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==== ==== The Best Way To Save At Least 50% On Your Electric Bill: ==== ====

Our economy, and our environment these days insist that everyone take a responsible look for ways to save money, and help the environment, and home-made energy can do wonders for both. Not only will you save a lot of cash, but you can completely diminish your electric bill. It is even possible to arrange for the light company to pay you for any extra power that your system stores. Sure this may sound somewhat fantastic, but the truth is, it is fantastic! Whether your using solar power, wind power, or a combination of the two, it will be a great help in your money saving plans, and responsibility towards the environment. Home-made energy, be it solar, or wind, is not a fad. It's our responsibility as parents, grandparents, and citizens of this planet. This Planet. Does this planet have a future?! If we do not accept that the use of renewable energy is the only way we will have a future, we will fail to have a future. It is not just that we are going to deplete our current resources, but by using these sources we are destroying our environment. So how does one explain a home-made energy and its benefits. I suppose we could try using some definitions so we will start with the most common household energy today for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money would probably be solar energy. - Solar energy: Of, pertaining to, or proceeding from the sun: Solar rays. And, Utilizing or operated by energy derived from the sun: a solar heating system. - Solar battery: A system consisting of a large number of connected solar cells. - Solar cell: A semiconductor device that converts the energy of the sunlight into electric energy, used mainly as a power supply in space vehicles. Space. The final frontier? But wait, solar energy is safe, clean, inexpensive as a home-made energy, and as a source of energy it is everlasting. Not to mention that it can completely remove the need for an electric bill. And yes, you can even sale your excess energy to the electric company. Now that's saving money and being responsible. Another safe, and becoming more commonly used home-made energy is derived from windmills. Windmill: A mill or other machine that runs on the energy generated by a wheel of adjustable

blades or slats rotated by the wind. But it does not need to be just for a mill. Windmills are also powering everything from barns, garages, houses, and even some towns. They can be very aesthetic and can also eliminate your light bill and allow you to sale excess energy to the utility company. I do not want to ramble on, so allow me to keep this brief, whether you choose solar power, wind power, or a combination of the two, it's a win-win for you, your family, your wallet and the environment. You really do not need to get caught up in the definitions or the technical side of solar power or wind power. There are some excellent guides to show you how to convert your electricity to renewable power sources and you can easily build them yourself at home. The important thing is that you choose to make a difference and get started.

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==== ==== The Best Way To Save At Least 50% On Your Electric Bill: ==== ====

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