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Aliwal 55 Womans Day Grey Fund Raiser

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Jefferys Bay Humansdorp 252 Boere Rally

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East London 1 Golf Day

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Jefferys Bay Humansdorp 252 Boere Rally

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Pietrsburg 22 Euro Meeting

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Welwitschia 213 41er Social

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Alex Kenton 210 Kariega River Cleanup

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PE West 142 General Trivia

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Pretoria 87 R2 Project

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Potch 47 Gambling Evening 2019

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Welkom 40 Helps Family

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Jefferys Bay Humansdorp 252 Chairmans View

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Pretoria 87 Annual Bowl Day

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Welwitschia 213 Business Meeting Raided

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Jared Penny Germany Trip

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Potch 47 Hunting Trip

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Jared Penny Germany Trip

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Kirkwood 78 Fellowship

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Richards Bay 200 Winter Knights

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Welwitschia 213 Winter Knights

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Pretoria 136 Raid to Phalaborwa 170

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Welwitschia 213 Winter Knights

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Algoa 108 Attends Boere Rally

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Potch 47 PAWS POTCH Golf Day

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Zoutpansberg 66 Derby

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Kirkwood 78 Winter Knights

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White River 64 Hosts Winter Con 2019

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PE West 142 Germany Trip

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Douglas 224X4

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Augrabies 273 Hunting Trip

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Algoa 108 Winter Knights

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PE West 142 Chairmans Vision

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Potch 47 Craft Beer Fest

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Prieska 161 4X4

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PE West 142 Assists Mia

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Grahamstown 11 Water Project

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White River 64 Winter Knights

-To develop fellowship among young men through the medium of their professional and business occupations; -To emphasise the fact that one’s calling offers an excellent medium of service to the community; -To cultivate the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions; -To recognize the worthiness of all legitimate occupations and to dignify each his own by precept and example; -To foster responsible citizenship and loyalty to their Country; -To further the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relationships; -To further these objects by meetings, lectures, discussions and other activities



2nd Association Council Meeting - After months of planning, the 2nd ASSCO weekend kicked off at Port Elizabeth Airport. I collected the first few guys and girls, and we headed down to the beachfront to await the rest. After a few snacks and catching up with one another, the first two vehicles departed for Kirkwood. Upon arrival, we were shown to our rooms with stunning views over the Kirkwood valley. After the last few stragglers arrived, we all gathered at the Lapa for some fellowship and dinner in the evening. The next morning saw the Ladies departing on their tour to a Cheetah and Lion farm, where they were able to stroke the Cheetahs and see many other wild animals at close range. After their tour, they had great fun with a gift exchange and some group activities. Whilst the Ladies were off on their tour, the guys got down to the serious business of our Assco Meeting. The 2 nd Assco Meeting is rather a long one by tradition – not only is there feedback from each Area Chairman and Exec Member, but also the business of both the previous ARTSA financials and the next ARTSA budget. The meeting was very productive, and whilst I tried to run a tight ship to time allocations, where constructive discussion or informative debate was conducted, I allowed extra time. We managed to still finish within 10 minutes of what I had estimated. As the meeting had ended very late in the afternoon, we had enough time to quickly change and regroup at the Lapa for our next challenge: the potjiekos competition. We had all been randomly allocated teams in advance and were given a mystery box of ingredients for either a Lamb or Chicken pot. Using our imagination, and what we could salvage from the restaurant kitchen and storerooms, we had to present a meal an d decorate a table for 4 judges. Such imagination! Even a cream created from lavender found growing in the bush! Every dish was different and hats off to the winners. The next morning saw a few bleary-eyed faces at breakfast, before the vehicles stated couriering us all back to the airport or people started the trek home by car. Firstly, thank you to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Kirkwood for hosting us so well. Thanks also to Marinus and Ansie Rautenbach for all the sponsorships and planning. For those who have not been on Assco before, it is an expensive exercise regardless of budgets, and this weekend was organised in a way that each couple or single guy only paid R110.00 for everything! Thank you!!! Round Table International World Meeting 2019 - The planning for this trip started just after ARTSA in April already – a group was started on Whatsapp for those travelling to Romania, and plans started for Visa applications, Nation’s night supplies, travel arrangements etc. as well as discussion at Assco level about the various motions and discussions to take place at the RTI Meetings. My own Visa application turned out to be a very expensive exercise: part of the application requires a Driver’s licence (my own had expired without me noticing, and I had to have it renewed with a morning spent at the Traffic Department); being in the Eastern Cape meant a trip to Cape Town for the physical Visa application meeting, and because they gave me only two days’ notice, I had to buy air tickets at the last minute and stay over in a hotel; and finally the cost of Uber around Cape Town. Some consternation arose when we all learnt (thanks to Francois vd Merwe having the first visa meeting in the group) that we required original documents fr om Romania. This led to couriered documents, passports left at Romanian Embassies and well-timed choreography to get passports back to the holders before travel. Finally, the day came, and in small groups we all set off. Some were able to make use of their time and enjoyed the Pre-Tours whilst others made their own Pre-Tour arrangements. Thanks to work and other commitments, I travelled alone from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, and then boarded the plane to Istanbul, Turkey. Unbeknownst to me, I was on the same flight as Ian and Jess Voigt from Golden East 181 – we managed to find each other in Istanbul Airport. We then did the last flight to Bucharest, Romania, where we were welcomed by the local Tablers and some unfortunate Rocket Fuel drinks! After more of us had arrived, we set off in a shuttle for the 100km drive to Brasov – this took 4.5 hours! The landscape in Romania is magnificent, as was the hospitality from the Tablers. We arrived at our hotel in the afternoon, and after unpacking and settling in, met up with the other Tablers and Ladies for the welcome party downstairs in the garden. Traditional dancers and food, great music and fellowship ensued! The next morning saw most of the guys and girls going off on tours of castles, old town markets and ski-slopes, whilst Paul Dippenaar and I attended the RTI Councillor Meeting. Much like our ARTSA Forums, this meeting was designed to discuss upcoming motions and proposals in the RTI AGM and we enjoyed the constructive manner of the meeting. After the meetings ended in the afternoon, we got ready for our dress-up party (Draculathemed) and headed by buses to the Pool Party about 30km away. What an unbelievable honour it was to be standing at the entrance to the resort when our very own Boikanyo Bug arrived! Well done to Leigh and Alex (and the Voigt team) for completing the project! We welcomed them and spent the rest of the night enjoying a lot of fellowship with Tablers from around the world! The next morning again saw tours leaving whilst Paul and I attended the RTI AGM Meeting. An amazing voting system was used (we hoped to one day adopt this for RTSA), and besides the feedback from the RTI Exec Members, a new Board was voted in. Many motions and proposals were adopted or rejected, and the venue of the RTIWM for 2021 was decided. A very good meeting, although very long – well done to the RTI President for keeping the meeting on track. Not easy with 42 Associations represented! In the late afternoon, we all gathered and took a bus to the Rasov Fortress (about 20km away) to set up for Nations Night. This is very similar to our Food Tables at ARTSA, however instead of 14 Areas represented, there are 42 Associations represented! Simply awe-inspiring to see all the food and drink, the national dress and décor, and to be able to meet so many people and hear more ab out their home countries! The party continued late into the night at our hotel. The next morning more tours departed whilst Paul and I attended the AMI Regional Meeting (AMI stands for Africa, Middle East and Indian Ocean). We represented our Association well, and we enjoyed the meeting, led by the incoming AMI Chairman. That evening saw us dressed to the nines for the RTI President’s Banquet, and we were bused to Brasov to a luxury venue for the evening. Not only did we enjoy the cultural dancers and food, but we were honoured further when we were mentioned in every category for awards. Our own RT181 Golden East won the prestigious Table of the Year, and the two Gentlemen (Leigh and Alex) were awarded Honour Medals for their contribution to Round Table. The Boikanyo Bug was auctioned off, with great success, and congratulations again to the guys for all their hard work! After the banquet, we celebrated back at the hotel and said all our goodbyes to our International friends leaving early the next day. After breakfast the next day, we all started leaving on our way home. I caught the bus back to Bucharest, where I had planned to spend an extra day sight-seeing. I met up with Alex Staniland in the Old Town, and after supper we found some Tablers from Germany and India lurking around. Great fellowship ensued! On Monday, after a short trip around Bucharest for souvenirs, I met up with Alex at the airport and we had 7 hours to kill in 38-degree weather with no aircon… Later, Francois and the Dippenaars met up with us and we said our goodbyes as we different departure times. Francois, Alex and I were on the same flight to Istanbul, where Francois left for Cape Town and us for Johannesburg. Almost 30 hours later I finally made it home – a fabulous trip but exhausting travel! Thanks to the Ladies and Gents of RTSA for putting up a good show, behaving magnificently at all times, holding the flag high and for all the laughter and memories! Thanks also to the convenors of the RTIWM and good luck to the newly elected RTI Board. In Conclusion It was a very busy month, but one which again showed me that RTSA is in good hands and leading the way for the rest of the world to follow. Having personally read all the 128 Table Chairmen Reports, 14 Area Chairmen Reports and 8 RTSA Exec Reports, I can assure you that I am very proud to be able to belong to this amazing Association! And with that, a new month of exciting challenges and inspiring trips await! Yours in Table,




From the President

Greetings Tablers, Ladies and our supports across the globe; Let’s start with the amazing news that our very own Round Table 181 Golden East was recently awarded a very prestigious award by the Round Table International Board: Table of the Year. Congratulations to the Tablers and Ladies of Golden East!

Round Table 55 organised a new annual initiative to pick pecan nuts on Bankfontein Farm on the 10th Aug. People of all ages joined to collect nuts for which the funds would contribute to the Grey Warrior Foundation (Cancer NGO Foundation). With spectacular views all around and a hot cup of coffee the stage was set for a great day. Competing teams raced away to pick up the most nuts to win some great prizes. Afterwards teams gathered with anticipation to see if they have won and how much nuts was picked collectively. The day was rounded of with an evening of Nut and Wine Tasting with some auction items. Aliwal 55 Womens day Grey Warrior project was a great success with 60 participants offering up their personal time to make a difference in someone’s life. We are hoping to improve and grow this initiative next year. A great thanks to all the participants, especially the Landservice of Aliwal North Primary School. Obviously without our sponsors this day would not have been possible, thank you Aliwal North High School for the transportation provided.



Golf Day 2019 was a great success for Round Table No1 this year. The event boasted 23 four ball on the field, 5 catered tees, 1 catered green and 2 un-catered. This provided a nice full field and many stop-overs for the golfer to get rehydrated and nourishment to get them through the gruelling 18 holes of the East London golf course. Round Table No1 was very fortunate to have a main sponsor once again, this year Ideal butchery came on-board with a generous donation of R10 000.00 for charity and anther R10 000.00 of meat for the first 3 winning teams of the Golf Day. Each golfer was provided with a goodie bag on arrival filled with biltong, water, cool drinks, spices and golf tees. At the halfway house they were spoiled with pizza from 2 Brothers Pizza. We would like to thank 2 Brothers for the delicious pizza and for delivering them on time. Also proved with the lunch was a nice ice cold beer to help with the golfers thirst on a wonderful sunny day we had in the middle of winter. The winners of the Golf Day 2019 where Polyoak - Luke, Glen Kevin and Bruce on 98 points. Followed by Exim International- Andre, Nick, Jona and Neelan on 97 points. Then Auto Boys KWT- John, Brenden, Paul and Julian on 94 points. Thanks again to Ideal Butchery for providing us with the first 3 prizes of meat to the value of R10 000.00. All the golfers walked away with a prize and I would like to thank all the sponsors for donating the prizes this year. We really had great prizes this year to hand out. I would like to thank EL Golf Couse for the excellent Golf Couse and clubhouse. To all the Tablers that worked so hard to make this day a success, I would like to thank you and you better half. This day would not have been such a success if not for you. Big thanks to Leigh Oberem for all her help - she was a key component in making this day so successful. Thank you very much. We have two charities that we will be handing the profit of Golf Day 2019 to. St Bernard Hospice and East London Child and Youth Care Centre will be benefiting from the golf this year. Again thanks to all involved in the Golf Day 2019 and as this is my last golf day for Round Table as Convener it was a great way to end.



Melisa Gilfillan, Gerhard Booysen and I were privileged to be part of the Roundtable 22 Euro meeting in Norway Steintjer from 14-16 June 2019. We met some great new friends and were treated to some of the greatest sceneries of Norway. Our trip (Casper and Melisa Gilfillan) started a view days earlier in Oslo and Bergen. In Bergen we were home hosted by Tarjei Nestgard, Chairman from Bergen1 Table and his wife Andrea Nestgard. As we all know Tablers, Tarjei introduced us to finer things of life called Aquavit. This shooter was enjoyed with a lovely meal with his family. The following day we explored some of Bergen’s best sites such as Mount Ulriken and the Fish Market. Gerhard joined us in Steintjer where Bård Rannem, Chairman of RT22 Steintjer, home hosted us for two days before the Euro meeting. He showed us all of Steintje, we had some more aquavit, played skotthyll and had a midnight stroll through the forest. We were astounded by the beautiful scenery and that the sun never sets in Norway. Bård arranged for us to go fishing on the Fjord. Gerhard had some luck and caught the smallest fish on the cruise and Melisa, being the only lady on the boat, caught the biggest fish. We enjoyed freshly made fish cakes by the captain. After the cruise I played a round of golf at Stikkelstad and then we travelled to Mokk farm where the Euro meeting took place. Warmly welcomed, we were introduced to fellow tablers from Austria, Switzerland, Finland and Norway. The Euro weekend kicked off with amazing food and Vicking games. The next day everyone boarded a bus to the harbour where we warmed up with more games & fishing. The highlight of the morning was a cruise on the Jekta Pauline with live entertainment by fellow Tablers from RT22 Steintjer. On Saturday evening we had a Black tie event where we were treated with fine Norwegian cuisine. The winners were announced of the Viking games of which Melisa and her fellow team mates won. Gerhard had the opportunity to thank the Steintjer 22 Tablers by doing a handover of a zebra skin. He also mentioned that the Zebra skin is a raidable item. The following morning we travelled back home. It was a great privilege to be part of such great organisation. The fellowship and hospitality of our fellow Tablers were exceptional and we are looking forward to the next Euromeeting.



Round Table Alex Kenton210 partnered with Sibuya Private Game Reserve to host an educational event for a few scholars from Klipfontein Primary. The event was focused on educating the youth on the importance of looking after your environment and reducing pollution. Since the whole community derives some sort of benefit from the two rivers in close proximity to Kenton on Sea the area was ideally suited for such an event. About 25 kids got the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a way that most people never do. Sibuya arranged scholar transport from the school in Klipfontein, which is in a small community near Bushmansrivermouth in the Eastern Cape. After the pickup and the completion of a few administrative procedures they departed for the slipway in Kenton on sea where the Sibuya game viewing boats were already waiting. Scholars were split in the two boats and proceeded up the river stopping at a few places along the way to pick up rubbish. Buco from Kenton on Sea also sponsored hats for the kids. We were blessed with a stunning day on the river. Cleaning the river happened all the way up to the Sibuya Private Game Reserve facilities where the kids were treated to hotdogs and other refreshments sponsored by Round Table and some of their members. After the some relaxing the kids were gathered and seated for an educational session with one of Sibuya’s Employees. We wrapped up the educational session with the kids being split into groups of five to make some eco bricks. Where after everyone hopped on the boats again and were dropped off safely back at school. The Kids had the opportunity of seeing Rhinos up close against the river bank not to mention a few buck species as well as seeing a Fish Eagle catch right in front of their boat on the day. It was a truly fantastic initiative to be part of, one we hope to do on an annual basis. YIT Jacques van Wyk Round Table Alex/Kenton210 Chairman



In our lives we all make choices to either help or not help others. As a tabler, this isn't a choice - this is something you want to do. Beit a life changing event or not, you always have this warm sense of fulfillment that arises once you conclude a project that you know will ultimately help someone have a healthy meal, be able to be bathed properly or just to help keep them warm. Pretoria 87 had the opportunity to do a R2 Project at the Kolonnade Retail Park on the 6th of July 2019. The beneficiary chosen for this event was the Joan Mary Care Center. The general idea with this type of project is to help gather some needed general use products and food to help get them through the winter. We were absolutely flabbergasted with the amount of generous donations we got from the community on the day. We had people going into Pick & Pay to only buy one or 2 small items but ended up bring an entire trolley full of items to us. This was astonishing to witness first-hand, and we are humbled by this. We managed to amass groceries and hygiene products to the value of R13 984.86 in the space of a few hours. As Round Table Pretoria 87, we would like to thank everyone that contributed on the day, as well as the Marketing Manager from the Kolonnade Retail Park that was instrumental in making this happen. #ProudTabler

Willie Breedt



One does not realize the destructive power of fire until it happens to you. A family in Welkom lost all their belongings during a fire in the first week of August. The fire started in the main bedroom and spread throughout the whole house. They lost all their clothes, electronic ware and all rooms were affected, only the living room was spared partially. The family of three has a little girl of 5 years old and two dogs, which one of the dogs were receiving treatment because of the huge amount of smoke that he inhaled but unfortunately did not make it. Welkom 40 teamed up with The Power of One a local NPO to donate, kitchen utensils, curtains and double bed because all the beds in the house were damaged. Other members of the Matjhabeng community also stepped up because both the mom and the dad have part-time jobs so everything they get is as the mercy of the local community. #Alloutcompassion #Alloutfellowship #Totalroundtable #gooimielies.



2019 marks the 3rd year that Pretoria 87 hosted the Bowls day at the Munnies Bowls club. With 34 participating players dressed according to our Theme of Geriatrics, the day started early with the 41ers arriving first and heading off to the Bowling and Recreational area (BAR) for some much-needed stretching. Marius (President of Munnies Bowling) commented on the talent displayed during the day and pleaded for the tablers to consider becoming professional Bowlers seeing that they’re already the right age. This was discussed at length over the well-prepared lunch provided on the day. Although the proceeds were earmarked for our travel fund, we still donated R1000 (half the profit) to the Munnies Club to assist with development of young bowlers. Thanks to all the players, and especially Tannie Francis for arranging everything from the club’s side, hope to see all at next year’s event. YIT Wikus Venter CO-Convenor 2019 Wikus Venter

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After winning the travel lottery for my table I had the opportunity to represent Alex/Kenton 210 at the German AGM in June of 2019. Day 1: I landed at Frankfurt Airport in Germany early on the Sunday morning of 9 June; it is the largest and most busy airport in Germany, the 3rd largest in Europe. I was met and collected here by Dennis and Lars of RT86 Wetzler. They took me to Wetzler where the previous year’s German AGM was hosted by their table. I got to see the location where this took place and learn a little about their town before they took me to Dennis’s house to meet with the other South Africans who had arrived a few days earlier. I had the privilege of meeting Denis’s wife will be the incoming President of their local Ladies Circle, it is still in its charter phase. Once I had met two of the other South Africans, Jeandre and Sheldon Brierly of RT Secunda 231. We had a nice breakfast with Dennis and Lars, and then they took us to meet the rest of the South Africans at a Castle tour that they had arranged for us before the pre-tour even began. We went to Schloss Braunfels, and I met Arno Hatting of Tableview 246 and Paul Dipenaar of Augrabies 273. After touring the castle we stopped for refreshement at another tablers home, Matthias, he would not be able to make it to the AGM the following weekend. We then drove to Essen where the pretour would officially begin the following day. Day 2: I was up early on the start of the pretour, soon my homehost was also awake, his name is Christian of RT191 Essen. He is a pilot and was not able to join us for the day or the pretour. After I was joined by the other people on the pretour, the 5 South African, a Cyprian and his wife, and the guys who would be taking us on the whole pretour, we headed to the famous coalmines of Essen. An interesting tour followed by a lovely lunch at a small bistro on the roadside. We then travelled to Lingen where the AGM would be held. We had a lovely supper at a restaurant called La Vino and then proceeded to our host, Jens’s house for a good nights rest. Day 3: We were set to leave early in the morning as we had to catch a ferry from the northern town of Norden at 9 in the morning sharp. As you know, ze Germans are very timeous people. Thanks to the autobahn we made it with a few minutes to spare, a 1 and a half hour drive from Lingen to Norden. Shortly after boarding the ferry we were chugging off to Norderny, a luxury holiday island for the affluent Germans. It was a 30 minute ferry ride to a beautiful little island with lovely grey beeches and muddy brown water. We are truly blessed to be in South Africa… We walked along the beeches for a good while until we came to a beautiful little beachside restaurant, famous for brewing their own beer. When the waitress came out with a beer for us, it had to be carried for her and she hoisted it over her shoulder to pour beer for the entire table. After we all had a glass the bottle was still about half full. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to have “just one” before heading home to the Mrs… After our meal we headed back to the ferry and returned to Norden, and then off to Grosefien, a small town where we were to be hosted for the night. We met a vibrant group of young tablers, and one of our pretour members won a ride in a limited edition Ferrari on the autobahn. The lucky chap was none other than Melios, the Cyprian. He thoroughly enjoyed it! Day 4: I woke up to find blood on my pillow, only to remember I had become a member of the Buffalo club the previous night. After a vast breakfast spread, we all packed up and headed on to Wiesmoor, where we toured a museum of the German lifestyle over the past 100 to 150 years. In this area the people would excavate peat for heat, cooking and eventually electricity production later when they were more industrialised. This also led to the drying out of their landscape which enabled them to build and expand more in later years. We also learned about their traditional tea drinking ceremonies. They use rock sugar, which cracks audibly when they add the hot tea. Yes, we Roundtablers sat around a square table and drank tea. After this we took a short cruise up one of the canals on an old-fashioned boat used for the transport of peat from place to place. We then travelled on to Meppen where we were hosted at a BBQ with many local tablers and old tablers alike. Here we met the president of Roundtable Deutschland, Bjorn Ahrenhoslz, and his wife. After a raucous evening of partying we returned to our home hosts (we had all been split up for this night).

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Day 5: Once we were all gathered together again, and after another amazing breakfast spread, we were shipped off the the Meyer Werf Shipyard. A familly-owned company that has been producing ships for 8 generations of Meyer's. They now produce cruise-liners. The scale of this opperation was hardly believable. Massive cruise-liners produced in warehouses big enough to hold the entire ship. They are then floated out into the river Ems. They then travel more than 40km down the river to the ocean, with some areas they need to pass through with literally 1m on either side of the ship. After this we headed back to lingen for the close of the pretour, another amazing meal with superb wines at restaurant La Vino. Our host Jens provided the wine from his own collection. This turned into a party where several of the RT Germany committee members arrived, I met the man who helped me to get to Germany and attend this incredible event, Patrick Lerche-Larsen, the RT Germany IRO. As the night turned into morning, we slowly made our way back to Jens's house, where we finished off the night with a few bottles of champaign. Day 6: We finally had the day to ourselves to recooperate for the upcoming opening party of the AGM official. With a welcome late start to the day, we packed up and headed to our hotel, the beautiful Looken Inn. Registration for the event began early in the day, and a great party was had that evening. The theme was "come as you are, display your table colours" and that we did! There were to be just under 1000 people to attend the AGM weekend, with some 800 plus people on the first night. There were many people to meet, and it was a festive experience for us all! Day 7: After an incredible party I managed to get up in time to attend the banner exchange at TPZ Lingen, it was well worth it. I got to meet and exchange banners with the president of the Old Tablers Association in Germany, the IRO of Rountable Germany, and the President of Roundtable Germany. I gave them some South African gifts which I trust they appreciated. This was followed by the AGM itself, many prizes were given out, lots was said, 90% of it in German so I minuted none of it. Later this evening there was the Gala Dinner which was an amazing evening. The food was incdredible and the company even better. There was again 800 plus people at this event and after more awards were given out, including honourary lifetime membership award to Patrick Lerche-Larsen, the party began. Day 8: A sad day for all. After packing up at the hotel I said cheers to my Norwegian roommate, Kim, and headed on to the champaign breakfast, where Jens had again provided champaign for everyone who attended. He had a few 12 litre bottles of champaign. After this was over, I said my goodbyes to the great people I had met on this incredible journey, specifically to the three people who put up with us South Africans for 6 days, these three incredible gentleman drove us everywhere we needed to be, they made sure we were well fed and watered for the entire trip and they also made sure we had a WiFi hotspot at all times. They deserve special mention, it was a real honour to have met them and gotten to know them along the way. Jens Volmer, Jens number 2 and Martin Ceglinski, it was greatly appreciated gents! I handed them each a personilsed banner and a bottle of Amarula, golden Africa in a bottle. Soon, Carsten,one of the Old Tablers who was also very involved in this event for us, took Paul and I to the airport for our final trip. Paul was dropped at Dusseldorf and I proceeded on to Frankfurt. A final few photos,last hugs, and that was it. Almost as quickly as it had begun, I was on the plane headed back to deepest darkest Africa, my cost little town where the great table of Alex/Kenton 210 resides.

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Richards Bay RT200 has been supporting the “Winter Knights” project diligently for a number of years now, and this year RT200 had its “Winter Knights” project on the 26th July with almost all hands-on deck with Tablers, Legs, Pipeliners and even the little ones pulling their weight in support of this awesome initiative. The evening started off slow as per usual, but received traction as soon as the shoppers started filling in. Even while times are tuff and budgets are tight, we still received a lot of support from the community and managed to get a few trolleys filled, with a total value of goods received at R 7305.92. All proceeds were subsequently donated to the following entities: NG Church, Arboretum, Richards Bay Ikhaya Likababa A special thanks goes to the owners of “Pick n Pay Mall Meerensee” and the surrounding community, without which this would never have been possible. Hope to make next years “Winter Knights” even beter.

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465km! The distance between Pretoria 136 and Phalaborwa 170, our furthest table in the bushveld area. Luckily, distance has never stopped us from visiting our bushveld brothers and this is exactly what happened when Pretoria 136 raided Phalaborwa 170’s business meeting on the 12 th of July 2019. I am not sure who was more excited for the trip, me, our chairman Johnny Swanepoel or Tyrone Juul our fellow tabler from Pretoria 201 and Bushveld Secretary. It surely must have been the thought of a “quickâ€? lunch and pitstop in Polokwane that got us all fired up. Arriving at The Golden Pillow in Polokwane (yes, we all were debating in the car if this place was a pub or maybe something else) we were greeted by Joe Prinsloo from Impala 157, ready for some fellowship. We were later joined by our esteemed Bushveld Area Chairman, Walter Groenewald and his better half, also on their way to Phalaborwa. Finally arriving just in the nick of time for the meeting, we were welcomed by Phalaborwa 170’s chairman, Leon Grobler and the rest of the tablers. By the look of it this was not going to be an early night! During the meeting I just realised again the importance and value you gain as tabler by visiting other table’s business meeting. Phalaborwa 170 might be a table with young tablers, but the passion and drive they have for table, the community and the projects they run are electrifying and contagious. After the meeting the more “seriousâ€? matters were discussed way into the early hours of Saturday. It was only when Leon Grobler begged us to go home that we realised it was already 3:30 in the morning. To all the tablers from Phalaborwa 170 and especially the Chairman, Leon Grobler that home hosted us, thank you very much for allowing us to raid your business meeting and for all the fellowship! PS: Sorry Tyrone for not letting you know that you had to take your own duvet and pillow, but luckily, we had mine to share. đ&#x;˜Š Yours in Table, Antonie Smit

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If 2018 was anything to go by, something along the lines of EPICNESS was the feeling that was anticipated come the 2019 Boererally hosted by Round Table J-Bay/Humansdorp 252 at the end of May this year. So for the 2019 Boererally, Algoa 108 entered a number of mixed teams which entailed our members teaming up with their wives and girlfriends and entering the couples section. We started the first leg out at the Twisters Club house in Humansdorp where most of us entrusted our partners to take aim and attempt to shoot three balloons that were nervously held by us brave or dumb ass gents while giving these legs of ours six shots at hopefully shooting the balloons that were between our legs and not us! We seemed to have started out pretty well having had the balloons take most of the hits and excited as to what was to come as many of our tablers were experiencing this Rally for the first time. Having packed the cooler boxes, Padkos and some kids into the vehicles, we headed out into the unknown and wilderness of Humansdorp to seek out our next challenge. This was met with the ever popular Bok Drol Spoeg (Buck Poo Spit), with a swig of Gin we blasted this little pellet as far as we could, only to have been told that one of our passing competitors had spat his false teeth further than some of us. So with two down and about ten to go. We headed down the gravel road in tow, still laughing at the video of the false teeth flying through the air and that childhood feeling that we were in the Volkswagen advert with old David Kramer in his Volksibus. From watching each other trying to retrieve sweets out of a bowl full of cake flour to shooting some round clay discs with a shotgun. It was at this point that we were about halfway through and found ourselves “op die koppie” of the mountain, a cereal place of tranquillity and quietness. It was here that our self-proclaimed Mr. Gupta (Bhavie) proceeded to show off his culinary skills on the braai which he had learnt while watching Little Master Chef. Bhavie did not disappoint at all and made sure we all had lined tummies for our long journey ahead. The fellowship and comradery along the way is amazing, something of round table that stands out amongst all. We tried our hands at guessing five different grades of mohair with Charlie assisting our ladies a little to make sure we actually scored some points this year. I chickened out of the eating of the chicken heads and something else that looked raw and even possibly still alive at the Fear Factor challenge, this is where they separate the Men from the boys. Having said that, Paul and Nita put their stake on winning this event be smashing this challenge and flying the Algoa 108 flag rather high!! Having spent about six hours out on the road, completing most of the challenges, we drove into the Twisters parking lot having made memories to last a life time. Here we had two more challenges to complete and hopefully score some huge points on…… this was not to be and we all had a number of attempts on the Kemach JCB Clown Bicycle. Clowns make this look easy, while turning right with the handle bars the wheel goes left, all this while maintaining your balance and pose after a couple of cold ones had through the day. Needless to say we smashed the final Beer Pong challenge in true 108 style. To the entire J-Bay/Humansdorp 252 TABLE, the sponsors you got on board this year to the tables and the public, a Fantastic and EPIC Boererally was had by my entire family and Algoa 108. A Job and Project well done and to be Proud of! A real family and friend’s day out of fellowship, so much so that Lourens, my 11 year old has requested that he enters his own team next year having had so much fun! To Paul and Nita, I trust you guys are going to be working on your Boere skills and will be back in 2020 to claim the first couple’s prize, having finished a proud third this year! All I can say from here ….. Is get all your Tables, friends and family together for BoereRally 2020 as it is seriously one event that you want on your calendar! YIT Simon Ward Chairman

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On the 20th July 2019 RT66 hosted their very first Derby at our local golf club hall. The Tablers had to dress up as something or nothing or have a very creative mind as some came dressed to the extreme to get the people’s attention and to make them bee on you. We had the race between the 6 of us tablers and all of us came to the realization that all of us was super unfit and that the stomachs and lungs aren’t what they use to be a few years ago, as we had to run the race a few times to get the perfect shot to be displayed at the knight of the event. To crown it up we had to do a re-shoot after a Boys hunting weekend, so think for yourself how that went down, sweating out all that beer that was consumed that weekend and a few extras not to be mentioned. Well the race was done winner decided and the perfect shot was taken…. We were on our nerves and even discussed to cancel the event as ticket sales did not go very well but as we know us Tablers we don’t give up and went on and hosted the event and turned out to be a huge success as we could donate R15000-00 to the Makhado Care Group in Louis Trichardt just from ticket sales and the race betting we had, and also to mention we had some private donations en sponsorship’s from our local business men such as BJ group for the food donation to help with covering of costs for the knight. We thank everyone who had a helping hand making this event possible and a success. Hope to see you all very soon with our next SUPERFIT event……. YIT ROUND TABLE 66

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It was White River 64’s turn to host the Winter-con for the Mpumalanga Area from the 26th to 28th July 2019, being a relatively small Area, the registrations showed a positive result and what would turn out to be an epic Winter -Con with Gees no doubt! The guy’s from Secunda 231 and Barberton 67 started pulling in and they were already warmed up for the Friday night from the Journey. Friday night we hosted them all at our Clubhouse for an Army Themed party and the guys really went out of their way to dress up for the occasion. If some of you know Tarzan he was on full speed as usual. There was great fellowship had by all especially that we had a lot of new faces and for most of them attending their first Area Conference. On Saturday the 27th July was meeting day we were all a little tender as some of use only got home at around 4am that morning, luckily the meeting was only at 9am. We kicked off with loading a lot of fresh produce products from our winter knights project in the bakkies and sending our ladies to a Children’s home to go and do a donation then off on their lady’s tour which was a day out at a farm in White River in Aid on CANSA. Thank you Brain Rossouw for organizing this for our legs. We had a great meeting with our Exec really putting in the hard work to get issues that have been hanging over the past years to bed. The meeting was a huge success with the guys form one of our newly Charted club Middelburg 126 also joining us on Saturday. Hannes organized a lekker spit braai with all the trimmings for after the meeting which was delicious!! We then watched the Springbok game as it was on while the meeting was in progress. It was then time for round 2 as they say. The fellowship continued well into Sunday morning and the guys in the Area really bonded which was great to see!! Beer pong was bouncing as usual and the tables trying to show who’s the beer pong champs, I think the beer took its toll and they lost count of who was winning. A big thank you to the conveners of the Winter – Con in making it one for the books! Thank you to all the Tablers in the Area for pulling through to White River without you guys the conference would not of been possible. PRIMA!!

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Douglas Round Table 224 het hul jaarlikse 4x4 dag gehou op Saterdag die 27de Julie op Stratford net buite Douglas. Soos die son sak Vrydagaand begin die tafelaars en hul families stuk stuk by die baan bymekaarkom vir die laaste beplanning langs die braaivleis vure waar die samesyn hoog loop. Bang dat die onlangse Duoglas area konferensie homself herhaal word daar dan ook besluit dat daar oorgeslaap word om te verseker dat sommige van ons lede nie kan laat wees nie. Adopt, Adapt, Improve soos die slagspreek loop. Saterdag oggend begin die inskrywings opdaag en word die mobiele kroeg in n stof/sports bar omskep soos daar saamgedrom word om al wat lyk of dit moontlik kan stream om te kyk hoe Herschel Jantjies die All Blacks tem. So is die pas vir die dag gestel en vertrek die die konvooi op n hoĂŤ noot vir n dag op die baan wat op die einde gesorg het vir ewe veel vermaak. Al was die formaat hierdie jaar meer gefokus op pret as kompetisie het dit nie die drywers gekeer om n paar "vriendelike uitdagings" te maak nie. Die manne wat wel die duine kon uitklim is bederf met n wonderlike uitsig oor die Douglas vlaktes vol V8 cruisers wat dit nie kon maak nie. Tussendeur word daar n paar Douglas tafelaars soos oudergewoonte baie vriendelik verwelkom tot die Buffalo bende. Jy kan hulle van vĂŞr af uitken deur die glimlae op hulle gesigte en borste wat swel van trots en moontlik infeksie. Die dag sluit af met n prysuitdeling waar ons eie Michael Jacobs wegstap met die eerste prys. As hy kon wegry met hom sou hy maar mens moet seker maar weet wanneer om op te gee. Baie dankie vir al die ondersteuning. Dit was weereens n dag vir die boeke en ons sien uit om julle te sien op ons volgende projek. Tot dan toe, tafel-groete Douglas 224

18 | P a g e


Algoa 108 set out to join the national round table Winter Knight’s project for 2019 from a different approach as what we had done in the previous years. We partnered with Zwartkops 195 and distributed flyers at the intersection of William Moffett and Cape road requesting that the public bring blankets, warm clothing and perishables to work with them the next day which we would then collect at the same intersection………… unfortunately this did not go as well as we had hoped. We received a number of parcels from the PE Pearl Ladies Circle which over the years have always been great in collecting and donating towards the Round Table Winter Knights projects. Thank you ladies ….. It is always appreciated! The McWilliams Academy of Dance, WOW…..These young ladies continue to blow us away with their support and assistance to this project on a yearly basis and collected over 10 bags of warm clothing, blankets and tinned food for our distribution. Thank you to Vanessa Forbes who continuously drives this initiative with the young ladies and for your continued support to Algoa 108. Having collected all these items through various contributions as mentioned above and from our members, we then purchased an additional 20 blankets, divided all the clothing into gender, sizes and ages, wrapped these into the blankets adding the food parcels which were to be handed out to the people we would encounter on the streets of Port Elizabeth. Having had some fellowship around the braai and all packed, we headed out to the streets of Port Elizabeth around 21h30 where we set out to seek those less fortunate who were feeling that burning of the winter cold. We were taken aback having handed out these parcels to homeless people that we sleeping under highway bridges, any vacant door step they could find to an elderly gentleman sleeping in the open parking lot. The smiles and gratitude on these people’s faces were priceless and something every member of Algoa 108 will take home and appreciate for years to come. What a Feel Good project this was for us all and something we will definitely be doing again come Winter Knights 2020 …… even Bigger and Better I would like to think !!! YIT Simon Ward

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Round Table Potchefstroom is gearing up for yet another fantastic Craft Beer Festival sponsored by Team Daly at the Snowflake Building on the 21st of September 2019. The Craft Beer Festival is Round Table 47's largest annual fundraiser and they are inviting the community to help them help those who need it most. This year there will be more to see and do than ever before. Wet your lips with the various beers, ciders and gins from Brewers from all over the country and eat at the variety of food stalls hosted by other Round Tables from the STNOFS area as well as a few new options. There will also be a fully assisted Children's Corner until 4PM. Doors open at 10AM and OFM will be broadcasting throughout the morning from the event. The World Cup Rugby game between New Zealand and South Africa will be on the big screen at 11:45 AM. Die rowers will be taking the stage in the afternoon and in the evening we will have a live performance from Jakkie Louw ft Johan Scheppel. Thereafter Die Rowers will once again play on into the night until late. All the funds raised through this event will go on to fund their various community and welfare projects in Potchefstroom. So not only will you be having a great day, you can rest assured your money will be going to those who need it most in our community. Entry is be R120 which includes a free branded Beer glass. You can get tickets now on at www.Quicket.co.za Michael Daly Beerfest Convenor Round Table Potch 47

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What a privilege it is as a member of PE West 142 to have the opportunity to be able to assist a young girl with difficult circumstances with schooling fees. With a smile thinking back at a project that we did for our elderly. We were requested by one of the public members that donated a food parcel to us if we can have a look if we can help a little girl. Her mother and father are separated and the dad has sole custody and he has some financial difficulty sending her to school. As members of PE West 142 we know all how important it is to have an education and the sooner u start to learn the better it can be for your future and we adopted Mia school fees in the hope that we can improve her future and give her skills to adapt to everyday live through her education I had the privilege to go see and meet the dad and Mia and proud to say that she is a bright little lady with a great sense of humour. As a grade R scholar her report and the termly feedback from the school is excellent and we at PE West 142 are extremely fortunate to have the ability to give this girl a small chance in life. YIT RIAAN JANSE VAN RENSBURG PE WEST 142 CHAIRMAN 19/20 21 | P a g e


On the 26th July 2019 we held our winter knights project at our local Pick and Pay in White River in aid of the Silver days old Age Home in Waterval Boven the reason as to why we chose his small town just outside Nelspruit is that they do not have a strong community as we do in White River most of the town is poverty stricken and most of the people in the Home and been dumped there with absol utely no income or supplies. We gave shoppers the first R10 towards buying a non-consumable items attached to a flyer explaining the Winter knights national project, the response we got from the community was amazing and the people of White River really pulled together and donated very generously towards the cause. The White River 64 boys showed up in full force and it was so rewarding to give back, we were at the Pick and Pay from 11am that day till 6pm that evening and it was great fun. We met so many past tablers from Nelspruit, White River, Swaziland and KZN. We even received a comment that I think made an impact on all of us there that day and I quote “Round Table is Back”, This raised our spirits even Higher on the day as we knew we were doing something right! Toyota also pulled in with their new fleet of bakkies and Radio Lowveld gave us some great media exposure. A Big thank you to our conveners Hannes De Kock, Conrad Botha and Brian Rossouw for all their efforts in organizing before and after the Winter Knights project. Making it a huge success. We managed to raise an amazing Total of +-39’000.00 of food, blankets, clothes, and a lot of other odds and ends. We thank all our sponsors and the community of White River and the tablers of White River 64 for making this project a huge success!! YIT, Warwick Barltrop White River 64

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Its 5am in the morning and our day have started, we are packed and on our way for our annual Boere Rally 2019, the time has arrived after 4 months of planning and we are getting pictures of everyone on the loo on our group of the pre-brandy specials and final arrangements the night before and that mixed with a lot of nerves, but we are ready to do this….Red bull in the hand and in some cases the first beer opened and trying to break through that vicious butterfly stomach and headache. For the first time in 14 years of Boere Rally, this is our biggest one yet, with 116 entrants and for the first time that we sold our stalls to businesses, this was sure to be a promising day for 252. With that said, everyone started to pitch and the day begun after all the setups have been made and the pre-briefing for the stalls and the last to-do list to work through. Knowing that you and your Table have planned 4 months on this project and to finally see how it turns out is surely a feeling that you can’t describe. This year we included a thank you gift for each and every participant which was a Beer Glass with a Rondel on it, for obviously promoting ourselves as a club and Round Table as a whole for them to take home and for good usage during the day, which everyone really appreciated, and when we planned everything, we kept on reminding ourselves, it’s all about the fine detail. So, how does Boere Rally work you ask? You compete in teams of 2 and you drive a route which mostly includes gravel road between all our farms in Humansdorp with a map you receive which we have printed out very professionally this year with all our sponsors on as well, and you start from stall 1 and end up at stall 12 where you do different boere sports to earn points at each stall as a team to be crowned Boere Rally champions in 3 categories, which is Men, Women and Mixed and also to compete for our massive prizes we had this year, well over R10 000 in vouchers, hampers, weekend getaways etc. but this is also not for the faint hearted, because every year we have our infamous Fear Factor stall, which is definitely one to fear, having this year, live worms, cow eyes, afval, Timjan and amazi and loads more, and for the first time to include a proper army style obstacle course where a couple of people complained about having this almost at the end of the day after a good intake of refreshments and puking the most out whilst doing the course, but at the end of the day, it’s all for fun and seeing big guys crawling through fencing, is to certainly supply some entertainment for the day. One of our old time favourites we brought back again, and this was our Mampoer Bok Drol spoeg, where we had an older gentleman, which drank the mampoer and kept the bokdrol in his mouth, but when he spat out the Bokdrol, his false teeth went further than the bokdrol and talk about luck….this was caught on video, which makes it even better. We also had, Paintball, where you had to shoot your partner, while the other one holds balloons under his arms and between his legs, a stall that you have to put your face in maize meal and dig out things with your mouth, we had clay pigeon shooting, golf chip, a stall where you had to put nuts on top of each other while using thin sticks, a stall ran by our Tabler Charl, where you had to class different types of wool, and also Beerpong and one of the most funniest ones, was sponsored by JCB, our Area Chairman Marinus Rautenbach, was a bicycle which turns the wrong way, and this was at the end of the long day where we nearly passed out from laughing and I am sure this would of broken records on social media with the teeth saga….

23 | P a g e


After the long day out on the road and bakkies with couches and chairs at the back with lots of cool boxes and ice, everyone started making their way back to Vosloopark in Humansdorp for the prizegiving. This was truly a special evening for all of us, where everyone stuck around and we had a blast before, during and after the prize giving. We had so much support from our fellow Tables and Tabler’s in the Eastern Province and we were also honoured to almost have our whole EP Exec there as well as our Eastern Province Area Chairman Marinus Rautenbach and our South African President Alan Malan. Together with 2 Past Presidents namely Fabrizio Altichiero and Johan Lindeque, and there is so many more that supported us, and we would like to thank each and every one of them from the bottom of our hearts for the support. The prize giving was certainly one to remember, where we had an auction afterwards and we decided to auction of Charl again this year with his backpack…..Lol….to say the least, I don’t know if he or the backpack reached R2000, but nevertheless, it did work and we are still not sure if Charl was taken that evening or if he decided to go for a hike with his backpack……don’t know if he even knows what happened…. We had some great support from our community and we managed to make R67 100 from the day in total with a massive auction, where one of our participants spent R22 400 alone on the auction, and when I personally thanked him, he said to me, you guys are doing a great job as a Table and for what you stand for is priceless, so when I do have the money to spent, I would rather do it to an outstanding organisation than to see it fall in the wrong hands, and he knows that this will go to a great cause where we will see it fit. This was amazing to hear that our community do see what we stand for and why they would support us. After a very long day, it finally came to an end sometime the next morning, but we had a blast and we already have bookings for next year as well as all the businesses want to book their stalls in advance. So this means only one thing that this was a project well run, and all credit can go to our Vice Chairman George Van Zyl and Wayne Stevenson as convenors for putting in all of their personal time to make this happen and to each and every Tabler that played their part in our Table and going out of their way for making this our biggest project and most successful yet. We want to thank each and every one for their involvement in our Boere Rally and for the great support and especially our community and local businesses who didn’t think twice to support us. We would like to thank the following: Ultimate Paints, Virbac, Drommedaris, Kouga Ford, Build It, The Mexican, Labacor, SPAR, BUCO, OVK, Jo-Rie, Supa Quick, Nedbank, Kemach JCB, Humansdorp Co-Op, Old Image furniture, Grand Liquors, Jack Black’s Craft Beer, Clive Bramwell Boerdery, J’Bay Paintball, Sebastian’s Butchery. We hope to see you all next year, where we will go even bigger and better!!! Yours in Table Wayne Stevenson

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Welwitschia 213 had their August social on 41’er Rene Oranje’s Farm on the 10th of August 2019. This social was organized by the Welwitschia 213 41’ers and this ensured that there was ample 41’ers attending the social. The social convener 41’er Junior Lawrence had organized for the trip to start off at 10h00 from the start of the Kupferberg pass for the +/- 90km gravel road drive to Rene’s farm. The Sgt. took note of all the late arrivals and made sure that they would think twice before being late again. With a few stops along the way especially for me and Doiseb ( 41’er) cause the road was messing with my back a bit and stops where needed. We eventually made it to the farm but last to arrive was the chairman of Welwitschia 213 Mark Majiedt and 41’er Jason van Wyk after taking the wrong turn off to the farm they arrived just as the search party was loading refreshment for the search and rescue. With the full complement consisting of 6 41’ers , 2 tablers, 1 pipeliner and 6 guests the social kicked off with the aims and objectives and the Chairman having a word or two as the fire where lit and the dominoes’ where placed on the table. With some wise words imparted by the 41’ers we headed out to the riverbed and tested out the cars and its abilities. Some gents had to think twice before embarking on this adventure as the Amarok was referred to a Jetta and this made Jason a bit worried but a few Jägermeister’s later the Jetta strutted its stuff on the sand past the Land Rover who got stuck because someone didn’t deflate the tires. We eventually made it to the spot in the river bed and the 41’ers took charge with the Sgt. van Wyk ensuring that order is kept. We were able to express concerns of Welwitschia 213 and the 41’ers handed down some insight and idea’s that will be put into motion. It was time for the Springbok vs Argentina game and we headed back with no problems after some target shooting was done. The game was watched in anticipation by the Bok supporters while the braai masters was busy with “Braai Goed” different types of homemade boerewors and off course the odd lamp chop and rib. The evening went on till 4h30 for some of us with Jason and Kris and myself being of the last to lay our heads down. We were up at 7h00 and made a quick fire for breakfast entailing Eland Wors , “braai goed” and pork chops. After breakfast some of us who work for a living had to depart. It was one for the books and those who missed out sorry that weekend can never be replicated. Thanks to all the 41’ers and guest who attended also for the knowledge and ideas imparted on us as members and we will surely dissect the ideas and comments and utilize what we can to assist Welwitschia 213’s longevity.

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On the 21st of June 2019 we hosted a general trivia night at music kitchen. The event started at 19h00 we had 150 people that evening that supported us. The event was well promoted on social media and created great awareness not only for the event for our table and Round Table in general. The event was a huge success and the people loved it. We were working on this project for 3 months and we sold tickets to the public for R75 per person and we had a sold out trivia night!! On the evening of the trivia we had lots of great prizes and we made raised additional funds that evening with selling R5 raffle to tickets for the lucky draw prizes and we also auctioned of some prizes that we received from our sponsors. Just want to say a special thanks to all the sponsors and to the public that supported us. The convenors thank everyone at Round Table PE West 142 for all the hard work you did, as a table the funds we made on the evening was R20, 310.50. What an amazing trivia event. Definitely looking forward to next year's trivia night. Convenor: Riano Rademeyer Co convenor: Cornel Strydom Riano Rademeyer SGT Pe West 142.

26 | P a g e


This is a long time standing social event at Round Table Potchefstroom. This year we held it on Friday the 7th of June at our clubhouse. It was well attended by members and partners. We were also joined by guests as well as Tablers from Sandown 150 and Stilfontein 53 respectively. Let me breakdown the evenings proceedings for you. A lovely evening of two gambling principals and some music and dancing later in the evening. For a R100 a head each person had welcome drinks, sushi and mixed platter as well as dessert platters for the evening. Texas hold-em had a total of 6 players with a buy in of R150 and one re buy of R150 per player. It was well played by most (except me as I bowed out first) everyone tried their best poker face but at the end of the evening the spoils went to Leanne Rhodes who surprised all the lads with her poker skills. The Blackjack was by far the livelier table to be at. Dealers Charlie and Cara Fourie kept the punters busy and by busy I mean a shot of cane every time you hit blackjack. The jury is still out if this tactic plays to the houses advantages. Not too much money lost or gained by house or player, the evening was a roaring success of fun and fellowship that goes with a Table social. Thank you to all that helped convene the evening and to the guests that travelled far to come and join us for the evening. Till next year. Sean Trautmann Gambling evening convenor

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Aims:  to grow as a table and become bigger and stronger while working well as a group and respect each other’s strength and weaknesses and use that to our advantage;

Chairman’s View Vision:

 to be a helpful organisation in the community by helping people we couldn’t help before because there were not enough funds or enough people at our table;

 Our vision is to create a better every-day life for many people.

 fellowship amongst tabler’s, to get together more often and work on our relationship as our table is very young with little table experience;

As Chairman I want to inspire the team to feel free to create and come up with ideas for projects, to raise funds for the table and community.

To plan our time and fund raisers more efficiently.

 To have a sustainable growth is very important to me because we are only a few men and the team is willing to give 110%, therefore the table is able to grow and have a prosperous future;  to encourage businesses in the area to be involved and help the table grow.

Jaco Zietsman 28 | P a g e


Welwitschia 213 had our 8th Business Meeting at Mo Joe’s Lounge. We had Windhoek 34 who came to raid us with 6 men strong. We also had the Area Vice Chairman having his 1st official visit with Welwitschia 213 and also a few 41’ers. The meeting was dealt with swiftly with a few questions on our finances regarding debtors who have not yet paid their accounts. It was great having the Gents there and involved in the meeting allowing us as Wel213 members to gain ideas and insights form the Windhoek 34 gents. The SGT for the night Rene Oranje and corporal Jason van Wyk both 41’er made sure that the meeting went smoothly and unnecessary interruptions where kept to a minimum. The fellowship after the meeting was most intriguing as the owner of Mo Joe’s a Wel213 41’er Reagan Graig had some valuable insight that we as tablers sometimes forget. Reagan asked that we just take a moment to express what each of us does not just the work we are in but also other skills they may have. It was a revelation to see how little we actually know about the next person professionally i.e. what that person does and what his skill sets are. This was an eye opener and some new avenues where explored that night. It is for all tablers to realize that we as tablers have a brother bond that means we should know each other not just in table but outside also where we can use each other’s skills and in this way uplift our relations both business and personal.

29 | P a g e


The gents from round table Potch 47 decided to go back to our natural instincts and have a boy’s only hunting trip as a good social event to bond as brothers. Our Chairman organised a hunting farm close by for the Saturday the 29 th of June 2019. We met early Saturday morning at the local Total garage in Potchefstroom locked and loaded for a great weekend. Arriving at the farm at quarter to 6 the morning the fire was already burning high and everybody was exited to start hunting. We Split up in to two teams and headed of on two bakkies so the hunt could begin. Around 11 the Morning Mr. Immediate Past President aka Mango (Sean Trautmann) drew first blood shooting a Blesbok at 260m on the other side of a ravine. It was a mission to get his Buck back tot the bakkie but as usual Mr Trautmann delegated like a Master Leaving his Chairman, Vice Chairman and the PH to carry his buck. We return back for a quick lunch before heading out to hunt again. Ruan Beukes and Mike Menezes retaliated quickly for the other bakkie taking down two Blesbokke in the afternoon. The sun was Quickly setting and the boys were getting very thirsty when Mike Menezes shot a fellow dear and Thys Rossouw a Waterbuck before the day closed off. Michael Daly tried to tackle the Waterbuck but luckily for the waterbuck changed direction and fell into the dam before Mr. Daly could get a hold of it….. After a good day of hunting the boys returned back to the hunting camp where the fire was burning high and the beer and brandy was ice cold. We had a great braai that evening and some awesome fellowship. We even had the privilege of meeting a panda… The fellowship went well into the night and the boys enjoyed a good trip. We left the following morning with a new bonds of brotherhood and memories for a lifetime. Thys Human, Potch 47 Chairman

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Natuurlik sal ons nie ‘n kans tot ‘n geselligheid laat verby gaan nie, en wat dan beter as ‘n tafelskuif. Dit was my beurt om te skuif en aangesien Daneel Meiring lanklaas die plesier gehad het, het dit toe by hom beland. Dit was ‘n suksesvolle aand met goeie bywoning en die gerugte doen die rondte dat van die manne maar gesukkel het om te funksioneer die volgende dag. Wat bygedra het tot die sukses was dat van ons 41ers ons kom verras het. Die manne is honger vir ‘n kuier. Eens ‘n tafelaar, altyd ‘n tafelaar. 41ers: Phillip Frost Francois Erasmus Conrad Bosman Tafelaars: Ryno Lombard Daneel Meiring Johan Bruwer Christo Tolmay Francois Calitz Sarel Pienaar Wayne Attwell Pipeliner: Leo Vermaak (hierdie ou mis niks!)

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Welwitschia 213 did our Winter Knights distribution for 2019 in the north this year as we had last been in the north in 2015 with the distribution to the Caprivi Region later changed to Zambezi Region. Welwitschia 213 decided on Ongwediva town as our base camp and distribute in the surrounding Area’s in villages as far as Ruacana. Rene Oranje (41’er),Vincent Dentlinger (Wel213 Guest) and myself started our trip from Windhoek on 25th of July at about 21h00. It was quite a distance to travel with Ongwediva and Windhoek being 706km apart and driving at night meant that we had to consider all manner of wildlife and domestic animals on the road. We reached Ongwediva at about 05h20 the morning of the 26th and the gents took a quick power nap before the businesses open. After a proper breakfast at the Tate Joe’s restaurant at Afrika Stadt Haus we took to Welwitschia 213 41’ers house JeanPaul Schmidt. We had a quick shower and dressed in regalia and we were off to get our order from Pep but unfortunately it was not ready. Morne Douwe also a Wel213 41’er owner of Cheetah Backpackers and Safaris accompanied us and assured us that nothing gets done quickly in these parts of the north… We ended up only taking possession of the 680 blankets at 13h50. Morne ensured that we have a quick bite to eat at the Kapana stands while waiting for the blankets and with the food items already loaded we took the road to the 1st of 6 places identified with needs. 1st stop was at the Oshakati Life Change Centre who had a feeding program to assist the needy we were able to distribute 120 Blankets at this center and food to assist them with the feeding program. The 2nd stop a few kilometers away was Okandjengedi Day Care and Disabled School with 40 disables children being taken care of by the principle and 3 staff members. The kids range from the ages 1-18 years of age. It was heart breaking to see these kids struggling with disability and still having a smile on their faces. I take my hat off to the principle and the staff for taking care of these special children. Next stop was our 3rd distribution point at the Aupapa Indongo Center for Orphans and disabled children who also had 32 people that they try and assist. The ages range from 4-21 years of age and they get taught valuable life skills that can help them in their everyday life. Our time spend at Aupapa Indongo Center was brief but enabled us to see what these orphans are going through. We headed to the 4th distribution point quite deep into a suburb on the outskirts of Oshakati , to the house of an eleven year old boy by the name of Matues Fillipus ,where we met with his mother Elise and his 2 siblings. Matues was a special boy who born with disability and Down syndrome but has the greatest desire to go to school. It was a sad to hear that his mother was unsuccessful in all her applications for this young man at all the schools in her surrounding area that cater for children with special needs. The blankets and food we had distributed there felt like so little and we had amongst ourselves used our contacts to at least get Matues an interview at 2 schools that cater for children with special needs. We will be hearing from them in the coming months and we hope that he can be accommodated. The sun was setting fast and we hurried to Ndahatuka School, the 5th distribution point, where we were able to still find the 15 kids orphans who are accommodated there as they have nowhere else to go. The kids aged of 4-8 are essentially street kids and are given a meal a day and a non-formal education during the day to at least give them hope for the future. Some of the kids got accepted into schools and they were there helping others to read and write. Our 6th distribution point and last stop for the day was at the Sam Nujoma Multipurpose Center in Ongwediva. This center has a daily feeding and homework program for the school going kids. They accommodate 200 children and help them in certain school subjects and also teach them valuable life skills and how to protect themselves from various forms of abuse and neglect. We had arrived at base camp at about 21h00 with some tired bodies and minds. JP and his wife had family dinner waiting for us. The gents knowing that we needed driving about 400km to complete the next day’s distributions we tried to keep our catching up with the 41’ers to a minimum but some valuable knowledge was imparted on us. Some people didn’t make it to bed till 5am.

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Outapi is about 90km further north from Ongwediwa and we stopped along the way at home steads and places where Morne had already scouted as being the neediest. We were not always allowed to enter their home steads but that didn’t matter and made more sense when we were asked to taste the food 1st before they were willing to take it. We headed from Outapi to Ruacana another 110 km north towards the Angola and Namibia Boarder. Along the we had driven in to area’s were the Owahimba’s made their home and we were able to also distribute blankets and food this we did up to the boarder and we were able to see the Ruacana Water Falls even though it was dry it was still a site to behold. A short rest at Ruacana and we were able to interact with the residents of the no man’s land between the Nam and Angola Boarder learning about their culture and being able to explain what Round Table is about. We headed back to Ongwediva and finished our distribution along the road. Making short work of the 200km back to basecamp with the spirits of the gents on high we arrived at Afrika Stadt Haus at 21h00 had a quick shower and spent the night with some proper fellowship and some great pizzas. The gents with tired bodies were up early and after we said our goodbyes we hit the road back to Windhoek. We had a stop along the way at Otjiwarongo to distribute 80 blankets and food items to the Otjiwarongo Multi-Purpose Help Center who had addressed their needs to the Namibian Area in June 2019.We made it home safely at 18h30 the Sunday evening after picking up 2 cyclists along the B1 just outside Windhoek who had some tire problems and dropped them at home. Welwitschia 213 had distributed on this trip 680 blankets valued at N$ 47593.20 and food to the value of N$ 13773.80 of which we were able to give 50 food parcels to 50 families of at least 4 people apart from the distributions made to the institutions mentioned. Welwitschia 213 had done a total distribution of Winter Knights Funds valued at N$ 61367.00 in the northern regions of Namibia. A huge thank you goes out to Morne Douwe (Wel213 41’er) and Cheetah Safaris for the use of their bakkie to do our distribution and accompanying us and for the preparation done that enabled us to get to the most needy. Jean-Paul Schmidt (Wel213 41’er) and Afrika Stadt Haus , for accommodating us and their assistance with the preparations. Thanks to the Rene Oranje and Vincent Dentlinger who made this distribution a memorable one. Thanks to Lamize Trading Enterprises for their assistance in purchasing the blankets and food items using their business relations to get discounts that allowed us to get the most out of our funds. Welwitschia 213 has spent 169 man hours on the distributions and driving alone, had driven 1830 km from Windhoek to Ruacana and back apart from the 480 kilometers driven off road to villages and homesteads bringing the total distance driven to 2310km. Welwitschia 213 has done this to show that Round Table Namibia Area is just as it reads Namibia Area and we are not confined to where our club houses are situated and its immediate surroundings.

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Paws Potchefstroom, a local NPO and animal shelter held their annual Golf day on the 28th of June at the Potch Golf club. Round Table Potch 47, decided to sponsor a hole to put ourselves out there and help support a good cause in our community. We used the opportunity to do some marketing and recruitment. It was a great day, as it was well attended. The public’s response to Beerfest was huge. Thanks to all those involved on the day. YiT Michael Menezes Potch 47

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On the 13th of June Kirkwood 78 held their annual Winter Knights. We gathered an enormous load of clothes, blankets and even food from the community, for the community. Winter Knights is an project close to the heart of every 78 member. It was convened by Ryno and was also held at his house. Fires were lit and burning high so that everyone coming to give of clothes could see us nice and clear.The night was a big success. Everyone that attended: Daneel Meiring Johan Bruwer Louis and Freda de Bruin Regardt and Nicola ven der Merwe Ryno Lombard Christo and Adele Tolmay Sarel and Maressa Pienaar Francois and Anel Calitz Greg and Mandy Jones

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So I was privileged to be sent by my company Plumblink to attend the iSH 2019 in Frankfurt Germany. This is the biggest expo of its kind in the world showcasing all the latest in the plumbing industry from sanitary ware, taps, baths, pumps, tools, piping, heating and so on. This was to be a 7 day trip with a full 5 days in Frankfurt. So being the IRO/PRO for PE West 142 at the time I was always trying to engage with Tables from around the world and also trying to Twin with our matching table numbers. I searched Round tables in Frankfurt and found that there are a few Round Tables based in Frankfurt, namely Table 8, 40, 90 & 120. I sent emails to all of them and got a response back from Table 8 Frankfurt. The guy that made contact with me was a guy by the name of Jakob Steinhagen and he was the IRO from his Table. We then quickly exchanged numbers and moved all communication to Whatsapp and basically planned to meet up when I arrived. I kept him in the loop when I arrived and we planned to meet up the Friday night for drinks. I had 3 other colleagues with me on the trip and asked them if they wouldn’t mind joining to which they agreed and we made our way to the pub. Funny thing was this was an IRISH pub for this German meet & greet. Quite the clichÊ but nevertheless! Jakob arrived and we exchanged pins & flags officially before climbing into some pints. This was to be an evening he would never forget as this crazy Saffer took him on an evening of massive proportions #global We pub crawled until the early hours of Saturday morning until he eventually succumbed and said his goodbyes whilst we carried on a little further. This was an awesome experience for me and opened my eyes to what an awesome organisation we are all part of! We are a global organisation with global gents #global YIT Jean-Pierre du Plessis 36 | P a g e


What a Great Kalahari Hunting trip this was!!! Augrabies 273 and Villiersdorp 227 have had a twinning agreement between the two clubs for ample amount of years now. Villiersdorp invites Augrabies in the summer months for a Fishing trip, it rarely happens that any fishing takes place due to “Weather” constraints. Augrabies on the other hand invites Villiersdorp for a Hunting trip in the winter, this always ends up as being one of the highlights of both tables. Hunting does take place as the “Weather” never plays a roll on a Hunting trip. This year we were fortunate enough to have fellow tablers from Prieska 161 join us. This was only a pleasure having them on our twinning agreement. Prieska however did show up that day as most of the biltong Hunting was done by them, every shot perfectly executed. I could say the same from our table but we were driving the vehicles that got them so close to the animals. Overall is has been an experience that all three Tables enjoyed and next year we will make it even bigger.

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Good day fellow tablers, As a chairman of a table it seems like a ‘not to daunting task’ that’s after you had your vice chairman year and at PE West 142 that means you manage projects for the year and ultimately your responsibility. But as the year just started as a chairman the duties, behind the scenes, one on one problem's I had to deal with thus far as chairman it is certainly going to be an exciting, challenging, interesting but great year! My vision for my year as chairman is to get all tablers as committed to table as possible, to help the portfolio holders of the table to meet all our deadlines and goals that we have set at the beginning of the year As I read this it sounds all not that difficult but, as in life, we all have a large amount of different responsibilities, personal goals and agendas that all the tablers has to attend to first and thereafter commitment and dedication starts with table life. But giving back to the community is great that is why we set goals in life and plan and put up our hands for various portfolios at AGM for the year ahead. As chairman I just would like to see all our goals that we set out for ourselves as a table are achieved and to get everyone as passionate to table as what I am. So we will ADOPT new methods and strategies, Adapt and IMPROVE ourselves at Round Table PE West 142. Chairman Riaan Janse Van Rensburg a.k.a. Neef

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Saterdag 31 Augustus 2019 – Dit woel al van vroegoggend by Prieska 161 se klubhuis. Die vure brand en die reuk van sosaties hang in die lug. Dit is weer tyd vir ons jaarlikse 4x4 dag en die dag begin by ons klubhuis waar die inskrywings plaasvind en die manne en vroue ook sommer iets vir die maag kan geniet. Daar was 19 voertuie ingeskryf vir die dag waarvan ‘n groot getal van Douglas gekom het. Omstreeks 09:00 het die voertuie begin afbeweeg na die bos waar daar 4 hindernisse en ‘n “time trial” gewag het vir die deelnemers. Dit is al die 11de jaar wat Prieska 161 hierdie dag aanbied so alles verloop seep glad en middag ete het sommer vinnig aangebreek. Die toeskouers en deelnemers was bederf met die lekkerste sosaties, wors en hamburgers wat voorberei was deur die tafelaars en hul vrouens. Die “bar on wheels” het ook gesorg dat die kele nie te droog raak nie. Na middag ete het almal vertrek na die 2de laatse hindernis en op hierdie stadium het die manne wat die punte gegee het maar ‘n moeilike taak op hande gehad aangesien die meeste van die voertuie nog geen foute gemaak het nie so almal was redelil kop aan kop wat punte betref. Alhoewel die koel temperatuur die oggend die baan bietjie vergemaklik het was die gees onder die deelnemers hoog en ons kon nie vir ‘n beter dag gevra het nie. Die laaste hindernis van die dag was die beroemde langduin en dis gewoonlike hier waar die beoordelaars die kaf van die koring skei. Alhoewel daar ‘n paar voertuie gesukkel het was daar ook ‘n hele paar wat die duin baas geraak het. Die kompetisie gedeelte van die dag was verby en almal is na Prieska Golfklub vir die prysuitdeling. Alhoewel hierdie dag glad nie gaan oor wen en verloor nie is dit altyd lekker om die deelnemers te kan beloon met ‘n prys. Sonder ons borge sou ons egter nooit so dag suksesvol kan aanbied nie daarom wil Roundtable Prieska 161 vir elke borg wat iets bydgra het vir hierdie dag BAIE DANKIE sê, sonder julle sou dit glad nie moontlik gewees het nie. Daar was sommer lekker pryse vir die deelnemers. Die algehele wenner vir die dag was Cilliers Fourie van Douglas.

Roundtable Prieska 161 wil net vir elke deelnemer en toeskouer bedank vir die ondersteuning. Sonder julle sal ons dit ook nie kan doen nie. Fondse wat ons insamel op hierdie tipe dae word geskenk aan liefdadigheid. So elkeen van julle maak ‘n groot verskil in iemand se lewe en dit word opreg waardeer. Volgende jaar maak ons weer so.

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In the context of the water crisis facing Grahamstown (Makhanda) together with surrounding towns, Ryno van Rooyen proposed a project to assist with the distribution of water to those in need in the community. The aim of the project was to utilise the Grahamstown 11 clubhouse to collect, store and distribute water to people and area in need in and around the town. Residents especially from the location have been getting water cuts lasting at times a week or more with little assistance from the municipality as it was on strike. The water project commenced early February with the table clubhouse as designated drop off point. Grahamstown 11 would like to thank amongst other donors, Stirling Primary schools (East London) students and Rotary Sunset (Port Elizabeth) for their kind donations of 5 litre water bottles. One of the recipients of water by The Grahamstown table was to the McKaiser Old Age Home which was facing water cuts on a daily basis. Please note that is project is an ongoing project and we as Grahamstown 11 accept assistance in the form of water bottles, monetary donations and water tanks as the Grahamstown’s situation is not going to be resolved overnight but over a long period of combined efforts from various partners within and outside town. Ryno as the project convenor was instrumental in putting the projection into action and communicating with all tablers and stakeholders the logistics of water collection and drop offs. Gift of the Givers and Pam Golding have also been instrumental in assisting this water drop of points around Grahamstown.

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Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla August 2019  

Round Table Southern Africa Inkundla August 2019  

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