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-To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional and business occupations;


Margate 46 – Blood Drive


Ed Hillary – Legend of a Tabler


Algoa 108 - BMG 209


Marget 46 – Fishing Weekend


Queenstown 16 – Helps Learner


Alex/Kenton 210 – Boat Races


Welwitchia 213 & Hochland 145 – Ride for Dantel


Welwitchia 213 & Hochland 145 – Ride for Dantel


Cradock 37 – Hansa PRE Fish


Margate 46 – Oppi KUS Music Fest


Kirkwood 78 – LEGS do their thing


Parys 88 – Merry Christmas


Alex/Kenton 210 – Jacques v Wyk Year in review


Margate 46 – PRO Deo TRIO


Jeffreys Bay/ Humansdorp 252 – Drought Relief Project


RTSA IPP – Sean “Here comes Mongo “ Trautmann

-To emphasise the fact that one’s calling offers an excellent medium of service to the community; -To cultivate the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions; -To recognize the worthiness of all legitimate occupations and to dignify each his own by precept and example; -To foster responsible citizenship and loyalty to their Country; -To further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships; -To further these objectives by meetings, lectures, discussions and other activities



Mr President

Table greetings to all the Tablers, Ladies and friends across the world! On behalf of the Association, I wish you all festive greetings and a prosperous New Year! The Table scene tends to slow down over the festive season, with many Clubs still running Christmas projects and handing out funds to those less privileged. I have followed many of these projects via Social Media and commend you on your efforts! A Facebook phenomenon has been the campaign #I’mStaying, which has many people explaining why they are proud to be South African and will not be relocating abroad. Many have since taken the campaign to another level by generously tipping service providers and waitrons with a 100% tip as recently done by our very own Immediate Past President, Sean Trautmann. Well done! With the majority of my official travels over for my presidential year, I am in the fortunate position to have the opportunity to do some extra travels this year between January and April and look forward to catching up with many Tablers and their families. One of my remaining trips will be the annual Fishing Boogie in Namibia, followed by their AGM in Swakopmund. Gentlemen – for those who have always had this on their bucket list of items to tick off during their Table career, do it! I personally don’t fish at all, but for me it wasn’t about the fishing as much as the fellowship and friendships you make for life during those brief few days together. Definitely worth the trip to see such a beautiful country! As the Annual General Meetings and Induction Dinners start up, I would like to thank each of the Table Chairman and their Executives for their hard work and continued loyalty to the Round Table brand. I would like to think that I know almost every one of you, if not personally then certainly by reputation or name, and hope that you have successfully prepared your incoming Chairman and Exec members for their year ahead. I look forward to the remaining 4 months of my term and hope to see all or most of you on my travels or at ARTSA 2020! Yours in Table, Alan



We had our second successful Pint 4 Pint blood drive as Margate Round Table 46 with the South African Blood Bank at Hibiscus Mall. With the help of our awesome club we arranged the marketing to encourage existing and new donors to donated blood with a great strategy (Pint 4 Pint) donate a pint of blood and receive a pint of beer or cold drink. We helped get 18 pints of blood for the blood bank for those in need. The day was awesome and vibey with our boerewors sales raising around +-1K. Man Hours: 7



When Jane, first asked me to present a short Eulogy of Ed’s time as a Round Tabler, my immediate thought was the challenge that although we were both Impala 157 Tabler’s it was never at the same time! So I had to rely on the failing memories of his fellows 41ers to jot down a few achievements and details for me. Some forgot, some to even respond, other had somewhat sketchy memories. Other forgot what they had for Breakfast! So instead of usual pragmatic, anally accurate detail that would be customary of Ed, I have decided to focus on the legend, of Ed the Tabler! The legend starts with a concerned Bill Hillary leaning, on the founders of the recently chartered Impala 157 back in 1973, armed with a bottle of Johnny Red, to convince them to invite his eldest Ed, to join Round Table! And so it was in early 1974 that Ed, Arthur van der Schyff, George Moyo and Des Voster were inducted as Tablers! Ed, as we later got to know him, gave it is all, by 76 he was a Table Councillor, by 77 the Table Treasurer, and inducted as Table Chairman in 1979. As Clive Baragwaneth would recall, he never missed a Boys weekend, an Area conference, arranged many weekday late night raids to other Tables the area, yet somehow managed to get most of us to work by 7am. The philanthropic Ed, has always involved himself in local fund raising, aiding the needy and his time in Round Table was no different , he produced a number of A la Carte me-lo drama’s, which seemed to be a hidden passion, for he later produced the Pietersburg Passion Play. He played an instrumental role in chartering new Table’s such as Phalaborwa 170 and Loskop 233, Hilton 242, Great North 259, Giyani 260, and Hazyview, to mention a few. In 1981, he represented the then Northern Transvaal Area, as Area Chairman on National Council, and was inducted at his 10th ARTSA as President in 1983, that is the Association of Round Table Southern Africa! While ARTSA President he and Keith Gatrill produced the first Tablers Handbook, dutifully typed by Ed’s PA, Julie Lucas which ironically Adrian and I digitized during our term on National council in 2005. In 1984, he was the ARTSA IRO, followed by the Africa Region Chairman in 1985, representing the region on the Round Table International and WOCO, World Council of Service Clubs Boards. Two near International Incidents occurred to add to the legend during this role, At the 1985, WOCO meeting, which Ed attended in Germany, RTI band South Africa from further participation? A mortified Ed, entered the lift with a German delegation escorting him out, we can only surmise at what transpired in the lift, but by the time the lift doors reopened, Ed re-entered the congress as a German Round Tabler, thus being the only International Tabler to ever be member of two National Organisations simultaneously, that of ARTSA and Round Table Germany. This formed a close bond between the two associations which continues to this very day, by the reciprocal opening of each other’s Annual General Meetings. Later the same year, Ed was invited to open a Congress of the Africa Region in Lubumbashi, Congo. Unfortunately his VISA was declined by the then Congo Authorities, upholding the sanctions ban on South Africans travelling. Yet an Israeli Tabler, Areal Udo had contacts. Ed opened the conference!! Got in and out, Lubumbashi, without Passport or paperwork and 'unseen'. The legend has it that he entered/ exited with the pilots and crew, of the then Israeli Airlines!! I had the honour of Ed accompanying us and sharing a room with him at Univ of the Free State, for ARTSA 2005, one evening, ok early morning just after Ed’s usual rendition “inebriated” version of Jerusalem, I snuck out to bed, leaving the Ed propping up the bar, Amstel in hand. Only to be awoken, an hour or so later, with much verbal abuse aimed at me from the campus street below, Ed calling me, threatening never to allow me to marry his niece, claims of leading him astray, German desertion and letting him get lost in Animal Husbandry and the University pig farm. Much thanks for the speculated dates and details must go to loyal lifetime friend and National Council Secretary for Ed doing his term as ARSTA President, Keith Gatrill. Ed, for your commitment to Round Table, for your continued presence and support of Impala 157 attending each and every AGM since being put out to pasture, we Thank you! Paul Altenroxel – Impala 157 41er



So after having attended the BMG Tri-Area 2019 in the beautiful Bushveld, I was asked by one of my traveling tablers to write a report for our Trunktale magazine……This got me thinking as to how exactly I got roped into attending BMG in the first place? A quick reminder of our earlier Tri-Area travels to KZN for their Winter Conference, got that penny dropping to the sound of a Winning Jackpot at the casino. Six gents standing around the bar counter in KZN, being hoaxed to sit in the corner which I was later told was the conversion seat. It is here tablers are encouraged to stand on the National Council as well as attend BMG, which I clearly obliged to my fellow tablers from the EP Area. Having all said that we were IN for BMG, we travelled the long road home by Car and with this we were all in agreement that we would fly to BMG as 13 hours straight in a vehicle after a great weekend of fellowship was not going to work being so fresh in our memory bank. So on arrival at home from KZN, some of us had some convincing to do with our better halves to be able to attend BMG with us, Johan having had to convince his wife that attending the BMG would be the best way to celebrate their Wedding anniversary and Vanessa would get to fly for hers. Was awesome to have our ladies join us and experience the hospitality first hand. Come Friday morning the 27th of September, the likes of our EP Area Chairman, Marinus the Godfather, his wife Ansie………. Mr. JCB himself, Johan Cheetah Bruwer, Vlooi, Simon, Rene, Wayne and Leza boarded the plane at PE airport destined for BMG 2019. Bhavie ….. It was at this point where I can say you were missed, being the only member of our original tri-area gang not joining us and therefore having us remove the yellow dot of you from our profile pic. Having landed at OR Tambo Airport, we were shuttled to East Rand Toyota where we were to collect our Taxi that our ever trusting Godfather had arranged for us to travel with to the Bushveld, on route stopping off at the Head Quarters of JCB Kemach to collect a larger than life Coolerbox with some welcomed refreshments, suited for Kings & Queens. We made our way towards the Oppiplaas Restaurant where we met fellow tablers for an awesome brunch and a couple of cold one. From here we travelled through the congested streets of Pretoria as the N1 was sadly closed due to a fatal accident, making a pit stop at a charming little Padstal. Not long after this were we through the gates of Jubaweni watching the sun set over the bushveld. On arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the organisers of the BMG, shown to our chalets where we dumped our bags and headed back to the Hard Core Hut for some ALLOUTFELLOWSHIP in our Table shirts. Thanks Johan for making a plan to have Rene and my new area shirts brought through for BMG, it was very much appreciated bud! A fantastic evening was spent around the dinner tables, supporting the bar and getting to show off a couple of our John Travolta moves on the dance floor while the Hard Core Hut DJ smashed out his records of yesteryears. Fortunately Saturday morning did not start off as any other Tri-Area have been too before. I Think this was possibly due to having pulled off more dance moves than MC Hammer the night before, but my guess would be that we had our more sensible wives with us acting as our Beerometer’s. Having been woken up by the chirps of the Bushveld birds, stunning sun rise and smell of the fresh air only available at Jubaweni, we headed down to the hardcore hut for a world class buffet breakfast fit for any tabler. From here we stood proud for our Aims & Objectives followed by an inspirational speech by an “elderly” 41’er giving us some valuable insight into his journey as a tabler. Watching our legs depart for their ladies tour just next door to us, the kegs of Gin & Pink Tonics lined the tables where our hesitant wives would enjoy a morning of creative art lessons. Passing by the stretch tent every now and then while on route to the various area meeting, our ladies creative sides seemed to start flowing, being encouraged by the cold refreshing Gin & Tonics bringing to life the Picasso’s and van Gogh’s. Our gang from the EP area moved freely from one camp to another, where we listened in, created a little stir and enjoy a couple of fines from the ever so willing Sergeant’s. We got to watch a relatively easy Springbok game with a couple of diehard springbok supports / Tablers. From here we caught up with our ladies after their fantastic morning of creating master pieces in the Hard core hut for a couple of refreshments and lunch. Tummy full ……Eyes close they say, so we did exactly that. Heading back to our chalet’s for a little shut eye. Come 4pm we jumped into the Game Viewer fully kitted in our Springbok outfits for the eagerly awaited “Fancy Dress” that evening. What an amazing game drive out in the bushveld, seeing the Giraffe’s and plenty of wild buck all while having the African sun set in the back ground. From here we were dropped off at the Hard Core Hut for an evening of ALLOUTFELLOWSHIP, an amazing dinner and a couple of moves on the dance floor to make sure we did not exceed the baggage weigh in the next morning at the airport. A fantastic weekend was had by myself with my wife, Rene by my side. Her first experience of a Tri-Area and one that she will not forget for sure! An early morning meant an early evening…….. Well, that was the idea for some of us. “US” would not include Mr. Stephenson who took it upon himself to make sure the Hard Core Hut exceeded their projected forecast on Jagermeister! Thus leaving him rather fragile for our two hour bus trip back to the airport. Wayne my friend, you never disappoint, you are a Legend indeed!! Thank you to ALL the organisers of the BMG, the Legs and the Tablers that made this an EPIC weekend for us from the Eastern Cape, this is why we Table. To the EP Gang that encouraged us to join for this trip, Baie Dankie…… definitely one for the memory bank and a possible 41’ers speech come next year. YIT Simon Ward Algoa 108 EP Area #ALLOUTCOMPASSION #ALLOUTFELLOWSHIP #ALLOUTROUNDTABLE



Margate 46 Fishing Weekend It was time for our annual fishing weekend and this year it was held at 41er Hank’s cottage in Port Edward. Just like previous fishing weekends we decided to go away on the weekend just after women’s day to celebrate everything that is manly. No fishing weekend will be the same without good company, drinks, braais, banter around a fire and good fellowship. This weekend was no different. We started the weekend by driving to our said destination. By the time we arrived we had two choices. Either to unpack now or do it latter… We decided to get it over and done with as soon as possible because we knew that arrival aggression is the only way we know how to start the fishing weekend. Hank’s cottage is situated on a bank overlooking the beautiful scenery of the South Coast, on the one side overlooking lush greenery and the other The Pont. We were spoiled with the accommodation with every amenity you can think of and more. Once we unpacked the fun started with everyone grabbing a drink and playing pool with the sun setting in the background. As it got later the guys were laughing at jokes told around the fire pit, fish braaing on an open fire and music in the background. After the hectic year we had with projects, it was just the right place and time to sit back and forget of the hustle and bustle of daily life. The next morning when everyone eventually woke up we contemplated fishing however unanimously we decided to not put in the effort and rather start the day strong with another drink and a good breakfast, some say that it was the best breakfast they ever had. The rest of the day we relaxed and took turns of taking a nap in the hammock. Chinese rules applied the entire weekend, if you move you lose your seat. After having some of the best T-bone steaks, boerewors and pap made by Tian, Henk and Willie we decided to head down to the local pub at The Pont to go and watch the Springbok rugby match. After the game we went back to the cottage where our chairman Etienne ‘Dupie’ Du Plessis decided to unofficially induct our newest Tabler Voda John Hopley with a traditional Margate 46 necklace and a beer to down. The evening continued till early the next morning. The following day we had breakfast, dusted off our fishing rods and started to pack for the shortest drive home after a fishing weekend. This was the first fishing weekend since I had the privilege of being a Margate 46 Tabler that we did not attempt to catch fish or had a maiden walk. However every time spent that weekend was a blast. Someone important once said ‘not sure who it was’… “Good times and crazy friends make the best memories." "I live for the nights I can't remember with the friends I'll never forget”. Gideon Meyer 7|Page


Sihle Mavuso’s case was brought forward to Queenstown Round Table No.16 on the 9th May 2019 by the headmistress of the school Southbourne Primary, situated in Queenstown. Marelise Bekker contacted our welfare officer and gave us insight, as to the troubles one of her learners was experiencing with poor vision. Sihle has been at Southbourne since Grade 0 and has been challenged in many ways with her eyesight which has got progressively worse over the past five years. Sihle is an Albino and their eyesight is always a huge problem especially when it comes to education. Up until now her work has been photo copied onto A3 pages and making special provisions for board work, but has proved to be unsustainable. Ocular albinism is a genetic condition that primarily affects the eyes. This condition reduces the colouring (pigmentation) of the iris, which is the coloured part of the eye, and the retina, which is the lightsensitive tissue at the back of the eye. Pigmentation in the eye is essential for normal vision. Southbourne are so proud of Sihle. She is a well-adjusted, kind, helpful little girl who has never allowed her handicap to stop her ‘smile’ or her incredible tenacity. Sihle had an appointment on the 26th of March 2019 in Cape Town. She met with and was assessed by Dr. Bruno, the Visual Specialist from Sensory Solutions. He demonstrated the various machines that could assist Sihle and recommended the one he thought would best suit her learning needs. This was the Onyx Desk Set HD 22” LCD, This fantastic state of the art machine would be the one to change Sihle’s life and improve her vision and assist her in getting better grades. This, unique visual piece of equipment, came with a large price tag of R 44 000.00 and seem to be out of reach for Sihle family to be able to afford it. Southbourne had been raising funds in order to assist her family in obtaining it. This is when Round Table was approached, during a meeting the welfare officer put it forward for discussion and a vote…needless to say it was a unanimous decision that Queenstown Round Table was touched and humbled by this request and was voted that the full amount be paid in order for Sihle to get the machine that would change her life. Sihle is doing much better at school and her grades have also improved. She has gone from sitting in front of the class to sitting at the back with the assistance of her new learning aid. The story of Sihle was also covered by the Rep newspaper as well as the Daily Dispatch. It is the small things in life that make the big difference, we as Round Table Queenstown No.16 want to wish Sihle everything of the best for her future and we look forward in hearing about her progress as the year go by.



Alex/Kenton 210

Annual University

Boat Races Round Table Alex/Kenton210 and Port Alfred177 collaborated in running the event. Varsity Boat Races, as it is affectionately known, is a very important event on Port Alfred's tourism calendar. Sandy Birch from the tourism office, reached out to Round Table to assist with the festival. This was due to the organisers pulling out of the event 3 weeks before it was set to start. Knowing how important this event is to Port Alfred, we did not hesitate to take the challenge on. The times lines were tight, but we managed to pull off the event.

This was a team effort between Round Table Port Alfred 177 and Round Table Alex/Kenton 210. Due to the short notice in time frame we were not able to secure a liquor licence and had to rearrange the event a little to still make it happen. We also received a lot of support and assistance from the local community which we incredibly thankful for. This was a massive man-hour project with the total hour count in excess of 358hours of work put in to make the project happen. It was n special project to be part of and there were many Round Table Members that went above and beyond to make this event happen and if I could single out two gentlemen two thank in particular it would have to be Frikkie Coetzee and Eugene Catherine. We look forward to the 2020 edition and have a few special things planned for next time. YIT Jacques van Wyk Round Table Alex/Kenton 210 Chairman



Welwitschia 213 came across a very special girl names Dantel Swarts. “Dantel Swart, a miracle to begin with. She was born ultra-premature at 24 weeks, only weighing 850g, on the 14th of November 2012.Against all odds; she grew up into a beautiful energetic little girl. Even when she is sad and does not always feel well, she will have the biggest smile on her face with playful giggles, ready to hand out kisses, hugs and 'I love you's'. “She is our bundle of joy. On the 18th of July 2019, we received the worst news parents could. Our little girl was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma Cancer.” her parents conveyed. It is a rare cancerous tumor that grows in the bone or the soft tissue around the bones, such as the cartilage or the nerves. It usually affects people between the ages of 10 to 20 years and has a high rate of being cured, should it be localized. It is an aggressive tumor and can spread to other bones, lungs, heart, and kidneys. In Dantel's case, it formed on her left lung with a diameter of 7cm pressing against her ribs and heart. With the help of Dr. G Steytler, she started staging her for treatment with bone scans, sonars, MRI's, CT scans, bone marrow extraction, port insertion and finally her first cycle of chemo on the 26th of July. Dantel is fighting cancer in her way and she needs support to help this playful child beat cancer. Wel213 brought this under Hochland 154’s attention because of their direct link to the Cancer Care Namibia Fund. Hochland 154 then got on board with the idea of raising awareness through a group of cyclists who were willing to enter as solo riders in the Desert Dash. Hochland 154 agreed to sponsor Alan Krohne one of the 3 riders to ride for Dantel under the CCNF banner. Wel213 assisted in obtaining sponsors for the all 3 riders. Alan Krohne was sponsored by Hochland 154 and CCNF , Henrico Morgenroth sponsored by Food lovers market Windhoek and Daleen De Villiers Steyn who was sponsored by indiviuals. The riders had jerseys with #Ride For Dantel # Fight Cancer and they as riders sorted out their own support vehicles.

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The riders had started the campaign and as the event neared obtained donations and pledges ranging from individuals and companies. The Nedbank Desert Dash is a well-known cycling competition that sees cyclist ride from Windhoek to Swakopmund over 370km over 24 hours. There are entries for teams of 4 and 3 and 2 cyclists and then also the solo riders who ride the full 370km. Alan and the rest of the riders had started off in Windhoek on the 6th of December at 14h00 with wet weather that Windhoek/ Namibia hasn’t seen in a while. This is a tough race and unfortunately Alan had picked up a bug from the 100km mark and still rode another 50km trying to tough it out but it wasn’t to be and had to bow out of the race as he couldn’t keep anything down. Daleen also had to bow out of the race at the halfway mark. Henrico was able to complete the full race and Alan and Daleen waited for him at the finish line in Swakop and had a rest and drove back in the support vehicle on Sunday. We are proud of the 2 gentlemen and Lady for taking on the challenge and gaining so much support for Dantel Swarts and her condition. These three cyclists had raised N$42000 that went directly into Dantel Swarts fund. This was an amazing project to be part of even if we as Wel213 and Hoch 154 were not part of the fund raising. We would like to thank Alan Krohne, Henrico Morgenroth and Daleen De Villiers Steyn for their commitment and passion to help a young girl and her family overcome some of the hurdles that comes with the illness. Your efforts are appreciated by Round Table and the Swarts Family. We as tablers are grateful to be a part of a project that has shown that Namibian people do care about their neighbors and are willing to open their hearts to a young girl who has in my opinion shown us that no matter what life throws at you, you keep on fighting.

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The Hansa Pre - Fish River Canoe Marathon is normally two weeks before the Canoe Marathon were some paddlers try to improve their time and try to qualify for the big race. Every year we prepare hotdogs for the paddlers at Knutsford and the next day at the Canoe Clubhouse. We started our weekend a little early were we setup our gazebo and banners before 10am right next to the river at Knutsford. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, race was delayed by almost two hours which means we were four hours early. And the convener was truly in the hotseat for letting his fellow tablers sit for four hours and do nothing, but the young tablers had some time to ask the older tablers about Table in general. I can say we did not waist time because of all the knowledge that were shared between tablers on the day a fruitful gathering. First paddlers arrived just before 14:00 and you could see the glow in my fellow tablers eyes as they start to prepare the food for the paddlers. We made around 130 hotdogs and everyone enjoyed it. Sunday we setup at the Canoe clubhouse and was done just before lunch, all paddlers was out of the water and received a well-prepared hotdog roll. Yet again a successful Pre-Fish and all the thanks go to fellow tablers and friends of table. YIT John “Monde” Tom

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Margate 46 Margate Round Table 46 hosted a music festival of which the likes of the South Coast have not seen in a long time. MC of the event was none other than The Voice SA contestant PJ Nel. He kept the crowd in entertained with his combinations of songs, jokes and anecdotes. Friday nights line up consisted of Wynand and Chereè, Appel, and local band four 5 seconds. Despite only 300 guests through the gate: Friday evening had a great vibe and definitely set the tone for Saturday. Joining Wynand and Chereè on Saturday was the likes of Elandrè and Dewald Dippenaar. Afrikaans music legend Steve Hofmeyr was by far the attraction of the evening and he did not disappoint. He brought to life some of his legendary oldies including Agter elke man and Pampoen. Popular new song Die Land was one of the songs that brought the 2000 strong crowd to their feet. Luckily in this Sharks mad town he did not sing Die Blou Bul. After the artists the party really started with popular Weiveld DJ Stephan, filling the dance floor. Food vendors ranging from lamb spit rolls to chicken burgers and bunny chows kept everyone well fed. The Margate 46 bar made sure that the guest was all well hydrated. Helping the Round table guys behind the bar were Shelly Beach Rotary and the Lions club from Port Shepstone. A separate kids tent kept the little ones busy. Trained child minders from Suid Natal primary made sure that everyone was safe and had a great time. Convenor Henk Nortje was very happy with the execution of the event, “obviously we had a few growing pains, but we will use these lessons to better the show next year. I personally think we can definitely grow the event with a few infrastructural twigs and more good artists. Next year’s show will take place on the 3rd and 4th of July with a bunch of big name artists already confirmed. Oppi kus by the numbers: 2100 tent sqm, 2100 man hours, 2000 chairs, 20meter length of bar, 10 food vendors, 40 benches.

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Kirkwood 78 is a proud table that does everything full throttle. This however could not be done without the support of our very active ladies. They are truly the legs keeping this table up. They are always there when we need them most. This time the tablers were not dishing but taking orders from our lovely ladies. They decided to start a new project to raise funds from where they could do their own good. They were going to make burgers. It was off course a roaring success as the residents in Kirkwood know that the Round Table in their area ensures a great eat and does nothing half measure. It was a big team effort that already started at 08:00 the Friday morning. It was like a relay race; as soon as someone needs to go the next took over. All the men jumped in to braai the patties and the ladies sorted the buns, sauce and orders and before we knew it all 360 burgers were out. They even sold the 40 extra they bought just in case. We had amazing feedback from the burgers and had to promise that this was not the last time. Having to work at any of our fundraisers is always great fun. Great works girls, you make us proud! Yours in Table Ryno Lombard

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On Saturday 14 December, Round Table Parys 88 handed out over 150 gifts to at-risk children, the elderly and the disabled as part of their annual Christmas drive. Drop-offs were made at the Vrystaat Vereeniging in Aksie (VVA) houses of safety in Tumahole and Vredefort, where 9 children received gifts. Almost 50 goodie bags were also handed out at Epilepsy SA in Parys, where the Tablers had an amazing opportunity to spend time with the grateful and excited housemates. Finally, over 90 personalised gifts were delivered to the most needy at the old age homes of Sonskyn, Scion, AMOT, Serendipity and Najaarsrus in support of the Silver Hair Project. It has been a busy year for the Table, but this project was most certainly a highlight, and was a great reminder of how a small effort can yield amazing results. Special thanks to Zarlene Hugo and Vaal Toyota Sasolburg, Isle Supra for donating 30 personalised gifts, Karike Pelser for decorating the Christmas packs, and Hanu and Charlene van Niekerk for their donations. Thanks to all the Parys 88 Tablers and their partners for their committed effort to make a difference in the community of Parys. From our Table to yours, may you have a safe and blessed festive season. If you would like to learn more about Round Table in Parys and how to get involved, please send an email to

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Jacques Van Wyk

Year in review

The year has absolutely shot by and to be honest I cannot believe that we are now well into the last quarter of the year. Our Table has been part of a few events and projects over the last while and managed to make a difference where ever we were present. As most of you might know our Round Table members are scattered between Kenton on Sea and Alexandria, ironically none actually stay in any of the above mentioned towns, so logistically we have to plan a little better to accommodate as many people as possible. We partnered with Sibuya, a Private Game Reserve, to facilitate an educational field trip for learners of Kliptonfein Primary school. It was a very enjoyable event, where the kids learned about keeping our environment clean while also making their own Eco Bricks from the rubbish they collected. For most of these children it was the first time that they have ever been on a boat not to mention a game reserve of this nature. We were able to supply lunch at Sibuya, who were fantastic hosts. Round Table Alex/Kenton210 also built on our working relationship with Rotary Kenton on Sea by manning a hotdog stand at the annual SuperKids event. Over the same weekend we were also involved in the Annual Port Alfred ‘Varsity’ Boat races in conjunction with Round Table Port Alfred 177. This was a great example of two clubs coming together to not only save the event but also to work together on a project that could potentially be a much needed yearly capital injection for both our clubs. Next Year we will have the added responsibility of managing a Bar as well and we look forward to the challenge it brings. This event ended very close to 400 man-hours and we are very thankful to all involved who help make this project take place and remain in Port Alfred. As we head towards the end of the year we will look to place focus on a few social events and team building. We will also look to follow our current National President, the man with more AKA names than his whole council put together, Alan Malan, around as he heads towards the end of his year in office. YIT Jacques Van Wyk Round Table Alex/Kenton210 Chairman2019/2020

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Margate 46 Margate Round Table 46 hosted their annual Pro Deo Trio golf day in conjunction with San Lameer and Pro this year . The Pro Deo Care Group is a charity organization based on the lower South Coast. They have been rendering services to the elderly, disabled and cancer sufferers for over 21 years. For the second year running, we are joining hands with SAN LAMEER to host the PRO DEO TRIO. The day consisted of the following three events: Participants started the day off with a 5km fun run, followed by a 9.7 km mountain bike ride and then a full 18 Hole golf day. The weather really played it part this year, as it was a beautiful sunny winter’s day on the South Coast. All 200 participants on the day really enjoyed supporting such a wonderful organisation that gives so much towards the community. We as Round table Margate 46 acknowledge that this project will grow from strength to strength with support from our community and partners. At the end of the day the local golf pro Meyer hosted the event where Pro Deo held a raffle giving away a mountain bike for one lucky participant as well as numerous sponsored prizes. A special word of thanks to San Lameer for opening up there world class facility’s for the fun filled day. Without their ongoing support and assistance this event will not be possible. Convenor, Willie Bergh

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Jeffreys Bay

Humansdorp 252 Drought Relief Project 252 After we visited the Adelaide CVC conference, we had a glimpse of the terrible drought in Adelaide and the surrounding areas and we discussed this to length on her way back on what we can do to only try and make a difference for their situation they are in. With George Van Zyl taking this on and going the extra mile, it was his initiative to start the campaign for us to pay over R5000 to Adelaide Round Table to spread feed and water etc. in their area where they see it most needed and challenging all other Tables to see donate to this fund and this started trending on Facebook reaching over 13000 people and getting this circulated to all the right people. After our post exploding on social media, I received a call from one of our ex-Tabler’s Stephen Du Toit asking how he can assist to this project or help to make a change and he offered that he is going up to Adelaide in two weeks and if we can get a trailer and feed he will take it up for us to Adelaide free of charge. Immediately, we put the word out that we need feed or any donations, and within minutes, we received a phone call from one of our local farmers donating a bakkie and double axel trailer full of feed for us to take up to Adelaide, the farmer wants to stay anonymous at this stage, but we want to thank Stephen for his time and effort and also Jaco Zietsman from GWK Humansdorp who gave us the trailer for the weekend to use. This was handed over to Adelaide Round Table for distributing this feed and we want to thank all who were involved and doing their small bit to make a change. This will be a project near to our hearts and we will keep on putting in the effort to see this through. Yours in Table Wayne Stevenson 18 | P a g e



Sean Trautmann

What is your full name and surname? Sean David Trautmann What colour is your tooth brush? Blue What is your nickname? Mongo

What is your biggest addicton? Don’t think I’m addicted to anything What work do you do? General Manager at an Alcohol distribution company How long you been a tabler 15 years What is your favourite movie quote? “May the Force be with you” What positions in table have you held? Clubhouse, PRO, IRO, Secretary, Vice Chairman, Chairman, Constitutional Advisor, Area PRO, Area Vice Chairman, Area Chairman, RTSA Vice President, RTSA President, IPP EXCO 1 and RTSA Constitutional Advisor. Some more than once What would you do if you were invisible? Flick ears in Parliament Who introduced you to table? Zack van Der Merwe Finish this sentence....The thing that really irritates me is draadsitters

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Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla December 2019  

Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla December 2019  

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