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A Parents Guidance People argue say that parents are not responsible for their childrens actions and how they act. They say that it’s all how the children learn from others. Others say the parents are responsible for their childrens actions, because they taught them better. Honestly, I think that parents are responsible for their childrens actions. Because they have taught us, and raised us better. We learn from them. They are our role models. We follow their footsteps, we think of our parents as our leaders. They have made all the rules for us, they teach us things that we will need later in our lives, sometimes sooner than we think. Every ones parents have been strict at some point, am I correct? It’s because they only want the best for us. They’re looking out for us, making sure we know what’s right, and what’s wrong. And they’re making sure that we make good decisions, and that we’re safe. A parents love for us, is unconditional. They would never hurt us, not intentionally anyways. Parents have taught their children how to act, taught them their manners and how to treat others. We sometimes take our parents love for us, and all that they’ve taught us, for granted. We take our parents for granted. We all have at some point. Ever since we were little, we’ve always wanted to be like our parents. Because they were like gods to us.

What now?

As the winds picked up speed, the shutters slammed against the house, fighting off the atrocious winds. You could hear the waters crashing against the rocks and walls, spilling onto the streets. Dragging cars and houses with them. Engulfing everything in its path. The water came unwanted, uninvited. It stole people’s homes, belongings, cars, pets, children, and even some of their lives. Everyone standing in the streets, or that were looking out their windows when the water came, were petrified. No one was expecting it. They all thought that they were safe, that the walls would protect them from any thieving waters. But they were wrong. The sea currents were too strong, and blew the water over the walls, tearing it down and the water flooded onto the streets. Children were playing a game of kickball in their backyard, some kids took their dogs on walks, and others were playing with their cousins and younger brothers and sisters. The streets had little water on them at first. Then it all came rushing towards the city like a missile. The houses started to lift off the ground, and then they glided down the street, crashing into cars and other houses, taking out telephone poles and fences. Children began running to the hills, taking their younger siblings and pets, with their parents’ right behind them yelling to go ahead and go to safety, and that they’d catch up. Screams would reach them from the streets. Many others were trapped in their homes or were walking down the street when it happened. They grabbed anyone that they found on the streets, any pets, and hauled them on top of any houses they saw that weren’t ruined, and floating already. They huddled on the roof, freezing and scared. The elders would comfort the younger ones, telling them that everything is going to be ok; God is watching over them and is keeping them safe from any harm. They would wonder what is going to happen to them, if they’ll be rescued. The children are petrified, balling against the elders shoulders. As the waters slowdown, some houses are anchored by tree roots stuck to them, or by a wall of cars and other debris. A loud noise catches every ones attention, coming from the distance. Helicopters, four of them. They came low, searching the houses for survivors. People start standing up, screaming, jumping up and down, while a few women held their youngest child, crying tears of joy and happiness. Now they’re saved, God has sent them help. Soldiers descend on ropes, taking hold of some of the kids and hauling them back into the helicopter. Everyone is happy, thanking the lord that he

Jaunting into a world of wonder 2013 Sydney Ferguson

Fergys publishing company

Huntsville, Arkansas

May 10, 2013

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~Jaunting into a world of wonder~

The lessons we learn

I’m thankful for every single person in my life. They have taught me right from wrong; they are there for me no matter what happens or what I do. They pick me up off my feet and put me back on track, helping me through thick and thin. They have taught me almost everything I know, and wanted to know. I have new everyday experiences with them and I’m just so thankful for them. Everyone has something that there thankful for. It could be friends, family, certain people in our lives. Or, it could be a pet, or some kind of object they hold special. There is always something someone is thankful for. You just may never know whom, or what it is. Our parents a have always taught us to be thankful for everything and everyone we have in our lives. We must be grateful for the things that god has given us. And for the people he’s brought into our lives. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. One day, they may just disappear without a trace. So be thankful and spend as much time as you can with that one person, you never know when they might just up and disappear. If there is someone who you are thankful for, do you question yourself on how you’re thankful for them? Why they came into your life? Would you hold onto them and never let them go? So many questions run through my mind every day. Why did they come into my life and not leave like everyone else? What’s there purpose of being here? There are many ways someone can be special to you, or for you to be thankful for them. Many people are thankful for their mothers and fathers. Because their mothers are the ones who gave them life and has taught them right from wrong. So has their father as well. You should be thankful just in general. For the life you have been given. Don’t take that for granted. Don’t take anything for granted. You never know when it all will just,…disappear.


We all have fears of some kind. A fear of monsters, growing up, moving to a new school. Some of us may still have those fears. Some fears may be greater than others. Fear of death, heights, getting trapped somewhere with no hope of getting out. Or fear of common wild animals or insects, like spiders or horses. Or some of us may fear people. Some of us, may not have as many fears, or may not have any fears at all. Certain things may scare us more than others do. Some of us may fear for a loved one or a friend’s life, or safety. Some people don’t know their fear or fears yet. They still haven’t figured it out yet. If we are strong enough, we could overcome those fears. If you’re afraid of horses, you can go to a friends or someone who has horses that you know well. And slowly walk up to one, pet it on the nose, and if u want to take it further by riding it, be sure and have that person be walk beside you or in the saddle with you. It takes a while to get over your fear. Unless you want to keep it. There is always something that will scare us, give us Goosebumps or send shivers down our spines. But somewhere in this world, there is always something that is going to scare us.

Be you and only you

My friends and I always argue about which is better; Hot Cheetos or Limon Hot Cheetos. Or we playfully argue about drinks, school subjects, sports, boys. But in the end, none of us win. I always stand up for my own opinion, because you don’t have to be like everyone else just to fit in. No one controls you except you. If you act like someone else, you’ll have more than one personality. No one should have more than one personality. Because the majority of people will accept you for whom you are. Not who you’re acting like. Everyone has their own personality. No one is alike. You may think that twins are, or triplets or quadruplets. But even they don’t have the same personality. They may have the same looks and everything, but not personalities. Everyone is their own person. No one is the same. Every ones personality is unique. No one can have it except for themselves. People may copy others in how they dress, act, say things, or do certain things. But, that’s how they are. Their personalities differ from everyone else. Your personality reflects on how you act. It shows people how you were raised and how you grew up to become. Your personality, will get people to like you if you have a good personality and if your nice to people. Some people may like you for you, good personality or not. It also depends on how you treat others around you. Everyone is different. No matter what others say, everyone is different. Your unique, you’re like no other. No one is like you. You, are your own person. Respect it.

Acknowledgments I am thankful for so many people who’ve helped me along the way and just always being there for me. Especially my English teacher, Ms. Sullivan, who’s helped us all with new ideas and techniques on our writings. Thank you.

Biographical Sketch Part 1 This collection of writing reflects the hard work, effort, and creativity of students in English class during the year 2013. These writings reflect the author’s personality and there opinion on things in life. Some writings may have been the author speaking there mind.

Jaunting into a World of Wonder  

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