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Associate Director for Civic and Global Engagement 2011 - present Mary Baldwin College Staunton, Virginia Directed efforts to deepen student’s understanding of local, national, and international issues by fostering service-learning initiatives and strengthening the relationship between the college and local community. • Director of the Spencer Citizens first year service-based learning community • Co-developed CE 102: Reflective Self in the Community and CE 271/281: Community Leadership for Social and Community Change •Developed a comprehensive communications plan with engagement on YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook • Successfully wrote and managed 3 grants totaling $6,500 AmeriCorps*VISTA Food Security Coordinator 2010 - 2011 North Carolina Campus Compact, Mary Baldwin College Staunton, Virginia Coordinate efforts to bring students and community organizations together to address food issues through education, service, and advocacy. • Created the Volunteer Leader program to train students to recruit, mobilize, and sustain student volunteers for local nonprofits • Created a weekly E-Newsletter to publicize civic engagement with distribution to all faculty, staff, and students by request of the President •Developed 5 new community partnerships with food-related agencies to co-develop and implement collaborative volunteer-led capacity building projects


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Founder of Geeks for Good 2010 Created an organization that connects tech savvy volunteers to nonprofits to provide free web design, graphic design, social media marketing, and video editing services.



AmeriCorps*VISTA 2009-2010 Learn and Service - Michigan Lansing, Michigan Provided training and technical assistance to high poverty schools throughout the state of Michigan to develop quality district-wide service-learning programs. •Created a Facebook and Twitter presence that reached over 100 new people •Engaged national leaders in service-learning to write blogs and lead webinars on topics ranging from reflection strategies to engaging administrators in service-learning. •Lead state wide Global Youth Service Day efforts culminating in a signature service project that engaged more than 200 youth volunteers •Worked with schools to identify and apply for grants generating over $5000 for service-learning initiatives. Mary Baldwin College Staunton, Virginia 2006-2009 Bachelors of Arts in International Relations with a minor in Peacemaking and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution •Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award (2009): Highest award given at Mary Baldwin College for a student who demonstrates “nobility of character and unselfish service to the broader community.” •Global Citizenship Award (2007-2008, 2008-2009): For excellence in campus and community service Phoenix Project for Nonprofit Leadership Petersburg, Virginia 2009 A six-week intensive service-learning program to prepare top students to apply entrepreneurial approaches to civic challenges through nonprofit, public, and private sector organizations




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A Timeline of my youth BORN

Third Grade Started my first protest over unfair conditions in a medieval simulation in the classroom. Realized my calling for community change. Eighth Grade Received my first paid web design job and founded “Design with a Y,” a web and graphic design consulting “company.” Freshman Year of College Started my job at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library as a archive and later a development intern managing a direct mail fundraising campaign and tracking donor information. Junior Year of College Interned at the Eco-Learning Center, a biodynamic farm, and received training in sustainable farming strategies. Volunteer in Uganda over winter break to teach computer literacy classes.


Seventh Grade Joined the Mayors Youth Advisory Council for the City of Lansing, spending the next four years advocating for youth voice on boards and councils in the school and city Eleventh Grade Started my first job at the American Cancer Society doing tele-fundraising Sophomore Year of College Studied abroad in Bodh Gaya, India as part of Antioch Buddhist Studies in India, a rigorous academic program culminating in my completion of an ethnographic field study on the changing status of female monastics in Thailand. Senior Year of College My reflection on my work with a restorative justice art program in El Salvador is published in Diversity Education’s “Academy Speaks: Current Affairs and Issues in Academe”

in Profile Hometown: Lansing, Michigan Favorite Character in Fiction: Don Quixote Favorite Workshop to Present: “One Hour Websites,” or really any intro to Wordpress workshop. I love watching people who wouldn’t consider themselves tech-saavy realize that they have the power to be amateur web designers. Favorite Quote: “Language can be a bridge between islands of innovation” - Ashley Finley Four Word Resume: Nonprofit Swiss Army Knife Theme Song: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves Favorite Place on the Web: Google Images, I underestimated it until I was abroad in India. I would sit in a computer lab for hours with kids who were excited to see Las Vegas, ocelots and the bottom of the ocean for the first time. Google Images gives us a way to see the world and that’s powerful. Greatest Unfinished Project: A chronicle of Stegman family adventures. Favorite Animal: Ocelot

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My name is Robyn Stegman. I like to think of myself as a geek for good, a nonprofit swiss-army knife, and the Indiana Jones of social change...