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Multi-Pack Edition 2010 Volume 12

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The “NEW” SB300-S The “NEW” Sollas SB300-S is a high-end solution for the most demanding customers. This fully automatic stretch-bundling machine is suitable for bundling various products. The Sollas SB300-S stands out in particular for its flexibility with change-over times as low as 5 minutes by means of competitively priced “click-on” change parts. Like all Sollas machines, the SB300-S can easily be integrated with upstream collating devices and downstream equipment like cartoners. This machine utilizes Polyethylene (PE) Film for a “bulls-eye” type wrap; the most common style in the industry. After wrapping, the products go through a heat tunnel to secure the package and achieve the "bulls-eye" effect. With this state-of-the-art piece of equipment, Sollas is showing once more that we are the leading company for packaging machinery!

PE “Bulls Eye” Multi-Pack

Comments From the Director Looking forward, 2010 looks to be the "re-start" of Manufacturing... During mid-late 2009 we saw a promising upswing in customer activity, showing signs that the Manufacturing Sector is coming back to life. Here are a few items that kept us busy in 2009: - We assisted a customer with limited capacity by overwrapping their product at RTG. - RTG accepted many machine orders at 2009 pricing for delivery/install in early 2010. - Our Film Division (RTG Films) started marketing/converting a NEW Polyester (PET) DualOvenable Lidding Film, which in the last six (6) months, has exceeded expectations. - Sollas Parts/Service Dept., which had minimal activity in the first-half of '09, exceeded expectations with many parts/service calls during the second-half. So here we are at the beginning of 2010, with numerous projects on the table and several machine installations about to transpire. One thing is certain…2010 is starting off on the right track! You’re asking, we’re listening... At RTG we listen and respond to our customer’s requests. In development for 2010, is an option for a new automatic splicing unit on the Sollas SX Series. This will now enable customers to avoid downtime for roll changeovers. The Shrink Reduction... Many projects arose in 2009 where customers were looking to eliminate the use of Polyolefin ‘’shrink” film and replace it with Polypropylene “overwrap” film. Customers are now coming to the realization that shrink tends to be more expensive in the long-term. Furthermore, they don't achieve the "perfect package" with seal seams that tend to wander and distort package graphics. The overwrap style is indeed the way to go when package presentation and cost reduction is of utmost importance! Brian Robert Director of Sales

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Multi-Pack Options Depending on your preference, Sollas offers various methods for MultiPack Overwrapping. On our Sollas SX-60 we offer a unique look that differs from the conventional StretchBundling Wrap. We are still able to do the standard Polypropylene (OPP) overwrap look, however the side seals are not fully-overlapped. This produces an easy-open package and reduces film costs by utilizing less film. Customers who want to avoid running their products through a heat-tunnel usually prefer this style Multi-Pack.

OPP Multi-Pack

Bandum-S with Free-Fall Collator For customers requiring a compact banding machine that can automatically band cartons/flat products, the New Sollas Bandum-S with Free-Fall Collator is the ideal machine. From promotional items to general MultiPacks, the Bandum-S is the “all-around� banding machine. Customer Solution: Recently Sollas installed the Bandum-S with a Free-Fall Collator for banding flow-wrapped slices of bread utilizing pre-printed PP Film. The customer needed a production output of 25 PPM which was easily met. This shows the versatility of the machine as it has been installed in a facility producing food products. *Capable of producing 30-120mm wide bands in either PP, PE or PE Coated Paper.

“Your One-Source for all your Flexible Film Needs” Industries Currently Supplied - Optical Media - Cosmetic - Pharmaceutical - Baking / Food

- Confectionery - Banding - Direct Mail - Frozen Food

- Paper Products - Playing Cards - Tobacco - CR80 Smart Cards

- Paper Ream Wrap - Contract Packaging - Carton Windows - Coffee / Tea

QUALITY: RTG only works with reputable flexible film manufacturers of master rollstock throughout the world. VALUE: RTG believes each customer deserves to get the best pricing upfront from the start. SERVICE RTG has the leading Customer Service Department in the Slitting / Converting industry. We truly control“when” you get your film.

Converting / Slitting

RTG Films has many different highspeed PLC Controlled slitters that are capable of slitting / rewinding a vast array of flexible packaging films. To date, we slit and convert Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PLA and Polyester Films on a daily basis.

Ready for Shipping

RTG Films carefully checks each roll to make sure it meets RTG Specs prior to shipment. Once Quality Control validates roll acceptance, the rolls are carefully packaged on a pallet to ensure safe delivery to our customers.

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Let's Wrap Vol. 12  
Let's Wrap Vol. 12  

Let's Wrap Vol. 12