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The “For Real” Stories 2012-2013

Alfredo Benavidez

The MA publicans Huntsville Arkansas May 10, 2013

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Acknowledgments Biographical Sketch Part one: Creative Rap Journey My own ruler 5 Avengers If I was a Greek God Wilderness survival guide Troy the Boy A marvels journey The Epic Story of Nothing Part 2: Responable Maintaining skills Be Reasonable Part 3 Why Rules? What is Fear? Definition of Justice

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Dedication page

This work is created for my wonderful classmates. I would also like to give a shout out to my amazing teacher Ms. Sullivan. The last thanks I would like to give is to that special someone. All of these people have helped me when I needed it most. So I would just like to say thank you for your support you have given me!


Part one/ Creative In my collection of writing I have three categories. The first is creative writing! It has Journeys, quest, and just flat out funny! I got insipid to write this cause I have friends that can give my ideas for each set of wringing. I even sometimes include them in my writing. I just love to have fun and mess around. I feel that If you work hard you can play hard!

Part two Reasonable There is always a time in somebody’s life that you just have to grow up. I mean you are going to have goals you want to accomplish. You can’t do that without being responsible. What inspired this wring is my side of being a good person. I’ll have to give that to my adult member. Also known as my Teachers, parents, church, ect. If you do good in life and have fun in what you do then you can do anything.

Part Three Reasons/ thankful I believe there is a reason for everything. So going with that there is much reason to be thankful for things. My mom has taught me why things happen and when they happen just be thankful. There is a time to ask questions but only when the time is right. I love to sit down and remind myself that I don’t have a bad life cause I just remember all the things I have in my life that are wonderful, such as teachers, family, even physical items.


Rap Journey My pawns were sweaty, but my knees were weak. There’s vomit on my sweater already my mom’s spaghetti. I was nervous but on the surface I looked calm and ready to drop bombs. As you can tell I’m lost in a jungle in who knows where. “I’m not afraid” I told myself. I made a list of what I would do to get off the island. Some thing was new every single day, but I kept on forgetting what I wrote down the whole jungle goes so loud I opened my moth but the words won’t come out I’m choking now. I was frightened there was a beast as tall as a red wood tree. I can’t tell you what it really is I can only tell you what if feels like and right now it’s a steal knife through my wind pipe. I can’t breathe but I steal fight what I can’t fight.


My own ruler If I was a ruler of my own island, my rules would be almost the same as the one in the U.S.A. Yet I would switch it up a little bit. I get whatever I want when I want it. There would be a soup kitchen in every town for the poor. Whoever tries to start a war with me will get thrown into the dungeon and die for even trying to mess with me! I get to play video games all day. I would have a man work for me that does all my work and gets paid a lot! With that all said then I think that my island is the best inland in the world. I couldn’t say that I would be anywhere else but here.


Avengers The things or events that happen in this story are super heroes coming together as one to fight off Loki adopted brother of Thor. There is more than on hero. There is Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, captain America, and Iron Man. I just love that the Hulk can never die even if he is in human form. He said in the movie that he shot himself but the other guy spit the bullet out. Aka Hulk spit it out. I am fascinated because I love stories that have people with super powers. Even though I could never relate to that I still love watching super hero movies. Stan Lee has got to be the coolest guy even. In every marvel move he is somewhere in there you just have to keep a good eye and you could find him.


If I was a Greek god If I was a Greek god I would be Zeus he is king of all gods. He controls all good and evil. He punishes crimes that people have commented. Zeus also has a thunder bolt to help him fight. If people did something that got me angry I would strike them down within a heartbeat. But on the other hand if they are good then they will get something good in their lives.


Wilderness survive guide. I was out in the wilderness when all of a sudden it hit me! I’m supposed to meet up with Tyler, Jaron, and Clayton in 1 min. I ran as fast as I could. By the time I was there they had already made a fire. You see we have been stranded in the middle of nowhere. As soon as Jaron asked me where I was at a huge storm came crashing down at us. We tried to make a shelter. We didn’t have any materials to make it with .l it seemed to go on far days. We were under a tree when I decided to be man and try to make something with what I had. With my skills that I learned from Bear Grills, I was able to make a hut for all four of us. The rain finally stopped. Then out of no were a big monster appeared we believe it to be called an Ethan. We attacked it at first then we realized that it was a good monster. So we road it on a rainbow then died.


Troy the Boy There once was a boy named troy he never shared his toy. When his mom walked ni he was in his play pen. Troy told him mother “Don’t walk in!” The mother took a deep breath and said “Now if you don’t come and eat dinner you won’t grow up to be a winner.” Troy took a deep breath and just left


A Marvelous Journey I was walking through a rainbow when suddenly a weird one eyed ogre comes about. I believe that animal to be called “Jaron’s”. They are a rare but most unpleasant to look at. Anyway when I stumbled upon this mystical creature I noticed that it as running away from another animal called that “Clayton’s” They are a crippled species but still can inflict pain into their victims When I saw the “Claytons” I ran for the hills. Then I tripped over a rock and as I turned my face there it was! With its red devil eyes and its razor sharp teeth. But what I did next was incredible. I picked up the Clayton and threw it to a tree. Then bang the Clayton has been killed. You see I’m not trying to cause any harm I was just trying to find the pot of Butter. So there I was still searching when I found it. My pot of butter. On boy was I happy! But I knew I shouldn’t run for it because it was garbed by “Tyler’s.” They are sneaky so I brought to our enchanted bow and with a one swift motion, I pulled my bow back then let it go. Down goes one two, three, and four in 15 seconds. I walked up to my pot of butter and picked it up an and went home yeah that lame but still. The End


The Epic Story of nothing A huge koala come from behind me asking me if I had its baboon ready to go. Knowing I didn’t have the baboon I scurried away as fast as my legs could take me. Yet it was no match for the jet like speed the koala had. Once again it snatched me up with a feroushus rawww! It nearly tours my ligaments apart. I secretly quizzed which called for my garden. He is a extent creature from the 9th demendon. As five min rolled by I could feel the earth shaking as it never shook before and that when he arrived. He grabbed the Koala and threw it and killed it! So after that we went thrift shopping, but the weird thing was I only had 20$ in my pocket‌


Part 2 Maintain Skills My management skills were in use when I had a tone of things to accomplish. I had to be able to clean my house and backyard but I had to find out a plan to do them all so I can play online for a “Black ops 2 tournament.� So I had to sit down a make a plan! I figured out from all that time of sitting there waiting for something to come up in my head, that I clean up half. Half as in my house, then play in the tournament so that everything comes to balance. This is the end so I guess what I’ve learned from this is that just try to do everything at a certain time.


Be Reasonable The responsibility’s that the schools have for their students is they have to keep them out of harm’s way. An example would be not to let strangers in our school district. Have a proper way of letting people enter out school. If they are an adult that is coming in make sure or have a way of letting other people know that. Also keeping kids out of rights an letting kids know they can come to the principal and having a talk with him or her. Have a proper education! Let them learn.


Part 3 Why Rules? The purpose of rules is to try to make things fair. We might think that rules are dumb and that we shouldn’t have any at all but have you ever thought of what might happen if we had no rules? Murder would be commenting at every house, street, and state. There would be not food left at stores because everybody would steal them. It would just be like the end of the world! Many families would starve to death! Rules have many purposes! So when you are crying about how rules are dumb, just think of what your life would be without them.


What is Fear? I think that we act out of fear for our own safety because frankly nobody wants to get hurt right? I see a lot of the times when I’m watching a move when people that that somebody did something wrong they just want to take the person to jail and or kill them because they don’t want to get hurt. Nobody try’s to help them or learn what had happened. Although there are some nice people that want to help others the majority of the population just want to be safe and that it.


Definition of Justice The defiance between seeking justice and a desire to punish is seeking justice is finding out the truth or doing the right thing. On the other hand desire to punish wants to punish somebody for something that they either did or didn’t do. They just want punish somebody


The "For Real" Stories  

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