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Page- 4 Page- 5 Page- 6 Page- 7 Page- 8 Page- 9 Page- 10 Page- 11 Page- 12 Page- 13 Page- 14 Page- 15 Page- 16 -To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional Page- 17 and business occupations; Page- 18 Page- 19 -To emphasise the fact that one’s calling offers an excellent medium of service to the Page- 20 community; Page- 21 -To cultivate the highest ideals in business, Page- 22 professional and civic traditions; Page- 23 -To recognize the worthiness of all Page- 24 legitimate occupations and to dignify each Page- 25 his own by precept and example; Page- 26 -To foster responsible citizenship and Page- 27 loyalty to their Country; Page- 28 -To further the establishment of peace and Page- 29 goodwill in international relationships; Page- 30 -To further these objects by meetings, Page- 31 lectures, discussions and other activities Page- 32 Page- 33 Remember to tap the index dots to be Page- 34 allocated to the designated pages including Page- 35 all Logos to their allocated Facebook pages Page- 36



Bloemfontein 158 – Therapy Kids Children Home Pietersburg 22 – Zimbabwe Fishing Trip Welkom 40 - Sonskyn Project Harrismith 140 – Mass Raid Pretoria 87 – Family Fishing Weekend Welkom 40 - Albany Partnership RTI President - Sebastian Walter Pretoria 87 – Fountains Miniture Train Douglas 224 – Ghaap Rivier Xtreme Welkom 40 – Claws Potjiekos Food Run AMI Region Chairman - Shrikant Saboo Welkom 40 – Clothing the Community Amanzimtoti 85 – Social Welkom 40 – Helping in a time of need Grahamstown 11 – Golf Day RTI Treasurer – Graham Cornelissen Hochland 154 – Wedding Social Welkom 40 – SANBS Awards Amanzimtoti 85 – Social Raid Welwitschia 213 – Rugby Social Welkom 40 – Tablers Serve the Community RTI Secretary – Marc Germeshausen Pretoria 87 – Murder Mystery Project Amanzimtoti 85 – Social Welkom 40 - Who is Dr Igor Scheurkogel Tugela 202 – Berg and Bush Dreiländer AGM 2020 Welwitschia 213 – Pioneers Park Plumbing Project Tugela 202 - Berg Show Amanzimtoti 85 – Mexican Social Meeting Welkom 40 – Who is Rudolph Helm Sri Lanka AGM 2020 Welwitschia 213 – Rugby Social


Table greetings to all the Tablers, Ladies and friends across the world! Warren Buffet once said: Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree long time ago. One of the first things that seem to crop up in conversation with a Tabler you meet for the first time is how long they have been a Member of Round Table. There are some Tablers who were fortunate to join at a very young age, whilst others have joined later in life. You start thinking about what they have seen and experienced through Round Table in the last 25 years – the years when membership was in the thousands, ARTSA lasted a week, and forms were still sent via fax in most cases. We often forget what the guys who have gone before us on this road of Round Table have done to ensure that we have an organisation to belong to, and a place where some guys can be friends for decades and still not actually know what the other does for a living or how he voted in the last election – not because they are not interested in one another’s history, but purely because the beauty of Round Table is that it simply does not matter. We are all equal when we wear the rondel – you could be the CEO of a major corporation, or a lowly admin clerk, drive a new Ferrari or the 20 year old Nissan you still hope someone will one day accept as a trade-in. Round Table offers a level playing field where we all believe in the same thing and want to do the best we can to make a difference. All our rules, regulations, constitutions, guidelines and protocols are all because of the 41’ers – they have ensured that we are equipped with the knowledge, the tools and the fellowship needed to ensure that we got through the highs and the lows. And whilst we are as grateful to these giants amongst men, let us not forget the backbone of our organisation and probably the real reason we are still able to do what we do – the Ladies. The Ladies have worn the Rondel with pride and steadfastly stood beside their Tablers to ensure that despite hectic work schedules, children, parents, home-life and everything in-between, Table life continued. We have tried to equip Tablers with business skills, social skills, and even made sure that you have a tuxedo to wear for future events. One or two lessons were harder to learn such as time-management, completing registration forms and when to make a call on that last round of shooters, but we trust in you, and believe that you are the best product that we are able to produce. You are an asset to your communities, and representatives of our Organisation that we are proud to call brothers. Let us take note of what has been done in the past to ensure that we have this great honour of belonging to Round Table, and apply those lessons moving forwards to guarantee that our sons and grandsons have the same opportunities. Finally, I would like to quote from EB White’s children’s novel, Charlotte’s Web: “Why did you do all this for me?” He asked “I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t do anything for you” “You were my friend” replied Charlotte “And that in itself is a tremendous thing.” Yours in Table,



Round table Bloemfontein 158 was proud to visit the Therapy kid’s children’s home in Bloemfontein on the 20th of August 2019. Therapy kid’s children’s home is privately run and managed without any current support from government, however, with hard work they managed to secure constant support over the years and Bloemfontein 158 decided to jump in and make a difference. We arrived with black bags full of teddy bears that we managed to compile with the help of the public as well as a couple of bags of groceries. Seeing the joy in the all the children’s faces when they each grabbed a teddy bear was absolutely heartwarming. It was a fantastic moment and after spending some time with them it was impossible to not want to more. Yours in table Tian de Wet (pipeliner) RTBFN158



Round table 22 and Harare 23 had our annual Zambezi fishing trip, a fellowship agreement that is in its second year now. It all started with the travel draw that we won in 2018 where we sent two tablers to go sit in at their AGM. Immediately a brotherly camaraderie was established between ourselves table 23 and even the lesser zimbabwe table 1. The trip started off on Wednesday the second of October where we left Polokwane for the lights and flights oW the big city, flew into harare and arrived there at 23:00, we were greeted by a friendly When-we with a small cooler box filled to the brim with local brew, a good start to a good trip. Next morning we were picked up at 04:00 a little hung over and very excited for the long drive to the river. A three hour drive through the picturesque african countryside brimming about stories of what was and the tumultuous time our fellow tablers has had in a country rife with corruption and misfortune, the best part of the stories told, grim as they may have been, was that each and every story ends with: “but you guys will see, things are going to get better”. An inspirational optimism held by each and every guy there. After the long trip of about 350km we turned off the tar road and onto the gravel, only 50km of road, 1 case of beer, one bottle of jagermeister and a lovely 10 year old Richelieu and we were at the camp. As surefooted as the day we started walking. What ensued was a three day non stop African immersed fishing boogie that cannot be described to its full Awe in mere mortal words. Up every morning at 05H00 to the sounds of the bush and the sight of Elle (elephants for the uneducated) bathing in the river in front, to night drives in the bush “hunting” hyena and game viewing on the river looking at Buff (Buffalo, the zimbabweans with all their stamina for work and play doesn't like wasting breath on long words) gently grazing and drinking water not more than 10 meters away from us. Some fish were caught, a lot of bonding and yodeling into the early morning hours. Back in South Africa, back in civilisation we already started missing the river the bush and the people of Harare. Round Table thank you for my service

Niel Bosman Round table 22


As the premier gentlemen’s organization we must heed to our calling to offer our services and compassion to the communities we live in. We must strive to uplift those in our communities which face difficulties that our society has placed them in. Sometimes we are so trapped in our societal boxes of what men or women must do or support and therefore over the past two years Welkom 40 has started to break out of those boxes and consciously support the women struggling in our community. Last year Welkom 40 was one of the main sponsors for The Power of One Women’s Day Fun Walk/Run which collected more than 50 dignity packs (containing female toiletries) to be distributed to school girls in the Goldfields Area. This year Welkom 40 donated R5500 worth of sanitary pads to the Sonskyn Project in Welkom. This Non-Profit has been operating for more than 30 years and has helped more than 30 000 people without any cash donations. They help all people in need Alet Viljoen the founder of the project is truly and inspiration for her community. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.


As a young men’s organization we strive to initiate change in the communities we live in through our moto Adopt, Adapt, Improve but one very important factor fuels this motivation and that is fellowship. The friendships and bond we as tablers build over the years will be with most of us for the rest of our lives. Our brothers from Harrismith 140 have been going through a hard time to increase their table numbers so the Free State Area took hand to organize a mass raid on the 4th of October 2019 to attract potential tablers that live in the area what Table fellowship means and does for the communities we function in. 41ers from Harrismith and Ficksburg showed up in their numbers to show their support. Bethlehem 60 and Welkom 40 with area chairperson Justin Boone represented area at the raid. A band from the Vaal Pilgrim South entertained tablers and their partners while we had a couple of good laughs and lekker braaivleis. Evenings like this are what table is all about to unite and support each other to improve how we serve our communities. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.


In October we had the opportunity to host our annual Family Fishing weekend, aka Dad’s and Lads. With scorching temperatures expected, the attendees started clocking in from as early as 06:00 to ensure you get prime real estate. Due to the severe drought, we had some challenges with space availability as the area we initially planned at Mar-Leo actually wasn’t really usable due to water levels receding at Roodeplaat dam – but alas, we were able to adapt and still find sufficient space for all guests on the day. As always, it’s fun socialising with fellow tablers and families – especially out in the glorious South-African sunshine, as the fish weren’t really playing along – luckily there were some other activities available to keep everyone busy. Whilst the parents were sorting out the lunch plans, we also had some old fashioned “Boeresport” planned for the youngsters – a series of events in both a team context and an individual item. Apart from the kids (and parents) smelling a bit like egg after the event, it did seem like they thoroughly enjoyed the activities. It will likely now become a prominent feature on this project. Thank you very much to all the people that came out to support our project – we believe that this is a solid foundation for future family weekends, and it will grow from strength to strength. Shout outs to all members from #TeamCool #TeamAwesome


In 2018 Dr. Igor Scheurkogel had an idea to start a feeding program for school kids and the casuals standing on the corners looking for a piece job. The purpose behind this feeding program or as it later became known as the “Toebroodjie Projek” was to ensure that no child should sit in school and worry about being hungry but rather working hard to get good grades. The same with the casuals workers standing on the corners sometimes they are lucky and other times not so lucky, so to ensure that they keep on trying and not spend their money on food but transport to return the next day we aimed to feed them. Igor and Riaan Marais took hand and contacted Albany Bakery in Virginia, Free State to see how they can help Welkom 40 feed these targeted groups. Albany Virginia agreed to provide Welkom 40 with 40 loaves of bread every week to feed the school kids and casual workers. In 2019 Hennie and Eddie Breytenbach join the project and took it to another level. They spoke to Albany Virginia Manager Clarke O’Donovan to increase the amount of loaves per week and they were happy to agree. Welkom 40 provides now bread every day to two old age homes in the Goldfield, two primary schools for their own feeding programs and the 40 loaves to assist other charities in the Goldfield area. Albany Virginia is truly friends of Round Table and to show our appreciation Welkom 40 made “table” shirts with the Albany logo on for all the managers at Albany Virginia. #Alloutcompassion

#Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.


Name and Surname: Sebastian Walter Current position: Round Table International President Where are you from: Hamburg, Germany Years in table: I am in my 14th year Previous board positions held including association and regional levels: IRO Round Table Arabian Gulf 20142015, Regional Chairman Central and Eastern European Region 20162017, Round Table International Vice President 2018-2019 Please outline the responsibilities that make up your portfolio: represent RTI globally (at RT AGMs or RT Family events), work on branding and communication, strategic development of RTI, work closely with all RTI Board Members (Exec Team, Regional Chairman, Board Assistants), Chair RTIHYM and RTIWM, conduct monthly calls with all Board members, sign off/release payments What would you like to change or add to your portfolio during your term in office? I think the tasks on hand are sufficient đ&#x;˜Š What is your biggest achievement during your Table career? One of my biggest passions is expansion into new countries so having work from A-Z on the Charter of RT 1 Lagos, Nigeria and seeing how the Table is flourishing What goals did you set yourself for your term in office? Advance in PR/communication, establish a good structure for global community service initiatives (Movember, Round Table International Charity Marathon Relay on 14.03.2020, Tabler Aid)


The miniature train running at fountains valley was built back in the late 1940’s by the Kimble family. It was a replica of the train that ran between Pretoria and Johannesburg stations at the time. They ran the train for many years until the dad passed away around 1979.

At that time the family felt they do not want to keep the train and sold it to the Round Table, Pretoria 87 club. Round table restored the train and kept it going. For many years it was one of the main attractions around Pretoria and anyone from small kids to grandparents enjoyed riding on the mini loco. The train itself is however not a toy, as the boiler is larger than 100 liters, it is considered a real steam train and the only way a person is allowed to drive the train is with the proper licenses that also allow you to drive normal steam engines. Round Table partnered with Friends of the Rail, and they kept the loco running over the years. It was around 2008 when some disaster struck, the person that maintained the train unfortunately passed away, and the maintenance on the tracks and Fountains Valley really went backwards after a flood damaged one of the bridges. After this the train did not run again, and even when a few attempts were made to get it going, it just never ran again. The tracks were extended, and the council even built a diesel version, but this was crashed into the wall of the shed and stopped running after that. Round table then had some crime problems and lots of copper parts got stolen off the train. The only option was to move the train for safe keeping. We are now 3 years down the line and have partnered with a museum group. They have started restoring the train again and are in negotiations to get tracks for their venue. We are all very exited at the prospect of seeing the mini loco running again soon


Die Ghaap riverXtreme is n groot dag op die Douglas kalender en Douglas 224 se grootste jaarlikse fondsinsameling projek. Die doel van die fees is om fondse in te samel vir gerigistreerde nie-winsgewende organisasies in Douglas. Die huidige begunstigdes is Douglas vir Diere, Huis Spes Vona, Hoërskool Douglas, Outreach en asook Douglas 224 wat op hul beurt weer die fondse verdeel aan behoeftiges in die ` gemeenskap. Talle feesgangers sak oor die loop van die naweek toe op die feesterrein en meeste van hulle reguit na die biertuin toe waar dit die tafelaars se verantwoordelikheid is om hulle te beskerm teen hitte-uitputting en dihidrasie. Die fees is die laaste 7 jaar gehou by Broadwater River Estate maar nadat die fees die terrein ontgroei het is daar besluit om die fees te skuif na n ander terrein asook na vroeër in die jaar in Februarie. Aangesien daar nie twee feeste in een jaar gehou kan word nie en met die borgskap van die Lotto kan daar nie n jaar oorgeslaan word nie, is die besluit gemaak om hierdie jaar n kleiner weergawe van die fees aan te bied op die skoolterrein in die vorm van n "mark-naweek". Al was die fees nie so groot soos vorige jare nie het die tafelaars nogsteeds oorgenoeg entoesiasme aan die dag gelê en hulself beywer om dit n groot sukses te maak. Daar was weereens groot kameraadskap agter die kroeg toonbank wat ook Saterdag omskep is in n onbeplande "sports-pub" sodat feesgangers kon toekyk hoe die Japanese rugbyspan onverwags vir Ierland ore aansit asook hoe die Springbokke afreken met Namibië. Later die aand vermaak Thys die Bosveldklong die skare waarna die partytjie woed tot laat in die nag. Baie dankie aan die feeskomitee vir julle harde werk, die bywoners vir julle ondersteuning en ook vir die tafelaars vir julle onbaatsugtige bydraes tot die gemeenskap. Ons sien uit om almal vroeg volgende jaar weer te sien by ons nuwe tuiste. 224 groete.


Vanjaar was die tiende agtereenvolgende jaar dat Splash Pub & Car Wash ‘n spesiale fondsinsameling dag op 28 September2019 aangebied het ten bate van CLAWS. Splash Karwas in Riebeeckstad se 2018 fondsinsamelingsdag was ‘n groot sukses en ‘n rekord-insameling van kos, hooi en kontant ter waarde van R36 814 behaal was. Hoewel Goudvelders altyd bereid is om skenkings te doen, besef baie min dat die personeel geweldig sukkel om hul voertuie aan die ry te hou (petrol) en uitgawes soos water- en ligte, veeartseny-kostes ‘n swaar las op die personeel het. Geen sent word van die staat of die munisipaliteit gekry om CLAWS se deure oop te hou nie. Die organisasie glo ook nie in die prinsiep van “genadedood” nie en daar is plek vir elke verwaarloosde dier. CLAWS “red” en neem ook perde, donkies en ander diere in wat verwaarloos is, daarom is voer ook ‘n probleem. Welkom 40 het die vanjaar ‘n total van 8 sakke van 25kg hondekos met ‘n waarde van R2000 aan die fondsinsameling geskenk. Die tafelaars glo net soos ons na ons mensekinder moet omsien soms is dit nodig om ons dierkinders en die mense wat betrokke is te ondersteun. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.

press here



Name and Surname: Shrikant SABOO (SKS) Current position: AMI REGION Chairman Where are you from: Ajmer City in North West part of India Years in table: 10+ Previous board positions held including association and regional levels. National Business Networking Convenor 201415, RT India; Association Vice President RT Arabian Gulf 2017-18, Association President RT Arabian Gulf 201819, Association IRO RT Arabian Gulf 2019-20 (Resigned upon being elected as AMI Chair), Please outline the responsibilities that make up your portfolio. As the chair for AMI Region, my responsibility is to make AMI Region stronger and ensure the tablers have a more rewarding and impactful tabling experience. What would you like to change or add to your portfolio during your term in office? The tablers of AMI region may be divided by geographical boundaries, cultures, language and even timezones yet are united by the spirit of brotherhood and tabling. Open communication channels such as AMI Region Fellowship Whatsapp group, AMI Region trade and business whatsapp group have already been established, our Region PRO Tabler Paul Dippenaar from ARTSA is working diligently on relaunching the AMI Facebook Page, AMI twitter handle and also to float motivational quotes and fliers with best practices from associations of AMI Region. Our Region IKFF Convenor Tabler Tabler Julien from RT Mauritius is on top of things to organise the first ever continent wide International Kids Film Festival. This will generate huge publicity for RT International and instant connect to the community at no cost to us at all. Our Region Marathon Convenor Tabler Jonas Sani from RT Malawi is putting in hard work to ensure the RTI Day on March 14, 2020, all our associations successfully conduct the Marathon run that will generate huge publicity for RT International and instant connect to the community at no cost to us at all and also funds for individual tables and associations. Our Region Fellowship convenor Tr. Darrel from RT Seychelles has some amazing plans for inter association fellowship and our region Extension Convenor Tr. Chibanda from RT Zambia is all geared up for supporting internal as well as external extension to all associations of AMI Region. Last but not the least, our Region advisor and mentor is none other than Immediate Past President of RT International Tabler Majid Tunda of RT Mauritius who is greatly adding value to this tabling year with his inputs and advice on some of the best practices he experienced from across the tabling fraternity. What is your biggest achievement during your Table career? 3 Years ago, RT Arabian Gulf had been reduced to 2 tables and 23 tablers, during those tough times I took over as association vice president, with support from all tables and tablers we were able to charter 2 new tables and membership strength doubled to 46 tablers, a 3rd table in Dubai and a LC are already set for charter in TY 2019/2020. RTAG tables now do joint projects and have some amazing table bonding. What goals did you set yourself for your term in office? Open and effective communication channel for all tablers across the region and "Shaping the future" of tabling in AMI region with the assistance of RT International Board, solidify the legacy left by my previous AMI Chairmen by strengthening the existing associations and also continue to support my Association Boards who are always "on fire for tabling". My Goal as AMI Region Chairman is nothing different than a Joe Tablers who expects a more rewarding table experience with each passing Tabling year.


Winter Knights might be over but Welkom 40 continues clothe the Goldfields community with the ongoing clothing, bedding and curtain collection coordinated by The Power of One a local NPO with partnered up with Welkom 40. Goldfields Hospice paid Welkom 40 a visit to collect clothes and curtains for the people they serve. Goldfield Hospice is providing home based care to more or less 350 patients and their families. Hospice cares for patients with advanced progressive illnesses which includes HIV/Aids, cancer or any life-threatening illness. – looking after body, mind and spirit. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual and social holistic care of patients and family. They help patients can have a better quality of life. They support the families after death during the bereavement period. Their focus is to add life to days rather than days to life. They have three day care centres where 30 little preschool children come for love, stimulation and meals. These children are either infected or affected by HIV/Aids and many of them are orphans. These children regardless of their own circumstances, either infected or affected by a terminal disease, they are still willing to live life to the fullest, laugh out loud and always ready to offer a hug. It is hard to describe the joy, the love and the self-worth little children bring into one’s life. Working and helping organizations like Hospice Goldfields is what makes tabling worth it. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.


Hectic but Super fun Raiding on Wednesday 4th September 2019 officially accompanying our top Brass on their official visit to our brothers up in Underberg, Round Table Sani152, also seeing much support from Round Table Kokstad and 41ers from Westville as well. The trip went quite well, despite getting home early hours of this morning, the meeting was however very well run and super productive with the hospitality from the Sani guys being of top class as always for guests that make the effort and long trip up to visit them as always. It was indeed a great evening and was enjoyed by all whom attended. We look forward to the last few raids before our Spring Conference soon approaches in November 2019. See you all there!!! PS. 41er Dean says Bruce is very POOFY...lol


On Tuesday 17 September 2019 a house fire in Riebeeckstad left a family of 6 with nothing. The Welkom Community Police Forum Management called for help. Thanks to the Goldfields community, clothing, bedding, furniture, food, cash and vouchers were donated to this family which was left with nothing. One always thinks this would never happen to me or understands the destructive force of fire. It heartwarming to see how strong a community is when a tragedy strikes and we are able to unite and bring hope to the people affected. Welkom 40 heeded to the call from the Welkom Community Police Forum to help this family in need. We donated a SPAR voucher worth of R3500 to help the family rise up in this time of need. Thabo and his family said when Welkom 40 handed over the voucher at Jawzits Propertie: "We can feel the grace of God in all the Welkom People." #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.


The Round Table Golf Day 2019 was held again at the Belmont valley Golf estate with this year’s theme the “Pink Lady” edition. The approach this year was to do things differently and also acknowledge the continued support of our annual sponsors. The day was themed the "Pink Lady" with a format; Four Ball Alliance; Scramble Drive with a twist! The day included a halfway meal and platter and additional entertainment for the kiddies with a jumping castle and play area. A drinks station on hole 13 sponsored by Savanna with some refreshments and a double-your-money competition formed part of the daytime festivies. The evening entertainment was capped off with the main charity auction. The Golf day is our annual main fundraising project, and as such most of our Tabler’s were up early setting up the venue, coordinating the players on the course as well as the brave few who took up the challenge of playing! The main sponsor for this year’s event was Distell brands who donated stock and prizes to give away. The event would not have been a success without our amazing local sponsors who donated prizes and money towards the event. Most of our four-ball teams went home with a prize courtesy of our sponsors and is yet another way of us giving back to those supporters of our events. Tabler’s from around the Eastern Cape came in their numbers to support the event and we thank them for their support of our initiatives! The Pink Golf day raised just over R 70 000! Proceeds from the Pink Golf Day are directed towards our community-based activities, Public Benefit Organisations, and services pertinent to women from various sectors within our community. A special thanks to the project convenors: Jono Bellingan, Caroline and Stuart Beer, Ryno van Rooyen and Duncan Ruck and all the other Tabler’s for their tireless work throughout the year in making this event a success.


Name and Surname: Graham Cornelissen Current position: RTI Treasurer 2019/2020 Where are you from: Home grown here in Round Table Southern Africa Years in table: I got inducted at the end of 2016, so 3 completed years. Previous board positions held including association and regional levels: RTI Treasurer 2018/2019 Please outline the responsibilities that make up your portfolio : My role is to ensure that every euro that is spent is to the benefit of all members and to increase the transparency of our financial reporting, whilst at the same time assisting on various other RTI and related projects. My duties extend to both the OVC and the OVF as well and I work a lot with some of the other members in the RTI family.

What would you like to change or add to your portfolio during your term in office : Nothing at this stage we expanded the portfolios significantly in the prior year.

What is your biggest achievement during your Table career: Driving the re-charter of a previously closed club in this last year whilst restructuring the RTI financial reporting due to legalization has been a highlight, especially in this last year.

What goals did you set yourself for your term in office: From a Treasury point of view, the main goal this year will be to ensure that the Future Funding of RTI project is a success. Additionally, the first full year accounts will be done for RTI. OVC and OVF and filing at the relevant authorities are important. I also want to finalise a guide on budgeting to be spread amongst member associations.


It’s as Tabling opening one’s mind to the world, so too does Tabling introduce us to new friends. These friendships often leak out into new friendships with their families or friends, again opening up the world. One such example of this is Eduard Gous and his now wife, Chantel Gous. Eduard joined Hochland 154, as a guest just over 2 years ago and has shown us what it means to be a GREAT Tabler. With his financial background he has largely assisted in the finical side and planning of many of Hochland’s 154 projects, namely; Numbers meeting 2018, Bowls Day, Namibian Winter Area meeting and Medic Rush. He is currently Hochland’s Secretary and has kept excellent record of all of Hochland’s Business Meetings, Socials and Action List. With all the Table activities & socials, over the last 2 years, Eduard and his then girlfriend, Chantel have become a strong part of Hochland’s family and are good friends to both Tablers and Tablers legs. With this in mind, members of Hochland 154 were honored to be invited & attend the Wedding of fellow Tabler Eduard Gous and his beautiful bride to be Chantel. The wonderful day took place at the Valley of the Angles just outside of Windhoek, Namibia. With good weather, good food and good friends it was a splendid day and one which Hochland will remember for some time to come. Eduard’s younger brother and Hochland Pipeliner, Janco Gous did an excellent job as Eduard’s best man, ensuring that all Tablers were well behaved during the ceremony and drinks in hand at the bar. Hochland would like to thank Eduard and Chantel for inviting us to such a special day in their lives and hope for many more wonderful years together. Sincerely members of Hochland 154.


There might be a huge debate around what is the most precious resource on earth, but blood supersedes all the gemstones or minerals by far as it is the only resource that can save a life. In June this year Welkom 40 took hands with the SANBS Welkom branch to help them reach the blood drive targets. Furthermore Welkom 40 committed to give SANBS Welkom access to their Goldfield Community Centre to host as many blood drives as needed to save more lives. On October 11 Welkom 40 received recognition for becoming a controller for the SANBS branch in Welkom by assisting with blood drives in the community. Welkom 40 is very honored to have received this recognition to not just feed and clothe out community but also to save lives by just making our community aware when they have blood drives or to take the initiative to host a blood drive by themselves. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.


Awesome Round Table Amanzimtoti Social Meeting was hosted on 2 September 2019 with our special guest visiting from RT Germany (Ortenau 85) and past RT Amanzimtoti 85 Chairman (South Africa) Mr. Wilhelm Rupflin joining us for some really great festivities and many other special guests from our local Amanzimtoti and Greater Durban Community. All where there joining us in great support of Round Table in KZN and SA. Thank you to everyone that attended and assisted to make it a truly great evening and we especially Thank Wilhelm Rupflin, all the 41ers, RT Umhlanga 155 and RT Ballito 221 for making such great effort to visit us and enjoy great friendship and networking together as always. Until the next one...


Wel213 had to support the Namibian Rugby team in the World Cup against the All Blacks on the 06 October 2019. Rene Mark Amize and Jason made our way to Handle Bar early the Sunday morning. With a few coffees going around the game went afoot and man did Nam play that 1st 40 minutes. The 1st half was impressive by the Welwitschia’s and we had to change from coffee to something more appropriate when the score went to 10-9 for the all blacks. The banter that went around with me wearing an All Black jersey and yelling for the Welwitschia’s. We had a few minutes throughout the game to explain what and who Round table was as some of the bikers were interested. The 2nd half was a different story with the All Blacks taking the game to the next level and the score line at the end was evident of this. The score line however high it might be was not a true reflection of the grit and determination the Welwitschia’s showed and especially if the game was blown off for “Let’s say a typhoon warming or bad weather” the score line would look much better…lol…dreamers will dream… With a great game behind us we had a quick stop at Jason’s residence and it was time to make sure our fam’s are happy with us leaving our houses so early for to watch a rugby match at a bar at 6 am…You know what I mean… Great Social…one more for the Memory Bank.


Tablers are young men that moves around communities around the world hope and aiming to make a difference that will change lives. A lot of the work that tablers do are focused on changing their communities for the better and that is just what Welkom 40 strives for. However sometimes we as tablers we need to step out of that box of just being a charity organization but also be community leaders to bring change where organizations or institutions that serves our communities. The Welkom Community Police forum approached Welkom 40 to help with the service delivery backlog of refuse removal which is a health and safety hazard for the Goldfields community. Kudu van der Westhuizen and Dr. Igor Scheurkogel whom are apart of the Community Police Forum heard their call and gave a hand. Yes it meant that they need to get up at 5 am in the morning and load refuse but they did it with a smile, because a happy community is a giving community. On Saturday 26 th more than 6 10 ton trucks of refuse was removed in Welkom City to assist the Matjhabeng Local Municipality to lessen their load. Just as our motto of Round Table Adopt, Adapt, Improve we need to constantly look at way to better serve our communities. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.


Name and Surname: Marc Germeshausen Current position: RTI Secretary Where are you from: Villach Austria. Years in table: 8 years in table Previous board positions held including association and regional levels. 2012-2013: Secretary RT11 Villach, 2013-2014: Vice Chairman RT11 Villach, 2014-2015: Chairman RT11 Villach National PRO, 2015-2016: National PRO and Vice Chairman RT11 Villach, 2016-2017: National IRO and Chairman RT11 Villach, 20172018: National IRO and IRO RT11 Villach, 2018-2019: RTI Secretary and IRO RT11 Villach 2019-2020: RTI Secretary and IRO RT11 Villach Please outline the responsibilities that make up your portfolio. My responsibilities as RTI Secretary is going from taking minutes at Exec Board and Board Meetings to prepare the meeting pack and presentations for the RTIHYM and RTIWM. Furthermore, I assist the board with administrative related matters and updating work e.g. constitution, guidelines, manuals. Corresponding letters to partner organizations and provide information to all associations worldwide. What would you like to change or add to your portfolio during your term in office? I am happy to fulfil the role as it fullest. Due to the new entities created for Tabler.World last year (Online Vision Consultancy and Online Vision Foundation) the entities and the board would need to define the roles of director and council members. What is your biggest achievement during your Table career? My biggest achievement was to convene the RT and LC Austria AGM in 2018 in my hometown Villach. What goals did you set yourself for your term in office? We started a huge restructuring process in the last year. There are still some guidelines and manuals which are currently not up-to-date. My focus will be to update these next to the every-day work as RTI Secretary.


The much anticipated “Murder Mystery – Dinner to die for” was held on the 13th of July at the CC and after a lot of planning between us and co-hosts, SA Murder Mysteries, the big day arrived. The members and wives from 87 were there early to ensure that everything was setup exactly as it should be. The guests certainly went all out to dress up in their pre-allocated characters’ costumes. We had some very fancy dressed ladies with pearls and dresses, a few ballers, some golfers and obviously some Gangsters. One thing must be said, the guys from SA Murder do their absolute best to deliver a fun filled experience. It was like we were in Chicago when they talked. As we were walking outside to get the fire started up, the sound of laughter filled the air, which made taking on the winter head-on definitely worth it. The beneficiary for this project was Joan Mary Care Centre in Pretoria, and as a result of the funds received for this project and some RTT allocated funds, we were able to donate a much-needed bath chair to the value of R19 760.00 , we are extremely humbled and thankful for being able to help out in this fashion. Personally, I’m looking forward to the next one as it will most surely be a hit as well.


In the beginning of September 2019, RT Amanzimtoti members enjoyed a fun social day and welcomed back old Toti85 member and our current Area Chairman (Terence Hartwanger) with his family. We enjoyed a casual braai with most of the growing Toti85 present and look forward to ongoing friendship and networking in the Amanzimtoti community together.



Dr. Igor Scheurkogel Tell us a little bit about yourself? Born and raised in Odendaalsrus in the Free State. Completed my masters’ studies at the University of the Free State and after that I lived and worked in Taiwan for about 12 years. Complete my PhD in Taiwan and brought back myself husband too.. (lol) Currently I serve as a Democratic Alliance District Municipality Councilor in Lewjeleputswa in the Free State.

Tell us more about your table timeline? I first joined Welkom 40 the first time in 2012 and was part of Welkom until early 2014 which after I returned to Taiwan for about 4 years. I rejoined Welkom 40 in March 2018 on my return to South Africa. I have served as PRO for the past two years which expanded the Welkom 40 social media reach greatly. Other portfolios that I have serve were IRO, social and raids and mini-producer for melodramas.

What makes Table special to you? Serving the community is at the core of my passion and therefore being able to do that on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through Round Table allows me to live my life to the fullest. This organization will always be part of my life and I will always try to stay involve and be part of this great movement of change.

Be the change you want to see in your community ADOPT-ADAPT-IMPROVE


One of Tugela 202’s biggest events each year is the famous Berg and Bush. This time ( 6 October 2018 & 13 October 2019) it was no different! Over-looking the spectacular Spioenkop Dam from Spioenkop itself, we set up our water table – equipped with refreshments, all sorts of tasty snacks and even scarecrows to welcome the tired riders. Riders from all over the country ascended the most gruelling hill with a positive attitudes and high spirits. On the second weekend, two of our own members took on the Berg & Bush. Frikkie van der Merwe and Johan Nel rode to raise funds for a young man with very difficult circumstance. As a Table, we are very proud of these gentlemen. Even though it is two long days, Tugela 202 always enjoy this event. Thank you to all the Tablers and their Legs for your hard work and dedication.

Adopt. Adapt. Improve.


Name of Association: Round Table Germany Date and venue of your AGM: 15. Till 17. of May 2020 in Friedrichshafen `How do we register? I.e. website: www.agm2020.eu Welcoming word from President

or IRO: Dear friends from South Africa, we would love to welcome you to the biggest Round Table Event of Europe in 2020! We will have a joint event with RT Austria and Switzerland, aswell as with LC of the 3 said countries. We expect to be with well over a 1000 Tablers and Ladies in Friedrichshafen. Our Pre-Tour will be organised by the Austrian Tablers in the form of the world famous Edelweisstour. This will start on the 10th of May in Vienna and will end at the 15th of May in Friedrichsahfen. The ticketsfor the Pre-Tour and the AGM are limited and well sought after, so don't hesitate too long and simply book your Tickets at www.agm2020.eu and www.edelwiesstour.at. Looking forward to seeing you in Friedrichsahfen! YiT Sjoerd van der Ham, National IRO Round Table Germany 2019/20

Little more background about your association with regards to membership, number of clubs, national projects etc. RT Germany is the second biggest RT association with well over 3600 Members and more than 230 Clubs

Little more background about your AGM with regards to registration cost, is there a pretour and the cost of that as well as the program. The cost for the AGM are 179â‚Ź, Hotel needs to be booked separatly, you can find suggestions on the website www.agm2020.eu

Little more background on the Venue with regards to the town, what it has to offer and top tourist attractions in the surroundings. The AGM will be in Friedrichshafen, a beautiful Town situated at the Bodensee. The town has a famous Zeppelin Museum which shows it's historie and roll in the development of the aviation industrie. Further more there is a big tower in the town which alllows you a beautiful view over the Alps and the lake Bodensee.



AGM 2020


Wel213 made a very early house call to the Pioneers Park Senior Park on the morning of the 19th of October 2019. The Last time Wel213 was at the Senior Park we did a walk through and found several lavatories, basins and taps not in working order and Wel213 was there to fix them. With Mark, Chesley, Jason, Kev and Amize who went out early the Saturday morning and checked 16 bathrooms that was reported as being faulty and out of order. It was a big task to get through and the work started at 07h00 already. Wel213 fixed the plumbing on 8 wash basins, 6 urinals, 12 toilet pots and 18 taps. This had brought a smile on these elderly who have been living with these broken plumbing issues for a long time. It was also an eye opener for us to talk to the residences and hear their stories and at times it felt like they appreciated the talk just as much as the fixing of the plumbing. It was a great start to the day and we finalized all the fixes just before the Rugby was going to start. The expenses where covered by Wel213 clubhouse funds and final tally on part bought where N$2000.00 with the labour done by tablers guests and sponsor Arriveste Investments 25 man hours for the morning. Wel213 left the senior park with some great new memories and new stories to treasure from some new friends. The gents had some time to get refreshed and mostly get on their All Black jerseys for the 2nd Rugby social for the month.


Over the weekend of the 30th August – 31st August 2019 it was time for the Berg Show – which is the second largest Agricultural Show in KwaZulu-Natal! Once again, Tugela 202 was entrusted with the responsibility of running the beer tent. The crowds did not disappoint – coming from all over the area to enjoy some cold ones and a show. Thank you to our Table’s Legs, who helped until early hours of the morning to quench everyone’s thirst. Once again, Tugela 202 showed up to run a very successful fundraising event.



Happy days Round Table Amanzimtoti enjoyed great friendship and networking last night with our Natal South Coast Area Vice Chairman officially raiding us with Round Table Kokstad officially accompanying him. It was really good fun and we enjoyed a Mexican Themed evening together with the team of Amanzimtoti Lions. Thank you to everyone who made it such a fun evening for all ages and associations. Well done


Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am originally from Klerksdorp but moved to Welkom a couple of years ago. I am a professional architect and partner at Studio H3 Architects in Riebeeckstad, Welkom. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Adele with two lovely children a boy, Ian and his younger sister Emma.

How long have you been tabling? Almost one year since I was invited as a guest in September 2018 and became a full member in November 2018 (I am sure my wife remembers that night quite vividly). I currently hold the position of Treasurer at Welkom 40.

What makes Table special to you? When I joined, I knew that were people and organisations in need, but I never realised just how serious it was. We do make a difference even if it is small. This makes the saying of one person can make a reality even if it is small I know that I have impacted someone’s life in a way that I would have never done if I did not join Round Table Welkom 40.



Name of Association: Round Table Sri Lanka Date and venue of your AGM: 27th June 2020 in Colombo How do we register? I.e. website: Email to iro@rtsrilanka.org Welcoming word from President or IRO: Hello brothers and sisters from around the world, RT Sri Lanka is happy to announce our AGM on the 27th June 2020. As usual we have a pre tour from 21st June to 26th June covering a scenic and an adventurous pre tour. This will be followed by a Welcome night on the 26th June. Last year we had limited participation from our friends from around the globe due to the travel advisories which was a result of the Easter attacks. Next year we hope great participation from around the world as usual. Look forward to welcoming you to our island nation.

Little more background about your association with regards to membership, number of clubs, national projects etc. We have 8 active clubs in Sri Lanka. Each club has their own project ranging from funding a cerebral palsy centre to water purification to donating school equipments to green initiatives to hear surgery for kids etc. We have over 110 members as of now and in the process of chartering a club in Jaffna which is in the north of the country which was affected by a 30 year long war which ended in 2009. We have a Tangent Club, LC association and 2 Club 41’s which RTSL maintain very strong relationships with.

Little more background about your AGM with regards to registration cost, is there a pretour and the cost of that as well as the program. Cost of the Pre Tour is Euro 550 and the Cost of the AGM is Euro 75. Pre Tour cost covers 5 nights of accommodation, all meals and complementary RT bar. AGM cost covers the AGM and the Gala dinner.

Little more background on the Venue with regards to the town, what it has to offer and top tourist attractions in the surroundings. AGM is held in Colombo the commercial capital of the country which has all what a tabler needs in terms of attractions. Also the pre tour covers the beach, wild life, heritage and night life.


Wel213 had our 2nd Rugby social on the 19th of October the gents had a get together for the Ireland vs All Blacks game. After a couple of hours of pluming work at the Old age home it was time to relax and socialize. What better way than to watch the All Blacks play Ireland in a battel for the right to play the semi-final for the rugby world cup. Mr Chairman Mark Majiedt opened his house for this event and we had tablers guests and their families. With the kids in the swimming pool and the fire getting along we were able to watch the Haka and start of the game. The social aimed was also to have the guest of table and have chat during the social and get a feel from them how they portray RT and where they stand on joining this great association. It has borne fruit for the future and we as Welwitschia are more in tune of what our guest need which is time before committing. The Irish were a bit tardy in their game and as you can see in the pics the majority at the event where All Black fans who was ecstatic when Beauden Barrett gave the long pass to his brother Jordy who scored the final try for the all blacks on the 79th minute. The game ended with a 46 – 16 score line for the AB’s and naturally we were celebrating. The social was a great one with good food, good company and one hell of a rugby game. Till the semi-finals...we will have to wait and see what England brings…


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Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla October 2019  

Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla October 2019  

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