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ON THE COVER Tis’ the Season

Photo by Aubrie Lemon Moates

On Russell, clothing from The Gap and shoes from Dillard’s. On Autumn, shirts and pants from The Gap, coat from Hue Studio, Inc. Boots from Dillard’s.

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 11

from the GIRLS The River Region Guide for All Things Social vol. 5, Iss. 6

Photo by Josh Moates


s we approach the holidays, it is fitting to give thanks to the RSVP Montgomery team for their commitment to producing the best social magazine in Montgomery. The hours they dedicate in order to get the job done is impressive enough, but also remarkable is the joy and enthusiasm with which they do it. Thanks, girls – for making this job so enjoyable! Inside this issue you will find a plethora of ideas for your wardrobe this winter. Aubrie Moates, Peyton Dismukes and Evan Cooper knocked “Reply Yes” out of the ballpark and it is one beautiful spread. Our readers chimed in with some entertaining holiday experiences about meeting the family, and for you singles we have a dozen reasons you can embrace your relationship status this season! Our always resourceful calendar of events is filled with plenty of holiday-related happenings to give you many options for celebrating the season. Spend some time curled up with this issue as these cold days approach and give us your feedback as we love hearing from you. Our next issue, coming out in January 2013, will mark our 5 year anniversary and we have some great things in store. So from everyone here at RSVP Montgomery, here’s wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season and best wishes for a great New Year!



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A SPIRIT Educate the mind to think, the heart to feel, the body to act. - TROY Motto 1887

The Troy University story is not about a place. It’s about a spirit. TROY is one of Alabama’s and the nation’s leading universities with four state campuses, Division 1 athletics, a pioneering online education program, teaching sites worldwide and undergraduate and graduate degree programs that are nationally recognized for quality. But our greatest achievement? More than 140,000 alumni worldwide who found in TROY, and in themselves, the spirit of service and servant leadership.

“One of the Safest Campuses in America” - Chronicle of Higher Education “One of the Best in the Southeast” - Princeton Review “Ranked Among Top Schools in the Nation” - Forbes Magazine

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Layers don’t have to mean bulky. Winter is the right time to perfect the layering trend and this get-up from The Gap makes it easy. Ring and necklace from Dillard’s. Shoes from The Gap.

Styling: Evan G Cooper/ Evan & Co. Makeup: Rebekah Edwards/ LUSH Makeup Art Hair: Christina Wright & Patti Lynn Sams/ William Mason Salon Models: Russell Standridge, Autumn Godfrey, Tony Reid, Chloe Bailey, Laura Selmon Car: Chris L Thompson/ 1978 VW

reply YES


By Peyton Dismukes • Photography by Aubrie Lemon Moates / Hello Gorgeous Photography

In the crazy, hectic time that arises during the holidays, it may be easy to forgo much attention to your attire, but colder weather doesn’t have to mean drab clothing. As the temperature drops, let your style go up with fabulous festive fashion! Remember that this is a time when family and friends are gathered together and taking photos is inevitable. These photos will be displayed on mantles and in albums for years to come, so make sure you don’t regret your outfit decision. Whether it’s a cocktail soirée, family get-together, office Christmas party or New Year’s Eve celebration, the holidays are never short of social events. As 2012 ends and we begin a new year, make a resolution to stand out and get noticed. Don’t let the extravagant holiday décor upstage you, show up to your festive gatherings in style!

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 19

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ABOVE LEFT: Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man and this dark suit from Buckelew’s and gingham shirt from The Gap get the job done. The open back and metallic sheen of this dress from Dillard’s is a traffic stopper. ABOVE RIGHT: All that glitters is gold and so is true for these two glitzy frocks, but this bow tie get-up is not to be outshined. Dress on left- Dillard’s. On him- shirt, sweater and pants from The Gap. Bow tie from Belk. Dress on right- Hue Studio, Inc.



Perfect for a dressy event, this fun dress from The Look Boutique captures elegance and sass. Necklace and shoes from Dillard’s.

ABOVE: Bundling up never looked so good! On him- pants, shirt and vest from The Gap. On her- boots from Dillard’s, pants and shirt from The Gap and coat from Hue Studio, Inc. OPPOSITE: Baby, its cold outside! Stay warm in this classic look. Shirt and trousers from The Gap. Scarf from Old Navy.

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 23

reply YES

LEFT: Pairing bold prints with vibrant colors? Yes, please! This ensemble really makes a statement. Sweater and pants from The Gap. Clutch from Dillard’s. OPPOSITE: Casual yet refined, this cozy outfit from The Gap and scarf from Old Navy will keep you warm and stylish.

Get beautifully airbrushed tans for upcoming balls, weddings, and holiday parties at Montgomery’s only private sunless tanning studio, now offering a WARM tanning solution just in time for winter.


334.300.0273 call or text for appointments

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tis’ the season to look


singled OUT

Single Season The

side of The

By Single Suzy


he buildup to the holiday season begins early; that’s for sure. And if you’re used to being part of a pair strolling arm-in-arm through a winter wonderland, facing this time of year as a single person can really throw a wrench in your ho-ho-ho. The days ahead may

seem anything but merry and bright. Instead of having a pity party, maybe as singles we should focus on what we have — friends, family, colleagues — and enjoy those relationships to the max. Renewing contact with old friends that you’ve lost touch with may provide a

special holiday gift for both of you. If even after that tidbit of encouragement, you are still bitter because Santa hasn’t delivered Mr. or Mrs. Right…here are a dozen ways to celebrate your single status with your glass half full:

If you can’t sing, but love to sing those really good-bad Christmas songs at the top of your lungs, sing them. No one’s around to be turned off.


You don’t have to share the remote… watch whatever you want, as loud as you want.

The only family you are obligated to see is the one you are related to. Nothing can ruin a holiday quite like walking on eggshells around potential in-laws or worrying you might snore on the couch after the big turkey dinner.


You can eat and drink whatever you want because you don’t need to worry about someone feeling your love handles. So stop eyeing that gingerbread house and eat it already. You can take the money you will save by not having to buy a significant other a present and get yourself something awesome. I mean, think of all the boots you can buy at year-end sales.


You don’t have to pretend not to be disappointed when your significant other doesn’t get you what you wanted. Lord have mercy, sometimes it’s like they never knew you at all! You can avoid spending money trying to find that killer outfit for date night. Go ahead, repeat outfits or wear that oversized sweater with a deer scampering across your chest. It can serve as birth control.


You don’t have to feel bad if you drink too much and aren’t up for hanky panky or spooning, nor do you have to do the walk of shame in the freezing cold. Over half of the people in a relationship wish they were single, so this year you can watch people look at you green with envy. I mean, they don’t have to know that it isn’t as glorious as it looks.


You can dominate at work without the distraction of a significant other. When your boss needs someone to work late or travel, you can step up to the plate without having to run it by your significant other. You don’t have to try to impress everyone with your cooking skills. This year, you can load your freezer full of frozen food packages and there will be no one there to judge you.


You can focus on promoting yourself when out at holiday parties stag. Mingle your little heart away without feeling guilty for neglecting your date.

So if you are single this season, embrace your status and choose to spend time with people who will embrace it with you.


Meet the Parents By Mark Anderson

There are few words in the English language more frightening than “I want you to meet my parents.” But like it or not, your significant other usually comes with Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, etc. The first time you meet their parents always makes for a tense situation; movies have been made about this. And when these situations go disastrously wrong the outcome can be hilarious and/or humiliating.

Will, Unwanted Guest:

Nicole and I had been dating for just a few weeks and we were still just getting to know each other. We were nowhere NEAR the parental introduction stage. When I first started dating Nicole, she lived in a guest house in an affluent neighborhood. One Sunday night she invited me over to watch a movie. I parked in the driveway and walked up the stairs to her place. We ended up



watching several movies and fell asleep together on the couch. We were awakened at about 7 AM by a loud knock on the door. It was her Dad! She didn’t bother telling me she lived in her parents’ guest house and I had blocked her Dad’s car in the garage. It was one hell of an awkward introduction and the look he gave me while his daughter tried to explain what happened just about froze me to the bone. Needless to say, that was the last time we had movie night at her place.


Happy Halloween:

My ex- boyfriend introduced me to his parents in a very “special” way. He called me on a random night to see if I wanted to “hang out.” Well, we all know what this is code for. So I decided to surprise him. It was almost Halloween and my costume

had just arrived. He was in med school so I had ordered a very sexy nurse costume. So I put it on under a coat and headed over to his apartment. When I arrived I took off my coat and walked in all proud of myself only to see three shocked faces looking at me like I was completely insane. He hadn’t bothered to tell me he wanted me to “hang out” with his parents! We dated for a few more months and his father literally laughed every time he saw me. The way his mother looked at me you could tell she viewed me as the slutty nurse trying to corrupt her precious son. What a horrible experience! From that day forward I have saved the Halloween costumes for Halloween!


Cougar Casanova

I first met my girlfriend’s parents when I was invited over to a party at their house. With the bustle of the party, I had only spoken to them briefly. Things were going along swimmingly and they both appeared to approve of me. A little while (and a few drinks) later as I was coming back from the restroom, I heard my girlfriend talking to someone just around the corner. So, genius that I am, I plan to pull her around the corner for a quick kiss. When I heard her end the conversation, I started heading that way. I sprung out of the hall and pulled her into my arms. So after sweeping her MOTHER into my arms I recall that, in our brief introduction, I noticed how incredibly similar their voices were. My attempt at an explanation is officially the most awkward moment of my life. We get along just fine these days, but I have noticed that she doesn’t like to be in a room alone with me..........

Anna, On a Roll.

My husband’s parents have the most ridiculously steep drive sloping down towards the house. The first time I met his parents was at their house. On arrival, we parked on the street to avoid parking on that huge decline. As we parked his parents were standing in the window of the living room waving hello. As I raised my hand to wave back, my heel slipped in the dirt and I started to slowly fall. When I put out my hands to catch myself I saw nothing but slope. My fall turned into a roll/ slide down the 40 feet of pavement and into the bushes. Nice first impression. And as an added bonus I get to hear the story recounted at almost every family gathering.

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 29

Jenn, Laundry Day

T H E understood the expression “deer in the headlights” but as I stood frozen in shock I finally got it. The icy words “You must be Jenn” were one of about three sentences that she spoke to me all weekend.

S H O P E S through my bathroom doorP and behind


Season’ 

My college boyfriend had the most annoying mother on the face of the planet. She would constantly call and try to micromanage his life. Despite all this, I did like Mamma’s boy a lot, so when he told me that his parents were coming up for the weekend’s football game I was very anxious. I knew it would be tough to make a good impression on this woman. The night before the game we went to a band party at the frat house and I ended up staying at his apartment. The next morning we were awakened at 8a.m. by the sound of the laundry machine and dryer running. I couldn’t believe his roommate was up that early doing laundry. However, I was glad since I wanted to dash home and get cleaned up to look as nice as possible for his parents. I put on my “walk of shame” attire and walked out into the living room where I saw a primly dressed lady quietly folding laundry. Mamma’s boy had given her a key! Up until now I had never really

Elizabeth, The Great Escape This particular Ross experience took place on a lazy Sunday when we had been dating about four or five months. I had been begging him to come home with me one weekend to meet my folks and always received the “I’m too tired” or “I’ve got to study” or “My tire pressure looks a little low” kind of excuses. Anyway… So we are lying in my bed when I hear a set of keys hitting the top lock on the front door to my duplex. Since I have no roommate, I can only deduce that it is my mother, who has the only other set of keys to my place. So calmly (as not to frighten little Rossy) I say, “Oh, that is probably just my Mom dropping off groceries or something. She should be in and out.” I can honestly say that I have never seen a human being move with cat-like speed before that moment. Ross was out of the bed,

a closed shower curtain in .5 seconds flat. Shocked and not knowing how I should process this reaction (maybe he just wanted to shower… in his boxers…. with the light off) I got up, threw on a robe and went in the kitchen to help my Mom unload. Five or so minutes pass and my mother and I are sitting across the bar from each other chit-chatting when I notice a strangely familiar boy walking across my front lawn (shoeless and shirtless) towards Ross’s car. I watch him get in, (shoeless and shirtless) drive up my street, park for ten minutes and then drive back down past my house and leave my neighborhood. Ross had finally come out of the shower, crawled out of my bedroom window, hopped the fence in the backyard without his shoes OR shirt all to escape meeting my mother for 5 minutes...

Tisket, Tasket, What’s new in our basket? Tech geeks and Apple lovers rejoice! PeachMac, the Southeast’s Apple specialist, has opened its doors at The Shoppes at EastChase. With more than 25 years of experience in the Apple/Macintosh market, PeachMac stands as one of the largest Apple resellers in the country. Experience in the market and size are not this store’s only marks of a good reputation. Apple has recognized PeachMac as one of its Premier Specialists, and is one of only a handful around the world to achieve Apple’s Premium Service Provider ranking.


With over 1,500 available items in each store, you’re sure to find everything you need for your Mac, IPad, IPod, IPhone or AppleTV. PeachMac is the perfect place to purchase a new item or repair one, whether it is under warranty by Apple or not. And the best holidaypart? season Join us on You don’t even have toin make anstyle. appointment.

Greet the Ma Street at Dillard’s for Santa’s grand arrival and a With a strong focus on good service and a commitment to its customers, it’s no surprise performance by the Infl atamaniacs. There will b that PeachMac offers hours of free workshops and an award-winning PeachPlus carriage and train rides throughout day. program, making sure you have easy access to all the training the you may need.

Visit for complete deta Perfectly placed in one of our city’s most popular shopping centers, this is your onestop, go-to shop for all things Apple. Montgomery is lucky to have you, PeachMac! 30



Season’ Greetig

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 9:30 AM Greet the holiday season in style. Join us on Main Street at Dillard’s for Santa’s grand arrival and a performance by the Inflatamaniacs. There will be carriage and train rides throughout the day.

Sponsored by


Visit for complete details.

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 31



Museum of Fine Arts and

RSVP Montgomery present a


has ever seen a guest list like this!

Thursday, January 31 • 5:30 - 7:30 P.M. at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts $8.00 per person Hors d’oeuvres and cash bar

TrifectaRSVPad.indd 1

10/18/12 4:09 PM

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 33


he Riverwalk was abuzz with an abundance of food and wine patrons on the afternoon of October 13 during the third annual Riverwalk Wine Festival. Over 100 varieties of wine were uncorked, while the buoyant sounds of the Zac & Lindsey Martin and the King Bee Band flooded the warm fall air. Upon admission, guests were greeted with the ultimate souvenir bag: an etched commemorative wine glass, a comprehensive wine list and a fresh French baguette. When hunger struck, a variety of restaurant vendors including Peppertree Steaks N’ Wines, Central , Chik-Fil-A and Papa John’s Pizza were available to serve up perfect portions. Havana Dreamin’ presented a huge selection of cigars for the connoisseur. Once Photography by Amanda Lee and Carter Photography & Design the Riverwalk ran dry, a rambunctious crowd climbed aboard the Harriott II for an early evening cruise on the Alabama River the wine crowdand gotwhiskey their groove on with theGrill. help of musicians The weather was warm and breezy, and the atmosphere was where enjoyed tastings at City RiverDan, Ben Massey and Spike Graham. The weather was rd jubilant at the 3 Annual Hampstead Hop, held Thursday, Point was a happening with80Zac Martin onThe ourTipping side, as the temperature hoveredplace around degrees and June 7. When RSVP pairs up with Hampstead, it is provided a light breeze throughout this remarkable all-afternoon playing acoustic and several people testing seasonal beers. guaranteed to be a great time! event at one of our city’s most beautiful and unique venues. Hampstead made the perfect setting for this relaxed, but Hampstead “Hoppers” were given a wristband that gave A energetic special thanks toEverywhere sponsors Troy formusic providing event. youUniversity turned live filled the thewine them access to great specials at three participating locations. bags, Alleyeach Station for providing etchedfeel. wine glasses, PNC air, and location evoked athe different Bank for providing complimentary water, and to The Renaissance At Farmhouse Kitchen, one could enjoy the Southern But no where you turned, friends were laughing, Hotel andmatter Spa for providing the French baguettes. folk tunes of River Dan while snacking on chicken salad spirits were poured, good food was devoured and great times Wine: Alabama Crown, Crux Imports, Grassroots Distributors, and cornbread muffins and sipping on sweet tea vodka and were had. For the third yearJohnson in a row, Hampstead Hop was a International Wines, United Brother, Vizzini Farms watermelon crawl cocktails. success, and all who attended left thinking “Can’t wait Wines, Ozan Winery, Rush Wines and The Wine Source. till Hoppers swayed to the live jazz vibes of Jilla & Kurt as they Artist: next Carol year!” Barksdale

There’s No Stopping

When You’re Hopping



NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 35

halloween There’s No Stopping on wheels party When You’re Hopping Photography by Amanda Lee and Carter Photography & Design

The weather was warm and breezy, and the atmosphere was jubilant at the 3rd Annual Hampstead Hop, held Thursday, June 7. When RSVP pairs up with Hampstead, it is guaranteed to be a great time! Hampstead “Hoppers” were given a wristband that gave them access to great specials at three participating locations. At Farmhouse Kitchen, one could enjoy the Southern folk tunes of River Dan while snacking on chicken salad and cornbread muffins and sipping on sweet tea vodka and watermelon crawl cocktails. Hoppers swayed to the live jazz vibes of Jilla & Kurt as they

Best all around

Family owned for over 75 years, Looney’s Super Skate is still as fun as we remembered. The creepy skull centerpieces, cobwebs on the wall and witch’s brewing cauldron set the tone for this supernatural event. But it was the flashing colored lights and disco balls above the rink that electrified everyone and lured them into putting on some skates and showing their moves! Playing childhood games of the past, including Simon Says and the Hokey Pokey, and racing under the disco lights to all those favorite tunes took us all back down memory lane. A photo booth by Darren Freeman was available for guests to gather, strike a pose and take home a keepsake of this fun evening. Fortune Teller Molly Isaacson was on hand RSVP NOV/DEC 2012

The Tipping Point was a happening place with Zac Martin playing acoustic and several people testing seasonal beers. Hampstead made the perfect setting for this relaxed, but energetic event. Everywhere you turned live music filled the air, and each location evoked a different feel. But no matter where you turned, friends were laughing, spirits were poured, good food was devoured and great times were had. For the third year in a row, Hampstead Hop was a success, and all who attended left thinking “Can’t wait till next year!”


When it comes to thinking outside the box, RSVP Montgomery can deliver. Hoping to allow friends to break away from the normal routine and be somebody or something else for a night, Looney’s Super Skate proved to be the perfect place for this exclusive Halloween Costume Party on Wheels.


enjoyed wine and whiskey tastings at City Grill.


reading palms and tarot cards giving guests insight on what lies ahead… and we heard that RSVP was going to have an incredible 2013! As hosts of the party, the RSVP girls dressed as “The RSVP Rollers,” a 70’s roller derby team. A wide variety of creative costumes made it difficult for our judges to choose the winners of our costume contest, but a lucky few prevailed and took home a prized ribbon. Winners included “Gypsy” (Aundrea Nero) with sexiest, “Miller Lite Can” (Jemison Burns) with funniest, “Toddlers in Tiaras” (Suzanne Wasserman, Katherine Mallini and Katie Jones) with most original, “Zombie” (John Allen) with Scariest, and “The Burger King” (Carl Adams) with best all around. A big thank you to Looney Super Skate on McGehee Road for accommodating such a vivacious crowd and helping us have such a rocking great time. Don’t forget about this incredibly fun venue when you are looking to do something out of the norm that everyone will remember.

reply YES

Most original

3541 McGehee Road Montgomery, AL 36111 (334) 281-1032




NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 39

IN motion

Roller Derby Rolls On In The River Region By Catherine Calligas • Photography by Darren Freeman and David Campbell For those who think that Roller Derby is a sport that peaked several decades ago, think again. While this amateur sport did enjoy immense popularity in the first half of the 20th century, even having their “bouts” (the official term for a roller derby competition) broadcast on television, it has seen a revival nationwide over the last decade. It is currently under consideration for becoming an official sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Today there are over 135 roller derby leagues in the country, including Montgomery’s own, the River Region Rollergirls, which formed in the summer of 2010 after another league dissolved. Several members of the original league were instrumental in the formation of the current league, including league captain Lyra Stephens and Rollergirl Charis Lewis.



So what exactly is roller derby? At its most basic level, it is a sport that places two teams on a skating rink in a race to score points. A bout consists of two 30 minute halves; within each half are multiple two minute “jams,” where each team tries to score points. During a jam, each team has one “jammer,” whose job it is to score points by lapping members of the opposing team. There are also four “blockers” per team, who must play both offense and defense. Blockers simultaneously try to assist their jammer in lapping members of the opposing team, while also preventing the opposing team’s jammer from scoring points. A jammer must first make her way through the other team’s four blockers. Once she has accomplished this, her team receives a point for every member of the opposing team she laps. Blockers are allowed to use their shoulders, upper arms, and hips to block a jammer, and are even allowed to knock a jammer down. They cannot use elbows, hands, or their heads, and neither can the jammer. If a player does,

one of the bout’s referees will call a penalty and can remove the player from the jam, sometimes for a minute or for the entire two minute period. While there is no doubt that athleticism is crucial in roller derby, a lot of success in the sport is dependent on strategy. It is certainly beneficial to have a jammer who is fast and agile, as well as blockers who are sturdy, but the strategies used by teams have a huge impact on which team wins a bout. One common tactic employed is the use of a “wall,” which is when a team’s blockers come together in a formation to take up as much space as possible, thereby making it more difficult for the opposing jammer to pass. Another technique involves using a “pivot.” During a bout, the jammer for each team wears a star helmet to show which skater is the jammer. If a team’s jammer is injured or pulled out for a penalty, she can “pass the star” to the pivot, who then takes over the role of jammer. There are few sports that are equal in both the level of difficulty and

athleticism they require and their entertainment value for the audience. Roller derby is definitely in this category. In order to become eligible for competition, players must pass two rounds of a skills test to show they have mastered certain abilities. The ability to jump without falling is one such skill, as a player must be able to do this in the event that they have to jump over a fallen player in a bout. Players must also learn how to fall safely and know the hand signals that are used in bouts. There is also a written test that must be passed to show that players are knowledgeable of all rules from the 47 paged roller derby rule book. The River Region Rollergirls follow the rules set by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA.) When it comes to the entertainment value of watching roller derby, there is no doubt that the River Region Rollergirls have this area covered. League members have found various ways to express their individuality on the rink. While all members wear

When it comes to the entertainment value of watching roller derby, there is no doubt that the River Region Rollergirls have this area covered

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 41



the same uniform shirt, their choice of bottoms is up to them. Watching the River Region Rollergirls, you will see everything from skirts, tutus, padded shorts, leggings and leg warmers with various designs to fishnet stockings. Each player is allowed to choose her own “derby name,” which is registered so that there is no other player in the country with the same one. A few of the names used by the Rollergirls include “Cherry Rolla,” “Salvador Dolly,” and the coach’s name, “Desert Storm.” Roller derby lingo includes such phrases as “rink rash,” (think carpet burn, but on a skating rink) “derby wife” (a fellow team member who has your back) and “fresh meat” (new members.) Bouts are significantly more intense than practices, as players don’t want to injure their teammates. During a bout, players must wear a mouth guard, helmet, wrist guards, as well as elbow and knee pads. Every bout has six referees, all of whom are volunteers. The River Region Rollergirls play against teams from around the state, as well as ones from New Orleans, La., Knoxville, Tenn., and Columbia, S.C. There are about 25 skaters in the River Region Rollergirls league, and 14 of them are on the roster for each bout. There is a lot of diversity in the league, with ages ranging from 21 to 48 years. Some Rollergirls are teachers, some are students. One is in the insurance business, and another is about to enter the Montgomery Police Academy. While the roller derby season typically runs from March to November, the River Region Rollergirls start their season out in February with a mixed bout involving skaters from all of the Alabama Derby Leagues. This particular bout is usually themed; in the past it has been Auburn vs. Alabama, and the bout is used to raise money for A. Skate Foundation, an organization that holds skating clinics for children with autism. This year, the Rollergirls will be participating in a double header Veterans Day Weekend with teams from around Alabama and Georgia. The double header bout will take place here in Montgomery at Garret Coliseum, and profits made from ticket sales will be donated to the Montgomery Area Food Bank. All of the Rollergirls’ bouts are non-profit; ticket sales are used to cover the cost of renting the space and payment

to practice facilities, any profits made are donated to various causes. The River Region Rollergirls welcome anyone to come and watch a practice. There is a standing Thursday night practice at Wonder World in Prattville, and soon the team will begin practicing at the Shriners’ Temple in Montgomery as well. The Rollergirls are always interested in gaining new members, and say that anyone, regardless of shape, age, size, or athletic ability, is welcome to join. While the team is highly competitive, their main reason for being on the rink is for fun. If you thought that the Montgomery Biscuits baseball team was the only local team to cheer for, you haven’t seen the River Region Rollergirls. With incredible skill, these girls provide entertainment to sports fans of any age. To learn more, you can find them on Facebook, check out their website at rollergirls, or email the team rrrollergirls@

timeless Davis Theatre Where elegance brings Historical Landmark in Downtown Montgomery

your event alive. Give your event the splendor and grace of this beautifully restored 1930s treasure.

• Impressive facility to rent at reasonable and competitive rates for special events • Amazing sound and specialized lighting • Large stage and dressing rooms • Great for theatrical presentations, concerts, dance troupes, commencements and guest speakers expecting large audiences

Learn more at: 334-241-9567 or e-mail (click on Montgomery Campus, then go to Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts)

11781.1_RSVP_DavisTheatreAd_4.95x4.9.indd 1

8/10/12 4:35 PM

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Hampstead Has Everything On Your Wish List: The Tipping Point • City Grill • YMCA Y’s Up • Tennis • Pool • Hampstead Farms • Playgrounds • Montessori School at Hampstead • Walking Trails • EnergyStar 3.0 House • Walkable Neighborhood Design • Dog Park • Green Building & Green Community • Natural Preserves • Adjacent to Park Crossing - The City’s Newest Road and High School!

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44TownRSVP 2012are an evolving process. The Hampstead master plan, features, floor plans, & pricing may change without notice due to a variety of considerations. Any illustrations are artist’s building, NOV/DEC design, & construction depictions only & may differ from completed improvements. This is not an offer to sell real estate property. Information is correct but not warranted. Void where prohibited by law. Equal Housing Opportunity.

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to the

Holiday Open House! Thursday, December 6

10AM - 7PM

Stroll, Sip & Shop your way through the shops at The A&P Lofts and enjoy holiday discounts, festive snacks, door prizes and more. Be sure to stop by TRUE to unwind with a delicious meal, or Pine Bar for cocktails with friends. Courtyard Entertainment provided by BTW Music Magnets. Admission is free. REMEMBER THE A&P SHOPS FOR ALL YOUR HOLIDAY NEEDS: hue studio • Pure Barre (coming soon) • Christines's Feathered Nest • Amplify Salon & Spa • Amplify Studio • The Gazebo & Ezzes • Pine Bar • Yesteryear Antique & Estate Jewelry • Tissue Restorative Technology • Jane Smith Interiors McAlpine Tankersley • Matter Creative Studio • TRUE

Chef Wesley True’s famed Mobile restaurant, TRUE, is now open at The A&P! Join us at TRUE for adventurous farm-inspired cuisine by one of Alabama’s most acclaimed chefs! PRIVATE DINING ROOM • HOLIDAY PARTIES • CHEF’S TASTING MENU • GIFT CERTIFICATES LUNCH TUESDAY - FRIDAY 11AM - 2PM DINNER TUESDAY - SATURDAY 5:30 - 9PM SUNDAY BRUNCH 11AM - 2PM

For information or to make a reservation please contact TRUE at 334.356.3814 As Featured In: Garden & Gun • Southern Living • Gulf Seafood Campaign • James Beard Awards


True RSVP half page ad.indd 8

10/23/12 2:44 PM

By RSVP Brad Spear • Photography by Josh Moates NOV/DEC 2012


NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 47

the LIST

AMBER JERNIGAN Amber Jernigan is determined to breathe new life into the Montgomery real estate market. Amber is the listing specialist with Team Jernigan at Keller Williams Realty in Montgomery. She runs this team with her husband and business partner Taylor, and her results speak for themselves. When she returned from maternity leave in June, Amber hit the ground running and sold her first listing in mere hours. “I am determined to show people that the real estate market is back and that there are Realtors™ that work for their commission and provide an amazing customer service experience,” explains Amber. She prides herself on going above and beyond what is expected of a Realtor™. “Making a real estate purchase is such a huge undertaking and I feel honored each time I am entrusted to help with that moment of change,” she says. Amber believes that the struggling real estate market has kept her motivated to find innovative marketing techniques and new technology to keep her ahead of the curve. She and Taylor are proud representatives of Montgomery with four beautiful children:Ava, Sophia, Camp, and Eli. They love living in Montgomery and enjoying the historic Cloverdale and downtown areas. Amber is excited about the downtown growth and development. Years ago she thought that what Montgomery was missing was a vibrant downtown area, but she certainly does not have those feelings anymore.As leaders in their field, Amber and her husband love to get out and experience Montgomery and the wonderful new things happening here. In her free time she loves to travel with her husband, is an avid sports fan and golfer, and loves to read.The Jernigan family proudly lives in the historic Old Cloverdale Community and attends church at the Church of the Ascension. 48


TEMISHA MITCHELL YOUNG Temisha Mitchell Young graduated from Tuskegee University with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. With that degree, you might think she works in a laboratory somewhere. Temisha did spend most of her career doing just that sort of work for BP Amoco Polymers, and also worked as a sales executive for a similar company. In 2009, she left the corporate world and instead decided to make a business out of her lifelong hobby. After completing the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce NxLEVEL Entrepreneurial University, she established Little Magic Cards and Invitations, an online business that provides custom stationery and graphic design services to both domestic and international clients. As “the owner of a stationery business, you get to share in the joy of the most important moments of a person’s life: weddings, births, graduations, etc.,” explains Temisha. Not just an entrepreneur, Temisha is also the program coordinator for Montgomery’s young professionals organization, EMERGE Montgomery. She is quick to give credit to her parents, who taught her that she could do anything if she sought God’s wisdom and worked hard. Outside of work, Temisha volunteers as a mentor for high school students in the Seth Johnson Neighborhood Association, the same neighborhood she grew up in. She is married to Cedric Young, and says their favorite thing about Montgomery is the city’s unique and diverse history.Temisha is an avid golfer and vice president of Driving Force Women’s Golf Club, and spends much of her free time honing her golf skills.

Gifts Goodies ___ & __ _

for you r Holida gather y ings!

Don’t forget the Pecans & Candies — order online TUCKERPECAN.COM

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Visit us in Downtown Montgomery —350 N. McDonough St. Store Hours, Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm | •| 334.262.4470

The freshest, most delicious treats and the coolest, new gifts—found in one place. Shopping with the Tucker family means spending more time with yours! Follow us on facebook!


We’ve g ot grea t





AMY BIERLY Amy Bierly is on the cutting edge when it comes to skin care. A graduate of the Aveda Institute in San Antonio, Texas, Amy returned to Montgomery three years ago to work as a medical aesthetician alongside Drs. Mark and Kathy Lindsey at Laser Wellness Med Spa. Amy holds advanced certifications in Laser, IPL, and Body Contouring devices. She also has expertise in the art of Dermaplaning, which is a procedure that consists of exfoliating the epidermis and using a scalpel to rid the skin of fine hair. Often the fine hair on a patient’s face will cause a buildup of dirt and oil in the skin follicles; the use of dermaplaning helps to give the patient clearer, healthier looking skin. “The most gratifying part of my job is playing a role in the improvement of skin or body concerns that someone may have struggled with for years,” says Amy. She credits her daughters Alexis and Ava for her success, as she believes that they keep her driven and motivate her to set and achieve goals. Amy’s mother, Dr. Ruth Miller-Frost, has served Montgomery as a physician for many years, and has always placed great importance on the care of her patients. Amy believes that growing up in that type of environment has played a crucial role in her own career. Amy loves the close knit atmosphere of the Montgomery community, and hopes to meet and work with as many people in it as possible.



the LIST

technically the best.

TANYA “T.K.” TURNER If you have ever had a stuffy nose or a broken bone, you have probably landed in one of the River Region’s five convenient Pri Med locations. In 2011, T.K. Turner assisted in the rebranding of this physician group, which is now called All Med Physicians – The Doctors of Pri Med. While she currently pursues a Bachelor of Science degree in business at AUM, T.K. is the marketing manager for All Med. Over the last 12 years, working in the medical field has afforded her experience in administrative, clinical, and operational functions. She attributes her success to the wisdom and advice handed down by those who have performed their jobs with great charisma and accomplishment. T.K. uses her skills to support the goal of providing optimal healthcare and customer service to patients. When asked about her favorite part of the job, T.K. says “I truly value the opportunity to be a part of the All Med team that works together to achieve a common goal. I am blessed to work with a group of co-workers who offer constructive and supportive feedback when I seek advice on projects. It is professionally rewarding to work with individuals who are willing to put in the time to make the final product the best it can be.” A native of Montgomery, T.K. has had the privilege of watching the River Region grow. She especially enjoys the great dining and family entertainment the area offers to its residents.

You expect success. We make it happen - every day.

Visit our state-of-the-art campus and experience first-hand the impact of engaged learning in today’s classroom.

Pre K-4 and Kindergarten Open House January 27, 2013 1:30pm

Saint James School for pre k3-12th grade admissions


6010 Vaughn Rd., Montgomery

English as a second language (ESL) tutoring provided. Saint James School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 51

They JusT WanT To Go where everybody knows their name Providing high quality pet health and wellness services to assist your pet in living a longer, happier,and healthier life. 24-Hour Hospital Care Daycare & Boarding Digital Radiography Orthopedics

Ultrasound Dental Care Laser Surgery On-Site Dog Pool Grooming

6897 Atlanta Hwy., Montgomery, AL 36117

(334) 260-8787 | 52


REV. DR. WENDY R. COLEMAN With all her titles, you can easily guess that the Rev. Dr. Wendy Coleman wears various hats. Her full time position is Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts at Alabama State University. “I enjoy leading a faculty of ten of the hardest working professionals in the arts I know,” explains the Rev. Dr. Coleman. In addition to her administrative duties and teaching, she also directs plays at ASU, and is very proud of the program’s rich legacy. She also serves as the first female pastor of First Congressional Christian Church, UCC. Although the position keeps her constantly moving, she says that she was happy and humbled when she answered the call to serve. Somehow, the Rev. Dr. Coleman finds the time to wear yet another hat. She is the founding visionary of Sweet, Sweet Spirit Design & Publishing Company. The company specializes in desktop publishing, editing, website creation and maintenance, photography services and consultation. Of course, the Rev. Dr. Coleman is quick to say that none of this would be possible without God’s many blessings. Her parents, Joseph and Ruby Coleman, taught her and her four sisters to put God first in everything you do. She also gives credit to her mentor, Dr. Tommie H. Stewart, for helping drive her success. In addition to her many jobs, the Rev. Dr. Coleman is a published author as well. Her first book, “The Man of God,” is a work of Christian fiction.

WILBUR SENSING HILL “I love seeing a building rise out of the ground,” says Wilbur Hill, an architect with Brown Studio Architecture. “After working on paper for months, or even years, seeing it develop as a real object is a thrill.” Wilbur graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s Degree in architecture. After graduating, he took a position with a Birmingham firm where he spent three years before returning to his native Montgomery. Ten years later, he is still happy with the decision to return. In his early career, he had to learn to not let youth be an obstacle when expressing his opinion among his more seasoned colleagues. Now as he approaches those “seasoned’ ranks, he hopes he can remember those lessons when working with younger associates. Wilbur is an active member of the community, and serves on the Montgomery Symphony Association Board of Directors, the Junior Executive Board of the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, the Montgomery Humane Society Board, Landmarks Foundation Board, and the Historic Preservation Commission. He is also a founding member of the Montgomery Fencing Club.Wilbur believes in Montgomery’s ability to define itself for the future, and says the positive support of Montgomery’s leadership deserves the credit. When he is not busy working, Wilbur enjoys his two dogs Holstein and Luna.

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 53

the LIST h o l i d ay e v e n t s Book your Christmas party now!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas party at Alley Station! Enjoy mild Alabama evenings on the Rooftop Terrace, close enough to reach up and touch Santa’s sleigh. Or bring it indoors where the gorgeous Ballroom is ready for small, intimate gatherings or all-out holiday bashes—up to 700 people.  Beautiful Rooftop Terrace (Seats up to 350)

 Stunning Ballroom (Seats up to 350)  Freedom in choosing your own vendors  Expert help throughout planning process

334 277 1077

a l l e y s tat i o n . c o m

m a n a g e d b y pa r t n e r s r e a lt y 54


SAMUEL KING Samuel King is an anchor and reporter for WSFA 12 News. He graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. He has worked at news stations in several cities around the country including Wilmington, N.C., South Bend, Ind., and New York, N.Y. Samuel joined the WSFA team in September 2010. His career is a surprising one, as Samuel considers himself to be a shy individual. That shyness, however, was part of the reason for his career choice. Broadcast Journalism forces him out of that shy mentality. He has to meet people and talk to them to be successful, and that’s exactly what he does. “My job provides something new every day, and that’s what I love the most about what I do,” explains Samuel. He also loves Montgomery, particularly because he thinks the viewers here are so welcoming. Samuel is also a fan of Montgomery’s climate, preferring its warm summers and mild winters to other places he has lived. Samuel is a sports fan and enjoys watching baseball, basketball, and college football. He is also an avid reader who enjoys nonfiction, and appreciates a wide variety of music.

the LIST Cupcakes With Santa December 7th 5pm-7pm Santa is stopping by our store. Come bring your family in and get your picture taken with Santa!

JEFFREY JAMES THARP Jeffrey James Tharp is the corporate manager for the Italian restaurant Sa Za. The thing he loves most about his job is the people he works with, and he describes his staff as “rock stars.” Jeff is a firm believer that you are only as good as your support, and the staff at Sa Za makes him look great. Jeff’s work in the food service industry began at a young age. At 17 he started working at The Capital City Club as a busboy. In a short time, he worked his way through the ranks of server and captain, and at the age of 20 he became the Service Director. Two years later he was asked to interview with International Wines, and after several interviews he became the youngest wine representative the company had ever hired. After working for a brief period in real estate, Jeff realized that the food service industry was his true passion. He opened Garret’s restaurant where he trained and hired all of the employees. He moved on to open Number 16 afterwards, but he says that Sa Za is where he feels at home. Jeff’s mother taught him that “anything earned is never lost.” Jeff credits his success to his holding on to that idea. He and his wife Denise love living and working in Montgomery. Another of Jeff’s passions is working as a DJ, which he has done since the age of 12. Jeff is always finding new ways to give back to the community. He is on the Montgomery Food Policy Council and is very involved with both the Montgomery Humane Society and The Montgomery Area Food Bank.

Montgomery 7918 Vaughn Road • Montgomery, AL 36116 Tel: (334) 356-3737

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 55



Join us for Montgomery’s

in Downtown’s Entertainment District on Commerce Street between Bibb and Tallapoosa

Taking the stage: 9:30pm - Groove Merchants 11:15pm - Creativity At midnight we will close out 2012 with an amazing virtual rise and welcome in 2013! EVAN G. COOPER “The best part of what I do is making every event a dream-filled and memorable occasion. Whether it is a wedding, a party or some other event, I love helping shape these memories,” explains Evan Cooper, the owner of Evan & Co. Evan is a stylist and event planner. He offers wedding and event planning as well as expertise in floral design. His career suits him well since he loves to meet new people. Evan also works as the studio manager for Kim Box Photography, and he has been an invaluable asset to RSVP Magazine in that capacity. At 22 years old, Evan keeps very busy, but he says the most important thing in his life is his personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is an active member of the church First Assembly of God, and enjoys volunteering at all local fundraising events, such as Joy To Life. Evan’s parents have always been encouraging and supportive, and are his biggest fans. He considers the support he receives from his parents, as well as the rest of his family and friends, to be the biggest influence on his success.When not busy with his career, Evan enjoys skiing, traveling and photography. He also has a bucket list, which includes, among other things, to be an FBI agent and to have lunch with Oprah. Another fun fact? Evan is obsessed with wrinkle releaser. He says he hasn’t ironed clothes in over two years!

The crowds will be surrounded with confetti and amazing fireworks brought to you by Creek Casinos Montgomery and Wetumpka! The band will continue to rock the night away until 1:00 am Stage sponsor: Bama Budweiser All of the events this evening are FREE to the public. We look forward to Celebrating this wonderful New Year’s with everyone and wishing everyone a very

Happy New Year! NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 57

Table Talk a look at Christmas Confections

by Mark Leslie Photography by Darren Freeman

The holidays will soon be upon us and as we begin to spruce up the house, reach for the family china, prepare holiday dinner and party menus, and loosen our belts a notch or two, here are some delectable holiday gift ideas for those on your holiday list who have been nice—and some ideas for those who may have been a bit naughty, too!

or pecan caramel stick over a pack of tube socks, a jinglebelled glittery sweater or Aunt Mabel’s fruitcake? For this issue, Table Talk takes a rest from the restaurant review and focuses on holiday treats that will inspire you to go “over the river and through the woods” to discover who is cooking up some goodies for you to take to “Grandmother’s house” or wherever you gather this season.

A nibble, a nosh, a goody, and a tidbit often makes a bigger impression than long lasting, more material gifts. Who wouldn’t savor a gourmet cupcake, chocolate truffle, Celebrate, share and be merry~

Cupcakes by Tish

1940 Mulberry Street • Montgomery, AL 36106

334.625.0999 • 334.239.8509

Celebrating its 1-year anniversary in business this December, Cupcakes by Tish, located on Mulberry Street, is bringing Tish Leonard’s love of baking and commitment to using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to the Capital City. Inspired early in life by her grandmother Sweetnin’s baking, Tish is serving up some classic favorites and new flavor inspirations with home-baked goodness. For the holidays, her “Red/Green Velvet Cupcake” puts a festive, candy cane decorated spin on the traditional cream cheese frosted cake that is so popular with her customers. Her frosting is a well-balanced combination of traditional cream cheese “tang” with a hint of sweetness – a balance that most people fail to achieve, but Tish does successfully. The “Sweet Potato Cupcake with Brown Sugar Frosting” really brings home the flavor of a sweet potato pie and, even though I am a 58


Yankee, I know it would be a perfect treat to serve or give as a gift throughout the holiday season. It certainly had me reaching for a second one! Other holiday themed samplings include the snowman decorated “Chocolate Cheesecake” and the white snowflake decorated “Pecan Pie” cupcakes. Tish’s commitment to using fresh ingredients is evident in her moist and delectable “Banana Pudding Cupcake,” where slices of banana are tucked between the pudding frosting and the yellow cake with a vanilla wafer crust. Yum, y’all! With over 60 of her own recipe creations to pull from for her rotating daily menu, including the “Sweetnin’” – a luscious triple chocolate and red wine cupcake named in honor of Tish’s grandmother – it will be easy to spread a great deal of holiday cheer with a box, or two, of Tish’s cupcakes under your arm!

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 59

Table Talk a look at Christmas Confections

Gigi’s Cupcakes

7918 Vaughn Road • Montgomery, AL 36116 334.356.3737

On Montgomery’s eastside you’ll find Gigi’s Cupcakes, a nationally franchised company, owned and operated by an energetic and enthusiastic Auburn-graduate couple. Jennifer and Patrick Cooper started with their first Gigi’s location in Auburn, quickly adding a second there, then a third in Montgomery, and a fourth location in Colombus, Ga. This holiday season, some of Gigi’s offerings, which change daily, will include these delicious cupcakes that I sampled: “Blackberry Cobbler,” “Coconut Macaroon,” “Pumpkin White Chocolate” and “Orange Cranberry Walnut.” Then there’s the “Kentucky Bourbon Pie Cupcake”—a decadent offering of a pecan pie cupcake, with chocolate chips and a Bourbonflavored frosting. This is a “Run for the Roses” winner.   The “Blackberry Cobbler”, made with a blackberry sour cream cake and topped by a streuseled, blackberry buttercream frosting, keeps the berry flavor of summer moving right through the holidays, while the “Orange Cranberry Walnut” cupcake combines the holiday flavors of citrus for a simple and clean taste.   60


And in case you can’t get through the holidays without some pumpkin lavishness, Gigi’s “Pumpkin White Chocolate” cupcake begins with a pumpkin spice cake base, white chocolate chips, and is topped with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. A Jack-O-Lantern never had it this good! Though the term “franchise” may give you the impression that the cupcake options are limited, Jennifer and her husband Patrick have more than 300 cupcake variations that are possible by changing the frosting and cake combinations. The popular “Snickderdoodle” cupcake became a menu regular after Jennifer combined the cinnamon swirl cake with cookie dough frosting.   Festive decorations make Gigi’s Cupcakes a gift that needs no wrapping or fancy bow around its box—one peek inside will have the lucky recipient pondering which gem of a flavor to open first!

Table Talk a look at Christmas Confections

Louisa’s Bakery

1039 Woodley Road • Montgomery, AL 36106 334.356.1212

Besides supplying Café Louisa with baked goods to go along with your coffee and espresso, Louisa’s Bakery offers a lot more in their storefront location on Woodley Road. With a wide selection of fresh baked breads, specialty cakes, pies, cookies and tarts, Louisa’s flavors the holidays with iced and sprinkled sugar cookies, maple pecan tarts, pumpkin pies and cheesecake, decorated petit fours, truffles, and gingerbread men – and gingerbread women too! I must admit that there is a twisted Voodoo-esque nature in all of us when it comes to eating gingerbread people – I refuse to believe it is only me! “Really, Mark?” you might ask. “Oh, yes! I mean, where do YOU take the first bite?” But oh how delicious the “snap” of ginger is in this favorite holiday treat! And besides the festively decorated people, Louisa’s also sells gingerbread house kits. The kits are only

sold once a year, and the Café holds a contest, usually the weekend before Christmas, for the best gingerbread house. Gift certificates are donated by local merchants as prizes. I am fond of bittersweet chocolate – overly sweet is just not my thing. Bittersweet chocolate is complex in taste, giving you the promise of sweet with the overtone of something that has been toasted or smoked. Louisa’s “Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles” give you all of that, plus the woodsy flavor of hazelnuts. They are an adult holiday treat – the simple sophistication of a “little black dress,” the amber aroma of a good quality Scotch, and the warm crackling of a mid-winter fire – all in one rich bite. We may all celebrate different holidays with different traditions, but gathering together to “treat” ourselves with a little extra “somethin’ somethin’” is something we can all take delight in. I mean, isn’t it better to give than to receive? Here at Louisa’s bakery, there is plenty to choose for the giving – that promises to make the receiving deliciously joyful too!

You’ll thank yourself when you allow us to prepare the centerpiece of your holiday meal. Plus we have the most delicious side dishes, desserts and wine pairings to impress the most particular relatives.

Whole Turkeys and Hams for the Holidays

PepperTree Shopping Center 8101 A Vaughn Road | Montgomery

334.271.6328 |

CHEESE BISCUITS for the HOLIDAYS “ Take Home Secret”


$ .99 per bag of mix

MONTGOMERY 334.213.0046

PRATTVILLE 334.290.1000


Table Talk a look at Christmas Confections

Tucker Pecans

350 North McDonough Street • Montgomery, AL 36104 334.262.4470

Tucked in close to Old Alabama Town, in the shadow of Biscuit Stadium and a stone’s throw from Montgomery’s exploding food/bar scene, Tucker Pecans has been using locally grown Alabama and Georgia pecans to bring their pecan-inspired treats to the Capital City since 1952.

so balanced with the natural sweetness of the pecan that I immediately thought of them as the perfect cocktail party snack. With your favorite beer poured in a pilsner or a festive Cosmo in a martini glass, these spicy pecans will have you reaching back for more.

My mother back in Chicago is the first to admit that she’d gladly give up pumpkin pie for a Southern pecan pie made with large, whole pecan halves. And I would have to agree with her that there is nothing more wonderful to bake with than large Mammoth pecans with their sweet, nutty flavor.

Another of my favorites was the “Honey Glazed” pecans, but it was hard to choose a favorite from all of the ones I sampled—“Cinnamon,” “Praline,” “Roasted & Salted,” “White Chocolate” and “Milk Chocolate.” Of course, my tasting didn’t stop with the Candied Pecans, it went on to include “Pecan Brittle,” “Pecan Log,” “Pecan Divinity,” “Pecan Clusters,” and the employee favorite, “Pecan Caramel Sticks.”

But pecans are not only good baked in a pie, they are wonderful to serve as a snack or appetizer treat at a party or family get-together. Piled alone into silver dishes or offered as an assortment in a divided tray, Tucker’s Candied Pecans are perfect for any gathering. The heat of their “Cajun Roasted and Slated” seasoning was



With a variety of canisters, baskets and combination packs, Tucker Pecans make a wonderful gift for a business, the hardto-shop-for man, a game night treat or for your favorite cook or baker this holiday season.

Take the guess work out of your holiday shopping. 20% Off Boutique Purchases!

Eve's Studio is your one-stop shop for all your holiday needs.

One coupon per new client with this ad.

Liza Kim Accessories

India Handicraft

Anthony Alexander Judson & Company

Mud Pie

Rocco Originals Glasses

Poo Pourri

2026 Clubview St. - Montgomery, AL - - 334.262.8888

Hair | Manicure/Pedicure | Facials | Spray Tan | Makeup | Gifts, Boutique and More!

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 65

The Good Stuff By Peyton Dismukes Photography by Studio at EastChase

The perfect gift isn’t always wrapped and under the tree. The “stockings hung by the chimney with care” can hold the most thoughtful and useful gifts. Get inspired by the local finds below.

Chic-Flic ToGo Pen Don’t let the small size of this item fool you because it packs a lot of punch. A dual-sided, pen-sized product that provides a teeth whitener and a lip-gloss plumper? Sounds too good to be true- but it gets better. This pen also features an illuminating LED light and mirror for easy use anytime, anywhere! (Dr. Camille Phillips at Corner on Dentistry)

Lodis phone case A fashionable way to carry your Smartphone, this case by Lodis is as convenient as it is fun. The wristlet strap, clear ID window and zip closure pocket makes this stocking stuffer perfect for the busy girl in your life. (Bella)

Mophie Juice Pack Boost This ultra-slim battery backup is sleek, pocketsized and sure to be a lifesaver on those long days away from your phone charger. The rechargeable juice pack boost by Mophie has enough energy to double your battery life, taking you from 0% to 100%, and also serves as a convenient stand for your iPhone or iPod. (AT&T)

Corkcicle Wine lovers have never seen a gift as great as this. With the Corkcicle, white and red wines stay at the perfect temperature. Maintaining chilled whites for an hour and cooling down reds in 15 minutes, this product is a must have. (Pamala’s Boutique)

Poo-Pourri “Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know” is the slogan for this “bathroom recovery” product. Poo-Pourri’s essential oils provide a barrier on the water’s surface, preventing unwanted odors from reaching the air. Adding class to any bathroom, this item comes in a variety of scents and in gift sets. (Eve’s Studio)

These items prove the best gifts come in small packages. Stocking Stuffers this useful and fabulous will surely never be re-gifted.



Mini Flex

Thomas O. Patterson, REALTOR速 Residential Sales | Aronov Realty (334) Office: 277-2700 | Direct: 399-0454 Member Montgomery Area Association of Realtors速

7027 Halcyon Park Drive | Montgomery, AL 36117

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 67

Artist Market

Now Hiring! If you are motivated, enthusiastic, and love jewelry, Marquirette’s Exquisite Jewelry may have a spot for you! The fine jewelry store is seeking both full-time and part-time sales associates. Sales experience is preferred, especially experience in fine jewelry! Sales associates are paid hourly plus commission. If this detail-oriented position sounds like something you have been looking for, email your resume today to,, or

If you are looking to get a head start on some holiday shopping with some entertainment thrown in as well, then plan on a trip to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts the third weekend in November. “Art in Concert”, a new event hosted by the museum’s Junior Executive Board, is a rain or shine lawn concert that will take place Friday, November 16. Prior to the concert, there will be a cash bar, hors d’oeuvres, a beer tasting, and a preview of the third annual Artist Market, all of which start at 5 p.m. The concert, which features The Dexateens as well as Fly Golden Eagle, will begin at 7:30 p.m. on the museum lawn. The Artist Market will open on Saturday morning, November 17, at 10 a.m., and run until 4 p.m. The event showcases over thirty regional artists who will have handcrafted pieces for sale. Tickets start at $12. For more information, call 334-240-4333 or visit

Wicks and Willow

Hanky Panky A lingerie set that was handmade in 1977 out of handkerchiefs is how the retail company Hanky Panky first began. Today their collection includes thongs, panties, lingerie, and sleepwear that come in almost any color you can imagine. The company is perhaps best known for creating The World’s Most Comfortable Thong. Not only was Hanky Panky able to craft a comfortable thong for women, they were able to create it in one size fits all. With over 25 colors to choose from, as well as collegiate, bridal, and zodiac collections, the Hanky Panky thong is a feat in both style and comfort. Hanky Panky products can be found in Montgomery at Bella on Vaughn Road.



Looking for a unique housewarming gift or birthday present? Need a “thank you” gift for a shower hostess, Sunday school teacher, or employee? Then check out Wicks and Willow, a Montgomery-based online store that specializes in handmade teacup candles, scented mason jar candles, and other vintage inspired gifts. Each candle is made with all-natural, environmentally friendly soy wax. Custom and bulk orders are welcomed! Owner Melissa Johnson can help you design candles in your favorite color and scent combination and can even make layered candles in your team colors for football season. You can find Wicks and Willow on Facebook at www., or shop online at Orders from the Montgomery area are wrapped and delivered for free! You can contact them today with any questions at

NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 69

BEHIND THE SCENES... the RSVP team in action!


Southern Bridal Faire RSVP NOV/DEC 2012

Discounted Previews Nov. 23–Dec. 1

when? what? where?

Nov. 23–Dec. 23

Nov. 2, 8, 16& 30- Harriott II Dinner Cruise 6:30-9 P.M. Harriott II Riverboat. Enjoy live entertainment, cash bar and concessions as you cruise down the Alabama River. Ticket prices vary. To purchase tickets, call 334.625.2100, stop by the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit Nov. 3, 10, 17& 24- Harriott II Getaway Cruise 4:30-7 P.M. Harriott II Riverboat. Enjoy live entertainment, cash bar and concessions. $20 per adult, $15 per child. To purchase tickets, call 334.625.2100, stop by the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit Nov. 7- 60 Minute Coffee 8-9 A.M. Guardian Credit Union-418 Madison Avenue. This monthly member event is the perfect way to begin your day. Meet potential clients, make important contacts, and network with Chamber executives and community leaders. For more information, contact Deborah Pope at 334.240.9426 or at

Based on the novel by Charles Dickens, Adapted by ASF’s Producing Artistic Director Geoffrey Sherman

A Magical New Twist on the Holiday Favorite! The snowy London streets ring with carols that set the stage for Dickens’ magical tale of hope and redemption. Join us as the ghosts of the past, present and future reawaken Scrooge’s conscience. A great family outing to brighten your holiday.

AlAbAmA ShAkeSpeAre FeStivAl 1-800-841-4273



Coming Soon!

Starting January 25 72


Nov. 8- Small Business Networking Night TBA. Capital City Club. Do you own a small business? Do you want to support your local businesses and meet more small business owners? The Capital City Club is full of small business owners and what better place to network than the premier business Club of Montgomery! Call the Club at 334834-8920 today to make your reservations. For Membership Information, contact Phyllis Fenn at phyllis.fenn@ourclub. com or 334-834-8920. Nov. 8-Point of Light Award Reception 5-7 P.M. Union Station. The Montgomery Area chamber of Commerce’s Point of Light Award honors an outstanding Minority or female-owned small business for its achievements and contributions to the community. Join the chamber to honor and celebrate with the finalists and the 2012 winner of this prestigious award. This event is free but registration is required.To register, visit For more information, contact Heidi Powers at 334.240.6863 or

when? what? where? Nov. 10-Red, White and Bruises 5 P.M. Garret Coliseum. Cheer on the River Region Roller Derby Girls and other roller derby teams from around Alabama and Georgia as they compete in a double header bout. Tickets are $10, half off with a military ID and $1 off for anyone who brings a canned food item. All proceeds go to the Montgomery Area Food Bank. For more information, visit

Rock Bottom Celebrates all Great Things American... The Burger, the Jumbo Wing, Real Sports, Hot Rock & Ice Cold Beer!

Nov. 11- Veteran’s Day Brunch 11 A.M.-2 P.M. Capital City Club. This special event at the Club is dedicated to honoring the Capital City Club Members that have served and are serving our country. Come to the Club and network with other military personnel and their families on this day of appreciation. $19.95 per person. Call the Club at 334-834-8920 today to make your reservations! For Membership Information, please contact Phyllis Fenn at or 334-834-8920. Nov. 13- Montgomery Zoo’s Annual Board Meeting 12 P.M. Mann Museum Banquet Room. Listen to reports on the State of the Zoo, financial reports and upcoming events, exhibits and attractions. Only active Zoo members can attend. Call the Zoo at 334.240.4900 or visit www.montgomeryzoo. com for more information. Nov. 13& 14- BTW Dance Performance: Breaking Glass Times vary. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Don’t miss the chance to see incredibly talented young dancers interpret Stephen Rolfe Powell’s works of art into a choreographed fantasy about the spirits of broken glass fusing themselves back into their original sculptural forms. Music by Philip Glass. Free admission. For reservations, call the Education Secretary at 334.240.4365 or email Nov. 15- Business after Hours 5-7 P.M. Alabama Cattleman’s Association-201 South Bainbridge Street.This popular two-hour informal networking after-work event is the perfect place to exchange business cards and meet potential customers. People do business with people they know. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and build your customer base! For more information, contact Lynn Norton at 334.240.9431 or lnorton@ Nov. 16- Art in Concert 5-11 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Don’t miss this brand new event hosted by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts’ Junior Executive Board. Enjoy an Artist Market preview, beer tasting, cash bar, hors d’oeuvres and a concert on the lawn at 7:30. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 the night of. For more information, call the Museum at 334.240.4333 or visit

Pool Tables, Games, and the Metro Area’s only Surround Sound Sports Bar Extensive Menu of Top-Notch Dishes of all Kinds Almost 30 HDTV's including 3 110-inch screens All Alabama & Auburn & UFC Pay-Per-View Events Home to the NFL Sunday Ticket Nonsmoking inside, smoking outside on our 1,400 sq. ft. partially covered patio Live Music on the Concert Stage every Friday & Saturday night with the hottest rock, pop, country & dance bands in the Southeast

Home of the WAKA Kickball After Party every Thursday!

Follow us on @HITROCKBTTM

2430 Eastern Blvd.

(located in front of Home Depot)

Fall Hours

(September - December): Mon - Fri: 4p.m. - Until Sat & Sun: 11a.m. - Until

334-239-ROCK (7625)

Visit Us Online at

NOV/DEC 2012


when? what? where? Nov. 17- 3rd Annual Artist Market 10 A.M-4 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. The 3rd Annual Artist Market is free and open to the public. Start your holiday shopping by browsing works created by more than 30 regional artists who are represented in the Museum Store-paintings, photography, jewelry and more! Call 334.240.4333 or visit for more information.

Tuesday Nov. 20


Live entertainment Terrance Baldwin & Ann Cobb

Wednesday Nov. 21st

Alabama State / Tuskegee Alumni Pre-Turkey Day Classic Extravaganza

Thursday Nov. 22nd

The Official Grown & Sexy Turkey Day Classic After Party

Friday Nov 23rd

BLACK FRIDAY Live band FEATURING “SOUL TREE” (black attire)

Saturday Nov. 24th 80’s BABY PARTY

129 Montgomery Street (next to Olive Room)

334.546.2910 Call for VIP reservations

Nov. 17- Season’s Greetings 9:30 A.M. The Shoppes at EastChase. It’s a parade for Santa’s arrival at The Shoppes at EastChase. The day will include a parade for Santa, carriage and train rides, cookies and cocoa stations and face painting. Carriage and train rides will run until 2 P.M. For more information, call 334.279.6046 or visit Nov. 17-Dec. 24 Carriage Rides at The Shoppes at


3-7 P.M. The Shoppes at EastChase. Shoppers can enjoy a holiday carriage ride through The Shoppes at EastChase every Saturday from 3-7 P.M. The carriage rides will start next to Earth Fare Organic Grocer. For more information, call the Shoppes at 334.279.6046 or visit Nov. 17- 12th Annual Turkey Burner 6:30 A.M. Registration. Peppertree Center. Metro Fitness and Montgomery Multisport will host their 12th Annual Turkey Burner event benefiting the Montgomery Area Food Bank. Participants can choose between running or walking the 5K or mile, both starting and ending at Peppertree Center in front of Montgomery Multisport. Enjoy live music, a huge selection of food and refreshments, door prizes and much more! Register now at and receive a BeefyTee long-sleeved t-shirt at the event. For more information, visit Nov. 17-Dec. 24- Train Rides at The Shoppes at


3-7 P.M. The Shoppes at EastChase. Bring your kids to experience the sights and sounds of Christmas with train rides through The Shoppes at EastChase every Saturday from 3-7 P.M. Call 334.279.6046 or visit www.theshoppesateastchase. com for more information. Nov. 17- Photos with Santa Times vary. The Guest Services Office at The Shoppes at EastChase. For more information, call 334.279.6046 or visit Nov. 19- Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker 7:30 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. Ticket prices vary. For more information, visit



when? what? where? Nov. 19-21- Thanksgiving Sides to Go! Capital City Club. The Holidays are coming up fast and who has time to make EVERYTHING for Thanksgiving. Let the Capital City Club help you prepare for this special feast. Their most popular side dishes will be ready to take and bake at your home! Check for more information. Nov. 20- Alabama State and Tuskegee Alumni Meet

and Greet Mixer

9 P.M. 50/50 Club. Live entertainment for the evening will be provided by Terrance Baldwin and Ann Cobb. Hosted by DJ Tre. For more information, call 334.546.2910 Nov. 20-21- Sesame Street Live “Elmo Makes Music.” 6:30 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre.Ticket prices vary. For more information, visit Nov. 21- Official Alabama State Alumni Pre-Turkey

Day Classic Extravaganza

9 P.M. 50/50 Club. Hosted by Atlanta’s very own MC Lightfoot. Ladies free until 11 P.M. DJ Tre will be on the dance side and DJ Pine will be lounge side. Call 334.546.2910 for more information. Nov. 22- 89th Annual Turkey Day Classic 3 P.M. Hornet Stadium. Don’t miss this epic showdown between the Alabama State University Hornets and the Tuskegee University Golden Tigers. For more information, visit Nov. 22- The Official Grown and Sexy Turkey Day

Classic after Party

9 P.M. 50/50 Club. Enjoy DJ Tre lounge side and DJ Bossie and Triple “D” dance side. For more information, call 334.546.2910. Nov. 23- After Thanksgiving Gift Card Giveaway 10 A.M.- 4 P.M. The Shoppes at EastChase. Don’t miss your chance to win a $500 gift card from The Shoppes at EastChase. One will be given away every hour from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. during Black Friday. There will also be other drawings at various destinations throughout the Shoppes. Call 334.279.6046 or visit for more information. Nov. 23-Dec. 23- A Christmas Carol Times vary. Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Join ASF as the ghosts of the past, present and future reawaken Scrooge’s conscience. For ticket prices or more information, call 334.271.5353 or visit



  

  

when? what? where? Nov. 23- Black Friday featuring “Soul Tree” 9 P.M. 50/50 Club. Everyone wearing all black will get in free until 11 P.M. DJ Tre will be your host and dj for the evening. For more information, call 334.546.2910. Nov. 24- 80’s Baby Party 9 P.M. 50/50 Club. All 80’s babies get in free until 11. DJ Bossie and Triple “D” will be on the dance side and DJ Tre will be lounge side. For more information, call 334.546.2910 Nov. 27- Benefit to Business Gala 6 P.M. Wynlakes Golf and Country Club. Students of Auburn University at Montgomery’s School of Business invite you to attend the fourth annual Benefit 2 Business Gala. This year’s event will include a wine tasting reception and silent auction followed by a three-course dinner presented by Wynlakes’ Executive Chef. Net proceeds from the event will fund student scholarships, faculty travel and other operating expenses for Auburn Montgomery’s School of Business. Individual tickets are $100. Tables are $1000. To purchase, please contact Jan Hargrove at (334)-244-3478 or

“Best Skin Tightening Device in the USA market”

Nov. 29- Baptist Health Care Presents: Mercy Me 7 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. Don’t miss this American Contemporary Christian band when they make their way to the MPAC. Ticket prices vary. For more information, visit Nov. 30 & Dec. 2- Montgomery Chorale Winter


7:30 & 2:30 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Art. Come to the museum and enjoy beautiful music for the Holidays by The Montgomery Chorale featuring Robby Gibson on guitar. For ticket information, please call 334.265.3737 or visit

DECEMBER: Dec. 1- 17th Annual Holiday Open House 1-4 P.M. Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. Enjoy an afternoon of holiday cheer at the 17th Annual Holiday Open House.The day’s activities will include performances by local choral groups and festive studio activities. Be sure to check out the Museum’s Christmas tree, adorned with handmade ornaments created specifically for the Museum by Alabama artists. The Holiday Open House is free, but guests are encouraged to bring canned goods for donation to the Montgomery Area Food Bank or a new, unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. For more information, call 334.240.4333 or visit

NOV/DEC 2012


when? what? where? Dec. 1- The Sound of Christmas featuring The Empire Brass and Elisabeth von Trapp 7 P.M. Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts. With a voice that critics have called “hauntingly clear,” Elisabeth von Trapp, along with the Empire Brass, “will send a thrill of pleasure through your nervous system” says the Boston Globe. The Empire Brass enjoys an international reputation as North America’s finest brass quintet, renowned for its brilliant virtuosity and diverse repertoire. For ticket information, please call 334.241.9567. Dec. 2- Santa Sunday Brunch 11 A.M.-2 P.M. Capital City Club. You and your family are sure to enjoy Chef Michael’s extravagant holiday buffet and Kid’s Gingerbread Man decorating station! Have your wish list ready for your visit with Santa Claus; he’s checked his list twice! A photographer will be there to catch that special moment with Santa and take your family portrait. Due to the popularity of this event, be sure to make your reservations early, as seating will be limited. Parties of eight or more will be seated in the Ballroom, and private rooms will be designated based upon space availability. $24.95 per person, $9.95 per child 12 and under and complimentary for children 5 and under. Call the Club at 334-834-8920 today to make your reservations! For Membership Information, please contact Phyllis Fenn at or 334-834-8920. Dec. 2- Dwight Yoakam 8 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. Popular since the 80’s, Dwight Yoakam has recorded more than twenty-one albums and compilations, charted more than thirty singles on the Billboard charts and sold more than twenty-five million records. Ticket prices vary. Visit for more information. Dec. 5- 60 Minute Coffee 8-9 A.M. Henig Furs. This monthly member event is the perfect way to begin your day. Meet potential clients, make important contacts, and network with Chamber executives and community leaders. For more information, contact Deborah Pope at 334.240.9426 or at dpope@ Dec. 5- Joe Bonamassa 8 P.M. Montgomery Performing Arts Centre. Don’t miss this musician who is rapidly growing his reputation as one of the world’s greatest guitar players. Ticket prices vary. For more information, visit Dec. 6-Holiday Social 5:30 P.M. Capital City Club. Come to the Capital City Club’s first annual holiday social and enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres, live music, wine tastings and maybe even rum or scotch tastings. If you have a prospect you would like to bring to the event, contact Membership Director Phyllis Fenn at 334-83480


ESCAPE FOR AN EVENING AT OAK TAVERN The Oak Tavern Lounge & Restaurant, located in the Montgomery Marriott Prattville Hotel & Conference Center at Capitol Hill, offers a tempting dinner menu featuring traditional American and Southern-inspired dishes, plus an extensive cocktail list for all occasions. Enjoy a night complemented by live entertainment in the stylish bar or move to the patio to enjoy the fire pits and the scenic views of the perfectly manicured Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Capitol Hill.

MONTGOMERY MARRIOTT PRATTVILLE HOTEL & CONFERENCE CENTER AT CAPITOL HILL 2500 Legends Circle, Prattville, AL 36006 Phone 334.290.1235, Part of Alabama’s Resort Collection on The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

PCH1243MarriottPrattville_RSVP.indd 1

8/17/11 10:37 AM


Holiday gift voucher for club & spa available now. Open: MON - THU 5am - 9pm, FRI 5am - 8pm SAT 7am - 6pm, SUN 1pm - 6pm Halcyon Park Drive, Montgomery Phone 334.396.0040,

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when? what? where? 8920 or and a personal invitation will be sent to them. $20 per person, free for Wine 101 members. This event is for members and guests of members only. Dec. 6- A& P Lofts’ Holiday Open House 10 A.M-7 P.M. A&P Lofts. Come stroll, sip and shop your way through the shops at The A&P. Enjoy amazing holiday specials, tasty treats, prize giveaways and live music. Free admission. For more information, visit Dec. 6-9, 13-31- Christmas Lights Festival 5:30-9:30 P.M. Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Learning Museum. A River Region tradition for over 20 years, the Montgomery Zoo’s Christmas Lights Festival is part of Christmas in Central Alabama. See the Zoo transformed into a Winter Wonderland sparkling with thousands of festive lights and decorations. Stroll the many pathways or enjoy a brisk ride on the Santaland Express train ride. Santa appears nightly through Dec 23. The Zoo also has a Santa Craftshop where you can make last minute gifts for that someone special. Enjoy live entertainment nightly at the Overlook Cafe. Admission is $12 for ages 3 and older, free for ages 2 and under and Zoo members. For more information, call the Zoo at 334.240.4900 or visit Dec. 7- The Landmarks Foundation’s 8th Annual Father/ Daughter Diamond Princess Ball 6-8 P.M. Capital City Club. The Diamond Princess Ball is best described as a “mini prom” for fathers or father figures and their daughters in grades 6th and under. Tickets are $100 per father/daughter couple, $50 for additional daughters. Black tie optional and refreshments provided. Space is limited so reserve your tickets now. For reservations, call Landmarks Foundation at 334.240.4500. Dec. 7- Cupcakes with Santa 5-7 P.M. Gigi’s Cupcakes-7918 Vaughn Road. Santa will be stopping by Gigi’s! Bring the whole family in and get cupcakes and a picture with Santa. Call 334.356.3737 or visit Dec. 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 21 & 22- Cruising with Santa aboard

the Harriott II

6:30-9 P.M. Harriott II Riverboat. Hop aboard the Harriott II and cruise down the river with Santa. Live entertainment and a cash bar will be available. Ticket prices vary. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 334.625.2100, stop by the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit

(205) 914-4527



Dec. 8- Baking Cookies with Santa 9-10 A.M. Williams-Sonoma at The Shoppes at EastChase. Kids can bake with Santa for $5 and participants must register by Wednesday, Dec. 5. For more information, call 334.279.6046 or visit




NOV/DEC 2012 RSVP 83

when? what? where? Dec. 12-Harpsichord

Concert by Candlelight

Ensemble Chamber Music

6 P.M. Christchurch Sanctuary- Vaughn Road. Christchurch welcomes you to warm your heart at this free concert. You are also welcome to stay for the champagne and dessert reception to honor the musicians and join in fellowship. For tickets to the reception, which are $20, please call the church at 334.387.0566, ext. 203. For more information, visit www. Dec. 13-Business after Hours 5-7 P.M. Charlotte’s Jewelry. This popular two-hour informal networking after-work event is the perfect place to exchange business cards and meet potential customers. People do business with people they know. Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and build your customer base! For more information, contact Lynn Norton at 334.240.9431 or Dec. 15 & 22- Breakfast with Santa 8-10 A.M. Panera Bread at The Shoppes at EastChase. For $10, kids can enjoy a visit with Santa and breakfast. Participants must register by Wednesday, Dec. 12. Call 334.279.6046 or visit for more information. Dec. 21-Mayan Apocalypse Party at The Tipping Point 7 P.M. The Tipping Point. Celebrate the end of times at The Tipping Point with beer and cocktail specials along with live music from Zac Martin. For more information, call The Tipping Point at 334.260.9110 or Dec. 22- The Tipping Point presents ‘Twas the Night

Before the Night Before Christmas Eve Party

7 P.M. The Tipping Point. Enjoy live music from Distant Kin and tidings of the season! Call 334.260.9110 or visit www. for more information. Dec. 31- New Year’s Eve Monte Carlo Dinner and


8 P.M.-12:30 A.M. Capital City Club. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and it is time to start planning where you will bring in 2013! Enjoy a dynamic 4-course dinner, casino night and dancing under the stars. Call the Club at 334-834-8920 today to make your reservations! This event is for members and guests of members only. For membership information, please contact Phyllis Fenn at phyllis.fenn@ or 334-834-8920. Dec. 31- New Year’s Eve Party Cruise 10 P.M. – 12:30 A.M. Harriott II Riverboat. Bring in the New Year aboard the Harriott II Riverboat. Tickets are $50 per person and must be 21 or older to attend. Live entertainment, cash bar and concessions will be available. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 334.625.2100, visit the box office at 200 Coosa Street or visit NOV/DEC 2012




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Talk. Meet. Learn. Laugh.Dance.Dine. Discover Whitley Hall Montgomery’s former Whitley Hotel is today a state-of-the-art conference center, banquet hall and educational center.

Troy University, p. 17, 89

• Perfect for seminars, workshops, receptions, dinners, luncheons and other social or professional events

Troy University at Montgomery, p. 334.834.1400

• Advanced wireless audio/visual equipment


• Computer labs with Internet access



Tucker Pecan, p. 49, 64 334.262.4470

Wares Jewelry, p. 15


• Large and small classrooms available • Full-service catering • Free parking Learn more at 334-241-9543 or e-mail

11781.1_WhitleyHallAd_4.95x4.9.indd 1 8/10/12 11:02 AM


What’s new?

A great lifestyle for you! New



Opening August 2013!

Opening May 2013!

A Connection to the Future!

D. R. Horton


This fall Park Crossing will open connecting Taylor Road to Ray Thorington Road, bringing added convenience and access to Montgomery’s spectacular shopping and fine dining.

Hugh Cole Builder, Inc. Milton Strickland Builders, Inc. Nathan Watson Builders, Inc. W. J. Sellers Custom Homes

Find your new home now! Visit us today! N e w P a r k I n f o r m a t i o n C e n t e r, 9 4 3 0 P a r k C r o s s i n g

The new neighborhood from Jim Wilson & Associates For the latest neighborhood news and promotions, follow us on Facebook.®

G 334.215.9215

Park Crossing, off Ray Thorington Road

RSVP Montgomery - Nov/Dec 2012  
RSVP Montgomery - Nov/Dec 2012  

Inside this issue you will find a plethora of ideas for your wardrobe this winter. Aubrie Moates, Peyton Dismukes and Evan Cooper knocked “...