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May 10th 2013 Anthology

My Misunderstood Life Author: Cheyenne Keck Publisher: Keck’s publishing Company Huntsville, Arkansas Friday, May 10, 2013

Table of Contents

Dedication Page Part 1 Biography (Life) My Mask Responsibilities My Town Growing Up Stranded Part 2 Biography (Weird Me) I Want To Be Chocolate The god I Want to Be What I’m Thankful For My Best Friend Part 3 Biography (Adventure) The Train Surprise Mother Nature Eagle Eye The Creepy Noise

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Dedication Page

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am grateful to so many people who made this book possible. I would also like to thank Ms. Sullivan for helping me get my book published for everyone to see. Thank you all so very much!


Part 1


Biography (Life) This section shows the life of me. It shows who I am, and how much I love it. It shows my personality, and love for the world. It also shows what I would do in a Problem to fix it. This section is a great one, and tells a lot about my personality and how I show it. This section shows a big side of me and how I think and act. Hope you love it. Enjoy!


My Mask I wear a Mask unlike no other. I wear a mask of Funniness, Happiness, Joyfulness, Lovingness, Mystery, and Sadness. I wear this special mask every day to show who I am. I do get Sad and upset. I am Funny and make people laugh and smile. I’m mysterious because I have a lot of Secrets and I’m also every sneaky. Some people wear masks to because they think it makes them look brave. I think that if you have to have a mask to be brave, then you’re not brave.


Responsibilities What Responsibilities schools have for students is, to teach their students new things and how to do stuff (like English, Math, History, and Art.) They have to teach us these things because it’s their job. That is why the government built schools. To teach kids new things they need to know in life. What Responsibilities parents have for their children is to take care of them, help them, love them, and help them understand how to be responsible for themselves and others, because they are our parents and they love you!


My Town If I owned my own town I would make my rules like these: 1. Do not steal form people or things. 2. Do not cheat. 3. Do not harm people, and their friends and family. 4. Lifeguards must be looking for sharks and dangerous things at all times. 5. Everyone gets a house. 6. Every other month all people will pay $10.00 for the use of house. 7. NO KILLING! 8. Get cake every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 9. Every Saturday night have a Party. 10. Go to Church every Sunday.


Growing Up There once was a young girl named, Andy, and she was so excited that she was turning 13 this year. One day her friend said, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” Andy didn’t know what she wanted to be yet, and her friend sad that since she was going to be in Middle School this year, she need to find out, and fast. Andy was scared that she was growing up too fast and didn’t like it. Her Mother told her how if she doesn’t grow up she will never have a family and get married. She also told her that growing up was a great thing to do even for her age. Andy was happy again, because she found out life was precious and it shouldn’t be wasted on worrying about every little thing. That it was “Ok” to grow up and be Happy.


Stranded “Where am I?” I ask myself, “What happened?” I knew that I was on a Ship and now I’m here, but where is here? Am I alone? I need to find Food, Water, and Shelter, but where? I don’t know where I am. I will go make shelter with these bam-boo sticks and leaves, c xzand then I’ll go find some food and good water. ___________________________________________ It’s been two whole weeks and I have found food, water, and made a great Shelter. I have seen a Boat come and go and I thing I can get its attention with the smoke of my fire.” I CAN SEE IT!!!” I yell. I’m so glad I am alive. I’m going to go home and see my family and never ever leave them again.


Part 2


Biography (Weird Me) This section shows the Weird side of me. This section will tell you about My Weird Ways. It will show you what I think and feel about things. How I feel about my Family, friends, food, and lots of other things that I wish I could be or have. This section is one of my favorites and is just a little bit weird, but that way its about the weird side of me! I believe this section really does help you k now more about me. Hope you love it. Enjoy!


I Want To Be I have always wanted to be a Dog, because I like to go outside and play. I also love to get dirty. As a Dog I would represent fun! The Dog is a concrete object making a symbol, while the concept for fun is an abstract idea which makes the symbol a representation.


Chocolate I love Chocolate. Chocolate is known has my comforting food for when I’m sad, mad, or just upset. One time I was sad because my Dog died. I feel all Sad inside. My whole Family cried for days. I had no Chocolate, so I felt offal all the time. He was my favorite Dog to his name was Pebbles. I wish he was still with us, but now I know that sometimes Chocolate can’t make you feel better!


The god I Want to Be The god I would want to be is the goddess Aphrodite, because I would help people with their problems to feel better and to be never alone again. I would help those who loved someone. Make the other fall in love too!


What I’m Thankful For My Friends and Family is what I am thankful for. They all are always there for me when I need them, and when I don’t. My Friends care about who I am and what I do. My family cares about me and what I choose and how I choose it. They all care about everything I do, and all love me so much! The things I am most thankful for is all of them. I love them so much; I don’t know what I would do without them!


My Best Friend I could not have asked for a better day; here I was cheering on my best Friend, Michaela, what better way can you spend an afternoon? I was hanging out with my Friends and someone challenged Michaela, she said that they would race form the end of the field back half-way. Michaela said, “Ready, Set, GO!” They were off! Running as fast as they could! I cheered and cheered and Michaela stayed in the lead. She went all the way to the end of the field and was on her way back. I keep cheering. With Michaela’s opponent right behind her, she gained speed. ZOOM! She runs right past the half-way mark! She had won the race. It was an Amazing race and a great game.


Part 3


Biography (Adventure) This section shows the Adventurous part of me. It shows all the adventures I have thought of or done. It also shows the Wild and Strange things I think of and write down. This section also sows the kind of things I think of in my spare time. Some of them are funny, scary, creepy, or just strait out strange. I LOVE to write about Adventures and that is one of the main reasons I choose this one. Hope you love it. Enjoy!


Surprise In a small town there lived a girl named, Audrey. She was turning 6 this Saturday, and she was always very curious. That night she heard a sound coming from her family’s backyard. She opened the backdoor, but nothing was there. She stepped out to take a closer look, and then the backdoor slapped shut! Standing behind her was a shadow that grabbed her and told her to hold on tight. Audrey was scared, but she was mostly wanting to go back home to her family. The strange person took her to a faraway forest and told her he would be back, soon. She tried to stop him but it was too late. She was lost and scared and didn’t want to move because she would get even more lost then she already was. “But Today is my Birthday!!” she screamed. That night she prayed to see her family again. All at once the stars lite up and shined so bright the night! It was the prettiest thing she had ever seen! Than from behind the trees comes her daddy and he says, Happy Birthday!”


The Train As I was waiting for my train to arrive I saw a snake, as long as three people’s legs combined! It came after me, but I was too quick. I think I lost him. The train had arrived and I hopped on. I went to the front of the train and found out that the Driver was gone and the Co. Driver was dead. It was a mystery to me on why all of this was happening: the snake, drivers and stuff. I went back to my seat to fi nd out that everyone else was gone too! Scared to death I grabbed the emergency gun and jumped out of the train on to my horse that was waiting for me. I was free, but this wasn’t the end, this was only the beginning. Ahead of me, about a few miles was a stamped of Zombies! I realized the Apocalypse was here and ready, but I wasn’t. I was doomed! All I could do was ride away from there, as fat as I could.


Mother Nature On a bright and beautiful day Mother Nature made everything perfect: The flowers, the water, and the fields. No one was better at making this like Mother Nature. It was the prettiest thing you could ever see. There was a young man that lived down on Earth and loved Mother Nature and the beautiful things she did and wanted her to be his forever. The next day it was raining and storming really badly and the young man wanted to know, why? He set off on a journey to the great far and wide. When got to the top of the tallest mountain, where Mother Nature lived, he found her crying! He ran to her, to comfort her, but it was too late almost everyone was gone from the Earth. He stayed with Mother Nature, because his family and friends where all gone. His love, Mother Nature, had killed them in the storm.


Eagle Eye There was this guy named, Zach. He was always in the open, and was always fine. Till one day. He got a phone call. It was from someone he has never met, and on the other said of that phone there was a lady speaking. She told Zach to run! He was in a building and didn’t understand. Before he knew it a car came flying into the buildings window. He was asking this one lady a bunch of questions, but she said there was no time. She said she was going to keep him alive as long as he did what she said to do. Zach was scared, but he knew what to do. He had to do whatever she said to live.


The Creepy Noise There was a noise coming from my bathroom. I was scared because my parents were at work and my friend had just left my house from hanging out. I waited and waited, but the noise never stopped. The noise was a squeaking and splashing, but why in my bathroom. I ran down stairs into the kitchen to the garage. I grabbed my old baseball bat and up the stair case. I waited. Unsure of what could be making the noise. There it was again, Squeak then splash. I walk in front of my closed bathroom door and waited till the noise came again. A second or two later the noise came again, so I busted the bathroom door open and there it was. My squeaky window was flowing in the wind and the sinks water was running. I started to laugh.


My Misunderstood Life  

rsulli, anthology project

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