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Considering solar power for home use? If you are, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, many homes today are constructed with ready-made solar array on the roof. These solar panels are a definite improvement compared to the huge panels of the past. They are much smaller, more unobtrusive, and better-looking. More importantly, they are more efficient and can convert more solar power for home use with little space needed. Naturally, they are still visible to anyone who takes the time to look up, but they blend easily with the shingles so they will not make your house look like a block of metal fell on it. Most people expect that once they have a solar powered home, they can immediately eliminate utility bills. This is not always the case. You see, solar panel systems are capable of producing enough electricity to power everything inside the average American home. But this can only happen under ideal conditions. The effectiveness of solar panels depends on where your house is. If your house barely gets six hours of direct sunlight the whole year round, then you will not be seeing much in energy savings. This means that a house in Arizona will need fewer solar panels than a house in Vermont to produce enough solar power for home use. Not surprisingly, homes that use solar technology do not rely on the panels alone. They use a mix of traditionally generated electricity and solar energy. During times when solar panels generate more than enough energy for home use, homeowners can actually sell the excess energy to utility companies. When this happens, homeowners can actually make cash off utility companies rather than be slapped with a hefty monthly bill. If you want to give solar power for home use a go, 'Earth4Energy' is a good resource. The manual is downloadable and walks you through the process of setting up your own solar panel using materials you can get cheaply from the local hardware.

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==== ==== The Best Way To Save At Least 50% On Your Electric Bill: ==== ====

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