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The Thoughts Within’

The Thoughts Within’ By: Isaiah Hudspeth Published By: Isaiah Hudspeth Published At: Huntsville Arkansas Date Published: May 10, 2013

Table of contents Part 1: Experiences 3. Fishing Time 4. Road Trip 5. Call of Duty 6. Isaiah the Gray 7. Wizard in the Desert

Part 2: Randomness 9. 1752 Benjamin Franklin 10. That’s No Way to Live My Rules Why Serious Call of Duty

Part 3: Funny The Battle 2100 Hours List The End of the World Wait! What!?

Acknowledgments This anthology would not be possible without my friends, family and others. Like the random stuff I do and family for the experiences.

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Part 1 This part I credit my family for the experiences I’ve had. These are just some experiences. Like the time I went fishing and Christmas Day and Road trips.

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Fishing Time When we went fishing on that summer day we literally caught around 75 fish. We put most fish into other ponds so they can spawn. I think you know what we did with the rest. We scaled the fish and ate them. That was the best fish id ever ate.

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Road Trip I went to Texas on a road trip to go to my aunt and uncles house. I learned that in Texas it’s all not just sand and cactus it’s also green pines and mountains to. I also went to Kansas City to go to Worlds of Fun. I learned that there was a shooting long ago at the Union Station in the 1900s. We arrived at night and there was tall buildings, hotels, lots of lights, Casinos, amusement parks but that all seemed to shrink in the morning.

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Call of Duty M-27 with fast mag, grip, and red dot sight. The guns camo is gold and the red dot sights reticle is predator. Last night on Call of Duty I scored 47 to 11 and got MVP (most valued player) on the map shipwrecked. I look up fast as my bullets spray the first enemy in the face. The only thing flashing through my mind is: Is there any more enemies around. So I throw a flash bang. Yep! They’re more. Then all I hear is sniper down after one man throws a grenade replacing my flash bang. Then I go through a building so I whip out my tactical knife with an sss! And start walking. As I’m coming around a corner I see a guy camping in a window. So I crouch and move in very stealthy. SLASH! Back Stabber appears on screen.

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Wizard in the Desert The man crossed the desert with the bare minimum the close on his back and the water in his body and a spell book. He didn’t think he could survive much longer but he trudged on into the night. The only thing keeping him alive is the raw camel meat. He never gave up no matter how tired he got. So he pulled out his spell book gazing upon its buety. This book has been handed down centuries by his great grandfather. (He lived for several centuries) With this book the casted the go home out of the desert spell. This did not work very effectively of course because why would you want to read something so porpostorisly sort. Anyway the wizard was sent to another desert but of course he did the same thing over and over until the spell sent him on a boat in the middle of the DESERT. The results were more promising than just the desert. Now he had a shelter. Now he tried to give himself water and the spell turned the desert into an ocean.

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Isaiah the Great Many moons ago under the icy gaze of a dark sun, the forest trembled with diffidence as the wizard rose from the under growth of the trees. His only mission was to make the mountains fall into the ocean and the dark sun burst into icebergs. His name was Isaiah the gray. He has been training for this very 10 minutes his whole wizard career.

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Part 2: Random The random thoughts I’ve had.

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1752, Benjamin Franklin Today I have discovered that there is electricity in clouds by using an ordinary kite. I tide a key to the kite’s string and flew the kite in the storm that day. The reason I flew the kite in the storm was to see if the clouds had electric charge. The unlimited possibilities with this electricity.

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That’s no Way to Live The trees are the only place to we can find safety. We build houses here in the trees while the monsters at our feet try to kill us, but we fight back in the Black Forest Mountains with all we have, swords, armor, and bows. The pork chops come in handy, cooked or not, while a zombie tries to eat us. But of course I always swoop around and kill it. When the sun comes out the zombies and skeletons burn to the ground and the only things left are the creepers and the spiders.

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The Thoughts Within'  

rsulli, anthology project

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