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A Snowy Day in Angels Camp When special moments happen, it is every photographer’s wish to be present and ready to capture every sequence of shots that he or she can rapid fire on with their camera. This day started with a good chill outside and got colder as a brief but powerful snow storm moved into Calaveras County. “What is the big deal?” some folks may ask; and rightfully so. During the winter much of our country is blanketed with snow, but in Angels Camp, California, approximately 1100 feet above sea level, snowflakes as big as hockey pucks are very uncommon. For two and a half hours the snow fell to earth in a snow flake size that could only be described as XX Xtra-large. Angels Camp was quickly blanketed in a soft cover of white snow that quickly, and for only that brief moment in time, turned this rustic mining town of The Motherlode into a beautiful winter paradise. While the citizens of Angels Camp take pride in their town all through the year, it is because of the rarity of snow here do we take a special pride in our town’s appearance during this special moment in time. These photos were taken between 8 am and 10 am on the 13th of February, 2009. As I loaded my children into the car to go to school and day care, a few snowflakes began to fall with a feeling of colder air blowing in from the Northwest. I ran back inside to grab my camera case just in case an opportunity arose for some pictures. I dropped Kirsten off at Mark Twain Elementary School and continued up the hill to Valecitos where my youngest Clarissa attended day care. The

snow was coming so fast that I was sure my little Chevy HHR was not going to make it. With a few quickly said prayers and careful steady driving we made it to the day care center in good shape. I left quickly after dropping Clarissa of in hopes of capturing the town during this spectacular snow storm. My trek back down the hill was slow and careful. I made the four corners of highways 4 and 49 just in time to capture these amazing photos. I wheeled my car into a parking lot and quickly got to work. Taking the time to walk the town up and back while exploring as many angles as I could, I have put together the following portfolio of winter pictures captured on “A Snowy Day in Angels Camp." By: R. Timothy Saunders

Moments in Time Photography-A Snowy Day  

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