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Get Lost In a Book By: Michael Lee


Get Lost in a Book By: Michael Lee

Lee Incorporated

Huntsville, Arkansas May 10, 2013


Table of Contents Part 1 Dedication Part 1 Intro Rules Fitting In Groups How We Act Belief

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Part 2 Part 2 Intro The Storm A Muggle Harry Potter Second Generation The Giants

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Part 3 Part 3 Intro Growing Up Masks A Routine A Break from School

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Dedication I dedicate this book to my family, because they have always been there for me and have always supported me in whatever I did.


Part 1 Intro The first part is about my reasoning. We do many things whether they are mistakes or accomplishments, and all of the things we do have reasons. The reasons of why we did what we did. For every action there is an effect and every action starts with a reason. We all have our reasons‌ and this is mine.


Rules The purpose of rules is to maintain order. Having rules are having people follow them and so people wouldn’t be doing anything bad. A life without rules would be pretty bad, because everything has rules. Without rules people would do bad things and there would be nothing holding them back. I would probably lock myself in my home because you wouldn’t know what people might do without rules. Some people might rob banks or steal stuff, but I don’t think money would have any more value because if there weren’t any more rules everything would be free. Without rules I don’t think I would survive very long, because there would be no rules to hold people back from killing people. But I think this would be how we would all eventually live to survive: stealing, mugging, etc. I would try to avoid that if I could, but if I had to then maybe I would.


Fitting In Some people might not have all of the qualifications to join a certain group. Groups may require you to have specific grades or to have a certain quality. Sometimes people won’t accept you because they don’t like you. There are no consequences for leaving a group, in general. It just depends on what group you are leaving and how the people in that group will react to your departure. Some people might be mad that you are leaving because you may be the best person in their group. Other people may support your decision in leaving their group. If you do leave and someone gets mad and says there will be consequences, just forget about it!


Groups There are many reasons why people join groups. One reason could be that their friends are in a certain group and they want to join too. Another reason could be that they want to join a group for their own enjoyment. The third reason is that their parents could have wanted them to join that specific group. The fourth reason is that a teacher may suggest joining a group too. They might think that it will help you academically. People may also join a group for their own personal reasons too. There are many reasons why people join groups.


How We Act We act in many different ways in many different situations. Sometimes we act out of fear for our own safety. We act like this because when something bad happens we want the badness away from us, so we could be safe and away from harm. We wouldn’t give the person causing the badness a second chance because they did something bad and we don’t want them to cause us any harm. How we act can also influence future decisions. If a criminal is on trial and they did something VERY bad, then the people in the court won’t feel as sorry for that criminal. The people in the court would all have a hard time finding out what to do. Their decision would be between justice and the desire to punish. These two options are very different. Just ice is finding out the truth and putting that person in jail. The desire to punish means having that criminal go through the same thing that the criminal’s victim went through or worse. We all act out of what we are feeling whether it is fear, happiness, sadness, etc. we all act out of something. But it is the way how we handle the way we act that makes us all unique. We all make mistakes because we are human, we’re not perfect.


Belief Would you stand up for what you believe in? I would. I would stand up for what I believe in because it is my decision to believe in whatever I want to believe in. I am my own person, so I get to make my decisions not somebody else. If someone disagreed with what I believed in, then I would listen to what they have to say first to see why they believe in that way. I will never tell anyone to stop believing in what they believe in, but I will tell them why I believe in what I believe in. I would give reasons and some of my opinions on my belief. You should never tell someone to stop believing in what they believe in because they are their own person and not everyone has to agree with you.


Part 2 Intro The second part is about my fantasy side. Fantasy books are not just books, they are a world that we can escape to. A world where there are heroes and villains, good and evil. Fantasy books are a world where we wish we could go to. I was inspired to write this because I think that everyone should have a world of their own.


The Storm Breaking News: Meteorologists predict that a massive thunderstorm will come tomorrow night! There is also a chance of a tornado and we encourage all of you to go to the storm shelter or evacuate to someplace safe. The Next Day… My family and I were still at our house in the underground basement, where this part of the house was made to withstand any storm that came. It was a couple hours into the evening when the storm hit us. The storm shook the house and the electricity went out. We had stocked up on food, drinks, flashlight, batteries, and more ever since we heard about the storm. BANG!!! The house shook and groaned, there was a huge noise as if something big had just fallen. There was silence for a moment, but it was broken by a loud screech. Four Days Later… The storm had finally ended and we were able to go out of the underground basement. As we were climbing out we saw a terrible sight. Our house was in tatters. Our house couldn’t even be called a house because there were no walls or a roof. We looked beyond our house to see that our neighbor’s house was the same. After the shock had passed I got to thinking. A normal storm couldn’t have lasted that long and it could only mean one thing…. the creatures were loose.


A Muggle?!?! I stood on the platform waiting for the train to come, while listening to my I-pod. Out of the corners of my eye, I saw someone running. After a couple of seconds the running person had passed me and I turned to look at the person’s retreating back. I saw that the person was a man in flowing black robes. I was curious because no one wore those clothes. Weird I thought and then followed the man with the strange clothes. Eventually I caught up the man just in time to see him walk into a wall between platforms 9 and 10. Call me crazy but I followed the man and went into the wall. On the other side was a magnificent train with many kids my age except they were dressed like that man with the strange clothes. TOOT!! An officer had just blown his whistle and was headed straight towards me. When he reached me he said “You can’t just stand there, you’re blocking the entryway and where are your school supplies?” He looked at me for a couple of seconds until realization dawned in his eyes “You’re a muggle aren’t you!?!?” he said in disbelief. The officer pulled out a funny looking stick out of his pocket and then everything went black.


Harry Potter 2nd Generation I am so excited that I am able to get to go to Hogwarts! I’m muggleborn so it was a bit of a shock when my family found out! Just the other day we went to Diagon Alley and I got my wand!! Today is the day I go to Hogwarts and we’ve (my parents and I) just got through the wall that leads into platform 93/4. “Bye Geo, have a good year!” my mom said “Ok mum I will,” I replied “good bye mum, goodbye dad!” and with that I ran onto the train. When I got on the train I decided to sit in a compartment with a freckly red-haired girl and a boy with messy, untidy black hair. “Can I sit here?” I asked “Sure,” the girl replied “my name is Rose Weasley and this is Albus Potter.” “My name is Geovanni Smith, but you can call me Geo.” I said “Ok.” Albus replied. “What house do you want to be in? I’ve read about Hogwarts, and it said we get picked into houses is that correct?” I asked “Yes, it is correct and I want to be in Gryffindor!” Albus exclaimed “I want to be in either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.” “Me too!” I replied. The rest of the train ride was filled with chatter as we talked. By the end of the train ride I knew almost everything about Rose and Albus. As we were being lead in the Great Hall a man bust through the doors running. “What is the meaning of this Professor Longbottom?” Professor McGonagall asked “H-He’s b-b-bback!!!” Professor Longbottom panted “Who is back?” Professor McGonagall asked “T-t-the dark Lord… Voldemort!!”


The Giants I don’t know exactly where the train was going. After paying my fare, I simply stood on the platform waiting for it to whisk me away to somewhere, anywhere but here. And that’s when it happened… a hand touched my shoulder and was followed by a voice, “Are you Todd Jenkins?” I was hesitant but then answered “Yes.” “Come with me.” The voice replied. I turned around and saw that the owner of the voice was a man. I got over my curiousness quickly and followed the stranger, until we eventually ended up in an office. When we got in the office he locked the door and turned to me saying “I know why you ran away and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Is he talking about what I think he’s talking about? I thought. “Your ability will help us greatly,” the man continued on “Your ability to read minds will help us defeat the giants!” After he said this I had two things going through my mind 1.) He is talking about what I thought he was talking about and 2.) Who are the giants? “Who are the gi-“ I was cut off by a loud explosion and before I could say anything else the man screamed “RUN!!” He didn’t have to tell me twice, because I was already sprinting out of the door. I was running down the hallway with the man right behind me when I came upon a door. “Quick, come in here!” I told the man as I was opening the door. When we were both through the door, I closed it and turned around only to be grabbed by the scruff of my shirt. I was raised up off the ground and saw a hideous sight. The thing that was holding me was covered in moldy clothes and had boils all over his face. I looked around the room and saw that the man was unconscious and tied up, along with a few other people. I then turned my attention back to the hideous thing that was holding me. The thing took in a raspy breath before speaking, “I’ve got you now!” and then I blacked out.


Part 3 Intro The third part is a part where everyone can relate to. These are situations that almost everyone has gone through. People tend to like things that they find more relatable, because they have went through that experience. I would like my readers to have a relation to what is happening in the book. I was inspired to write this because I feel that a book can only get better if the reader has experienced the same situation.


Growing Up Growing up can be stressful and hard. There is more pressure on you when you grow up. There is also more expectations people will expect from you. When you grow up there are many decisions that you need to make. Don’t worry, growing up isn’t that hard! Part of growing up is the experience getting there. As you get older you get more experience and knowledge. There will be some good times and bad times, but it will only be what you make it to be! When you grow up there will be new challenges that you have to overcome. If you try your best, you will surely overcome them. Growing up also means that you have to mature. You have to be more responsible in everything you do. But don’t worry, growing up isn’t this strict you just have to make it your own and have fun!!!


Masks Sometimes people were masks to hide things. They hide their feelings from others and they don’t let their true feelings show. Sometimes people wear masks to hide who they truly are. They pretend to be someone they aren’t, because they feel that people won’t like them for who they really are. If someone doesn’t like who they are they change themselves to fit in. Other times people wear masks to cover up their flaws. The point is that masks cover up, just like the masks children wear on Halloween. Those masks just cover up your face, while the “masks” that some people wear cover up who they are. A mask may cover who you are, but the thing you’re trying to hide will still be there no matter how many masks you have on. Just be yourself, and if people don’t like you it’s their loss.


A Routine Every morning for school I use my time management skills. After I wake up I get up to change into my school clothes. Then I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I am done brushing my teeth I go sit on the couch to watch a little TV. Then I put my shoes on and PRESTO, I am ready for school. I am pretty sure that everyone has a routine whether it is for school or doing homework. Some people have a routine and they may not even know about it, while some people will plan a routine and stick to it.


A Break from School What I needed to take a break from school was waking up early. Every morning for school I would have to wake up at 7:00 a.m. but since it was Spring Break I got to sleep inn. It was nice just to sleep inn and to not wake up so early. I also needed a break from all of the work we did in class. In almost every class we had to do work, but when we had Spring Break I got to relax. I think that was all I needed a break from. If school didn’t require us to wake up so early, school would be more tolerable!


Bibliography Rowling, J. K. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print. Harry Potter.


Get Lost In a Book  

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