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Clear Blue Sky

By Courtney McCone

Clear Blue Sky By Courtney McCone Published By Catbird Press Huntsville, Arkansas 72740 May 10, 2013

Table of Contents Dedication Biographical Sketches Part One-Me My Journey Mudd’n Final Game Weekend Part Two-Summer Sea Life Basketball Break Free Willy Part Three-Thankful Masks Justice Following the Crowd That Guy

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Dedication I’m blessed to have had all of my English teachers throughout the years. They all have taught me new writings skills and helped me improved others, Also grateful for my fellow classmates, friends, and family; who have inspired me.


Biographical Sketch Part one: These quick writes are some of my past experiences, and things I enjoy. Tells more about me and what I do like and what I don’t like. Even about my family and friends. My past adventures and what I saw in different places. Also my hobbies and what I’m determined for. Part two: This section is more about my opinions in life. What I would like to do in the future or accomplish, Places I enjoy being, and some more interests I have. Has reasoning for why I think that about a certain thing. But last has some more future plans for summer and so on. Part three: My final writings are deeper down. Things I’m grateful for, why people wear “masks” or why we flow the crowd. I share my thoughts about things in the world today. I guess you can say it’s more serious writings. Finishes off with a mysterious story.


Me Courtney Is loving, funny, happy Siblings of Brittney, Chad, and Sean Lover of basketball, dolphins, and ice cream Who feels tired, lazy, and goofy Who gives time and effort Who fears spiders, clowns, and knives Who would like to see Taylor Lautner, a sea horse, and an African Coastline Who lives in Huntsville McCone


My Journeys I’ve been to Missouri and Texas many times. Also to Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Florida. Tennessee, and Alabama. There are some people who are alike but others who are very different. Some have different accents, styles, activities, and foods. If you want to learn about other people then I would suggest getting out of Arkansas a few times. While traveling it’s good to try new things. My favorite trip that I’ve been on was to Guatemala. First time I’ve been out of the country and I wish to go back soon. I helped in an orphanage to those who were needed. By traveling to a different country I learned that us in America are very blessed. The poorest here is considered rich down there. The climate is much different down there then here. Along with the people, languages, and customs.


Mudd’n A time I got dirty for fun was when my brother and I went mudd’n. It was last summer, and it poured down rain the day before. We went on several dirt roads, and a couple of trails in the woods. We were both covered in mud as well as the 4wheeler. Chad never did let me drive. I don’t know why so I just rode on the back the whole time. After five hours of riding we decided to go back to the house. Our mom sprayed us down outside because she wasn’t going to let us track all that mud on her carpet.


Final Game Basketball season is almost over; tomorrow is our last game. Last night we played Trinity and won by at least 15. But in the morning we face Harrison who has beaten us only by a few points and then blew us out the next. Should be a pretty good game if we play our best. Then offseason starts in about a week. We lift, run, jump, scrimmage, and whatever we can to get stronger and faster and ready for the next season. This season was up and down this year. We had an okay beginning then went downhill from there but at the very end something started to happed. We did a lot better and were still losing some games but we had made progress and put up a good fight. I remember the first time we played Clarksville, we got a beaten. But the next time we faced them we went into overtime and only lost by a few. Our coach was proud of us and to keep our heads up. I guess you could say it was a tough season but I think it will get us ready for next year to come out nice and strong.


Weekend Last week was the High School Basketball State Tournament so we went to watch the girls play. They won Wednesday which meant they would play in the second round on Friday. Friday afternoon we left town, all seven of us, and would be on the road for four hours. We slept most of the way but then we stopped to see my dad and the team where they had stopped at a Dick’s sporting goods store. After that we eat and went back on the road. 6’clock and we finally got to the gym. We meet my sister and watched the game. They won pretty good and went on to the third round but got beat in the semis. After the game ended, we talked to Dad for a bit then we went to spend the night at my sister’s house in Crossett. But first we stopped to a baroque place called “Ray’s” and eat dinner. The next morning we slept for a while then had some biscuits and gravy. My brothers and I played Zambia ‘til everybody got up. After everybody was showered and ready we head’n back to the gym for the 4’clock game. About an hour and forty-five minute drive back to Pine Bluff. We lost and after the game we eat at a Chinese Restaurant the head’n back home returning home at 2 a.m.


Summer I like the summertime way better than winter. Summer means no school, no getting up early, and no freezing weather. During the summer I enjoy lying outside by our pool tanning. Spending time with friends is always another option during the summer. Even though it’s not basketball season, we still go the several camps which is always fun. My birthday is also in the summer which is something to forward too. One of my favorite is vacation! I always enjoy getting out of town with the family for the week doing whatever we pleased. When someone is a senior, they get to pick where we go for that summer. So Chad got to choose, which was Tennessee. Although it’s not a beach where I would have chosen, I think it will still be fun. We also have a trip planned to South Dakota, in late June. But then every year Delanie and I go to a sports camp right before school starts to finish off the summer!


Sea Life When I’m out of college and have my own house I want a pet dolphin. If I am unable to keep it at my house then I would like to have an aquarium. Teach them tricks all day then perform in shows, such as Sea World. I love being in the water and love animals. I have a passion for orcas and dolphins most of all, but just sea life in general. Another goal is to swim with sharks and maybe get in a cage out in the open ocean waters.


Basketball Basketball is and always will be my favorite sport. Every day we have practice to improve our skills and get ready for future games. It’s a lot of time, work, and effort, but it is worth it. I still love it at the end of the day. My very first camp that I went to was when I was going into the second grade. Even before that I was raised in a gym. My dad is a basketball coach so when I was in diapers I was running around in the gym. I’ve grew up around basketball also because my old sister and brother both played since they were young also. Every summer I went to that same camp and still so today. Then in second and third grade I played in a league called Upwards. Fourth grade to sixth grade I played on a team that was a traveling team from school. Then seventh grade I started playing with the school and still do today as well. But then in the summer I play on a summer team which we play tournaments all throughout the summertime. My basketball number was number elven from the first time I started playing to the eighth grade. Now it is number ten and I hope to have that number ‘til the time I graduate.


Break I needed some time away from school. Not worrying about test or homework. Also a time to relax and do whatever. Enjoy sleeping in and not having to read or write. Good time to spend time with family and friends. Getting away from the cold weather and walking around in it all day. I got to travel and see black sand for the first time, and swam in the Pacific Ocean. Went shopping and eat at a very nice restaurant that I can’t even pronounce. I went overseas with my older brother, Chad, and some friends. Not being stuck inside a classroom for fifty minutes. Breaks are good for getting away from certain people and their drama. We are with each other for ten months; we need our space. I have trouble reading my books for AR deadlines so this was a nice time to get away from that. Also I have a younger brother who I can’t stand more than half the time and to have a week off was amazing. I wish we had more of these more often but I know that’s not realistic because we have things to get done but sure would be nice.


Free Willy My all time favorite movie would of course be Free Willy. It’s about a killer whale name Willy and his friend Jesse. Willy is kept in a tank made for smaller fish, such as dolphins, not for massive whales. Jesse helps Willy back into the ocean back with his family. Jesse was a caring person, because he thought about what Willy wanted. This has been my favorite since I was real little. I love the ocean and everything in it... especially killer whales. Jesse is a foster child who didn’t trust anybody…at first. That’s how he and Willy had such a great bond. Jessie could trust Willy with his life and Willy could trust Jessie with his life. Then it goes on to a second Free Willy movie. Jessie finds out he has a brother and he is coming to live with him and his foster parents. They don’t get along too will ‘til the very end. Which is related to Willy when some oil is spilled into the ocean and the whales are endangered by it.


Thankful I’m thankful for my parents who take care of all my needs. Brothers and sisters who make me laugh and friends that are there for me. I’m thankful to have a warm home during the winter, food everyday, and clothes on my back. Many take this for graduated, but they don’t realize that there are kids in different countries, who would love to go to school. So I’m thankful for my education.


Masks Masks people wear today could be because of they don’t want others to know the real you. Maybe because of things you’ve done in the past or things you’re not proud of, or certain things you do around certain people. But once you’re around those certain people, the mask comes off. I don’t know why, but we all do it at some point in our life. Just don’t worry about what others think and take it off and be yourself.


Justice Sometimes we doubt, but also act out of fear. It depends on the situation. When someone does something that you think is wrong and don’t have a good relationship with them, then we would most likely want them to be punished. But if another person did the same thing but you liked that person, then you want them to find justice for that person. That is not fair to that other person cause of favoritism. We should not judge to quickly and if needed such as a jury, to base your decision on your own thoughts and morals. Not because of others and their thoughts. Never think you are better than the person next to.


Following the Crowd If you were going out to eat with some friends and they all wanted Chinese food, but you would rather have Mexican food; I would probably just go along with the crowd because it’s really not that big of a deal where you eat. But if somebody asked you to steal something from a store, that’s a different story; I wouldn’t go along with the crowd. I would stand up for myself because if I didn’t then it could end pretty badly. Everybody also says to be the leader and come on top. But in order to be the leader you have to be able to follow the leader. If you can’t ever follow a leader what makes you think you can be a leader? On the other hand; don’t be a follower your whole life. Follow the strong ones and lead the weak ones and you’ll come out on top.


That Guy I didn’t know exactly where the train was going. After paying my fare, I simply stood on the platform waiting for it to whisk me away to somewhere, anywhere but here. And that’s when it happened… As we took off, I sat down as soon as we aboard the train. I watched this other passenger who sat across from me. He seemed very tense and jumpy. He never took his right hand out of his pocket in his jacket, but you could still see something in his hand. He made me nervous and I didn’t know what to do. I got up and went to the back off the gloomy train. I sat down and started to doze off to sleep. But just then sounds rang to my ear….gunshots, and screams filled the train that came to a sudden halt. I heart stopped and I held my breath for a second, feeling sick to my stomach. It was dead silence and nobody moved. The worst thoughts came to my mind. A few minutes later and man in his forties came in and told us the news. I was confused. Apparently the man had shot himself. I was glad nobody else was injured but I wonder what his reasoning was. Was he in trouble, or did he just give up? I’ll never know what his problem was.


Clear Blue Sky  

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