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How does your media product represent particular social groups? In my media products I have represented young male youths that are interested in a specific genre of music, in this case it happens to be hip hop and rap. I have represented young male youths as people that enjoy having fun through some of the language I have used, most of it is written in a non-formal and relaxed way and is sometimes a little comical. I have also suggested that youths may be involved in some slightly anti-social behaviour or sometimes pretend to be through some of the language and suggestive content within the interview on my double page spread. The clothing my models were wearing in the photos on my media products also represent the type of clothing my audience is most likely to wear as well as that of today’s young male youth. The photo on the right is a typical representation of what people assume young males to be like in these modern times. The stereotype of young males is that they are antisocial and prone to act violently very easily without cause or reasoning. A lot of people from the general public all the way up to some of the highest politicians have placed some of the blame on modern day rap and hip hop, saying that they influence male youths decision making and mood and causes them to imitate and act upon words and actions they hear within the lyrics of certain songs and artists of this genre. In my media product that is aimed at an audience for this particular genre I have tried to show that these stereotypes are wrong and that it is a mistake to see young male youths in this way, as most young male youths are polite up-standing members of their communities and that it is the minority that the media chooses to report on and blow out of proportion. Male youths that listen to and follow hip hop and rap closely know that it is all about respect and community. The picture on the left is of an event known as the ‘Jump Off’, this is wear MC’s enter a competition and then pit themselves against each other in battles wear the objective is to go three rounds with each other and come up with the smartest and most insulting rhymes. Although the basis for MC battles seems anti-social to begin with when you know more about it you soon realise it’s all about enjoying the experience. The reputation of the MC’s with the crowd and their fellow competitors is all based on respect and the mutual competitiveness of wanting to be the best. These events our a great source of community for many young people of both genders and gives them the opportunity to meet other people that are fans of the same music genre as them. These events have a zero tolerance for any sort of violence and teach the true spirit of hip hop to the younger fans. I have tried to take the conventions of hip hop and events like this and apply them to my media products, I feel I have done this through the relaxed non-formal style of writing I have used and the house style.

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