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CRAY CRAY BAY] 2012-2013

Bailey Henderson

E-book Publishing Huntsville School District Huntsville AR 5-6-13

General Introduction Acknowledgements

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Part I: Me ruler? Yes.




Take a break


Grow up




Part II: I’m on a boat!


Bailey’s song


“The Help”


Symbolizing Myself.




Part III: Grin and bear it.


Taken for granted


A game called “friendship.”




Me, myself, and I.



I am grateful for the one person who inspired me in a couple of my quick writes. Her name is Kali Ferguson. She happens to be one of my best friends, and we spend a lot of time together. So when I received some of these quick writes, I

included her in them, because I thought it would make it a little bit more interesting,. Thank you Kali! ]

Biographical sketch: This section is about myself. Some of these quick writes were prompts. Others, were just me writing about random things. a small portion of it is about responsibility,. Then, another is about growing up.

Part I:

Me, ruler? Yes.

If I were a ruler of my own island there would only be two rules. 1.) don’t eat my food. 2.) do whatever I

tell you to do. I would only have two rules because there wouldn’t be many people on my island in the first place. Only the people that I allow to be can, and the ones I don’t want have to leave, or it would result in severe punishment. I don’t like many people, so they would have to live up to my standards. No one else’s, just mine.

Innocent. Storms shook homes, electricity flickered… we all knew what was coming. We didn’t know in what order though.. that was the worst part. Not knowing. All of us scared to death, praying that we weren’t next. Of course, everyone knows when your sent to Death Row you aren’t going to live, and you’re going to die a painful death. When you’re in the chair, you get all shaky just watching them strap you down. Yeah, I know if I would have already been in the chair I wouldn’t be writing this, but The guards made us watch some of the executions.. It’s sad really, to watch, knowing that they are never going to get to see their

family again, or wake up to the smell of coffee and bacon, or even hear and annoying alarm clock going off in the mornings. Not even to little kids laughing, and yelling, having a good time. Ahh, little siblings.. There are only two places for us to go after the ole’ sparky, and after they put you in the ground. We either go to heaven.. or hell, and everyone knows, you must have done something real real bad to be sent to death row. Will God forgive you if your truly sorry? What if I’m innocent? I’m only in here because I took the blame for a murder I didn’t commit. I took the fall for my aunt, she has 8 kids, only 7 now because people are sick, they never caught the murderer of her child.. but she did. I would’ve done the same for her

though. So now I’m in death row. Just waiting… I’m going to heaven I hope, unless God decides not to forgive me for lying to the judge after swearin’ on a bible. “Hey, you, scum bag, It’s your turn.” Said the guard. 3..2..1… I’m gone.

Take a break. What is something you needed a break from during springbreak? I needed to take a break from all the school and drama, and peoples lying, judging, two -faced selves. It’s really hard for me to control my temper when people are constantly, and purposefully trying to make me angry. Everyone has a breaking point. Mine is just a little easier to reach than some others. People are pushing me, closer, and closer‌ I just hope they don’t push me over the edge to the point where I snap. The last time I snapped, I did a lot of things, I later regretted.

Responsibility. Create a scenario in which one person is responsible for changing an outcome of a situation. How can one individual voice affect a situation? Well, there are many ways to change the outcome of a situation with just one individual voice, but one scenario that shows it can be: when you go out to a party and your having a good time, and your with

your good friends. Suppose they offered you a drink, and your still a minor, and you know it illegal. But you also know they are going to drive home, and that’s also illegal. Would you take the drink, just to fit in? no. be the responsible one. Don’t drink, and make sure that your friends don’t drive because when a drunk person drives, they not only put themselves at risk, but others who may be driving, or walking as well, and the passengers they may have with them. Your one individual voice can change the whole outcome of the situation, where if you had chosen to drink, or let your friends drive, many lives could have been lost.

Grow up. Some people are afraid to grow up. Afraid of responsibilities, big decisions, many changes, and different people and lifestyles. Maybe even different surroundings. Others are not scared. Perhaps they are tired of being treated like a kid, some want more freedom, and others want the privacy that comes along with growing up. When you’re an adult you’ll have to be wise with your decisions, because

just one bad mistake can ruin the rest of your life and shut many doors that may have been open to you in the future. You will never be able to take that day, hour, minute, or even that second back, and “I’m sorry” won’t work like it did when you were a kid. You have to take full responsibility for your actions and the consequences also. Not only do your decisions affect you, they can affect your job, kids, family, and even friends. When you’re and

adult you have to take on so many responsibilities such as bills, food, kids things, and whatever else they may need/want , So before you go hatin’ on your parents all the time try to remember what all they have to go through, and act your age. After all, You only get to be a kid once.

Biographical sketch: Part II: This section is a combination of things. Mainly about myself. I also included my horse, my favorite movie, what I would symbolize if I was a symbol, and a really random crazy story I

wrote using a prompt. All of these things show who I am. What kind of a person I am and what kind of personality I have. I can be crazy, serious, random, sad, or just straight up silly.

I’m on a Boat! On February 24th, 2013 Kali Ferguson, and Bailey Henderson age 14, went on a cruise in Mexico for Bailey’s birthday. While on the cruise a pack of Purple whales attacked the ship. Luckily we were close to an island. It may sound selfish, but we took the only small lifeboat they had onboard, and when straight for the island

nearby. As the cruise ship was sinking, Kali and I watched from the Island as the Alfa purple whale ate the ship whole. We named the Island Henderguson Island. Strange right? I thought we were going to get bored but we found some cards in a skeletons hand, and decided to play. So we played some poker, and goldfish for a while. Then, we caught a monkey. We named him spanky. Two months later… we started thinking about how to get back home. Then it hit us. No, literally the plastic lifeboat got caught in the wind and hit us. So we realized we could just get in the boat and go back to the airport. Then we lived happily ever after…… until April 20th of 2013 when we decided to skydive off of a cliff with two broken umbrellas and a monkey. The end.

Baileys song! My name is Bailey. I eat candy daily. It’s the kind everyone wants, and it tryin to find. Sometimes I’ll share, I don’t mind. It’s just a part of my life. I may or may not have a knife! The Knife part is a joke. It’s all cool, we can sit and drink a coke. Yeah buddy. Life’s a gamble, I’ll roll the dice. I’ll try anything once, if I like it, twice. “be good or be good at it.” Me crazy? Yeah, a lil bit.


My first horse, her name was candy. Yes ma’am she was a dandy. A beautiful red mare. So little time together, it’s not really fair. We were the best team together.. I guess I thought maybe I’d have her forever. Now she’s gone, for good this time. Her life was kinda like this rhyme, short. I raised her from a colt, she was so sweet, and tall. I loved her so much, she was a doll. Rest in peace, you will be missed. It was always your soft nose that I kissed. I know your somewhere nice.

Life’s a gamble, I’ll roll the dice. I know someday I’ll see you again. Just know, no other horse can replace you, my bestfriend.

“THE HELP” “the help.” This is now my favorite movie. In this movie it’s about a white woman writer, who is wanting to write a story about how black people feel about working for the white people. Or the

“helps” point of view. So, the white woman gets one black maid to help her with it, and at first all the other black people think they are crazy and all the white people disagree strongly, because in that town they could possible get killed or have to serve time in prison for it. Then, slowly more black people or as they call them in the movie “negroes” do. I like this movie a lot because it’s got a lot of comedy, and it has a lot of drama and suspense in it. The hero in this movie is the white woman writer named Skeeter, because if she wouldn’t have written that book, people would have never known how the blacks felt about working for the whites, and being treated so unfairly. I love Skeeters character because she Is brave, and she will tell you straight up what she thinks. I like that she doesn’t care what people say she will still be herself.

SYMBOLIZING MYSELF. If you represented a bigger idea or concept, what would you represent? What would you symbolize and why?

I believe That I would symbolize stubbornness, because that’s just my personality. It’s who I am as an individual. If I had to describe myself with one word, that word would be stubborn. I refuse to give up on standing up in something I believe in. if you want to do something do it. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Biographical Sketch: Part III: This is a section Just about life in general. Regrets, things taken for granted, myself, and friendships. I wrote these things based off of past experiences in my life. Most of this section is in a serious mood, and about problems you face. You just have to go with the flow, roll with the punches.

Grin and Bear it. What is something you have has to work hard for? Some work hard physically, and others work hard mentally, but me, I had to do both. I had to work hard to get myself out of trouble and gaining my moms trust back. I worked physically because I had to be careful what I did, said, and who I hung out with. I had to work hard mentally because I had to talk myself out of a lot of things. It can get very stressful at times. It all helped in the long run, because I’m not in big trouble anymore and I won’t be getting into anymore big trouble ever again. I will get my privileges back, and my priorities straight. Me staying out of big trouble will help me later on because I can still be able to get a good job, have a clean record, and if I don’t… well, that’s a different story. I will go to JDC and won’t be able to get a good job, and won’t have a clean record. Sometimes, even though it gets hard you just have to grin and bear it.

Me, Myself,and I. I’ll be me, you be you. It’s not your place to judge what I do. Don’t worry about me, I’ll reap what I sew. Roll with the punches, go with the flow. It’s not always easy to do what’s right. If you just believe in jesus, he’ll show you the light. Life is short, and then you die. Always tell the truth, quit living a lie. Pick your friends wisely, so they don’t let you down. Things get around fast when you’re livin’ in a small town. In the end, it’s me myself, and I anyways. Just gotta live it up in the last few short days.

Taken for granted.. In life there’s a lot we take for granted. Like the friends we have. You will always have at least one true friend. Someone, who cares for and loves you. You might not always feel that way, but there’s always someone whose got your back through thick ‘n’ thin. So findout who your friends are, and be there for them like they are for you. Friends, where do I begin? We’ve been together through thick ‘n’ thin. I know you will always be here for me till the end. All those broken hearts you’ve been here to mend. I’m blessed to call you my friend. You’re now my sister. I know you’ll always be after that special mister! He better treat you right. Unless he’s lookin’ for a fight. 

The game called “friendship” People create bonds, and have trust in each other, they call it friendship. Friendship is like a game, the rules are simple. Watch the other players back. If you’re a true friend to someone, you’ll always be there for them. Through thick ‘n’ thin, ups and downs, even when they’ve hit rock bottom. People say “when you hit bottom, the only way to go is up.” But what if they are wrong? what if they can’t get back up once they’ve fallen? You’re the one who is supposed to help pick them back up. However, there are those “fake friends.” They are the ones who will lie, steal, cheat, and backstab you, whenever they get the chance. When you need them the most, they won’t be there. When you’ve hit rock bottom, they’re just going to stand back and watch. We call friend like them “pennies” they are two-faced and worthless. Nobody wants to feel, or be alone. Everybody needs somebody. Nobody can deny that. Everyone wants to feel wanted, excepted, loved, and cared for. In reality, you won’t find many people who you can call a true friend, and be right. Someone who won’t lie, backstab, cheat, or steal from you. Yeah, that’s a true friend. Someone who will always be there. when things go wrong and you both did something but the fake friend gets caught, they would rat you out to save their selves, but a true friend wouldn’t try to take you down, and if you were a true

friend back to them you wouldn’t let them take all the fall, you would confess.

Regrets. We all make decisions that turn into regrets. Regrets.. regrets. They’ll never leave. Never gone. Gone… gone… you wish with such a passion they were gone, for good. Good…good. None are good, that’s why they’re regets. Regrets are like hearts. Everyone has one. One time is all it takes to make one, some things are better left alone. Alone… alone, you didn’t leave it alone. It’s yours now. Now its your regret to carry around. Around and round we go. Where it stops nobody knows. Knows, knows. Everybody knows what you’ve done. Done, done… you done carrying your regrets on your shoulders. Shoulders, shoulders. Your shoulders get tired. We all have worries, stress, and regrets to carry on them.

Cray Cray Bay  

rsulli, anthology project.