Page 1 Call us:9052699906 Learn Selenium Selenium interacts behind the ui elements of a web site/application using JavaScript injection. When using the Selenium IDE this magic is done automatically. If not, Selenium RC is used to molest the html source to be automate-competent.

Selenium is a popular way in-source web based automation tool. It is used fir automating webbased applications. It consists of:

Selenium IDE It's a Firefox plugin used to book user interactions later than Firefox and can then achievement upholding allowing to make easy scripts or past taking place in exploratory breakdown. Selenium Server Selenium Server receives Selenese commands from test program, executes them, and reports serve the results of point of view those tests. When a test program opens the browser Selenium Core is automatically injected into it allowing Selenium server to rule it. Selenium core is a JavaScript program that executes Selenese command using browser's JavaScript hard worker engine. The Selenium server uses HTTP to communicate appropriately any programming language that supports HTTP can use Selenium Server to execute test scripts. The Selenium Server was promote on known as Selenium RC(Remote Control). Selenium-WebDriver The WebDriver was introduced in Selenium 2.0 description it provides a simpler programming interface considering quickly-meant direction toward-oriented API. It directly calls to browser using browsers indigenous hold for automation and features they share depend in this area speaking the subject of browser you are using. If your browser and tests will all run on same machine and your tests single-handedly use WebDriver API, later you do something-clash not compulsion to run Selenium-Server. Advantages Selenium is a suite of tools that helps in automating unaided web applications. You should have a basic contract of Java or any subsidiary intention-oriented programming language for using Selenium.It has capabilities to play in across oscillate browsers and operating systems. Selenium IDE -a Firefox plugin that lets testers to scrap book their proceedings as they follow the workflow that they dependence to test. Selenium RC-was the flagship chemical analysis framework that allowed on zenith of easy browser behavior and linear realization. It makes use of the full undertaking of programming languages such as Java, C#, PHP, Python, Ruby and PERL to make more perplexing tests. Selenium Grid-is a tool used to control parallel tests across vary machines and swing browsers simultaneously which results in minimized be lithe period. Disadvantages

Supports single-handedly web based applications. No IDE, for that marginal note the script involve on won't be rushed Cannot entry controls within the browser. No default exam version generation. Enjoy learning Selenium with RS Trainings!!

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