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Hi this site is about reading the past comics on PDF’s. This is not a new idea, but what I have done is to take some of golden age comics, which offer some great story lines and art work and converted them over to PDF’s. By cleaning the original images, you can get some sense of how these comics appeared when they first came out. When you see this conversion, you will really enjoy these comics. Let’s take a look at some of these comics pdf’s

Here is the a page from The Beyond Issue 56. In a pdf you can see and read the whole page.

The appearance of this page appears small than in the pdf. Plus in the PDF you can enlarge the images.

Here is another page from The Beyond Issue 56. When this comic is put on a kindle only two frames can go on a page to make the writing readable. A whole page like this on a kindle is unreadable. I like this comic series because it has a lot of conversation and the story line is thick with thought, conversation, and explanation.

Let’s take a look at a love story

This comic is from the series call BOY LOVES GIRL. This particular series, I think is rather good because it has some real stories of people in Hollywood and the problems and troubles the went through in their love life.

This is another page from the series call BOY LOVES GIRL. Here again you can see how the plot is well developed with plenty of story line.

The comic we are now working on is Baseball Thrills. This will soon be ready. This is the only issue that was put out with this name. It contains the true story of Joe Dimaggio

You can see the quality of these comic images are great and can give you pleasure in seeing and reading some of the comic of the golden age , the time of the 40’s and 50’s. Go ahead and check out my site at… COMICSPDF.COM to see which pdf comic books you want to download.

We’re putting up comics every week so come back and checkout what we have for you.

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