman for Mpumalanga Area) joined us with his parents, who we drove with as far as Bronhorstspruit. We then drove on what can only be described as the road less-travelled – we were trying to avoid the carnage on the N1 from Pretoria and found some amazing dirt roads and small towns that only their locals possibly know about! It was great fun seeing these unknown parts of the country, and much fun was had in the car! We arrived at the venue late in the afternoon and found our accommodation after catching up with some friends at Registration. We were spoilt with gifts on our beds and small touches which made us feel very welcome! That night we joined the rest of the attendees for a fun-filled night of fellowship! The next morning saw our Vice President, Christo Bezuidenhout, open the conference and the induction of a new Tabler. Myself and my Exec were in full attendance for the weekend, and we moved from meeting to meeting, addressing each group and explaining a bit about ourselves and our portfolios. The Ladies were treated to a tour involving copious amounts of craft gin, and a painting session. Again, from the look of their faces – it was a great success! What was very heart-warming was the number of children present for the weekend! Someone mentioned as many as 40, and they were looked after with face-painting, slides, games and activities. My Exec and I then proceeded to our own meeting venue and managed to get out meeting done in only 7 hours! In the evening, we all dressed to impress with a Rugby-themed evening of fun! Thank you to the Tablers and Ladies from TP151 for their hospitality, their generosity and the amazing hosting they gave us! Thank you also to the three Area Chairmen (Vice Area Chairman Leon de Lange – Bushveld; Leigh Michael – Gauteng; and Werner Swanepoel – Mpumalanga) for the amazing weekend. Thank you to all the Tablers and Ladies attending too! In Conclusion - In the last six months I have spent a vast amount of time in motor cars, buses, trains, planes, airports, clubhouses, meeting venues, pubs and restaurants and very little time at home. But you know what – I got travel with friends, party with mates, see the amazing parts of this country that few have travelled to, been part of some weird initiations, drunk and eaten some very unusual items, and heard stories that either made me laugh out loud, or cry. I wouldn’t do it any other way, and I salute every person who has ever experienced even a small part of what I have. Enjoy the last few months of the calendar year, and I look forward to the next event to catch up with you all again! Yours in Table,




Round Table No 1 joined Retail Park’s annual Breakfast Run for 2019, for the seventh consecutive year. On the morning of 31st August 2019 at 5:30am, a group of No 1 Tabler’s and their partners gathered together to support and help out at the start and finish of the race. We had six Table members out on the roads marshalling and the rest of the table manning the registration and the start/finish of the race which consisted of handing out vouchers and goodie bags to the runners, which turned out to be a fun and entertaining morning for all. Both runners and tablers had tremendous fun, not to forget the tablers children who all had their own turn to feature on the stage with their best dance moves. The morning was a fantastic success and I would like to thank Retail Park on behalf of Round Table No1 for their donation of a total of R24270.00 to our Angel’s Child and Youth Care Centre building project. This was gratefully appreciated and accepted. I would like to extend a big heartfelt thank you to all the tablers and their families for their effort put in and for once again pulling together to make this a fantastically run and successful project while having good fun and of course the most important aspect was to end it all off with a lekker Spur brekkie. Yours in Table Ruan Jordaan 2019 Community Services Convenor



Our 154 Numbers meeting was hosted by Roundtable Leksand Rattvik 154 in Sweden On July 5th-7th 2019. Myself ,Nrupesh Soni, and Hafeni Akwenye from Hochland 154 were hosted by Pierre Morck who used to be the 154 Chairman as well as the Sweden area chairman in 2018-2019. Sweden 154 is about 4 hours north of Stockholm in a very small town of 15,000 residents, and only 1 policeman. The only reason I mention that fact is that it was unheard of for us back in Namibia! From the 4 154 tables left globally, 154 Numbers Meetings are generally very well attended. 2yrs ago it was hosted by Netherlands Rhoon 154 and was attended by Germany 154 and 8 Tablers from Namibia. Last year we hosted them in Namibia and ended up hosting 56 Rhoon Tablers and their families. And this year was no different, except the fact that is was one of the few 154 Numbers Meetings that was attended by all 154 tables and that made it very special. Us 2 Hochlanders decided to first travel to Finland and then we reached Sweden 2 days before the meet. We didn’t except Murphy to travel with us on the trip. On the way from Finland to Sweden, Hafeni started feeling unwell. He did manage to fight his way through to Leksand and Pierre’s house, however the next morning, a day before the Numbers meeting, Hafeni decided to go to the clinic to get checked and it turned out he had Pneumonia! In a small town like this where the clinic closes on the weekends and nothing happens, they had to call an ambulance to take him to the nearest city where they would proceed to do further tests and keep him under medical care. He spent rest of his Numbers trip at the hospital and only showing up a couple of hours before the gala dinner. Back to the Numbers meeting. There were 2 tablers from Germany and 7 from Rhoon, along with the host table it made for a great meet. Once cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to travel for Numbers and other international meetings, the fellowship and friendships developed are ones for life. Since we were hosted by Rhoon and we hosted last year, seeing them in Sweden almost seemed like a continuation of those previous meetings and chats. After catching up with everyone, we were driven to the community events center where they had setup welcome drinks and then a short walk up on the hill for dinner. Because it was summer, the sun set only at midnight for 4 hours and it never really got dark. It was weird staying out at 10pm with bright sunlight and sunglasses on! The next morning, after breakfast with the host, we all drove about 1 hour away into the nearby woods for a 30-minute walk to the waterfalls. Unfortunately since I was the last man standing (Proudly Namibian!! ), at 3am, the previous evening, I missed out on the walk and decided to recharge myself for the day. After the walk we went to one of the tablers house for lunch where we had a lot of different local delicacies and a few more drinks. Followed by an afternoon of sightseeing, rodeling down a grass hill and a bit of souvenir shopping. We then headed back to the host to get some rest and prepare for the evening. The gala dinner started out with the exchange of the banners and a few speeches, after which we proceeded to the events hall where each table had their skits prepared, but since Hafeni had just got back from the hospital and was unable to do a skit ( Or so he said ) I joined the Rhoon tablers for their skit. After dinner, the local live band took over and we went on to drink and dance until 2am. The next morning, we had a group breakfast and then proceeded for the long way back home. What made it special was that all the Rhoon tablers made sure they got there early to see us off at the train station. And the Germans, in their true organised way, already had a date for the next year’s Numbers Meeting and have booked the venue and the DJ! For anyone who has recently joined table or has never been on a Numbers Meeting, it is an absolutely must to experience the true meaning of being on table and how tablers around the world are working on making a change to their local communities as well as helping the other tables around the globe.



Welwitschia 213 attended the Walvisbay 36 Old School vs New School dance on the 21st of September 2019. Wel213 took the drive down to Walvis Bay 400km to attend its business meeting and their project the Dance. There was some prep to be done and it was an early start at the Walvis Bay Community Hall from the ladies decorating the tables and the gents doing the heavy lifting to construct a bar inside the hall. Prep was done at about 16h30 and we had some time to get ready to meet up at the hall at 18h00. DJ Eddy had his professional DJ stage built and the night started off with a bit slow but half an hour later the masses started to come through the doors. The Ladies had a their Gin Bar with some combinations for different drinks and these Gintologist’s Nikki and Michelle knew their business from berries and thyme to orange and mint. The Bar itself manned by tablers and one crutch hoping Wel213 member was quite busy as the brandy special was a hit as the music was pumping. The hall started to become packed with a food stall outside and the WB36 Uber making sure people got from their houses to the dance and back again. The event was one which the crowd loved and they consisted of young and old all having a great time with music ranging from the Macarena to Adrianus. Rene and Fawzia of Wel213 had a blast before they had to return to long beach. It was 01h30 and the people didn’t want to leave but rules are rules and almost everyone was out by 02h00. With our personal Uber (Monkienuts) making sure we got home safe my host Leigh ensured that we had a few Knight Caps. All in all one great project and to the WB36 gents well done on giving the community something different and proving that when we all work together we can only make a success out of anything we do. It was great fun and I am already booking my ticket for the next one… 6|Page


Bloemfontein 158

Heila Kotze

Support Initiative Mrs Heila Kotze one morning started randomly chatting to my wife, first on just a friendly basis and then after the conversation became a bit more in dept. She started telling my wife about her day to day struggle. It was at this point my wife decided to bring the need to my attention and see whether Round Table Bloemfontein 158 could assist her. This is her story: This 55 year old lady has been granted guardianship of her 3 grandchildren, the ages of 2; 5 and 10 due to fact that their prior environment was not suitable to raise children. She gives the children a safe and loving environment to live in as well as making sure that they are well looked after and educated. She travels with her bicycle every morning at 05:00 to the Waterfront where she works at Federal parking and returns home around 14.00 to take care of the children’s needs. On Sundays she sells newspapers at the Fruit & Veg crossing for extra income. Due to previous circumstances she is over indebted and her income barely covers her day to day expenses. Unfortunately the family also does not have a working washing machine or microwave oven which comes with its own set of challenges. Mrs Heila Kotze has applied for SASSA grants for taking care of the children, but it takes about 3 months according to the individual who assisted her in the process, we as Round Table Bloemfontein thought it well to bridge this gap for her with some assistance for the next 3 months, here follows a breakdown of what we are contributing:    

R1500 of groceries for 3 consecutive months R500 of electricity for 3 consecutive months R1000 of school fees for 3 consecutive months R500 of transport cost for the children to get to school for 3 consecutive months

We also supplied the family with a new washing machine as well as a new microwave oven just to make life a bit easier on a day to day basis. We are proud to assist in initiatives like these where the recipients work hard towards changing their situation for the better. Yours in table Gerrit J Klopper Round Table Bloemfontein 158



It’s still dark and cold, lying on a little stretcher in a tent at 5:30 the morning far in the bush listing to the bush alarm, a tabler walking through camp banging a pot telling us it’s time to get up. In a few short minutes a team of 26 medical professionals, 12 Tablers and wives, 7 drivers/support staff and 2 kids will test the team of early risers, our breakfast team, on their prep for the morning putting down a large meal to keep the team going for the day. For today, we are going out to help people of the local community those, which due to financial or work constraint will not be able to get to a medical facility, the kids who has not had a checkup yet and those who would not otherwise be able to fill their regular prescriptions. The 26 strong medical team lead by the RUSH stalwarts who come out here on their holiday to selflessly give time, experience and an ear to the local community. Today we should be able to help upward of 200 patients in a make shift clinic of rooms available from community, closed off gazebos and maybe just sitting under a tree. Which this year will be just one of three clinics planned to help three different communities in the Otjozondjupa region. Every person visiting the clinic will see a professional doctor, if need be, seen by specialist that has come along, get required medication or just fill an existing prescription. Having doctors, and so many at a time, out here is a rarity and the community has not visited by such a group from what anyone can remember. Doctors who could pick up the diagnosis which may otherwise have been left untreated and able to link in with local health care facilities in neighboring towns or the capitol to get the treatment for someone who may otherwise have been forgotten out here. Behind this project is a team of Tablers, which has grown wider than only those from Hochland 154, who is willing to put their free time and experience on offer to take this exceptional team out to some of the most remote places in Namibia. Making sure every medical and support personnel is able to get to the rural areas ready and sharp to help the local community. Making sure the clinics is set up, ready to accommodate an upward of 200 patients per day, and once done everything is cleaned and packed away again. A team who has made this project an annual fixture, one that has been diligently run for the last 12 years in the rural areas of Namibia. Something of this scope, remoteness and offering a service free of any charge will never be possible without community and corporate buy in! The Nampower Foundation board has bought into what Table does and what we strive to achieve with this project and financially makes this possible. Where we treat an upward of 600 patients per year, filling all their prescriptions and supporting the local community wherever we go. Thank you Nampower Foundation for helping make this year the biggest success yet and building a relationship which can carry this success story into the years ahead where there is still many communities we’ve not yet been able to reach!



Now there are two things that Welkom 40 know how to separate and do it properly business and social. After a long productive and fruitful Business Meeting on 19 September the tablers from Welkom 40 had to let down some steam and appreciate each other. Judging from the photos one can make your own assumptions on how the meeting started and how it ended because they differ day and night. However if Welkom 40 has a “good” meeting without the sergeant not being too strict or harsh on the boys a lot is achieved at a Welkom 40 Business Meeting. The year is half-way but Welkom 40 still has 4 mayor projects to be completed before we welcome 2020, a golf day, wine & lifestyle auction, launching of their own brandy brand and Christmas project. Off course Stephan Theunissen (Project Convener) and Rubin Proos (Community Services) were leading the post meeting shenanigans which always end when most “responsible” people get up for work. These kind of after meeting bonding between tablers are what strengthens a table and allows a table to be united in serving their community with passion. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.



Endings are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end anyway, they just begin again in a new way. This I realised while having a boerie-roll here at our house with a few friends. What’s the occasion I hear you ask? Well, I am the receiver of the Jollie Ollie, the “friendship mascot” of Windhoek 34. It is officially the last time I will receive the wooden elephant trio, as a member of Windhoek 34. The age rule kicks in, and kicks me out. The hour glass is running out, and in a few months I will receive my kierie and will walk down the memory lane of ups and downs, memories of good times, and not so good times. I reflect back to the last few years of being a member of Windhoek 34 and all the events come back to me. Jollie Ollie handovers, kuiers, visits, meetings, arguments and laughter. Ou-toppies standing back and young men starting their place in the Round Table circle of Life. Maar soos die wyse manne sê, die einde is nooit regtig ‘n einde nie. Dit is altyd die begin van iets nuuts. Miskien is dit dalk nou tyd om by die ou-toppies in te skakel. Miskien is daar tog ‘n paar voordele…. Back to reality for now, the handover came in the form of a quick boerie-roll braai and the company of good friends. Although small in numbers, it proves to be what the initial idea was – a friendship mascot. For the first time in the two years we have been living here, Loubser and the boys visited us despite being members alongside in Windhoek 34 and served together on councils the past few years. It actually came as a shock when he requested a pin location for our pondok. It was also great having PJ and Karin here. PJ is our recent pipeliner inductee. During these visits you actually get to know your fellow members on a different level. Soos dit mos met enige ete gaan - maagies vol, ogies toe… So n vinnige “aasvoël” Sondag middag ete en kuier, dan vlieg almal mos weer vinnig terug huis toe! Dit was beslis n lekker kuier en ek sien uit om my stempel op die olifant familie af te druk en weer aan die volgende familie te oorhandig. Aan die manne wat agter bly, oor die laaste 63 jaar is Windhoek 34 gebou op tradisies en mementos. Tradisies en gebruike is wat die geskiedenis van die organisasie bewaar. Behou dit, maar moenie skroom om nuwes in te bring nie. Adios Amigos, Vaya Con Dios!

10 | P a g e


Chiao Tavola Rotonda!!!Travel bingo 2019 was won by Augrabies Table 273 for the 2nd year in a row. Destination? Treviso Italy. The straws were drawn and the lucky tabler who won was Hansie Hanekom who had the privileged to represent Round Table South Africa at the European AGM. The pre-tours where loaded with historical and cultural activities and the most exciting of all was meeting Nonna Eugina Mariani an South African born daughter of an Italian of a World War II captive. She and her family have deep roots in our very close-community of the Northern Cape including the development of the Roman Catholic Church building, now in Le Roux street, to the Swartmodderdam farm. Vino? Always! Prosecco, even better! The Italian hospitality is akin to none other. Sipping on the finest Italo Cescon we experienced the daily activities of 8 th generation Prosecco producents on the outskirts of the radiant Treviso. We were educated in the art of bubbly... We experienced the difference between the picturesque Prosecco and flamboyant French champagne. The merry celebrations were accompanied by a spread of local produce, including pizza, prosciutto and deep-fried pumpkin blossoms in the picturesque summer Italian countryside. The glamorous gala evening was executed with extravagant allure. White stretch tents, endless green lawns and fire torches bringing the atmosphere to life. Music and mosquitos in a breezeless summer evening in Treviso was accompanied by the longstanding traditions of The Round Table, including the Buffalo Ceremony, swopping of pins and tokens, all done in celebration of this global charity. Thank you, Treviso. Thank you, Round Table. It is an honour to be a part of a group of young, successful, men who make this world a better place.

11 | P a g e


Our annual blanket drive took us to the Erongo mountain Uis area this year. The bakkies were packed with 100 + blankets early on Friday. We set off in the Spitzkoppe direction to meet up with 41’ers Danny & Bas (our guides for the trip). Bas took us on a scenic route of the beautiful Namibian landscape. We eventually got to the perfect camping spot, despite the cold August winds, we continued with a bit of fellowship and of course a lekker braai. We set off the next morning to warm the hearts of the locals, as we drove we noticed a lot of abandoned shacks. Bas informed us many locals move to more urban areas due to the severe drought Namibia is experiencing at the moment. They left behind their way of living to move to the cities to try and make a better living. The few that were left behind were very excited to see bakkies loaded with blankets stopping at their shacks. Many of the locals are elders that have no means of income to take care of the small ones running around. On the other hand we saw a small scale farmer that uses every inch of his plot productively to make his families lives the best that he can in the dry conditions, farming with pigs and a few goats and boasting about his vegetable garden. Bas again took us to an ideal spot to stop for lunch where we also had our monthly business meeting, an experience one will not forget! These trips makes one appreciate even the smallest thing we are blessed with. Thanks to Round Table and the Winter Knights initiative we could bring a bit of relief to these people’s lives.

12 | P a g e


Once more we embarked on a journey towards a Round Table event as our final destination; this time around it was for our annual Tri - Area Conference which is the second Tri - Area Conference since 2017. A few of Bloemfontein 158’s tablers made the journey the long way around (meaning we had a few pit stops). The first was at “Grasdak” in Bultfontein which is the local watering hole, we had a quick stop for refreshments and then we hit the road towards Bothaville. In Bothaville we made some time to greet G.D Kotze, one of our Free State Area 41’ers. We asked him for directions to Bothaville’s local watering hole where we waited for fellow tablers to meet up with us before driving the final stretch to Tawa Lingwe Lodge where the conference was being held. The evening we had some good fellowship at the welcoming party and as usual it was a Friday night blow out because it’s always great to see our mates from the different areas again. The Saturday morning we started the proceedings with a speech from our National President Mr Allan Malan and shortly thereafter we had a few inductions also done by Allan Malan. After the formalities the wonderful ladies was excused and they went on their ladies tour for the morning. The 3 areas started their meetings, at our meeting we had a visit from Christo Bezuidenhoudt our National Vice who spoke to us about some matters he wishes the organisation to address. Thereafter the council was told about a new Round Table Brandy that Welkom 40 is working on the council even had a sample to taste. We also had Stefan Grobler address our meeting about his campaign for National Vice 2020, he was followed by a tabler from Potch telling us about their beer fest. Last but not least we had our Free State Area Travel Bingo lucky draw and to my surprise I won, what a privilege to be traveling to Finland May 2020 and attend their AGM. Thank you Free State Area! After the meeting adjourned some went for a nap and other soldiered through to the evening where we closed of the weekend’s proceeding with a proper braai and a last “oorah”. The Sunday morning everyone went their separate way and travelled back safely to their homes. Thank you STNOFS for hosting the TRI - Area Conference, we look forward the seeing you all at SHADOW ASSCO in Bloemfontein. Yours in table Bloemfontein 158 Gerrit J Klopper

13 | P a g e


Daniel Kristensen

1. Name and Surname:

Daniel Kristensen

2. Current position:

NEA Chairman 3. Where are you from: Denmark/Sweden 4. Years in table:


5. Previous board positions held including association and regional levels.

AreaChairman, Shopkeeper, PRO,National IRO, AGM Convenor,

6. Please outline the responsibilities that make up your portfolio.

Expansion in our region and get the tablets connected to each other 7. What is your biggest achievement during your Table career?

I look back with a smile and relief, when our club arranged the Swedish AGM, was a lot of fun but also a LOT of work. 8. What goals did you set yourself for your term in office?

Get the NEA region more connected och our NEARTM a little bit better!

14 | P a g e


The DRC Soup kitchen has been a regular recipient of donated blankets from RT145. This year SWK 145 in collaboration with Radio wave, our partner in the Winterknights drive, handed over 360 blankets to them. Anja Rowher and her family started the soup kitchen and has expanded it to include 3 kindergartens. Anja was able to buy a plot in DRC where they are busy building a new soup kitchen and will be expanding yet again to include 2 more kindergartens. On the day we were welcomed with open arms and warm smiles, the children proceeded to entertain us with a few songs, a few of the older children got together to write us a heartfelt thank you letter. Thanks go out to Radio wave and Anja for making a significant difference in the lives of these children. One can rest easy knowing people like them are looking out for the less fortunate.

15 | P a g e


What is your full name and surname?

Adrian Ihlenfeldt What colour is your tooth brush?

Lime Green and white…just like my undies What is your nickname?

ADI, Aids, Gaydrian, Gubby, Adriaanus, Mandla What is your biggest addicton?

Chocolate What work do you do?

Internal Sales and Supervisor for an electrical wholesaler. How long you been a tabler?

4 years What is your favourite movie quote?

Ace Ventura Reeeeheeeheeeheeeaalllyyyyy What positions in table have you held?

Table Secretary, Table PRO, Table IRO, Table Vice Chairman, Table Chairman,Clubhouse, Barman, Stnofs PRO, current RTSA PRO and Inkundla Editor What would you do if you were invisible?

Take my shirt off, Im such a fatty Who introduced you to table?

Known table my whole life, im a second generation tabler. Finish this sentence....

The thing that really irritates me is…monotonous noises

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Round table Free State area Winter Conference was held on the 29th of June and was proudly hosted by Bethlehem 60. Hosting the event was extra special to them as their 60th birthday celebration formed part of the event. We arrived at Ilanga Lodge Groot 5 Lapa at roughly 8:30 am. Even though we were greeted with immense cold, we could not have received a warmer welcome. We were welcomed by eager Tablers and hot coffee however, as true Bloemfontein 158, we skipped the coffee and immediately started with drinks, including some Old brown cherry in the attempt to warm up. The ladies were treated for the day as we needed to get down to business. As usual, Bloemfontein 158 did not disappoint with a strong attendance of 11 tablers and 1 pipeliner and after a very successful meeting Bloemfontein 158 was proud to receive multiple awards. On top of that Bloemfontein 158 was proud to have one of our own, Norman Steyn voted in as Area PRO. After a successful meeting, we joined our fellow tablers for the evening gala and Bethlehem 60 60th birthday celebration, where we were treated with the attendance of Alan Malan, our national president. It was an eventful evening with great fellowship, great food, great toasts as well as the induction of a new pipeliner to Bethlehem 60. On behalf of Bloemfontein 158, we would like to thank our hosts, Bethlehem 60 as well as their legs for a fantastic and successful winter conference. Until next year, give it rondels.

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On the 5th of July 2019 Round Table Walvis Bay meet up at Walvis Bay Golf Club for their Annual Golf Day. With the current financial downturn all over the country we were pleased to have 14 teams enter. Play kicked off with a shot gun start at 12h00 which made it easier for all to be back at the 19th hole (Club house) before sundown. With the help of tablers, the setup was finished off before tee off. We had a nice watering hole setup on 5th hole and that of the longest put -to make things interesting or as one would say make it easier for those to donate to table. The watering hole was well used and the day enjoyed by all. After end of play we had “Byron the Siren” assist with Prizing giving and arranging for running of the auction with the help tablers and a few golfers. All prizes and auction items were sponsored and also a few tee boxes and holes (Indongo Toyota, Best Drive & The Iris Group) Eventual winners of 2019 Round Table 36 golf day – Team Vrystaat. Thanks to the public and business for entering teams to help towards a good cause. To my table "Awesome" on assisting on the day with all the setup, braaiing and making 2019 Golf Day a success. “Look forward to next years – with maybe a bit more fun and games...”

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Douglas is n plaasdorp in die klassieke sin en groot deel van die ekonomie draai om boerdery. Dit is voor die hand liggend dat n area wat snoesig tussen die banke van die Vaal, Oranje en Riet riviere lê n groot element van besproeiingsboerdery sal handhaaf. In daai sin is Douglas n ware oase in die res van die tans dorre Noord-Kaap. Nietemin hoef jy nie te vêr van die rivierbanke te gaan om te sien hoe die huigide droogte dit ondraagbaar maak vir vee en wildboere nie. Ons is almal bewus dat die Noord-Kaap nou al vir 5 jaar droogte ervaar en daar is steeds geen einde in sig nie. Round Table Noord Kaap het al menigte projekte geloods wat uitstekende werk doen om n bietjie verligting te bring aan moedelose boere. Met al die behoefte sal mens verskoon word dat ons dink die besproeiingsboer se lewe is net groen deurnat weivelde. Moenie dink dit is maklik om n besproeiingsboer te wees tydens n droogte nie. Dit is n daaglikse stryd met staantye wat aanhoudend aangepas word en watervlakke wat net nie meer wil klim soos vroeër jare nie. Dit gepaard met alewig stygende insetkoste, bogemiddelde temperature, lae reënval en dan nog El Nino en La Nina wat ontydige wind en hael en ryp bring, vereis dat die moderne besproeiingsboer n paar innoverende planne moet he om nie net sy eie kop bo (die gebrek aan) water te hou nie, maar boonop dit wat hul kan spaar te gee vir die bure wat nie daai voorreg het nie. As daar ooit n vereiste was vir "aanneem, aanpas en verbeter" is boerdery definintief dit. Omdat hulle weet wat dit vereis, vereer Agri Noord-Kaap jaarliks n uitmintende boer wat floreer onder hierdie uitdagende omstandighede met hul "Jongboer van die jaar" toekenning. Dit is dan vir ons as Douglas 224 n eer dat ons eie voorsitter, Mr. Hilton Megaw aangewys is as die wenner in die besproeiings kategorie vir 2019. En asof ons nie trots genoeg is nie, volg Hilton in Mr. Danie Fourie se spore wat dieselfde toekenning laasjaar verower het in sy onder-voorsitter jaar. Ons as Douglas 224 is trots om industrie-leiers soos julle in ons midde te hê. Ons en die res van RTNC wens julle hartlik geluk.

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Round Table Welkom 40 collected more than R40000 worth of clothing at the Winter Knights of 2019 at Ocean Basket in Welkom and in co-operation with The Power of One a Local NPO operating in the Goldfields area focusing on Active Citizenry. Welkom 40 did their second disbursement of the clothes they collected during Winter Knights 2019 to Charlotte Moll Haven in Virginia. Charlotte Moll Haven is a residential care centre for mentally handicapped adults. A house filled with love, care, and much more. Welkom 40 has supported Charlotte Moll previously with their disbursement night from the funds raise from the 41ers Melodrama in November 2018. These adults living in Charlotte Moll Haven are always a part of our society that is overlooked because we think just because they are adults they would have people to take care of them or the government have institutions or systems in place. With the clothes which were donated will first be utilized to the people living in the haven and all the clothes which are not use will be taken to their workroom to be repaired or adjusted and sold in their secondhand shop to generate an income to be more selfsustainable and also help people in the Virginia community to purchase inexpensive clothes. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.

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On the 20th of August 2019 we hosted Danie from Douglas 224, he was on a Manne trip with his dad and some friends, he contacted us to ask if we can host them for the evening as they wanted to come see our clubhouse and support the bar. Jacques Altus and I hosted these guests for the evening, fire was made, drinks were drank and meat was braai’d, what a fun evening had by all. The guests were amazed at our clubhouse and all the different flags from traveling tablers we have gathered over the years, they honestly said it is something they have never seen at any other table in South Africa. They left our clubhouse shortly before 00h00 that night after finishing all the rum and most of the brandy behind the bar. After all was said and done, bar bonds paid, they left us with a generous donation towards our bar

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On the 27th of July, we the members of Round Table 246 and our families collected the children from Luthando Orphanage and escorted them to our clubhouse where we had a Christmas in July party with them. The children had a great time, we had games and activities with them, lots of sweets and lunch, we even had a visit from Santa Clause who gave all the children some prezzies.

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During the month of May we received a mail from a traveling Tabler named Michael, he informed us that he was doing a trip around South West Africa and will be in Walvis Bay for a couple of nights starting on the 1st August 2019 I decided to round up the troops that were available and invite the guest and his partner Katja to our clubhouse for a get together, Jens Myself Jacques Altus and Jo Marie arranged for food and drinks to be available and we had a wonderful evening with Michael and Katja Jo Marie and I had to depart early 23h00 as we were on the local Neighbourhood Watch Shift as of 00h00, but this did not stop the rest from having a lekker party. As we entered into our shift, there were 2 rather suspicious vehicles driving through our area, so we decided to follow them, to our surprise, the 2 vehicles belonged to our very own Jens a At around 02h00 as we were ending our shift, we received a destress phone call from the watering hole saying the Red and Blues have made a stop by them and there is no one available to drive our guests and tablers home. We intercepted the very well-watered tablers and our guests and made sure they made it home safe without issues. During the night we had made arrangement to take the guests out on Jacques boat into the bay at 14h00 the next day. Jacques, Jens, Tassie, Altus, Stefanie, Byron and Jo Marie made time to join on the excursion and enjoy the afternoon with Michael and Katja, Thanks Jacques for making this possible . Our guests kept on taking about Pink water they saw on photos at the salt pans, so much so that the day they arrived in Walvis bay, they walked all the way from their lodge to the salt pans to go see this pink water, but due to the weather and were they managed to walk to, they were not able to see this Pink After the boat trip, Jo Marie and I decided to go show Michael and Katja the Pink water they had walked all the way to see and didn’t get to see it, they were amazed once they did. Thereafter we dropped them off at their lodge for some rest as the previous night’s party and Jaggers started catching up on them. At 19h00 that evening we all met up at the raft for some dinner and drinks with our new friends as it was their last night in Walvis Bay, Jens, Tassie, Byron, Jo Marie, Leigh, Nikki, Ricardo, Michelle, Martin, Stefanie all helped say farewell to Michael and Katja, this night did not end as late as the night before…..

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South Africans and especially Tablers love public holidays; we celebrate our constitution, landmarks in our political history and even a few cultural pastimes. The 24th September is National Heritage Day where all South African celebrate our heritage and where we come from. Because “Braai” is such a huge crossculture custom Heritage Day has become known as Braai Day. Yes we take a whole day off work to celebrate our braai culture. Welkom 40 took the initiative to bond with our fellow tablers and families on Heritage Day. Each tabler took the opportunity to bond with other tablers outside of meeting and projects. Social events like these have become a tradition in Welkom 40 in order for us to get to know our fellow tablers’ partners and families beter to create a stronger bond in Welkom 40. Off course there is always a bit of action at these family socials. Taking after her dad Pieter Botha our honorary member she is a bit of a wild cat. While the children were playing and hanging on the palm tree branches on of them broke of and poor Linke ended up with two long thorns in her hand and had to visit the doctor. But knowing her is already keeping her dad busier than ever during the school holidays. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.

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What can one say about tabling – “It’s AWESOME”. That being said! – “Going to visit other Southern African tables is a great experience- an getting to see how their meeting/socials are run and of course the fellowship. Visiting Alex Kenton 210 was exactly that, and to top it off getting to see how our Southern African Area President – Alan Malan’s table does it. Thanks for the awesome welcome and for allow Walvis Bay 36 to join your meeting. Present @ social meeting: Southern African President - Alan Malan 41er and Past Eastern Province Area Chairman - Eugene Catherine Alex Kenton 210 Chairman – Jacques Van Wyk Walvis bay 36 Chairman – Steven Peake Ockie Goosen Marco Taljaard Fabrizio Altichiero

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I took the drive down to Walvis Bay 400 km to attend WB36’s business meeting and their project of the weekend. The road was a bit busy with so many trucks on the road and some people driving like theres a fire somewhere… I got to Walvisbay at about 17h00 and headed to my Hosts Leigh and Nicole Westerdale. I was welcomed with open arms and as always Leigh and I have a lot to talk about. With the meeting at 19h00 it was a quick chat then change in meeting attire and we were off. After 36’s meeting Leigh and I still continued our talks till about 02h30. The Friday I had some errands to run and the great host they were I got some check-ups during the day. After work Leigh just told me to get into his Legend 50 and we met with Eugene. We headed out to the dunes and I was became part of their normal Friday routine. The Gents took me through the Dunes and it was great. My back was a bit soar but heyyyy I wouldnt miss that for the world. With the powerful legend 50 and Fortuner 3.0D4D the gents made short work of the steepest dunes. It was getting dark and we headed back having a couple of cold ones and getting to know Eugene a bit better was great a couple pizza’s and few more cold one’s we ended only getting to bed at about 03h00. Next morning it was time to do our part in the prep for the dance and that we did. After the dance Westerdale’s still took the time to still have a night cap at their house before heading to bed. I never liked saying good bye so it was see you next time and I drove down to Swakopmund where I met with Swakopmund 145’s Stephan van der Westhuizen and a quick coffee and a chat before I hit the road. As I write this report I find myself thinking that every day I spent at the Dumplings I never felt like a guest but more and more like family. Thanks Dumplings for hosting me and I consider myself part of the dumpling Fam…

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Round Table Welkom 40 collected more than R40000 worth of clothing at the Winter Knights of 2019 at Ocean Basket in Welkom and in co-operation with The Power of One a Local NPO operating in the Goldfields area focusing on Active Citizenry. Welkom 40 did their first Winter Knights disbursement to House of Hope Community Life Development in Welkom. Launched in June 2004 as a response in faith to the reoccurring deaths of abandoned, neglected, and orphaned babies, House of Hope has since expanded to become a beacon of hope to children in crisis in the Goldfield's community and beyond. House of Hope now consists of five well-established projects which all focus on investing in the lives and dreams of children. Other than taking in abandoned children House of Hope has various support groups for adults suffering from addiction and crisis, giving training to the community house to deal with social-economic issues they also assist young adults to survive in society. House and Hope and Welkom 40 have a long-standing relationship on various projects like fundraising and ensuring that all the babies that are taken to House of Hope are well taken care of. Two of Welkom 40 Tablers also serve on the Board of Directors for House of Hope. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.

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Welwitschia 213 went out on Saturday morning the 31st of Aug to join the members of Coded bikers club at Andy’s where each group was given their points and tasks to fulfil for their project that they called the Food Run. We were given the point on the road to Von Bach damn quite a distance in. Mark and I got the gazebos up and tables and knobble sets out. The idea was that the entrants were to drive to 3 different spots starting at Andy’s where they paid their entrance fee that was cat or dog food or N$50.00 and then drive to 1st stop where we were on the road to Von Bach have three throws with the knobble dice and each get recorded. The second stop would be Omeya a few kilometers out of Windhoek with the same setup and last place was Beer barrel and then back to Andy’s where the prizes where to be given out for the Knobble competition. It was great for us as we had all the bikers coming in at different times and showing off their bikes power. It was a few hours before we could close the point but it felt like it flew past with some of the older bikers parking their bikes and having a couple of cold ones with us and making conversation. It was strange to see so many Max Ouse’s thrown 21 in total out of 50 participants. The packing up went quick and it we headed to Andy’s where we conversed with the rest of the gents and had a couple of refreshments. It was nice doing something different and great to have 2 groups working together. The Coded Bike Club have handed all the pet food received as entrance fee to the SPCA for their four legged residents. It was great fun and in turn some of the gents will assist us in a project where they can.

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Wel213 took the drive down to Walvis Bay 400km to attend WB36’s business meeting and their project of the weekend. With a longer than usual drive down to Walvisbay from Windhoek with the road littered with trucks I eventually arrived and unloaded at Leigh Westerdale’s house. It was Great to see my Brother from another mother again and his wife Nicole. The Dumplings made me feel right at home. Leigh made sure I was replenished before getting the ready for the meeting. Leigh and I rocked up just in time for the meeting and the SGT was waiting in anticipation for the hour to strike. It was a special one with Vice Chair of WB36 Ricardo Von Stein chairing his 1st meeting as the Chairman was occupied for the 1st hour. Always great to see the gents of 36 and yes I tried to extend the breaks a bit but the SGT soon caught up with my plan. It was nice being able to meet their guests and Pipeliner Martine. The meeting was well run and the attendance was good. The Gents have a few projects for the month of which the Dance was for the weekend and then the football cup for the next weekend. The fire was started and Jens made some leke steaks and we got served during the meeting as the meeting was wrapped up by the Chairman Steven Peak who joined the meeting after attending to some personal matters. Even with a few to and froe’s on certain topics the gents handled all topics on the agenda and the Sgt made sure that waffling was kept to a minimum. After the meeting fellowship was at the order and getting clued up with all that was fun, interesting and crazy for time I’ve not seen the 36 gents. Most of the gents had a lot do the next day and some had to take the road to Windhoek so the socializing was kept a bit short. Leigh made sure we got home safely and there we kept the conversation going till 2h30 the morning. Thanks Walvisbay 36 for hosting me at your meeting and making the effort to have it on that date and not shift it as the planning was. You guys are as always a great bunch of guys and thanks to the secretary Byron for getting the minutes out 3 min after the meeting. Till the next visit gents enjoy the challenges that come your way and always make sure the work and fun balances out…

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What a great initiative has tri-area become to bring three regional Round Table associations together to bond, connect and learn from other tables outside of your region. Tri-Area is defiantly one of Welkom 40 highlights on their calendar each year making sure a strong delegation is attending to make the Goldfields voice heard. Welkom 40 also went to Tri-Area 2019 hosted by STNOFS at Tava Lingwe with a lot of enthusiasm and drive to launch to the Northern Cape, SNTOFS and Free State area their new venture to help raise funds for the Goldfield Community Centre, “Table Brandy”, an all African produced and bottled brand. The dream is that in the end Welkom 40 will be able to provide this table first initiative to the whole of Southern Africa and that each table that sell this 100% African brandy will be able to benefit for their community. The official launch date will be in November at Welkom 40 Wine & Lifestyle Auction. Well certain Welkom 40 tablers like Robby du Plessis maybe tasted a bit too much of the newly launch brandy because he decides to be inducted as a buffalo member, which in essence is great but he thought it would be good to make the buffalo pin an earring. We are not sure what the wife thought of the decision to add some jewelry to his look but he probably blamed it on his scapegoats, Igor Scheurkogel and Bennie “Kudo” van Der Westhuizen for too much “testers” Welkom 40 ended the weekend with a lovely oxtail potjie the Saturday night. Looking forward in seeing all the tablers in 2020 in the Free State #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.

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Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla September 2019  

Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla September 2019  

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