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What I’m Good At I am good at many things from being a percussionist to beasting on Xbox 360. But one thing I’m really good at is being a zombie hunter on Black Ops. But I’m going to teach you how to be a percussionist! You should always have a pair of sticks with you. You can usually also practice on just anything so you don’t need an instrument like a baritone, trumpet, or tuba. To get your hands warmed up and coordinated you should do a basic stick warm-up. Start off alternating from left to right hand in a steady tempo. Take it nice and slow at first too. After doing that for a while you can start the normal warm up. With your sticks in a steady tempo, start alternating them for 16 quarter notes, then without stopping do the same thing just with only your right hand. After that do the same thing with your left hand without stopping. Then do the same thing with your right hand again but only 8 times instead of 16 then repeat with your left hand. Do all the steps again but only 4 times each hand but you repeat it again with the 4 strokes and do the whole thing over again. Doing that warm-up you can loosen up and get used to the drums by getting coordinated. In a good 3 years of practicing you could be like me in date of 5-9-13.

What I'm Good At  
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