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September - December 2012


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Welcome to Darwen Aldridge Community Academy’s Adult Learning Brochure for Autumn 2012 I am pleased to introduce our new programme of courses available for adults from the Darwen Community. For this programme we are working in partnership with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council's Neighbourhoods and Learning Service to offer a wider variety of courses and also courses that can lead to a formal qualification. Many of the courses on offer are again free, however to allow us to sustain our adult learning programme we have had to make some small charges to some of the courses. We offer a wide variety of courses with most sessions taking place in the evenings. All are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable learning environment by fully qualified tutors with a wealth of knowledge of their specialist areas. The tutors will support and encourage your learning throughout each course

At Darwen Aldridge Community Academy we recognise that there are many different reasons for signing up to learn or to acquire a new skill. In this guide you will find courses that could help you shake off the stress of the working week, try something you have always wanted to do or give you the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification. We are constantly seeking ways to improve and expand the services we offer to our community and in the coming year, we will continue to run our Parents’ Panel. Even if you are unable to make the meetings please make your views heard by contacting the Academy and talking to our tutors. If you are interested in any other courses to those offered in this guide please let us know so we can adapt our programmes to meet the needs of the community. Whatever your choice we wish you every success in 2012 - 2013.

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How to sign up for one of our courses There are several ways to book your place In person You can pop in and speak to our receptionists at the front of the building between 9am – 5pm Telephone You can phone to book your place on (01254) 819500 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm E-Mail

Please note: - Payment must be made for the chargeable courses in full when you attend your first session. We can only accept cash or cheque at our main reception on arrival. Fee remission is available on certain courses to learners on eligible means tested benefits. They will only have to pay the £5 enrolment fee and will be asked to produce evidence of benefit entitlement at enrolment. All courses are free except where stated.

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Darwen Creates work with a number of local businesses to deliver a series of workshops designed for people who are thinking about starting, have recently started or run their own business. The programme provides expert advice delivered by entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience. All workshops take place on a Tuesday evening from 5.30pm-7.30pm. Business Planning Delivered by Darwen Creates 11th Sept & 15th Jan A look at the important elements of a business plan and what needs to be considered when planning a new startup or developing an established business.

Basics of Marketing Delivered by Eden Marketing 9th Oct & 12th Feb Understanding how to divide up your market, target your product/service and how to position your business in the market place through communicating the right message in the right way.

Setting up your Business Delivered by FS Accountants 18th Sept & 22nd Jan All the basic legal and financial information you need to think about from how to register the business to bookkeeping, VAT and raising finance.

Social Media for Business Delivered by KP Studios 16th Oct & 26th Feb An introduction into the world of social media, focusing on how why it’s important and how your business can implement an effective social media strategy.

Keeping your Business Legal Delivered by Strawberry Standards 5th Sept & 29th Jan From deciding on trading names, to raising invoices and manufacturing products, all the ‘must know’ info on trading standards to keep you the right side of the law. Creating a Web Presence Delivered by KP Studios 2nd Oct & 5th Feb Why websites are so important and what to think about when developing and promoting your business website, as well as explaining IT jargon and key terms.

Networking for Business Delivered by EPIC Networking 23rd Oct & 5th Mar A practical look at Business Networking, focusing on the benefits to your business, and effective strategies for quality networking to help grow your business. PR and Media Delivered by Catherine Prest 6th Nov & 12th Mar A practical focus on what media tools are available and how to use them effectively, including which are most suitable for your target audience and business sector.

For more information and to book your place visit or contact us on: 01254 819555 - - Twitter @DarwenCreates.

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Maths Course information: Learners will be working towards a nationally recognised Maths Functional Skills qualification at Level 1 or Level 2 *Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE A-C grade

Aims/What will you learn? Induction & initial assessment Tues 11th September

6:00 - 8:00pm

Tues 30th October no course

Course Length 18 weeks

Course Ends Tues 29th January 2013

Half Term

To develop Maths skills that can be used and applied in everyday life situations. • Use metric units in everyday situations including calculating materials needed for eg. DIY projects. • Compare special offers when shopping eg. percentage and fraction discounts • Understand charts and diagrams used to compare information. • Adding, subtracting and multiplication +, -, x • Fractions • Percentages % • Decimals • Metric units • Ratio • Area • Volume • Handling information.

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English Course information: Learners will be working towards the national tests at level 1/2 Learners will be working towards a nationally recognised English Functional Skills qualification at Level 1 or Level 2 *Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE A-C grade

Aims/What will you learn? Speaking and listening.

Induction & initial assessment

Develop English skills that can be used and applied in everyday life situations.

Tues 30th October no course


18 weeks

• Learn to read texts using different reading techniques, in order to find information. • Examples – official letters, gas bills, research to learn something new. • Learn to proof read your own writing and others’ in order to make corrections.

Writing • Learn to write in everyday situations using sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation correctly in order to communicate clearly.

Tues 11th September

Course Length Course Ends Tues 29th January 2013

6:00 - 8:00pm Half Term

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Cake Decoration Enrolment Tues 11th September

6:00 - 8:00pm

Tues 30th October no course

Half Term

Course Length 9 weeks

Course Ends Tues 20th November 2012

Cost £36.00 plus £5.00 enrolment fee.

Who is the course for? • Anyone with an interest in building upon the basic techniques learned in the basic cake decoration course • Learning for leisure and personal interest

Aims/What will you learn? What do I need to bring? • An apron • Ingredients for recipe each week as agreed by learners

• More advanced royal icing techniques including run-outs and stencils. • Basic cake design principles • Modelling with sugar paste and marzipan • Use of chocolate for producing cake decorations This will be learnt through basic theory, demonstration and practicing techniques in each session.

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Emergency First Aid at Work Enrolment Who is the course for? • Nominated First Aiders in the workplace • Anyone returning to work • Anyone with an interest in First Aid • Community groups • Anyone with learning difficulties should access “Be safe in the home” course

Tues 11th September

6:00 - 8:00pm

Course Length 6 weeks

Course Ends Tues 16th October 2012

Cost £37.50 plus £5.00 enrolment fee.

Aims/What will you learn? All aspects of treating adults in the workplace will be included in the course including: • First Aid & the law • Casualty management • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation • Choking • Electrical injury • Poisoning • Bleeding and treatment • Shock • Fractures and treatment • Burns & scalds • Conditions, i.e. Asthma, Diabetes & Epilepsy You can take the final assessment during the course to gain the qualification. The tutor or course leader can advise on this.

Other information: You will need to have a certain level of mobility in order to be assessed for the accreditation as you will need to demonstrate casualty management and CPR. You need to attend 100% of the course before you can be assessed for the qualification. The assessment covers a multiple choice theory paper, questions and answers and practical demonstrations. The course is registered with the Health & safety Executive and the certificate is valid for 3 years. This is an accredited course.

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Photoshop for beginners Enrolment Tues 11th September

6:00 - 8:00pm

Tues 30th October no course

Half Term

Course Length 8 weeks

Course Ends Tues 6th November 2012

Course information:


This course is designed for complete beginners and is well suited to those wanting to learn all of the most commonly used features found in Photoshop.


This course requires a minimum of 10 students for the course to run. Maximum of 20 students on a first come first served basis. For further details please ring Roy Taylor on 01254 819551.

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Darwen’s History Enrolment Tues 25th September

6:00 - 8:00pm

Tues 30th October no course

Course Length 10 weeks

Course Ends Tues 4th December 2012

Cost £30.00 Darwen Gas Works Picture courtesy of Darwen Days

The course will look at the critical periods in Darwen’s history, such as the industrial revolution, both world wars, and how it affected the town and its families. We will travel down memory lane via photographs, songs, poems and oral accounts. This course will be of interest to anyone that is passionate about Darwen and willing to learn more about its people, buildings and countryside.

Half Term

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Salsa Class starts Mon 10th September

4.30 - 5:30pm

Tues 29th October no course

Half Term

Class Length 14 weeks

Class Ends Mon 17th December 2012

Cost ÂŁ3.00 per session

Have fun and get fit whilst learning how to dance! You do not need to bring a partner and no special clothes or shoes are needed, simply wear something comfortable. Learn a variety of different Salsa dancing moves and how to combine them into a routine.

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Sustainable Neighbourhood Service Darwen & Rural Shared Neighbourhood Team Supporting you to make Darwen a better place to live and work We deliver: Ward solution meetings - Your opportunity to raise issues in your ward and be part of the solution, working with a range of partners, ward Councillors, Community safety team, Police, Environment Team. Your Call - Providing training, equipment and information to enable your to tackle issues in your area eg, community clean up, tackling anti social behaviour including dog fouling. Community Development - Encouraging and supporting local voluntary groups to be more effective. We offer a wide range of workshops specifically developed to meet the needs of local groups, eg effective minute taking, accessing funding, working safely, first aid and food hygiene training and much more.

Sudell Action - Supporting independent groups to distribute funding for local projects. Sudell Action is a grant giving body who have funds available to support voluntary projects in the Sudell ward, if you want to know more or apply for funding ring (01254) 772023. Work clubs - Increasing access to employment opportunities and a wide range of support available to help you identify and address barriers to work, eg. Job search, accessing the internet, learning new work related skills and increasing confidence, through volunteering and accredited learning. Improving health - A wide range of awareness raising workshops and initiatives to help you stay fit & healthy.

Together we can make a difference!

Find out what’s happening in your ward For further information contact the Darwen & Rural Shared Neighbourhood Team: (01254) 222119 or e-mail Community Officers

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Adult Learning Brochure  
Adult Learning Brochure  

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