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==== ==== The Best Way To Save At Least 50% On Your Electric Bill: ==== ====

The Home Made Energy book is about using free and environmentally friendly renewable energy resources to produce electricity to reduce the amount of power we need to purchase from the big power concerns. The primary methods of producing electricity in this book are from home built wind and solar powered generators. According to this instructional manual, one of the biggest advantages of making your own electricity generators is that they cost only about $200 USD to construct. They pay for themselves in only a few weeks. In contrast, buying and professionally installing a commercial grade system can cost over $20,000 and require 8 to 15 years to recoup the investment. What you get: Home Made Energy is an instant download, 44 page eBook that you can read directly from a computer monitor or print out for more traditional reading. The Negatives: The book is poorly written as if by a high school student that had a book report assignment that was intended to be used as background material rather than a complete how-toactually-build-it manual. It appears to be a really low grade knock off of the more popular eBooks called Earth4Energy and Home Made Power Plant. It has many missing essential details like the exact specifications for the motor/generator required for the wind turbine project for example. The Positives: The concept of inexpensively building your own solar and wind powered generators that pay back your investment in just a few weeks instead of 8 to 15 years in some commercially products is a significant breakthrough. The topic of producing at least part of your own electricity for the good of the planet and to save money is important and timely. Home Made Energy is offered in an instant download format which means in just a few minutes after ordering it is available on your computer. After Purchase Support: Email only. Guarantee: 60 days money back Cost: $47 USD

Bottom Line: This eBook is incomplete, confusing and poorly written. For these reasons and the fact that other better eBook programs are available for about the same price I cannot recommend Home Made Energy.

To purchase the Home Made Energy eBook or for more details including comparisons to other top instruction manuals on the topic of how to build your own solar and wind powered generators, just follow this link to

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==== ==== The Best Way To Save At Least 50% On Your Electric Bill: ==== ====

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