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\JhirtSY 162 Walnut Colorado City, TX 79512 325-728-2026 Dear Signtronix, Thank you so much for making the best marketing tool ever! My sales have gone up at least 40% since introducing my new sign. I no longer have to put forth so much money into advertising on the radio or in the newspaper because my sign does all my advertising for me. My business is located in a very small town and I have people come in all the time saying, "I didn't even know this shop was here. but I saw your sign." These are people that have lived here all their lives and I have been in business for almost two years. The sign is a real eye catcher and lights up my whole street at night. It was super easy to install. A friend of mine had it up and running in an afternoon. Several business owners have asked me where I got my sign and I have been steering them your way. Thanks again for such a wonderful product.