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The Process for Setting Up an RTO

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The Process for Setting Up an RTO Registration as an RTO is a structured three (3) stage process that requires applicants to demonstrate their ability to operate as an RTO. The stages included in the process are as follows:

Stage 1 - Preparation and Submission of Online Application

Stage 2 - Desk Audit Stage 3 - Site Audit

How prepared do I need to be? To gain RTO registration you are required to demonstrate to the registering body that you are ready to start your RTO as soon as you are granted registration.

This means you must: 

Know which qualifications or units that you want to offer

Have the necessary resources for the qualification/units you will be delivering

Training facilities suitably equipped according to training package requirements (unless training is work based)

Have the trainers and assessors who have the relevant qualifications and relevant industry experience, evidence of ongoing professional development, recent currency in the appropriate industry and be able to document this.

Trainers and assessors must hold the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Have access to an industry person; to consult with regarding the training and assessment strategies

Be prepared to develop a business plan and complete the ASQA financial

assessment pack to demonstrate the viability of the business 

Have all necessary documents and systems in place to run the business, this includes the training and assessment material for all units to be offered

Demonstrate a strong understanding and commitment to compliance

You will need to prove that you have all of the above prepared through the stages of the application process, first at the initial desk audit and then the site audit.

Stage 1 - Preparation and Submission of Online Application Research - Establish the need, identify the market, determine the qualification(s)/ unit(s) to be offered and the methods of delivery. Preparation and Self-Assessment - This stage involves preparing all documents, handbooks, templates, documents and policies required to operate your RTO. Included at this stage is the development of the business plan, financial projections, training materials, assessments, training and assessment strategies and more. The conduct of a self-assessment against the NVR Standards is a requirement for the application but also helps identify any areas needing improvement prior to submitting the application. Submit Online Application - Submit your application with supporting evidence online using ASQAnet. You are required to pay the non-refundable application lodgement fee of $800 and the $8000 assessment fee. All ASQA fees are GST free. Refer to the ASQA website for detailed fee information. Before progressing any further your completed Financial Assessment Pack will need to pass a Financial Risk Assessment conducted by an external contractor nominated by ASQA (currently Kingsway undertake all Financial Risk Assessments). Applicants will be advised if their financial assessment was unsuccessful or successful. ďƒźSuccessful Financial Risk Assessment

Applications that past the financial risk assessment will be notified by ASQA and proceed to the desk audit stage. ďƒť Unsuccessful Financial Risk Assessment Unsuccessful applicants will be given opportunity to resubmit their financial data. The fee of $800 is required when resubmitting financial data.


Preparation and Self-Assessment

Submit Online Application

Financial Projections Reviewed


Not Successful Resubmission fee payable

Stage 2 - Desk Audit Desk Audit - This stage involves the review of the documents submitted online through AQSAnet. Successful Desk Audit Applicants who are successful during the desk audit will be allocated an auditor. This auditor will make contact to organise a day and time for the site audit.  Unsuccessful Desk Audit Applicants that don’t meet the requirements of ASQA at this stage will be notified in writing and given another opportunity to submit additional documentation to meet the identified gaps.

Desk Audit


Not Successful Given another chance to submit further evidence

Stage 3 - Site Audit Prior to the Site Audit - The auditor will contact you and request specific evidence prior to the site audit. The reason behind this is twofold. The first, being that the auditor can confirm that the business is ready for the site audit and the second, being that it cuts down on the amount of documentation to be reviewed at the site audit and makes time available for more discussion. The Site Audit - The site audit is usually one day in duration and is your opportunity to demonstrate readiness to operate your RTO and compliance with the VET Quality Framework. Following the Site Audit - During the site audit you should be aware of any non-compliances from feedback given by the auditor. ASQAs policy is to complete the audit report and send it to applicants within 10 working days of the site audit. Compliant Applications - Successful applicants with no non-compliances will be notified of the outcome and once formally issued with an RTO ID, can commence marketing and provide training and assessment services. Non-Compliances - Where non-compliances have been identified during the site audit an audit report will be completed detailing the rectifications required. Applicants have 20 working days to resubmit evidence to address non-compliances. For this reason alone it is essential to spend the time making sure you have everything required. Post Initial Audit - Following registration, all RTO’s should be audited 12 months after initial registration was granted. RTO Consulting’s full service RTO set up package manages the application process and supports you from Preparation to Registration. Re-Registration - RTO status is not a once off application. Registration is valid for only 5 years. Existing RTOs that want continue operating are required to apply for re-registration no later than 90 days prior to the registration expiring. The application for continuing registration is made against the NVR Standards for continuing registration.

Stage 3 - Site Audit (Continued‌)

Site Audit

Not Successful Successful

Successful Registration granted

20 working days to resubmit evidence to address noncompliances

Failure to demonstrate compliance will result in the application being rejected.

RTO Set Up Service RTO Consulting can work with you and guide you through the process from the development of your business plan and financial projections through to the registration. We will not only prepare the initial application, customise the templates and documents but we will develop your skills and knowledge so that you are ready to run the business once registered as an RTO.

The following page provides a list of what is included in our service.

Our RTO Set Up Service Includes... Detailed Application guide … Step by step guide, written by a specialist, on how to prepare your application for the registration of your RTO. Guiding you through the application complex process. Templates for the setup and operations of your RTO … Ready to use, templates including; policies & procedures, handbooks, business plan, financial projections & many more to be used in conjunction with application guide. Step by Step Checklist … Detailed checklist for you to follow in the completion of your application to help make sure you keep on track, are fully prepared and that nothing if overlooked.

Telephone and Email Support … Access to a team of experts to help you with your application via telephone and email as required as per the stated amount of time.

VET sector updates … Receive regular updates about changes to legislation, industry event, professional development opportunities and information that will assist you in running your RTO. Customisation of the templates for setup of your RTO … One of our expert team will work with you to adjust the templates to suit your business. This is essential for the success of the application, avoid costly mistakes and save your valuable time.

1-on-1 consulting to support you with your application … From the beginning through to registration you will be supported and guided by an industry expert who will not only direct you through the process but coach you so you have a clear understanding of how to run your RTO once registered.

Conduct of Self-Assessment Audit … Your application for RTO status requires that you undertake a self-assessment audit and submit to the regulator in the first stage of the application. Our experienced auditor will complete this audit for you and document the findings in accordance to the current requirements of the regulator.

Review of Assessment Tools … Every application requires you to demonstrate that you have assessment tools ready for all units to be offered. Your consultant will review 2 assessments against the current standards and provide feedback and coaching as required.

Prepare and Submit your Application… Our industry experts will prepare your online application for your approval. This way you can be sure that all required evidence is submitted and your application is complete. Assistance following initial audit… Should any documents created by our team require rectifications following the audit we will action these. We will interpret the report and assist you in identifying what is needed.

Not sure if you want to run an RTO or you have questions you want answered before starting the application process, then the following option may suit‌

I want to run an RTO – one-on-one session This package gives you the opportunity to speak to a consultant with over 13 years experience, who has owned their own RTO, set up a large number of RTOs for others and understands the industry and difficulties in accessing information. You can ask your questions, gain clarification on what an RTO is and is it right for you.

This package includes information sheets and a review to help you decode what the best option is for your business.

Get answers to your questions including: Is being an RTO right for me? Do I need a consultant, can it be that hard? What is the process? What do I need to prepare?

How long does it take to become an RTO? What are the alternatives to being an RTO?

Cost: $550 Duration: 2 hour consultation Method: via Skype Bookings are essential

Client Testimonials "South Burnett Ventures recently engaged the services of RTO Consulting to assist us with the initial registration process to become to registered training organisation. The service provided by Angela and her team was extremely professional and of a consistently high quality..." Leesa Osborne, Training Manager

“Engaging Angela to assist with our application (For RTO registration) was the best decision we made and I have no doubt that it is the reason we are where we are today, after such a short time. I have no hesitation in recommending Angela to anyone who is considering applying for registration as a training provider. I am very happy with the service she provided to us‌" Debi Pinard, CEO

To read more of our client’s testimonials please visit: and click on the Testimonials page

Our services include but are not limited to:

RTO set up

Development of accredited courses

Rectification assistance following an external audit conducted by ASQA

Development of learning and assessment strategies

Internal site and desk audits including audit report and an action plan to address rectifications

Attendance and support at external audits

Review of policies

Development of policies, procedures and templates

Professional development sessions and coaching for staff

Assessment validation

Facilitation of assessment moderation sessions

Many services can be provided without the need for lengthy face to face meetings. Many of which can be completed remotely.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the set up of an RTO or the services offered by RTO Consulting. RTO


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The Process for Setting Up an RTO  
The Process for Setting Up an RTO