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be heard AUG 23

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2 0 1 1 M u n i c i pa l E l e c t i o n s Your vote. Your voice. Your city. Elect leadership that shares your dream. Your Ballot speaks loud and clear.

2011 Municipal Election

Absentee Voting Begins Voter Registration Deadline Last Day to Apply for Absentee Ballot Absentee Ballot Hand-Delivery Deadline* Absentee Ballot Postmark Deadline** ELECTION DAY

July 14 August 12 August 18 August 22 August 22 August 23

elect your

city Mayor ★ Council

Run-Off Election

August 25 September 23 September 29 October 3 October 3 October 4

*Hand-delivered absentee ballots must be received at the Montgomery Election Center by 5:00 p.m. on this date. Only the voter may hand-deliver his or her own absentee ballot and identification is required. **Absentee ballots returned by U.S. Mail must be postmarked by this date and received at the Montgomery Election Center by noon on Election Day.

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All polling places are open from

7 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Election Day and accessible to persons with disabilities. to locate your polling place in the city of montgomery visit MontgomeryElectionCenter. org

F o r M o r e i n f o r m at i o n C o n tact

T h e Montgomery Election Center 1 2 5 Wa s h i n gt o n Av e n u e (334) 832-7744 M o n t g om e ry E l e ct i o n C e n t e r . o rg





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14 reply YES Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man

20 Feature:

What wets your whistle? 411 on Beer, Wine, & Spirits

26 Beyond the sheets Health, Sex, & Wellness

32 SEC Predictions 36 Man on the moon 38 The bucket list 42 The best man


46 take 5 Five Bar Etiquette by Papa


48 resource DIRECTORY



Christian Brothers Automotive Caring for the Family, Caring for the Family Car

We rely on our cars to get us everywhere, so when something goes wrong, we need dependable and trustworthy automotive service. At Christian Brothers Automotive, you get just that. Founded by Mark Carr in 1982 on the basic principal that honesty and integrity should be the driving force behind the business, Christian Brothers puts the customer before the vehicle. Their mission statement is “To glorify God by providing ethical and excellent automotive repair service for our customers... according to Colossians 3:17.� When you walk through the door of the Montgomery location, franchise owners Jim and Martha Skelley greet you with a warm smile and genuine concern for your needs. Their Montgomery roots and strong sense of family make you feel right at home. Jim and Martha lived in Montgomery for 25 years where they raised three sons. Their jobs took them to Birmingham, but after retiring, they decided to move back to Montgomery to be close to their grandchildren. The Skelleys had always admired the Christian Brothers Automotive in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where their son Jimbo was employed, so they decided to open one right here in Montgomery. Jimbo returned home, and with almost 20 years in the automobile service industry, he serves as the service manager.

If you choose to wait while your car is serviced, they offer complimentary beverages and free Wi-Fi make the plush waiting area even more comfortable. When your vehicle stops working, they know that your life does not. One of the ways they alleviate the inconvenience of not having your vehicle is by providing you with complimentary neighborhood shuttle service. Jim, Martha or Jimbo are more than happy to take you to your home, work or a destination within the immediate area of the shop. Christian Brothers Automotive’s ASE-certified technicians are qualified to use the most cutting-edge technology, and they receive constant training and certifications. The technicians educate their customers about repair options and preventative maintenance in an effort to prolong the life of each vehicle, providing service in the most cost-effective manner possible. Rapidly growing with with 80+ locations, Christian Brothers Automotive is changing the face of the automobile service industry.

10885 Chantilly Drive, Montgomery, AL 36117 Phone: 334.244.4200 Mon-Fri: 7 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat: 8 a.m.-noon

from the GIRLS

The River Region Guide for All Things Social vol. 4,

Ultimate Man Guide publisher kim traff Editors amanda mccoy amanda morrison Creative Director carl adams Contributing Designers bryan carter summer patterson Contributing Photographers darren freeman bill ingalls nicole paulk hello gorgeous photography josh moates

Some couples have his and her bath towels, his and her cars, and some even sport their camouflage with his and her rifles. RSVP is pleased to present our first special edition, THE ULTIMATE MAN GUIDE, full of articles, interests and advertisements for the male population, giving you his and her magazines for both nightstands. While these articles were tailored for men, I must tell you that the girls at RSVP have found this issue to be our most entertaining and amusing issue yet.  We enlisted writers with expertise in the topics covered in this issue.  A sex therapist, urologist and urgent care physician answer questions men want to know but don’t want to ask, a local sports broadcaster entertains us with his predictions for SEC Football, and the experts in beer, wine and spirits share how smell, sight and taste enhance your overall drinking experience. Many men have thought of things they would like to do in their lifetime, so be sure to read The Bucket List for helpful suggestions in starting your own list. And because women love a sharp dressed man, don’t miss our fashion feature with wardrobe tips from Buckelew’s, TLR and The Locker Room. As excited as we are about our first special edition, we want to remind our readers that the articles published in this issue do not necessarily reflect the values, views and opinions of the owners, staff and advisory board at RSVP Montgomery. We want to give a special thanks to our printer, Publications Press, who does a fantastic job continuing to help us improve our product.  We hope you like the new glossy cover and all the great content within!

Contributing Writers doug amos dr. d’ livro beauchamp evy gonzales lindsey henig amanda mccoy ken reynolds dr. brian richardson brian smith dr. dennis sugrue blue sullivan steve toelkes mike watson sam wootten RSVP Team mallory anderson peyton dismukes crystal strickland IT Director charles kamerling Advisory Board keith cousins karl dabbs ken woodard mike watson


A l l d ay

And all weekend too! open 24 hours!

Now Serving Bre akfast all day! Everyday!

Friday, 7:00 am til Sunday, 5:00 pm 7:00 am til 9:00 pm

Monday - Thursday

30 Commerce Street, In the Alley across from the Renaissance Hotel 334-263-2922 phone | 334-263-2988 fax | AlleyStationDeli.com

By: Amanda McCoy Photography by: Aubrie Lemon Moates Hello Gorgeous Photography Illustrations by: Lauren Leonard 14


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Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man by Lindsey Henig


hen it comes to men’s fashion, let’s face it—some guys have it, some guys don’t. If you are one of the few who can put a killer look together in no time, you’re our kind of guy. But if you are in the vast majority of men that could use a little advice, we’re here to rescue you. Whether you have a specific event to attend or are just looking to impress a first date, we’ve got this! When it comes to shopping, Montgomery doesn’t offer many of the large retail chains for us to spend our hard earned money. To us, however, one of the perks about our town is its specialty stores that have unique offerings and one-of-a-kind looks for all shapes and sizes. It’s a busy time of year, so let us do the work for you and help you find that perfect look for any occasion.

First Date

All your first date jitters are sure to disappear when you look this good. Pair TLR’s Vineyard Vine khakis with a Southern Point light-toned button down for a casual and fun night out. Headed to Shakespeare with your new gal to catch a play? You may want to stop by Buckelew’s for something slightly dressier. Be prepped and ready in a crisp Scott Barber dress shirt and Baroni sport coat. Couple that with a pair of dark wash jeans by Worn and a bright pop of color on your pocket square (R. Hanauer), and the night is yours! Photography by Josh Moates Kim Box Photography


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Company Outing

Whether it’s a night with the Biscuits or at a dinner party at the VP’s house, company outings are always tough to dress for. If it’s a casual night with the work crew, a brightly colored button down tucked into a clean pressed pair of shorts (both by Vineyard Vines) makes a great look. Finish it off with a belt from the Belted Cow Company and you’re right on target. Taking clients for cocktails and dinner after work may require something more office friendly. Buckelew’s Jack Victor suit paired with one of their signature bright orange ties (J.Z. Richards) is a great way to make a statement but be understated at the same time.

What it means when your invitation says… Casual: No band T-shirts and holey jeans, but a clean, crisp look. Example: khakis or nice jeans, polo, button down or sweater. 16

Dressy Casual:

Business Casual:

Take casual and turn it up a notch. Add a sport coat or replace your jeans with slacks.

No jeans. Usually includes a sport coat or blazer with slacks or khakis. Tie is optional.


Semiformal: Business suit (preferably a dark color) with dress shirt and dress shoes.


Black Tie:

Depending on the location and formality of the event, it means either suit and tie or coat and tie.

Black tuxedo jacket with matching trousers and formal white shirt. A black cummerbund or vest to match black bow tie. Polish the look with black patent shoes.

White Tie: Black tailcoat with matching trousers and a white piqué dress shirt. White vest, studs, cufflinks and bow tie. White or gray gloves and black patent shoes.

Hampstead_rsvp_july_2011man issue.indd 13

7/27/11 5:14 PM

Special Occasion Weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, family reunions… there is always something! Why not spice up your go-to outfit and throw on something a little more unexpected for these events? Buckelew’s helped us spice up a jeans and button down look with this rustic leather Pick Belt by The Original Wallahatchie Company and jacket by Barbour. If you’re looking for something sharp and one-of-a-kind, The Locker Room in Cloverdale is the premier spot to find what you need. This salt and pepper Birdseye suit paired with a crisp white shirt and signature Locker Room tie makes a bold statement without overshadowing the guests of honor. If you want a more unique look, this doe skin flannel Jack Victor pant and jacket is sure to impress when paired with a bright purple and white checked dress shirt. As always guys, we girls are here to help you look your best. Everyone knows that when you look good, you feel good. So check your social calendar and take our advice to feel confident and ready, no matter the occasion!



A man makes a statement with his tie. Learn which knots best complement different shirt collar styles, tie fabrics and occasions.


Falsely named after the Duke of Windsor, the Windsor knot (also known as the full Windsor or double Windsor) is a wide triangular knot that is usually worn for formal occasions. This type of knot looks best worn with a shirt collar that is considerably cut away.

Half-Windsor: If you're looking for something a little more assertive, try the half-Windsor knot. A medium triangular knot that is worn more formal than the four-in-hand, it can be worn for any occasion (preferably with standard shirt collars) and works best with somewhat wider ties made from light to medium fabrics. Small knot: The Small knot, as the name implies, is small and is suitable for ties made from a thick fabric (woven silk, for example) and for close-fitting collars Four-in-hand:

Also known as a simple knot, the four-in-hand is believed to be the most popular method of tying ties due to its simplicity. The knot dates back to England in the days of the coachand-four where the men driving the coach knotted their ties in this manner to help prevent them from flapping in the wind. The knot produced by this method is on the narrow side, slightly asymmetric, and appropriate for all occasions. It works best with wide ties made from heavy fabrics and should be worn with a tab, button down or regular spread collar. It's a classic knot for any occasion and is most widely used.

Prince Albert:

A very compact knot, the Prince Albert goes well with shirts with long collars. The best result is achieved with narrow ties made of soft materials.

Bow Tie: The origin of the bow tie dates to the 17th century when Croatian mercenaries fought in support of Louis XIII against Cardinal Richelieu. As the Croats walked the streets of Paris, their brightly colored scarves caught the attention of the Court. The upper class began wearing creatively tied versions of the scarves around their necks and the bow tie was born.

What Wets Your Whistle? The 411 on Beer, Wine and Spirits

Photography by Darren Freeman

beer Beer

By Sam Wootten

Beer is a wonderful communication tool. It has helped me start more conversations than I can remember. It may have helped me forget a few as well.

When my wife and I moved to Montgomery to open The Tipping Point, we were sad to leave behind some of our favorite hangouts we’d grown to love in Chicago. However, the new Hampstead development and the design expertise of our partners allowed us to create a space with an atmosphere where we’d want to spend time, and hopefully our friends would too. I knew that the new place would share some of those same qualities of our favorite big city haunts (great music, comfortable interior, etc.), but it would never work without the right menu and the right people. The food had to be tasty, and the beer had to be excellent. Of course, beer has been enjoyed in Montgomery since well before Lafayette visited the Lucas Tavern, but modern craft beer is relatively new to our area. The recent legislative efforts of our beer drinking friends have secured for us some well-deserved and hard-won freedoms with regard to variety and accessibility. Options have expanded from ubiquitous

big name beers to a whole host of local, regional and international award winning brews. If you are a true beer fan, you owe it to yourself to try some of the flavors you may have missed out on. A good way to get started is to really try and pinpoint what it is you like about beer. Think of approaching beer flavors much like you approach food or wine. It takes some time to train your palate and to recognize what it is that you are tasting. Once you get started, it’s easy to see where the sour notes mix with the bitter or where the spicy blends with the roasted notes. First things first, look at the beer. Note the beer’s color, holding it up in front of you. Direct light will dilute color, but using enough light to see warm ambers and thick foam can give a beer greater appeal. Think about looking at a great cut of steak on a well-dressed plate versus a burnt hamburger with wilted lettuce. With beer, as with many other things, appearance creates an important first impression. Take it a step further by giving the glass a twist and agitating the beer. This stimulates the carbonation and releases more of the aromas and nuances. You may have heard it said that the best way to start tasting anything is with your nose. It’s true that smell is a huge component of taste, and if the beer smells skunky or spoiled, you won’t

want to drink it. However, if you have a Summer Blonde Ale that gives off the smell of freshly cut grass and hints of citrus, you might be more inclined to take a sip. Enjoy the aroma. Beer makers spend a lot of time thinking of ways to make their brews unique, and the hops and malts can create an amazing bouquet. Instead of stopping to smell the roses, stop to smell the beer. Finally, we come to the tasting. I recommend that you sip and savor. Let it sit in your mouth so that your palate can adjust to it and really discover all that the beer has going on. Note how the beer feels: thick, watery or bubbly? Consistency is important. Then note if it’s salty, sour, sweet or bitter. See if you can compare it to any other flavors you know. If you give the beer just a minute or two to warm up, the flavors will become even more pronounced. As refreshing as it may be, cold masks our tongue’s ability to taste. Beer also has an amazing capacity to taste like other food and drink. It is malleable and distinct all at once. Pair it with the right meats or cheeses and notice how much its flavors open up and compliment your meal. As always, be responsible, and enjoy your beer with a careful consideration of what lengths and effort went in to making it. And perhaps pause to think of all that beer has done for you. Slainte!

Some of Sam’s Favorite Post-Labor Day Beers: Bell’s Amber Ale from Michigan (deep copper color, medium body, nice hop. Great year-round), Highland’s Black Mocha Stout from North Carolina (chocolate and coffee, light body, fun football season beer), Sprecher’s Oktoberfest from Wisconsin (caramel, malt, tastes like autumn in a bottle), Back Forty’s Truck Stop Honey Brown from Alabama (medium bodied, touch of honey, perfect with BBQ), Fish Tale’s Organic India Pale Ale from Washington (piney, hoppy, crisp. Great with spicy food).


wine Wine

By Ken Reynolds

Wine! It’s not just for special occasions – it can make your everyday occasions special.

characteristics that one can expect to find in each varietal (type of wine grape).

For decades the French conspired to make wine as mystical and confusing to the buying public as possible. However, with the global explosion in winemaking regions and styles, wine has become fun, interesting, affordable and readily attainable. The selection and variety of wines now available in our area ensures that there is something for every taste and budget. Whether you prefer big bold reds, crisp whites or something in between, it’s easy to make wine part of your summertime fun.

Listed below are some favorite wines to enjoy with cook-outs and at summer gettogethers.

While each winemaker puts his own personal style and influence on the wines he or she makes, there are some basic

Chardonnay can be medium to fullbodied. Flavors can range from crisp and apple-like to silky and tropical (i.e. melon). When aged in oak they may also reveal buttery, toasty or wood/clove aromas and flavors. The white wines of Burgundy are in fact Chardonnay. It pairs well with poultry, fish, shellfish, egg dishes and soft cheeses. Pinot Gris can be medium to fullbodied with notes of apple, peach or pear with a light spiciness. It is the grape from

WINE TASTING TIPS These tips on how to sample wine will help you learn what you like and don’t like in wines, giving you a better chance of getting what you want the next time you are in a store or restaurant. Tasting wine is not complex and can be more fun when you understand what turns you on about each wine.

Swirl: The proper way to hold a white wine glass is by the stem, as not to heat the wine with your 98.6 degree paws, and red can be held by the bulb of the glass, but again, red is better at a cooler temperature than what your body emits. The idea of swirling the wine is to move your glass in small clockwise or counter-clockwise circles, so that the wine moves around in the glass. The reason for doing this is to let more of the wine come in contact with the air. By swirling, you initiate the aeration process of the wine more quickly, which opens up the aromas and helps evaporate any residual alcohol. Sniff: Insert your nose into the glass and inhale by taking

quick, full sniffs. Some people prefer to take short sniffs, and

which Pinot Grigio is produced, though those wines see no oak and tend to be light and crisp. Both wines pair well with sushi, seafood and lighter poultry dishes. Oregon Pinot Gris is a wonderful alternative to Chardonnay. Sauvignon Blanc can range in aroma and flavor from grassy and herbaceous (New Zealand) to citrus, gooseberry or green fruit (California and France). The designation Fume’ Blanc may indicate a Sauvignon Blanc that has been aged in oak. Try it with chicken, shellfish, fish, vegetarian dishes and salads. Riesling is a classic German varietal that can range from bone dry to dessert sweet in style. Flavors can cover the spectrum from steely mineral to tropical

some prefer to just stick their nose in and leave it there for a while. Determine any off odors, identify any grape aroma and rank the strength of the aroma.

Sip: Sip the wine, letting the wine spread across the tongue from front to back and side to side before swallowing. Assessing the wine by taste should confirm the conclusions drawn from the appearance assessment and the smell assessment. The tip of the tongue detects sweetness The inner sides of the tongue detect sourness and/or acidity The outer sides of the tongue detect saltiness The back of the tongue detects bitterness and/or alcohol Spit or Swallow: If you are tasting a lot of wines, spitting may be the route to go, especially if you are driving. The more you consume, the less your taste buds are able to discern the unique qualities of each individual wine. Etiquette Tip: Proper wine tasting etiquette at a larger

event dictates that once you are given your sample of wine, you should step back from the table while enjoying the wine to allow others to receive their taste.

fruit or honey sweetness. Dry Rieslings pair well with fish, shellfish and game birds, while their sweeter counterparts pair nicely with Asian cuisine. Pinot Noir is a lighter style red wine great for summer enjoyment. This garnet colored wine can be medium to full-bodied with flavors and aromas of raspberry, cherries and cranberry. This is a soft elegant wine that may show some earthiness. Oregon and certain areas of California produce great Pinot Noirs. This is also the predominate grape used to produce the red wines of Burgundy. It pairs well with grilled meats, roast chicken, salmon, mushrooms and light to soft cheeses. Merlot is one of the great Bordeaux varietals. It offers up jammy aromas of blackberry or plum. It has a soft well rounded feel on the palate that may lead to a lingering finish. It is an excellent accompaniment to grilled or roasted beef,

lamb, venison or other game meats and hard cheeses.

full-flavored entrees such as grilled beef or barbecued meats.

Syrah/Shiraz is a dark, full-bodied spicy wine with aromas and flavors of blackberry, black cherries and pepper. Some Australian Shiraz may also show nuances of chocolate. Shiraz tends to be tannic and complex on the palate. They are noted for their aging ability.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of wine grapes. This most widely grown of the Bordeaux red grapes is noted for its deep, rich color and aromas and flavors of black currant often combining with dark berry fruit, tobacco and cedar. Cabernet Sauvignon may range from soft and fruity on the palate to full-bodied and tannic with an incredibly long finish. It pairs with a wide range of foods including grilled or roasted meats, lamb, duck, bison, mature hard and soft cheeses and chocolate.

Zinfandel is a wine with an identity crisis. They are medium to full-bodied with dark fruit aromas and velvety, spicy flavors of blackberry. This smooth, fresh wine pairs well with pasta dishes, pizza and barbeque. Oh yeah, it’s also used to make a sweet blush wine. Malbec, though one of the great Bordeaux red varietals, is now mainly produced in Argentina. This dark, lush, tannic wine offers fruity notes of bramble, blackberry or raspberry with dark coffee or chocolate notes. Enjoy Malbec with

Remember, regardless of your level of wine expertise, there are a lot of great wines out there waiting to be uncorked. Ask your favorite bottleshoppe about regularly scheduled tastings, find a new favorite and share it with friends. In Vino Veritas! ULTIMATE MAN GUIDE 2011 RSVP 23

spirits Spirits

By Evy Gonzales and Brian Smith

Not every drinking experience should be like a relaxing day at the beach. Sometimes a drink should offer something a little more, well, manly. Don’t get me wrong, a day of just lounging and working on your tan can be great for some, but most men crave something a little more exciting in their days . . . and, more often, in their drinks. The problem is, more and more drinks introduced today are targeting women and therefore have no place in the hand of a real man. So what can be done to avoid these fruit-infused, brightly colored, low cal cocktails that threaten our very manliness? Is there some simple way to sift through all the showy boozes out there and help the macho ones rise to the top? The answer is as simple as it is manly: watch TV. Everything you need to know can be learned in about 30 seconds from one short commercial. That’s right, something as simple as not changing the channel during breaks can give you all the knowledge you need to keep things exciting.

Take rum for example. Many commercials depict sand, coconuts and nothing but relaxing. Where’s the excitement in that? The TV ads for Kraken Black Spiced Rum feature a giant sea monster attacking a ship sailing across a sea of rum. And while my idea of excitement doesn’t necessarily have to include being eaten by a legendary sea monster of myth, there’s nothing wrong with a little adventure, especially when it comes to drinking. And adventure is what Kraken Black Spiced Rum offers, weighing in at a potent 94 proof and enriched with Caribbean exotic spices that give it a rich black color. This liquor is not for the faint of heart. For those drinkers wanting even more adventure, the Kraken iPhone app gives drinkers a chance to relive the commercials themselves, battling the monster and sailing the ship to safety! Even tequila has lost much of its bravado in the last decade. What was once a serious, no frills drink has become a bit pretentious. But all is not lost! Just keep the channel on ESPN during the next time-out, and you might learn that brands like 1800 Tequila are trying to leave all the vanity behind and bring the spicy spirit back to its roots. After all, who’s less arrogant and more

macho than Sopranos star Michael Imperioli, 1800 Tequila’s spokesperson? Just like Mr. Imperioli himself, 1800’s super premium tequila is consistently smooth. Named after the year it was created, 1800 Tequila is pure, 100 percent blue agave tequila grown on family-owned ranches and bottled in Jalisco, Mexico. And if that doesn’t get you excited, the tequila’s iconic packaging should, with a stopper that doubles as a shot glass so you’re always ready to drink. And keep in mind while you’re watching TV that this simple methodology can also be used to better identify the liquors that should be avoided. If the commercial doesn’t appeal to you, what’s in the bottle probably won’t either. After all, what fun is a day at the beach without a monster attack or visit from your favorite mafia Capo to spice things up? I’ll take that over sunbathing any day.



Pack ’em in and let the hunt begin. With four forward-facing seats and an optional rearfacing seat for two additional passengers, the Bad Boy Buggies XT Safari can comfortably seat up to six people with all their gear while still delivering big-time towing and hauling capacity. It also boasts 4-wheel independent suspension, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with regenerative braking and a powerful 4WD transmission. So get the XT Safari and open up a six-pack of huntin’. BADBOYBUGGIES.COm

COURTESY BAD BOY BUGGIES 645 Eastern Blvd Montgomery, AL 36117 www.courtesybadboybuggies.com 334-277-6611

xt safari © 2011 BB Buggies Inc.

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Beyond the Sheets


Questions and answers men want to know, but are often too embarrassed to ask

Brian Richardson, MD Staff Urologist, Jackson Hospital

Dr. Brian Richardson, MD, is currently a staff urologist at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery. He received his training at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  His specialty interests include robotic, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery, as well as andrology and sexual medicine.  He currently is an active member of the American Urologic Association, Society of Endourology and Sexual Medicine Society of North America.  Dr. Richardson has published articles in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, as well as presented multiple videos and abstracts at Urologic conferences all over the United States.  To arrange an appointment with Dr. Richardson, please call 334-293-8888.  

What do I need to know about PSA Screening and Prostate Cancer? Unfortunately, prostate cancer remains the second leading cause of death in men from cancer. Currently, there has been a lot of controversy as to whether every man should be screened for prostate cancer, and if so, when? The recent recommendations from the AUA (American Urologic Association) state that all men above age 40 should be offered PSA screening (a simple blood test) and a physical examination. However, this should only be done after a man has a detailed discussion with his doctor regarding the risk and benefits of screening. Additionally, if a test is abnormal, further discussion should be held with the patient to determine if proceeding with diagnosing and treatment of the cancer is beneficial. As the evidence continues to emerge, we are clearly seeing that early detection and treatment of prostate cancer may save your life and allow you to spend that extra time with those precious grandchildren and family that you have worked so hard for your entire life. If you have any family history of prostate cancer or are just wondering if you are at risk for prostate cancer, then you should set up an appointment with your local urologist to talk about what is best for you.

What is robotic surgery and how does it affect me? Robotic surgery is an innovative and minimally invasive approach to surgically treating many of the previously diagnosed urologic disorders that would require an open traditional surgery. Essentially, the robotic surgeon is able to 26


perform the surgery while sitting at a surgical console which provides him/her with high definition, 3D vision and finer control of his/ her robotic instruments. For urology, this has improved patient results, satisfaction and their overall experience when compared to the traditional surgical approach. Patients have less pain and quicker recovery times, allowing them to get back to their normal life activities, while not sacrificing any of the benefits of open traditional surgery.

What happened to my stream? Several parts of the body grow as the human body ages, including the nose, ears and unfortunately the prostate. Look at a picture of yourself from high school, and you will quickly notice that even though your eyes and lips are the same, your ears and nose have changed quite a bit. As men age, their prostate grows and ultimately may block the easy flow of urine from the bladder. Think of it like a water hose that has been clamped and how the flow of water decreases while being under high pressure. A similar phenomenon occurs when the prostate enlarges and blocks the flow of urine. If left untreated, the symptoms of urgency, frequency, hesitancy, weak stream and waking up at night to urinate can not only be very bothersome, but they can also signal more serious changes and effects to the bladder and kidneys, which could be irreversible. Luckily, you may not be doomed to waking up every other hour of the night to urinate for the rest of your life. There are new oral medications that can have life-changing effects as well as minimally invasive procedures that can get you back to peeing like a race horse. One of the newest treatments involves using a laser to vaporize the part of the prostate that is blocking you from a good night’s sleep! This

treatment works great and, even better, they have less side effects and recovery from the traditional treatment of enlarged prostates.

Doc, “IT” just ain’t the same as it used to be… what happened? Certainly, this is one of the most commonly asked questions to all urologists. I love the quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goeth (1749- 1832), “Gladly I think of the days when all my members were limber, all except one. Those days are certainly gone. Now all my members are stiff. All except one.” For women, the only things that may be certain in life include death and taxes, but for us men, unfortunately most of us will also have to add erectile dysfunction to this short but dreaded list. It’s a problem that most men would not dare speak about in public, but would pay lots of money if there were just a simple solution! Just like the heart, the penis receives blood to maintain its function, and just like the heart, if the blood flow to the penis is obstructed, the function diminishes over time. Thank God for Viagra, right? Well, for a lot of men, this has become the wonder drug, but it does not work for everyone. If you are having difficulty with erections, there are more options other than that small blue pill or those over the counter He-Man preparations that can be purchased at the local gas station. As science and technology have improved, there are hardworking scientists out there working to make things hard again for you. Speak to your local urologist to see what types of treatments exist that may be best for you and restore you to your previous days of vitality.


Bank with a Good Neighbor . ®

Breck Honea, Agent State Farm Agent 61 Market Place - Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, AL 36117 Bus: 334-272-8423

You’ll feel the difference. With loans, checking, savings and more, State Farm Bank ® can help you with all your banking needs.* And you can bank online, by phone, or by mail. CALL ME TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION. AVAILABLE AT:


*Some products and services not available in all areas. State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

Hampstead_rsvp_july_2011man issue.indd 13


7/27/11 5:14 PM

Beyond the Sheets


Questions and answers men want to know, but are often too embarrassed to ask

Dennis P. Sugrue, Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry University of Michigan Medical School

Dennis P. Sugrue, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and diplomat in sex therapy. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan Medical School and past President of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). Dr. Sugrue co-authored Sex Matters for Women (Guilford, 2002), hosted the Sex Over 60 DVD (Academy, 2007), serves on the editorial board of the journal Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity and has a private practice in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. An updated and expanded edition of Sex Matters for Women will hit bookshelves in January 2012.

How do I satisfy a woman? If you have asked yourself this question, take heart—you’re not alone. Most guys don’t have a clue, and it’s really not their fault. Where would they have learned how to please a woman? Sex education classes in school typically focus on the “equipment” and warnings about all the things to be careful about, like an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection. Although women can differ from one another when it comes to sexual turn-ons, here are some no-brainers that can point you in the right direction for becoming a successful lover: • Cleanliness: Nothing can be a bigger turn-off than bad breath, body odor or dirty finger nails. • Anticipation and build up: Initially, create a sense of intimacy and make your partner feel valued and desired. • Tell her how you feel: Most women will tell you that the “strong, silent type” is highly overrated. Many women can only let their defenses down and allow themselves to enjoy themselves when they can trust and feel safe with their partner. It’s much easier to trust someone when you know what they think and how they feel. • Touch: Be careful not to poke and grab, but use “soft hands” as if you were handling something priceless in value. • Kissing: Not the “tongue plunger” variety of kissing, but instead a soft, sensual dance with your partner using your lips, tongue and breath. • Be gentle with her. • Share the afterglow: After making love, avoid the urge to jump out of bed to grab a beer or turn on Jimmy Kimmel. Take time holding each other— talk, laugh, doze in each other’s arms.

How often is everybody else doing it? If you listen to and believe locker room bravado, you could easily conclude everyone but you is getting all the sexual action one can handle. And if you’re married, you may envy your single buddies and their free-wheeling bachelor lifestyles. Surveys paint a very different picture, however. Nearly half of single guys in their 20s, 30s and 40s haven’t engaged in intimacy during the past year, and less than 10 percent of single guys can boast that they’re getting lucky more than once a week. Not surprisingly, married guys fare much better—but every night? Hardly. Only about five percent of married guys are averaging four times a week or more. On the other hand, about two thirds of married men under age 50 average once a week or less.

Due to the mature content, the remaining questions and answers from Dr. Sugrue can be found on our website, www.rsvp-montgomery.com.



Beyond the Sheets


Questions and answers men want to know, but are often too embarrassed to ask

Dr. D’Livro Beauchamp Physician of Urgent Care Medicine, Obeslisk Healthcare

Dr. D’Livro Beauchamp is a board certified physician of Urgent Care Medicine. He is a native of Montgomery and attended Auburn University, where he earned a BS in Biology. He earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from Howard University in Washington D.C. Dr. Beauchamp currently practices Urgent Care Medicine at Obeslisk Healthcare in Montgomery. He also has special interests in Cosmetic Medicine and Lifestyle and Wellness coaching. He can be reached at 334-5580262 or contacted on the Internet at www.obeliskhealthcare.com

Whether you are carrying extra pounds because being overweight runs in your family, or because you have learned unhealthy eating and exercise habits, it’s difficult to lose weight and maintain the weight loss in our high-stress, fast food culture. More than 60 percent of United States adults are overweight or obese and are therefore at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, psychological problems and certain types of cancer.

Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off? It is possible to lose weight by eating a more well-balanced, lower calorie diet and exercising regularly. But even if you don’t lose as many pounds as you’d like, it’s important that you are improving your health. To maintain your new weight, you’ll have to continue to exercise and not overeat.

What about weight loss medications? Over-the-counter diet pills aren’t recommended as part of a weight loss program as they’re not effective—and can be dangerous. But some prescription medications can help some people lose weight when used as directed. Your doctor may recommend that you try one of these drugs.

What is depression? Depression takes away the ability to experience joy and negatively affects self esteem, work and relationships. It may occur for no apparent reason, or it may be triggered by an upsetting event or loss. Symptoms range from mild to severe and include feelings of hopelessness, excessive guilt, lack of energy and lack of interest in normal enjoyable activities. If left untreated, symptoms may linger for weeks, months or years. Depression is common in men, who are both less likely to admit they are depressed and more likely to commit suicide.

What should I do if I’m depressed? It is important to recognize that depression is a medical condition, not a sign of weakness. If you are depressed, see your primary care physician or a mental health professional. Most cases of depression— even severe types—can be effectively treated with antidepressant medication or talk therapy or both. Above all, keep in mind that depression is a treatable disease with symptoms that can be relieved with proper treatment.




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By Doug Amos In an analogy as old as arguably the greatest football rivalry in the country, the passionate fans in this state sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. In back-to-back remarkable seasons, the two powers in Alabama combined to accomplish something never done before. Alabama and Auburn, national champions in 2009 and 2010, and Mark Ingram and Cam Newton, Heisman Trophy recipients in the same seasons, respectively. Right here in our own backyard. Never before has that happened, anywhere. And instead of embracing this unheard of feat, Tide and Tiger fans have spent much of the last off-season (do we even have an “off-season” in this state anymore?) throwing poisonous darts at each other, from the serious (Toomer’s Corner attack) to the ridiculous (unfounded and somewhat comical accusations on message boards). Now, here we are at the doorstep of yet another season, and I’m quite aware that the following predictions will be showered with praise by some and vilified by others. Again, it’s college football in the South, and that gives us all free reign to be unreasonable and lack even a hint of objectivity. Here goes … enjoy!



SEC WEST 1. Alabama – perhaps the Tide’s best defense in 20 years will more than make up for a lack of experience at quarterback. The belief is that either Phillip Sims or A. J. McCarron will do enough good things, with the help of potential All-American running back Trent Richardson, for an offense that will most certainly be in a supporting role to a rock-solid group of defenders. 2. LSU – The Bengal Tigers have a head coach in Les Miles that nobody, even the LSU faithful, can figure out and a quarterback in Jordan Jefferson who has a Jekyll and Hyde on-the-field resume. The combination will keep them from a championship, despite immense talent. 3. Arkansas – Ryan Mallett may be gone, but the combination of first-year starter Tyler Wilson and head coach Bobby Petrino will make for a more-than-formidable offensive threat. The fact that the Razorbacks have as many possible all-star candidates as anybody in the league will have the Pigs in the hunt well into November.

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4. Auburn – Even with the loss of the best offensive and defensive players in the nation and a huge senior class that played an integral part in the national title run, the Tigers will still see a lot of success due in large part to one thing – the offensive mastermind who calls the plays. No matter who wins the quarterback job, Gus Malzahn will see to it that he’ll be productive. A brutal schedule will keep the Tigers from seriously challenging in the West, however. 5. Mississippi State – another Montgomery product – Chris Relf – will take the snaps for the Bulldogs, and head coach Dan Mullen continues to put his fingerprints all over this program. That means nothing but good things in the future for Saturdays in Starkville. 6. Ole Miss – Houston Nutt has never been able to bring the magic to Oxford that he at times brought to Fayetteville, and now with the emergence of Mullen in Starkville, he and his Rebels have secured a second-fiddle role.

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two are BETTER

SEC EAST 1. South Carolina – if the ol’ ball coach can keep quarterback Stephen Garcia from enjoying too much of the Columbia nightlife (he’s on his fifth “second chance”), the Gamecocks should return to Atlanta for the SEC title game. Running back Marcus Lattimore is one of three backs in the league who are among the nation’s best, and the Gamecock defense should again be stingy, especially since it won’t have to defend Newton anymore. 2. Georgia – quarterback Aaron Murray is talented enough to keep the Bulldogs in every game, but off-the-field issues have depleted a running back corps needed to take pressure off the passing game. The ‘Dogs will also need its defense to return to the Junkyard days to dethrone the Gamecocks. The guess here is it will come up a bit short by season’s end. 3. Florida – new head coach Will Mushchamp and first-year offensive coordinator Charlie Weis will most likely need a season or two to get a foundation built, but it won’t take any longer than that for the Gators to be back in the national championship hunt annually. Quarterback John Brantley needs to improve on a poor 2010 season. 4. Tennessee – Derek Dooley will win at Tennessee given time, it’ll just take a bit longer in Knoxville than it will in Gainesville. Whether it’s Tyler Bray or Chris Simms at quarterback, the feel here is that the Vols will be improved in 2011 but still not ready to challenge for a division title. 5. Vanderbilt – picking the Commodores here solely because their quarterback is one of the finest young men to ever play the position in the River Region. Larry Smith, who led Prattville to a state title before heading to Nashville, will guide the ‘Dores to some victories, but not enough to keep Vandy playing during bowl season. 6. Kentucky – lost BY FAR its best player last season in Randall Cobb, and it’ll show big time this fall.

Alabama will hand Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks a second consecutive beatdown in the conference title game, and the Crimson Tide will earn a trip to New Orleans and the chance to win the league’s sixth straight national championship. As for these predictions, let’s all do our best to keep them in perspective, meaning their worth is minimal. But do I expect to hear from both sides of the state, with half in total agreement and the other questioning my sanity? You bet I do, ‘cause it’s college football season, and none of us expect anything different. Doug Amos is the co-host of The MAX Roundtable on SportsRadio 740 each weekday afternoon from noon to 2, and also serves as an assistant athletic director at Faulkner University. 34


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things a man should never do (on this planet)

by Amanda McCoy

there’s certain things we let you men get away with. For instance, we bite our tongues when you are basically glued to sportsCenter for hours, and we have come to terms with the fact that you will probably always lose your keys. But as women, there are times when we just have to draw the line.

Never... Give an electrical appliance of any sort as a gift on Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries. There are very few occasions when a blender, microwave, etc. will get you anywhere but the doghouse.



Be too generous. i.e. let a friend borrow a large sum of money for a vague “investment idea.”

10 Leer. It is always creepy. Always. Say to your spouse, “I get to choose because I make more money.”


Admit to watching any original movie on Lifetime or Oxygen.



Wear denim jeans with a matching denim jacket. Or cutoff jean shorts. Ick.

12 weight. And no, dressing it up

Say horribly unkind words about your girlfriend’s or wife’s friends. You don’t like them? That’s fine. Chances are she feels the same about some of yours.


5 6

Put so much gel in your hair that it’s practically a helmet. Unless it’s an emergency (an actual emergency), call/text a girl multiple times in one evening.

Ask a woman why she isn’t more 7 like “so and so.” Especially if said “so and so” is an ex-girlfriend. In fact, don’t make any comparisons whatsoever, good or bad.


Be too cheap. i.e. leave 10 percent or less to a server that did a good job.

Tell a girl she needs to lose

with “You just need to tone up” or “I want you to lose weight for you” doesn’t help. You can encourage a healthy lifestyle, but don’t even allude to weight loss. Take longer than she does to get

13 ready. Seriously.

There is nothing wrong with

14 appreciating beauty. However, there is a huge difference between noticing a beautiful woman walking by and completely gawking at another woman in front of your significant other. Honk your car horn, whistle or

15 make vulgar hand gestures to girls as they walk by. There’s nothing attractive about 16 a guy who knows, and makes it extremely clear that he knows, he’s attractive. Arrogance is never cute.

17 Be mean to your mother. Pick fights with random strangers

18 for no reason. Come on, that

wasn’t even cool in high school.

19 Arrive for a date looking like you

just left the gym or rolled out of bed. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie, but would it hurt to iron your shirt?

20 Wear a man purse. Be a bad listener. You don’t have

21 to know all the answers and fix

all her problems, but sometimes all a woman wants is for you to listen to her vent. Break up with a girl via text,

22 email or third party. Even a

phone call is considered cowardly. Order a salad when your date

23 orders a steak. You will be a

punch line waiting to happen. Tell that cute but embarrassing

24 story about her in public – unless you get her permission first. Noticeably pass gas on a first

25 date... or a second date... or

maybe ever. You may think it’s funny, but she doesn’t.

By Blue Sullivan, Steve Toelkes, Mike Watson

Every adult male should have one all-inclusive list of things to do before he dies. RSVP offers these helpful suggestions for yours:

Run with the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls occurs from July 6 to July 14 every year in Pamplona, Spain, and offers the adventurous man a chance to engage in a foot race with about a dozen wild, horned beasts along with a legion of similarly thrill-seeking people. Success involves either outrunning the bulls, or at least outrunning people who can’t.  

Attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

For those with VIP contacts, this annual celebration of fashion and scantily-clad supermodels is Valhalla for girl watching. Usually taking place in December, the most recent incarnation also featured Katy Perry.  Bonus!

Hit a Royal Flush

For the uninitiated, a royal flush is ace-king-queen-jackten, all of one suit. It’s the ultimate poker hand, and the odds of hitting it are about 1 in 650,000.  Hit it and walk away from the table immediately.

Stay in “The Hangover” suite at Caesars Palace

You don’t have to have four inebriated bachelors, a tiger or a baby to have a good time in this suite. Depending on the time of year, you can get this blockbuster experience for $2,500 to $4,200.

Give a Best Man Speech for the Ages

Go to Rio Carnival

Drive Route 66 in a convertible with your boys

Learn How to Surf and/or Snowboard

A little preparation and confidence will give you something that the wedding party (and more importantly, the bridesmaids) will remember forever.

Long before the creation of our country’s interstate system, this highway served as the “Main Street of America.” Winding from Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 passed through the heartland and dozens of welcoming communities. The highway has now been decommissioned and has numerous gaps along the way, but it still has many opportunities to “Get your kicks on Route 66”! Make sure this Nat King Cole song is on your iPod, beer is in the cooler in the back seat and enjoy the ride! 

Drink at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a 16–18 day festival held each year in Munich, Germany, and is the prototypical celebration of beer and pork products. ‘Nuff said.

Drive on the Autobahn

It’s one thing to go 110 mph for a quarter mile on I-85 while your friend scans for police cars. It’s quite another to put the pedal to the floor with legal impunity on Germany’s famous national roadway.

Tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Jump back in time and see the art of Bourbon making as it was 200 years ago. If there is an art form native to Kentucky, it is surely the art of making bourbon.


Jumping out of a plane anywhere at 10,000 feet is the ultimate rush and punches your man card for life.

Brew your Own Beer

Be your own chemist (legally) with the possibility that your mad science will be the liquid highlight of your next barbeque.

Taking place every year in February or March in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this is like Mardi Gras with two million people, even more insane and with even less clothing.  

Both involve a board that can absolutely break your nose if you aren’t careful, but the danger is what makes it cool. Scan any beach or ski lodge for females after a successful run to see why it’s worth it.

Make a Trip to the Red Light District

Think Las Vegas is Sin City? Go look up the Red Light District in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Wikipedia.  Most of what’s offered there can’t be endorsed in good conscience.  Of course, what happens in Amsterdam…  

Catch a Home Run/Foul Ball

With one infamous exception (Steve Bartman ruining the Cubs playoff chances in 2003), it’s never bad form to catch a foul ball or, even better, a home run at a major league baseball game.

Attend a Game at One of our Hallowed Sports Institutions

For baseball, either Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles or Wrigley Field in Chicago is recommended. For the NFL, it has to be Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  For the NBA, you can’t do better than seeing the Knicks at Madison Square Garden in NYC or the Lakers at Staples Center in Los Angeles.  

Drive the Pacific Coast Highway

It begins in Olympia, Washington, and ends in Capistrano Beach, California. Almost every foot of it provides breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.  Drive it with someone you love for maximum benefit.

Scuba Dive

It isn’t difficult to learn and the payoff is huge if you have any interest in seeing the staggering beauty and teeming life of our oceans. Perhaps the best diving is found off the coast of Belize, which has the largest system of underwater caves in Central America.  

See the Grand Canyon

It’s 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and is over a mile deep in some places.  Take a front row seat to history over 5.3 million years in the making, and see creation at its most awe-inspiring.

Visit a Holy Place

For Christians, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem is the most holy site for most denominations. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a similarly holy site for people of the Jewish Faith.  Or visit Kaaba in Mecca, Saudia Arabia, to see the holiest place in Islam. 

Write the Story of Your Life

Even if no one ever reads it but you, it’s a great way of recapturing the things (and people) in your life that have given it meaning. Plus what’s the fun of completing your bucket list with no record of your accomplishments?

Party at the Playboy Mansion Your buddies won’t believe it when you show off your photo of you with Hugh’s playmates!  For around $1,000, you can tour the Playboy Mansion, enjoy gourmet food from the master chefs of the Playboy Mansion kitchen, enjoy the unlimited premium liquor flowing from several bars and live large in the private VIP cabanas.

Play golf at Pebble Beach and hit the green on number 7 At just over 100 yards from the tips, this is one of the shortest holes in golf.  However, the waves crashing into the rocks behind the green, the constant wind off the ocean and the downhill tee shot on one of the world’s most famous (and expensive) tracks make this an almost out-of-body experience.  Hint.....never bet more than a six-pack on this hole! 

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Want to hunt like Michael Waddell and his Bone Collector buddies, Nick Mundt and Travis “T-Bone” Turner? The good news is you can if you get the Bone Collector XTO from Bad Boy Buggies. The bad news is it’s a limited edition vehicle—we’re only making 500 of them. With a slew of added and upgraded features, it’s the toughest, meanest Bad Boy yet. Get behind the wheel of the new Bone Collector XTO before you get left in the dust.

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The Best Man Temptation lurks everywhere. In the confines of your office building, on a nearby bench at your kid’s soccer game or just a mouse click away. Readers shared their anonymous stories on how they remain faithful in a world teaming with temptation. • The way I feel about temptation can be summed up with one quote, “The older I get, the less I have to avoid temptation; it starts avoiding me.” • I put in the extra effort to work on my marriage. If my relationship is suffering with my wife, the more my eye will want to wonder…so I constantly look for ways to keep the romance and passion alive. • I go out with the guys about once a week for pool and beer, and I can’t say I don’t notice all the beautiful women and sometimes think about what it would be like to be with them. Then I’ll look at my single buddies and see how much they strike out or worse, date crazies, and suddenly the bad thoughts disappear. • Two things that worked well for many years at keeping my marriage and my relationship with my wife from getting stale... 1. Date Night - No matter what would happen throughout the week, we had a standing date for Thursday night. That is the night we would go out to eat, shop, take in a show or something else that would let us talk, hang out, blow off steam from the week and make solid plans for the weekend. No matter what would come, we knew we had Thursday to look forward to. 2. Evening Walks - Three to five times a week we would go for a walk for about an hour. Just the two of us. One reason was for our health, the other was that it gave us a chance to talk, to enjoy being best friends, to catch each other up on the day’s events, share stories and laugh. 42


• I have never physically cheated, but in the past I used to visit chat rooms and look at pornography on the Internet a lot. I always did it with a closed door so I guess I knew it was wrong, but it wasn’t until my wife discovered it that I realized how hurtful it could be. She felt as if I had been cheating on her for years.  In order to build the trust again, we moved the computer to the kitchen, I gave her the password to my email and allowed her to check it anytime she wanted to. It took a while, but I’m happy to say things are better than ever. • I try not to put myself in dangerous situations. If I know I’m attracted to a female co-worker or neighbor, I’ll make it a point to not ever be alone with her or keep myself from becoming too friendly. I believe that if I don’t put myself in these situations, there is less of a chance to be tempted. • I think my wife is beautiful, but she has always been insecure.  One night when I was going through the mail, I got pretty distracted by the Victoria’s Secret catalogue.  She observed the amount of time I spent looking at it and let me know how inconsiderate I was.  Needless to say, I was in the doghouse for days.  At first I thought it was ridiculous, but then I realized that no matter how crazy I thought it was, I should consider her feelings.  I actually called and got our name removed from the mailing list for that catalog.  I have to pick my battles, and this one wasn’t worth it!


• It’s the same as resisting any other temptation – avoid it. If I’m on a diet, I wouldn’t keep a chocolate cake on my kitchen counter. • If I have an urge to cheat, I try to figure out the deeper issue. Do I not love her anymore? Am I not ready to settle down? Usually temptation only becomes overpowering if there is a bigger issue present. • I think about the pros and cons. Pro: I’ll feel good about it for a short time. Con: I’ll feel guilty about it for so much longer. Pro: It’ll be fun and adventurous. Con: I’ll be betraying someone I care about. When I think about it this way, the cons always outweigh the pros. • When I was married, I was once incredibly attracted to a woman with whom I had a fairly close business relationship. When I found out the attraction was mutual, the temptation was great. After careful consideration, I ended up referring her to one of my associates. I knew that if I kept working with her directly, I would eventually succumb. I hated that I lost a client/friend, but the pull was just too strong; I had to remove myself from temptation. • Sometimes when my wife and I are out in public, we pretend like we don’t know each other and are just meeting for the first time. She’ll use a silly pick-up line or I’ll accidently spill her drink and offer to buy her a new one. We try to come up with the most awful names we can think of to make the other laugh. I know it sounds like a joke, but this little game of ours keeps our nights out fun and exciting, and we always have a great time! • Honestly, there are good looking women everywhere. You can’t help but notice! But I just look and would never act on it. I think avoiding temptation is just a matter of knowing that it is wrong and never acting on any impulses to cheat. Instead of thinking about myself, I think about how much it would hurt the other person, and it just isn’t worth it. • Unfortunately, I gave into temptation and had a year-long affair with my secretary. It was exciting at the time, but now I see my kids every other weekend and their step dad tucks them in every night.  Was it worth it?  Hell NO.  I’m filled with regret.



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SpecialTestDrive.com ULTIMATE MAN GUIDE 2011 RSVP 45

Bar Etiquette by Papa There are many things we learn while growing up; when to say please and thank

you and how to sit and stand are among the many forms of daily social etiquette that are instilled in us at a young age. There are, however, other rules to daily life one must acquire through real world application. For instance, how to

behave in a bar or club is one of those principles your kindergarten teacher did not prepare you for. As a bar manager, here are a couple tips of the trade:








Tip your bartender/server. I know you have heard this before, but it’s one thing that absolutely cannot be overlooked. It’s helpful to tip in cash when you START a credit card tab at a bar (especially if you are out of town). This tells your bartender that you will take care of him or her, and they’ll be passing drinks over the bar in no time.

Your drink: you ordered it, you drink it. Bars/clubs are not a Golden Coral, especially when they are busy. If you ordered a drink that you heard about on TV or because one of your friends suggested it and you don’t like it, too bad.

Busy bar, simple order. Nothing bums a bartender out more than a Mojito or a frozen drink when they are backed up. Order a Mojito or daiquiri and expect to be ignored/ overlooked by the bartender the rest of the night…

Remember, a bar is not sound proof. Bartenders can hear what you are saying even though you are on the other side of the bar. Customers like to feel like there is a magical soundproof barrier, but we can hear all your dirty little secrets.

Security: they are sober, you are not. If they ask you to or not to do something, give them a break. They are doing their job.

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334.625.9411 www.montgomerydragonboat.org

Dreamland BBQ, p. 49 101 Tallapoosa Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.273.7427 www.dreamlandbbq.com Eve’s Studio, p. 31

2026 Clubview Street Montgomery, AL 36106 Christian Bros. Automotive, p. 11 334.262.888 8 www.evesstudiollc.com 10885 Chantilly Drive Montgomery, AL 36117 334.244.4200 www.cbac.com/montgomery/index.html



5272 Hampstead High Street Montgomery, AL 36116 334.270.6730 www.townofhampstead.com

Havana Dreamin’, p. 29 2061 Carter Hill Road Montgomery, AL 36106 334.262.3131 www.havanadreamin.com Hello Gorgeous Photography, p. 45 www.hellogorgeousphotography.com

Hughes Pools, p. 17

658 North Eastern Boulevard Montgomery, AL 36117 334.270.5800 www.hughespools.com

Jack Ingram Motors, p. 45 5648 Eddins Road Montgomery, AL 36117 334.271.0638 www.jackingram.com Kim Box Photography, p. 7

West Main Street Prattville, AL 36067 334.491.0409 www.kimboxphotography.com

Lowder New Homes, p. 41

5272 Hampstead High Street, Unit 200 Montgomery, AL 36116 334.270.6789 www.lowdernewhomes.com

Montgomery Election Center, p. 4 125 Washington Avenue Montgomery, AL 36104 334.832.7744


NShape, p. 44

101 Walker Street Prattville, AL 36066 334.233.8675 nshapefitness@live.com

p. 35 8101 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36116 334.271.6328 www.steaksnwines.com

Pro Fitness 3D, p. 43 3251 Malcolm Drive Montgomery, AL 36116 334,356.0992 www.profitness3d.com Riverwalk Wine Festival,

p. 10 www.rsvp-montgomery.com

Roux, p. 17 503 Cloverdale Road, Unit 101 Montgomery, AL 36106 334.356.3814 www.rouxmontgomery.com State Farm Insurance, p. 27 Breck Honea 61 Market Place Montgomery, AL 36117 334.272.8423 www.breckhonea.com The Chop House at The Vintage Year, p. 29

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The Tipping Point, p. 27

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Total Sports Travel, p. 33 1.888.367.8781 www.totalsportstravel.com Truck Customs, p. 41 855 North Eastern Boulevard Montgomery, AL 36117 334.395.6636 www.truckcustomsinc.com/ home.html Twisted Spur, p. 12

3033 Wetumpka Highway







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RSVP UL TIMA&TE MAN GUIDE 2011process. The Hampstead master plan, features, floor plans, & pricing may change without notice due to a variety of considerations. Any illustrations are artist’s Town building, design, construction are an evolving depictions only & may differ from completed improvements. This is not an offer to sell real estate property. Information is correct but not warranted. Void where prohibited by law. Equal Housing Opportunity. Š 2 0 11

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RSVP Ultimate Man Guide 2011  

RSVP is pleased to present our first special edition, THE ULTIMATE MAN GUIDE, full of articles, interests and advertisements for the male po...

RSVP Ultimate Man Guide 2011  

RSVP is pleased to present our first special edition, THE ULTIMATE MAN GUIDE, full of articles, interests and advertisements for the male po...