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The Average Teen Life. Jaylyn Wilson May 10, 2013


The Average Teen Life. 2012-2013 Huntsville Middle School By: Jaylyn Wilson Wilson & Wilson Publication Huntsville, Arkansas May 10, 2013


Table of Contents Dedication Page-4 Section 1-‘A Little Bit of Everything.’-5 Skills-6 Spring Break 2013-7 Thinking Differently?-8 Tom and Tim-9 That One Night That Changed Everything.-10 Section 2 ‘The fun side’-11 That One Person-12 Far Far Away-13 Work Together-14 Wings of an Eagle-15 Focus-16 Section 3-‘Getting Down to Business’-17 Getting Dirty-18 Treating People Right-19 Murder Attempt?-20 12 Angry Men-21 Greek God-22 3

Dedication Page Thank You, All my English teachers for teaching me all my writing skills.


Section 1 ‘A little bit of everything’ This section is a little bit of everything. You have my experiences, skills, thoughts, and my expressions. This section is just all about me. After you read this you will know a lot about me. It might also help you understand the rest of the book.


Skills I am very skilled at cooking. The first steps/tips on how to become a successful chef are very simple. First is always following the recipe. You have to follow it perfectly to get whatever you’re cooking to turn out right. Another thing you need to do to be a good chef is to always start with the simple recipes first when creating a meal. Always keep your work area clean. Never be rushed when you’re cooking. You don’t want to be under pressure either. Make sure you have enough ingredients for that recipe before you begin.


Spring Break 2013 Over Spring Break I did lots of fun things. Overall my favorite thing that happened was going to Branson with my church youth group. We had lots of fun but we also grew spiritually. Some of us were Baptist in the Holy Spirit while others were being saved. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.


Thinking Differently? If everyone around me was thinking differently than what I was thinking I most likely not stand up for what I was thinking. I might try to bring it up and see what they would say but I would never fully admit to thinking that way. Why? Because I want to fit in, I want to be like everyone else. I mean, don’t get me wrong attention is great but when everyone is looking at you like your some alien from outer space I go a little crazy.


Tom and Tim. There were two little boys, Tom and Tim. They were brothers, twins in fact. One day they went down to the park together. Tim was going down the slide when out of nowhere leaped a giant dog. Tim plummeted down from the top of the slide. Tom ran over to Tim, when he found out Tim was okay they decide to go home for the day. When they arrived home they found their dog wasn’t there. They searched everywhere, their yard, the park, every alley in town. With no luck they decided to put up posters of their missing dog. Several weeks later, with still no trace of their dog, they were outside playing when the phone rang. They both looked up surprised and hopefully, and ran into the house. Tom answered “Hello?!!” He gasped for air. Nothing. Only silence on the other line. Discouraged he hung up the phone. Tim patiently waiting spoke “Well.. Who was it? Do they have our dog?!” Sadly Tom Replied “No. Wrong Number.” Glumly the boys resumed playing in the back yard. Once again, the phone started to ring. Tom sighed “You get it this time.” Tim got up and went inside, grabbed the phone, and look at Tom for reassurement. He answered “Hello..” The strange voiced laughed then quickly hung up.


That One Night that Changed Everything. Loud voices pierce into my ears. My head pounding as I lay on the ground. I have no idea what happened. The only thing that I can recognize is a sharp pain in my right leg. It’s happened before. It’s nearly daylight outside and there probably a thousand people or so surrounding me. I can see bits and pieces of metal through the gaps in the crowd. I began to sit up. The crowd cheers, although there are a few screams. Then I remember everything that happened. I catch myself gasping at my own disbelief. A tear rolls down my cheek. The horrifying truth, I’m the only one still alive, and barely at that. I am lifted onto a gurney and taken to the hospital. There’s even more people waiting there. Most family but I see a few of my friends from school. Red eyes, puffy cheeks, it’s all happened before.


Section 2 “The Fun Side.” This section is about being super crazy, and totally random. This is about being who you really are and not caring about what anybody else thinks. It’s all those crazy outbursts. It’s all those crazy dreams that will never come true. Those crazy mixed up worlds that we all secretly wish we could live in.


That One Person. There’s always that one person whose laugh is complete insane. Whose clothes never match. Who tells the stupidest jokes and laughs anyways. It’s what life is all about, Finding out what person you are. Finding where you belong, where no matter what you do everyone will still love you because you’re still able to be who you are without caring what anyone else thinks. The sad part is some people never find that.


Far Far Away. Once upon a time, in a far far away land there lived many spectacular creatures called oafs. Oafs have many gifts; flight, magical powers, and shape shifting, but they weren’t always that way. Master Olaf captured them to be his slaves for all eternity. Afraid the oafs would over power him he bargained with them giving them all these gifts in return for their soul.


Work Together Logical Ideas and Emotional Thoughts work together by helping each other complete a thought. One idea can fill in the missing pieces to an emotional thought or likewise. You can’t rely on just an idea for a solution because to have a good answer you have to have a reason to back it up. You can’t rely on just an emotional thought because there might be something else to prove otherwise.


Wings of an Eagle There once lived a princess in a far far away land, called Sugarland. In this land you had wings of an eagle and hair as long as Rapunzel. You could talk to trees and whisper to the grass. This was a magical land; not very many people lived here. Only a few, chosen by the King and Queen.


Focus One time that I had to focus was last year on the benchmark. I was really stressed out because we had to take the science part and that’s something that I had never done before. I wasn’t very good at science anyway so I was really stressed out and as always I didn’t even study. When the results of the test came back I was actually pleased although I could of done better and it was the lowest of all my test scores and the first time I ever mad a basic on a the benchmark, I did a lot better than I had excepted. I did well because I was focused on the test.


Section 3 “Getting Down To Business.” This section is mainly some of my eighth grade English assignments that I have done over the year. These are some book reports, predictions and essays. Although when it comes down to school work everybody tunes out but this section is surprisingly interesting. It’s about those times when your stressing out because you have three book reports due Monday or the finals on Friday. It’s another side of my life.


Getting Dirty A time when getting dirty was a good thing was when I was reading our class novel, “Travels with Charley�, we took post-it notes and wrote down important words or sentences. There were post-it notes sticking out everywhere.


Treating People Right I treat people with respect because after all everyone deserves it. I also treat people equality because everyone is the same, no matter what color or size you are everyone’s still the same at heart. I wouldn’t want to be treated differently because I’m white so why should I treat people different.


Murder Attempt The high schooler, Casey Campbell pleads instinct as the trail begins this Tuesday morning. As witnesses rise, one by one, to give their testimonies the time slowly creeps by. The trail continues and the attorneys give their closing statements. They seem a bit unprepared but they give it their best shot. Jury deliberation begins already heading south for Casey. Only three in his favor. Slowly each jury member decides guilty. As the foremen arises to give the final answer the judge looks up at Casey, but he already knows what’s coming.


12 Angry Men My prediction of the outcome for 12 Angry Men is that they will decide that the ‘killer’ is instant. I predict this because in Act three there have been five more jury memebers change their minds. I think that people will keep switching sides until they just give in and decide instant.


Greek Gods If I could be any Greek god I wanted to be I would be Hermes because he gives to travel everywhere and everyone trusts him.


The Average Teen Life  

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