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My 8 Grade Journey By: Harmony Barnes May 10, 2013

My 8th grade Journey Harmony Barnes Huntsville Middle School Huntsville, Arkansas May 10, 2013

Table of Contents Part 11.

Resolutions for a new year


A great start


Foolish or Heroic


Test, tests, and more tests


Along with the crowd

Part 26.

Not guilty







10. Train ride Part 311.

Spring break

12. Benchmark week 13.

Summer fun


Growing up


Letter to me


This book was made for anyone who would like to read it. I want to give thanks to all of my friends who have supported me with the choices I’ve made throughout the year. I also want to give thanks to Mrs. Sullivan for being a great English teacher. I hope you enjoy it!

Part 1

This section is partly about how I felt in the beginning of the 8th grade. They tell how I feel about things that go on around me every day. Some are just of a few of my writings and different prompts. Others are some freestyle writings that I did in class. But they all have to do with the beginning of the year.

Resolutions for a new year One of my resolutions for myself would not to be so lazy. In the past I would always just

lounge around and do nothing. My steps to make this a reality would to be doing a little bit of chores and being more active. One for school is staying focused and doing well on my grades. Before I didn’t really try my hardest and I would like that to change. I am going to study more and pay attention in class more. A resolution for my community or country is just to help out more. I would like to do more activities that would befit my community or country.

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A Great Start

The school year so far has been going great! I have all A’s and B’s in my classes and I want to keep it that way. I’ve been working a lot harder in school and on trying to complete all my classwork and my homework. I have some really nice friends to. They are all really nice and have good personalities. I’m looking forward to a good year in the 8th grade.

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Foolish or Heroic First one of the Greeks, Echo, was just plain foolish. She was told to stop talking by Hera. Echo did not listen and kept on talking and talking. For talking so much Echo was cursed forever by only echoing the last word that anyone said. Another Greek was Hercules and he was one of the heroic ones. One example that showed he was heroic is that he helped everyone in his town. He also protected everyone from any bad people or monsters that came. He eve saved a girl from Hades all by himself. The last, but not least Greek was Pandora. Pandora was super foolish for what she did. As a present Zeus gave her a box, but told her never to open it. Full of wonder Pandora had to open it and she did. Everything bad that you could think of let out of the box like murder, stealing, etc., but when she finally got the box closed the only thing left inside was hope. There are some Greeks that come face to face with fate. Some of them are heroic and others are just foolish.

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Tests, Tests, and more Tests I am really nervous for all the tests that are coming up in school. I have one in almost

every class! I hope that I can get really good scores on all of them. I am most likely going to have to study a lot for all of them which I’m not all that excited either

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Along with the crowd I would go along with the crowd because I wouldn’t want to have to explain myself to

everyone. I also wouldn’t want them to judge me just because I thought a little differently. It would just be a lot easier to agree with what they have to say and move on.

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Part 2 All of these pieces are either prompts or writing that I have done throughout the year.

They are all different prompts and writing assignments. Even though they are something that I had to write about they still show my feelings in them. They were topics that I felt strongly about. Plus I thought all of these were good topics to choose to put in here.

Not guilty

As the defense attorney we believe that the boy is not guilty for several reasons. For one he was at the movie while this all took place. Second reason the old man’s testimony is incorrect. The last reason is that the women who claimed to have seen it couldn’t have. I hope that the members of the jury can see our point. The first reason the boy is not guilty is because he was at the movies when the incident took place. Even though he couldn’t tell us what movie he watched. I don’t anyone would

after what he has gone through. The workers said they didn’t recognize him but the must see a lot of people during their time of work. They could have just easily forgot or not even notice. Secondly, the old man said it only took him 15 seconds but in a test it must have took him at least 35. You might say he just calculated wrong but he swore on it. We also thing he said he saw the boy because he wanted the attention. He’s an old man and has never been noticed or recognized in his whole entire life. The man just couldn’t have seen it.

Finally, the women a crossed the el tracks would not been able to see the boy stab the

father like she said she did. This is because of her glasses. For her to see the boy she would have needed to have her glasses on before she sat up to look. As we all know most people who wear glasses don’t sleep with them on. Therefore she wouldn’t have seen the boy stab he’s father without her glasses. The boy is not guilty. To summarize the boy had said he was the movie at the time this all happened. The old man couldn’t have seen the boy running down the stairs in time. Also the women could not have seen the boy. I hope the members of the jury see our point.

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The purpose for all the rules that I have to follow is to keep me out of trouble and so that I can stay on track with what I am supposed to be focusing on. Weather it is at home or in school. If I didn’t have rules than I probably would not do anything because I wouldn’t know what’s right and what wrong. What’s good and what’s bad.

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The masks most people thing automatically of are probably the ones you would where at Halloween. But others wear a much more different mask. The other mask you might wear is like when you’re trying to hide your emotions. Now there not really masks that you can see and feel but there a different kind. For example when someone is mad the might hit it by trying to act happy and put a smile on their face.

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I think that I would symbolize happiness or joy because I am always very happy and cheerful. I always hate to see people mad or sad and try to cheer them up however I can. If there was anything that I could give to someone it would have to be happiness.

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Train Ride “I didn’t know exactly where the train was going. After paying my fare, I simply stood on the platform waiting for it to whisk me away to somewhere, anywhere but here. And

that’s when it happened…” I heard loud piercing sound coming from behind me. Women and children screams filled the air. Then I hear it again my ears feel like their g0ing to pop. It all happened so quickly and made me dizzy. People with guns quickly surrounded a large group of people into a nearby train that was coming to a stop me included. They told us to sit down and stay quiet. I tried to stay calm but this was all so unreal. I knew I had to get

out before they blew up the train. While they weren’t paying attention I slid through the back door and ran as fast as I can to the back of the train. I opened the door to find the rail road tracks slipping away. The only way I knew to get off was to jump. I knew it was risky and that I could get hurt but it was better than dying. So I jumped and I hit the ground with a huge thump. The next morning I woke up in a hospital and they told me that a group of kids walking on the tracks found me and called for help. I was so glad I survived and not a lot did.

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Part 3

Well the school year is almost over and I’m going to miss it. In this part I tried to focus on the things I did at the end of the year. Some are even about what I am going to do in the future. There are a few that I have already done. I tried to keep it light and fun.

Spring break

I am so excited for spring break that is coming up. On Saturday I’m going to go shopping for a new bathing suit. Then I’m going to go to fast lanes with my friend Jaylyn, my older brother Eden, Stephanie, Clark, and Skylyn. Then the rest of the week I’m go ing over to all of my friends’ houses to hang out with all of them. But the weekend is the best part. A

few of my friends and I are going to Branson, Missouri for the whole weekend. Where going to stay a really nice hotel that’s right by the lake. But it gets better we get to go swimming in a huge indoor pool and hot tube (that’s why I got a new bathing suit). I can’t wait.

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Benchmark week

The benchmark was very long week for me. The tests weren’t all that hard, but having to sit in a class room for hours at a time got a little bit boring. I did have a lot of my friends in the same class as me though so that wasn’t too bad. The only thing I did like about the benchmark was the candy or soda we got at lunch. The classes after the testing were actually my favorite classes. So I guess over all it wasn’t that bad.

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Summer fun

This summer is going to be great! My family from California is flying out to see us. My Uncle Matt is the first one coming. He said he’s going to take me on a shopping trip so that should be really fun. Where probably going to be camping by the lake so he and my older brother can go fishing. I’ll be swimming with my little brother the whole time though. My Tia Shannon and my little cousin Sophia are coming next. Were probably be going to hang out in Fayetteville a lot cause I don’t how she’s going to like my little town. And of course I’m going to be hanging out with my friends a lot to.

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Growing up

Growing up is something that no one should be afraid of. There may be a lot of ups and downs in your life, but not everything is bad. You get to experience more things when your older, meet new people that can become your new best friend, and the best part is that no one can boss you around anymore.

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Letter to me

Dear future Harmony,

I hope that you finally graduated high school or at least are still in it. I hope by now that you know what you want to do in life for when you go to college. Right know I would like to be a doctor. Do you still want to be a doctor or have you changed you mind? I hope you have a really cool car. Like a Bugatti Veyron ha-ha I wish! I also hope you have a good job that you like and that you work hard at. And maybe have an apartment that you live in with your friends.

Love, Harmony (the 14 year-old you)

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My 8th Grade Journey  
My 8th Grade Journey  

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