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Writer’s Workshop A collection of w riting by Caleb Montgomery Spanky Publications Huntsville, AR Friday, May 10, 2013

General Introduction This Anthology project is made up of a collection of stories from my 8 th grade year. Some stories are about me and some are about stuff I do and what I write about. Read it and I hope you like them.

Huntin’ I love to hunt. I hunt deer, turkey, coyotes, squirrel, and pretty much everything you can think of. I went hunting this year and I bagged a button buck during muzzleloader season and me and my dad gutted it and hauled it to the house. We skinned it and took the meat off of it and put it in the freezer. During modern gun season my dad took me hunting with his 25-06 and we went to our blind in the middle of our cow field. A couple of hours passed before we seen movement. There was 7 does about 100 yards away from us. We snuck out of the blind and crawled to about 50 yards from them and I pulled the gun up. I squeezed the trigger softly to hear a loud boom!! As I look away from the scope I see the deer hit the ground. I was really happy to see a deer hit the g round because I haven’t been seeing deer around. Last year, I went turkey hunting and I got set up at this blind and my dad and I set up our decoys. We called to the turkeys and they gobbled back at us. They came running in and the toms were chasing the jake around in circles. The toms started strutting and next thing I know I pulled the trigger. I missed but next time I see one they won’t live another day.

Alittle Elbow Grease I had to fix my truck because it w ouldn’t start. I w ent and bought a new battery. The fuel pump w ent out on it so I had to take of the gas tank and get the fuel pump off. There w as w ater in the fuel tank so I had to craw l under the truck and take the tank off. I unscrew ed some rusty and dusty bolts. When I got done w orking on the truck I w as covered in dirt and grease. After I got it to starting it w as a positive thing because I got to drive it. It w as w orth it to fix it because now my dad can haul our w ater w ith it and I can use it around the farm.

Dirty Turkey I had to use my time management skills w hen I w as cleaning turkey houses. I had to get a certain amount of w aters w ashed before my job w as done. I had to clean every single thing because of a disease that the turkeys got. There is a deadline that everything has to be cleaned by. I had to get the feeders cleaned by hand and then on to cleaning the w aters and the rest of the turkey house. I had to take the curtains dow n and get them ready to be w ashed. Time is definitely of the essence. Cleaning turkey houses can suck and be boring but it can also be fun.

Ridin’ in the Wind To ride a bicycle you have to start out w ith training w heels. When you think you got training w heels w hipped you can take them off and try to take off w ithout them. Y ou try pedaling and keeping balanced because you don’t w ant to lean to one side or you’ll fall over. Y ou have to stay even and stay pedaling. If you w ant to stop then you just slow ly apply the brake and put your feet dow n to catch yourself. Bike riding is easy once you get the hang of it.

Takin’ alittle Ride I have a truck and it’s a 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 flatbed. It has green doors and the other parts are maroon. I love my truck because it’s a standard and I can take it almost anyw here. I haul w ater w ith it and take it w hen I go fishing or w hen I go hunting. This ‘ole truck w ill be w ith me for aw hile.

Writer's Workshop  
Writer's Workshop  

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