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A Piece of My Mind: Ashley’s true pieces of writings By: Ashley cuellar

Title: A Piece of My Mind Author: Ashley Cuellar Publisher: Ashley’s publishing Company Place Published: Huntsville, Arkansas Date of publication: May 10, 2013

Table of Contents Part 1: Learn About Me Dedication


Introduction Part 1


Staring at My Reflection


Laughing Uncontrollably


How has Life Changed Me? Things That Get Me Upset

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My Three Wishes


Part 2: Favorite Things in Life Introduction Part 2 Traveling Dancing

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Helping People


Cold Weather


Inspirational Quotes


Part 3: Annoying Subjects Introduction Part 3








Bad Hair Days




Dedication I would like to thank everyone who is involved in my life today. Also, to all the people who haven’t walked out. They have made me stronger, and have taught me what I know today. Thank you, for everything.


Introduction Part 1 In my first part of writing I wanted to let people know about me. The way I feel about myself in

life. I wanted to let people know who I really am. Each of these writings is what I desire, or how I really feel about things. Some of the things I have written is about how I feel about myself, or things I wish for.


Staring at My Reflection I don’t always like my reflection, and sometimes I love it. I know I’m not perfect, but I am

always a bit too over self-conscious about my reflection. I wish I could look better. I know I can change the way my body looks like with hard work. I believe others think my reflection isn’t

very perfect either. The thing is I don’t care. I only care about what I think. Now, I am starting to enjoy seeing my reflection, and nobody can change that.


Laughing Uncontrollably Whenever something funny occurs I always seem to laugh, and not be able to stop for a good

amount of time. Anytime my friends say something funny I burst out in laughter. Other people laugh, but not as much as I do. I love hearing people laugh. I like the sound of the happiness that seems to build up inside someone. Laughing at other people isn’t always a nice thing though. Laughing can determine if you’re happy or not. Laughing is a great thing.


How has Life Changed Me? Life has really had a huge impact on the person I am today. It has defiantly knocked me down a couple of times. Life has also made me stronger. It has made me realize who my real friends

are. It has put many people in my life that have walked out. If you ever want to walk out of my life, I will gladly hold the door open for you. You don’t ever have to stay in my life either. Great

things have happened in my life as well, and that is what I like to call hope. Life is a great thing.


Things That Get Me Upset It takes a lot to get me upset. I don’t get upset over a lot either. Something that does get me

upset is when people I really care about change. They don’t tell you why, and they don’t give

you a reason why they just change. Whenever somebody I really want to talk too ignored me also gets me upset. I don’t understand why they can’t just tell you that they’re busy. I can’ t

stand whenever people say hateful things. Why can’t they just keep it to themselves? Those kinds of things just break my heart. Nobody said life was going to be perfect.


My Three Wishes Having the chance to have three wishes would be very cool. I would wish for no bullying, to

not have any drama, and not to have to worry about how you look. No bullying would help a

lot of people who are killing themselves because of it. It would also save the people from all the pain they go through. No drama would cause less fights, and less violence around the world. Not worrying about how you look like would stop other people from judging how you look like. My wishes would change a lot of things in like.


Introduction Part 2 In my second part of writing I let my happiness out. I talk about all the things that I love. I

come out of my shell a little and tell you about the things that are a part of me. I tell you about

me wanting to travel around the world. Also, about all the things that are very important to me. I want to people to know the real me, and not the fake me.


Traveling Sometimes I wish I could just go out and travel the world. I want to see the places I have never

seen before. I want to have my best friend as my traveling partner, so we could share amazing

experiences together. Hollywood for sure has been at the top of my list, because I want to see a bunch of places where all the famous people have been to. Eating all different kinds of food

would be a great experience as well. Going to water parks and other fun places to visit in each state would be amazing! Seeing all kinds of places has been my dream. I just want to go out and not have to be scared of trying new things. Going on adventures in the new locations would be a lot of fun. Someday I will travel the world with my best friend, and I will never forget it.


Dancing Dancing has always been my life. It lets me escape all of my problems. Anytime I am feeling stressed out all I have to do is go to the dance studio, and dance. It helps me think as well. It

gives me a clear mind to think and sort through my problems. Everyone has something they do to calm them down whenever they’re feeling mad or sad. Well, dance is my thing that always seems to calm me down. I have been dancing since I was eight years old. I love the feeling of my toes being pointed, and my hands flowing. Dance will always be a part of me.


Helping People I really like the feeling whenever I help people. Whenever I see someone needing help, I always think to see if there is any way that I could help. Anytime somebody drops a lot of papers

everywhere I try to help as quickly as possible. Anytime somebody doesn’t get something in class I try to help them figure it out, but if I can’t I suggest them to go ask a teacher. There are

many ways to help people. I know that if I had a problem I would want someone to help me, so I should do the same for them.


Cold Weather I love cold weather. I love being able to dress in hoodies and sweats. The thing I don’t like is,

having to walk around campus to every class in that kind of weather. Being able to go home

and drink hot chocolate, and cuddle with a warm blanket is great. Cold weather isn’t nice to have whenever you go to football games. I like being able to go outside and be all warm with a bunch of jackets on. Waking up in the mornings in cold weather is tough. I like being able to turn on the heater at home or in the car. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons.


Inspirational Quotes Anytime I see an inspirational quote I always take the time to read it. I can usually always relate to them as well. Especially life quotes. They seem to tell exactly as people see things. I feel like I can relate to them. They have taught me to never give up on something, and that life goes on

with or without you. You also only get one chance to live, so you better make your only chance you best. The quotes also make me realize about how much life has to offer me. I love reading them. Also be yourself you don’t want to die a copy.


Introduction Part 3 In my last part of writing I let my feeling just come out. I talk about the things that annoy me. I talk about an important subject called bullying. Anytime I hear people talk about bullying, it instantly grabs my attention. The rest of my writings express the way I feel about all the negative stuff about me, or even things that affect other people.


Drama Drama is a very annoying to listen to. Some people just love to listen and start drama. I

personally hate it. I don’t like it, because it causes people to get in fights, and arguments.

Whenever I hear things that aren’t true about other people, I make sure not to go around and start rumors. The only way to stay out of drama is to not talk bad about other people. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like that person just keep your rude comments to yourself. Whenever your friends tell you to get in a fight with another person, they aren’t being true friends to you. Try to not start drama anytime.


Bullying Bullying isn’t a good thing to do. You should never pick on anyone for any reason. I am reading a book about a girl who just doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Every time she tries to fit in with the “cool kids” she ends up getting made fun of. She starts to feel worthless and useless. Now

that she has to go to her school reunion she feels like she is going through all the pain all over again. I would hate waking up every day and feeling the way she did. You should always take

the time to get to know someone before you take any kind of action. Bullying is against the law. You should always treat someone the way you would want to be treated. The book I am reading is very inspiring. The title of it is Please Stop Laughing at me and Jodee Blanco is the author,

and the main character in the novel. I want people to know how much effect this had on other people. Maybe you aren’t the one who is being bullied, but maybe one of your friends is being bullied. Don’t ever be afraid to speak up. You never know how much pain you could be saving someone.


Being Loud Something that really bugs me is when people yell or scream. I understand why teachers do it, but I don’t understand why students do it. I don’t know if they think they look cool or

something, but they don’t. I don’t like to tell people what to do, so I don’t say anything about it. Screaming isn’t really necessary for kids to do at school either. Sometimes you do need to yell or scream, but that time is defiantly not at school. Whenever teachers yell, it is to try to get the

class to give her their attention, or for other reasons as well. Yelling could be a good thing, or a bad thing. Just know when it is appropriate.


Bad Hair Days I dislike whenever I take so much time to do my hair, and it ends up getting all wavy. I mostly

straighten my hair, but in the warm weather it doesn’t stay that way. Whenever I decide to put

my hair up, it ends up looking like a tornado. I could never take my hair down to school with it being natural, because its way to crazy. It especially gets crazy whenever I sleep with it wet. Bad hair days at school aren’t my favorite. They look like I took no time at all to even look

decent. I hate wasting my time on my hair whenever it doesn’t do what I want it too. My hair really has a mind of its own.


Suicide People sometimes try to end their lives over many silly things. Other times they do it because

they are being bullied, or having a hard time. No person should ever feel the need to take their life away. I mean sometimes things can get tough, but ending your own life is never the best way to get out of these situations. Always try to make sure people know how you really feel.

This will make your stress not be as much. If people are giving you a hard time at school let an adult know. Many things can help people from committing suicide. If you see anyone being bullied, speak up for them. One single person can change the outcome of another. Never let someone stand alone.


A Piece of My Mind  
A Piece of My Mind  

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