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“Yours was the most unique wedding that I have ever seen!” “That wedding was just so you!” “I’ve never seen a wedding so much about the two people getting married!” These are the most amazing compliments that I received in reference to my own wedding day. I love that people were able to see me and my husband - our personalities, relationships and passions - in every detail and moment of the day that was, after all, about us.

your own. I think that, as Southern women, we sometimes feel we need to be given permission to do certain things, especially to break tradition. So, here you go: you have permission to be unique, to be you, to incorporate yourself, your fiancé and everything that you love into your wedding day.

When you are planning your wedding, you start researching and planning colors, fabrics, favors, dresses, shoes and hairstyles. With countless wedding blogs, as well as magazines in print, I’m sure you have plenty of ideas of what you would like to incorporate. Looking through these blogs, I am sure that you often think: “Sure that may work in California, but I’m not allowed to do that here in the South, am I?”

So, how do you get started?

The answer is, in short, YES. Yes, you are allowed to make the day

For instance, the groom’s cake traditionally expresses the groom’s

I suggest brainstorming together. Make a date night out of it. Both of you need to write lists of what is most important to you. Have you always dreamed of wearing hot pink shoes? Does family participation top both of your lists? You need to make sure that the details which are important to you, both large and small, are included on your wedding day.

personality (in the South, usually through a college football themed cake design), but what about the bride’s cake? Is she obligated to have a white, ruffled three tier? Absolutely not! Inject personality into every aspect of your wedding day! I know it’s a daunting task to tell your mother or grandmother (or even his mother—eek!) that you are going to have a bride’s cake shaped like a Coach purse or ballet shoes in lieu of a standard white bride’s cake, but it’s important that you take hold of the parts of the wedding day that mean the most to you and make them your own. This, of course, applies to the parts of the day that your fiancé cares most about as well! For some, the effect of planning your day your way will be loud. For me, it was a pink dress, pink hair and a ceremony on BRIDAL RSVP 19

RSVP 2012 Bridal Issue  

RSVP’s special edition bridal issue is finally here—a not so traditional resource for Southern brides.