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The value of exercise can never be overemphasised. We all agree that there are many health benefits when we work out. How to exercise is however another matter and we can have a long debate on this. Typically, there are two types of exercises: Aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercises are more recommended because of their ability to quickly shed excess fat. When it comes to aerobics, Zumba music is always my choice. Here are some of my reasons for using Zumba songs in aerobic sessions. The first reason I choose Zumba is the songs themselves. The Latino beat that comes with Zumba music just does it for me. Like with any other Latin songs, Zumba has this party feeling to it meaning that if you are using it in exercise, you will basically be having fun into physical fitness. Those who have an exercise routine will tell you why this is so important. Unless fun is added to the routine, it is very easy to get bored and stop. Zumba songs will help you prevent this. Zumba has a good variety of music which means you have songs for warm up, active exercise and for cooling down. This means you will use Zumba Music from the start to the end of your exercise session without having to switch to any other type of music. Because of the smooth flow of Zumba songs, your aerobic session will tend to also be a flow rather than just jumping up and down. The effect of this is a workout that appears to combine both the physical and the massage effect to it. To put it another way, you will be dancing rather than doing some hard exercise. For ladies, this is even more appreciated because as you cut down and get in shape, you do it while maintaining cute female shape. The other reason why I enjoy Zumba music is that it is not just workout music. You will enjoy this music even as you relax at home or drive your car. So, when you buy the music, you can use the same CD for both purposes. Zumba will also be very good to listen with your friends because the music is appreciated by both sexes. The music is also very good for releasing stress so after a long stressful day, all you need to do is turn on that CD as you drive home and you will get home ready for family time. Zumba music when carefully selected can be very good for your sleep. Playing slow music at low volume allows you to sleep peacefully. So in case you have had challenges sleeping, try Zumba and see what difference it will make for you. The reason this is possible is because Zumba music will help normalize your heart rate. One of the reasons we are unable to sleep is the fast pace that our hearts beat making it hard for sleep to come. You probably already know that stress and pressure cause lack of sleep. And these are only some of the benefits of Zumba.

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==== ==== If Zumba is what makes you move, find other articles here ==== ====

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