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John Sushelnitsky presenting for Jag Malik, in his absence, to his daughter Rupal Malik.

Pat Bowslaugh / presenter: Rita Warrian.

Watch for information about a WELLNESS SEMINAR in late October Look for information about a FALL TRAVEL FAIR in the next issue of KIT.

Doreen Sage / presenter: Dolores Hébert.

RTAM AGM 2013 May 7 & 8 at Dauphin, MB The Dauphin Area Retired Teachers look forward to welcoming RTAM to Dauphin - May 2013!

HAVE YOU MOVED OR CHANGED YOUR ADDRESS? Contact TRAF at 949-0048 or toll-free at 1-800-782-0714 by mail/ change of address card to: TRAF, 330 Market, Winnipeg, MB R3T 4F8


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Summer 2012


By Wayne Hughes

Board of Directors 2012 – 2013 You will notice a substantial change in the Board as you peruse the names on the inside cover. The Annual General Meeting appointed and/ or elected a full slate of officers and directors for 2012 - 2013. The new Board will consist of 12 incumbents, 5 members who served on previous Boards and 3 new directors which will hopefully provide a good balance of proven experience and new perspectives. A special thank you and welcome is in order for the new members, namely, Peter Carney from Winnipeg, Joan Dawson from Thomson and Marvin Krawec from Portage la Prairie. I look forward to working with them and the whole Board, in addressing the many tasks and responsibilities needed to represent retired teachers across Manitoba. With the significant changes of directors, there is also a certain amount of sadness in that a number of colleagues and friends are leaving the Board. The amount of collective experience and wisdom of these directors will be sorely missed by all members of the Board. The members who are leaving are as follows: Val Smyth – We have had the pleasure of working with Val for the past year. Her calm demeanor and thoughtful opinions have been appreciated. Val chaired theTravel Committee as well as helped with AGM and Elections. I believe she has offered to consult with RTAM as long as the meetings take place on the golf course. Thank you Val for all your work. Summer 2012

Mary Pankiw – Mary has worked on the board for two years – one year as Vice President and one year as a director. She has participated in a number of committees including Bylaws and Policy, Educational Advocacy and the Travel Committees. We will miss her beautiful singing voice and wish her the best in her “new” career as a childrens’ author. Thank you Mary for your work. Ron Kalinchuk – Ron took on the very demanding job of Web Master three years ago. He also returned to full time work in Virden as a second career. Ron decided to leave the Board and we appreciate all the effort he made over the past three years. Anne Monk is also leaving the Board after serving for 9 years. I have no hesitation in saying she was our hardest working director. She will be difficult to replace on the pension, political action and numerous ad hoc committees as well as Vice President. She guided us through the very difficult years of the Sale Report and Bill 45. As if that was not enough she has provided updates, reached out to active teachers, traveled the province with COLA Roadshows and worked on a process to appoint a representative to the TRAF Board. I can only hope that after a brief rest, she will become involved with RTAM again. Thank you Anne for your extraordinary devotion to retired teachers across Manitoba. It is now time to move on and I look forward to working with the new board.

Reflections and a Note of Farewell as President By Richard Benoit In May 2009, I was elected as your President. I was reelected again in 2010 and 2011 and now, I am leaving the presidency in the capable hands of Wayne Hughes, our newly elected President. I have thoroughly enjoyed this three year experience. It has enabled me to work with a number of knowledgeable and interesting retirees who were very cooperative, supportive and helpful in their constructive suggestions and proposals. I thank all members who served on the Board with me for all three years or for shorter periods. Together, we deliberated, worked and experienced enjoyable moments. Together we sincerely attempted to benefit the plight of retired teachers and, as we all know, there are many areas of retired living that need improvement. We have succeeded well in some areas. In others, there are miles to go before we sleep, as Robert Frost reminds us. I also thank all the various chapters who welcomed me so heartily during my Chapter visits. Chapters constitute the core of RTAM. Chapters know exactly the feelings of retirees regarding the various issues and their feedback is necessary and important. All RTAM members share in our hopes and aspirations for a better future and I commend you for your interest and participation in various projects. This message would not be complete without thanking Carol Gillis, our most competent Executive Assistant, a real gem to our organization. Continued on Page 9 RTAM KIT • 3


Summer 2012

Summer 2012


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR On Maintaining Order and Decorum RTAM’s Bylaw 11 indicates that “where specific procedures are not already denoted in policy, the rules of procedure shall be . . . Bourinot’s Rules of Order. Where these rules and policies are silent, the will of the majority shall prevail.” This provision is replicated in RTAM policy 11.01 and a short summary of the rules is provided for delegate use at the AGM. It is the defined responsibility of the RTAM President to prepare the agenda for RTAM Board meetings (Policy 7.01 q) but no mention of a responsibility to set the AGM agenda is noted. As a result one is moved to consider Bourinot and finds that it is the duty of the secretary to do so “following an accustomed pattern.” The agenda copies must “be made available for all in attendance.” Bourinot also states that “The chair should not depart from the prearranged order without a good reason for doing so and a change in the order of business should in any event be made only after establishing that the meeting as a whole does not object.” Of course, there may be times when new agenda items become necessary but as Bourinot states, “At a formal meeting the chair has the right to decline to admit such questions for consideration, as members have had no notice that they would be raised and they may be inadequately informed to deal with them properly.” The chair may “permit consideration of a new issue if time permits and there is no objection to adding it to the agenda.” At some previous RTAM annual meetings, the presiding officer (usually the President) has had to deal with an individual’s various attempts to drastically rearrange the AGM agenda or to remove previously accepted and circulated agenda items. While the chair may overrule these efforts or devise a way for the assembly to decide whether to consider such changes, it can become acrimonious and sometimes perceived as political to do so. At the annual meeting, the President should not be placed in such a position. How can this situation be improved for the next AGM? One element is to establish in policy a standard AGM agenda, with only minor additions to the agenda allowed under specific headings such as Business Arising. Emergent situations for change would only be introduced by the President/Executive who presumably would have been informed of such an issue the day prior to the AGM when the full executive meets and can consider its relevance. Some years ago it was suggested that a neutral chair be hired to conduct the business portion of the RTAM AGM, as is done at MTS AGMs, thus freeing up the RTAM President to be a full participant during the political discussions. RTAM Bylaw 5.08 now allows for this. It should be implemented. Vaughn Wadelius

Wrestling with Bourinot at the AGM At the recent Annual General Meeting it was stated at the microphone that strict adherence to the Rules of Order was necessary to “level the playing field” for debate. I disagree. When only a minority of those present (read: mostly those who were active in Winnipeg One or on the MTS Executive) have had the opportunity to participate in “cut-and-thrust” political debate to a point where they are confident they have mastered the rules sufficiently to contribute to the proceedings without the fear of being shot down, ¬there is no level playing field. As anyone who has studied human development knows, at around age five children become aware that there are “rules” and at first insist on rigid adherence to those rules. As they get older they come to realize that life is more nuanced and will usually agree to an adult’s request to modify the rules of a game so someone younger or unfamiliar with the game can participate and learn. Surely there is a way then that attendees at an AGM, being adults, can use Bourinot’s Rules to maintain order, and a reasonable standard of debate, while at the same time creating an atmosphere which allows, even encourages, those present to express ideas which might contribute to a more effective pursuit of the goals and aims of the Association, and without fear of embarrassment. Madam Editor, it is my hope that your readers consider this a worthwhile goal and will send their suggestions either to you for publication ( or to the RTAM Board ( for consideration: it is one more way that, with cooperation and collegiality, RTAM members can build an even stronger and effective organization. Rita Warrian (A reply to this letter will be in the September 2012 issue.)


Summer 2012

RTAM Pre-retirement Seminars in Winnipeg and Brandon

Story and Photos by John Sushelnitsky Chair of Membership & Chapter Liaison

Teachers planning to retire in June met with members of the RTAM Board in Winnipeg on April 21, 2012 and in Brandon on April 28, 2012. Here are some of the comments in reply to the evaluation sheets; 1. Did the seminar meet your expectations? Yes! ( almost without exception.) 2. Which subjects were particularly helpful to you? Information on RTAM,health and dental insurance, the COLA. 3. Was the power point presentation effective? It kept things moving but gave time for questions. Since I am a visual learner I remember/understand more when I see the information. 4. Was the question and answer activity useful to you? Yes, there was time given for everyone to ask whatever question. 5. How could the seminar be made more useful to teachers considering retirement? More people need to be here. More advertising. 6. Do you think that RTAM will have a useful role in your retirement plan? Why? Yes. It's important to have RTAM working together with the Society and the government. Thanks for all the work that you do.

Shannon Patershuk and John Crouse of Johnson Inc.

In Winnipeg, John Sushelnitsky hosted the seminar and gave a presentation on Pensions. A COLA presentation was given by Anne Monk. Benefits and insurance plans were detailed by Shannon Patershuk of Johnson Inc. and

Summer 2012

Ted Poulter, Chair of Benefits. Greetings and evaluation forms were looked after by Dolores HĂŠbert. Dolores also gave a fine summary at the of the seminar on the work that RTAM has done for retired teachers. In Brandon, John Solomon of Swan River, hosted the seminar. John Sushelnitsky presented the background to the issue of Pension and COLA. Pat Bowslaugh of the Benefits Committee covered the details of all the insurance programs. Judy Olmstead greeted the participants, made her own muffins for the occasion and looked after

the evaluations. At both seminars, there was attention paid to the work done by all committees of the Board, in particular travel, wellness and communication. Perhaps the success of these seminars could best be summed up by the lady who approached me and asked if she could join RTAM before she retired! Thanks are due to all the Board Directors and committee members who gave up their Saturdays to talk with the seminar participants.



Story and Photos by Barbara McDole Wellness committee member

Over seventy people were enlightened by three keynote speakers who not only informed us but entertained us as well. Dr. Corey Mackenzie, who has a Ph.D. from Queen's University, is the Director of Clinical Studies in the Psychology Department at the University of Manitoba. He has always been interested in geriatric studies relating to memory issues. His topic was "Memory and Aging--What's Normal and What's Not." This was of great interest to his audience as after we retire, we seem to realize that there are a number of situations in our lives where we aren't as "SHARP" as we used to be! Dr. Mackenzie explained that memory changes are, in fact, normal as we age and led us through a number of examples that were normal and others that were not. Some strategies for aiding good memory are: WORM Write information down Organize your environment Repeat information to yourself Make new information meaningful Dr. Mackenzie stated that Dementia is a syndrome that includes Alzheimers, Vascular Dementia, MCI (mild cognitive impairment) and genetic pre-dispositions such as Parkinsons and Huntingtons, to name a few. He also led us through a few memory tests which certainly raised my anxiety level!!!!!!I still would like to know, Dr. Mackenzie, what the normal recall number is for the sixteen words!!!! Something else of interest was the fact that memories are categorized into five types: semantic, immediate, recent, remote and prospective. 8 • RTAM KIT

Dr. Cory Mackenzie and Val Smyth.

Recent memory is the one that is severely affected by Alzheimers. This is the ability to remember facts from days, hours or even minutes ago. Our approach to Dementia should be one of prevention instead of treatment. Stress and depression also affect Dementia. Good healthy lifestyles are just as important to our minds as they are to the rest of our bodies!

Susan Macaulay.

Susan Macaulay. who is a Residential Organizing Specialist, spoke to us on "Clarity over Clutter." Because

Susan is so passionate about her role as a ROS, she inspired quite a number of us to want to dig right in and start to eliminate problem areas in our homes that we had been procrastinating about for a VERY LONG TIME! Susan emphasized the fact that ORGANIZING YOUR ENVIRONMENT is a key to healthy living, as did Dr. Mackenzie when referring to strategies for good memory. Susan addressed the definitions and descriptions of Situational Disorganization, Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding. One must keep in mind, however, that being organized means different things to different people, depending on the situation. With the handouts Susan gave us, it was easy to jot things down, as she spoke to issues that related to our own "AHHA" situations! With organization and getting rid of unnecessary STUFF, we begin to unclutter our lives and minds!! Sometimes, however, when disorganization is more problematic and chronic, it is a symptom that something else is happening in the person's life. It has been noted that 69% of hoarders have deSummer 2012

pression issues. In any of these cases of disorganization and hoarding, lots of dialoguing is very important. No wonder Susan is so good at what she does! She is not only very knowledgeable, but funny and enthusiastic. I'm sure that people working through their problems with her feel very safe and comfortable! Lunch was a delicious array of salads, wraps, sandwiches, veggies with dip, cream puffs and dessert slices, provided by St. James Healthy Lunch. Tall Grass Prairie provided the snacks at the a.m. break.

Maria Mathews and Peggy Prendergast.

The afternoon session was led by Maria Mathews, Client Support Manager and Family Educator at the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.

Having had the morning session with Dr. Mackenzie, we all were aware that Alzheimers is one of the diseases classified under the term Dementia. Alzheimers makes up for 65% of these cases. Having previously been the Recreation Director at The Wellington for five years, Maria had the opportunity to observe many situations and behaviours, to understand the complexities of aging. Maria's mother and mother-in-law were both afflicted with Alzheimers, enabling her to experience the issues faced by family members. Maria's presentation offered up wonderful tips for dealing with family who may be exhibiting symptoms that are not simply part of normal aging. During these years 3-30, we form our strongest emotional attachments. YOU ARE WHO YOU WERE THEN--values, emotions, etc. In the beginning, people who are aging and experiencing signs of Alzheimers know that something is happening and so make an effort to make sure they continue to engage in social pleasantries even though things are beginning to fall apart. As the disease progresses, they may also begin to internalize fear and withdraw from certain situations. Too many people around causes distraction. Clutter, which was addressed by our two previous presenters, is common, resulting

in misplaced things and frustration. There is difficulty for the person in performing familiar tasks. Finding the right word, poor judgment calls and trouble with abstract thinking are all evident. Physical visits with suspected Alzheimers patients are very important, as is lots of dialoguing with friends and family about what they have observed during visits. Focused interaction is important so that you can watch facial expressions. Approach the person from the front, smiling, maintaining eye contact and speaking with a pleasant voice. Keep sentences short, questions must offer choices, offer help to unstick them on stuck words and don't argue with them. Personality changes are common. Talk to them about things in their remote memory. Again, this is very significant as they are a product of who they were then. Encourage the subject to move around and to participate in different activities. Check and help out with doctor appointments and seek help from the Alzheimers Support Services: 943-6622. Again, we are reminded that exercise, healthy eating, social interaction, new mental activities and head protection are all very important in staving off Alzheimers!

Reflections. . .

Continued from Page 3 As well, I offer my utmost gratitude to my wife Lucille who worked closely by my side and who readily answered my call for secretarial assistance. I am sorry that I was unable to attend and preside at this 2012 AGM, due to back problems. I was certainly with you in spirit. RTAM, which represents over 8,000 members, is very important for retirees. It is the only organization which works for retired teachers on all fronts – benefits, pensions, wellness and many others as you will read in the highlights Summer 2012

of the 2012 AGM in KIT. With still more members and our display of cohesion and unity, we have and will continue to impact on government and the Manitoba community at large. Therefore, thank you for having given me your confidence and support from 2009 to 2012. It was, as I alluded to earlier, a real pleasure, challenge and endeavour. I look forward to continuing on the Board as Past President. Please read my annual report and my ACER-CART report in the fall edition of KIT. RTAM KIT • 9


Re: Prescriptions--The cap of $6.00 on dispensing fees may not cover your Pharmacy charge. You can ask your pharmacist what his fee is and ask if her/she will accept your coverage. This may not work with large national pharmacies but smaller independant operations may be glad to accept the coverage you have. It may be wise to shop around for better dispensing fee costs. For instancae, Costco pharmacy fee is $4.49 and their drug charges are generally lower than other pharmacies. You do not have to have a membership card to use their pharmacy. Also, if you have medications you take on a daily basis be sure to get THREE month prescription and pay only one dispensing fee.

On an unrelated topic, if you are paying additional bank charges on transactions, it may be to your benefit to consider transferring to a different financial institution that may offer greater options. For example, at Cambrian Credit Union, if you have one direct deposit to your account, you can have all your monthly charges refunded (this can add up to quite a bit on an annual basis) There may be other CU's that do this but Teachers CU joined Cambrian several years ago and have many attractive financial offerings on accounts and mortgages. I hope these notes may be of use to you.

THE WINNIPEG RAGING GRANNIES We would like to invite all of you mature women out there to join the Raging Grannies and help us sing for social justice. We begin with a wellknown song, rewrite the words and presto, chango, we come up with a timely little ditty that focuses attention on a social problem that we think needs to be addressed. We reach a wide audience; we have sung at women’s centers, environmental awareness events,anti-war rallies, peace marches, political rallies and union meetings. We have walked with our aboriginal sisters to focus light on the hundreds of murdered and missing women across our country and we have sung on behalf of African grannies who are raising a generation of AIDS orphans on their own. We even paid a visit to occupy Winnipeg, bearing soup, sandwiches and song. Although our topics may be serious, 10 • RTAM KIT

By Marilyn Huska

we never forget to have fun. Do not be deceived by our “sweet little old lady” look. We may be wearing flowered hats, long skirts and shawls, but our words pack a punch and drive home our message. Some wrongs need to be corrected. Now. The Raging Grannies were founded in Winnipeg in the’90s by Leuba Franko and we are associated with other Raging Granny groups in Canada and around the world. Many of us are retired teachers who know the value of capturing an audience’s attention and using music to drive the message home.

If you think you might be interested in lending your skills to the Raging Grannies, why not join us for a concert at Sam’s Place, 159 Henderson Highway, on Tuesday, June 19 at 7:00 p.m. There will be a practice at the Unitarian Church, 603 Wellington Crescent on Monday, June 4,2:00 p.m., where you could watch us in action. Come sing with us. We would love to have new members. For more information, please call Leuba: 453.1486 Marilyn: 253.9353. Remember . . . You do not need to have a voice, you just need to have an attitude! Summer 2012


Story and Photos by Barb McDole

After volunteering in the Louis Riel School Division for four years, Bear is hanging up his vest at the end of May! He has had many fun and wonderful times with students, office staff, principals, teachers, custodians, librarians and especially those little gerbils that he loved to push along the floor in their exercise balls! He wants to thank those of you who went out of your way to spoil him with all the delicious treats and the trips to Dinah's Canine Spa! Bear is proudly passing the job over to his younger brother Cargo, who will start his training program with Manitoba Search and Rescue in April. Cargo will have some pretty big paws to fill! Bear, Barb / at work.

“A Career After a Career”


By John Sushelnitsky

When I was a young fellow contemplating what I would like to do with my life I thought about becoming a lawyer, an international diplomat, a journalist, a writer and, in my wildest fantasies, a professional athlete! In the end, without a deliberate decision, I became a teacher . . . and, in many ways, fulfilled the underlying impulses in all of the earlier ambitions. Forty years of teaching gave me all the scope I needed to have a satisfying and rewarding career. From the creative side, it gave me the opportunity to develop programs that led to conducting provincial, national and international workshops on the integration of music into the French language programs. From the professional side, I was the first to serve as local association president for two consecutive years while serving on the provincial executive at the same period of time, attending 75 meetings in 150 days! So, when retirement loomed in 2003 many asked me what will you do with yourself? I didn't know the answer then but, as with becoming a teacher, the future has become clearer with time! At age Summer 2012

14, I took some piano lessons but my family couldn't afford a piano! So, my Dad carefully marked out on a board the white and black keys and I practiced by rote, not hearing a single note of whatever the weekly lesson was!! That went on for several months before I quit and took up the guitar, which at least I could hear. After enough lessons to learn the notes I abandoned the instrument for baseball, hockey and football. It wasn't until I reached my thirties that I picked up the guitar again and I have not put it down since. Friends who knew me in university days have expressed surprise at my guitar interest because there was no sign of it at that time. Today, I play in public four or five times a week. Tuesday is band practice day; Wednesday, once a month I entertain at the extended care wing of the local hospital; Thursday, I have a regular gig at the Lions' Manor, a senior citizen home where my musical partner, for the last three years, is a 100 year old harmonica player; Friday, I play in the local art gallery and later at the local library next door; Saturday, I entertain at the local Farmers' Market, earning a few dollars to cover gas and coffee. In 2009, the RTAM Wellness Committee had me do a singalong as part of their program. A lady present at that event asked me to do a singalong for the Senior citizens Continued on Page 20 RTAM KIT • 11

Life Members

From August, 2011 to April, 2012 August, 2011 Eleonore G. Neufeld, Winkler, MB William J. Madder, Winnipeg, MB June D. Gislason, Winnipeg, MB Emil A. Gillies, Winnipeg, MB Henry T. Edwards, Winnipeg, MB September, 2011 Mary E. Toombs, Winnipeg, MB Ida H. Toews, Winnipeg, MB October, 2011 Margaret J. Smith, Brandon Katherine Hamm, Winnipeg, MB Lydia Giesbrecht, St. Anne, MB November, 2011 Margaret L. Wilkie, Brandon, MB Ida Kastrukoff, Baldur, MB Mary Forsyth, Winnipeg, MB December, 2011 Karl Sauerborn, Neepawa, MB Margaret Houston, Winnipeg, MB Aline M. E. Duval, Winnipeg, MB Marie Blanchard, St. Rose, MB


January, 2012 Susan E. McLaughlin, Portage la Prairie, MB Marjorie K. Hindley, Bridgewater, NS Mildred O. Henderson, Pilot Mound, MB John Enns, Winnipeg, MB Helena Dueck, Calgary, AB Jean A. Cumming, Winnipeg, MB A. Grace Balderstone, East St. Paul, MB February, 2012 Jean B. Purdy, Minnedosa Elizabeth M. Irwin, Winnipeg March, 2012 Louis O. Bourbonnais, Winnipeg Orille Hogue, Portage la Prairie April, 2012 Jessie I. Carlson, Winnipeg A. Ruth Grant, Brandon M. Eileen Hamilton, Winnipeg William E. Humphreys, Winnipeg Hilda G. Morrish, Winnipeg Irene Peters, Winnipeg Sara Peters, Grunthal

These letters collected together Resonate reminiscently loud and clear “BEST WISHES” and “HAPPY SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY” Reflecting dazzling DIAMONDS far and near.

S is for the STUDENTS that we have taught. I is for the INSPIRATION that they have brought. X is for the X number of lines that bullies were ordered to write. T is for the TEARS shed when the strap executed judgment and fright. I is for the INKWELLS where ribboned braids, by boyish pranks, were dipped. E is for EXCITEMENT when someone was unexpectedly tripped. T is for the TOGETHERNESS of early school dismissal, freedom and fun. H is for the HAPPINESS during recess times under the golden sun. A is for the APPLES on teacher's desk, lined in rows, gifts shiny and red. N is for the NEW day when sleepy heads were aroused from bed. N is for the NAMES of students who earned stars shiny, silvery and bright. I is for the INTEREST of various classes about everything in sight. V is for the VIM, VIGOUR and VITALITY of every VIBRANT class. E is for the ENTHUSIASM in June over earning and receiving a “PASS.” R is for the READING, 'RITING and 'RITHMETIC covered each day. S is for the SMILES that brightened us all each day along life's way. A is for the ALARM that signalled everyone outside for each fire drill. R is for the REPORTS that diligent students did thrill. Y is for the YARDSTICKS that Yesterdays' memories do fill. Copyright Mary (Hrenchuk) Pankiw


Summer 2012

Reports of Standing Committees Bylaws and Policy Respectfully submitted, Carol Pelton Committee Members: Carol Pelton (Chair), Thompson; Rosalie Bornn, Dauphin; Dr. Mary Pankiw, Winnipeg; John Solomon, Swan Valley Due to the multi-year work of the previous committee, the current bylaws and policies were thoroughly examined. The committee only held two meetings during the year as there were no Board motions forwarded to the committee until the last two meetings with regards to benefits and pensions. Bylaw and policy changes from last year’s AGM need to be added into the current documents. With Board direction, the notice of motion with regards to the operating year of RTAM was put on the web site. Other policy changes will be on the web site after the April meeting. Thank you to current committee members and to Rosalie Bornn for her valued input. EDITORIAL Respectfully submitted, Doreen Sage Members: Doreen Sage, Editor, Neepawa; Proof Readers: Vel McAdam, The Pas; Joan Goble, Thompson; Rosalie Bornn, Dauphin; William Taylor, Brandon Meetings: All work is done electronically among members. There are four issues a year.

Reprinted from the 2012 AGM Booklet

This pilot program would then be used as a template for other RTAM chapters in the province to link the senior’s community in various towns and communities with the services available to them. Group Benefits Respectfully submitted, Ted Poulter Committee: Ted Poulter (chair), Winnipeg: Pat Bowslaugh, Brandon; Barb McDole, Winnipeg; Judy Olmstead, Brandon; Maureen Recksiedler, Stonewall; Jag Malik, Gilbert Plains; Carol Gillis, RTAM Office; Richard Benoit, President, Winnipeg; Wayne Hughes, Vice President, Winnipeg The membership committee met 5 times this year with a representative from Johnson attending all meetings. At the first meeting on October13, 2011 we reviewed all plans and suggestions for changes for the renewal date of April 1, 2012. Subsequent meetings in November 2011 and January 2012 resulted in presentation to and approval of the board with the recommended changes, particularly to the health plan and the addition of a new Travel Plan (MEDOC). There were no increases in cost to the Extended Health and the Premier Travel Plans. There was an increase to the Dental Plan due to the increases in the Manitoba Dental Fee Guide. All plans were renewed for the period April 1, 2012 to March 31,2013. Members with questions can contact the Chair, Ted Poulter @ (204) 2530287, Carol Gillis at the RTAM office (Winnipeg 204-889-3660, toll free at 1-888-393-8082), or Johnson in Edmonton (1-877-989-2600). I extend a big thank you to my committee for attending and participating in these in-depth meetings. Membership/Chapters Committee Respectfully submitted, John Sushelnitsky

Activities: All material is sent to the Editor by email. Some photos arrive by Canada Post. Email material is then forwarded to committee members for proofreading, corrections, suggestions and then returned to the Editor. The material is then forwarded to the publisher and filed.

Committee members: John Sushelnitsky, Chair, Portage la Prairie; Dolores Hébert, Winnipeg; Pat Bowslaugh, Brandon; John Solomon, Swan River

After the deadline, the Editor goes to the publisher and the issue is put together. Decisions have to be made as to how many pages, what cannot be printed because of space, placement of various items and set-up of advertising. This takes at least two afternoons.

The committee met twice by teleconferencing, saving members the traveling time from Swan River and Brandon. It was a very effective way to communicate and was a saving in time and money. Other issues were handled by email and phone calls.

RTAM office sends the four mailing lists to the publisher prior to each issue being printed. These lists are updated monthly.

The main task of the committee throughout the year was the evaluation of applicants for associate membership. The criteria passed at the 2009 AGM allow for a wide variety of individuals to qualify for associate membership and the committee approved twenty such applicants. Concern was raised that some applicants wanted associate membership so that they could access the travel insurance plans without providing medical proof of insurability. Towards “fixing” that possibility, the committee worked with the Benefits Committee and the Johnson Insurance Co. to find a solution. The end result was the MEDOC Plan which the RTAM Board has approved, effective April 1st. All associate members in future will qualify for the Medoc Plan which requires completing a health questionnaire. This identifies the degree of medical stability from which the premium level is established. Regular RTAM members may also access the MEDOC plan.

After the copy is completed, the publisher sends the final copy to the printer. The printer sets the print and returns a copy to the publisher to make certain that everything is set up correctly. Once this has been done, the printer does the run. All copies are addressed by the printer, bundled and sent to Canada Post. The Editor/RTAM office sends out receipts and a copy of the issue to all paid advertisers. Undelivered copies are usually returned, by Canada Post, to the RTAM office. Thank you to committee members who spent many hours reading, proofreading and returning material. This newsletter could not be published without your help. Educational Advocacy Report Respectfully Submitted, Peggy Prendergast Committee Members Peggy Prendergast, Chairperson, Winnipeg Carol Pelton, Thompson Connie Newman, Winnipeg Dr, Mary Pankiw, Winnipeg Meetings The Committee held 5 meetings throughout the year. Activities The Committee is supporting the development of a Pilot program in Thompson that has as its objective: To provide an RTAM led workshop on June 7, 2012, for seniors in Thompson with all the services available for seniors in that community.

Summer 2012

Another concern for the Membership Committee was the extension of our wider Benefits programs to other organizations through associate membership. The Committee concluded that it was in RTAM’s best interest to be inclusive i.e. a larger membership would help to stabilize the premiums. This would follow a practice that is used in some other provinces. The Committee also recommended that there be a minimum of five years teaching experience to qualify for entry into the regular RTAM membership. In the past, teachers with only a year or two of experience would qualify for regular membership. The committee recommends that a teacher must have five years or more to qualify for a regular membership in RTAM; less than five years would qualify the applicant for associate membership. This also follows a practice used in other provinces. Two seminars were arranged to introduce teachers considering retirement to join RTAM. One seminar was held in Winnipeg on April 21st and a second was held in Brandon on April 28th. Members of the Committee and


the Board were there to comment on the PowerPoint presentation and to answer questions. This is the second year such seminars have been held.

Conservative and the Liberal parties. The NDP response did not really address our concerns.

PENSION Respectfully submitted, Anne Monk

We had numerous meetings during the summer. I would like to thank the Committee members for the amount of time and effort they dedicated to this process. Because the MTS and the NDP Government are not dealing with our concerns as yet, we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

Members: Anne Monk, Chairperson, Peggy Prendergast, Wayne Hughes, Bill Cann, Lynn Land, Donna Goodman Meetings: The committee has met 8 times during this board year. Activities 1. Provincial Election Campaign – We assisted in the Board’s election strategy activities collaborating with the Political Action Committee. In particular the Pension Committee engaged in the following activities: The chair wrote a Special Election Section for KIT entitled Where’s our COLA? The committee developed the content for RTAM’s election questionnaire to candidates and for the cover letter to members regarding the responses of the political parties to our questionnaire. 2. Representation – We prepared a report entitled RTAM Nomination Process for TRAF Board Appointment. Its recommendations resulted in the Board adopting policies and a process for RTAM’s involvement in the nomination process for the Government’s discretionary appointment of a ‘representative’ of retired members of the Teachers’ Pension Plan to the TRAF Board. 3. Pensions and COLAs – We have continued our work related to the TRAF cost of living adjustment (COLA) problem and other pensions matters as follows: • kept abreast of current TRAF information regarding COLAs, including tracking the impact of Bill 45 on COLAs, and of other TRAF pension matters; • prepared reports providing current information and analysis regarding COLAs/pensions, and prepared updates of COLA information tracked annually; • monitored pension developments at the Manitoba Teachers’ Society, in other Manitoba public sector pension plans and in other provincial teacher pension plans as well as pension issues generally. • continued consideration of options for future COLA directions. provided ongoing information and support to the Board and to chapters regarding COLA/pension matters. 4. Advocacy Meetings – We provided advice and support materials for meetings held with the Opposition Parties to update them on COLA information and to advocate for a resolution of the COLA problem. The chairperson acted as a resource at these meetings. 5. Board Orientation – An orientation package regarding TRAF pensions, the Pension Committee’s role and past and current activities of the Pension Committee was developed. 6. KIT and Website - Reports were submitted to KIT and information on COLAs was submitted for posting on RTAM’s website. 7. COLA Presentations - Two presentations were made to active teacher groups regarding the COLA problem – to the Beautiful Plains Teachers’ Association Executive and to the RTW Chapter retirement seminar for Winnipeg teachers. Many thanks are extended to the committee for its time and effort during this past year. Political Action Respectfully submitted, Norman Wiebe Members: Chairperson - Norman Wiebe, Portage la Prairie; Anne Monk, Winnipeg; Wayne Hughes, Winnipeg; John Sushelnitsky, Portage la Prairie; Peggy Prendergast, Winnipeg; Dick Marshall, Winnipeg We have had a very busy year. The fall election consumed the bulk of our efforts. Our primary effort was directed at informing all candidates from the various parties about RTAM’s problems with our COLA and lack of involvement in the pension plan governance. Both the Board members and the Chapter Presidents were involved in this activity. We also hired an outside firm to poll the candidates about our concerns. This resulted in a very positive response from the Progressive


Public Relations Committee Respectfully submitted, John Sushelnitsky Members: John Sushelnitsky, Chair, Portage la Prairie; Judy Olmstead, Brandon; Guy Hansen, Winnipeg The Committee had one meeting to evaluate the possible promotion items at an industry convention in Winnipeg. Guy Hansen headed the committee’s selection of items to be distributed at the AGM and throughout the year from the RTAM Office. Chapters needing such items to promote local events should contact the Office where extra items are kept. Other committee business was handled by email and by phone. A meeting was held with the Editor of The Manitoba Teacher to clarify the communication links between our two organizations. The Editor made clear that any articles by retired teachers and RTAM would be considered for publication if they were “interesting”. The meeting was cordial and was a positive step in maintaining good relations with the MTS. Such an article was written by the members of the Dauphin Chapter. The issue of when to make press releases was discussed at the Board at the request of the PR Committee. As background, the PR Chair met with the Communications Officer of the MTS and sought input as to how it is done in that organization. No protocol exists at the MTS but because they are professionals working in the same building it is quite convenient for them to get together, discuss the issue and then have the PR department write the release to radio, press and TV. Because of the reality of separation of RTAM volunteer directors, it is not as convenient. However, the PR Committee continues to work on such a protocol. To keep RTAM’s presence alive and well, the PR Committee continued to produce the Media Watch three times a week. Media Watch began in 2009 and has received favourable comment from RTAM members. It is sent to all Chapter Presidents with the hope they will forward it to their members. It also goes to all MLAs, some newspapers and members of the general public. The issues are over the 150 mark now. TRAVEL Respectfully submitted, Val Smyth Committee: Val Smyth, Chair; Winnipeg; Judy Olmstead, Brandon; Dr. Mary Pankiw, Winnipeg; Carol Pelton, Thompson; Norman Wiebe, Portage la Prairie The goal of the Travel committee is to facilitate member interests in travel. The committee met four times throughout the year. As most members were new to the committee we determined that our first step should be to conduct a survey to find out how we might best serve our members. This survey was published in KIT and was available on the RTAM website. Our next step was to provide travel information to our members. To this end we invited representatives from several travel service providers to be available with displays and information in the lobby during the day of our AGM. We also encouraged RTAM members to share their travel experiences by submitting articles to KIT. Website Respectfully submitted, Ron Kalinchuk The RTAM website has continued to evolve as directed by the board members and according to what I envision a website to be. Articles, reports and notices concerning meetings approved by the board and its committees have been posted as received. Things like time sensitive information, ie: Johnson tax information, seminar dates and contents, etc., have been posted. It was seemingly felt that announcements of a timely manner needed to be placed on the Website, as KIT is published only quarterly, although KIT is the advertising platform of choice. The use of the website for these things seems to often be a second thought or no thought at all. John Sushelnitsky’s Media Watch articles have been restarted again and are posted as received. An attempt was made to have the website more interactive by introducing Disqus, an interactive blog where members could post comments and

Summer 2012

questions to the website. It was discussed at the board level and it was decided that because of possible liability issues, privacy issues and concerns for upkeep time involved, that the idea would be discontinued. An attempt was made to allow input from members concerning creative things like poetry, art, photography, etc. but the idea seems to have gone over “like a lead balloon”, so that idea will be scrapped. And finally, it appears the Board has seen the need for a more professional approach to the Website, (decided at a meeting where the Webmaster was not present), so apparently they will pursue the services of professional designers to design and upkeep the RTAM website. Money has been budgeted for this purpose, awaiting the approval of AGM. This seems to be the preferred direction of the Board, as they did the same thing with the brochures that have been professionally produced and designed, after several committees were unsuccessful in their attempts to produce brochures for distribution. So……..look forward to wonderful and amazing changes in the RTAM website in the near future, changes that will reflect the Board’s need to present a more professional and polished look. Wellness Respectfully submitted, Peggy Prendergast Committee Members: Peggy Prendergast, Chair, Winnipeg; Maureen Recksiedler, Stonewall; Barbara McDole, Winnipeg; Val Smyth, Winnipeg; Lydia Heshka, Winnipeg Meetings: Three committee meetings were held during the 2011/2012 year. Seminars: Two seminars were held at McMaster House from 9:30am to 2:30pm on: Wednesday October 26, 2011 – Revisiting Past Pleasures - Debunking Old Diet Mentalities - New Ways with Traditional Crafts – Knitting & Quilting - Finding Your Voice Wednesday April 25, 2012 – Memories – Memories - Memory & Aging – What’s Normal and What’s Not - Clarity Over Clutter - The Rising Tide of Dementia – Understanding the Warning Signs - Optimizing Brain Health & The Next Steps. Activities: As a committee we believe that older adults experience a higher quality of life by becoming personally responsible for their personal wellness. By providing a number of activities that deal with the following six recognized dimensions of wellness – emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and vocational health - it is our hope to promote development in those key areas and thus integrate wellness into the daily lives of our members. The Chairperson, Peggy Prendergast, visited the Thompson Chapter on September 28 and gave a workshop on “Living Creatively in Retirement” in the morning and, with the Chapter, began exploration of Senior Services available in Thompson. The Wellness Committee took on the responsibility of having lunch brought in at RTAM Board meetings. We tried to establish an atmosphere at lunch that encouraged a relaxing social atmosphere so members could converse easily and get to know one another, so the business of the Board could run smoothly. We provided a variety of healthy menus within our budget line.

AD HOC COMMITTEES 1. Brochures Respectfully Submitted, Anne Monk The RTAM Join Us brochure, introduced in 2011, has been revised due to changes in our group insurance plans. Of the 3500 copies that were printed, 1500 have been provided to TRAF and the rest are available in the RTAM office. TRAF distributes our brochure in an information package to prospective retirees, either in mailings or in meetings with benefit counselors. Some have already been distributed to active teachers - at information sessions on COLA or at RTAM sponsored retirement seminars. The French language version, Devenez Membre, has also been revised and will be reprinted. It is planned to develop a benefits brochure dedicated solely to our group insurance plans. 2. Bulk E-Mail Respectfully Submitted, Anne Monk The RTAM Board plans to enhance its capabilities of communicating with its members. Plans include developing our capacity to build and maintain our membership e-mail database and to deliver bulk e-mails. To that end, the Board has approved that we proceed with arranging with TRAF for use of its bulk e-mail services. RTAM is appreciative of TRAF’s willingness to allow RTAM to access this service. 3. RTAM Office Space and Equipment Respectfully submitted, Wayne Hughes After the AGM last year, we began to make plans for our move from the old office on Portage Avenue to our new office at 113 – 1555 St James Street. The majority of the advance planning and coordination was done by our Executive Assistant Carol Gillis, who as usual went far beyond the call of duty. A special thank you to Carol is in order. The actual move was done after the September Board meeting and the real task of organizing and decorating the new space began. We were fortunate to receive donations of tables and filing cabinets from the University of Manitoba recycling program. We also received donations of a number of prints from members as well as Johnson Insurance. A number of purchases were made to make the office very functional. In all, the move was done within the $10,000 budget allocated by the Board. As an organization we can be proud of the pleasant and efficient surroundings of our new office. When Carol is at the office, the space can accommodate two (2) meetings of approximately eight (8) people in the back area and up to six (6) people in the middle room. A teleconference phone can be moved to any location in the office. If Carol is not at the office, an additional meeting of four (4) or five (5) people could be held in the main reception area. So in total, the area could accommodate small meetings of approximately fifteen (15) to twenty (20) people. The Board has adopted a policy of making our office space available for use by RTAM Chapters, RTAM members as well as other groups with Board permission (See brochure in your AGM package). We see this as a space that should be available for the many senior and community organizations that retired teachers are involved with that is very accessible. RTAM members can be proud of their new office space.

RTAM Chapter Reports As a windup for the previous year, a number of members travelled to Morden for a tour of the Fossil Museum. Lunch was served at the Morden Friendship Centre.

Boyne Chapter of Retired Teachers – 20 Members Respectfully submitted, Bob Kowalchuk Executive for 2012 – 2013 President: To be determined Treasurer: Bob Kowalchuk


Boyne Chapter meets the last Friday of each month (September-May) for a breakfast meeting at a local restaurant. This year we have 20 members and the membership fee is $10.

Summer 2012

The first meeting in September always has the members sharing their summer stories. This year we also heard stories about the Graysville Reunion. Carman has a wonderful Pathway, and a tour was organized for the members. Golf carts were donated by the Carman Golf Club, and the group had a wonderful day to sightsee the Pathway and comment on the


Tall Grass Prairie and other sights. In November, a Public Health Nurse and a local citizen attended our meeting and provided information on Vitamin D research; daily recommendations; benefits. The presentation was very beneficial and informative. In January, our special guests presented a slide presentation of their trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. It was very interesting to hear about the geography and history of those two countries. Every meeting concludes with the sharing of up-coming community events that the members might want to attend. Boyne Chapter also provides a $200 scholarship each year to a graduating student who is entering the Field of Education. The monthly breakfast meeting always gives the members a chance to visit informally, hear updates from RTAM, and have a few laughs. Dauphin Area Retired Teachers’ Association (DARTA) Respectfully submitted, Rita Warrian Executive for 2012 – 2013 President: Rosalie Bornn Past President: Rita Warrian Secretary: Dan Shtykalo Vice-President: Joyce McGinnis Treasurer: Gerald Shewchuk The Dauphin Area chapter continues to thrive, with as many as thirty-five members attending each of the eight breakfast meetings and two dinner meetings held in the past year. Having most of last year’s retirees join the group has been a real boost to our morale. When asked why they attend, members said they like the mix of business and fun – and they really enjoy one another’s company! They may also come for the opportunity to win the gift cards to the Dauphin Cinema raffled at each monthly meeting and paid for out of our annual $10 fee. That fee also provides free breakfast for first-timers and a subsidy to cover expenses for three additional representatives to attend AGM 2012. Activities throughout the year have included: entering a team in the annual Relay for Life; attending the 10th Anniversary 9/11 ceremony at the International Peace Gardens; a historical tour of Ethelbert, Garland and the Duck Mountains, ending with a BBQ at a member’s cabin at Singush Lake; interviewing local candidates prior to the Provincial election; attending the Mountain View Teachers’ Association Christmas Party for which some of our group had helped prepare centerpieces; a December Cheer & Chat where we sampled member-donated Christmas baking; volunteering at the Provincial Ladies Curling Scott Tournament of Hearts and a trip to Grandview for coffee and fresh cinnamon buns prepared by Grandview Residential Services Inc. Our annual Show-and-Tell on Valentine’s Day produced a new set of unusual or historical items: a calendar whose pictures were all of plants with heart-shaped leaves or petals delighted us and a set of grinding bones from the throat of a shell-fish eating bird had us stumped. Members of DARTA are excited at the prospect of hosting AGM 2013 and look forward to the opportunity it provides to extend a warm Dauphin welcome to Manitoba’s retired teachers. Éducatrices et Éducateurs manitobains à la retraite (ÉMR) – 108 Membres Soumis par Alfred Phaneuf Notre section compte 103 membres actifs ainsi que 108 personnescontacts. Le Conseil de direction de 2011 -2012 continue pour 2012-2013 Président  Alfred Phaneuf Vice-président  Denis Clément Secrétaire et webmestre Antoine Gagné Trésorière  Evelyne Beaudoin Conseillère  Yvonne Turenne Conseiller  Bernard Gagné Conseiller  Guy Gagnon Président sortant Gérald Dureault Trois réunions du Conseil en avril, mai et septembre; AGA en avril Le Conseil communique beaucoup par courriel pour assurer le bon fonctionnement des ÉMR. Six activités sociales :


Le 19 mai 2011- Rencontre au Bistro in the Park avec une présentation de Norbert Ritchot sur le projet missionnaire de la paroisse Sainte-Famille. 20 personnes Le 16 juin 2011–Rencontre dans le restaurant Terrace Fifty-Five du Parc Assiniboine. 30 personnes Le 15 septembre 2011- Épluchette de blé-d’inde chez les Lepage à Stuartburn. 34 personnes Le 13 octobre 2011- Repas Chez Cora suivi du théâtre de l’Air du temps au CCFM. 28 personnes Le 17 novembre 2011- Dégustation de vins chez Germaine et Lucien Lussier. 22 personnes Le 15 décembre 2011- Souper de Noël au Canad’Inn du Parc Windsor avec chants de Noël accompagnés de Georges et Denise Perron et Gilles et Gisèle Collette. 61 personnes Un groupe de membres des ÉMR se sont rendus en République Dominicaine pour deux semaines de bénévolat, aidant les sinistrés et pauvres à se construire de nouvelles demeures. Merci aux membres du Conseil pour leur dévouement à la tâche. Il faut aussi ajouter notre reconnaissance à ceux et celles qui ont offert leur domicile pour nos rencontres : Lucien et Germaine Lussier, Albert Lepage et Dolores Gosselin, Norma Lacroix Gagné et Antoine Gagné. Un petit merci spécial pour le webmestre Antoine et son ami Aimé Campagne qui ont produit un site de grande qualité. Félicitations! Hanover Association of Retired Teachers (HART) Respectfully submitted, Brian Gadsby Executive 2012 - 2013 President: Brian Gadsby Treasurer: Denis Fontaine Secretary: Helen Dyck. The activity of our Chapter is limited to breakfast meetings every second Friday of the month. The average attendance at these meetings fluctuates with the seasons. Our spring and early fall sessions average around 20 people and our winter sessions average around 10 people. Most of the gatherings are of the social variety. We like to have an annual general meeting every fall with a catered supper meal. Due to a number of circumstances we were forced to cancel our meeting in the Fall. We are going to try for a supper meeting this Spring or in the early Fall again. We like to keep up with the activities of RTAM but find it very difficult to get active involvement from our members. We will keep trying but for now our main agenda is to provide a social outlet for our members. Interlake Retired Teachers’ Association (IRTA) – 65 Members Respectfully submitted, Darlene Dufily Executive 2012-13 President: Darlene Dufily Vice President: Nancy Phillips Secretary: Shirley Williams Treasurer: Lois Alpers Past President: Joie Van Dongen Directors: Ray Harkness; Alex Krawec; Bob Weller; Maureen Recksiedler; Joan Zaretsky Our year began on September 29th with the celebration of IRTA’s 10th Anniversary. A very well-attended luncheon was held at Bel Acres Golf Club preceded by an entertaining program with well-wishes and reminiscences from “founding members”. The celebration was enjoyed by all. On December 6th, we held our annual Christmas Potluck luncheon in Warren. Food was plentiful and the atmosphere was festive as everyone contributed to our “Tin for the Bin” which would help to provide hampers to families in the area. Our guest speaker was Bill Easton who shared his wine expertise with us from his knowledge of the wine industry around the world to tips on selecting the best wine for the holiday season. We held a brief meeting after the presentation. We are planning a ‘Court Whist Drive’ for our April event and perhaps a bus tour for June. Our membership is steadily increasing and we will continue to work on providing varied and interesting experiences for all our members.

Summer 2012

Intermountain Retired Teachers’ Association – 48 members Respectfully submitted, Mel Graves Executive 2012-13 President: Vice President: Treasurer: Secretary:

Mel Graves John Ross Joe Tysarski Hazel Anderson

Activities During the Year. Intermountain Retired Teachers’ Association continues as a social club for teachers of their beloved Intermountain. The group meets twice a year: In April, there is an Easter Luncheon and the annual meeting. In October, for the Annual Card Party. Between meetings the association tries to keep the members informed of any news affecting the membership. We tend to be inactive members of RTAM but loyal members to Intermountain. Neepawa Area Retired Teachers’ Association (NARTA) – 46 Members Respectfully submitted, Ruth Hanke Executive 2012-2013 President: Wayne Hollier, Neepawa Vice-President: Ralph Cibula, Gladstone Secretary: Irene Sulik, Glenella Treasurer: Bob Finlayson, Neepawa Membership:

46 members; average attendance: 26 members.

Meetings: In 2011: June, September, and November; and in 2012: February, March, and April. Activities for 2011-2012 • May 2011-Breakfast gathering • June 2011-B.Q. at historic Stoney Creek country school • September 2011-Coffee party to meet our constituency candidates, allowing them each 20 minutes speaking time, followed by a question period. • October 2011- Road Trip to Sandy Lake to visit the miniature railway, the museum, and two large churches with lunch at the tea house. • November 2011-Catered Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, music and carol singing with our local composer/pianist, local composer/pianist, Remi Bouchard, playing a new composition dedicated to teachers titled “Are You Puzzled?”. • January 2012-Coffee party. • February 2012-Question and answer meeting concerning RTAM Benefit Plans already offered retired teachers and new Plans to be offered – guest speaker: Pat Bowslaugh. • March 2012-Travelogue given by a local retired teacher on a tour of Finland, Russia, and the Baltic states followed by a St. Patrick’s day lunch. Northeastman Chapter No report North East Winnipeg Retired Teachers’ Association Respectfully submitted, Lorraine Forrest, President After much thoughtful discussions and considerations among the executive of the North East Winnipeg Chapter, the decision was made to approach the Retired Teachers’ of Winnipeg to join their organization. First I called the President of R.T.A.M. to let him know of our intent, then an executive member of the Winnipeg Chapter was called. Discussions will follow. Details will be worked out. Our membership will be informed. It is hoped that our current membership will see the benefits of joining another Chapter knowing how important it is to be closely linked with R.T.A.M. Okanagan Chapter of RTAM – 41 members Respectfully submitted, Susan Forsyth Executive 2012-13 Co-Presidents: Lorna Rothwell and Lorne Lisik Vice President: Ken Ferg Treasurer: Roy Lycar Secretary: Glenda Waugh Member-at-large: Susan Forsyth

Summer 2012

Our membership is currently 41, consisting of both full time and associate members ensconced throughout the Okanagan valley- from Vernon in the north, to Osoyoos in the south. Sadly, on December 22, 2011 in Vernon Jubilee Hospital, a dedicated and positive member of our club passed away following a brief illness. Sonia Sontag’s smile and lively conversation will be a great void for us. The summer months are always very busy for OK- RTAM members as this tends to be the season when we entertain visitors from afar who come to soak up the sunshine, liquid or natural. Consequently, this year we did not manage to gather as a group until September 17, 2011. The Gasthaus On The Lake in Peachland served up its usual delicious Bavarian fare to 22 of our members, who had a good time catching up on everyone’s latest happenings. After lunch, a group of eleven proceeded to the nearby stream and Hardy Falls where they were joined by a mother black bear and her 2 cubs while observing the Kokanee salmon navigating the fish ladders. The ranger kept a compulsory close eye on all parties. On December 10, 2011 we returned to The Yellow House Restaurant in Kelowna for our Christmas celebration. RTAM members were decked out in their seasonal finest though did bring the tackiest of “gifts” for our annual re-gift exchange. There seemed to be more posing and posturing this year as folks either tried to hide their acquisitions or displayed them openly, hoping someone else would make a trade. Obviously a good time was had by all 24 attendees. Our fourth annual general meeting was held at Shannon Lake Golf Course, West Kelowna on April 14, 2012. At that meeting, we reviewed past social activities, and discussed future gatherings as well as the politics of RTAM and the various travel insurance plans being offered. Proposed activities for the upcoming year include a June potluck BBQ and bocce challenge at the home of Lorne and Susan Lisik, and a luncheon/ tour at Quail’s Gate Winery in the fall. The Christmas luncheon/re-gift will be at Two Eagles Golf Course. Our mission statement is an olde one, “Eat, drink, and be merry”. We extend a hearty welcome to any and all Manitoba retired teachers. Please contact our co-president, Lorna Rothwell, (, whether you’re just passing through or have relocated to the Okanagan as we would be delighted to have you join us. Portage la Prairie Retired Teachers’ Association – 70 Members Respectfully submitted, Marvin Krawec Executive 2012 - 2013 Past President: President: Secretary- Treasurer: Social convener:

Evelyne Rheaume Marvin Krawec Les Porteous Joyce Grant

We, the retired teachers of Portage la Prairie, break bread together on the last Friday of every month except July and August. The average attendance for these bonding breakfasts averages about twenty teachers. Some of them make it a point to come from Winnipeg where they have resettled. It is during these breakfasts that we are informed by individuals who are on the provincial executive and about anything of relevance that may be transpiring at the provincial level. We gather to exchange stories about trips that have been taken, about the welfare of our retirees and about events in the community which would be of interest to all. Individually, or collectively, many participate in projects that are of interest to them in the community. Some are involved with the Habitat program. Others, whose interest is curling, devote their time in many capacities in that arena. Some take part in a community choir that puts on a concert every Spring. Still others volunteer their time to the public library. One of our regular attendees at breakfast, has been publicly recognized for his contribution. These are but a few areas of involvement by our members. Come September, we shall attempt to set an agenda for the whole year; should the assemblage be so inclined.


Retired Teachers of Winnipeg – RTW – 100 Members Respectfully submitted, Doreen F. Pruden Current Executive Past President: Dick Marshall President: Doreen Pruden Secretary-Treasurer: Terry Clifford Executive members at-large: variable! Our AGM will be held on April 30 and so the above is the most up-to-date information available. Membership is open to retired teachers resident in or near the city; currently almost all are RTAM members and we promote the parent organization. We have had several lunches at different locations. Other projects have been less successful – finding a time that suits everyone who expresses interest is nigh impossible. We receive lots of suggestions, but less practical assistance in implementing them! We have supported RTAM’s work and have held three meetings with city MLAs on the COLA issue, with three others being scheduled. Members who live in the relevant constituency take part. We forward Media Watch and send out information on other RTAM projects, such as Wellness, preretirement information and the May AGM. We send out fairly regular newsletters and are fortunate to have a volunteer who phones the some 10% of our members who do not use internet. We believe this group presents a problem in communications for RTAM also. Trying to reach out to retirees who are not in the age-group of the current executive is also frustrating. A small notice in KIT brought some results and we will submit more information to the editor. Several members took part in I Love to Read Month. We have just completed our second pre-retirement seminar for active teachers in Winnipeg #1. The Division has been very helpful in allowing us to access the courier service with information. The seminar was wellreceived by the 30 people who registered. It is clear that guidance about insurance and pension issues should reach acting teachers in good time, and that the viewpoint of actual retirees is useful. We are pursuing some concerns about travel insurance in particular. Retired Women Teachers’ Association – RWTA – 367 Members Respectfully submitted, Dolores Hébert Executive 2012-2013 Past President: President: Vice-President: Recoding Secretary: Corresponding Secretary: Treasurer: Membership: Club Notices: Visiting: Tickets: Publicity: Archivist: Pension & RTAM: Pianist: Social Committee:

Dr. Mary Pankiw Dolores Hébert Diane Bewell Pat Opalko Cecile Alarie-Skene Dolores Tutkaluk Cecile Alarie Skene Diane Bewell and Ruth Hartnell Ruth Hartnell Birdielyn Gray, Kathleen Parums June Slobodian Cathie Morgan-Matula Peggy Prendergast Charlotte Stech Bessie Marie Hill, Louise Burton, Emily Williamson, Lynda Tunny, Kathy Deyman

Sincere thanks to the following ladies who are leaving the Executive: Jean Leighton, Lee Bilodeau, Phyllis Kalinsky and Bernice Giesbrecht. Some of these ladies have served 10 years or more. Their hard work and diligence have been gratefully appreciated. Executive Meetings: Four meetings were held at the Masonic Centre: September and November, 2011; and January and March, 2012. On May 1, 2012 there was a joint “present and new” Executive meeting. Activities: Four luncheons were held at the Masonic Centre. There was no outing this year due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope to have one in September, 2012.

December 1, 2011: After a served lunch we were entertained by the group One More Time. Their music set the tone for the Holiday Season. Thanks to Bessie Marie Hill for booking them. February 23, 2012: Seven Schipper, the Artistic Director of the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, was the guest speaker. Mr. Schipper said he was truly honoured to have been invited to the program. He believes teaching is one of the noblest professions. He also believes Manitoba is a friendly province and he is proud to be a part of our community. Thank you to Phyllis Kalinsky for making all the arrangements for this much enjoyed afternoon. Thanks to the baby food drive for Winnipeg Harvest, set up by Phyllis; our generous ladies contributed 107 pounds of food and $213.00. April 26, 2012: This is our annual AGM. After a served lunch the new executive was voted in. The entertainment was the Voyageur Band. Thanks Bessie Marie Hill for finding them. I have certainly enjoyed being President this year. There are so many interesting, fun-loving Retired Teachers! I do want to thank ALL the Executive for all their hard work and I look forward to another fun-filled year. Wishing you all a great summer! Riel Chapter Respectfully Submitted, Ted Poulter Executive 2012-2013 President: Ted Poulter Vice President: Lynda Baxter While Riel Chapter has been relatively inactive, there is a group that has existed for 20 years in St.Vital and now Louis Riel S.D. This group is known as the Retired Personnel but is mainly retired teachers. They meet twice a year for lunch-spring and fall. The newsletter mailings go out to about 600 people and lunch attendance is over 100. This group provides graduating scholarships to 3 high schools and will be expanding to all high schools in Louis Riel this spring. Also, an annual fall golf tournament is run and its proceeds are contributed to the scholarships. The 2 main organizers are Ron Koskie and Jerry Ilchyna and a committee of about 6 that run the proceedings. Generally, this group looks forward to renewing friendships on a semi annual basis. Southwest Assiniboine Chapter of Retired Teachers Respectfully submitted, Jerome Brockman Table of Officers for 2012 – 2013 President: Jerome Brockman Secretary: Kay Kristjanson Treasurer: Glenn McKinnon Travel: Kelvin Smith Friendship and Visiting: Pat Wolf During the year 2011 to 2012 we completed 20 years of service to our chapter. • We held three lunches followed by meetings with an average attendance of 40 people. • We supported financially three local Music and Arts festivals in Birtle, Deloraine, and Virden. • We have discussed “Cola” at meetings and also with candidates for the provincial election. • The Provincial President of RTAM, Richard Benoit, attended our April meeting bringing greetings from RTAM. Richard also made a presentation on travel insurance. • The Travel Committee organized an excellent tour to Brandon visiting the new firehall, Assiniboine Community Colleges new additions in culinary arts, agricultural mechanics Hotel services and various trades, and Shilo visiting the Royal Canadian Art Museum and The Reptile Gardens. • A delegate attended the Legislative Assembly to support a private members bill to allow RTAM to appoint a member to the TRAF board. • The Friendship and Visiting committee sent out many greeting cards to shut-ins and those hospitalized. They also sent out cards of sympathy.

September 29, 2011: Following a buffet lunch, ladies from our organization had a chance to “walk the runway” in our annual Fashion Show, sponsored by Nygaard. Thanks to Louise Burton for her excellent organization.


Summer 2012

St. James Assiniboia Chapter – 242 members Respectfully submitted, Connie Newman Officers 2012 - 2013 Chairperson: Connie Newman Vice Chair: Fred Bilous Treasurer: Pat Robson Secretary: Brian Head Political Action: Tom Carlyle Communications/Membership: Dorothy Young; Mary Starodub; Bill Moore; Emily Williamson Members at Large: Jo Davis; Lynn Land; Garry Winfield, Will Peters All positions are open for nominations. The main objective of the St. James Assiniboia Chapter of RTAM is to promote the economic interests of its members and other retired educators; and to support the Provincial RTAM Board in its endeavors to that end. Since its inception, our Chapter has perfected a communication system with members. The Chapter share accurate information with their members all across Canada, who in turn shares the information with friends, family, and colleagues still actively teaching in Manitoba. We continue to investigate ways and means to bridge the gap between retired and active teachers. We connect with those active teachers who are retiring each year. This is supported by our local MTS. We continue efforts to liaison with Provincial MTS, the Local Association President, and our three local government MLA’s. Swan Valley Retired Teachers - 112 listed with 36 paid Members Respectfully submitted, Carol Fenski Executive Officers for 2012-2013 President: Barb Plumb Vice President: Ed Richenhaller Past President: John Solomon Secretary: Carol Fenski Treasurer: John Solomon The Chapter held four regular luncheon meetings (May, September, November, and January) following the AGM on March 3, 2011. Average attendance at meetings was 21.6 members. Annual membership is $5. Activities: March 2011 – sponsored a “Spring Garage Sale” May 2011 – at the luncheon meeting acknowledged necrology with 1 minute of silence / two members attended the RTAM AGM in Steinbach June 2011 – several members attended the Divisional Service Awards/ Retirement banquet August 2011 – two members attended “Meet the Candidate Campaign Workshop” in Winnipeg September 2011 – hosted President Richard Benoit and his wife at our regular meeting / initiated plans for hosting the Rusty Old Classic Golf Tournament in 2012 October 2011 – three members participated in the ‘Meet the Candidates’ meetings prior to provincial elections November 2011 – attended community Remembrance Day Service and presented wreath on behalf of the retired teachers / enjoyed socializing at the Chapter’s Christmas social (in lieu of gift exchange, made food and monetary donations to local Food Bank) December 2011 – assisted local Legion by judging their Remembrance Day poster/Literary contest entries (both local and zone) January 2012 – worked on hosting a Wellness Seminar in Swan River but there was a lack of interest February 2012 – assisted local Elks/Royal Purple Lodges by judging their Healthy Choices/Positive Lifestyles poster contest entries Throughout the term the Secretary continued to acknowledge Chapter members/families by sending Sympathy, Get Well, Thinking of You, Birthday and Anniversary cards. The Pas Retired Teachers’ Association Respectfully submitted, Vel McAdam, President The Pas Retired Teachers have held three meetings this year. Our Secretary, Elaine Bollman, always has a “fun sheet” ready to keep

Summer 2012

those older brain cells smokin’ and the issue of affordable Senior Housing, here in The Pas continues to be a topic of considerable interest to many of our members. The topic of whether or not the RTAM approach in the recent Provincial Election was perceived as neutral was also a topic of concern. We continue to enjoy the good fortune of having our own Vaughn Wadelius serving on the ACER/CART Board as Past President and so receive regular updates on their work from him. At the recent Spring Meeting we re-instated the complete 2011-12 executive and voted to endorse the resolution coming to AGM to support a more collaborative approach to all deliberations with MTS. At the local level we enjoy a cordial and congenial working relationship with working teachers and are often included in special events - which begs the question - why the difference at the provincial level? We also voted to endorse the resolution that encourages the Bylaws and Policy Committee to create policy regarding time limits for RTAM directors for consideration at the 2013 AGM. All in all we have enjoyed a year of fine fellowship and interesting debate. Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE) – 40 Members Respectfully submitted, Joan Goble Officers: The officers for 2012-13 will be elected at the TARE AGM to be held April 19, 2012. The list will be printed in the fall KIT Membership: Total Possible: 34 Currently: 17 active & 17 inactive (5 indicate no wish to join, 3 work full time at other occupations, at least 2 take term contracts teaching) Associate members: 6 active Events: April 5: TARE’s AGM May 10 -11: Pres. and Sec. attended RTAM Presidents’ Council and AGM on behalf of TARE and then reported back to TARE membership June 14: Executive Meeting over breakfast at Grapes to plan for the ensuing year June 22: Lunch Meeting at Chicken Chef – reviewed AGM; congratulated C. Pelton on becoming an RTAM Board Member and thanked G. Hansen for his time on the RTAM Board; passed on request from Elections Manitoba for workers; presented proposed plan for the ensuing year and asked for feedback and suggestions July 24: Pot luck at Saunders cabin at Setting Lake; had a chance to meet our summer members September 6: traditional “To Hell with the Bell” breakfast at Chicken Chef – talked about All Candidates Meeting for upcoming election; worked on plans for Health and Wellness Seminar September 28: all day Health and Wellness Program with Peggy Prendergast from RTAM and local presenters; emphasis on what is available for retirees and seniors October 26: Lunch at Chicken Chef - Invitation received from TTA to attend Christmas Dance Nov. 26; suggested activities for November and December were received December 1: Breakfast at Grapes followed by a comprehensive tour of the Northern Spirit Manor (personal care home) December 20: Potluck supper at home of Joan Goble February 2: Lunch at Wong’s Asian Bistro; TARE AGM date announced February 15: Joan Dawson attended President’s Council on behalf of TARE – sent out a comprehensive report by email March 2: Lunch at The Hub followed by a tour of AFM led by J. Donovan a retired teacher March 27: Breakfast at Grapes – met with RCMP Constable Boisvert re scams against seniors and senior safety April 19: TARE AGM at Paint Lake Marina About 6 to 10 members and associates come out to the monthly meetings from October to April. From May to September up to 26 attend; many are snowbirds so our winter population dwindles. This year we tried to familiarize ourselves with the services available for retirees and seniors in our community and also learn how to be safe in our homes and our city. Our list of possible things to do included a trip to the jet engine cold weather testing site, but we did not get a response from them. Next year we will try early in the season to get to the cold weather testing site for cars and snowmobiles.


Suggestions for free things to do together include: free curling for Seniors on Wednesday afternoon, free Seniors’ armchair exercise sessions 3X a week, fishing on a day when it is free; a picnic at Pisew Falls or Herb Lake Landing or Wekusko Falls; a tour of the University College of the North, a tour of the School Board Office, and a trip to the greenhouse at Wabowden. Inexpensive ideas included bowling and pool/billiards.

This chapter has had a very busy year with a variety of events which brought to our 91 members everything from great food to mind- nourishing speakers and entertainers. Our goal is to have four formal luncheons which are held at Seniors for Seniors. The exclusive and delicious menus are chosen by the executive; the opportunities for entertainment are prioritized by members.

Guest speakers on topics such as: wills, power of attorney, living wills, and estate planning; financial issues such as RRSP and RTFS; health issues such as Northern Patient Transport, Medivac and accessing Home Care after surgery rounded out the list of suggestions. As we could not cover all of these suggestions in one year, we have much left to consider for another year.

Our September meeting was designed to acknowledge the request from the RTAM Board to engage in meetings with our MLA candidates. A total contingent of three representatives from both Brandon East and Brandon West were in attendance to answer our questions. This forum offered our members and guests the opportunity to meet and reflect on election issues.

VanIsles Chapter – 139 members Respectfully submitted, Val Davies and Jim Reid

In November our entertainment consisted of two Brandon Police Service officers, Constables Basaraba and Kirby Sararas, who provided numerous tips on personal safety. The officers cited various scams and offered pertinent suggestions on how to avoid fraudulent situations. Neelin High School drama class brought to us unique improvisations in February. We were pleased to involve one of our local schools and to marvel at their spontaneous and humorous enactments.

Executive for 2012-2013 Co-Presidents: Gerry Saleski (Victoria) and Garry Finlay (Qualicum Beach) Past Co-Presidents: Val Davies and Jim Reid Secretary: Patti Dobroski (Victoria) Treasurer: Roy Richmond (Nanaimo) Three Area Directors: Charles Moody: Victoria and area Victoria Olchowecki: Nanaimo and Area: Mac Taylor: Parksville, Qualicum & Northern area This was the fifth AGM of VanIsles Chapter which was organized in 2007, and the third AGM held at Arbutus Ridge in Cobble Hill overlooking the strait and Mt. Baker. This is a beautiful setting for a lunch gathering with fellow Manitoba retirees and is a mid-point for those members coming to the AGM.

At our April event the topic of wills and power of attorney, presented by local lawyer, Doug Paterson offered sage advice on the importance of having our affairs in order. In addition to these regular luncheon meetings we have had several other opportunities for fellowship. In December a Christmas event was held at the Green Spot (which is a local green house) offering a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the seasonal greenery and be entertained by a local men’s chorus. Our gathering was expanded in number due to an invitation having also being extended to Seniors in three of our assisted living homes.

In 2011 our membership grew by six: 21 members are spread from as far north as Campbell River, Comox, and Courtenay; west to Port Alberni; on Salt Spring Island, and in the communities of Ladysmith, Chemainus, Duncan, Mill Bay, Shawnigan Lake, and Lake Cowichan. 28 members live in Qualicum Beach, Parksville, Errington, and Nanoose Bay. 29 members live in Nanaimo, including one member on Gabriola Island. 53 members live in Victoria and surrounding areas, including Brentwood Bay, Pender Island, Sidney, North Saanich, and Sooke. There are also 8 members who have moved from Vancouver Island, but who have indicated that they wish to remain on the group email contact list, meaning that we have contact with 139 VanIsles members.

On March 27 we held an afternoon Wellness Event and although our attendance was challenged by a sudden snow fall, our half day event was deemed as having been of great value. Physiotherapist Bobbi Schram provided us with a plethora of suggestions on how to respect and nourish our bodies through exercise, proper diet and careful movements. Our second speaker, Mark Mercure , who is one of seven certified pharmacists in Manitoba provided us with expert advice on the careful use of prescription meds as well as herbal remedies and other “over the counter” interventions.

Email is our main vehicle of communication with our members, who appreciate the messages and reports that we forward from the RTAM Executive in Winnipeg.

Our Past President Rick Oakden communicates each of these events via email with those who do not own computers receiving personal phone calls from Mavis Johnson. To nurture our members there are cards sent to those who are ill or bereaved. In addition this year our membership voted to support the Seniors for Seniors venue by purchasing new speakers for the sound system, a convenience which will also be an enhancement for our enjoyment.

Several of our members return to visit family and friends in Manitoba. On one such visit Garry Finlay attended the Manitoba Legislature last spring with other RTAM members from Winnipeg. Even though the Bill died, which was to ensure that an RTAM member would be appointed to the TRAF board, it was great to have a VanIsles member in the gallery. On August 31st forty VanIsles members enjoyed a delicious lunch and socializing with former colleagues in the lovely garden at the home of Elizabeth Kozak in Victoria. As the outgoing co-presidents, we wish to thank the executive and all the VanIsles members for their participation, for introducing new members to the chapter, and for the support we have had over the past five years. Our best wishes to the incoming executive. Here’s to a long life for this chapter of RTAM. Westman Retired Teachers’ Association - 91 Members Respectfully submitted, Pat Bowslaugh 2012-2013 Executive President: Peggy Wojnarski Vice President: Heather Shelton Treasurer: Mavis Johnston Secretary: Judy Olmstead Director: Bill Taylor Past President: Pat Bowslaugh


In addition to the above events the Westman members meet informally on the first Wednesday of the month for breakfast at the Trails West Motor Inn and on each Thursday at Valleyview Community Centre for bridge.

We trust that the variety of activities has provided meaningful choices for ongoing health and wellness.

A career . . . (continued from page 11) celebration at the French Cultural Center, which I was happy to do in both languages. A fellow there asked me to be on his radio program called “Boots and Saddles” at the University of Winnipeg. I have been on the program five times as an entertainer and twice as a disk jockey. Music has become an interesting “career” in my retirement, the seeds being sown in my first career as a teacher. Doors always seem to open. A saxophonist hearing me play jazz at the library asked me to join him. . . why not?!! Summer 2012

2012 AGM Financial Motions Auditor’s Report 1. Clifford/Wiebe That the RTAM AGM 2012 receive the Auditor's Report for the fiscal year 2010-2011. Carried. 2. Clifford/Marshall That the Board be authorized to appoint an accounting firm as the auditor for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. Carried. Reimbursement Rates 3. Hollier/Scott That the rate of reimbursement for mileage be $ 0.50 per Km. beginning July 1,2012. Carried. 4. Styko/Bowslaugh That the rate of reimbursement for meals be $60.00 per diem and not exceed the following rates: breakfast @ $15.00; lunch @ $20.00, and supper @ $25.00, beginning July 1, 2012. Carried. 5. Krowec/Brockman That the rate of reimbursement for hotel be up to $ 140.00 per day beginning July 1, 2012. Carried. 6. Boughton/Wiebe That the accommodation with family or friends in lieu of hotel remain at up to 50% of the hotel rate per day beginning July 1, 2012. Carried. 2012-2013 Budget 7. McAdam/Bornn That the 2012-2013 RTAM budget proposed by the RTAM Board of Directors be approved. Carried. Membership Fees 8. Hollier/Krowec That the regular and associate membership fees remain at $27.00 for the fiscal year 2012-2013. Carried. 9. Rizzo/Krowec That the membership fee for the Life Members remain waived. Carried.

Summer 2012


2012 AGM By Laws & Policy Motions

Carol Pelton, Chair

By Law Motion: Notice of Motion for AGM 2012 Article 6 – Board of Directors, Section 6.04 Election and Term of Office b) The term of office for a Board shall be July1st to June 30th. Referred to the Board.

Policy Motions: Motion 1: that a new section 6.04 Nominating Authority be added to Section 6 Board of Directors Section 6: Board of Directors 6.04 Nominating Authority The Board shall nominate the RTAM nominee(s) for the Government’s appointment of a “representative of retired Plan members to the TRAF Board of resolution of the Board duly passed at a regular Board meeting. Carried Motion 2: that a new term of reference (f) be added to the Pensions Committee Section 8.06 Terms of Reference for Standing Committees Section 8.06 Terms of Reference for Standing Committees 8 .06 (8) Pensions Committee f ) Carry out the search process for RTAM’s nomination for the Government’s discretionary appointment of a “representative” of retired Plan members to the TRAF Board, and shall conduct the search process and make recommendations in accordance with the RTAM Nomination Process for TRAF Board Appointment. Carried Motion 3: that the policy statements subsumed in 2.02 Representation on the TRAF Board be deleted and replaced with the following policy statements: RTAM advocates: a) That retired members of the Teachers’ Pension Plan be represented on the TRAF Board. b) That the “representative” of retired Plan members be nominated by RTAM. Carried. Motion 4 13.01 Premiums ) Changes to RTAM benefit plans and premium rates shall occur by formal motion of the Board. In addition, b Johnson shall only implement such changes to benefit plans and premium rates upon receiving instruction by motion of the Board and communicated by letter signed by the President. (new b) Carried. Motion 5 c) Communications to members about benefit plans and premium rates shall be signed by the President, and, if a second signature is included, it shall be that of the Benefits chair. (new c) (re – letter b to d) Carried.


Summer 2012

Invitation to be a Committee Member It is an RTAM policy that RTAM members at large may serve on a committee of the Board. Therefore, we ask you to please submit your name to indicate your availability and areas of interest. We will endeavour to accommodate your offer within the parameters of Bylaws and Policy. Most Committees meet once a month, usually with the exception of July, August and December unless there are emergent circumstances. The following are the Standing Committees: 1) AGM and Elections 2) Benefits 3) Bylaws and Policy 4) Communications 4 a) Keep In Touch Newsletter (KIT) 4 b) RTAM Web Page 4 c) Public Relations 5) Educational Advocacy 6) Membership and Chapters 7) Pensions 8) Political Action 9) Travel 10) Wellness

Please Print My name is _______________________________________________________________________ Contact: Phone_____________________ E-mail __________________________________________ Home address _____________________________________________________________________ My interests would be for the following committee(s): ________________________________________________________________________________ Please provide a short reflection of your experiences that would lead to this committee. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Please submit this form to our Executive Assistant, Carol Gillis, at the conclusion of this AGM or e-mail it to her by June 15, 2012 at Summer 2012


IN MEMORIAM We remember these RTAM colleagues for their years of educational service to Manitoba’s children and youth. The list covers names received March 1, 2011 to April 26, 2012, from TRAF. Linda M. Allan, Winnipeg Niels M. B. Annell, Ste. Anne Stephen D Bahry, Winnipeg Rose A. Baydock, Winnipeg Valerie L. Beatty, Winnipeg Elaine B. Beaulieu, Winnipeg Dorothy M. Blair, Woodside Alice E. Brown, Wawanesa Alma E. Carnochan, Roblin Martin D. Chalaturnyk, Brandon Ruby G. Chambers, Brandon Simone M. Chartier, Winnipeg Laurence S. Cherneski, Regina, SK John S. Couling, Winnipeg Enid L. Cousins, Winnipeg Lois Cram, Morden Ruth D. Cutforth, Richmond, BC Doris M. Daudrich, Dorval, QC Olga Didyk, Dauphin Marion M. Douglas, Brandon Diane L. Drabiniasty, Winnipeg Mildred R. Drayson, Winnipeg Patricia C. Dube, Winnipeg Joan M. Dunlop, Strathmore, AB Edith J. Dyker, Winnipeg Dennis B. Egesz, Winnipeg Eleanor Elliott, Winnipeg Bertha M. Ellison, Winnipeg Peter B. Enns, Vancouver, BC Jack Epp, Pointe au Baril, ON Janet M. Everall, Winnipeg James E. Forsyth, Oak River Tena Friesen, Winnipeg Dennis Gebauer, Montreal, QC Leonard Goldsborough, Starbuck Timothy A. Grew, Belleville, ON Ellen R. A. Griffiths, Poplar Point Elizabeth Hannaford, Winnipeg Bruce W. Handford, East St. Paul Valerie D. Harder, Winnipeg Mary M. Hicks, Gilbert Plains


Margaret G. Hogue, Portage la Prairie Ethel W. Houston, North Vancouver BC Constance Howey, Boissevain Lloyd C. Jackson, Brandon F. Edgar Jarvis, Oliver V. Shirley Johnson, Selkirk Verlie Junkin, Winnipeg Peter E. G. Kallos, Winnipeg Alberta M. Kennedy, San Clara Elizabeth E. Kennedy, Parksvlle, BC Nettie Kichuk, Saskatoon, SK Michael D. Kiedyk, Winnipeg Gordon N. Klayh, West St. Paul Lorraine D. Lambert, Winnipeg Florence J. Lamy, Valley River Mary-Ann C. Lepper, Winnipeg Helen R. Loewen, Steinbach Ivan H. Lounsbury, Winnipeg Glen Loveridge, Winnipeg Clyde MacTavish, Ottawa, ON Marjorie A. Marciski, Glenella Renee F. Marion, Winnipeg Rudolf Martens, Abbotsford, BC Maureen A. McCoy-Gelinas, Edmonton, AB Georgina A. McCullough, Carman Robert L. McIntosh, Surrey, BC Verla I. McLaren, Neepawa Marion G. McRuer, Winnipeg Bertha A. Menard, Lorette Dorothy I. Metcalfe, Winnipeg Mary A. Metcalfe, Winnipeg M. M. Marni Miles, Winnipeg Muriel R. Milgrom, Winnipeg Sharon A. Monaghan, Brandon Robert W. Moroz, Ashern Elstan G. Morris, Winnipeg William B. Morris, Winnipeg Mary J. Musil, Port Coquitlam, BC Lawrence W. Mydynski, Qualicum Beach, BC

Herbert L W Nemish, Winnipeg Dora A. I. Osterbeck, Winnipeg Odon L. Ostrowski, Winnipeg Anne E. Pallister, Portage la Prairie Stuart J. Pateman, Winnipeg Meroslaw Pelechaty, Ethelbert Laura R. Penner, Winnipeg Gary G. Pollard, Winnipeg Dorothy Prefontaine, Sidney, BC Bonnie C. Puls, Winnipeg Jessie H. Quesnel, Winnipeg Arthur J. Radstrom, Winnipeg Robert A. Robbie, Winnipeg Lillian M. Rodgers, Nanaimo Gladys E. Rowe, Winnipeg Eva Roziere, Winnipeg Walter W. Schettler, Winnipeg Henry Schmidt, Winnipeg Lothar Schmidt, Morden Linda J. Schroeder, Sanford William Schroeder, Winnipeg Herbert A. Simms, Flin Flon James D. Simpson, Winnipeg Juanita A. Smith, Winnipeg Mark H. Smith, Winnipeg Michaell Spack, Winnipeg Alfreda R. Stewart, Warren Melfort Swidinsky, Winnipeg Olive G. Trinder, Winnipeg William W. Tucker, East St. Paul R. Stewart Tuningley, Westbank Simone M. Van Damme, Dugald Margaret A. Wall, Wynndel Berniece W. Wallace, Winnipeg Melbourne Walmsley, Delta John T. Wherrett, Winnipeg Peter Wilby, Calgary, AB Jean E. Yarwood, St. Andrews Ziehlke, Conrad, Cranberry Portage Joseph A. Zuzanski, West St. Paul

Summer 2012

CLASSIFIEDS 55th NORMAL SCHOOL REUNION CLASS of 1956-1957 Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23, 2012 Canad Inn, Portage la Prairie at 2401 Saskatchewan Avenue, WEST REGISTRATION: Friday, June 22 at 6:00 pm. Meet and Greet Activities: 6 to 9 pm. REGISTRATION AND LUNCHEON: Saturday, June 23, 2012, 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. Cost of Luncheon: $25 payable at time of registration. No cheques. Preferred room rates at the Inn. Phone 1-888-332-2623 and quote Group #147764. Janice Kelly (McGregor) 204 252-2124; Les Porteous (Portage la Prairie) 204-857-3194; Gloria Wilton (Winnipeg) 204-487-6432.

DR. LOUISA LOEB EIGHTH ANNUAL REUNION PERMIT TEACHERS of MANITOBA here: Viscount Gort Hotel W When: Thursday, July 12, 2012 Time: 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m Registration begins at 10 a.m. All teachers who taught on PERMIT are welcome to attend. Wally Stoyko at 204-222-0435 or Edith Alexiuk at 204-256-6484. 1) This year's Topic: Open mic with a humorous anecdote from your year(s). 2) If you wish pictures, please bring your cameras.

Summer 2012

MANITOBA NORMAL SCHOOL Class of 1953 - 1954 58th Year Reunion Saturday, September 22, 2012 Brandon, Manitoba UKRAINIAN READING ASSOCIATION HALL

1005 Assiniboine Avenue. Information: Marg Cullen: mcullen@ or 204-727-8833. Registration forms were sent in September to known addresses. If you did not receive yours, or you changed your mailing address, e-mail or phone number contact Matt Kawchuk: or phone 204-728-8432. Please register before June 30, 2012.

Manitoba Provincial Normal School 1954-1955 Reunion Place: Winnipeg, MB Date: July, 2013 Please provide feedback on the following suggestions. Are you planning on attending? We need to know numbers. Length of the reunion: 1, 2 or 3 days Suggestions on activities: What would you like to do. Please respond as soon as possible so we can proceed with the planning. Contact: Bev Smith Earl Brown -

MANITOBA NORMAL SCHOOL REUNION CLASS OF 1951 – 1952 “JOIN THE CREW OF ‘52” 60th ANNIVERSARY REUNION Friday, June 15, 2012. Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre 1808 Wellington Avenue Winnipeg, MB 1:00 p.m. until midnight. For more information contact Barbara Cochrane Box 969, Russell, MB, R0J 1W0 Phone: 204 – 773 - 2578

The Pas Centennial 1912-2012

Former teachers and residents of The Pas are invited to return on the August 3-5, 2012 weekend for the celebration of the town’s centennial. Information is available on a website (

IsaaC Brock School 1913 - 2013 May 24 and 25, 2013 Celebrating its 100th Anniversary If you are a former student and would like to be on a committee to help organize a reunion, please contact the school with your name, phone number, email. You will be contacted later in the year. 204-772-9527 / isaacbrock@ RTAM KIT • 25

CLASSIFIEDS CREATIVE RETIREMENT MANITOBA Peggy Prenderast, Educational Advocacy THE CENTRE FOR LIFELONG LEARNING Take a course, go on a tour, join a special-interest club, share your talents and skills with others, facilitate courses, volunteer‌ you decide on the level of participation you are comfortable with and CRM will be there to help you make it happen. Become a member of this dynamic organization and join a growing group of retirees who enjoy learning, developing a new interest and meeting interesting people. CRM is a not-for-profit education centre that contributes to the well-being of retirees and their communities by developing and offering innovative and interactive learning opportunities. CRM is governed by an elected board of volunteers and administered by a professional staff. Lectures on many diverse topics such as: “Is America in Decline? A Canadian Perspectiveâ€? are offered, as is all aspects of learning re: computers, special interest courses such as “Pyramids on the Prairieâ€? French and Spanish language instruction, health and well-being, instruction such as Tai Chi, clubs such as a large computer club and many book clubs and last but not least leisure activities like ballroom dancing or bridge are some of the areas in which courses are suggested. They can be one class or many in duration depending on the subject. Just call 949 2565 to have â€?The Guideâ€? sent to you or go online to for all the information you may need to learn about Creative Retirement Manitoba.

It’s time to plan your next travel adventure

• COLLETTE FAMILY VACATIONS Explore the World Together • CALIFORNIA NEW YEAR’S GETAWAY with Optional Extensions • DISCOVER PANAMA, January, 2013 Enjoy the Canal & Relax in a Rainforest • LAND & CRUISE - Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia • BLOUNT SMALL SHIP ADVENTURE New York to Montreal Contact Bernice: (204) 957-7786 26 • RTAM KIT

41&$5"$6-"3*/%*" &TDPSUFE#Z"SVOB)BMM


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Deer Lodge Senior Men's Curling League is looking for curlers for the 2012/2013 season. Curling takes place Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 11:15 AM to 1:15 PM. from October to March. All skill levels plus first time curlers welcome. This is a great opportunity to get some affordable exercise, meet some new friends, and have some fun. Membership includes two delicious banquets. For further information, contact Dennis 261-8790, Jim 837-6900, or Murray 284-5516.

PARTNERS FOR LEARNING Winnipeg teachers are invited to apply for part time tutoring in August and over the 2012-2013 school year, starting in September 2012. Please fax resume to Partners for Learning at 477-1124, attention Louise Carson. Summer 2012

CLASSIFIEDS WINNIPEG SCHOOL DIVISION RETIREES The Winnipeg School Division is again pleased to offer to its retirees and their adult family members discounted fitness passes with the City of Winnipeg recreational facilities. Enrolment will be from June 13 to September 19, 2012 inclusive, with the fitness passes being effective October 1, 2012. Further information will be available online after June 1, 2012 at http:// MANITOBA NORMAL SCHOOL Class of 1953-1954 will be celebrating our 58th year reunion on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in Brandon, Manitoba at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall 560-13th Street East For information contact Marg Cullen: or 204-727-8833 Information and registration forms will be sent in June, 2011 to all members whose address is known. To report any changes in your mailing address, phone number or e-mail contact: Matt Kawchuk: or 204-728-8432 CUBA – ‘Spanish Studies in Cuba’ (Havana), $2,500.00 Can. for 4 wks. Hotel with breakfast and dinner, tuition fee. (Air fare not included). 250-478-0494 LOOKING FOR: 1950s Manitoba readers. Wide Open Windows (blue cover) and All Sails Set (green cover).

RTAM AGM 2013 May 7 & 8 at Dauphin, MB The Dauphin Area Retired Teachers look forward to welcoming RTAM to Dauphin - May 2013! Summer 2012

YE OLDE RUSTY CLASSIC Swan River Golf & Country Club

For Retired Educators And Their Significant Others Tuesday, September 4, 2012 Registration: 10:00 – 11:00 Shotgun start at 11:30 Texas Scramble – Tee gifts for all participants Enter as a foursome, or individually Entry Fee: $85 per person, $340 per foursome (Includes green fees, shared riding cart, buffet dinner and prizes) Entry limited to first 144 registrants (36 foursomes) who submit their registration form and fee by mail. Come and enjoy a day of fun, fellowship and golf with your retired colleagues at “Manitoba’s most northern 18 hole golf course”. Questions or concerns may be directed to: Ed Richenhaller at: Ye Olde Rusty Classic Registration Form 1. _______________________________________________ 2. _ ______________________________________________ 3. _ ______________________________________________ 4. _ ______________________________________________ 5. _ ______________________________________________ One Email & one telephone number per group Email contact: ______________________________________ Telephone Contact: __________________________________ Please make cheque payable to “Swan Valley Retired Teachers” and memo your cheque as “Ye Olde Rusty Classic” Send cheque and registration form to: Lew Taylor, Box 1438, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0


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Wellness Seminar Winnipeg Travel Fair Winnipeg AGM in Dauphin

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Summer 2012

RTAM Kit - Summer 2012  

RTAM Kit - Summer 2012

RTAM Kit - Summer 2012  

RTAM Kit - Summer 2012