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-To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional and business occupations;

-To emphasise the fact that one’s calling offers an excellent medium of service to the community; -To cultivate the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions; -To recognize the worthiness of all legitimate occupations and to dignify each his own by precept and example; -To foster responsible citizenship and loyalty to their Country;

-To further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships; -To further these objects by discussions and other activities PagePagePagePagePage-

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Dihlabeng Challenge Trail run Mannekamp Cornelis Burger 41er President 2019/2020 Induction dinner Boikanyo Bug Boikanyo Bug Boikanyo Bug Donations to SPCA Saying goodbye to a Leader Dancing like no one is looking Donation to SPCA In fond memory of Ettienne Grobler Chaimans Report Steak Braai Back to School Tabler of the year AGM Ensuring that the hinges never rust Annual Kegel Social Wie is Stephan Community Chest Race Day Business Meeting Mass Inductiom Dinner Kids Holiday 40th Edition Chairmans Report

Table greetings to all the Tablers, Ladies and friends across the world! What a start to 2020 – Induction Dinners, AGMs, Conferences! Sometimes you see so many new faces that you are convinced it has been ages since we all got together! Of the 14 Areas, Namibia was the last to visit during my term of office. This visit is normally timed to coincide with the Fishing Boogie and gives the Vice President and President a chance to catch up with the Namibian Tablers and their lovely wives. Having boarded the plane in Johannesburg with 12 other Tablers, we flew into Windhoek on the Monday afternoon. Met by the Windhoek guys, we were taken to Philip Barnard’s house for a little catch-up before splitting up to our various home-hosts for the night. The next morning, we all gathered under the Brak Bridge, before driving the long road down to the coast. What a great road-trip – thank goodness for photos… From Swakopmund we travelled towards Henties Bay, and then a further 40km to Mile 72. This is a holiday resort about 72 miles from Swakopmund, hence the name. Our chalets slept 4 guys each, and despite the lack of electricity or cellphone signal, was comfortable and perfectly suited to our needs. A campfire, makeshift kitchen and army tent rounded off the amenities. For those attending their first Fishing Boogie, there are a few things to remember. You will have a haircut, bring a pillow, don’t pack a tuxedo, get used to early mornings and late evenings, take liver tablets and most importantly, become a YES man. If someone offers you something to eat or drink, accept it. If there is a lift going to some remote part of the beach, jump in. One other important part of the activities at Fishing Boogie is the Spykerblok. Essentially a large wooden log, which you take turns to hammer a six-inch nail into. Sounds easy, but as the game progresses, there are complicated and dastardly rules devised which certainly make for great entertainment. And the drink of choice – Oude Meister Ginger or Peppermint Liqueur. The fishing was the best for a number of years, and it was great fun to be on the beach from early morning till late afternoon each day. A gazebo to sit under, a kitchen setup behind to cook delicious meals and the ever-present drinks trailer. The evenings were spent under the stars and around the fire, with great fellowship and friendship. On the Friday morning, we packed up and headed back to Swakopmund for lunch at the famous Brauhaus, with delicious German food and beer. And then on to the AGM Weekend, where we had to learn quickly to speak politely again and act civilized after being in the desert. A great weekend was had by all, and the meeting was constructive and interesting to witness. The friends you meet on the Boogie are friends for life – thank you to each of the guys for the amazing memories and fun. I might never look at Nutela on toast the same way, avoid using a CCTV camera, drive a Land Rover on the beach, buy a Western Province Tabler a smoke bomb or win at Spykerblok or Dice, but I will always laugh when I look back on this amazing Boogie! To the Tablers and Ladies of the Namibian Area – thank you for all the hospitality and friendship – it truly is legendary. And to the Tablers and Ladies of Windhoek 34 – I can only hope that I will one day be able to repay the hospitality! Thank you. As we grind up the gearbox in preparation for ARTSA, I would like to thank each and every Tabler and his wife or partner for their constant hospitality, their friendship, all the arrangements, the gifts, the memories and the laughter. I have truly been blessed this year and humbled by the experience. Yours in Table, Alan



Things have a funny way of escalating at times… little did I know in December 2017, when given the task to distribute some toys donated by a 41er who was emigrating, that I would end up convening a project to build an entire new children’s home! Angels C&YCC is one of the charities in East London being supported by Angel Outreach, our Border Area project (the similar name is purely a coincidence). 11 children and their caregiver were living inside a single RDP house and corrugated iron shack in the back yard. All structures were in dire need of some TLC! The shack doubled as a “school” and sleeping area at night. There were only two small bedrooms in the house – one used by the carers and one by some of the children. There is a small kitchen and tiny bathroom to be shared by everyone. There were no ceilings and the roof leaked. The small plot is quite steep and the foundations were starting to become exposed as rain washes away the soil. Candice Woodbridge, of Angel Outreach, approached me to ask if Round Table would be able to rebuild the shack into something more suitable and safer for the children. My immediate reaction was that it would be an unattainable goal, however I took it back to the Table and we made it work! A detailed proposal was drawn up, including building plans and we began reaching out to sponsors. Amazingly, we managed to secure funding for the entire project relatively quickly – the only major delay being the municipality who seemed to take an eternity to pass the plans! Dewing Construction was our phenomenal main sponsor, who were an absolute pleasure to work with! In addition, we had many smaller sponsors that donated everything from solar geysers to rainwater tanks (see pic of sponsor board). The approximate value of the total project is R450,000.00 The opening ceremony, on 15 November 2019, was timed to coincide with the ASSCO meeting in East London, allowing us to show the rest of the country what Border Area is made of! It was truly an honor to convene this project and would like to thank my fellow Tablers for their support, particularly Ryan Baisley, Warren Bigara and Plot Roeleveld. Lance Weyer Project Convener



We started the year off with a bang by getting together for our monthly fellowship. It was Johan Bruwers’ turn to pass the table and he decided it was his brother-in-laws turn for an unexpected visit. So on the 23rd of January we all moved to Spudds house and surprised the guy. He is always up for a braai so he was not disappointed.Tablers that attended: Christo Tolmay, Johan Bruwer, Regardt Van Der Merwe, Leo Vermaak ,Daneel Meiring, Sarel Pienaar, Francois Calitz, Ryno Lombard, Friend of table: Gunther Matzke, Pipeliners: Francois Nel, Jaques Mclachlan A very good evening. Yours in Table Ryno Lombard



Baby with Half a heart A normal family from Bethlehem were trying to raise funds for their unborn Son who has been diagnosed with HLHS (Hypo plastic Left Heart Syndrome) medical term for only having the right chambers developed within your heart. Hoping to raise funds in assistance to the medical bill, Round Table Bethlehem 60 together with OFM Wings of Change and Free State Round Table Area decided to talk to the mother on OFM Radio to help them raise funds for the medical expenses. Jordania Primary School also joined in and help with a project where they raised funds, and a lot of people donated money for this great cause. Between Free State Area, OFM Wings of Change, Jordania Primary School and Round Table 60 Bethlehem we managed to raise R31 000 to help with the medical expenses. Baby Decklin was born on the 9th of October and was schedule to have an open-heart surgery, he fought like a Lion. You’re one of Heaven’s angels now, a perfect little star and when you shine the world can see how beautiful you are. May you fly with magic wings on clouds so soft and white, may your heart be joyful, and your days be bathed in light, and though our hearts are broken, and your life was far too short. We thank you for the happiness you bought, you taught us all a lesson that life is to short to be ignored. You got a whole community involved and for that I salute you little man. RIP the Baby with a Heart bigger than most. #alloutcompassion #totalroundtable Yours in Table Jaco Cilliers

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Standing on the beach at the starting line waiting for buzzer to go off. The realization that many months of training and 5 warm-up triathlons have all come to this. Ironman 70.3 2020 The day was not about the Ironman 70.3 – we were also doing it to support charity through ironman 4 the Kids. 8 individual athletes and 3 team took part this year. None of us knew what a hell of a day was waiting for us. Running into 14 degree cold water was the first shock we got. After the first buoy, the choppy sea started making your swim more difficult in cold water. Eventually the 1.9km swim was over and then the brutal fight with the wind while cycling on the N2 began. It did not matter if you were on your way to berlin or on your way back - the wind found a way to be a nasty headwind. Just as you thought you were home, the N.E.X. decided to give you one last leg draining hill. The 90km cycle felt like 180km at the end of it! Once off the bike you realized how hard you had to cycle in the wind, as your legs felt wobbly all the way down to collect you run bag. Once on the run you had a feeling that the wind was going to be on your side. Hahaha! That was not to be! It pounded you the whole way while running, then on the esplanade you were sand blasted just to add some additional misery. After 21km you saw the red carpet and were so happy it was all over some more that others! A big thanks must go out to our Round Table Supporter Team! You guys were awesome to see on the road. Your shouts of encouragement were what kept us going. All 8 individual athletes finished and 2 of the 3 teams that took part this year finished. Team Round Tabler EL came second. One of our individuals landed up in hospitals for a week. He may need to train a bit harder for next year. Our Charity this year was African Angles School out near Chintsa. This is a private school that does wonderful work for it kids and community. We raised R59,294.50 through the registration process and R25,051.00 from the online donation “Back a Hero” portal, giving us a grand total of R84,345.50. Ironman 4 the Kids has graciously agreed to round up our donation to the school to make a total donation of R100,000.00. I, Terry-Andre Eleftheriou, as convenor of this year’s event, would like to thank Round Table, the athletes, the supporters and most especially the sponsors for their generous donations. It would never have been possible without you! I hope that we will make this an annual event, partnered with the very successful Ironman 4 the Kids Charity Trust. Man Hours Training - Hour/Day/Week/Months On the day 1) Quinta Carr 2) Samantha Eleftheriou 3) Yvette Louw 4) Ryan Baisley 5) Terry-Andre’ Eleftheriou 6) Jethro Penny 7) Toby Nzuza 8) Ruan Jordaan 9) Team Id10ts 11) Team Round Tablers EL 10) Team Avonlea Total Man hour on the day News Paper articles Social Media Post

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During our December 2019 meeting it was brought to our attention that a local farmer who regularly supports us was putting together a drought assistance load for a friend of his in the Northern Cape. Knowing what devastating effects the drought has on both the farm and the farmer, and to acknowledge the support we unwaveringly receive from the local farmer, we decided to contribute towards the load being sent. When participating in projects like these one is always amazed by the compassion shown by the donors who themselves might not have much to spare but are willing to share; and the gratefulness expressed by the recipients for the hope given to them. 8|Page


This is a project that has been around in Pretoria for more than 10 years. The Blue Bulls Rugby Union gives Round Table Pretoria 20 complimentary tickets for each Home game during the Super Rugby and Currie Cup Season. The 5 clubs in Pretoria then utilizes these tickets to take a beneficiary of their choice to Loftus for a game. 19 decided to take the Kids from ”Hasie in die Holte” Pre School in Danville Pretoria to the Match against the Auckland Blues. Although the rugby result thanks to a Blind and Bias referee did not go the way that the kids and the author would have wanted it to go…….it was still a great day filled with loads of fun, laughter and copious amounts of sweets, cold drinks and Ice cream. The children that we took must be said, are some of the best behaved that I have ever seen. The 3 ladies running the school must get a special thanks for the sterling work that they do with these kids. Most of these children come from homes where the parents are struggling to Make Ends Meet, and where social injustices are the order of the day. Where a broken home, substance abuse and going to bed with an empty stomach is the norm instead of the exception. It is for the above reasons that 19 decided to select these kids to be spoilt. I would like to believe that 19 gave these kids the opportunity for those few hours to be carefree and to do what kids of their age should be doing. It also gave the 19 tablers an opportunity to reflect and to see that handing over a cheque is not always the only thing we can and should be doing. We as tablers should sometimes get out of our comfort zones and engage with our beneficiaries, to spend time on a personal level with the people you are helping. This in my my mind is what #alloutcompassion is all about. We have the means to help people feel that they are important and that their dignity can be restored by one small act of kindness. This is in my opinion as important as bragging about how much money we paid over to this and that beneficiary. I would like to thank AJ Brits our pipeliner who worked very hard on the day, and who showed off his “Vrot eier” skills. Johnny Goosen who as always is willing to help with any project and then our wives who packed the “Goody Bags” for making this project a huge success. Thank You for giving up your family time to make little Boy or Girl smile for a few hours. Stiaan Maasz RT Pretoria 19 IRO/PRO



We as Welkom 40 is pretty sure that if the Inkundla publish another article on Welkom 40’s ‘Broodjie Projek’ someone is going to the toasted. However the project broke new grounds in 2019 by feeding almost 17 times more people than it did in its first year as a pilot project. When Riaan Marais and Igor Scheurkogel launched the project in 2018 it was providing the community with about 40 loves per week which totaled to about 1500 loaves for 2018/2019. The people who benefitted were mainly your piece job workers and schools with sandwich programs. In 2019/2020 this project exploded more than 17 times more than 2018/2019. This was with the help of Hennie and Eddie Breytenbach which helped negotiate with Albany Bread Virginia to provide bread to two old age homes and one primary school on a daily basis and our weekly bread. The total amount of bread disbursed for 2019/2020 was 12 826 which has the value of R166 738. This project is an ideal example how Round Table can team-up with big corporates to help them meet their corporate social investments goals by starting sustainable projects with the world’s premier organization. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #ForeverRoundTable #gooimielies.

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Bethlehem 60 het soos altyd plan gemaak om ons vriende van Ficksburg te gaan ondersteun met hulle Melodrama .Die tafelaar wat dit bygewoon het was Rudi en sy vrou Nadia, Marten en Janel en Jaco en sy vrou Coleen. Soos ouder gewoonte moes ons eers stop in Fouriesburg om te kyk of alles nog reg en om vir Oom Jack hallo te gaan sê. ‘n Aand van great fellowship saam ons mede tafelaar en ja van ons het ook besluit om deel te wees van die show, jammer Ficksburg, gelukkig ken julle ons al. Great memories is gemaak en followship het tot in die oggend ure geduur, soos net tafelaars dit kan doen. Baie geluk Ficksburg met ‘n great show. #alloutfellowship #totalroundtable #alloutcompassion #gooimielies Yours in Table Marten Du Plessis

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Kirkwood 78 is nie bang om hard te werk om geld in te samel nie, dis wat ons doen. So is ons ook nie skaam om finansiĂŤle hulp te gee aan die wat dit regtig nodig het nie, dis die rede vir ons bestaan. Ons het te hore gekom van klein Michelle wat aan gebreke lei en het toe na verdere ondersoek besef dat gehoorstukke vir haar die meeste gaan beteken. Voor enige gehoorstukke gekoop kon word moes die dokters eers toets of gehoorstukke haar sal help en dan natuurlik watter tipe gehoorstukke dit sal wees. Dit was ‘n koste van R5500. Na aanleiding van die toetse is daar op die tipe gehoorstukke besluit en die volle koste van R38500 is deur Kirkwood 78 gedek. Ons is trots op elke bietjie goed wat ons kan doen. Op die aangehegte foto is van ons tafelaars saammet Liezel Schoeman, Michelle se ma. Joune in tafel Ryno Lombard

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Round Table Pretoria 136 Chairman’s Report 2019 2019 started with the unknown, what would lie ahead? There was one purpose and one purpose only…charity. The chance to help those in need, the chance to fill empty stomachs, to provide warmth during those cold winter nights and to make a difference in the lives of those living in difficult circumstances. The year starts off and you have no idea of what the outcome of the charity projects will be but with the help of all the Pretoria Tables, Bushveld Area, ARTSA and even our International Tablers. It’s a battle that is not fought alone but rather together and we are most definitely stronger together.

Extension & Membership 136 is positive in members, however everyone is aware of the fact that we will lose quite a few people in the next couple of years. With that being said we have seen guests with extremely good potential throughout the year. Our inviters must just make sure that these guest become members. The members that we had the privilege of sharing 136 with this year were an asset and have great potential whether it’s within the organisation or in their own capacity. A special thank you to the pipeliners for stepping up and for always being willing to help.


136 had a breakthrough this year as it was the first time ever that we have audited financials. I really believe this is a positive not only for Bushveld area but for all the tables. 136 financials are always in a positive and I want to thank all the members for their contributions towards managing our charity funds. Regalia This is always the throw away child, it’s in general seen as the easy position. But regalia is a big responsibility in managing 136 assets. It’s got more to it than just issuing pins, banners and ensuring that regalia is at an event. I would like to thank the Regalia officer for putting procedures in place for the issuing and controlling of the regalia and I hope this will become the norm.


This is probably the most important and valuable position. It is the face of who we are, what we are doing and what we are capable of. I want to thank the IRO/PRO for not only taking over the responsibility half way through the year but for the continuous way that 136 has been marketed locally, nationally and internationally.

136 Projects

Our “feel good” projects that we do annually: The Remembrance Day, Weskoppies Dance, R2 project and Tries for Charity are the projects that won’t be seen on the front page of the newspaper and are not money spinners but they are the passion projects that come from the heart and are purely to serve the community. With projects like these that we do so often, you need to keep up with the times and become creative in bettering them….well this year we even had a pipeliner that attempted an “underwater” R2 project unfortunately it wasn’t a great success but it did create good fellowship. Moving on to our more serious projects, ie the projects that 136 are known for. I want to start with the newest addition, the Six-a-Side Cricket Day. This is a fun-filled day for the whole family. Whether you are part of a team playing on the pitch, a supporter on the side-line or a kid playing in the cricket nets or playing on the water slide…you are guaranteed to have a good time. With that being said playing against people who are differently abled is heart wrenching and an eye opener. To see those men playing their hearts out and giving it their all will leave you with tears in your eyes. This project was held to raise funds and to assist the Differently Abled Club. Next is our most famous and our “bulloop” project, Dinner in the Dark. This project doesn’t come without its challenges. However, this year it had a different twist to it by moving away from the formal setup to a more informal vibe which in my opinion was a wonderful and welcomed change. Not only did the patrons enjoy their meals with glasses symbolising the various eye conditions but this year patrons took part in a chipping competition wearing the same glasses to raise extra funds. Lastly the Tiqwa school. Selling part of the property is still in the process. New development this year is assisting the school to generate an income through either profit sharing or rental income by the development of hydroponic greenhouses/tunnels. 136 will also be creating a “Back a Buddy” page in order to assist with immediate cash flow problems.

Pretoria Collective and Bushveld Area

136 was approached by the organisers of the Protea Festival for assistance in running the bar and food stalls. This was a significant job due to the numbers needed. 136 approached the Pretoria Tables that all jumped in an assisted. This is a great achievement for 136 in taking on such a big responsibility. This year 136 had the privilege to host the Bushveld Wintercon. This was a well organised and fantastic event with pre-event fellowship and outstanding teamwork during the weekend. Great venue, great meeting, incredible food and an all-round wonderful conference that 136 can be proud off hosting. Other Area events that were well supported by 136 were the Induction Dinner, AGM and BMG.


We took on Winter Knights – a heartfelt and an eye opener project were during the handing out of food and blankets you experience the truly horrific conditions that people live in every single day. 136 was well represented at ARTSA this year and shared in the honourable moment of two 136 members being selected for the National Council. International Four Tablers and three spouses made the journey to the numbers meeting in Sweden. Not only is this important for fellowship an d bonding with fellow Tablers but during this meeting 136 raised 1000 Euros and 1000 Pounds for charity. Attending a numbers meeting should be on every Tablers bucket list because not only do you share the same passion for charity but you meet friends that become family.


There have been various remarks from our peers that 136 has had a slow year in raising funds, however if you look at the amount of events we held and the difference we made in our community I feel that 136 has done an amazing job this year. It’s not always about quantity but rather quality, it’s the heart and passion that 136 has to make a change, small or big which sets us apart. Yours in Table Johnny Swanepoel Round Table Pretoria 136 Chairman 2019

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Round Table is about many things for different tablers, one common belief is our undeniable ability to welcome old friends for the first time. Boksburg 17 recently shared this experience as we welcomed to our Business Meeting our old friend Arthur from Round Table Netherlands 86. Many of us got to know Arthur prior to the business meeting, as he landed in South Africa he reached out to our National IRO and within a short time met up with our Gauteng Area Chairman, Leigh Michael. Not only did we get to share our time with Arthur on a social aspect, we got to share the way we conduct our business meetings, organize events and brainstorm for the future of our Table. We like to think that every table interaction has the power to encourage tablers to attend more, be more and achieve more. We were also lucky enough to have our Area Chairman not only in attendance but sitting in as our most respectable Sergeant for the evening, needless to say everyone held decorum of the highest standard. We would like to thank our guests for joining us and we wish Arthur all the best for the future and his table career. Round Table Boksburg 17 meet every second Tuesday at our clubhouse.

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2020 marks the 10th year anniversary when then Welkom 40 and Goldfields 204 joint clubhouse burnt down on 27 June 2010. The fire started by a field fire that jumped the wall of the clubhouse and the roof caught fire due it being a thatch. In that fire both tables lost more than 40 years for memories, regalia and most important a place where friends meet. As sad as it may be remembering that terrible night Welkom 40 and Goldfields 204 rebuild their clubhouse and is currently the home of Welkom 40 after Goldfields 204 was declared dormant. However it is not always the place that make table great but the people you have fellowship with. The new clubhouse might still be a teenager but the memories that tablers have created and is still creating might soon over take those of the old clubhouse. Welkom 40 is busy rescaping the garden and renovating the clubhouse to be one of the top event venues in town. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #ForeverRoundTable #gooimielies. 15 | P a g e


We had our annual Charity Golf Day at St Francis Bay Golf Club, a big thank you to the Manager Justin Roux for all the effort you have done for us, also to our kind sponsors which made the day possible for us. Thank you to the following, Drommedaris, Build it, ULTIMATE PAINTS, Nedbank Humansdorp, @Supa Quick Humansdorp, Sebastians Butchery, Grand Liquors, Jaco Zietsman, Hennie Vermaak, Wayne Stevenson, EE Sea Carwash Jeffreysbay, Shanti Shine Humansdorp, Cavcon Manufacturing, Spar DC, Humansdorp Koรถperasie. We really appreciate your support and It was truly a successful day! A special shout out to PE West 142 for their support. It was great to have you guys there

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Round Table Harrismith 140 was die besteming. 5 tafelaars Jaco, Rudi, Gwyn, Werner en Johan van Bethlehem 60 (Jammer 4, een het te lekker rugby gekyk die oggend) was oppad vir ‘n Mass Raid #alloutfellowship #gooimielies die rede, want ons kan! Soos ons almal weet raak dalende lede getalle ons almal en moet ons met nuwe idees kom om nuwe lede betrokke te kry, well done aan Harrismith met hierdie great idee van julle. Dit was ‘n aand van great fellowship saam mede tafelaar en 41’ ers #alloutfellowship #totalroundtable #alloutcompassion #gooimielies Yours in Table Jaco Cilliers

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The drive to Swakopmund was long but so satisfying with rain hitting the road from Okahanja to just outside Karibib. It was a great site to see the Okahanja river flowing and even better to see the river at Usakos flow as this is like a once in a lifetime experience. Arriving at the Moonlight Resort just a few clicks outside of Swakopmund an old Rossing Mine Camp revamped to a resort. It was great to see the gents and quickly being able to identify the SA tablers visiting us you just had to look for the shaved heads. The Friday night was supposed to be a quite one but heyyy…quite is overrated. Swakopmund 145 who hosted the AGM did a great job on the location but I’m sure most will agree who attended the bar was way to slow…they were warned but obviously didn’t heed the warning. We did the smart thing and ordered 3 rounds of refreshments at a time. Wel213 was in full force with our meagre 2 members and we had our pipeliner with Chesley who quickly realised he’s not in Kansas anymore. It was great fun to have a chat with all in sunder especially the RTSA Pres Alan and looking like a “stout seun” or “convict” depending on how the light shone on the shaved head VP and President elect Christo. Marinus is always a blast and it was great to see Godfather in his element. What was surprising was that the fishing Boogie gents where quite ok after a week at WHK34 boogie and impressively they actually caught some fish… We ended up at our rooms quite late me and Werner Swanepoel sharing room and believing we would be getting some shuteye….but that didn’t happen…if we got 2 hours in its too much…but we were up and busy tailed for the AGM… The AGM started on time cause the SGT’s for the meeting where not to be messed with. Mr. Tait stated early on “ek is a man va n tyd so moet dit ni mors ni”. The latecomers and those wasting time soon found out its best to keep to the time with a shot of “unleaded” and a “Mopani Worm” marinating in it. The meeting went smoothly and I applaud the Area Council for ensuring all the reports are in and on time. This made the meeting run like clockwork and spent little time on matters we already know and more time on those that need attention. Mr. Vodocom – Werner Swanepoel had prolonged the meeting a bit with a late addition to the agenda the 3 year plan presentation but none of us complained as it was a great presentation and we are keen on implementing it. All though we didn’t make our time and went over for about 30min it’s still an achievement to finish at 13h30 with no stone left unturned. The Area trophies where awarded as follows : Attendance Trophy – Welwitschia 213 - Mark Majiedt Extensions Trophy - Windhoek 34 - Robert Reid Inkundla Trophy - Welwitschia 213 - Mark Majiedt V.A.R.K. Trophy - Walvis Bay 36 - Steven Peak Slapgat Trophy - Swakopmund 145 - Hanro Du Plessies Project of the Year - Hochland 154 - Stefan Du Raan – Medic Rush Tabler of the Year - Hochland 154 - Basson van Rooyen. Congrats to all the trophy winners it’s just reward for your efforts. The Namibia Area Chairman was announced as Loubser “Kudu” Rousseau congrats buddy and all the best I know you will do us proud. After a small hiccup that caused a spoiled vote and a new vote had to be taken to decide the Area Vice Chairman for 2020 it was announced that Jens van Vuuren was the 2020 Area Vice Chairman of Namibia Area. Congrats to both candidates for running and this proves that the area is healthy. The Area Chairman announced his council as Follows : Area Chairman - Loubser Rousseau –WHK34 Area Vice Chairman – Jens van Vuuren – WB36 Area Secretary - Ian Pienaar - WHK34 Area treasurer - Ernst Grothkopf - WHK34 Area Constitutional Advisor – Amize Adams – WEL213 Area IRO/PRO - Amize Adams – WEL213. All the best to the council for 2020 may it be a good year. The down time was announced but we didn’t have much off it with the ladies returning way after the meeting was done. I can only say that they must have enjoyed it as there were smiling faces all around. The evening kicked off with a Nautical theme and some some looked like real sailors but the best for me was having the Sea King “Poseidon” and “Psamathe” goddess of sand beaches. Fellowship was at the order of the remainder of the night with the Boat races taking place as the last official acts. Congrats to WHK34 for taking the Mens Team trophy, Swakopmund 145 for the men’s individual although they came second to Horst, WB36 for taking the ladies individual and Joppie of WB36 for participating in all of the races. The night went on with laughter and fun great fellowship and Mark and Chesley has the last man standing at the bar even after the bar was closed… Thank you to Swakopmund 145 and their Legs for making it an Awesome and unforgettable Area. Thanks to all the SA gents and Press and VP for joining us…See you at ARTSA… A.Adams Round Table Welwitschia 213 IRO PRO 2019-2020 Secretary 2019-2020 Treasurer 2019-2020

Namibia AGM 18 | P a g e


Saterdag 8 Februarie 2020 was dit Prieska 161 se algemene jaar vergadering gehou in 161 se klubhuis. Dit was weereens 'n baie goeie jaar vir Prieska 161. Ons het 7 projekte vir die jaar gehad en die ondersteuning van die gemeenskap was baie goed. Prieska 161 het gedurende die jaar meer as R100 000 geskenk aan behoeftiges regoor die land. Die nuwe bestuur vir 2020/2021 is ook aangekondig op die vergadering. Jaco Burger is ingelyf as voorsitter van Prieska 161, onder voorsitter is Hechter Sandenbergh, Adriaan Wessels is die nuwe sekretaris want na 10jaar is Egbert van Rensburg nou moeg vir dit. Attie Naude is in beheer van finansies, Wimpie Grobler sal die IRO/PRO dienste oorvat en Kerneels Greyling is in beheer van ons klubhuis en Fourie "Dan" Kraphol is die social convenor. Ons sien uit vir die jaar wat voorle saam met hierdie groep. Saterdagaand was die "Induction Dinner" gehou in GWK se raadsaal. Almal was mooi toegedraai veral die dames van Prieska 161. Die aand se verrigtinge het begin en Attie Naude was die serominie meester. Na afloop van die toesprake was dit tyd om Prieska se nuwe voorsitter formeel intehuldig en Jaco van Zyl het die gong oorhandig aan Jaco Burger. Jaco het sy bestuur aangekondig en ook sy planne vir die jaar wat voorlĂŞ. Baie sterkte Jaco en Yolandie, die hele span van Prieska 161 staan agter jou. Die volgende punt was nogal 'n hartseer storie, Prieska 161 staan hierdie jaar 2 lede af aan die ouetehuis, Tjop de Vries en Jaco van Zyl het hulle verval datum bereik en is nou volwaardige 41'ers. Tjop en Jaco, dankie vir alles wat julle vir Tafel beteken het oor die jare. Prieska 161 gaan julle mis. Ons moes ook vir Christo de Witt en sy gesin groet, Christo het 'n werk aanvaar in Limpopo en hulle verhuis einde Februarie. Christo die tyd wat jy by Prieska 161 was het jy berge versit, nie net was jy 'n uistekende tafelaar nie maar nog 'n beter vriend vir ons almal. Alle sterkte vir julle. Die aand se verrigtinge was verby en daar was gekuier tot laat.

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Swakopmund 145 145145 On the 23rd January 2020 Round Table Swakopmund 145 had its AGM for 2020 at our clubhouse. The meeting was well attended by tablers and 41’ers alike. Harry Rencs will succeed Hanro Du Plessis as chairman of Swakopmund 145 for the year 2020/21. From the tables side we would like to congratulate Harry on being elected. We are confident in his ability to take charge and lead by example. We look forward to working together as a team and tackle this year head-on. We would also like to congratulate the following members on their respective portfolios. Willie Venter: Vice Chairman & Secretary Hanro Du Plessis: Treasurer Bertus Venter: IRO/PRO & Constitutional Adviser Although we are a small team, we are confident that with teamwork and fellowship we will be able to make a big difference in the community. Unfortunately, we had bid farewell to one of our respected tablers, Stephan Van Der Westhuizen who is becoming a 41’er. Stephan served the table for 9 years; he has served on the club’s counsel as well as the Area’s council on numerous occasions. Even though we are greeting Stephan as a tabler, we know that he will stay part of the family. We look forward to his input as a proud 41’er of Swakopmund 145.

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This is a project close to our hearts each year, where we supply bread each month to them to stay afloat as well as to support where we can with other needs throughout the year. But each year, they host a Christmas Party for over 300 children in poverty, where they give them gifts, have music and games for them, and we donate food hampers for all the children for this day. On the day, Anton Du Preez, our loyal 41’er made all the arrangements with them, and Wayne Stevenson and PJ De Beer supported Anton on this day with the handover. When we arrived, we were welcomed warm heartedly, and the appreciation for this small gesture is just phenomenal and they opened the day with reading Bible to these children, praying and telling them what this day means and what it’s all about. We then helped with the preparation and handed out over 300 hotdogs and sweets for these children, just the look on their faces was so worth it. This is again when you realize why you Table and the massive difference you make in your community. A little goes a long way, and we try to take on more smaller projects to help more in need especially over the holiday season. After the handover, we were hugged and thanked by everyone and left there with a bit of sadness, but also a feeling of “you made a difference” today. Thank you to everyone who helped and changed at least one day in their lives of feeling blessed.

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Keeping control over finances Ensuring adequate financial control is critical for Round Table. We have all heard of horror stories of funds going missing or being spent without prior authorisation. In order to limit the financial risks facing Round Table, good financial controls must be put in place and followed. Financial controls play an important role in ensuring the accuracy of reporting, eliminating fraud and protecting the financial resources. These control procedures reduce process variation, leading to more predictable outcomes in the financial process. Before any controls can be introduced, a suitable control environment must be created: - A treasurer who understands finances and who can simplify and explain treasury functions are critical to this environment; - An attitude of transparency must be present to ensure that all relevant information is being shared with members on a regular; and - Members must take personal responsibility to understand the financial information being presented. Preventive controls are designed to keep errors and irregularities from occurring in the first place. Detective controls are designed to detect errors or irregularities that may have occurred whilst corrective controls are designed to correct errors or irregularities that have been detected. Segregation of duties with regards to the bank function where one person loads a payment and another releases this is a good example of a preventative control. Where cheques are in use, having dual signatories ensures this control. The second person in this process must review this payment to ensure that this is in accordance with the budgeted expenditure and supported by sufficient and adequate supporting documentation. The most important detective controls relate to regular financial reporting where supporting documentation is presented and available for review. Including detailed accounting records as well a bank statement supporting the bank balance assists in this ensuring that any errors are detected. Corrective controls are needed once something has gone wrong in the financial process. Always be open and transparent in what transpired so that all members can pro-actively seek solutions. Never hide this from the members affected as there is a collective responsibility to be taken on financial matters. For any fraud to occur, there must be Motive, Opportunity and Rationalisation. By implementing good financial controls, the opportunity to commit fraud can be eliminated. In Closing: Ensuring adequate financial controls and financial reporting is the collective responsibility of all members, whilst being performed by the treasurer. We must all hold each other accountable and ensure that any funds are handled in an open and transparent manner and never forget that we have been entrusted to work with funds to the benefit of our members as well as the community.

Graham Cornelissen 22 | P a g e


On Thursday the 4th of April 2019 Tablers from Walvis Bay 36 assisted Tutaleni Pre-Primary School with much needed items for the young ones. Tutaleni Pre-Primary is a small self run school for learners to help them prepare for grade 1. The school is situated in the back of a settlement area with approximately 20 children in attendance. Their wish list this time consisted of writing and colouring pencils and cleaning materials for the ablution facilities. A big thank you to Denu Stationery in Swakopmund and West Auto Electric for the sponsorships received. Round Table 36 appreciates all donations towards the children as they are after all the future of Namibia. Tablers present for hand over: Byron Westerdale, Altus Viljoen (Honorary 41er) and Jens van Vuuren.

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Round Table Welkom 40 had a brilliant 2019/2020 term to bring change in the Goldfields area. They can feel very proud going to ARTSA 2020 with over a half a million of disbursements done over the past year. The pressure is on with the new council to match 2019/2020 achievements. On February 5th, 2020 the new council for Welkom 40 was elected. The council that will take Welkom 40 forwards is Chairperson – Jurgen Schoeman, Vice-Chairperson & PRO - Dr. Igor Scheurkogel, Secretary & IRO – Stephan Theussesin, Treasurer – Kudo van der Westhuizen, Social & Raids – Robby du Plessis, Community Serivces – Eddie & Hennie Breytenbach and Regalia & Equipment – Rubin Proos. A couple of changes were made with council portfolios like bar was combined with clubhouse, projects convener is to be chosen based on project by project and new portfolio was added equipment as Welkom 40 has a lot of event equipment and would like to start renting them out to generate more funds for their clubhous. Welkom 40 has some exciting projects planned for 2020, like Table Brandy, Melodrama and some new innovative project which they will not let the cat out of the bag as of yet to ensure they lead the pack in 2020. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #ForeverRoundTable #gooimielies.

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Johan Bruwer likes to get business done. He organized the fellowship during the week and he also held our January social on the Sunday. It was a lovely day with kids swimming and playing and the men braaiing while the ladies.., well they did their thing. It started at 11:00 and only finished at dark. Tablers that attended: Johan and Vanessa Bruwer, Ryno and Carine Lombard, Sarel and MarĂŠsa Pienaar, Regardt Van der Merwe, Francois and Anel Calitz ,Christo and Adele Tolmay ,41er: Conrad and Liesl Bosman Yours in Table Ryno Lombard

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Bethlehem 60

Dihlabeng Challenge

& Trail Run Bethlehem Round Table 60 held their 3rd Mountain Bike Challenge and Trail run on the 12th October 2019. Friends of Table as well as Students and Casuals (Job Creation) also helped with spraying the routes with roundup, cutting of grass, building bridges and laying out of the trails. Marking of the routes was done by Rudi and myself 2 days prior to the event. Fellow tablers prepared the venue and our table legs did registrations and entriesat Watashi Spur (one of our main sponsors) where we joined them for supper and fellowship on the Friday evening My awesome wife sorted out all the entries till the early hours of Saturday morning. At the break of dawn all theTablers and Table Ladies was busypitching gazebos, setting tables and a jumping castle. The ladies did the late entries and tablers were directing participants. The weather was great and it was a warm sunny day, with everything well organized the 50km MTB challenge started at 08h30 and thereafter the 20km and the 10km Trail run that was followed by the 5km Fun/run walk / Ride for the kids. 130 Athletes were willing to face the Challenge.Sybok was busy recording participants time.Louis Radley and Klopper from Bloem 158 raided and supported us and drove all the way from Bloem, they handed out medals to all the finishers and we had some great fellowship. There was a new climb on the 50km MTB route called “Wollies Neverender” and was rated as a serious climb by the cyclists. We also sold Tshirts and handed out Castle free to all the finishers. At 13h00 all participants were accounted for and back at the venue.Gwyn did the sweeping of the route and Yvette took some beautiful pictures that was shared on our facebook page. Jaco (our safety officer), Louis and Eddie was sweeping the route and supporting the athletes in the field. Spannie was in charge of the Fun Run walk without any problems.We did the prize giving and also handed over a cheque of R 5000 to Salileni who helped with a waterpoint on the day. We cleaned the Venue Packed up and celebrated a successful 3rd MTB and Trail Run challenge with a cold one. Our Sponsors were Watashi Spur (Pylon, cash and Prizes), Sensako (Cash), Mont ‘d Or, 325 @ Clarens and Black Mountain Estate (Weekend away for winners), Coastal Hire (cleaning equipment), Ultra Liquors, Cycle World,Maluti Cycling Club (Cash sponsor for cleaning MTB routes) PropertyCoZa (Waterpoint),Sign Studio (printing) and Dihlabeng Municipality who granted us access to use Wolhuterskop Nature Reserve.EmerGmed (medics).

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On the 1st February 2020 Round Table Swakopmund 145 had its first project meeting for 2020, better known as the “mannekamp”. The meeting was well attended by our tablers, as well as proposed guests and 41’ers. Our Chairman, Mr. Harry Rencs used the opportunity to set out the tables’ motto for the year – “Visibility”. As he explained, we need to become more visible in the community and get our name out there. During the meeting the Sergeant, Mr. Hanro Du Plessis kept the men on their toes ensuring a very productive meeting. All members and guests were encouraged to give project ideas and give a short motivation on why their project should be considered as one of Swakopmund 145’s main projects. In the end it was decided to let everyone go home and give a bit of thought to each individual project and reconvene at the next business meeting (only a week away) to determine what projects will be picked. I think I speak for all if I say the evening was thoroughly enjoyed and spirits are running high in anticipation for the year ahead. Thank you to everyone that was there and for all’s valuable input.

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A message from 41er President 2019/2020 Dear Fellow 41’ers, Tablers and Friends,

Cornelis Burger

The New Year has been in full swing now for almost two months and the Council has also been busy and getting stuck in. The Executive Council of the 41’er Association spend the weekend of the 7th- 9th of February in Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape for our 2nd Exec meeting. The weekend was filled by a short workshop on the Friday afternoon while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, basically discussing issues that have come up over the last few months since we were inducted. The Friday evening was in the form of a social at the Kenton Round Table Clubhouse, where we joined the current and incoming Round Table Southern Africa Executive Council, along with their partners and some of the members of RT Kenton 210. Lovely fellowship was enjoyed along with an excellently braai-ed Steak by the locals. Saturday it was obviously down to business and we attended the 4th Executive meeting of the RTSA Council. The main discussion point relating to us has always obviously been our involvement of the Association with Round Table in general, where we fit in and trying to define our purpose. The relaunch of Middleburg 126 Round Table was brought up and what an intricate part the Coalfields 41’ers played in getting the Table back on its feet, assisting with the run of their first project and just getting the general support they needed to get the Club re-established in the community. This is exactly what we talk about when we say the Association holds its members responsible and accountable for the wellbeing and the continuance of Round Table. But the responsibility works both ways: it’s up to the current Tablers to make sure they keep in touch with their 41’ers, make them still feel part of the fun, ask for their assistance with projects and use the wealth of experience that you have at your disposal, it really is worth it. This brings me to another issue that has reared its head over the last few years: some may have noticed it but simply ignores it as it doesn’t concern them. The issue I’m referring to - and it is induction season so it may be a good time to think about it - is the title “Honorary Member”. Now when I joined Table in the previous decade, the term Honorary Member or Membership was something we held in very high regard. It was the HIGHEST honour a Table could give a member that they felt deserved to carry that title. Someone who really gave his all and made a difference in his career or the time he has been at that Club. Recently however it’s become, and this is my opinion so you are welcome to disagree, but it’s almost as if it’s more of a tool to keep the guy that can run the projects the best, around for longer. Are we really doing ourselves any favours, instead of learning from them so by the time they have to leave and become active 41’ers, we know what we are doing and can run that Winter Knights or the golf day or any other project. You can go around the country and listen to the number of “Honourees” that are in their second or even third years as exactly that, an Honorary. Gentlemen are we not diluting the institution of that title on an individual that so rightly deserves it, are we really honouring that Tabler for his work, or are we actually just abusing them for their skill and gentle nature… Food for thought, so I sincerely hope, when you are at your Table’s AGM this year and you have to vote on the matter, think carefully about that title and ask yourself if this is the way you would have wanted to be honoured. We still have a lot of work left for the last Half of our Year in the hot-seat, so from us to all of you, good luck with the induction season, to the new incumbents: I wish you all the best for the year. May you be successful in all your activities in making this a better place for those that can’t help themselves. “May the hinges of friendship never rust, nor the chains of fellowship that binds us ever break…” YIFO, Cornelis Burger 41’ers Association Southern Africa President 2019/20

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Well, well, well! Bushveld Induction Dinner 2020 done and dusted but not forgotten. Now proud to proclaim that I’m a proud Pretoria 136 Tabler in best young men’s organisation one could have asked to become a part off. It was such a honour and goose-bump moment that I will cherish it for ever. I left my heart on the table with our annual 136 AGM at the end of 2019 about how much RT has meant to me and how much I have learned and grown as a person. Coming from a small town and moving to the big city life was quite something to adapt to, but ever since I joined Table, I found my feet and cannot thank each and every one of you enough. So back to the Induction Dinner, there was a point during the night where it felt like an emotional Catch 22 situation. Here I am, a newly inducted Tabler , experiencing a high on what Table is all about and receiving the best welcome ever…but also having to said goodbye to some of the most influential Tablers within our Area and RTSA, leaving some majorly big shoes to be filled. It was such a wonderful experience having been able to celebrate that moment with those individuals. What a night is was welcoming the new leaders of the respective Bushveld Tables and thanking the ones stepping down. I saw the passion in each and every body there that night, and what stood out to me personally was all the Tablers-ofthe-Year awards. Special mention to Pretoria 136 Tabler-of-the-Year, Antonie Smit, walking away as our very own welldeserved 136 winner!! All the best to our new 136 Chairman, Tiaan Schoeman ,who I know will carry this Table to new heights. In closing I want to leave you with this quote of Ronald Reagan which fairly represents what Table also means to me: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.” I repeat: You are now an official fellow Tabler! YIT Garth Roeloffze

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Finding Ways To Keep Children Alive It is estimated that in third world settings, 1 per 100 children will be born with defective hearts. Most of these will go undiagnosed and untreated until it is too late. In the entire African continent, there are only four dedicated health facilities geared to provide the surgical treatment and care for children with treatable Congenital Heart Disease. Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a problem of the heart’s structure and function present at birth, affecting the heart and is a common cause of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality among young children and adolescents living in Africa. CHDs rob thousands of children around the world from living fulfilled and long lives, especially in Africa where the burden of CHD in children is heavily under-estimated. The majority of congenital cardiac lesions can be easily corrected with suitable medical and surgical facilities but limited access to surgical facilities compounded by low capacity and resources in African public health settings, means long waiting lists with little prospect of the child receiving the treatment in time. Instead, children living with cardiac lesions in many parts of Africa die in their early teens from the long-term effects of CHD. The Boikanyo Foundation (NPO 2006/037038/08) aims to address the waiting list for underprivileged African children who require open heart surgery. In collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital and participating surgical staff, the Boikanyo Foundation funds the surgical consumables required to perform the children’s surgeries. Founded by Round Table Golden East 181 in 2006, The Boikanyo Foundation formed a partnership with the then Johannesburg Hospital. Funding was provided when available. By early 2019, 81 surgeries had been made possible with support from The Boikanyo Foundation. In 2017, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital was officially opened as a state-of-the-art specialist paediatric hospital located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The hospital was built with funds raised by the late President, Nelson Mandela. Although the facility is located within South Africa, its mission is to provide family and child centred care to the entire Southern Africa region. The Boikanyo Foundation partnered with the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in 2018 as a means to reach a wider community of children. By early 2019 the new partnership was providing treatment to more children, at a faster pace than ever before. It became clear that Round Table Golden East 181 needed to rapidly devise a fund raising project to keep up with the demand. On the 28th of February 2019, during our new chairman’s induction dinner, we devised an audacious plan: “How about drive a 1972 VW beetle from Cape Town South Africa all the way to Brasov, Romania to the RTI world meeting?” On the 1st of March 2019 at 1am, the team at Golden East 181 had agreed that within 4 months we would re-build a classic VW Beetle, promote the project globally, prepare travel logistics and fund raise to be able to set off on the 18th of July 2019 from the Nelson Mandela children’s hospital to arrive in Brasnov before the closing ceremony of the Round Table International World Meeting, on 24 August 2019. Following a donation of a 1972 beetle by Mr Alex Staniland, a former GE181 member, and 41’er, a project team was convened under current Golden East 181 member Mr Gareth Coats. The teams first task: Find a viable path to traverse Africa in the Beetle, finding as many Round Table’s along the way as possible. Concurrently to the project’s initial studies, Golden East 181 received abother donation from another past member and 41’er, Mr Jonathan Cornes. This donation came in the form of rebuilding and modifying the car, and meant that the Golden East 181 project team could focus the following 4 months on project planning, logistics coordinating, media and social media campaigning, financial preparations to prepare a route and a fund-raising agenda for the journey of the1972 VW beetle, now dubbed The Boikanyo Bug.

30 | P a g e


Success is 80% preparation v

The project required collaboration between more than 80 individuals, just to meet the first deadline: Have the car ready for its first major test: Driving from Cape Town to Johannesburg. This leg of the overall journey was a crucial phase for the project as a whole, testing not only the car but the project team’s logistics preparedness, media readiness, and ability to rapidly problem solve. And the test could not have gone better. That is to say, everything that could go wrong, did. The lessons we learned over that 4day test period were invaluable and necessitated our team to rework almost every facet of the project plan. We also gleaned amazing insight into the capabilities of each team member, and it steeled our resolve to the extent that we adjusted our overall goal of raising R1 Million, to instead aim to raise R5 Million. On the 18th of July, Mr Leigh Michael and Mr Alex Staniland departed the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, steering the Boikanyo Bug for an epic journey of Tabling. The official launch was broadcast live on radio in South Africa, and was attended by the Minister of Health of South Africa, Dr Zweli Mkhize, who had a lot of fun sitting in The Boikanyo Bug with local celebrities, and participating in a Pin Swap. After a successful trip exceeding 13,000km, travelling through 17 countries over 2 continents, we managed to raise in excess of R2,5 Million for The Boikanyo Foundation. This amount equates to 67 surgeries. Potentially 67 children’s lives saved. The preparations by the project team, and the unwavering support and commitment of our fellow Round Tablers along the way, ensured a nearly perfectly executed project from start to finish. There are a few minor hiccoughs such as mounting civil war concerns in Ethiopia and Sudan, and over-zealous local traffic authorities in most places, as well a main donor failing to honour their support at a crucial moment in the journey that lead to sudden and expensive route changes to be made. Instead of driving through to Egypt to ferry across to Turkey, a late minute decision was made to fly the bug out of Kenya and land it in Brussels. Although this was a major departure from the initial route, our Table friends along the way made sure we met our goal perfectly. Showing Round Table’s Heart of Gold The second of the 3 main objectives of this project was to participate in meaningful international tabling that would set a standard so high, it inspires young men globally to join Round Table. To achieve this, the project team undertook to not only visit Round Tables along the route, but to engage with popular media via mass media and digital channels. In South Africa, The Boikanyo Bug and project team were hosted at 5 public events to promote Round Table and the project. These included the Association of Round Table Southern Africa AGM, 2 craft food and drinks fairs, a car show and a Beetle, Beer and Burger event for the Boikanyo Bug specifically. Over the duration of the project, the Golden East 181 project team was home hosted in 13 countries resulting in strengthened relations with over 50 Round Tables internationally. In Malawi, a twinning agreement was developed with Round Table Lilongwe 32, and Golden East proposed and was accepted to join the 18 numbers tour going forward from 2020. The project also received acclaim and financial support from other community organisations such as Rotary clubs in South Africa, and was invited to speak at multiple events from small local community talks, to speaking at international medical conferences in which we promoted the Round Table Association and secured support and funding from over 100 private businesses and benefactors from 17 countries. Through our media relations efforts and social media, the team was able to promote Round Table and the Boikanyo Foundation on over 30 mass media television and radio broadcasts and print and digital publications in all African Countries visited, and in at least 2 European states, with an estimated combined audience reach of more than 10 million citizens along the route.

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A Lasting Legacy The third objective of the Boikanyo Bug project was to encourage Round Tables in Africa to work with their local governments and other agencies to replicate The Boikanyo Foundation in their countries. Our hope for these local foundations is that they fund raise to cover travel expenses for children from other African communities to travel to South Africa to access funded surgeries at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. While travelling through each African country on the planned route, the team was able to present this idea to all tables they visited, with each table agreeing in principle, to investigate viable mechanisms to achieve this. This will remain a focus of the Golden East twinning agreements in Africa, as they develop. At the end of the project, the Boikanyo Bug was auctioned off at the Gala dinner of the World Meeting, and was bought by two Tablers from Norway who took possession immediately after the event. It is the wish of Round Table Golden East 181 that the Boikanyo Bug remains a tool for change and upliftment, and we hope we might see the Bug arriving at the World Meeting in India. A Tabler is Nothing Without Family The Boikanyo Bug and the project team were very often in the lime-light, but we must pay our respects for the sacrifices that were made behind the scenes. Preparing for, and running this project, required buy-in and effort from so many more people. We have our wives and significant partners to thank for enabling us to work on this project for literally thousands of hours. Late nights running into early mornings, sometimes not coming home until the sun had risen. Spending personal finances without the promise of recovering one cent, or forfeiting spending time with our children to make sure the project will succeed. And also so many benefactors who donated their expertise and time, including mechanics, media relations experts, social media and design experts, 41’ers and anonymous donors. To everyone, we say Thank You. The Project in Numbers Total man hours: 3000 plus hours. Newspaper articles : 15 in 2 continents Radio and television broadcasts: 21 Estimated reach: 10 million Social media posts 571 Total surgeries made possible 67. Total funds raised = R2 564 254.81 Total cost of project = R459 129,81 Total donation to Boikanyo foundation = R2 105 115 Awards won – Best Round Table club in the world Nominated for project of the war.

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When the 2019 festive season started approaching we decided that our less fortunate furry friends also deserved some support. SPCA Assisi serves our area and we donated 250kgs of dog food to them to assist them in their endeavours.We can all strive towards supporting the SPCA simply by being responsible pet owners.

33 | P a g e


Welkom 40 Say goodbye to a Leader Welkom 40 will be saying to a LEDGEND, Riaan Marais aka ‘I’m my Own Hero’ at ARTSA 2020 when he will join the 41ers club. Riaan was born and raised in Odendaalsrus in the Free State. He has two beautiful daughters which I love spending time with them and wins the DAD OF THE YEAR every month, luckily for him his kids are growing and all the spoils are showing on his stomach. He has been tabling since April 2014 as a tabler in Goldfields 204 and served as PRO, ViceChairperson and the outgoing Chairperson of Welkom 40. Riaan had a very successful year where Welkom 40 raised and disbursed more than a half a million to the Goldfields Community in 2019/2020 For Riaan the most amazing thing about Round Table is to see the passion, energy and commitment that arises when all the Tablers comes together and do a project to help a family in need and he will defiantly be missed in Welkom 40. However knowing Marais we will never have to utter the words: “Where is Marais?” rather we will respond “Nee, Riaan ek moet nou huis toe gaan.” #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.

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Weskoppies dance definitely one of the highlighted events on the calendar for Pretoria 136. It all started in 1985 when Rudi Ketsing started the Project and decades later it is still going strong! On the 12th Of February 2020 when we as a Table and families got together to start with the build up to the one event which is the highlighted event on the calendar for 2020 the Weskoppies Dance. Brothers getting their hands dirty and decorating cupcakes for the patients of Weskoppies and adding the 136 “je ne sais quoi� to the mix. As this evening prevailed and all left one could say we are ready for you Weskkopies Dance we are coming with a bang. The day of 13 February arrived, and all was ready the music the atmosphere all was needed the patients of Weskoppies. As they entered the Hall DJ Snoopy (Antonie Smit) started with a ripper and immediately the crowd was captured in the music and the dance offs between them started everyone looking to show off their skills. As the night progressed prizes was handed out for the best dancers. At one point even all of 136 including guest and better halfs jumped in and danced with the patients which gave you the sense that no matter the circumstances no matter the background it better to give back than to take. After all formalities we handed out the cupcakes with some crisps and cooldrink and then it really hits you to see the appreciation on these patients faces for so little. A big thank you to the Rudi Ketsing and the Tablers before us who laid the foundation who started to make the difference and for us to keep on building and giving back to the community. Thank you to each Tabler and their families who always are willing to sacrifice the time to insure that a little bit of warm heart-ness goes a long way. Yours In Table Blikkies Jacobs Pretoria 136

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Geoff and myself “Jonathan” are still pipe-liners for Golden East 181 the best Club in the world, As our 1st go at a mini project was to collect 300Kg of animal food for the SPCA, we decide that on my son’s 5Th Birthday Party we going to ask Friends and Family to bring a bag of Cat or Dog food for the SPCA, It was very short notice but on the day we collected 90KG of food, we then approached a corporate company to see if they were willing to go get us to the 300Kg target, which they did, This was a very short project but we hit our target, The Benoni SPCA was very applicative for the denotation. With the information we gathered from this we decided to expand the project to make it more worthwhile. My late Dad was a Tabler for many years and then became a 41er, growing up as tabler’s kid; I learnt that there are a lot of disadvantaged children and people in this world, and the small things go a very long way. The foundation of this came from my late mother who always bought dog food for the SPCA instead of gifts for the family, she always said the animals need food more than you need chocolates, The idea is to get all tabler’s to send out a plea every time they host an event to collect non-perishable animal Food for the SPCA, and then will coincide with one of GE181 other projects “Kids Holiday” that when we host the children we will schedule a morning with the SPCA and let the children give the food to them in turn teaching the children about animal care and animal cruelty. I really hope we can grow this to great heights.

Dog & Cat Food Donation for the 36 | P a g e


On 11 January 2020, we lost a legend. Etienne Grobler suddenly passed away and to say that his passing shook our little band of brothers, but also the community in which he lived, to the core is an understatement. He leaves behind his wife Christa and two loving daughters Karlien and Joane. We ask that you keep them in your thoughts as they will be facing many challenges and much hardship. I write this with a ton of fond memories of one of the more legendary Tablers which Vryheid 129 has ever had the privilege of calling its member. I met Etienne when I was first introduced to Table. I was a 24-year-old, nervous as most guests are and very unsure of how this table thing would work. He made that first meeting an absolute blast and it is probably due to this that I decided to attend the next meeting. A social meeting just wasn’t the same with out Etienne telling a joke under general, and he had even the most serious of us in stitches on more than one occasion! I got to spend the rest of his Table career with him and the memories made in this time will last a lifetime. He was inducted in 2008 and was instrumental in getting Vryheid 129 from 2 members (him included) to the much stronger numbers which it eventually achieved. He was Chairman twice, secretary once (he didn’t like this portfolio) and probably the best clubhouse manager we have ever had! Axed in 2018 after a long table career he took a bit more of a backseat and got a well-deserved rest! Thinking back to all these memories takes time and trying to group them in some kind of order is almost impossible. But I would like to share a few with you, the many lessons I learnt from these memories may become clear as you read them. We did not always agree on everything, but then again isn’t that what friends do? Help each other to improve by voicing our opinions of each other? The first area conference which I attended was held at Thangami, and this is probably where I was first exposed to Etienne’s ability to entertain a crowd! He held court in the pool, the mud pools, on the back of Landcruiser’s and obviously around the bar. He would always have a group of people around him, entertaining them with stories or jokes. It was definitely the place to be if you wanted a good laugh and if you were looking for that yellow jersey then you had better be prepared to spend a lot of time with him as he normally ended up getting that award. He was always happy when he could entertain and laugh, and he didn’t need too much to do so. He appreciated the small things in life and appreciated what he had been given, no matter how small that thing may have been. Another memorable Area Conference was when he drove us all the way to Matatielle for the Area AGM where I would be inducted as Area Chairman, him making that effort meant the world to me. Etienne, being Etienne made full use of a weekend and partied just as hard as he worked. He drove us all the way there, towing a trailer and entertained everyone in the car. On the Saturday evening, after an induction dinner a small group of us were partying into the night when we decided that it would be an excellent idea to turn Brett’s chopper around, aiming to give it a 180degree swing and make his take off a little harder. One problem though, we were going to need Etienne’s strength to help here! We would never be able to do this on our own. So, we went in search of him, to find him sleeping in his bakkies canopy. We woke him up, told him about our plan, and he very wisely told us “julle is besig om kak te maak, gaan slaap”. A very un-Etienne like thing to say. It did teach me that what seems like a good idea at the time is not always a good idea. Decide whether this idea doesn’t form part of the “kak aanjaag” category first. We did try, but we didn’t move the chopper an inch… We spent time together at ARTSA 2012, he was the heart and soul of the Hard-core hut, and I think he only slept again when he got home. Always go flat-out, don’t worry too much about things which you can’t change and enjoy every moment of any new experience. Over the years we did an enormous amount of raiding together, and I quickly realized that Etienne was a bit of a legend amongst Drak tablers. Many an AGM was made much more bearable by his telling jokes and entertaining everyone in attendance. We drove down to the NSCA to fetch Barry the Baboon, one of my fondest memories, and I will never forget the look on the Toll-Booth operators face when he saw that we had a Baboon in the back seat! Needless to say, we had a good laugh about that all the way back to Vryheid. Another memorable raid was to Estcourt 74s AGM, we had not intended to sleep there but the sergeant fines got to us and Stefan graciously offered to let us stay over. Unfortunately for Lyzandra, we all agreed that shooting fireworks at about 1o-cock in the morning was a spectacular idea. Stefan, Etienne and I stood on the deck, firing one firework after the other…until Lyzandra came out and very calmly enquired as to what the F#*k we were doing. We all rushed off to bed after that! We raided Hilton 242 one evening, originally planning to drive back to Vryheid that evening, but a last-minute change of plans meant that we would stay over in Ladysmith with my brother, which would get us halfway home at least! Getting into Ladysmith, Karl couldn’t get into his house due to a key issue and after much gesukkel and a few laughs we ended up sleeping in the car, parked outside the Wimpy. Etienne, never one to be phased by something as trivial as this, kept everyone’s spirits up with his positive vibe. All the way back to Vryheid, hungover and tired, he kept us entertained. He then went and put in a full day at work, which most of the rest of us didn’t manage to do. There are many other raids, too many to mention many of them when he accompanied me on official raids. Keeping me awake and entertained on the many kilometers, especially over AGM season. The song, “Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band” became an anthem and a rule was made that no raid would begin without listening to this song first. It has alway s been a favorite but will have a much deeper meaning now. He was selected to go to Sweden as part of the exchange agreement, and we managed to assist in getting his wife Christa to be able to accompany him. I am grateful that they got this opportunity, the memories which they made in that trip and the impact which he had on the Swedish tablers is amazing. On most of my international trips some or other Swede would ask me whether I knew Etienne…just goes to show how big the impact was that he made on them. On his return, he was asked to tell us about his trip, he answered with one word: “mouth blowing” hahaha, English was not his strongest point but needless to say that word has become part of the vocabulary of most of us! Etienne spent many many hours around a braai. He really liked to braai. I mean really liked it. The number of “Boom braais” which we had, the many occasions where he kept us entertained around a fire. The snoek brought along from Yzerfontein especially for his friends. The Sundowners on the farm. And the many late nights spent listening to music, watching him dance in a way that only Etienne could. These are small memories which will last forever. He hosted international tablers, he hosted local tablers. His home was your home, and he would ensure that you left with a good babalaas the next day! We greet a legend, with very sore hearts, we bid you farewell. Your brothers will be there for Christa, Karlien as well as Joane! Your memory will live on and I am sure that we will spend many moments reminiscing about you! Signing out for the last time, Etienne BEE DD Zet In-Da-House Whatsup Grobler…

37 | P a g e


In many aspects the tabling year of 2019, was focused on fellowship, tabling and re-building relationships and the spirit within Windhoek 34. Taking over as Chairman of Windhoek 34 at our last AGM, I knew it would not be an easy task. Appointing my Council, I immediately looked at experience for guidance during my year. Appointing a council that consisted of past Windhoek 34 Chairman, was difficult initially, many grumpy at first, but once they gave thought to the appointment, all members of my council were happy to help. As each portfolio comes with allot of work that most times goes unnoticed, I cannot continue without firstly thanking my Council, Werner Vice/Extension Officer, Loubser my Secretary, Christoff Money Bags my Treasurer, Ian who took allot of flack during the year my IRO/PRO and Frikkie my Constitutional Advisor. Gentleman thank you for all your contributions and efforts and for making my year much easier. I will run through the year quickly as per our activities: February – We hosted another successful fishing boogie, hosting both the ARTSA president and the Incoming ARTSA president. March – We hosted our annual induction dinner, I also attended all the induction dinners of the other tables. April – We had our Fun – Day which was attended by some of our 41ers.We also had 4 members of Whk 34 attend ARTSA. May- We took the Mearua Kids Home Children to Rock Lodge June- Area project Winterknights collections, counting and distributions started. A project which was convenened by one of our Tablers, Loubser, a job well done. We also had the pleasure of the 41ers joining our business meeting and closing the bar at about 3 in the morning. July – Winterknights Distributions and the Beautiful Kids Soup Kitchen August – Charity Shoot-Out September – We changed the Area constitution and drafted some motions. October – We won all the trophies at the Area, and I took a personal like to the town of UIS. November – Was ladies month with Black Bra December – We all took a break and enjoyed our annual Xmas Party at West Nest Lodge. Attendance stats indicate that we had an overall attendance of 79% percent for the year. Two tabler’s resigned, Johan Steenkamp and Theo Wormsbeacher, but during the year we inducted a new tabler PJ Badenhorst. Windhoek 34 also has four eager guests, who have attended meetings and projects during the course of the year. With all tables the financials could always look better. I am pleased to report that at the close of our financial year end that no table debtors were outstanding. Gentleman thank you for your contributions and for making the treasurer’s job a little easier. To the incoming Chairman and his council GODSPEED for the year ahead. To all tablers and wives who supported me through my year as Chairman, I cannot thank you enough. Any strength of any organisation can only be measure by the contributions of its members; I am pleased to report that Windhoek 34 is in a healthy state.

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Every year Kirkwood 78 holds their annual steakevening. It is a wellknown and renowned evening, not missed by anyone that has ever attended such an evening. Kirkwood 78 is known for their excellent braaiers. Christo and Adele Tolmay, Sarel and Maresa Pienaar and Regardt Van der Merwe convened this evening. We sold 175 tickets so we knew it would be a busy night. Braaiers were set, tables were made up, chips were being fried, DJ’s did their thing. Not even to mention how busy it was at the bar. We are a good team and before we knew it everything was done and we could join the party. We only had positive feedback from the people that attended. A big thank you to our conveners and everyone that contributed to make this a successful evening. All tablers attended.

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Walvis Bay 36


2 School

Tutaleni Pri-Primary School is a small pre-primary school in the heart of Tutaleni, Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. In very modest informal settings, one teacher gets the young ready for grade one. On the 7th of February 2020 Rt 36 assisted with much needed stationery for the year ahead. A massive thank you to Jens Unterlecher, 41er from Hochland 154 who is still involved, as well as Denu Distributers for the donation to the value of about N$ 2500.00. It is truly a privilege to assist the future young learners. In attendance for the hand over was Steven Peake, Jens van Vuuren and guest Joppie Kotze. 40 | P a g e



Tabler of the Year is an award that all tablers that love serving their community strive to receive at the end of the year when table celebrate the year that passed. The 2019/2020 book year for Welkom 40 was as expected a buildup on the previous year by reaching higher goals and changing more lives. The Tabler of the Year award was shared by Jurgen Schoeman and Igor Scheurkogel. Jurgen had to put on multiple hats this year as vice-chairperson to ensure that Welkom 40’s objective to better their community stays on track. Igor’s commitment to Welkom 40 and involvement with all projects is a true inspiration to ARTSA. Outgoing chairperson and next-to-be 41er Riaan Marais donated a floating trophy “Riaan Marais – Tafelaar van die Jaar – Wissel Trofee” to Welkom 40 to start a new tradition of floating trophies to add to the fellowship and rich culture of Round Table Welkom 40.

#Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #ForeverRoundTable #gooimielies.

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We recently had our Club AGM where our council was voted in for the 2020/2021 year. Ockie Goosen was voted in to take the lead in his final pre 41 Table Year. We welcomed Chris Ovens as a new member to our club and we wish him all the best with his Round Table career.

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It was a rainy weekend in Kenton-on-Sea where the second board meeting of the 41’ers Association of Southern Africa was hosted by Round Table President, Alan Malan, and his Table from 7 – 9 February 2020. All six board members of the 41’ers attended this important weekend which started with some fellowship with the RTSA Exec, the incoming RTSA Exec and local Tablers. With the Alex Kenton 210 clubhouse right on the beach, it was the perfect setting to start the meeting – but Mother Nature had other ideas when she decided that the drought-stricken Eastern Cape needed some rain, so nobody complained. On Saturday morning, the rain started falling just as the old farts were getting ready to attend the start of the RTSA Exec meeting. So, with umbrella in hand, we made our way to the Alex Kenton clubhouse where the meeting took place. After some coffee and sandwiches the RTSA Exec meeting started and the 41er board attended the first hour or so, before we moved back to our very comfortable house where we started our second meeting for the year. Here we were joined by 41’er District Chairman for the Eastern Cape, Eugene Catherine and Fabrizio Altichiero, former RTSA president who is also a 41’er. Some hard decisions were made (check the minutes in due course) which we believe will help the Association to increase its paying membership and take it forward. On Saturday evening we were treated with dinner next to the river where we experienced a wonderful sunset and some more great fellowship with the Tablers. It was quite a ride to the spot next to the river, which some 41’ers enjoyed much less than others (insert smiley face here), but it was worth the while. After dinner at the river, some 41’er board members joined the RTSA Exec at their pad for a night cap. There it was quite evident that the 41’ers still have the upper hand when it comes to stamina. On Sunday after an early start (for some) and late start for others, everyone went their separate ways and returned home. The 41’er board sincerely thanks RTSA President Alan and his Table for welcoming us so warmly and treating us to a brilliant weekend of fellowship. Captions Foto1: The National Board Members of the 41’ers Association of Southern Africa are from the left Suren Packery (secretary and stores), Ben Burger (VP Elect), Corné Burger (President), Peter Harding (IPP and IRO), Raymond Kruger (Treasurer and webmaster) and Nico McNamara (VP). Foto3: 41’er President Corné Burger (centre) thanks the RTSA President Alan Malan (far left) for hosting the 41’ers at his Exec meeting. Foto4: From the left are Nico McNamara (VP), Fabrizio Altichiero (41’er and former RTSA President), Corné Burger (President), Eugene Catherine (Eastern Cape DC) and Ben Burger (VP Elect). Fabrizio and Eugene joined the board members at their second board meeting.

By Ben Burger, 41er VP Elect

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On the 7th of February 2020 RT36 held the annual Kegel Social for 2020 with Tablers, wives and guests attending in full force. The aim: To dethrone the champion Kegeler Steven Peake. Everyone arrived at about 18h30 at Atlantis sports club. As usual, Jens van Vuuren started the fire (1bag at a time) to create some ambiance for the evening. Everyone had great catch up session since this was our first get together for the year. Some refreshments were ordered and we started off with a few practise rounds to get into rhythm. Rules where quite easy - the most points scored on either left or right lane was declared the winner. We all had a blast! I think the kids enjoyed it the most. Once the tournament was over, we played a round of Tablers and wives vs 41ers and wives. With fierce competition we ended up with a one -one draw. Our newest member Martin Degele dethroned Steven with a score of 37 to 36. Better luck next time Steven. In attendance: Tablers: Steven Peake, Martin Degele, Leigh Westerdale, Byron Westerdale, Jens van Vuuren, Pipeliners: Eugene Wolff Guests: Joppie Kotze and the wife Melissa Kotze Wives: Amalia Boshoff, Stefanie Degele, Nicole Westerdale, Natasja van Vuuren Kids: Sebastian van Vuuren, Rowan van Vuuren, Danika Kotze, Lily Degele. 14ers: Richard v/d Meer, Altus Viljoen, Werner Bachmann 41er Wives: Dina v/d Meer, Dorothy Bachmann

44 | P a g e


Vertel ons bietjie meer van jouself? Verkoops bestuurder by Diplomat Distributers. Ek woon al in Welkom vir 15 jaar en hou van visvang en goeie tye saam my vriende. My pa was ook n tafelaar in Tugela 202 in die 80s. Vertel ons bietjie meer van jou tyd as ‘n tafelaar? Agt jaar al by tafel. Stephan het eers by Goldfields 204 aangesluit en later toe oor na Welkom 40. Was al onder voorsitter, projecs convener en is nou seketaris. Buiten al die portefuljes wat hy al op tafel bekleed het is hy ook die onoffisiële ‘Party-ofABOSULUTE-Chaos’ convenor. Wat maak tafel vir jou spesiaal? Sal altyd onthou die goeie broederbond tussen tafelaars en wat ons kan bydrae tot die gemeenskap. Ek weet dar ‘n vriend net ‘n oproep of ‘n shooter weg is. Die lewe is te kort om ‘n toeskouer te wees, wees ‘n deelnemer dit is so veel meer pret. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.

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As it has now become an annual event for PE West 142 – not hosting/organizing, but supporting, the 2019 Community Race Day was again 1st onto our calendar for the year. Once again, the event was hosted by Community Chest, raising funds for all the wonderful work they put into the community, and again it was held at the pristine Fairview Racecourse in Port Elizabeth. Every year for the last 5 years PE West 142 purchases a table, thereby also sponsoring one of the 9 races on the day, showing our support to Community Chest. For us as tablers, it is a chance to social, network with other companies, and also put on our best for this formal afternoon…. And don’t forget the betting, mostly relying on tips from strangers – Unfortunately, for PE West 142 this is a tablers only day, with the ladies from 2019 getting to attend their own event hosted by Community Chest. From the Wednesday the Whatsapp group was buzzing with excitement, with Uber arrangements being made, finalizing numbers, sharing betting tips and negotiating with the table treasurer for social budget. Finally, after two nights of restless sleep, the morning arrived – It’s Friday, and its Race Day. Suites already set out the night before, table formal shirts ironed, and “pocket-money” hidden in the inside pocket of the jacket. Heading from all directions in PE, the PE West tablers all meet at Fairview – Starting with a round of drinks and doing the customary calculations of the shortest routes to the betting stations and bathrooms. Socialising, networking and fun is the order of the day, with most tablers losing money by the end of the day. As PE West 142 is regarded as sponsor of one of the races, it always become another negotiation to decide which tabler will have the “honour” of doing the live television interview after the race. JP stuck his hand up, and we were all delighted that he chose to speak English rather than his usual Swahili. JP did a great job with the interview giving some background on what table is about, and why we are supporting Community Chest. At the end of the day, the ties came off, but the thirst remained. This year, everyone managed to avoid the auction after the event, and it was clear that all tablers had an awesome day, and already looking forward to the 2020 Race Day.

46 | P a g e


Wel213 attended the last business meeting of Windhoek 34 on the 2nd of December 2019. The meeting was more relaxed but still the chairman handled the business with the correct amount of urgency. Chairman Robert Reid had appointed Frikkie Engels as the SGT for the night and he ensured that the meeting went down without a hitch. The chairman ensured that all members and guest participated in the meeting with his holiday season themed meeting. After each topic on the Agenda a cracker was opened and the joke inside was read. The crackers where of the highest quality but the jokes not so much…lol…ask Ernst he can explain best. The Windhoek 34 gents had a great year and Wel213 had raided and attended most of their meetings for the 2019 table year. It has been insightful as always and I feel the relationship has just grown stronger. The 34 gents had already plotted a course for the 2020 year with Vice Chairman Werner Wormsbacher taken the helm and Ernst Grothkopf raising his hand for 2020 vice chairman. The loss of 3 members to 41’ership will be felt but I see a great 2020 for the 34 gents and the WHK34. I wish you guys all the best for the holiday season and prosperity for the approaching 2020 table year, work hard and play just as hard. To the gents embarking on a new path Christoff , Frikkie and Phillip there’s still a few months left so enjoy it and I’m sure you guys won’t become strangers.

47 | P a g e


On the 15th of February 2020 Round Table South Cape Area collective hosted a mass induction to celebrate the region's incoming and outgoing chairmen. The Ladies Circle South Africa & Garden Route Council, Tablers & 41ers from George 30, Mossel Bay 32, Oudtshoorn 33 & Swellendam 179 as well as their partners attended the auspicious occasion held at the George MOTH hall. The Round Table South Cape Area truly enjoyed a night of fellowship and lived out Round Table’s age old cherised traditions. South Cape Area is proud to present the 2020/21 Chairmen: George 30 - Wentzel Stewart Mossel Bay 32 - Robert Liron Oudtshoorn 33 - Mario Marais Swellendam 179 - Billy McKelvin Congratulations gentlemen, we have no doubt that in unity with your members, you'll take your respected tables to new heights and built on the successful efforts of the outgoing councils. Thank you to everyone that stepped out to show their support at the annual event. A special thanks to Ladies Circle South Africa, Desere & Jani for the beautiful decor, to our hosts the MOTHS and to the organizers of this very memorable gathering. Till next time, Adopt, Adapt & Improve.

South Cape Mass Induction

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2019 saw Golden East 181 host our flagship project, Kids Holiday, now in its 40 th year. It was yet another jam-packed week full of life changing moments, excursions, full tummies and new belongings. The 14 boys were hand selected by their respective headmasters and aged between 9 and 13, from Lesabe Primary School and Ekukhanyeni Primary School in nearby Wattville, Benoni. The qualifying and determining factors being that their homework is always done, they are respectful of their elders, never late, always correctly dressed, etc to name just a few and this despite their often-difficult situations like gangs, drugs, absent or non-existent family members and so on. Home for the week was once again the Benoni Girl Guide Hall, a venue really suitable to the needs and requirements of the week. A welcome braai saw that we started the week off on a nice note and the Van Wyk family ensured they left with full tummies and happy hearts. The event took place as usual during the September Government school holidays from 21 to 29 September. The boys in the past have often arrived with very little to their name, some with just the clothing on their back and this year was no different. From Day 1 we could see we had yet another great bunch of boys, with the week ahead sure to be a good one. In terms of activities and excursions, the boys were kept busy every day. There were no fewer than 11 of these. From the mouths of the boys themselves, those most enjoyed were the afternoon at Laser Tag, the Day out on the thrill seeking rides of Gold Reef City, the fast car rides experienced at Track Day and followed by Indoor Go-Karting and of course the Helicopter flip. The other activities and excursions enjoyed and experienced included Acrobranch, Benoni Monkey & Bird Park, Johannesburg Zoo, WiJump, Indoor Sports & Jumping Castles as well as an afternoon out at the Theatre. All of these meant that the boys often built up not only a hunger but a thirst to match and, in this regard, the boys were never left to go hungry or thirsty. They were treated to delicious meals at the likes of Nando’s, Panarotti’s, Spur, RocoMamma’s, Wimpy & John Dory’s. The support of fellow tables needs to be mentioned – Krugersdorp 48 for their donation of bags which were used to hold their amazing farewell gifts. Edenvale 63 for coming back on board with their Night at the Movies which also included McDonalds and coke and popcorn combo’s and lastly Jukskei 217 for putting together a really enjoyable first full day at the Centurion Indoor Action Sports Centre. The support of fellow tables needs to be mentioned – Krugersdorp 48 for their donation of bags which were used to hold their amazing farewell gifts. Edenvale 63 for coming back on board with their Night at the Movies which also included McDonalds and coke and popcorn combo’s and lastly Jukskei 217 for putting together a really enjoyable first full day at the Centurion Indoor Action Sports Centre. But apart from all this we threw in some craft evenings as well, activities that were not only fun but educational and rewarding. Benoni Ladies Circle in formation offered up their time to treat the boys and help them create what was the first of 3 fantastic take home creations – a painted rock photo holder, painted with what you might ask? Well that’s obvious – the rondel of course. Another evening saw the boys involved in a paint night that highlighted many of the boys fantastic but not surprising artistic capabilities and attention to detail, pride in their work, showing just why they were selected in the first place by their headmasters. The last evening activity worth mentioning was that of the Mosaic Class in which the boys made their very own photo frames. It was clear we were sitting in the presence of greatness and the worlds future leaders. All in all it was another great project, one that I loved convening, although stressful at times, it was by far one of the proudest moments of my life. Know that we have all made a positive impact in the lives of these children. To this very day I am still having some of the boys phone and message asking how things are and if we are doing another holiday soon. Well done guys. My thanks to those around this table, the members of Golden East 181, my fellow convenors Leigh and Clyde, other tables within the area, our 41ers, all your wives and girlfriends, etc. Many hands made light work. Its not hard to see why we are the greatest table in the world. It’s just who we are and what we do. Those boys came with hardly anything. We were able to house them, feed them, cloth them, you name it, We did it all and for that we can all be very proud of what we have achieved. They left with like 4 bags each, a number of shirts, shorts, tracksuits, toiletries, toys, the list goes on. I can assure you, it was an experience they will never forget. Total Man Hours was in the vicinity of 600, leading up to, during and after the project. Next year promises to be even better with a tweak here and there. As the saying goes, don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. Buy what I will do is look to adopt, adapt and improve. In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, some of whom are around this table, Leigh and Illanga Signs, my old company ABE Construction Chemicals, Bruno from Malta Round Table, Rynfield Drapers, Government entities like Jhb Zoo and Private ones like Gold Reef City. To local businesses like Benoni Monkey & Bird Park, to Mike & Deb Scrooby for their donations and best lasagne ever. Kayleigh for fulfilling the role of child minder – job well done. Lastly, without a doubt our biggest sponsor Danelle Steyn for all that she gives us each and every year.

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Wel213 Chairman’s Report 2019-2020 Welwitschia 213 had has had a rough year to say the least. We have gone down from 4 members to 2 active members in the 2019-2020 table year. Wel213 looks towards the 2020/2021 table year with a positive outlook having 2 pipeliners and 3 guests. Wel213 has done its best to be visible throughout the year and with one active member Amize Adams still fulfilling his role as Namibia Area Chairman and our 41’ers Wel213 still managed to complete tasks and goals we had set for ourselves in the 2019 table year. Wel213 has had done our best to promote the Winter Knights project of RTSA by having 6 pre winter knights distributions before the 2019 Winter Knights started. This was made possible with the huge food donation obtained by Walvisbay 36 and allowed us as a club to do numerous distributions to promote the upcoming event and also after. The Winter Knights distributions where done and Wel213 utilized all funds before the October Area. Wel213 had done winter knights distributions from Rehoboth in the south to Ruacana in the North for the 2019 year. The North bound Ruacana distribution was our main WK2019 distribution. Welwitschia 213 had distributed on this trip 680 blankets valued at N$ 47593.20 and food to the value of N$ 13773.80 of which we were able to give 50 food parcels to 50 families of at least 4 people apart from the distributions made to the institutions mentioned. Welwitschia 213 had done a total distribution of Winter Knights Funds valued at N$ 61367.00 in the northern regions of Namibia with a total of 166 man hours spent on the distributions driving 1830 km from Windhoek to Ruacana and back visiting 8 places in between. Welwitschia 213 has done this to show that Round Table Namibia Area is just as it reads Namibia Area and we are not confined to where our club houses are situated and its immediate surroundings. The main distribution was supplemented with smaller distribution from Winter Knights was not the only projects that Wel213 took on for the year as we took the time to look at the facilities of the Pioneers Park Senior Citizens Home and it was not to our liking and this become one of our most rewarding projects. Apart from taken the time to fix the taps and ablution facilities of the elderly which was out of order for 8 months the real award was being able to speak to the elderly and seeing the appreciation on their faces…time well spent. Wel213 also took to the street to celebrate the life of the African Icon Mandela on Mandela day allowing us to again see how fortunate we are. These projects where the most significant for Wel213 and looking back at all that has been done with raiding and visiting for the year, projects and socials of our and other clubs and hosting and being hosted with international travel also sneaking in ,it’s difficult to fathom we were only 2 members. Wel213’s projects and ongoing for the year has been well documented with our active IRO PRO Amize Adams writing 47 articles documenting what we’ve done. Taking into account 46 of them where published in the Inkundla for the year it would be reasonable to assume that RTSA and you as the reader know most of what I reported on already. Wel213’ finances are healthy and have spent all distribution funds for the year. It has been a year of compromises and I am thankful for the Namibian Area council and all the clubs in Namibia for showing their support and assistance throughout the year towards Welwitschia. A special thanks to the one other member of Wel213. I would be remiss if I did not thank our 41’ers for their support throughout the year, Rene, Jason, Fabian, Junior, Chris, Gerhard and Ricardo I thank you gents. Mark Majiedt proud Welwitschia 213 Chairman.

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Utilising a budget A budget can be intimidating to understand, but once mastered can be of great benefit to both yourself as well as Round Table. A budget is nothing more than a financial plan for the coming year and is based on the plan to achieve the goals for the Association or Table and is used as a planning tool to assist to determine capitation fees, where resources will be spent and how the association funds will be managed. A budget with no underlying longer-term plan or strategy is just a list of expenses, most likely containing material fruitless expenditure. Drawing up a budget Start by listing all the expenditure required based on the plan for the coming year. This will likely include the following, but could include many more items: Travel expenditure, including registration and accommodation Marketing and branding AGM costs General unplanned expenditure (Do not be excessive, but plan for the unexpected – 5% of total expenditure is a good amount) Other (Limit this in order to have as much detail as possible) The expenditure must be critically assessed to determine if all of the items are needed to achieve the plan as set out. Do not be afraid to revisit the listing of expenditures before settling on a final one. Income can be derived from various sources, but only income that can be reliable earned must be budgeted for. Income includes interest, dividends, levies and finally capitation fees. The capitation fee per member is the remaining expenses divided by the number of members. Before the capitation fee ask: Is this reasonable for an average Tabler? Will this dissuade membership? Is this fair? If not – try and cut some more until its fair Using a budget It is important to track the actual spend compared to the budgeted spend on a quarterly basis to identify any areas where overruns occur so that future spending can be amended. In cases where there are significant unplanned expenses, consider a specific fundraiser to cover these costs or simply do not incur this expense. At the close of the year, reporting should be done on the budget as approved and the actual amounts spent with then how the funds were used to achieve the overall plans and goals over the last year. Any variances should be highlighted and explained to ensure more accurate budgeting in future years. Any unused funds must go into the reserves to be utilised for later years or when there is significant and important unplanned expenditures.

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