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Quarterly Newsle-er | 2018-2019 | Issue 3


Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, New Zealand, 
 Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore & Sri Lanka

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Table Of Contents RT India RT Malaysia RT Nepal Knowledge bank Tabler’s Experience RT New Zealand 
 RT Philippines RT Singapore RT Sri Lanka ASPA Fellowship Address Outgoing ASPA Chairman Address Incoming ASPA Chairman ASPA Team

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Much to share over the past months The energy, the passion and the acQviQes in the last leg of Tabling have been at the peak at Round Table India

A new iniQaQve of Employment Exchange have over 1000 alumni of Round Table India Freedom Through EducaQon supported Schools an opportunity to get employed where top corporates and Business houses from Tabling Community and outside came forward

Over 10 Flight of Fantasy were held across ciQes where FTE school children were given the opportunity to fly on an aircraV across mulQple ciQes followed by a visit to Theme park of movies thereby infighQng the idea of dreaming big.

Jaffa, the biggest Fellowship and Cricket event Saw World 11 Team parQcipate along with other Area Teams and 41ers Team for a mega Cricket Tournament and outstanding fellowship which was a historic one.

NaQonal RTI Idol showcased the Talent of Tablers & Circlers as they set the evening to their tunes which saw parQcipant s from across the country.

Unique sports iniQaQves like Unified Olympics for the special children with disabiliQes were organised across ciQes including Chennai & Mumbai

Round Table India was honoured to receive Best AssociaQon in Asia Pacific and ASPA Chairman RecogniQon to Tr. Dhruv & Tr. DK Singh

Leadership iniQaQves are criQcal for the organisaQon and for developing the skill sets of individuals and events like NaQonal Leadership Conclave, Train The Trainer & Advanced Train The Trainer we’re organised and this was the first Qme we had parQcipaQon from across ASPA region countries.

Odisha was deviated with the cyclone Fani and the Tablers rose to the occasion and reached out to the remotest locaQons at the affected areas and were able to impact over 10 Lakh lives

With the Indian Army joining hands with Round Table India, this is indeed been a privilege to be associated with the most respected organisaQon in India where Round Table India would construct classrooms for Army supported schools in the coming years.

Unique events like Knights in Khakhi where the top cops were honoured, pride of Bengal & Pride of Karnataka where leaders across industry were recognised for their achievements were organised by Round Table across various ciQes like Kolkata & Hyderabad

With over 303 acQve Tables and over 4000 members, Round Table India is growing at a tremendous pace and this would help us reach out to more ciQes and help them by supporQng the educaQon faciliQes at needy schools
 With the change of guard - change over banquet scheduled on 12 July 2019 at Nagpur and NAGm in January 2020, a lot of acQon awaits the incoming year at RT India.

Busy Months It has been a case of “organised chaos” in Kuala Lumpur for KLRT1 in recent months. The ‘organised’ reflects our posiQve and proacQve approaches towards mobilising ourselves for new projects, meeQng new potenQal partners and prospects, and idenQfying opportuniQes for charitable endeavour. The ‘chaos’, however, creeps in with the conQnued quesQon mark over our legal status as a official charitable organisaQon in Malaysia, as the registraQon and evaluaQon process conQnues to leave us scratching our heads. Not to be dismayed, we have been pushing forward with iniQaQves and acQviQes. Last month, we were delighted that Eva, Chairman Tobias’ wonderful wife, took the lead on hosQng a first ever ‘Ladies Circle’ meeQng in KL, and all the more delighted to see such a strong turnout. It also happened to be Samir’s birthday that weekend – so we threw a surprise barbecue aVer the presentaQon and enjoyed a raucous social event to celebrate. We have also welcomed a representaQve from an award-winning local NGO, SOLS 24/7, to one of our business meeQngs. Alya Syahida, Director of Stakeholder Management, gave a fascinaQng presentaQon on SOL’s tremendous business model and company porjolio that has served hundreds of thousands of underprivileged and underserved communiQes through technological and social empowerment programs, and we look forward to exploring potenQal partnerships and offering our support. Two RTKL1 Tablers, Chris and Jacob, also joined in her recommended food distribuQon project in the city centre, which was far more advanced and organised than anything we’ve seen before. The ‘Feed the Needy’ group works with schools, children’s homes and poor communiQes up and down the country – even travelling as far as Lombok, Indonesia, to assist in disaster relief and rebuilding. While we sQll can’t officially raise and collect money, we can sQll offer plenty of Qme and effort. As usual, plenty of fellowship has been taking place both locally and abroad. Pins and banners have been exchanged in Durban and Ho Chi Minh City - several of our members thoroughly enjoyed the Fellowship Weekend in early July - and we have welcomed Table brothers from Perth and India to KL. We look forward to having the Chennai AGM in town next week and a joint meeQng with a charity project partnership in mind.

IntrospecPon aQer NEX ASPA Its been 9 years since I have become a proud Tabler! I have been a8ending local tables mee:ng but never got an opportunity to a8end an interna:onal one! So, one fine day (during Diwali) our chairman Rajat Todi came up with a plan to a8end ASPA. He asked for my consent, fes:vi:es and happy mood made me say “yup”. The very next day we deposited the money and now he was sure I would go! Days passed. Happy moods were now entering into not so happy ones!! Now the plan of a8ending ASPA suddenly started to look like a vague and pointless trip to me!! I called Rajat and described him the situa:on about how meaningless this trip would be for me!! I was reluctant on not to go!! But he insisted!! I couldn’t say NO to my chairman!!! The day arrived!! On our way to the airport I was discussing on how I would get bored in the mee:ngs (as an ordinary Tabler). As we reached the airport there were a whole bunch of Tablers from Dharan and Biratnagar and let me tell you, all of them where having a whale of :me early in the morning. People whom I never thought I would even walk for a handshake became buddies instantly and my happy mood was back with a bang). So we reached Kathmandu and in the hotel, I saw the Tablers from the host table receiving every guest warmly. Amongst them was a guy who was the busiest and every other body went enthusias:cally to have a chat with him. I learnt he was the upcoming president of RTN, Tr. Saurav Kedia, I was standing in a corner thinking it wasn’t in my right to move forward and introduce myself to him, 5 minutes later he came to me and introduced himself. I was amazed to see his calmness and the way he held the chat making me comfortable in a minute. Check: I already learnt a lesson just aVer arriving!! During lunch with interna:onal Tablers, I met Tr. Akash Golcha, who again could strike conversa:on easily and be friends with everybody instantly. I was amazed once again. It was NEX :me. It was a long mee:ng which lasted for almost 4 hours with serious and impac[ul discussions. Seniors and Juniors all discussed their views and plans with full enthusiasm. Next day it was ASPA. It was on par with the NEX, if not be8er! Plans were laid out on how the Tables across the region would work out together and on how they have fared :ll now. Interna:onal Tablers weren’t as loud but were as impac[ul! Tablers having different na:onali:es, totally different cultures were working towards the same goal was a sight to behold. GALA dinner was truly GALA. I never had an opportunity to a8end something like this!! All suited up, with wine and champagne and a live band which later turned into a huge “group band of Tablers” themselves. This kind of event was limited only in television and movies for me, but here I was a part of it! Late at night we all around 80 of us went to LOD, a famous night club in Kathmandu, and had a crazy and wild :me dancing :ll the wee hours! Cut to next morning, it was :me to leave. With heavy hearts and promises to meet soon we bid adieu to the Tablers. During the flight back, I was rewinding the whole journey, thinking how the days passed quickly like “THANOS” snapping his fingers! On how much I need to change my views towards people, on how much I need to have a posi:ve mindset. I realized it was :me for an introspec:on!! This journey has certainly helped me to grow as a person. Tr. Saurav Rathi BSRT-18, Round Table Nepal

Knowledge Bank

Understanding the Sergeant At Arms Sergeant-at-Arms have been employed in meeQngs since at least 1415, when armed men were used to control discipline in the House of Commons in England. The word is derived from the LaQn word: ‘serviens’ which means ‘servant’, and these men waited on the monarch as armed men. In most Parliaments of the world, the modern Sergeant is seen carrying a large ceremonial Mace, which tradiQonally was used as his weapon. The modern Sergeant-at-Arms is employed by a Chairman to control eQquele and decorum in his meeQng. The ensure that discipline is enforced, and that the Chairman is respected. SomeQmes the Sergeant will enforce fines for those members who have misbehaved or have not obeyed eQquele during the meeQng, and this can be in the form of a monetary fine, a drink to be consumed, an unpleasant sample of food or a combinaQon of these. The Sergeant must ensure that his duQes are carried out in an orderly and nondiscriminatory manner, and whilst adding a moment of light relief in the meeQng, must not detract from the meeQng’s procedures.

Tabler’s Experiences What an amazing journey! From Austria to Sri Lanka, then straight over to Vietnam. A trip of a lifeQme, with all thanks to being in the greatest man-club in the world – the round table. On the last days of the Austrian Edelweise tour, I was very fortunate to meet Ranil, who is now one of my great friends of round table. In the hotel foyer, Ranil asked if he could share my hotel room. Always wanQng to help a brother out, without quesQon, I agreed. AVer collecQng the hotel key card, Ranil and myself headed to the best hotel room in Austria. To my surprise, when we got into the room, my business at home had arranged a bolle of vodka and enough Coca-Cola to supply a small army. Ranil and I instantly began the weekend in the tradiQonal table way by drinking a glass or two and toasQng to our new found friendship. Being cauQous, I always drink from my leV hand. Lessons learned on the Edelweise tour. AVer genng to know Ranil, I was impacted by the news of how his country has been affected by the Easter bombings. I thought about it long and hard and if there was a way I could help, I would. I told Ranil this, and Ranil’s response was ‘Alex my friend, I invite you over to Sri Lanka any Qme and I will home host you as my guest.’ I instantly took the opportunity in tradiQonal table style and agreed to go over with the idea of not lenng the recent events affect my stance on my greatest trip on a lifeQme. A few weeks passed, I am now on the direct flight to Sri Lanka ready to meet Ranil at the airport. Sadly, my flight was not as great as I thought it could be, due to the fact I had a man sat next to me who snored throughout the 10 hour flight. Landing in Sri Lanka, the doors open, WOW, the heat and humidity hit me. On my way through security and VISA checks I was stopped and ordered to go to the VISA officer’s room. I dually sat down with a smile, unknowingly what he was going to say. To my surprise he said ‘Do you support England cricket?’ Slightly confused, I agreed and nodded. He said ‘while you were flying, Sri Lanka were playing England in the world cup and we beat your team!’ I was ever so happy for him and for the short Qme I was there, smiling and nodding, he let me through even though my DOB was wrong on my VISA. Thanks to him, Sri Lanka was my home for the next 11 days.

Adopt, Adapt, Improve. Wherever I go in the world, I will always help out a brother. In the first 3 minutes of arriving at Ranil’s home, I fixed his kitchen door. On that note, I discovered that their washing machine was also out of order. If I had the Qme to fix it I would have done it there and then, but I will come back to this. That night I was introduced to all of the tablers of RT1 Sri Lanka and was very proud to be there coming all the way from England. That night I met more friends that would turn out to be friends for life from all over the world who were going to be on this paradise pre tour for the next 5 days. The following morning I was picked up and introduced to 9 crates of lion Sri Lankan beer. I was over the moon. That day the adventures started, every day with a tale of fun friendship, and memories that will last forever. At the end of the pre tour we managed to create a song for the 25 year gala which was outrageously funny and we sang with our hearts content. Meanwhile, unbeknown to the Sri Lankan officers, I saw an opportunity to borrow the banner that was carefully posiQoned on the speaker stand right in front of everybody. I recruited Marlene and Oliver to assist me in the great 25 year gala banner robbery in front of everyone. I am happy to report that the mission was a complete success. A few days later, everyone who I have met said their goodbyes and off they went home. I was the only man staying behind. While in Austria, Ranil said to me ‘Why don’t you come to the ASP fellowship event in Vietnam?’ ‘What’s this’ I said He said ‘It is our opportunity to set the wheels in moQon to potenQally set up a round table in Vietnam’ Fortunately I was able to say yes and agree that I would be more than happy to be part of what was the greatest adventure of a lifeQme being in round table. I was over the moon to be asked to go over and I did.

Back to the washing machine, the day before I leV for Vietnam I managed to fix Ranil’s washing machine. His family were so pleased and it made me so proud doing more to help where I can where I am everywhere in the world. I was the first one to land in Saigon airport. I made my way to my hotel room. AVer I had selled in, I decided to go on a reconnaissance to get a feel for the country, the culture and the excitement of the city. The stories that you hear, one of the stories I heard did come true. I was nearly robbed through a cunning distracQon plan by a ladyboy. Thankfully my wallet had its anQ-theV catch deployed in my pocket, therefore I managed to look the ladyboy in the eye and politely tell him to do one. For which he did. AVer that experience I thought it would be best to menQon it to all my fellow friends who I was going to meet the next day. With safety in mind I cauQously reminded them to stay away from parks and sQck together which we did for the enQre stay in Vietnam. Not once did we have a problem which is brilliant. Throughout the following next day I met an amazing bunch of guys who came from all over the world to be there to do one thing, and that is to build a stronger round table and potenQally start table in Vietnam. Second day I went for a suit finng and speaking with the owner, he showed a parQcular interest in the table. This was a good thing. The night life the food everything, I was totally overwhelmed and happy with what I was experiencing with internaQonal tabling and fellowship. AVer a few days, it was Qme to say farewell and goodbye. Let me remind you I was the first one to fly in, I was also the last one to fly out. I can only express great graQtude to Ranil and Mark and all fellows on the ASP fellowship. One day I would love to go back and see other countries and ciQes around the world follow suit and set up more round tables. Together we can make dreams come true. See you soon. Alex Gadsden RTBI, Fareham and District 194

It’s been a busy first half of 2019 for the RT New Zealand. With lots of trips, events and visitors from overseas.

Big Buddy Programme – Family Works Kay Beaumont from Presbyterian Support South Canterbury had contacted us to see if our roundtable members would be interested in parQcipaQng and/or promoQng the Big Buddy programme to young boys needing adult role models. The Big Buddy Program help kids aged 7 to 14 without a stable parental role model in their life go off with their mentor for a few hours each week.

Auckland City Mission RT Auckland conQnues to provide support and Qme to assist the Auckland City Mission in their main distribuQon center. This can range from packing food parcels, to sorQng clothes and any other jobs to help organize the many donaQons they receive for delivery to the needy.

RT Denmark 30’s Meet Our NZ president Julian and fellow Blenheim #8 tabler managed to make it all of the way to Denmark to take part in the World 30’s tour. This included a number of stops on the way to meet Tablers in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark. With boat trips, dinners and a chance to meet people from all over the world this was a great opportunity to help get RT New Zealand back onto the world stage.

Overseas & Fellowship Whilst NZ is a long way from most places this hasn’t stopped the guys genng involved overseas and dipping their toes into the bigger Roundtable world. Recent trips overseas have included the RT ASPA meet in Nepal and fellowship over in our nearest neighbor Australia in both Perth and Melbourne. We are lucky that there is a lot of travelling Tablers who make it to NZ so we always make sure that we catch up and that they have a cold beverage on their arrival….


Championing EducaPon RTPH NaQonal President SebasQan Gerona leads courtesy visit between. Knowledge Channel FoundaQon Inc. (KFCI) and Round Table Philippines last June 10, 2019 to strengthen the partnership towards helping communiQes through educaQon. Presiding over the discussion are senior management from KFCI namely (from leV): KFCI President Rina Lopez-BauQsta, KFCI Director of OperaQons Edric Calma and KFCI CommunicaQons Officer Mikko Ramos

Words Are Not Enough Round Table Philippines - Mariveles 2 provided 7 CPU sets, various school equipment, and cash donaQons to upliV the learning experience of the Bohol Deaf Academy last June 23, 2019. Spearheaded by RT2 Mariveles Chairman - Yman Javier, RTPH NaQonal Treasurer – Balaji Manivel, and RTPH NaQonal Secretary - Jerome Cariaso. This would not be possible without the donaQon of Round Table Nepal, Round Table 46 Karlsruhe - RT46, and our very own RTPH NaQonal IRO Richard Lista.

Second NAGM The second NAGM of Singapore was held on 21-23 June 2019 The Board of Singapore Round Table has planned the NaQonal Annual Gran MeeQng aVer hosQng last year’s APSA in a smaller event. Michael Holmberg from RT85 Köping, Sweden, won the travel bingo and joint the AGM weekend in Singapore. The Friday evening was a fellowship event starQng with craV beer and local Chinese food, followed with a Whisky flight and a night of good friendship between Singapore and Sweden Tablers. MeeQng On Saturday the AGM was hosted by Tabler Jurek GrapenQn of SRT 3 at his condo. During the AGM the past board presented their achievements during the last 12 months since the APSA meeQng. Plenty of InternaQonal travel, fellowship events in Singapore, with visiQng Tablers from around the world and charity events filled the year or SRT. IRO Alexis Van Dam was voted Tabler of the Year in APSA region which was one of the highlights for this board. AVer the two acQve tables SRT 1 and SRT 3 presented each a video with a lot of remarkable memories, the new board got elected and the jewels were handed over: Change of board President: Kamal Jeet Singh à Vikas BhaloQa
 Vice-President: Vikas BhaloQa à Vaibhav Vedak
 Secretary: Harmen Boot à Alexis van Dam
 Treasurer: Karn Chandra à Siddhant Shaikhar Gupta
 IRO: Alexis Van Dam à Kamal Jeet Singh AVer a couple of liquid fines charity contribuQon fines the table enjoyed a BBQ together. The night ended in Mogambo and a Bollywood club, led by the new Vice President. The night has leV marks and only a few Tablers joint the aVer party on Sunday at the Tanjong Beach Club with good vibes and drinks.

RTSL does their part in helping the vicPms of the Easter Sunday A-acks. Roundtable President together with Ladies Circle Sri Lanka President handing over the cheque to the Head of the Catholic church, Cardinal Malcom Ranjith. As most of you know a tragic event occurred on the 21st April where few hotels and churches in Sri Lanka were alacked by suicide bombers and over 250 innocent civilians died. RT Sri Lanka with the help of other RT naQons and donors raised over €40,000 to assist the families of the vicQms. Members of RT visited a church which was alacked within 24 hours of the tragic event in the midst of bomb threats and started gathering informaQon and making contacts on the most efficient way to help the vicQms. In a nut shell families who are struggling financially as a result of the bread winner being injured and possibly be out of work for months are being assisted along with children whose parents died in the tragic event. We are working with the Catholic church and the Zion church in distribuQng these funds and RTSL will ensure the funds are remiled to the vicQms and will monitor progress. A very special thank you to the following RT AssociaQons who helped us financially. RT Germany : Euro 5000 RT Austria : Euro 19,400 RT Belgium : Euro 10,000 LC Belgium : Euro 2500 RT Club in Eslington, Germany : Euro 500 RT Club in Hamburg, Germany : Euro 500 RT Dubai : $500 RT Sweden : $300

25 Years of Tabling in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka celebrated 25 years of tabling in March 2019. An event was organised by RTSL which was well represented tablers, members of club 41, Ladies Circle and Tangents. Delighted to menQon that the charter of the second 41 Club namely "Club 41 Silver" happened on the same day.

RT ASPA Fellowship July 4, 2019 to 07th - July 7, 2019 in Vietnam

Table of content Inception

Agenda for the Weekend

Group Discussions and Trainings

At the brewery (05.07.2019)

At the lobby of the Hotel (06.07.2019)

Experiences from a First Time Traveler (a Virgin Tabler)

Inception An ASPA fellowship was discussed with various options of dates and location. From the shortlisted venues Chairman Tr. Ranil picked up Vietnam, as it would make easier for Australia and NZ. That was discussed at the ASPA Meeting held on February 09, 2019 in Finland. For the ASPA region the vision for the year has been ‘To make the region work more closely together and improve fellowship whilst improving the systems on how the region worked.’

Travel Host Meet

Group Discussions and Trainings At the Brewery Scattered into groups and got to know about tablers Questions were answered by Tr. Ranil such as what RT Fellowship coin and it’s rules, how Buffalo zone works etc.

At the Lobby of the Hotel USE TABLER WORLD FOR CALENDAR AND EVENTS, APP DEVELOPMENT FUTURE, STATISTICS ALEX SHARES HUS THOUGHTS PETRI A MORE ORGANIC INFORMATION GATHERING NEXT CHAIRMAN HANDOVER TO BE MORE STRUCTURED ASPA DAY like TWINKLERS where all children of tablers gathers in each country and bond or do charity events with it RYAN shares his thought and life as a tabler kinda cried hahaha, thanks ASPA thanks RTI thanks brothers HE WILL WRITE HIS memories COFFEE TABLE BOOK OF RYAN cruz CRIS GABAY shares his experience -best friends met, 4 yrs long NAT IRO, hard time in bringing in councils NEWS LETTER ASPA due to Alexis - Atty Ryan’s going to 41 Contribution RT PHIL to Just checking out till next time

Experiences from a First Time Traveler (a Virgin Tabler)

It was always my passion from childhood to travel the world and experience the various wonders our earth has to offer. This became a dream come true once I became a tabler. My first traveling experience to Vietnam as a tabler is truly a memorable one. Not just because it was the first, but because it was a very eventful journey where I got to meet new fellow tablers from countries and also become great friends within that short period of time. I’m glad that I was able to experience the true essence of tabling by this tour. To my new friends in Nepal, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Germany, England, Gibraltar and Finland, Vietnam will always be there in our list of fond memories. And like we say, “It’s not Good Bye! But a See you again!”.

Personal Address Outgoing ASPA Chairman Ranil

As this is the last issue of our ASPA Newsleler for the 2018-19 year I’ve had to look back and see if and what we have accomplished. I decided to run for the role of the ASPA Chairman to bring about some changes and try to make further improvements to what had been already done and handed over to me. The year started o with quite a few challenges but with some fantasQc assistance from the RTI Board and my regional team we managed to overcome them. The goal had always been to improve fellowship and to make the region communicate well with each other thus promoQng the regional and internaQonal spirit of Tabling. This year we also welcomed RT Philippines as a full member and Inaugurated RT Malaysia with a full charter in the near horizon and RT Australia set up their ďŹ rst naQonal board with the Charter of RT Perth. Incredible work has been done by RT Bangladesh under Rony and his team and truly inspiraQonal to see what they are doing with the limited resources available. We are also extremely excited to have RT New Zealand acQve internaQonally again and also to see RT Hong Kong moving forward with some new and acQve Tablers. The highlight for me this year was the ASPA Fellowship event and the 100% parQcipaQon at the ASPA AGM in Nepal. I was truly fortunate to have RT Australia start the process of the fellowship event and RT Malaysia to execute it on the group – a big thank you to Alistair for helping ďŹ nd the locaQon and the promoQons & Mark and his team for saving the day and execuQng everything on the ground leaving me to only have to worry about genng the boys to turn up on Qme for beer đ&#x;˜Š We also had an increase in Tablers travelling for the ďŹ rst Qme and meeQng other Tablers when on Holiday & Business trips. We managed to launch the ASPA Facebook and Newsleler programs- another ďŹ rst in the region. Although I have failed in implemenQng the program of the buddy system and I am sure in many other things as well. I would also like to thank all the associaQons for the tremendous support given to me during the year. On a personal note my interlinked goals of- communicaQon and fellowship could not have been done without the total support of Alexis who did the FB page and the newslelers and of course President Dhruv and VP Piyush of RT India. Thank you for taking real leadership and opening up your channels for the growth and development of the region. I wish Jayanth a fantasQc year ahead and extend my fullest support to him by oering him the muchneeded beers over the year he hasn’t realized he will need. TRAVEL, HOST, MEET. Thank you.

Personal Address Incoming ASPA Chairman Jayant

First of all I would like to thank everyone for entrusQng me and elecQng me as the ASPA Chairman for the year 2019-20. Along with the pride and honor with the post come more responsibility and that extra bit to strive further in the cause of giving back to the organizaQon which is so close to my heart and has been instrumental for my personal and professional growth. I would like to also thank Tr. Ranil our current ASPA Chairman, for giving a disQnct vision to the region and strong start in the aim of genng a strong integrated region. I can assure you and the region that the change in leadership shall be a extension to the wonderful start that has been done this year in the region. ASPA region individually has most vibrant associaQons of RTI and ranges from smallest to one of the largest. My vision would be focused more on synergized regional integraQon along with acQng as an acQve liaison for the region to the InternaQonal Board. Driving towards “ADOPT, ADAPT and IMPROVE” would be “CONNECT COMMUNICATE AND INNOVATE”. Inter AssociaQon fellowships, communicaQon and skill sharing would be a priority for me. PrioriQzing Community Service, the concept of ASPA Project shall also be introduced this year. If I am to summarize my experience in tabling Qll date, it can be done in one line “We, Together in Harmony, strongly believing in the principle of One Team One Dream, ConsolidaQng our Efforts are altogether Shaping the Future. It is High Time that we Keep Them Rolling to Live Life.”

Round Table InternaPonal Asia Pacific Key objecPves for the 2018-2019: • ASPA FB page • ASPA newsleler • ASPA fellowship trip • Sharing knowledge and best pracQses in and from the ASPA region • CreaQng a strong region foundaQon

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Dk Singh RT India Fellowship

Profile for RT ASPA Region

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RT ASPA Quarterly 2018-2019 3