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A journey in to my Mind Stories from this year

A Journey In To My Mind Thomas Taylor TNT Publishing Huntsville, AR May 10, 2013


Table of Contents Acknowledgements Part 1 Rules My Island Why we join groups Accptance? My day Part 2 Boom WW 2 Apocalypse Apocalypse Part 2 How to trap shoot Part 3 Great American Food Jared Johnson Guilty or Not guilty Stranded The Storm

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Acknowledgments I would like to dedicate this book to my parents. They have given me so much support this year. They have been by my side during all of these writings. I would also like to thank my teacher Ms. Sullivan for teaching me to writhe with more style.


Part 1 This is some of the first work I have done all year, and in my opinion it is some of my best work. It introduces you to my writhing style. Which I think is unique to myself and no one else has it. In my opinion it flows really easy. So open it up and begin the journey in to my mind.


Rules I am expected to follow many rules in my life. One of many is cleaning my room every week. The purpose of these rules is to keep all the students in line. My life would be great without all the rules I have to follow.


My Island If I could be the ruler of my own island. My first rule would be that you could not hurt anyone even if they hurt you. Because if you were then people would start killing people off the island and the population would drop dramatically. The second rule would be that there are no rules, except to listen to your leader because. What would be fun about being with people on an island with a lot of rules to follow, and not be laid back and enjoy the island to its full extent?


Why we Join Groups People chose to join groups because. When people join groups they feel more accepted in that group than if they were not in that group. Because if they are in that group they feel more in the in crowd than if they weren’t in that group.


Acceptance? Some groups chose to accept some people in their group only want certain people in that group and not others. There might be consequences for leaving a certain group. Like friends in that group might not want to be friends with you anymore.


My Day I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Here I was cheering on the Razorbacks; what better way could you spend an afternoon? In front of the T.V watching the hogs get beat. Although it wasn’t too bad of a weakened, wasted a Saturday, but it was a good Saturday.


Part 2 This is the more creative of my brain. This section includes: zombies, hostile takeovers bombs, and much more. Like I said this is my more creative side so some of the things will be kind of weird. One story has zombie food taking over the world. Another has bombes going off every ware. So I hope you enjoy it.


Boom Boom a nuclear bomb has just exploded in our town. Lucky for us we have a bomb shelter that can protect us, my family did no come out for five months. When we came out the entire place was different. There were no trees or grass only dirt.


WW2 The year 1942 in the height of WW2. We have been evacuated from our home on the Hawaiian Islands for fear of another bombing. We have just started to rebuild from the last one in December. That left us defenseless agenst the Japanese.


Apocalypse In the year 2032 a massive invasion of zombie rabbits. We arm ourselves with carrots and RPG’s to blow them up ten at a time and not waist grenades. But they keep coming back to life and cloning themselves. On no now there is a zombie squirrel that attacks from the trees. The year 2040 we have elimited all of the zombie animals the world is safe now. Or is it?


Apocalypse Part2 It is the year 3303. In this time the giant hamburgers have taken over everything but the farms with cows. They eat everything: mustard, cheese, ketchup, and onions. The only way they can be stopped is to use the hot dog gun that shoots lamas at them. You see the lamas can eat anything so the giant hamburgers are no problem for them. So in the year 3304 we have killed all of the burgers and the world is safe, for now. Twenty years later. We are at war again but this time with zombie chipmunks. The only way to kill them is to use nuclear bombs from the 40’s and 60’s with some added VX. Although the after math of the battle is devastating, New York City is a pile of dust. Forty years later, we have rebuilt, but we can’t produce food because of the radiation from the bombs but we are safe


How to trap shoot This is a guide on how to be a better trap shooter. First don’t go paint balling before practice. This will mess up your aim by using one projectile. Second. Use three inch nitro shells. They will make the pellets leave the shell faster. It might hurt your shoulder but it will be worth it. Third. Practice with a .22. If you can hit skeet with a .22, you can hit them with anything. The fourth and final reason is. Do not walk to practice with your gun out of its case. This might cause suspicion of the cars driving by you. One more thing. Don’t think about missing because then you will miss the skeet.


Part 3 This is the final part of my story. It is the more missolanious part of me. It is a mix of writings from everything I have done this year. It reflects a more weird side of me. So I will be quiet and let you read my stories.


Great American food My topic is about cheese burgers. Because cheese burgers are what helped found America in my opinion. As you can see many great American authors put cheese burgers in their stories. Such as Gordon Korman in his book series Dive. The American industries are made fun of because of cheese burgers. So in many ways cheese burgers represent America, not raw fish.


Jared Johnson As I run from the giant killer sandwich, I run past the waffle monster. Who by the way I am really good friends with. After the waffle monster devoured the killer sandwich he took me to a waffle order meeting. While at the meeting we devoured bacon and part of the killer sandwich. While singing the waffle song.


Guilty or Not Guilty When I asuce someone of doing something wrong I don’t give them the benefit of the doubt, unless it is over something small. Because if you don’t stop them on the smaller stuff, then they won’t stop at all. In my opinion the difference between seeking justice and desire to punish is. That we as humans want an answer to something emedially and we will do whatever it takes to get it.


Stranded I was stranded on a deserted island for 20 years before a ship came to rescue me. During this time I had to do a lot of things to stay alive but first let me tell you how I got on the island. It was the summer of 2014 and I was on a fishing trip when. A big wave came and swamped the boat I was in. I woke up two days later on a beach surrounded by a lot of crabs. Then when I remembered what happened I started building a shelter. After that I had to find food and water. Then a barge came and sent a boat to rescue me.


The Storm When I jumped in to the cellar I could hear the tornado screaming over head as the light flickered. The rain pounding on the rickety wood door only held in place by two well beyond rusted out hinges. When the door finally flew off I could feel the wind trying to rip me out of my hiding place to some unknown death. But when I finally let go of the handle on the wall, the storm stopped. When I came out of what was left of the cellar, I realized just how bad the storm was.


Thomas Taylor  

rsulli,anthology project

Thomas Taylor  

rsulli,anthology project