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Upgrades Logistics Maintain Build Architect Specify

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Upgrades Logistics Maintain Build Architect Specify


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COTS Journal | August 2013

8/14/13 4:42 PM

Differences highlighted in YELLOW Government System Integrator Both Government and System Integrator Figure 1

Advanced programs have recognized that application portability is a goal, but that systemlevel interoperability is the higher order functionality that is needed.

Interoperability in System of Systems Interoperability is being brought to the top line as a delivery requirement where interoperability is more than a common infrastructure, common messages or COTS technologies. The DoD and MoD are mandating the data-centric architecture of systems they wish to procure. And that is a common systems architecture that clearly and unambiguously describes the data, its structure, its context and its behavior. They are doing this for systems specific domains like combat vehicles, Unmanned Control Systems and avionic flight control.

By mandating, managing and verifying interoperability, the MoD and DoD seek to closely align the defense market with the operation of open commercial markets. The most important commercial market benefit sought is open market competition for subsystem suppliers. Defense procurement seeks to foster investment ahead of specified requirements, driving differentiation through cost and innovation and building agility into the procurement process. The core technology-enabling tenet of this approach is the development of a common system of systems architecture that satisfies the system’s

COTS Journal  

August 2013

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