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MAY ANTHONY HAMILTON MAY 3, 2012 · 7:00 PM Anthony Hamilton has made a name for himself as an R&B, soul singer-songwriter, and as a record producer, climbing to the top with his platinum-selling second studio album “Comin’ from Where I’m From.” American Idol winner Ruben Studdard joins Hamilton in his performance on the MPAC stage.

RONNIE DUNN MAY 13, 2102 · 8:00 PM Half of the country duo sensation Brooks & Dunn, Ronnie Dunn graces the MPAC stage with his unmistakable voice and his own brand of storytelling. He says that his newest self titled album contains songs that have an autobiographical meaning to his life. Don’t miss this debut performance at MPAC.

BLACK JACKET SYMPHONY PRESENTS THE EAGLES “HOTEL CALIFORNIA” MAY 18, 2012 · 8:00 PM Black Jacket Symphony once again returns to the MPAC stage, this time recreating one of the very best albums of all time, “Hotel California” by the Eagles. The Black Jacket Symphony uses the best musicians to recreate an entire album, ensuring that each note is executed perfectly. This is truly a one-of-a-kind show.

JUNE HAPPY TOGETHER TOUR JUNE 17, 2012 · 7:00 PM This new Broadway musical combines the vocal stylings of Frank Sinatra and the dance choreography of Twyla Tharp with big band performances of “Fly Me to the Moon,” “My Way,” and “New York, New York.”

JULY FAB FOUR JULY 28, 2012 · 8:00 PM Relive the excitement of the greatest and the original boy band, The Beatles! The Fab Four is not just a tribute band. They recreate the vocal performances, style and personalities of each member so perfectly that they make you feel like you are seeing the real thing!



Tickets for all events can be purchased at the MPAC box office on a walk-up basis or by calling 334.481.5100, or online through For more information, visit or

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18 reply YES Styles and trends to consider

Spectacular Summer Solemates

22 singled OUT

The 411 on Single Life

A Hitchhiker’s Mini Guide to the Singles Galaxy

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Spring into Fun, Feasts & Festivals

28 Special Feature Dude Looks Like a Lady

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From the Heart: “Just Keep Smiling”

32 Feature Story Henry VIII

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Growing Love

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A who’s who of young leaders

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Release Your Dragon

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5 Easy Methods to Healthy, Beautiful Nails

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ON THE COVER Henry VIII Alabama Shakespeare Festival Photography by Stephen Poff

80 resource DIRECTORY MAY/JUNE 2012 RSVP 11

from the GIRLS The River Region Guide for All Things Social vol. 5, Iss. 3




Mary Lackey




t’s unanimous with the girls at RSVP… this is the best season of the year! The time of year when the structure of the school year no longer reins us in.  The time of year when things happen off-schedule and a sudden jaunt to grab drinks with a friend at SandBAR or run to the beach is a perfectly natural impulse. Our feature story highlights the most popular and controversial story, Henry VIII, at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Where else can you get a little bit of sex, violence, death, a history lesson and political commentary all in one evening?  You can still catch a show until May 20, so get that date night on the calendar! If you’re looking for some outdoor activities where both children and adults can enjoy this beautiful time of year, this issue is filled with ideas. The Flimp Festival, Zoo Brew, All Star Food Festival, Montgomery Watercross, Riverwalk Pub Crawl, Hampstead Hop and Jubilee CityFest are just a few of the awesome events and festivals taking place right here in Montgomery. Our special edition bridal issue 2012 was so much fun to publish, and we have been overwhelmed by the positive response from readers.  Don’t forget to pick up a copy... it’s one of our best issues yet. In closing, the girls here are RSVP have just one piece of advice—get out and embrace the season!  It’s the Spring of 2012, and it will only happen once.




FROM THE SIDELINE Our earliest students came to TROY to learn how to lead others. Today, our degree programs continue to attract those looking for careers shaping a life Brett Wilson Group Publisher, Parade Magazine Troy University Alumnus

of purpose... such as business.

If it is in your nature to contribute to the greater community, you’ll find a culture here that knows how to nurture that spirit. Troy University is not for everybody... it is for those who want to become somebody.

Educate the mind to think, the heart to feel, the body to act. - TROY Motto 1887

“Ranked Among Top Schools in the Nation” - Forbes Magazine “One of the Best in the Southeast” - Princeton Review

In class • Online • Within reach • • Find us on:

reply YES

Spectacular Summer Solemates By: Mallory Anderson • Photography by Studio at EastChase


imes have changed, and the handbag is no longer a woman’s number one accessory. Women now have a new love affair—shoes. And you know what they say, if the shoe fits… buy it in every color! Maybe that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but it was how we felt when browsing through Ann Taylor, DSW and Dillard’s at The Shoppes at Eastchase. RSVP Montgomery has made it easy for you by highlighting some of the top trends to look for when shopping for shoes for this summer.





The Neon Element: 1. “Linnie T-Strap” available in sunset coral/taupe and peridot/ rice. I know you may be thinking that you’ll to have to pull out some of your clothes from the 80s to make these work, but neon shoes go with just about anything. Keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo it with too many neon accessories—you don’t want to look like Cyndi Lauper. Dillards 2. Remember— no color is too shocking. “Bea T Strap Color Block” by Calvin Klein makes the perfect exclamation point to any outfit! DSW 3. The “JS by Jessica Tippo Sandal” is perfect for a casual night out on the town. Wear these with a nude or gray mini dress. The bright patent ankle strap will make your calves look killer! DSW


Go Natural 1. “Marley Cork Wedges” Available in natural. This corkbased wedge is a no-brainer. If you’re going for a more casual and comfortable look, these work perfectly with shorts or a sundress. Ann Taylor



2. Gianni Bini “Bouquet Platform Wedge.” Available in black and white. This wedge has a unique woven base with the perfect floral accent on the strap. Dillards






Platform Perfection: 1. “Briston Two-Tone Espadrille Platform Pumps.” Available in dark navy (seen in photo) or Western twilight. This versatile peep-toe pump is perfect for work or play. One of the biggest trends this season is a platform heel. This shoe has a subtle platform with navy leather and an espadrille heel that would look great with a nautical look. Try a navy and white striped shirt with bold colored bottoms like emerald green, red or mustard. Ann Taylor 2. GB by Gianni Bini “Glam-Girl Wedge Pumps.” Available in honey, lime and orange. If you are looking to add a little height, try these 5 inch wedges that are available in three amazing colors: honey, lime and orange. The lime style shown in the picture is ideal for those who are subtly stylish, while the orange style (not pictured) is great for those looking to make a statement. Dillards 3. Gianni Bini “Geisha Wedge Sandals” coral and black. This style of platform is very in this season. Try this pair in coral with turquoise, mustard or a bold shade of purple. Dillards 4. “Lori Platform Sandal.” Available in papaya/blue, black and tan. These heels are to die for in every color! These will look great with your favorite little black dress. Dillards



Braided Beauties: 1. Gianni Bini “Kaylin Braided Flat Thong.” Available in black, gold, camel, silver and white. Braided sandals are yet another fun trend this season. These sandals are great go-to flats for a hot summer day in Alabama. Try these with a colorful maxi dress or with your cute cover-up by the pool. Dillards 2. Vince Camuto “Ebba Natural Wash Combo.” This pair of wedges has two-tone metallic colors braided into the rope on the side that will add just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. DSW


singled OUT

I thoroughly enjoy being single (despite the fact that a number of girls currently reading this have just begun composing a comprehensive mental list of the reasons I am still single). I enjoy this phase of life because I accept “single” for what it is and make the best of it.  Being single is a state of transition since, almost by definition, you are out there actively trying to no longer be single.  Nevertheless, far too many people I know act as if this is their time in purgatory. They either mope around at home doing nothing, jump into the first relationship that comes along or, even worse, become so lonely that they dip into the old recycling bin of failed relationships because “it just may work out this time,” or



“he really has changed.” It won’t, and he hasn’t. Speaking from experience, this does not work, and you will end up repeating the same cycle.  Some time ago, a great friend of mine gave me what I consider to be two excellent, yet simple rules to avoid becoming stuck in a singles rut: 1. Never turn down a reasonable invitation. *Just a note from personal experience with this one though— being willing to try something new is great, but pay attention. Otherwise, by not reading the description of the “Singles Event,” you may very well end up as I did at “Our monthly gathering for

senior singles 65 and up.” 2. Try to host some sort of gathering at least once a month.                  The key here is having the optimism and courage to put yourself out there a bit.  Get out of your rut!  The more you do it, the easier it becomes.  You don’t have to throw some epic party or keep someone company at the DMV.  All it takes is just getting a few friends together for dinner or not skipping a party just because you’re afraid you won’t know many people. You really never know when or where you will meet someone new.  It is, however, much more likely that it will happen at a new event or a new venue than on that same stool at that same bar in that same town

Top 10 reasons it’s

(and definitely not at home on the couch). Remember—nothing ventured, nothing gained.                        I have added one more simple rule to the those initially provided by my friend: 3.  LAY OFF THE DRAMA! While I certainly understand how the single life can be quite frustrating at times, being melodramatic about it isn’t going to improve the situation. It drives people away.  Maybe William Shakespeare could compose an angst-ridden Facebook status update that would help matters, but I am certain you can’t. Since most of us are looking for “the one,” rejection is simply a mathematical fact.  Look at it as progress and not failure. You have eliminated one more person who isn’t right for you on your way to the one who will be. If someone you are interested in doesn’t reciprocate those feelings, you certainly will not change that by acting like a fool.  Do your best to move on and stay friends. It feels good to be the bigger person, and a year later, you will probably be rather pleased that you did not send the 387 “why don’t you love me” themed text messages you were considering at the time.     It’s never easy to try new things. It’s even harder to be patient. But life is better if you stay positive, put yourself out there more and most of all, have a good time! In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind:

awesome to be a bachelorette 10. There is an 87.6 percent chance that there is some sucker within 20 feet of you willing to buy you a drink at any given time. 9. “Heading to the gym after work” is not code for sneaking off for a beer (single guys have been known to actually work out). 8.  Single women come home, see what’s in the fridge and go to bed.  Married women come home, see what’s in bed and go to the fridge. 7.  Date night almost never involves a Groupon.  6.  You may actually hear the words “Sure, I’d love to drive you to Atlanta for a shopping trip.” 5. You have finally learned that, sadly, all men are created equal.  4. You will never come home to find one of your girlfriends asleep on the couch “watching” football. 3.  Bachelorettes don’t have mother-in-laws.  2. Dogs are friendly, attentive, like to cuddle and only chase other cars. 1. Did I mention the free drinks?

Top 10 reasons it’s

awesome to be a bachelor 10. The “fresh produce” drawer in your refrigerator stores beer at the absolute perfect temperature. 9.  Your bros will never ask you “Do I look fat in this?” 8. You’re completely unfamiliar with that heart-stopping fear that occurs upon first discovering your girlfriend’s Pinterest wedding board.  7.  Zero instances of explaining why you are wearing “that” shirt with “those” pants. 6. Grabbing a beer with the boys doesn’t require a covert operation.                      5. No one in your life will wish to discuss the position in which you left the toilet seat.                 4.  Under no circumstances will you be required to watch a television program that involves any type of singing or dancing. 3.  There is no threat that anyone you know will ask you “Where is this relationship going?” 2.  Bachelors don’t have mother-in-laws. 1. The only reason for saving up two months salary is “Vegas Baby!” MAY/JUNE 2012 RSVP 23

Town building, design, & construction are an evolving process. The Hampstead master plan, features, floor plans, & pricing may change without notice due to a variety of considerations. Any illustrations are artist’s depictions only & may differ from completed improvements. This is not an offer to sell real estate property. Information is correct but not warranted. Void where prohibited by law. Equal Housing Opportunity. Š 2 0 12


Spring into fun, feasts and festivals By Lindsey Henig Your eyes are watering and itchy. You have sneezed so many times you’ve lost count. You startled everyone at the drugstore with your piercing celebratory scream when you discovered Allegra was half-off. Welcome, spring, we’re glad you’re here! Sure, pollen in the air is a tell-tale sign that warmer weather is upon us, but with the warmer weather comes that sudden urge to get outside and enjoy it before the true dog days of summer set in. If the sun on your skin and your favorite pair of sunglasses won’t tempt you out of your front door, maybe 3D sidewalk chalk will. What about



a remote control model boat race? Those are just a few of the events that will be at this year’s Flimp Festival, one of our city’s favorite spring family traditions. Held every year at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), this is the perfect excuse to grab your friends and family and enjoy a fun day outdoors. If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for a weekend activity to help work your kids into an all afternoon snooze-fest. Flimp Festival 2012 will surely aid in my success. With activities such as sidewalk chalk masterpieces, a treasure hunt and various other art-making activities

for the kids (think pompoms and feathers…oh my!), as well as the sounds of Dave Holland and Chris Kozak piping throughout the grounds, there is something for every age. You will also see art being created before your eyes by professional artists in the form of basket weaving, sock making and jewelry making, and you might even get to try your hand at it. This year marks the 22nd year, so the folks at MMFA really know what they’re doing. Grab your family and head their way Saturday, May 7!

If your love for spring cannot be satisfied in just one outing, never fear. The River Region is rich with outdoor activities to hone in on your craving for a little springtime outing. Check out what else is happening in our area to keep you busy…

If you’re looking to hire a babysitter…

Zoo Brew is the perfect excuse to grab your friends and enjoy wine and brews from around the world. Also held on May 4, you’ll enjoy live music, food and a smattering of beverages that you can’t find all together anywhere else.

If you want to take the whole family… If you’re feeling Prattville CityFest is always a blast. hungry… Held on May 4 this year, it is full of food, arts and crafts and entertainment for everyone.

The Alabama All Star Food Festival is sure to fill your stomach with the best of Alabama food, drinks and farms! Held May 12 in downtown Montgomery, it will

be a great opportunity to support local agriculture and help out the Montgomery Area Food Bank.

If you’re pining for a girl’s night out…

Taste of the Gardens 2012 is the perfect event for you. Grab your gals and head out to Southern Homes and Gardens for a night of food and wine tastings, live music and a fabulous silent auction. All proceeds go to the American Red Cross!


ubrie Lemon Moates of Hello Gorgeous Photography hosted the “Dude Looks Like a Lady” womanless beauty pageant at the AlleyBAR on April 19 as a creative and entertaining fundraiser for the Joy to Life Foundation. Ten dudes competed for the crown as they posed in evening wear, provided hilarious answers to questions and performed some pretty entertaining talent. Miss Normandale Sissy Audubon, who goes by Josh Moates when not wearing heels, won the crown as 2012 Miss Lady Dude.



The pageant was hosted by drag queen Raquel Rock-A-Fella and judged by drag queens Gayla DeLust and Thai Chanel Jones. Kim Traff from RSVP Montgomery magazine and Rebekah Edwards from LUSH Makeup Art were also among the panel of judges. Joy to Life Foundation founder Joy Blondheim was on-site to visit with audience members and cheer on the contestants.  Not only did Aubrie and her team put on a fabulous event, but they also raised more than $3,000 for the Joy to Life Foundation.

!"#$%&''()*+,"( -./0)!&11#2'()3#4 334‐290‐0928 5,16#4)7)*#+8"6#49):;7< =,+>)?+,"(?)2',?(6),1)*816#4 @',%("6#'()*+,"( :;.A)BC)D#&"%&(E)F%(C GG.7-G07<HG< 5,16#4)7)D"&6#49)::7/ *#+8"6#49)::7. MAY/JUNE 2012 RSVP 29

From the Heart: “Just Keep Smiling” Expanding its reach to Montgomery

By: Jamie “JT” Thompson MIX 103 Morning Host/Program Director Over the past six years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many families who never expected to be in the position they found themselves in when I had the honor of meeting them. In order to prepare for the annual Mix 103 Radiothon for Children’s Hospital and the Relay for Life events each spring, I interview families whose children have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, have suffered major trauma or have been told they are terminally ill. The choices that have to be made at times like these are overwhelming. Where will my child receive care? How will we pay the bills? Will I have to quit my job to stay in the hospital with my child? These are just a few of the questions and worries parents face during this already difficult time. That’s why organizations like Just Keep Smiling (JKS) are so invaluable to our community. JKS was founded six years ago in Gardendale, Ala. by three parents—Sue Jeffreys, Patrice Brooks and Debra Cook—who suffered tragedies with their own children and wanted to find a way to heal and give back to 30


those in similar situations. Since then, they’ve serviced families at UAB, Children’s Hospital, Brookwood and St. Vincent’s. JKS is unique in that they assist families with immediate financial needs such as utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, car payments and food or gas vouchers. The goal of JKS is to enable parents to be at their child’s bedside during what may be their child’s last days. Through this assistance, they also spread a message of hope through faith in God, who will see these families through whatever adversity they are dealing with. JKS works through social workers who qualify the families who request assistance to make sure the need is legitimate and a direct result of the illness of their child. Through generous support from Russ Taylor and his real estate investment firm, Highpoint Holdings, LLC, Just Keep Smiling has been given the opportunity to expand its reach to the Montgomery area. The non-profit organization recently hired Mary Huey as the executive director and relocated their main office to Montgomery. Their plan is to reach out to the area hospitals and, at the same time, expand their donor base so they are able to help more families. In the short time JKS has been focusing on the Montgomery area, they’ve already assisted 13+ families in crisis with immediate needs including six rent/mortgage payments, six electric bills, three gas bills, one water bill, one insurance premium to allow a child to stay in the hospital and receive an open heart operation, $100 in gas cards to allow a parent to travel from South Alabama to be with their child at Children’s Hospital and $400 towards transportation for a family to take their child to Boston for a heart valve replacement and removal of an aneurysm. I had the opportunity to speak with Jay Tidwell, a local real estate broker whose son, Charlie, was born nine weeks premature. Charlie weighed in at 4 pounds, 4 ounces and was 17 inches long. Shortly after his birth, Jay’s wife almost lost her life when rare complications arose. In addition, Jay was told his son would have to be flown to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham for emergency surgery. Charlie ended up staying at

Children’s Hospital for four months and six days recovering from complications resulting from premature birth and surgery. Both mom and son are doing great now, and thanks to JKS and the social workers involved, Jay was able to stay with his family in the hospital and had assistance with some utility bills and travel vouchers, making life much easier during this trying time. The three founders of JKS are no strangers to the situations they hear about every day. Sue Jeffreys lost her husband and two children in a boating accident. It took years, but she found peace through reaching out to help critically ill children. Debra Cook saw firsthand the emotional and financial struggles parents with critically ill children go through when her own son was diagnosed with a severe heart problem. After her son passed away, she made a decision to work toward a foundation that could help families deal with the issues that often arise in these situations. Patrice Brooks has a child with a very rare muscle disease that has deteriorated his muscles to the point where he can only sip from a straw. He is 20 years old and has outlived his life expectancy. These three ladies have come together through their similar challenges to form what is now Just Keep Smiling.

Just think if it were your child who was suddenly in need of constant medical attention. What would you do? How would your family make ends meet? If you can find it in your heart to pay it forward, consider making a personal or business donation to the Just Keep Smiling organization. Learn more about Just Keep Smiling by visiting their website at, or contact Mary Huey at (334) 303-7238 or at montgomeryjks@


We’ve got a fresh crop of Gifts from the Brands they want. Himalayan Candles, Tervis, Scout, Lilly Pulitzer, Jonathan Adler and so much more. Plus a great selection of Monogrammable Gifts.


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Gifts by the l l e h s u B









Henry VIII’s

Controversial & Entertaining Story Comes to Life at ASF By: Kristi Gates PhotoGraPhy By: stePhen Poff


here could people in the River Region get a night’s worth of sex, violence and death; a history lesson; an examination of moral conscience and a current political commentary all in one place? At the Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s recent showing of Robert Richmond’s “Henry VIII.” Originally produced at Washington D.C.’s Folger Theatre in October 2011, “Henry VIII” examines the Tudor dynasty’s defining moment and an equally important moment in English history—the moment Henry met Anne Boleyn and pursues a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. History buffs will likely remember, but for those who can’t quite recall, Henry’s divorce from Catherine and marriage to Anne necessitated new laws and resulted in the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. Henry’s struggles with the church over its refusal to grant him a divorce set off an explosive series of events that would make even today’s most controversial topics seem like child’s play. Henry’s legendary desire to provide England with a male heir, and possibly his own darker impulses, introduce the elements of

sex, death and violence; elements which Richmond notes are, “as relevant today as they were 500 years ago.” These same elements brought much success to Showtime’s now defunct “The Tudors.” Throughout its four successful seasons, the show took some liberties with historical facts but provided a steamy and much buzzed about account of Henry’s life. Although it was recommended for ages 11+, Richmond’s production wasn’t quite as steamy as its television counterpart, but it shared another similarity with the show by weaving multiple storylines at the same time. Indeed, the play’s three central stories underline what Richmond refers to as, “the wheel of fortune: the rise and fall of those with political power, the exposure of bribery and subordination and the treachery and betrayals needed to climb the political ladder.” He goes on to say, “At its heart, it argues repeatedly that a person is defined by his or her conscience. In this time where our financial institutions are exposed and embezzlement happens daily, where difficult decisions are made for the greater good, where lives are sacrificed for the liberties and freedoms

of others and where leaders have their personal lives dissected in the public arena, it seems right to produce a play that asks us to examine our own moral conscience.” Richmond is eager to see what audiences think about his first production at ASF, which he calls, “a fantastic facility with a hardworking and creative staff.” Raised in Hastings, a small town on the southeast coast of England, he was some 40 miles from Hever Castle, the family home of


# Meet the Cover Characters: Timothy Carter (Henry VIII): A native of Lexington, Ky., he recently finished a three-year run as Scar in the national tour of Disney’s “The Lion King.” His other credits include “The Three Musketeers” and “Macbeth” with The Acting Company; “King Lear,” “As You Like It” and “Julius Caesar” at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival; “Richard III” and “Merry Wives of Windsor” at the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival and “Hay Fever” at the Westport Country Playhouse. He holds a master’s degree in fine arts from Brandeis University. Vanessa Morosco (Anne Boleyn): Despite being the tallest actress working today, she was recently murdered (Duchess, “The Duchess of Malfi”), poisoned (Hippolyta, “‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore”) and subjected to impolite tea (Gwendolyn, “The Importance of Being Earnest”) all at the American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse. She was also secretly pregnant (Helena in “All’s Well That Ends Well”). Looking to expand her repertoire beyond death, tea and labor, she played the Courtesan in “The Comedy of Errors”... twice. Desperate to speak in prose, she haunted one husband (“Blithe Spirit”) and froze to death a second (“The Smell of the Kill”), both at Wayside Theatre. Inching toward civility, she appeared in “The Rover” (New York Classical Theatre), “Way of the World” (Yale Rep) and “School for Scandal” (Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre). Seeking solace in southern hospitality at TSC, she discovered that women can rule the world (Cassius in “Julius Caesar”), yet don’t (Emilia in “Othello”), but sometimes they get the boy (Helena in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”). Thankfully, for each production’s cast, crew and artistic team (not to mention the audience) she has a master’s degree in ethics from Yale University. 34


Anne Boleyn. Richmond discovered his love for the theater in high school and set out to become an actor. After attending the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, he spent many years working mostly as a stage actor. He later found his true talent and love in directing. Richmond is also an associate professor at the University of South Carolina, where he teaches acting and directing. Richmond’s mission is to reinvigorate theater with imagination, innovation and relevance. He says, “I like to tell stories with both words and visuals. In classical drama, there are some things that can be communicated to an audience by showing rather than saying. I am influenced by film and use music to take the story on a roller coaster ride.” An example of Richmond’s imagination and innovation comes in the addition of the character of Will Sommers, who was historically Henry’s court jester. Although not a character in Shakespeare’s “Henry VIII,” Will Sommers serves as a guide throughout the play and allows Richmond to provide a very up close and personal production. He says, “Shakespeare’s “Henry VIII” is usually conceived as a large-scale epic drama, full of spectacle and pageantry.

However, our creative team found it to be more compelling as a human story, a play about life as a monarch and one full of betrayals and scandals. Our focus is on the private rather than the public and taking the audience through the keyhole into the back rooms to view these historic events.” Ultimately, Richmond says he set out to create a production that illuminates and broadens understanding of Henry’s true nature. He hopes the production takes people on a journey where they can examine if Henry is struggling with ideas of identity and conscience and if his duty to produce an heir is an obsession or an excuse. Richmond says, “I want people to have a conversation about how hard it is for those in power to make decisions for the greater good.” He adds, only half joking, “I also want them to discover that the theater is a place for a cool date.” With productions like “Henry VIII” that have something for everyone – sex, violence, death, history, political commentary and introspection – how could it not be?

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two are BETTER

Growing Love By Crystal Strickland

New•ly•wed: a person recently married.  This definition by MerriamWebster may no longer apply to you, but no matter how long you’ve been a couple, there’s always an opportunity to create excitement in your marriage.  So how do you maintain the love, chemistry, adventure and fun?! 

As you're reading this, my husband and I are approaching our one year anniversary. With 10 years of courtship under our belts, I guess you could say we really know what each other likes and dislikes.  Well, I’m here to tell you that we learn something new about each other every day. The experience of growing together as newlyweds is similar to the garden we recently planted.  We all have ups and downs in our relationships,

and to find happiness together, sometimes it’s simply a matter of how well we handle the “weeds.” A garden is much like a relationship.  It takes some tending to, but it really is a lot of fun!

Steps to building your garden and your relationship First, we had to smooth out the ground where we wanted to build our garden. Then, we built the

A garden is much like a relationship. It takes some tending to, but it really is a lot of fun!

support out of wood beams. This step was crucial in determining the height and size of our bed. Relationship-wise:  Support is important in any relationship, but especially with your spouse.  Having just the right words and just the right touch can make a difference in how something is taken or interpreted. Second, we put the soil in the bed. We combined a mixture of potting soil, mushroom compost and manure (kind of gross, but it’s considered an organic fertilizer).  Having the right soil can be a dealbreaker for a healthy garden, and sources say your garden soil should be at least 50 percent compost.    Relationship-wise:  To keep a healthy relationship it is important to know what love language each other reacts to.  Remember, we all have different ways that we feel appreciated, so find the right mix.  Make sure your spouse knows how you feel most appreciated. Third, we flattened out the soil and determined which vegetables to plant.  Remember that certain veggies and fruits require an allotted amount of space for best results.  Depending on how large your garden is, you will need to do some

research and check the labels. Relationship-wise:  Like determining the best things to plant, find out what makes your relationship grow.  Have date nights and hobbies you enjoy together!  Even just getting out of the house and going on a walk together is a great way to separate yourselves from work thoughts, TV, cell phones, etc.    Lastly, we planted all of our vegetables and fruits and gave everything plenty of water.  Relationship-wise:  Both of you need to be givers, not just takers in the relationship.  This is probably one of the most frustrating things couples face today.  Realize that it takes both of you to make a relationship work— just like your garden needs not only plenty of water, but sunlight too!   

Ways to keep your love going strong:

Weeding: Get rid of the

negatives in your relationship by talking it out with one another. Pick your battles and determine, is this really worth it?

Fertilizing: Couples who pray together, stay together. This is key

to a lasting relationship.

Pruning: You need to prune

your plants (especially tomatoes) for structure and health— this will ensure that you end up with the largest and most abundant vegetables. Just like in relationships, sometimes you have to change how you do things.  Be willing to listen to your spouse, and understand that being stubborn isn’t healthy.  In order to grow together, you must be willing to listen.

Pest Control: There are so many pests that can ruin your garden, and this also goes for your relationship.  It may be your stress from work, your addiction to texting or even more serious issues like cheating.  It’s important to focus on getting rid of these bugs, and it all depends on how much effort you put into it.  Think about it; you would never plant a beautiful garden and then allow the pests to take it over without a fight. 

The Little Mermaid By Catherine Thomas The Alabama Dance Theater delighted audiences the first weekend in March with their production of “The Little Mermaid and More” at the Davis Theater. This performance, which celebrated ADT’s 25th season of ballet in Montgomery, was under the direction of artistic director and founder Kitty Seale, along with choreographers Jenny Letner, Leslie Norton and Sara Sanford. The first act consisted of three short pieces – “Summer’s Peek,” “Full Moon” and “The Way of Grace”—that showcased the technical abilities and age range of the dancers. The second act, however, was the highlight of the night. “The Little Mermaid,” adapted from the tale by Hans Christian Anderson and Greek mythology (not Walt Disney), was visually stunning, yet simplistic in its setting. There were two simple backdrops, one for scenes on land and one for life “under the sea.” In contrast, the costumes were spectacularly colorful and stimulating. Scenes came alive with illuminated umbrella-shaped jellyfish, baby seagulls adorned with feathers, brightly-sequined mermaids and ballerinas that scurried across stage wearing oversized fish heads. The special lighting effects were equally inspiring, especially in the scene depicting the prince’s shipwreck. While all the dancers were impressive, McKenzie Middlebrooks stole the show in her role as the Little Mermaid. Through her movements, she was able to convey grace, charm and playfulness, as well as the emotional despair realized by her character. With this performance, ADT certainly lived up to their standard of excellence in ballet training and performance.

The Black Jacket Symphony By Catherine Thomas The Black Jacket Symphony is not what you think it is.Yes, its members all wear black jackets and use traditional instruments including keyboards, drums, cellos and violins, but there is no conductor in the pit waving a baton. Rather, they are a band that engages in painstaking detail to exactly replicate every note of another band’s album. But make no mistake, the Black Jacket Symphony is not just some cover band, as they proved with their February 24 performance of U2’s “The Joshua Tree” to a packed house at Montgomery’s Performing Arts Center. Before an audience ranging in age from teenagers to baby boomers, “The Joshua Tree” was meticulously recreated in the first set. The instrumental reproduction was nearly perfect, and there were no liberties or deviations from U2’s original score. The lead singer was quite impressive, and although his voice was not nearly as strong as Bono’s, whose voice is besides Bono’s himself? The second set opened with an impressive lighting display and more relaxed atmosphere. The band’s energy was palpable throughout the theater as they let loose performing U2’s greatest hits, including “Mysterious Ways,” “Desire” and “One.” Speaking to the crowd, the lead singer remarked that their goal was not “to be U2” but to honor the band and their achievements. Judging by the many audience members clapping and dancing in their allotted space, the Black Jacket Symphony certainly accomplished their goal.





By Brad Spear• Photography Josh RSVP Moates MAY/JUNEby 2012 41

the LIST

MORGAN BELL                                                           

A lot of people are frightened by taking chances, but Morgan Bell says the fear of missing out on an opportunity is much worse for him. He has certainly taken his chances. After graduating from the University of Alabama, he moved to Colorado and opened Kokopelli, a bike and snowboard shop. Though he has moved on, the shop is still in operation today. For the last 14 years, Morgan has been a broker with Bell & Corwin Realtors. He says that the great values and work ethic his parents taught him gave him his positive attitude. He likes hard work, and he really enjoys seeing new ideas succeed. About three years ago, Morgan became a co-owner of the Pine Bar in Old Cloverdale. That’s right in line with why he loves Montgomery. “I love the beauty of the landscape and architecture, the history around every corner…and the quiet, easy pace of Montgomery,” explains Morgan. Along with serving on the board of several local charities, Morgan is very active with CCA Alabama, a group that helps protect fish habitats on the Gulf Coast. He has a wife, Kellie, and two children, Coleman and Rivers. When Morgan has some spare time, he likes eating at rural dives with misspelled names, fly fishing, bird hunting and spending time with his family.

WHITNEY HICKS Who would ever think a Volkswagen dealership would give someone a $25,000 dream wedding and a new car? That does seem a bit out of the box for a car dealership. But, that’s why Whitney Dawn Hicks loves working for Jack Ingram Motors. She started with Jack Ingram after graduating from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. Today, as the marketing director of Jack Ingram Motors, she says her favorite part of the job “is coordinating new car launch events, sponsoring community outreach and executing marketing campaigns.” While she really enjoys being a part of the new advertising campaigns like the Dream Wedding Giveaway, Whitney will tell you that not every idea in marketing is a good one. Her goal as marketing director at Jack Ingram is to make the best odds of winning by analyzing and figuring out the best moves to make sales. She says that learning to accept rejection without taking it personally is a big part of marketing. Of course, the biggest influence on her success has been her parents. When she was little, her dad went back to school at night while working full time. This allowed Whitney’s parents to give her what she says is more than she needed. In addition, her parents push her to exceed the expectations of others and never give up.This also explains her devotion to staying healthy and being active. Whitney is passionate about working out and living a healthy lifestyle. She is engaged to be married to Chris Cadwell, and she says her favorite parts of Montgomery are the downtown and Old Cloverdale areas.



JASHER COX You would be hard-pressed to find many people as enthusiastic as Jasher Cox when it comes to the education of others. Jasher is a training specialist with Alabama State University, where he helps trainees learn practical techniques for implementation in the workplace. The best part of his job is “facilitating the training courses and showing faculty, staff and students that training isn’t just a chore,” explains Jasher. Despite being with Alabama State since 2009, it is not the only college to which Jasher shows allegiance. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University, where he and his wife Ebony still attend football games. If you listened to the radio in Auburn between 1999 and 2005, chances are you heard Jasher. In addition to announcing playby-play for both Auburn University and Auburn High School, he was also a co-host on the sports radio show Sports Call. Jasher has conducted one-on-one interviews with Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier. In addition to his job with Alabama State University, Jasher is currently the owner and CEO at Execution Solutions, a business where the primary  focus is to help organizations that are in need of customer service training, office team building, motivational speaking and athletic consulting. While very committed to his work, Jasher is a big family man. He attributes much of his success in life to the influence of his parents, who have been married for 46 years, and his favorite time spent is with his children Cayden and Cyre.

TIFFANY BELL Tiffany Bell graduated from Auburn University with a business marketing degree. Before moving to Montgomery in 2010, Tiffany served as a public relations supervisor at the nationallyranked Zimmerman Agency in Tallahassee, Fla. As director of communications for Matter Creative Studio, she now handles public relations for developments, non-profits, restaurants and tourism in Alabama’s capital city. Her husband and family have definitely had the biggest influence on her success, and Tiffany says her husband Scott is “the most driven and inspiring person (she) knows.” She credits the Montgomery community as well, stating, “If it weren’t for the people in this community – the local residents, developers, visionaries, city leaders – the story of Montgomery’s re-emergence and many others wouldn’t exist.” Tiffany feels passionate about the projects she promotes, “whether it’s the revitalization of downtown Montgomery… or education programs for kids at Hampstead Institute’s farms” and enjoys seeing individual projects and efforts come together to make the community an even more exciting place to live and grow. Tiffany and Scott love living in Montgomery. They enjoy spending free time at Tipping Point in Hampstead and plan to make this year’s Montgomery Half Marathon the second of their career. The couple ran their first half marathon at Seaside this year. Their only child at this point is their sweet dog named Baby.

JEMISON BURNS Many of you may enjoy the products that Jemison Burns helps get to market. He is the general sales manager of Allstate Beverage Company L.L.C., for the Dothan, Demopolis and Montgomery branches. After spending four years as an airborne ranger stationed at Fort Bragg, Jemison started with Gulf Distributing Company of Mobile L.L.C. as a merchandiser. In 2006, he became the project manager for Commercial Masonry Company, but within two years, he returned to Gulf Distributing Company. He feels that leading and teaching others how to properly motivate is his most rewarding challenge. However, over his career he learned that you cannot just tell people to be motivated and expect them to get excited. Instead, you have to create an environment for motivation to flourish. It’s no surprise Jemison ended up with Allstate Beverage Company, a subsidiary of Gulf Distributing Holdings. Working for GDH, he knows that the work he does also provides for a family’s future. In fact, GDH provides for more than 650 families each day. In addition, the company fosters many alliances with charitable organizations such as the MS Society. Jemison also supports the Autism Society and the American Cancer Society. He says his favorite thing about Montgomery is, “the growth and change moving towards a better tomorrow for each area of the city.”

MARY OWEN GIBSON Mary Owen Gibson attained a degree in Management Information Systems from Auburn University. She has years of experience in managing IT projects ranging from onsite software configuration to training individuals on the specific programs. Now Mary works as a project manager for Productive I.T., where she really gets the opportunity to wear many different hats. She says that her planning and organizational skills have helped her, but where she truly shines is her ability to make non-technical people understand what she refers to as “techy talk.” In addition to her career, Mary focuses heavily on her spiritual side. She and her husband of five years, Michael, stay involved at Frazer church, where they attend couples Sunday school. Mary also mentors a group of 7th grade girls and is very happy to be a part of their lives. However, nothing brings her and Michael more joy than Lara Elizabeth (Lara Bug), their 1-year-old daughter who looks just like her father, according to Mary.They are a happy family here in Montgomery. Mary enjoys the semi-city, mostly-country style. As she says, you are “minutes to downtown or to the woods.”

SCOTT WELCH Many of you may know Byron Scott Welch as Dr. Welch. Of course, he isn’t your doctor. No, he may very well be more important than that. He cares for your animals. Dr.Welch is a veterinarian at Chantilly Veterinary Clinic and Carmichael Road Animal Clinic. However, he isn’t just the doc. Dr. Welch is also partner/owner of those clinics. That may make him sound like he is all business, but that’s not the case. He describes what he does as “the best job in the world.” The way he explains it sounds so simple. Pets love their owners unconditionally.They are a lot of people’s best friends, and they are very important to families. When Dr. Welch is able to return a healthy pet to a happy family, it is a very rewarding feeling. Dr. Welch says his goal is to own numerous veterinary practices throughout the River Region.That’s not surprising if you consider his past. He has been the owner of such practices in two other states: Florida and Tennessee. But, he has ties to Montgomery. Both he and his wife, Kay, grew up and went to school in the Montgomery/Wetumpka area. They are members of Frazer, and they have three children. Dr. Welch enjoys spending time with his family at Lake Martin and attending Auburn sporting events in his spare time.



the LIST


the LIST

TUNISIA THOMAS Born and raised in Montgomery,Tunisia Thomas graduated as valedictorian of her high school class at Sidney Lanier. She then went on to receive a degree in psychology from Tuskegee University. She says she is very proud to be a native of Montgomery. Together with her memories of growing up here, her favorite part of Montgomery is its rich history. Her grandmother actually experienced the bus boycott, attended mass meetings where Dr. King spoke and she even remembers hearing the explosion from the bomb that damaged Dr. King’s home. Listening to Tunisia talk about the history of Montgomery, it’s no wonder she found a career at Old Alabama Town. Since 2004 she has served as the membership director, where she gets to interact with all types of people. “My job allows me to meet and interact with schoolchildren, history enthusiasts and visitors from all over the country, and that’s a real treat,” explains Tunisia. Staying active at her church, the Heart of God Ministries, is also important to Tunisia. She sings in the choir and works with the youth and dance ministries. Tunisia has also performed in several theatrical productions and has been an extra in movies such as “Big Fish,” “Joyful Noise” and “Honeydripper.”

DARREN McINTYRE If you enjoy ballet, then you probably already know Darren McIntyre’s name. He is the new artistic director of the Montgomery Ballet. A graduate of The Australian Ballet School, where he obtained an advanced diploma of dance, Darren has performed all over the world. From guest appearances in Italy and Japan to performing for extended periods of time in Germany and New York City, he brings a ton of experience to the Montgomery Ballet. “I am honored to be leading the Montgomery Ballet into the 2012-2013 season,” says Darren. He further explained, “The Montgomery Ballet’s presence in the community is a strong initiative to the development and future of Montgomery.” It’s obvious that Darren wants to have a positive impact on the area, and that goes back to his love for what he does. Darren believes dance is an experience in healing for many people. It inspires them to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. Moreover, when Darren witnesses his dancers transcend into artists, he feels rewarded. Darren credits his family, specifically his parents, with giving him the morals and determination to always keep a positive outlook. His mother, Marianne, used to tell him,“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and he remembers that whenever times get tough. When he needs to relax, he likes to go to ASF. He enjoys the warm, sunny days here in Montgomery, and he says that the Southern hospitality is equally warm.



CHRIS HAGEN If you walked into Chris Hagen’s office today, you might be surprised to find out that he has worked in the financial services industry for more than 10 years. For most people, looking younger than you are is a good thing, but for Chris, it made his early career tough. After graduating from Faulkner University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, he worked for three years as a conductor and locomotive engineer for CSX. However, Chris decided to go back to school at Troy University and get his MBA in Finance and Economics. He entered the investment business at a young age, but now he is the financial adviser of the Sloan-Hagen Group at McDonald and Barranco Capital Wealth Management, an independent office of LPL Financial. Chris attributes his success in life to three very important things: God, his supportive wife Amanda and Dan Sloan, his partner and mentor of 10 years. Dan is 20 years older than Chris, and he has really helped guide him in the investment business. In addition to being an active member of Heritage Baptist Church, Chris is the director of “The Generations” Sunday school class. He and his wife are also actively involved in the March of Dimes and Footprints Ministry. They have two daughters, Emerson and Cameron, who attend Saint James School. When not busy managing client funds, Chris enjoys playing golf, going to Lake Martin and spending time with his family.

JENNIFER BIDDY “I love helping people reach their physical goals and seeing how it changes their lives,” explains Jennifer Biddy, co-owner of Pro Fitness 3D. Jennifer has worked as a personal trainer off and on for some 15 years now. She has also been selling insurance for the past 11 years, but that career does not keep her from pursuing her passion for fitness. In fact, she competes in national bodybuilding events. Jennifer thinks if she can ask for the best out of her clients, then she should give her best as well. That’s the only way she can be a true inspiration to her clients and her community. Jennifer treats her clients like family and cares very deeply for them.  The most rewarding part of Jennifer’s job is watching her clients achieve optimum results.  Yes, it’s safe to say that fitness and health is Jennifer’s life. It’s not surprising that her husband Terry Biddy, featured in our January/February issue, is also a bodybuilder, personal trainer and co-owner of Pro Fitness 3D. Jennifer says that Terry has taught her more about health and fitness in the last few years than she learned in all her other years combined. When not hitting the gym, or running it, the couple enjoys going to the beach and spending time with their children Ali, Jon and Zane, as well as their newest addition, Swole, an American bulldog. Jennifer also finds time to serve as an active member of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce.


IN motion

By Brad Spear Photography by Bryan Carter



If you’ve been sitting around watching HBO for the last month like me, then you’re probably picturing a viciously scaled dragon tearing through your enemies right now. If not, then you may be thinking it’s finally time to let your boss know what you really think about the job he or she is doing. Neither idea is very plausible, but the latter could be a career-ender. Of course, if you have some pent-up energy, why not release it paddling in a dragon boat with about 20 of your friends? The 3rd annual Montgomery Dragon Boat Race and Festival is set for Saturday, August 25, and it is an excellent reason to get outside and enjoy Montgomery’s Riverwalk Park. More than 7,000 people attended the 2011 festival, but past participants say the real experience is in the paddling. Last year, Montgomery resident Kimberly Matthews paddled for Team “Oar Eagles.” She explained that everything about it was lots of fun. “We only had two practices, but our team was able to defeat Team “Row Tide” and win the “Iron Paddle,” said Kimberly. Alabama fans, don’t despair. Kimberly further explained that Team “Row Tide” made some key changes and ended up winning the whole thing! However, the event is not all about the Auburn-Alabama rivalry. In fact, for the 2012 race, more than 1,600 paddlers are expected to make up 65 teams. Each team consists of 21 to 25 teammates, one drummer and 20 paddlers. Of the 20 paddlers, eight must be women. After speaking with a few participants from previous years, I found out that the secret to the race is timing. It is more important for your team to be synchronized. Also, you don’t need 20 oily Beau Hunks to win. At last year’s race, some of the teams that won their division actually used more than the required eight female paddlers. Apparently, they figured out that the lighter weight made the boat glide on top of the water better.

Regardless of your speed, the individual races will go quickly. The total distance is 250 meters, which takes about one minute to paddle. Teams are placed into different divisions based on their time in round one. The top divisions then advance on to round three. The event is final after the Grand Championship race, and an awards ceremony follows. While there will be some experienced dragon boat racers, you don’t necessarily have to be seasoned to participate. Also, the event organizers will help you find a team if you do not have one. However, your contribution to the success of that team is in your hands. There are still several months to prepare. When I first heard about the event, I thought I’d get into rowing to get ready. Well, in dragon boating you paddle, which is different from rowing. Sure, rowing will strengthen your back and core regions, which can’t hurt paddling, but there are other things you can do to paddle better. Some of them might actually help with your past-due spring cleaning. I’ve talked to a few people who said common tasks such as sweeping or raking can be very similar to the paddling motion. Now there you go. Sign up for the race, do some yard work and then go win a dragon boat medal.

Table Talk a look at Brunch

by Mark Leslie Photography by Josh Moates

“Brunch.” Two things immediately pop into my Lutheran mind: Mother’s Day and after church. Sounds rather limiting, I know—as if brunch may only be one Sunday in May with your mother in tow or only after a late morning service; however, as I remind myself, one doesn’t need a good Christian excuse to go to brunch.

Here are two of my favorite places to “do brunch” in Montgomery—perfect for mother, after a morning of worship or simply to enjoy the weekend’s last day before jumping back into the workweek grind. Hmm … pass me another mimosa!

There is something civilized about the combination of breakfast and lunch—implying that one could sleep in and enjoy a recovering Sunday morning of coffee before venturing out to a neighborhood haunt for a cocktail and something to eat. Yes, a cocktail on Sunday—civilized decadence.

7798 Atlanta Highway • 334.356.7165

From her humble beginnings in downtown Montgomery, Martha Hawkins has re-opened Martha’s Place in East Montgomery’s Somerset Shopping Center. Known for her honest and straightforward down-home cookin,’ Martha’s Sunday brunch will have you thinking she made her Southern favorites just for you! Instead of hanging out with the line of jovial and pleasant customers waiting for a table (the line stretched out the door as it used to do her in downtown “house” location), I went in and made myself a to-go plate. Served buffet-style, you can pile your plate high with her popular, homemade “meat and three” selections. Crispy and juicy fried chicken, tender roast beef, turkey and dressing (one of my favorites, since I enjoy eating it throughout the year) went on my plate first, followed by crunchy fried green tomatoes, the classic broccoli and rice casserole, creamed



corn (something my great-grandmother used to make from scratch, too), green beans and Martha’s slightly sweet and peppery macaroni and cheese. A second buffet bar offers salads and desserts, in case you’d like to loosen your belt for her corn bread, tossed salad, potato salad, chicken salad, lemon meringue pie, banana pudding, coconut cake … and the list goes on and on. There is nothing pretentious or glamorous about Martha’s food. The secret is in Martha herself, a woman who cooks from the heart and shares the kind of feel-good family food you find when walking up front porch steps to a screen door flung wide open, while a big hug and huge smile welcomes you, before being taken to the kitchen table to laugh, eat and live.

REJUVENATE THE SENSES From hot stone massages to signature facials, the Spa at Montgomery offers a variety of services meant to relax the mind and replenish the body. This 9,000-square-foot European style spa is located in the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa at the Convention Center in downtown. Take advantage of all the facilities included with every treatment. Quiet Rooms provide a break from the regular routine and the steam room and whirlpool are the perfect complement to any spa service. Also stop by the full salon, now offering deluxe spray tanning sessions, and movement studio to complete the experience. Reward yourself at the Spa at Montgomery. For more information or to book an appointment, please call 334.481.5210.

RENAISSANCE MONTGOMERY HOTEL & SPA AT THE CONVENTION CENTER 201 Tallapoosa Street Montgomery AL 36104 t:334.532.0700 Part of the Resort Collection on Alabamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail


Table Talk a look at Brunch

503 Cloverdale Road • 334.356.3814

Roux serves up a relaxed New Orleans Southern-style brunch in the Cloverdale neighborhood’s A&P buildings. Served as a buffet, complete with a Bloody Mary bar with all the fixin’s, the offerings are homemade and delicious. I started with a mixed greens salad and citrus dressing, crawfish etouffee over stone ground grits and the most flavorful beef brisket I have eaten in a long time. It was meltin-the-mouth tender in a barbecue sauce—slightly tangy, heightening the flavor of the meat without covering it up.



In the middle of this first plate, the waiter asked if I wanted whole wheat blueberry pancakes—the chef was preparing them to order. How could I turn down him down? Three small, silver dollar sized pancakes bursting with blueberries were brought to the table, hot with warm syrup and butter. Yum! My second trip to the buffet filled my plate with a scoop of egg casserole with Conecuh sausage, sliced roast beef with horseradish sauce, a mixed casserole of zucchini and yellow squash cooked so they still had texture and integrity—

perfect, and a biscuit with homemade apricot jam. Sounds like I ate my weight in brunch, huh? Actually, the portions were small, and I left myself enough room for a homemade cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting. Also, I didn’t sample everything on the buffet—scrambled eggs, apple bacon, fried chicken, breakfast-style potato hash, fruit salad, Italian bow tie pasta salad and bread pudding. I’ll leave those for you to try!

5 Easy Methods

to Healthy, Beautiful Nails

By Peyton Dismukes

Step up your manicure and pedicure routine, and step out with healthy, beautiful nails this summer. Boring old polish is a thing of the past; update your look with these five methods that are not only trendy and attractive, but good for you too.

Shellac Could it be true? A no-chip, no-smudge polish that protects your nails from damage AND lasts up to 14 days? Sign me up! CND’s Shellac is a great way to achieve that perfect manicure without damaging your nails.

Minx Extend fashion to your fingertips (and toe tips!) with these solid nail coatings that are heated and then applied to your nails like a sticker. Minx comes in hundreds of colors, metallics and patterns, so you’ll always find what fits your style.

DesignFX Minx isn’t the only way to get those super trendy printed nails, DesignFX by Dashing Diva offers you the same effect with a simple, no-heat application. DesignFX is comprised of 36 unique nail appliqués of elaborate and brightly-colored designs, and even more with 3D bling. Even the removal process, which is acetone-free, is healthy for your nails.

French Wrap Plus Also by Dashing Diva, French Wrap Plus is another great alternative to artificial nails. This unique method is easily applied over fingernails and provides you perfect French lines for up to two weeks at a time without the worries of chipping, smudging or fading. French Wrap Plus gives you the option of the natural French but also comes in a variety of colors for a fun look!

Transition from artificial to natural If you’re one of those who has fallen trap to the acrylic nails trend, you have probably experienced breakage and peeling of your now unhealthy nails. This kit by Nail Tek is your solution to getting your nails back on the right track. While there are several over-the-counter attempts at these innovative nail methods, salons offer the most professional and effective techniques. Besides, who doesn’t love a good mani/pedi? Lucky for us, the methods mentioned here can all be achieved at Montgomery’s own Nails O Naturel. 54


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8:57 AM

Facing the unexpected?

Get an ultrasound. Ultrasound is the only 100% accurate way to determine pregnancy.

First Choice Women’s Medical Center will provide you a free, confidential ultrasound. We have the latest technology and compassionate care. Call us at 334-260-8010.

Eastdale Mall


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The Shoppes at Eastchase

Women’s Medical Center

M I R RO R S ? N O WAY. At Jim ‘N Nick’s our trick to serving the most authentic Southern food is to avoid the tricks altogether. Everything is made fresh. Nothing is frozen. Ever. So from the slow-smoked ribs to the garden fresh vegetables you can taste the deep respect for Southern tradition in every bite.


(334) 290-1000

M O N T G O M E RY (334) 213-0046

D I N E - I N • D R I V E - T H R U • TA K E - H O M E • CAT E R I N G • P R I VAT E D I N I N G



Bal Masque celebrates 49th Ball La Fete Goes Platinum A rotating sequin ball, sparkling red and silver music notes and a mix of platinum hits welcomed guests to the Garrett Coliseum for the 53rd annual La Fete ball that was held on April 21. The women celebrated this year’s event with the theme “La Fete Goes Platinum.” Once guests were inside, they were greeted by the reception committee and made their way to their seats. Inside the Coliseum, the main floor was draped in silver fabric, while large silver sequin spheres dangled in different sizes from the center. Along the edge were lights and lamps to showcase more music notes. The stage was designed in step tiers which were accented by panels illuminated with red and blue LED lights. A sign reading “La Fete Goes Platinum” illuminated the back curtain of the stage. Guests were entertained by members of the group while listening to platinum hits going all the way back to the 80s. The queen made her entrance, escorted by her husband, wearing a dress with a black asymmetrical neckline and a silver sequined flare skirt with a small train.

Despite the chilly Saturday night weather, it was smooth sailing inside the Garrett Coliseum as members of Bal Masque set sail on a Hawaiian island cruise at the 49th annual Bal Masque Ball. As guests arrived, they were guided to the tiki bar where the Bal Masque Dominos handed out Blue Hawaiian cocktails. After a warm welcome from Terry Ballant, graceful hula dancers entertained the audience, followed by the Showtime dancers performing to “All That Jazz.” Four riders raced across the stage signaling the start of the rock ‘n’ roll era, and after the Showtime dancers finished swooning over the King, the stage was set for the return of Studio 54. Bright twirling mirrored balls and pretty ladies in flashy dresses made sure everyone was able to “Get Down Tonight.” As the ship headed to port, the evening’s featured dancers entertained the crowd with the Latin rhythms of the Samba. At the end of the Hawaiian cruise, the queen of Bal Masque came on stage to thank the passengers, and she and her husband wowed the crowd with their ballroom dancing skills before saying aloha.

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Make handy even more handsome with this trendy Jonathan Adler flame print tool set. Who says tools can't be as chic as your home? Tool set includes a hammer, tape measure and six-in-one screwdriver

Scout bags

Whether traveling around the world, to the nearby beach or to the neighborhood grocery store, Scout Bags can make the trip with you. These bags are trendy and make great graduation gifts. Whether you are traveling, going on a summer vacation or running around town, Scout tote bags are the perfect fit. Scout bags can be beach or garden bags, travel, reusable market and shopping bags, wine bottle totes and more.

Fabulous Flatware: Non-traditional Tools of the Table June 23 through Sept. 16, 2012

Interested in the tools of the kitchen table? Check out the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts’ exhibition, Fabulous Flatware: Non-Traditional Tools of the Table, an exhibition that demonstrates the creativity and unique designs brought to flatware over the years. Drawn primarily from the collection of William P. Hood, M.D. of Dothan, Ala., this exhibition showcases both historical and contemporary flatware patterns from around the world and highlights changes in tableware from 1898 to 2011 in terms of style, size and form, functional types, designers and producers and materials and techniques. Place settings of dinnerware and glassware in various patterns augment the wonderfully diverse flatware to capture the ways Americans set their tables. Grouped into themes, the settings demonstrate the functional, yet sometimes unconventional and quirky tools of the table. You won’t want to miss this unique exhibition!

Arts Gone Wild finds a home in downtown Montgomery The Alabama Shakespeare Festival, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and the Montgomery Zoo have opened a new shared retail space in downtown Montgomery. The store, called Arts Gone Wild, features merchandise from each organization and serves as a satellite box office for tickets to ASF productions, admission to the zoo and tickets to special events at the museum, as well as an information hub for all things related to these three attractions. Arts Gone Wild is located at 200 Tallapoosa Street, across the street from the Renaissance Hotel, in one of Montgomery’s new retail incubators. The store had an open house on Saturday, April 28 with fun activities for families, and the official ribbon cutting was May 3. Arts Gone Wild’s hours of operation are 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Don’t forget to check out this unique downtown store!

Hospice of Montgomery’s 18th annual fundraiser a huge success Hospice of Montgomery held its 18th annual fundraiser, Monte Carlo, on April 19. More than 700 guests filled Wynlakes Golf and Country Club, providing a record-breaking year for the event. Guests mingled amongst a lively silent auction, “funny money” gaming and fabulous hors d’oeuvres. Chef James Riles prepared a mouth-watering selection including shrimp and grits, crab cakes, top sirloin, vegetable kabobs and miniature desserts. The silent auction featured original art, baskets filled with gift certificates and items from local businesses, garden and landscape opportunities, elegant home furnishings and antiques, exquisite jewelry, sports items and memorabilia, trips and a collection of fine wines. Community support was overwhelming, providing funding through sponsorships and donating items to the silent auction. Hospice of Montgomery would like to thank lead sponsors Adams Drugs, Mary Lou Bailey Real Estate Services and Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama. MAY/JUNE 2012 RSVP 57



The Tipping Point & ALABAMA Red Cross Fundraiser Tuesday, MayPoint 3, 2011&from 6 - 9pm The Tipping ALABAMA Red Cross Fundraiser Donations Directly Benefit Alabama red cross disaster relief Tuesday, May 3, 2011 from 6 - 9pm Donations Directly Benefit Alabama red cross disaster relief

Folks From Cathead Vodka • Good PeoPle Beer • 3 deGrees • Bonny doon Vineyard • hamPstead institute Farms • eat and Greet With loCal Farmer & author edWin marty R OU X • 5 0 3 C L OV E R DA L E R O A D • U N I T 1 0 1 • M O N T G O M E RY • A L • 3 3 4 3 5 6 3 8 1 4 • W W W . R O U X M O N T G O M E RY . C O M





Southern Bridal Faire 62


the RSVP team in action!

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MAY/JUNE CALENDAR May 2- Scenic Lunch Cruise 11 A.M -12:30 P.M. Ticket prices: $19/person (with lunch), $9/adult (ride only) and $7/child (ride only). To purchase tickets, call 334.625.2100, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit May 3- Anthony Hamilton 7 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. For ticket information, visit May 4, 8, 10, 12 & 20- Henry VIII Times vary. Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime production of Henry VIII that the Washington City Paper calls “lavish and stirring.” If you liked the Tudors on Showtime, you are going to love this! For show times and ticket information, call the box office at 1.800.841.4273 or visit May 4, 11, 18, & 25- Harriott II Dinner Cruise 6:30-9 P.M. Harriott II. Enjoy dinner, live entertainment and a cash bar as you cruise the Coosa aboard the Harriott II. Dinner includes fresh green salad, stuffed pork loin, roasted chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, Mediterranean steamed vegetables and cheesecake. Ticket prices vary. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street, call 334.625.2300 or visit May 4, 12, & 20- A Midsummer Night’s Dream Times vary. Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Uncertain love is in the air as two couples find themselves lost in a mystical forest on an unforgettable midsummer’s night. For show times and ticket information, call the box office at 1.800.841.4273 or visit May 4-5-Prattville CityFest Times vary. Historic downtown Prattville. Come enjoy this arts and crafts show with food, fun and entertainment. Free concert on Friday. Admission charged. Call 334.365.7392 or visit for more information.



when? what? where? May 4-ArtsRevive StreetFest 11 A.M.-8 P.M. Carneal Building, 3 Church Street, Selma. Join the fun at Carneal ArtsRevive and along Water Avenue as Selma celebrates all things Alabama. Arts, crafts, music, a catfish fry and children’s hands-on activities and games are featured along with greenhouse plants and homegrown culinary delights. Visit for more information. May 4- Bravo! Birmingham 7:30-9:30 P.M. Samford University’s Wright Center. Ninety minutes of live entertainment with statewide appeal. This musical celebration salutes Alabama artists who have achieved national or international recognition. This is a production the entire family can enjoy while showing appreciation for Alabama’s own hometown talent. An event to remember and not to be missed! Admission charged. For more information, contact Jeanne Bradford at 205.871.7739.

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May 4- Zoo Brew and Wine Too 7-10 P.M. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum. Adventure awaits you at the wildest wine and beer fest in the capital city. Dance under the stars to a variety of live bands. Snack on delectable treats while enjoying the finest wines and suds from around the globe. Live entertainment will be provided by Jonathan Bloom and company. You MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE or older in order to attend this event. Zoo Brew is an inaugural fundraiser for the Zoo and Museum, and funds from this event will go directly into the building fund, allowing the Zoo to continue to grow and expand. $30/ person. Call 334.240.4900, or visit www.montgomeryzoo. com for more information or to purchase tickets. May 4- Pike Road Relay for Life 6 P.M.-12 A.M. The Waters. No matter who you are, there is a place for you at Relay. Each dollar raised for the Relay for Life will help save lives. For more information about the Pike Road Relay for Life, visit May 5- Flimp Festival 10 A.M.-2 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Enjoy an old favorite at the 23rd Annual Flimp Festival. Activities include art making, Artists in Action, Flimp treasure hunt, Flimp chalk and Flimp music. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for children under 12, and FREE to Museum members and military members with identification. Special group rates are available. Proceeds benefit the Museum’s acquisition, exhibition and education programs. For more information, call the Museum at 334.240.4333, or visit

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May 5- Earth Day at the Gardens 1-5 P.M. Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Earth Day at the Gardens is Alabama’s longest continually running Earth Day event and one of its largest. The event celebrates the diversity of Alabama’s biological life, both native and exotic, as well as the cultural diversity of people from across the globe who now call Birmingham home, with fun and kinetic environmental presentations and more. Free. Call 205.414.3960, or visit MAY/JUNE 2012


when? what? where? May 5, 12, 19, & 26- Getaway Cruise 5-7 P.M. Harriott II. $20/Adults, $15/Child. Live entertainment, cash bar and concessions will be available.To purchase tickets, call 334.625.2100, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit May 6, 13, 20, & 27- Blues Cruise 5:30-8 P.M. Harriott II. $20/adults, $15/child. Live entertainment, cash bar and concessions will be available. To purchase tickets, call 334.625.2100, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit May 8-Mother’s Day Brunch 11 A.M.-2 P.M. Capital City Club. Ticket prices vary. For all that she does every day of the year, treat mom to this wonderful buffet prepared in her honor. For reservations, call 334.834.8920 or visit May 9- 60-Minute Coffee 8-9 A.M.-Montgomery Area Visitor Center (300 Water Street). This monthly member event is the perfect way to begin your day. Meet potential clients, make important contacts and network with Chamber executives and community leaders. For more information, contact Deborah Pope at 334.240.9298 or May 10- Capital Kickball League kicks off its Spring

2012 Season!

6-9 P.M. Lagoon Park, Field 3. Join us for our sixth season (third year) in Montgomery, and don’t get stuck on the sidelines. Adult Co-ed (21+) Kickball Registration is open at This social sport is the best way to meet new people in Montgomery with bar socials and parties that follow. For more information, visit May 10- Taste of the Gardens 2012 5-8 P.M. Southern Homes and Gardens (Vaughn Road location). Southern Homes and Gardens and the American Red Cross present Taste of the Gardens, a benefit for the American Red Cross that is held annually. This event includes a silent auction featuring works from local artists, tastings from the River Region’s finest restaurants and caterers and wine and music with Henry Pugh. Event tickets are $20 and may be purchased from the American Red Cross. For more information, contact Kelly Hodges at 334.260.4016, or email her at May 12- Herb Day 8 A.M. -3 P.M. Old Alabama Town. Learn how to grow and use herbs with demonstrations, expert gardeners and entertainment. No admission charged. For more information, call 334.240.4500, or visit May 12- Mudbugs and Music 2-8 P.M. Crestline Park in Birmingham. Sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation and HealthSouth, this family-friendly event comes complete with live music all day long, a silent auction with items from generous vendors from all over the Birmingham area and beyond and crawfish and fixin’s cooked 66


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when? what? where? on-site. You’ll have plenty of beer to cool you off, a children’s area with activity stations, a moonwalk, face painting and other activities for the kids and dogs are always welcome! Tickets are $25/person on the day of and include your entry into the event as well as all the crawfish and fixin’s you can eat. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit

Thomas O. Patterson, REALTOR® Residential Sales | Aronov Realty (334) Office: 277-2700 | Direct: 399-0454 Member Montgomery Area Association of Realtors®

7027 Halcyon Park Drive | Montgomery, AL 36117

May 12- The Alabama All Star Food Festival 3-7 P.M. Commerce Street in downtown Montgomery. Join chefs, farmers, breweries and musicians from across the state for the first Alabama All Star Food Festival celebrating the best in local cuisine. Enjoy tastings from featured restaurants using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, meet your favorite Alabama chefs, listen to the state’s best homegrown musicians, catch a variety of on-stage demos from guest chefs, farmers and producers and take part in hands-on gardening and nutrition workshops. Don’t miss Alabama food, drinks and music at its finest! All proceeds benefit the Hampstead Institute non-profit organization and help support education programs for students in the River Region. For tickets and more information, visit or May 12- Alabama Hemophilia Walk 9 A.M.-Registration, 10 A.M.- Walk. Union Station Train Shed (300 Water Street). Through fundraisers like the Hemophilia Walk, the HBDA (Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders of Alabama) is able to offer programs and services to the bleeding disorders community, such as Camp Clot Not and Camp Harvest. For more information, call 334.277.9446, or visit May 13-Mother’s Day Brunch 11 A.M.-2 P.M. Capital City Club. Ticket prices vary. For all that she does every day of the year, treat mom to this wonderful buffet prepared in her honor. For reservations, call 334.834.8920, or visit May 13- Mother’s Day Cruise 12:30-2:45 P.M.- Lunch cruise. 6-8:30 P.M.-Dinner cruise. Harriott II. Both cruises will include a full meal, entertainment, cash bar and a rose for mom. $42.95/adult, $22.95/ child. For more information, or to purchase tickets, call 334.265.2100, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit May 13- Mother’s Day at the Montgomery Zoo 9 A.M.-5:30 P.M. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum. Mark your calendars today to make plans to join the Montgomery Zoo for a wild adventure with mom. Celebrate mom and all she has done for you by bringing her to the Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum. Call 334.240.4900, or visit May 13- Ronnie Dunn 8 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. To purchase tickets, visit



when? what? where? May 18- Black Jacket Symphony presents The Eagles: Hotel California 8 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. To purchase tickets, visit May 18-19- Jubilee CityFest 7 P.M. Riverfront Amphitheatre and other downtown areas. Jubilee CityFest presents Bamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Big Bang, the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest musical pyro show. Activities include: KidsFest, 8K run, entertainment, a culinary contest for the best fried chicken and riverboat rides. Admission charged. For more information, call 334.834.7220, 334.261.1114, or visit May 19- Dino Dig 10 A.M.- Noon. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum. Mark your calendar today to join the Montgomery Zoo and their education department for a real archeological dig. Discover bones from the past, learn about dinos and make new discoveries of species of the past. This program also includes an in-class learning session, games, a real archeological dig and a chance for you to enjoy the Montgomery Zoo. Geared for kids 4-10 years old; parents are encouraged to participate. Advanced reservations required. Fees apply. For additional information, please contact the education department at 334.240.4909 or through email at May 19- Reptile Rendezvous 8 A.M. Alabama Nature Center in Millbrook. Did you know that snakes have an unusually large number of vertebrae? Or, did you know that when Horned Toad Lizards are attacked, they can squirt blood from their eyes? If you would like to learn more amazing reptile facts, join the staff at the Alabama Nature Center on Saturday, May 19. Admission charged. Call 334.285.4550, or visit for more information. May 25-Riverwalk Pub Crawl 6 P.M. Downtown Montgomery. Kick off your Memorial Day weekend at the Riverwalk Pub Crawl. More than a dozen participating venues will offer discounts, specials and live music to pub crawlers. The city trolley will be transporting crawlers to and from all participating stops. Tickets are $10. For more information, call 334.356.4598, or visit May 25- Pub Crawl Cruise 10-11:30 P.M. Harriott II. $10/person, adults only. Concessions and a cash bar will be available. Entertainment TBA. For more information, visit May 31- Business After Hours 5-7 P.M. AlleyBAR (166 Commerce Street). This popular two-hour informal networking after-work event is the perfect place to exchange business cards and meet potential customers. People do business with people they know. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards, and build your customer base! For more information, contact Lynn Norton at 334.240.9431 or at MAY/JUNE 2012


auburn montgomery continuing education

Launch your future here For Summer 2012 claSS inFormation call 334-244-3804 or viSit

Click to view the summer catalog

April 22–May 19

April 22–May 19

“Lavish and stirring” –The Washington City Paper

April 19–May 20 l of FestivPala ys May 18-20 New 70


April 13-May18 AlAbAmA ShAkeSpeAre FeStivAl

montgomery, Alabama 1.800.841.4273

when? what? where? May 31- Evening with the Curator: Roger Brown in

the MMFA’s Collection

6-7 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Silhouetted figures and plants, wedge-shaped clouds and neon words are prominent features of Roger Brown’s paintings in the Museum’s collection. Join us as Jennifer Jankauskas, the newest Curator on staff, explores layers of Brown’s works of art. The evening will not only include a discussion of his paintings on view, but also a rare chance to see two of the artist’s works on paper. For more information, visit www. JUNE Multiple Dates in June- Harriott II Dinner Cruise 6:30-9 P.M. Harriott II. Ticket prices vary. For cruise information or to purchase tickets, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street, call 334.625.2300 or visit www.funontheriver. net. Dates: 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, & 30. June 1-2- 33rd Annual Hank William Festival Times vary. Hank Williams Music Park in Georgiana, Ala. Enjoy a fun-filled weekend of country music, arts and crafts, food and more at this 33rd annual salute to a legend. For more information, call 334.376.2396, or visit www. June 2- Military Salute at Riverwalk Stadium 7-10 P.M. Riverwalk Stadium. In recognition of their vital role in the community, military leaders and service men and women are invited to attend this annual event. Junior officers will be honored with a dinner at the Locomotive Loft. For more information, contact Brenda King at 334.230.8361 or June 2- Hydrangea and Photography Fest Times vary. Alabama Nature Center. Bring your Hydrangea gardening questions and your digital camera to learn tips and techniques about these two great hobbies. While here, you can talk to professional photographers, view Hydrangeas or just walk all or part of the miles of trails that the ANC has to offer. Admission charged. Call 800.822.9453 or visit www. June 3, 10, 17, &24- Blues Cruise 5:30-8 P.M. Harriott II Riverboat. Ticket prices vary. Live entertainment, cash bar and concessions will be available. To purchase tickets or get more information, call 334.625.2100, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit www. June 4- Jefferson Davis Birthday Commemoration 10 A.M.-Noon. State Capitol. Jefferson Davis’s birthday is a state holiday, and the event will be commemorated in the front of the State Capitol with a short program on his life, the placing of a wreath at his statue and a birthday cake at the First White House of the Confederacy, where Jefferson Davis lived in the spring of 1861. Free event. For more information, call 334.365.4713. MAY/JUNE 2012


when? what? where? June 6- Scenic Lunch Cruise 11 A.M.-12:30 P.M. Harriott II. Ticket prices vary. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 334.625.2100, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit www.funontheriver. net. June 6-9- Miss Alabama Pageant 2012 7:30 P.M. Birmingham, Ala. The Miss Alabama Pageant is now in its 90th year! Don’t miss this four-day scholarship event to find the new Miss Alabama. Admission charged. For pageant details, call 205.871.6276 or visit June 7- Hampstead Hop 6-9 P.M. Come out and take part in a tasting of food and spirits at Tipping Point, Farmhouse Kitchen and City Grill. Live music at each venue. Tickets are $10. For more info, call 334.356.4598 or visit June 7- There’s an App for That- Let’s Get Artsy 6-8 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. The app workshops continue with a special focus on art apps. Learn how to paint, edit and record your own artistic creations using a range of iPhone and iPad applications. Instructor: Tim Brown. Cost: $15/members, $25/non-members. For more information, visit . June 7-9- Fables Here and Then TBA. Cloverdale Playhouse. Experience stories and legends from around the world in a wonderful collection adapted by David Feldshuh featuring young actors from our own community. Visit for more information. June 13- 60 Minute Coffee 8-9 A.M. 1309 Upper Wetumpka Road. This monthly member event is the perfect way to begin your day. Meet potential clients, make important contacts and network with Chamber executives and community leaders. For more information, contact Deborah Pope at 334.240.9298 or dpope@ June 17-Father’s Day at The Montgomery Zoo 9 A.M.- 5 P.M. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Center. All fathers get in FREE to the Montgomery Zoo for some fun outside activities. Show your dad you care by bringing him to an exciting place to spend some quality time with him. Call 334.240.4930, or visit www.montgomeryzoo. com for more information. June 17- Father’s Day Steak and Eggs Brunch 11 A.M.-2 P.M. Capital City Club. Ticket prices vary, children under 5 are complimentary. Call 334.834.8920 for reservations. Visit for more information.



TURN BASIC INTO BLISS. Don’t settle for ordinary. Create your fairytale day at the Marriott Capitol Hill in Prattville. Let our Wedding Specialists focus on every detail, from the rehearsal to the reception, while you make the memories. Our 8,200 square-foot ballroom is ideal for larger celebrations and our 95 luxurious rooms are packed with amenities to make you and your guests feel special. Three Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail courses are only steps away, creating a beautiful backdrop and promising to entertain your wedding party during the weekend. For more information, please call 334.290.1235 or visit

MONTGOMERY MARRIOTT PRATTVILLE HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER AT CAPITOL HILL 2500 Legends Circle, Prattville, AL 36006 Phone 334.290.1235, Part of Alabama’s Resort Collection on The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

PCH1312Prattville_RSVP.indd 1

12/21/11 3:20 PM

when? what? where? June 17- Happy Together Tour 2012 7 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. $47/person. The greatest pop/rock artists of the 60s all together on tour! Starring: The Turtles featuring Flo and Eddie, The Monkees lead singer Micky Dolenz, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, The Grass Roots and the Buckinghams. To purchase tickets, visit June 21- Military Appreciation Day at The Montgomery Zoo

11 A.M.-4 P.M. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum. The Chamber’s Wright Flyers will host a fun day at the Montgomery Zoo for all military personnel and their families. With a valid military ID card, the entire family can enjoy a great day at the Montgomery Zoo and the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum with lunch and admission provided free of charge. This is a way of recognizing the significant contributions of the military to our community and showing appreciation for their service. For more information, contact Brenda King at 334.230.8361 or June 21-24 & 28-July 1- Starting Here, Starting Now TBA. Cloverdale Playhouse. Enjoy this memorable revue of songs that enchant, inspire, get those toes tapping and the hearts fluttering. For more information, visit www. June 23-24- Coastal Watercolor Workshop Noon-5 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Taking inspiration from the exhibition Divining Nature:Watercolors and Ceramics by Walter Inglis Anderson, participants will work with various techniques and tools to create grasses, sand, waves and expressive skies in watercolors. The instructor, Durinda Cheek, is a signature member of the Georgia, Louisiana and Tennessee Watercolor Societies, with work represented in galleries across the Southeast. Beginners to advanced students will enjoy this time at the “beach!” The supply list will be available with registration. $200/members, $245/non-members. Visit for more information. June 28- Business After Hours 5-7 P.M. Hampton Inn and Suites (100 Commerce Street). This popular two-hour informal networking after-work event is the perfect place to exchange business cards and meet potential customers. People do business with people they know. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards, and build your customer base! For more information, contact Lynn Norton at 334.240.9431 or lnorton@

(205) 914-4527





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High School Graduations Alabama Christian Academy May 20 - 2 p.m. Frazer United Methodist Church

Autauga Academy

May 18 – 7 p.m. Autauga Academy Gymnasium

iKnow where I’m going

And with the foundation I’ve received at Saint James School, I’m ready to pursue my dreams.

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

As Central Alabama’s 21st Century Technology School, Saint James is proud to be on the cutting edge once again... bringing the latest in technology to your child. Starting this fall, each student in grades 6 – 8 will be assigned iPads® and all high school students will be assigned MacBooks®. Preschool and elementary continue to have regular access to iPod®, iPad® and MacBook® carts.


6010 Vaughn Road, Montgomery Saint James School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.



May 24 - 7 p.m. East Memorial Gymnasium

Eastwood Christian School

May 18 - 7 p.m. Eastwood Church Sanctuary

Edgewood Academy

May 22 - 7 p.m. Wesley Hall at Frazer United Methodist Church

Evangel Christian Academy

NEW FOR 2012 -13!

for pre k3-12th grade admissions info call

East Memorial Christian Academy

May 25 - 7 p.m. Evangel Church Sanctuary

Jeff Davis High School

June 3 - 2 p.m. Joe L. Reed Acadome, ASU

Montgomery Academy May 27 - 6 p.m. Vaughn Road Campus

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School May 22 - 7 p.m. Montgomery Catholic Football Field

New Life Christian Academy May 25 - 7 p.m. New Life Sanctuary

Prattville High School

May 25 - 7 p.m. Joe L. Reed Acadome, ASU

Saint James School

May 21 - 6 p.m. Vaughn Road Campus

Stanhope Elmore High School

May 24 - 7 p.m. Joe L. Reed Acadome, ASU

Trinity Presbyterian School

May 21 - 7 p.m. Frazer United Methodist Church

Victory Baptist School

Lee High School

May 25 - 7 p.m. Victory Baptist Church Auditorium

Marbury High School

Wetumpka High School

June 3 - 6:30 p.m. Joe L. Reed Acadome, ASU May 24 - 7:30 p.m. Marbury High School, Deatsville Location

May 24 - 7 p.m. Renaissance Hotel

They JusT WanT To Go where everybody knows their name Providing high quality pet health and wellness services to assist your pet in living a longer, happier,and healthier life. 24-Hour Hospital Care Daycare & Boarding Digital Radiography Orthopedics

Ultrasound Dental Care Laser Surgery On-Site Dog Pool Grooming

6897 Atlanta Hwy., Montgomery, AL 36117

(334) 260-8787 |

WCOV Fox 20 presents

Second Saturday Riverfront Festivals sponsored by Stivers Ford

Riverfront Park: May 12th - Sept. 8th, 5 p.m. - Until Fireworks Finale

Free Admission Live entertainment, more activities for the kids, more food vendors, more art and craft vendors and cocktails from the hottest bar in town the SandBAR.

Call today about the Fireworks Cruise! No outside food, beverages, alcohol or coolers allowed.

For more info: 334-625-2100 or 78

Vendors: Dreamland, Peppertree Steaks n’ Wine, Cheezies Pizza, Mama’s Sack Lunch, Cantina, Catfish One , Bruster’s Ice Cream, Nancy’s Italian Ice, The Great American Cookie Company and Spacewalker. RSVP MAY/JUNE 2012

Herron Aesthetics Mark Herron, MD, of Herron Dermatology, whom has long provided superior care to the Montgomery community, welcomes Master Aesthetician Michela King to his practice. With resolute passion for exceptional care, Michela offers a variety of quality services that treat all facets of skincare conditions. After extensive training at the School of Skin in Roswell, Georgia, Michela is thrilled to bring her expertise to her hometown. The following treatments are available:

Microdermabrasion, sensi peel, ultra peel forte, dermaplane, triple peel microdermabrasion, blue peel radiance, Botox, fillers, lip wax and eyebrow shaping and clean-up. “I chose this field knowing I would have the opportunity to greatly influence the way people feel about themselves. Working with Dr. Herron, we give the most advanced and non-invasive treatments to meet our patients’ goals. It is a very emotionally rewarding profession.” – Michela King

Call today for a consultation 334.322.6311 7260 Halcyon Summit Drive •

resource directory Academy Events, p. 57 17 Coosa Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.318.3047

AUM, p. 70

Alabama All-Star Food Festival, p. 6

Barbara Bonds, p. 74

Alabama Shakespeare Festival, p. 70 One Festival Drive Montgomery, AL 36117 334.271.5353

AlleyBAR, p. 3, 166 Commerce Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.387.3333 Alfa-Billy Bradford, p. 74 4331 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, AL 36109 334.277.5785 All Med/Pri-Med, p.21 4305 Atlanta Highway 334.271.7051 34 Taylor Road North 334.272.7639 2815 East Boulevard 334.271.4545 1595 East Main Street, Prattville 334.361.3171 4452 US Highway 231, Wetumpka 334.567.8400

Allstate Beverage, p. 35,77 130 6th Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.265.0507

7440 East Drive Montgomery, AL 36117 334.244.3000

7051 Fain Park Dr. Suite 200 Montgomery, AL 36117 334.215.4492

Baumhowers, p. 67 201 South Union Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.263.8800 2465 Eastern Blvd Montgomery, AL 36117 334.271.1831 Cantina, p. 63 130 Commerce Street, Ste. 103 Montgomery, AL 36104 334.262.2339

Capital City Club, p. 63 201 Monroe Street, Ste. 2100 Montgomery, AL 36104 334.834.8920

Charlottes Jewelry, p. 2 8161 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36116 334.396.1919

City Grill, p. 55 5251 Hampstead High Street Montgomery, AL 36116 334.244.0960

Cohen’s Electronics & Appliances, p. 10

2515 Eastern Blvd. Montgomery, AL 36117 334.277.8890 American Cancer Society, p. 72 3054 McGehee Road Colorbox Photography p. 7 Montgomery, AL 36111 334.491.0409 334.612.8177 Corner on Dentistry, p. 39 Arbors on Taylor, p. 69 Dr. Camille Phillips-DMD 485 Taylor Road 2415 Central Parkway Montgomery, AL 36117 Montgomery, AL 36106 334.386.2655 334.277.2424



Darren Freeman Photography, p. 61 334.215.7827

David Bromley Ice Sculpture, p. 74 P.O. Box 130681 Birmingham, AL 35213 205.914.4527

Dreamland BBQ, p. 75 101 Tallapoosa Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.273.7427

Emerge Montgomery, p. 39 600 South Court Street, Ste. 544 Montgomery, AL 36104 334.262.2261

Eve’s Studio, p. 35 2026 Clubview Street Montgomery, AL 36106 334.262.8888 First Choice, p. 55 380 Mendel Parkway Montgomery, AL 36117 334.260.8010 Glow, p. 61 70 Court Street Troy, AL 36081 334.770.4569

Grace Photography, p. 64

Hampstead, p. 24-25 5251 Hampstead High Street Montgomery, AL 36116 334.270.6730

Hello Gorgeous Photography, p. 15 hellogorgeousphotography. com

Herron Dermatology, p. 79 7260 Halcyon Summit Drive Montgomery, AL 36117 334.277.3332

hue Studio, p. 69 8155 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36116 334.239.8884 Jack Ingram, p. 83 241 Eastern Boulevard Montgomery, AL 36117 334.420.9900 Jim N’ Nicks, p.55 6415 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, AL 36117 334.213.0046 2250 Cobbs Ford Road Prattville, AL 36066 334.290.1000

Montgomery Humane Society, p. 71 1150 John Overton Drive Montgomery, AL 36110 334.409.0622

Montgomery Performing Arts Centre, p.4 201 Tallapoosa Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.481.5100

Montgomery Zoo, p. 67 2301 Coliseum Parkway Montgomery, AL 36110-3250 334.240.4900

Nails O Naturel, p.39 Kim Box Photography, p. 12 8448 Crossland Loop, Ste. 163

West Main Street Prattville, AL 36067 334.491.0409

Montgomery, AL 36117 334.782.4137

Laser Wellness, p. 66

9430 New Park Drive Montgomery, AL 36117 334.215.9215

370 St. Lukes Drive Montgomery, AL 36029 334.213.0700

Look Boutique, p.29 1048 East Fairview Montgomery, AL 36106 334.239.7537 2469 Pinnacle Way Prattville, AL 36066 334.290.0928

LULU’s Attic to Antiques, p. 73 946 Plantation Way Montgomery, AL 36117 334.593.7852

Marriott-Legends at Capitol Hill, p. 73 2500 Legends Circle Prattville, AL 36066 334.290.1235

Midtown Pizza Kitchen, p. 44 2940 Zelda Road Montgomery, AL 36106 334.395.0080

New Park Living, p. 82

NShape, p. 35 334.233.8675

Olivia A Salon, p. 65 2101 Taylor Road Montgomery, AL 36117 334.396.4567 Pearl River Resort, p. 84 1.866.447.3275

Phoenix Salon and Spa, p. 75 6311 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, AL 36117 334.272.4247 Pine Bar, p. 29 501 Cloverdale Road Montgomery, AL 36106 334.239.9061 Pro Fitness 3D, p. 16 3251 Malcolm Drive Montgomery, AL 36116 334.356.0992

Regions Mortgage,

Taylor Crossing, p. 77

p. 81 8301 Crossland Loop Montgomery, AL 36117 334.213.1340

6897 Atlanta Highway Montgomery, AL 36117 334.260-8787

Riverfront Facilities,

80 Court Square Troy, AL 36081 334.770.8664

p. 78 334.625.2100

Roux, p. 53 503 Cloverdale Road Montgomery, AL 36106 334.356.3814

RSVP Riverwalk Pub Crawl, p. 8 SandBAR, p. 9 Riverwalk Amphitheatre 334.387.3333

Saint James School, p.76 6010 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36116 334.273.3000

Tmarie, p.61

The Tipping Point, p. 60 5015 Hampstead High Street Montgomery, AL 36116 334.260.9110 tippingpointhampstead. com

Breck Honea 61 Market Place Montgomery, AL 36117 334.272.8423

• Perfect for seminars, workshops, receptions, dinners, luncheons and other social or professional events • Advanced wireless audio/visual equipment • Large and small classrooms available • Full-service catering

Troy University, p. 17

Troy University at Montgomery, p. 81

350 N. McDonough St. 334.262.4470

State Farm Insurance, p. 67

Montgomery’s former Whitley Hotel is today a state-of-the-art conference center, banquet hall and educational center.

p. 68 Aronov Realty, 334.399.0454 Thomas@

Serotonin Plus, p. 75

201 Tallapoosa Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.481.5210

Discover Whitley Hall

• Computer labs with Internet access

231 Montgomery Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.834.1400

Spa at Renaissance Montgomery, p. 51


Thomas Patterson,

SaZa Pizza, p. 5 138 Commerce Street Montgomery, AL 36104 334.495.7292 287 Mitylene Park Drive Montgomery, AL 36117 653 McQueen Smith Road Prattville, AL 36066 334.782.5081


Tucker Pecan, p. 31

The Waters, p. 13 334.273.3200

Watkins Memorial Golf Tournament, p. 68 334.538.3961

• Free parking Learn more at 334-241-9543 or e-mail

6790-2-ALA-MONT-WhitleyHall 4.95x4.9.indd 1

A future of opportunities

6790-2-ALA-MONT 4.95X4.9

11/18/08 9:26:38 AM

Find your new home here. It’s easy to love New Park living! New builders and new floorplans—ready to pick.

D.R. Horton | Hugh Cole Builder, Inc. Milton Strickland Builders, Inc. | Nathan Watson Builders, Inc. W. J. Sellers Custom Homes 13 H OME S UNDE R CON STRUC TI ON 3 M OVE-IN RE ADY H OME S | 6 H OME S JUST S OLD

NEW HOMES! Now from the high $100s for every budget and lifestyle.

New Schools! Adjacent to the City’s newest elementary and middle schools, plus the new east high school coming in 2013.

Find your new home now! Visit us today! N e w P a r k I n f o r m a t i o n C e n t e r, 9 4 3 0 P a r k C r o s s i n g

The new neighborhood from Jim Wilson & Associates For the latest neighborhood news and promotions, follow us on Facebook.®

G 334.215.9215

9430 Park Crossing, off Ray Thorington Road


Pearl River Resort Vegas with Sweet Tea!

Two Exciting Casinos • Two Luxurious Hotels • The Best Entertainment Two Championship Golf Courses • Eleven Great Restaurants • Spa & Salon • Retail Shops Full Convention Services • Southeast’s #1 Water Theme Park Scan Here!

Pearl River Resort • Choctaw, MS • 1.866.44PEARL (1.866.447.3275) • A development of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

RSVP Montgomery - May/June 2012  

Our feature story highlights the most popular and controversial story, Henry VIII, at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Where else can you g...

RSVP Montgomery - May/June 2012  

Our feature story highlights the most popular and controversial story, Henry VIII, at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Where else can you g...