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Bushveld Area – Induction Dinner Bethlehem 60 – Hinterland Kroeg Sabie Tube Race Walvis Bay 36 – Blood drive Bethlehem 60 – Kids Bash Stilfontein 53 – Nicus Prinsloo Trip to remember Walvis 36 – Kids Haven Food Donation Bethlehem 60 – Raided Walvis Bay 36 – Mannekamp Stilfontein 53 – Take my back to Christmas Bethlehem 60 – Veggie Container Project Walvis Bay 36 – Tutaleni Primary School Table and Chairs RTSA Vice President Christo Bezuidenhout Stilfontein 53 – Christmas Hand out Bloemfontein 158 – Henk Cronje Childrens Day Walvis Bay 36 – Kids Haven School bag Donation Arno Kotze – Privilege of serving on your Area Exec Bloemfontein 158 – Family weekend Stilfontein 53 – Chairman Report Welkom 40 – Who is Jurgens Schoeman Welwitschia 213 - AGM

-To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional and business occupations; -To emphasise the fact that one’s calling offers an excellent medium of service to the community; -To cultivate the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions; -To recognize the worthiness of all legitimate occupations and to dignify each his own by precept and example; -To foster responsible citizenship and loyalty to their Country; -To further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships; -To further these objects by meetings, lectures, discussions and other activities



Greetings all! Induction Dinner season - the dreaded time of seeing if you can still fit into those dress suit trousers, and whether or not that one button is going to hold - or pop off and take someone’s eye out! I asked a friend what she was wearing to a dinner recently and she answered with: whatever fits! I personally enjoy attending Induction Dinners. You get to catch up with old friends you might never see normally, a few 41ers even from a few years back. You get to hear all the good things achieved by the Club and what they hope to achieve in the year ahead. You learn from these occasions too - trophy ideas for your Club, project ideas, new portfolios and even some inspiration from well delivered speeches. When I first started attending dinners in the early 2000’s, it was the usual food: mock prawn cocktail in a limp lettuce leaf in a champagne glass; roast chicken with potatoes and rice; and melted chocolate sauce over ice cream. Oh how things have changed! From artistically arranged salmon roulades to petit fours; drizzles of mouthwatering sauces over beautifully cooked meat; and delicious puddings designed with no diets in mind! So, if it’s for the food or the fellowship, to support a Club or a Tabler, or just to prove you can still fit in your 17-year old tuxedo - support those nduction Dinners! Yours in Table, Alan



What a wonderful but yet emotional gathering of fine young men. Not to forget our beautiful better halves. The day was still young and our hopes were set high. We were on our way to our annual Induction Dinner in Mokopane. We made our first stop at the Tzaneen 96 clubhouse where the mood was set upon arrival. This was going to be an unforgettable weekend. Before we knew it, we had our game faces on for the first of many Piet my Vrou challenges. Darts was the name of the game whereby Chris Merts and I (Tiaan Schoeman) could not pull it through on the first round. But that’s what makes Table special, your fellow tablers always have your back. This time it was Christo Bezuidenhout and Antonie Smit who came through with a bang. Their first match, the second of the challenge, was won with ease. It took special and unhuman-like skills from both the Pretoria 136 gents, but it was Antonie who made two perfect bulls in a row to secure the win for Pretoria 136. The night was upon us as we needed to get dressed like only Round Table gents and ladies know how. It was time for the 2020 Induction Dinner. Christo Bezuidenhout started the evening as our Master of Ceremonies. As all Table events, we started with our aims and objectives and it was up to me to read it. With Christo’s welcoming speech, Wynand Swart saying the Table Grace and Henco Prinsloo doing a toast to South Africa, our Arno “Perde Peer” Kotze made a brilliant toast on RTSA and TRI. His following words, still stuck in my head, had more meaning that one can know. “Dis die elektroniese Tafelaars van die stad, die groot vuur van die platteland en snaakse Tafelaars van vreemde land wat my Tafel-hart laat ritmies klop en agv Louis Marchesi…sal dit nooit stop!” Soon after our starters, Walter Groenewald our Bushveld Area Chairman restarted the evening with the area report. The proceedings followed with our own Garth Roelofse getting inducted by Walter as a proud Pretoria 136 and Round Table Tabler. We could not be more proud of this man as he showed us hands down, for a year, how badly he wanted to be part of Round Table. Congratulations Garth! You truly deserve to be part of this great and wonderful organization. The emotions did not stop there as it was upon us to hand out our Tabler of the Year Awards. Pretoria 136 had no doubt to reward the man who had started his table career with a bang. This man is none other than Antonie “Snoopy” Smit. Well done Antonie! You truly are a proud Tabler. After all the celebrations, it was back to business as it was time to say goodbye to our 2019 chairman’s and induct our new 2020 chairman’s. Johnny Swannepoel Pretoria 136 (2019) Chairman. I would like to thank you for what you have done for us as Round Table 136 and to congratulate you on a successful year. Not to mention the effort you put into driving kilometres and kilometres just to attend our meetings. With our names being called out it was time to stand closer. To this I was speechless as my best friend Chris Merts being one of the gentleman who introduced me to Table was inducting me beside Walter as Pretoria 136 (2020) chairman. This is not just a big honour for me but a tremendous one. To be able to be one of Pretoria 136 chairman’s meant that I could walk alongside some of the biggest names: Christo Bezuidenhout, Jacques Rowe, Craig Irons, Arno Kotze, Chris Merts and Johnny Swanepoel. The names say it all. The big guns in Round Table International. You guys made it special to be part of Round Table and not just Round Table 136. “A drink to that”. We had a special toast to the ladies by James Gutsche and a farewell speech to the 41’ers by Willie de Jager. Jacques “handsome” Rowe once again made a tremendous speech by reply on behalf of all the outgoing 41ners. Of all the heroes mentioned above it was also time to say goodbye to two of the big names. Jacques Rowe with 13 years and Craig Irons with 8 years of experience. How do you just say cheers to these gents without having a tear in your eye and lump in your throat? Gents we solute you for what you have done for Pretoria 136, Round Table and your communities. “A drink to that”. The ceremony then came to an end after handing over their kieries, but the night was far from over. It was time to party and celebrate to all the accomplishments Pretoria 136 made. However there was one man who had the last say. The man himself Craig Irons was in our midst as he was showing us how to drink like a real man. Craig Irons you truly had the last say as we all jumped in to sing “hy vry na stukkie van der Merwe”. Regards Tiaan Schoeman Pretoria 136 Chairman



Hinterland Bethlehem het Round Table 60 genader om deel te wees van hulle nuwe winkeluitleg vierring en die spog geleentheid, waar hulle ook wou hê dat Bethlehem 60 die kroeg moes hanteer. Manne van Bethlehem 60 was vinnig tevinde vir die aangeleentheid. Anders as ander kere en ander kroeë, het ons nie nodig gehad om n volledige kroeg spyskaart te hanteer nie, maar slegs die goedgekeurde, selektiewe verversings wat Hinterland bestuur voorgestel het. Afgesien daarvan het ons ook nie nodig gehad om drankies te verkoop nie. ...dit was n oop kroeg. Hinterland het dié projek vir ons so maklik gemaak en het n fooi vir die dienste wat Round Table gelewer het gegee. Die manne van Tafel het die aand baie geniet en met Ricus Nel met sy Boerepompie en hardekole in die agtergrond, was die kameraadskap weereens n hoogtepunt en het dié geleentheid weereens goeie vriende bymekaar gebring. Die aand was n groot sukses en het Bethlehem 60 vir min man ure, n goeie geldjie gemaak om aan te wend vir 60 se klubhuis fonds. Dankie manne, julle is ysters. #alloutcompassion #alloutfellowship #totalroundtable #gooimielies 5|Page


This was definitely the one Sabie Tube Race that you did not want to miss. The excitement for RT STR started on 27 Jan where we were inundated by requests, questions and messages of motivation. With all of the Planning and hard work coming to an end and where it was only left to execute the BEST STR EVER. Campers started flowing in on the Thursday to secure their coveted camping spots for the Tube Race. Friday Morning the whole event started to get into full swing. Weekend Campers started to flock in and Registrations started to increase drastically. Friday saw Backstage and DJ Rademeyer perform for the crowds of people in and around Castle Rock. Saturday started in the early hours with Tubers queuing to get their Tubes pumped and waiting with an unknown Buzz to get on the Trucks for the Tube Race itself. With the bulk of the people embracing the Hawaiian theme on the back of the trucks on their way to the first drop off to get the Tube Race started. Tubers started going down in the Beautifully sunny Sabie for what will be only the start for the whole RT STR. Saturday Night saw World Class entertainment on the stage such as Van Pletzen, Chunda Munki and TiMO ODV to take the RT STR to a whole new level of entertainment. The Bar and Entertainment Area has never been this packed as there was a sea of people from the stage to the Bar Area. It was an absolutely next level experience and this RTSTR has gone down as the FOMO one for all of the people who could not attend. We as White River 64 just want to Congratulate and give a big thanks to the Convenor, Brian Rossouw, for an absolute World Class RTSTR as well as all of the Tablers who assisted with making RTSTR 2020 the Benchmark for the coming years. It would not have been possible without Walter Serfontein, JL Coetzee, Gert vd Westhuizen, Conrad Botha, Christo le Roux, Louis Badenhorst, Jaco Bouwer as well as Tanya Olivier who went out of her way to execute the Financials to ensure every cent is accounted for. As well as all of the Families of our Tablers who assisted. One Final BIG UPS to Middelburg 126 for rising from the Ashes and coming through in spectacular fashion to ensure that they were the Corner Stone for the success of this event. This was one of the first times where intertable fellowship to this extent has been seen in Mpumalanga for the past few years. Wikus from Secunda 231 also stepped in to raise the bar for what Fellowship meant. This was Definitely one for the books with a positive Financial growth to give RoundTable Whit River 64 the platform to empower and enrich their Local communities. Thank you for all the support.



A Few years back, Walvis Bay Round Table 36 decided to add Blood Donations to our Social/Community projects each year. This is a great initiative not only to assist the community and save lives, but to get together as a Table with our 41ers, legs, pipeliners guests and family members. Walvisbay 36 has been donating blood as a Social/Community project for the last 8 years as I can recall. In January the Namibian blood transfusion service (NAMBTS) called on Namibians to donate blood due to critical shortages after the festive season. On 28 th of January RT 36 as always put their hand up and assisted. Each donation is equivalent to 3 lives saved. During the month of November, one of our 41ers Jaco Rautenbach Hit an impressive 100 Donations, that is +- 25 years of donating blood. 27 Lives Saved Tablers: Steven Peake, Byron Westerdale, Ricardo von Stein, Jacques Lottering, Martin Degele, Jens van Vuuren. Guests: Eugene Wolff, Joppie Kotze 41ers: Altus Viljoen 41er: Jaco Rautenbach November 2019



Wat wil ‘n kind dan nou meer as om net pret te hê en te voel iemand gee om vir hom. Wel dit is wat Bethlehem 60 en Umhlanga 155 se Kids Bash daar voor is. Met hierdie wonderlike projek het Umhlanga vir ons minder bevoorregte kinders gestuur om vir die September vakansie bietjie in Bethlehem te kom kuier vir ‘n week. Elke dag het ‘n tafelaar ‘n geleentheid gekry om die kids te spoil, hulle is die Sondag na Golden Gate geneem waar die dag begin het met ‘n opvoedkundige stap roete na Mushroom Rock waar hulle meer geleer het oor die omgewing en die natuur van die Oos Vrystaat. Met meer kennis oor die Oos Vrystaat na die staptog het ons hulle geneem vir ‘n bietjie Abseiling, met ‘n paar brawe manne in die begin het dit gou verander toe dit hulle beurt was. Gou het hulle agtergekom dit is nie so maklik om soos spiderman teen die mure af te klim nie. Ons het die dag afgesluit met ‘n lekker piekniek waar ons saam hulle sokker gespeel het en natuurlik was daar ook darem tyd vir lekker fellowship tussen ons Tafelaar. Met die projek besef mens net weer hoeveel ons het om voor dankbaar te wees en die vreugde wat ‘n glimlag van ‘n kind mens kan gee. Dankie Umhlanga 155 dat ons nogsteed hierdie projek saam julle kan doen en my mede Tafelaar Riaan en sy gesin wat saam ons die dag geniet het. Die res van die week het die kinders ondermeer dinge geniet soos “ski” op die dam, Boeresport, Perdry en wildedier besigtiging by Cheetau en 4 Paw’s leeuplaas. #alloutcompassion #alloutfellowship #totalroundtable #gooimielies Yours in Table Jaco Cilliers



I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Europe this December and see how the rest of the world differs from our own perspective of tabling. I met up before the new year with Wieger and he took very good care of me. Between castles, old churches, canals, pubs and buried Kings I was more than spoiled visiting the Netherlands. As I was there only during the winter holidays I attended the “new year’s” drinks on the 4 th of January together with our twinning table Drachten 53 and what a night , it was a bit of a train ride up north to “Friesland” but a small sacrifice to offer after being spoiled by the beautiful views of the lush country and amazing landscape. Wieger picked me up in a city called Heerenveen and decided it would be a good day to go sightseeing and even went to the highest point of the Friesland province (6m above sea-level) What a day out seeing all the cities and learning about a culture outside your own boarder. We soon after got together with the other tablers and talked a lot more about what makes this organization great, each tabler I met I met for the first time but, each one like a new brother. With great fellowship, some Afrikaans tunes from Mr.Parrow mixed in with Holland beer and cheese we had an awesome night of bonding and board games (Sjoelbak) all the while listening to them talking their “dronk Afrikaans”. I enjoyed every moment! I could recommend any and every tabler to go visit anywhere abroad, your vision of table and perspective upon life will open new doors and teach you more than you might think. Until next time Netherlands. Nicus Prinsloo “Dank je well”



Kids Haven an Orphanage built by WB36 about 15 years ago. WB36 always keeps the line of communication open and this allows for the orphanage to press on our buttons at any time. Due to the current economic difficulties that we all face and this includes companies. They did press on WB36’s button during January 2020 for assistance as the kids shelter was in dire need of some basic supplies, food and day to day items. The economic circumstances had forced previous donators to cut their contributions some in half and some in total. This as you can imagine is devastating for an Orphanage or any institute that relies on donations to keep their doors open and keep functioning. The orphanage houses 20-25 kids from babies to matrix who live at the orphanage as a safe place for them. RT 36 made a donation to the value of N$10000.00 on urgently needed items for the upcoming months. This included food items and the basic necessities that kids would need like toilet papier and some cleaning material. This as you can imagine is not at all enough, but it will fill the gap for some time till a better solution can be found. Needless to say the kids will benefit greatly even though we as WB36 feels it’s only a drop in the bucket. This is an ongoing project that we try to assist all we can, whether it is through donations by Round Table 36 or us getting donations from the public which WB36 is planning to do in the coming months.

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Late in the year we were raided by Umhlanga 155. This all formed part of the long standing Kids bash project.As part of this project the umhlanga table brought 10 orphan kids to Bethlehem for the holidays and picked them up again on the weekend. We started the raid of with a few beers at the golf club while watching the Springboks destroy Namibia and afterwards continued another long standing tradition between these 2 tables by hitting golf balls with a hammer with the wrong hand while standing on 1 foot. In the end of the battle Bethlehem 60 retained the wooden hammer. On the Saturday night Umhlanga 155 was hosted at the house of legendary tabler Rudi Sker Van Vuuren. Food, drinks and fellowship were excellent and what a awesome weekend Thankyou Umhlanga 155 see you again soon #alloutcompassion #alloutfellowship #totalroundtable #gooimielies

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Walvis Bay



Each year Walvis Bay Round Table starts off with our Mannekamp, this is a weekend set aside for our yearly planning, fellowship and just good old fashion bonding around a fire. On the 31st of January 2020 our annual planning started with a bang, Jacques and Jens arrived at our Wlotzka house at around 2pm armed with everything besides the house keys… That did not set them back at all, as they opened up the cooler box, lit the fire and put a rib into the grid. Later on that afternoon, the keys were taken out by another tabler and so the weekend started. By sunset we were a good number of tablers and guests around the fire waiting for the rib to be taken off, fellowship was the name of the evening where the Spykerblock was abused, dice was played and music was switched off at 5am the next morning. Saturday as usual, our meeting was held on the beach, where the planning started, this was a good, productive meeting, all portfolios and project conveners for the year were appointed and the council introduced. What better way to start the year off with a meeting on the beach… After the meeting was adjourned, we all retreated back to the house for further fellowship. Tablers (7),pipeliners(2),guest(1) and 41ers(2) involved. I see a great 2020 ahead for RT36. What happens at Wlotzka stays at Wlotzka…

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It was a Christmas to remember for the residents of Daphne Lee, OFM and Roundtable in alliance with Christmas wish list awarded Daphne Lee R2500 to give over the remaining residents that stayed at the house over the festive period. To see the joy and smiles on the resident’s faces on the 25th of December was a moment never to be forgotten, from receiving their gifts to playing with the board games it was truly a fun day. The residents that stayed over the festive period had no family to go to, they remained at the centre. With their caretaker looking after them, to witness this first hand was a humbling experience to say the least. The work done by the staff for the residents is exemplary; to see the caretaker have so much love and dedication we also surprised her and handed over a Christmas gift. This tabling experience was so impactful, we at RT53 are grateful to OFM, Louis Radley FS Area Vice Chairman and the alliance program hosted between OFM and Round Table for letting us be a part of this handout.

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Bethlehem Round Table 60, upgraded the veggie project container. The veggie project was initiated by the 41’rs of Bethlehem 60 together with Waterland 60 from the Netherlands. This veggie project gives veggies like spinach and beetroot to more or less 10 institutions on a daily basis. All of this veggies is under shading of approximately half a hector. The container that came from the Netherlands was not in a good condition. The main use of this container is to accommodate a tractor that is used to plough the veggie garden. There were some holes in the container and the whole container needed some TLC. Our tablers decided to clean up the container, sand it a bit and started to paint the big piece of metal on a very warm Saterday. With some elbow grease and a lot of sweat the container looked brand new. Johan Ketot Mynhart also branded the container to add a finishing to touch. The veggie project is amazing, myself, Riaan is a newbie in Round Table and enjoy table every day. All the tablers did everything they could to make that container glow again. Thank You to every tabler for the nice work and fellowship. #alloutcompassion #alloutfellowship #totalroundtable #gooimielies

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Tutaleni Pre Primary is close to our hearts. WB36 has been assisting the Pre- Primary school for the last 4 year and we enjoy hosting their Christmas parties and the like. WB36 could over the years see that the schools learning conditions we were not satisfactory but they have done good with what they have. In 2019 the school yielded 8 grade one learners who was able to enrol for grade one at different schools in 2020. WB36 made the decision to try and uplift the learning conditions of the school and the learners and we were fortunate enough to obtain some donations and use our resources to assist the school with new tables and chairs at the start of the school term. WB36 was able, with a few donations, to deliver 2 tables and 10 chairs. This will allow those who had been using a pillow for a chair and the floor for a table to concentrate better and in turn fair better in school. Tutaleni Pre Primary is always in need of assistance, Round Table Walvis Bay 36 have taken them under our wing unofficially and assists them on a regular basis each and every year. Tutaleni is currently situated in the backyard of a resident on Walvisbay now imagine 30 kids in a school in someone’s back yard and still in these conditions the kids learn and are able to get into the secondary education system. We have big plans with Tutaleni in the near future and not to divulge too much we might be able to better their environment in next couple of months. WATCH THIS SPACE‌..

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What is your full name and surname? Christo Pieter

Bezuidenhout What colour is your tooth brush? Blue What is your nickname? I’ve had few outside of table, but

within table the most common has just become my initials…….CB

RTSA Vice President

Christo Bezuidenhout

What is your biggest addicton? I don’t have an addictive

personality, so nothing really that I can’t go without….but I do get very grumpy if I miss a Bulls or Springbok rugby match.

What work do you do? A bit of this, a bit of that…….And I


How long you been a tabler? 8 years What is your favourite movie quote? There are so many

words of wisdom bestowed upon us by Ron Burgundy, Anchor Man, that it would be unwise to choose only one. Stay Classy San Diego….. positions in table have you held? Within my table…everything except Secretary…..I was Bushveld Area Chairman in 2017 and now the current VP of the association. What

What would you do if you were invisible? Rob a bank……so I

can Table all year long and attend a conference every weekend. Who introduced you to table? A client of mine, who became

a friend. Fellow 136er Jacques Cloete Finish this sentence....The thing that really irritates me is…

standing in queues, Bikers that pass you at 700 miles an hour on the highway, Owen Farrel and Steve Smith. 16 | P a g e


It was truly a time to give back to the community of Stilfontien; Round Table Stilfontien 53 did just that by driving around the streets of Stilfontien and giving out food parcels to the less fortunate. Some families didn’t have the joy of having a proper meal on Christmas day. RT53 handed out 62 parcels of food, meals that was prepared by Lost Treasure in Stilfontien. Each parcel had Chicken, rice, gammon in a mustard sauce, side greek salad, we also gave out potato salad, curry pasta salad and a carrot salad to families. Above and beyond the food we also gave biscuits and juice to kids playing in the streets. To see the joy a plate of food or something drink gave members of the community was a special moment, it reassured how blessed we are and thankful we can do some impactful change in a family’s life. A special word of thanks goes out to Youla and Lost Treasure for preparing all the food parcels on Christmas day for RT53 to hand out, not only making the food she assisted with handing out too.

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The Christmas period is a time for family, friends and joy all round. Unfortunately, not all of us are privileged enough to share and not blessed enough to have a family. For this reason, Round Table Bloemfontein 158 have a day set out each year for the children from a couple of children homes to enjoy a day and feel the most excitement the holiday season provides. In the late memory of Henk Cronje, the Henk Cronje children’s day was held on the 29/11/2019 at Jumpers Lane Bloemfontein. 72 children from Huis Henrico and Huidedal Child Welfare arrived by bus and was greeted by Santa clause with a gift, some goodie bags and a pair of socks for some jumping fun. To see the excitement and joy in the children’s faces was absolutely priceless. After the kids jumped their hearts out they were treated with some Pizza and slush puppies. Even though the day was put together for the kids, this did not stop the Tablers from jumping into some bumping cars and join in the fun. The kids had so much fun that we decided to record a video and post it on our Facebook page. We would like to thank Henk from Jumpers Lane for providing us with the venue and Magda from Dairy Corp for the goodie bags. We really appreciate your support, your generosity definitely made a difference in these kid’s lives. Until next year.

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Kids Haven is an Orphanage started by Walvis Bay 36 a good 15 years ago. This was way before I became a tabler and in proud tradition WB36 still supports the Orphanage. Some of these kids attend schools primary and secondary schools. These Orphans attend schools with limited resources and a request for assistance was logged by the kids for school bags. WB36 assist them each year where needed. At the beginning of the school year, WB36 came to the aid of 5 kids who were in desperate need of school bags. These kids where carrying their books in plastic bags and some in torn bags that has been repaired so many times the material can’t hold the treads anymore. WB36 decided to assist these 5 kids with stylish school bags to the value of N$1600.00. The bags are of high quality and were purchased for that reason in the hope that it can last them a few years. This house runs off donations and support from the community in and around Walvis Bay. The kids have proven their determination and willingness to get an education and We as WB36 believe that we owe them the opportunity to do just that. Keep up the good grades and hard work Good luck for 2020. 19 | P a g e


The privilege of serving

on your AREA EXEC

Let me just state that my son was born on 27 January 2014 which means that the last time I really religiously watched a rugby championship or cricket test series was the Rugby Championship in 2013 with the last game as a fervent sports nut the SA – NZ game where Bismark Du Plessis famously got sent of by Romain Poite! Very abruptly after that all free time was dedicated to family life and Table events (having joined this great organisation in January 2014). I seldomly now have time to actively watch sports on the telly and now merely read the highlights on the News24 app to ensure that I at least have a working knowledge for general water-cooler talk at work or before a Table meeting. Whilst reading the wrap-up on the second Cricket Test between South Africa and England recently I came across an interview with 30-year old Protea debutant, Pieter Malan, that valiantly tried to “bat out” the game to ensure a draw for the Proteas…so close but no cigar! During his post match press conference interview he said: “Somebody asked me earlier about being out there and feeling the pressure, but that’s not pressure…that’s privilege!” Read the article here: Having personally had the opportunity to serve this great organisation on a Table, Area and National level, it hit me hard, as I immediately applied it to my Table membership and the leadership positions that it has afforded me so far! If I have spoken to one Tabler about it then I have spoken to a hundred Tablers about it! Almost every time I steer the conversation to: “So, when are you taking up a position within Area?” most Tablers dismiss the notion saying that it seems like too much pressure and work! Round Table is an organisation based on a principle of brotherhood where we can have an impact where it matters: our community, ourselves and each other! Not to pull the old bait-and-switch, yes, taking up a position within your Area Exec requires hard work and you are held to high account by your peers but the reward of experiencing Tabling at that level is mindboggling and life changing! Pieter Malan, during the closing part of the press conference after the Test further remarked: “It was unbelievable and I felt very privileged to be in a position where I could fight for the team.” Applying Pieter Malan’s quotes to Round Table and more specifically to Round Table at an Area level it epxplains the privilege that you are not Tabling for yourself anymore but that you are now Tabling for your peers within your own Area and the organisation as a whole! Fellowship all of a sudden means so much more than braai’ing after a project at your clubhouse…you realise that it means travelling is paramount and that where ever you go you have family waiting for you…and that is a privilege not pressure worth raising your hand for! Yours in Table Arno Kotze RTSA Branding Manager 2019/2020

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As much as Round Table being is men’s organization and always will be, We pride ourselves in being a origination that does all it can to involve our families. In fact, it is one of ASCO’s big drives to do just that in 2020. As Round Table, we would like to see the legs and rest of the family become more part and parcel of the organization and the Round Table Bloemfontein 158 annual family weekend is a great example. On the ( date ) we left for Aldam in the Freestate for a weekend with the family. It was a great turnout with only 2 or 3 couples unable to join us. By 6 pm all the Tablers and their families has arrived and got together at the camping grounds close to the dam for a good old fashion braai to start the festivities for the weekend. This family weekend was particularly special due to the fact that the Rugby World Cup final was broadcast on the following day. We all got together for breakfast and some World Cup music to get the adrenalin pumping. We then got together at the Aldam main restaurant and bar to watch the final. Everyone was on edge and needed a couple of drinks to calm the nerves. Then all our prayers were answered, we were Rugby World Cup 2019 champions. The feeling and the atmosphere was indescribable. As you can imagine so was the celebrations. We started the celebrations with a potjiekos competition. There were 4 teams each making their own type of potjie within the time limit of 3 hours. All the potjies tasted amazing but unfortunately there could only be one winning team. Congratulations to Norman Steyn, Jannie Keyl and Tian de Wet on a job well done. On the final day, we all got together for a breakfast and to end it off, a quick general knowledge quiz where the whole family could take part. After the breakfast some families decided to stay for the rest of the day to squeeze in as much family fun as possible. On behalf of all the Tablers of Bloemfontein 158 and their families, we would like to thank PG Gove for arranging an unforgettable weekend. If you would like to see more, please click on this link or visit our Facebook page and click on family weekend video.

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What a year it has been for us at Stilfontien RT5, to say it was a roller-coaster ride would be fair. From inducting two young guns, parting ways with a tabler to our biggest project to date we had one crazy but impactful year. Looking back I was privileged to lead such a well organised table, with Steve the chappies Lucas at my right hand side it was made easier. Steve was not only my vice but also ran the books. Keeping us up to date with the accounts, making sure everything balanced and also making sure the club house is neat and tidy. Nicus my Swaarie Prinsloo always persistent in keeping our minutes of the meetings as accurate as possible, always willing to jump in run a project and attend or aid other portfolios. Our Bar Convenor Adrian se my vat jou naam is du toit, pouring drinks and stocking the bar is no fun job, thank you for stirring drinks with your fingers, crushing ice with your teeth and measuring the drinks with a ruler. You kept us entertained and have grown and shown what it takes to be a true tabler Ryan may I ask a question Katz, peter parker couldn’t take better photos than you. The go to guy in our public relations, a man with a plan, a bike and hospital visits you’ve dedicated and invested so much to table. Thank you for stepping up and be accountable. Dan the tooth fairy Marias took some time off to build his practice and has shown us how to be a professional business man, you never too far to be involved or aid us but we did miss you throughout your leave of absence. Frikkie the closing table Schoeman from all your experience in tabling it was a no brainer to have someone like you as a horary member, thank you for all the klip in the bos advice you gave us! To name a few projects will take up more pages but the most memorable one we at RT53 did was our biggest project to date, “Anais” this year and gave out 3 bursaries to kids to study further to the value of R150 000 each, a cheque of R15 000 to Daphne Lee to help the centre. The total project value was R750 000, what a privilege it was to make dreams come true. I feel honoured to have my name forever engraved in the history books of Round Table Stilfontien 53 as a chairman. It was a proud moment for me to receive the gong from Steve and now with days to the end of my spell; to hand it over to my swaar will be another proud moment. Other than my tablers the backbone of my year was Youla my wife and first lady of RT53. Always ready to help plan and assist us as a table be it with projects, events and gala dinners she was always right behind us. Before I hand over I am truly blessed beyond measure to have lead RT53 and to be a part of all the charitable moments that lead to smiles, laughs and tears of joy. YIT Carlos Sousa RT53 Chairman 2019/2020

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Welkom 40

WHO IS? My name is Jurgen Schoeman and I work as a Key Account Sales Manager at Sparta Foods in Welkom. We are a beef abattoir, farming and feedlot concern that focus on supplying both the local and international market. I am originally from Oudtshoorn in the Southern Cape where I attended high school. My parents have a mixed farming concern about 40km outside of Oudtshoorn. I attended the University of Stellenbosch after school where I studied BA Value and Policy studies, majoring in Political Science, Economics and Decision making & Value Studies. After University I lived in Northern Ireland for a year where I did factory work and played a little rugby for fun. In 2010 I moved to the Free State to start working for Sparta as a sales person. I also studied MBA at the University of the Free State from 2012. I joined Table 40 in Welkom in 2011 and have been a Tabler ever since. Since 2014, I have held a few portfolios including Secretary, Community Services and IRO. In 2020 I will be the Chairman of Welkom 40, which is a massive honour to me. Community Services is a part of Table that is closest to my heart, and is something that Welkom 40 has always had at the top of our agenda. Table affords me the opportunity to work with like-minded people and really make an impact and a difference in a struggling community. I am married to Abby Schoeman for the last 20 months and it has been a hell of a ride so far. She has been a pillar of strength and have really made my last few Table years so much better. She is a Ward Councillor as well as a marketing executive and has an amazing passion for people and her community. She is Welkom born and bred and supports 100% what Table does for our Community. She is the one keeping me motivated and on course. She is going to make an amazing Chair Lady in 2020. Table is a springboard and a privilege to be part of. If you put in a positive attitude, good work and a commitment to what is right, Table will be the best journey that have ever been on. We (Abby, myself and the rest of the Table) want to make sure that we can help build on the traditions of Table and leave it better than it was when we started. It is going to be a hell of a ride in 2020! Adopt. Adapt. Improve. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.

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Welwitschia 213 had its AGM on the 31st of January 2020. The AGM was well attended by tablers and 41’ers alike including the Area Chairman Amize Adams. The Chairman of 213 M. Majiedt had gone through the motions and highlighted the achievements of 213 for the year with the Winter Knights distribution in 7 different towns ranging from Rehoboth 80km from Windhoek to Ruacana about 1000km from Windhoek in the north of Namibia. The Chairman also made mention that this was no small feat as Wel213 has been operating with 3 members for the 2019 year. The fact that Wel213 has been suffering in the membership department has not deterred the club from reaching goals set for the 2019. On the IRO/PRO front the club has reached its target of featuring in each and every Inkundla for the 2019 table year. On the financial front Wel213 has distributed all its public funds and has a zero balance on the community funds. The Club administration fund has grown and has a positive balance even though there is still a big amount outstanding on debtors. Wel213 has in the same breath also missed on the some goals set for the year. “The fact that circumstances dictated that attendance at council and area meetings was lacking and raiding was not at its best will not deter Wel213 from setting new goals and achieving them for the 2020 table year.” was the comment by the outgoing chairman of Wel213. Wel213 had elected a new chairman in the form of Amize Adams and Vice Chairman Mark Majiedt. The 2020 table year will be come with many challenges with the decline in membership and difficulty to gain new membership but this is a challenge that the Chairman and Vice is willing to take on and do our best to improve. Wel213 has 2 pipeliners Chesley Saal and Romeo Arendse who in turn has also commented on the fact that the negatives should not be ignored but that the positives should be furthered. It is the clubs priority to gain member for the year and ensure the continued existence of Wel213.

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