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The AAEON AEV-6312 delivers pre-integrated wireless communication capabilities as a vehicle application-ready embedded intelligent solution. This fanless design delivers proven capabilities for in-vehicle data processing and power on ignition/off delay control, plus integrated GPS. shows an example of a pre-integrated wireless comms solution for vehicles.

Tablets Find Their Place

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User interface and connectivity are two topics that merit further discussion. Systems that offer the portability and ease of use comparable to that of the Apple

iPad are very desirable well beyond the consumer space. Though there are ways of making an iPad more suitable for rugged environments, there are other tablet solutions that better fit the bill that can have application-specific software deployed on them such that the designer does not have to develop a full custom solution. An ideal rugged tablet will have a tough yet lightweight enclosure as well as a sunlight readable integrated touch display. Connectivity is essential as well, so integrated Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, plus Bluetooth are valuable. To address the need for connectivity via cellular networks, having the ability to integrate a modem and related SIM card also may make one application-ready system more desirable as compared to one that does not have such an offering. It is even more desirable if the solution partner has done some pre-validation network connections. This is where ecosystem relationships become vital for pre-integrated applicationready systems. Pre-validation on a carrier’s cellular network helps take away some of the time-consuming, costly resource ex-

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August 2013

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