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Highlights of CoinPex - Pune 2013

Post Master General, Col. K. C. Mishra VSM, presenting the Life-Time Achievement Award to Mr. Vispi Dastur

Souvenir of the Exhibition is being released

Pigeons, the Oldest Post Men, are being released to reach their destination at Deccan Post Office

Mr. Kishor Chandak is being honoured at the hands of Shri Vispi Dastur for his commendable philatelic collection

A book on Fancy Numbers on Banknotes by Mr. Jayesh Gala is being released at the hands of P. M. G.

The P.M.G. is releasing Special Pigeonogram Covers

1 This Price List forfeits all other previous Price Lists. Service Tax @ 12.36% on Grading Fee is charged extra. 2 Additional 1% as Insurance Charges is chargeable on the Declared Value as given by the customer. This Charge is compulsory for all the Services. The fees are for individual items only. All the Fees are to be paid in Advance. 3 Turnaround times are approximate and not guaranteed. The estimated turnaround times begin on the day coins are received by the NGS. 4 Please read Terms & Conditions on the website for latest terms., and the NGS does not assume any responsibility of profit or loss occurred to the customer based on this certification 5. Photographs of the items will be charged at Rs. 100/- Per item. 6. Minimum Shipping Rs, 150/-. All Shipping by Blue Dart or equivalent couriers.

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‘'Indian Coinage British India- Republic India (1835 A.D.- 2012 A.D) with Market Estimates''. MRP- Rs. 750/Offer Price to the Investors (Discount of 20%)- Rs. 600/- with Postage free. Bank Account SBI, Kilpauk Branch Current A/c No.- 32387238695 A/c Name- Hobby Kiosk, IFCI Code SBIN0001853 My Address : Hobby Kiosk, No. 240-B, Kilpauk Garden Road, Kilpauk, Chennai- 600010 For further Information, Please contact Madan Chand Darda+917667730851 - +919381330851

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Sr. No. 41 • Year 5 • Issue 1 • January 1, 2013 • Page 5/10

Bullion Investor's are "Scared". WELCOME 2013 !!

By Sandeep Shah


ello friends, The year 2012 was frustrating, static, chaotic & some what dramatic, but encouraging for the investor's in silver. Silver saw a matured outlook trend. January started with silver prices quoting at 51093, but by the end their was a break out as indicated by us earlier & the rates were 57132. Feb the trend continued to 61000, while March, April & May saw profit booking with the rates settling at 53464. June saw some euphoria in the prices as the silver soared to 56240, but it was short lived as the month ended with a new low of 51871. July was the month of reconcilliation & stability the prices closed at 54025. The trend continued in Aug and by September Silver zoomed to a Year's NEW HIGH of 65444, though profit booking saw the month as it closed at 62819, the trend continued in Oct with the rates dropping to 57587. Where v had encouraged investor's to buy silver and sell at 63000. BINGO !! Nov saw a high of 63981. Their was a trend reversal again and silver saw a low of 57333 on 21st of Dec. As i am drafting this newsletter silver is quoting at 58000 and above. What r the trends of 2013? Why the headlines states Bullion investor'sr "SCARED"? Last Year v saw scare of the "DOOMS DAY" (The world was going to END) on 21/12/12. Nothing happened, life is continuing to live. GOD BLESS US ALL !! Their r 'Rumours' that Gold & Silver prices will see some HUGE LOSSES in the month of JAN 2013, also v have dates specified between 5th & 10th of JAN. The rumours r so strongly believed and felt that people who r novice toward's numismatics & it's culture has started advising not to invest in coinages. I am optimistic. The trends of 2012 is indicative. Worst case scenerio can bring silver down to 51000 & major crash can bring it down to 44000. Gold too can go down in worst case to 27000 & major crash to 23000. If GOD forbid this happens ( I don't think so) this is a great buying opportunity. Here again i would like to share few things with the investor's, collector's and dealer's at large.Last accounting year 2011/2012 we all saw silver HIGH at 75000k and a LOW of 44000k. The numismatic coins remained the same in pricing in fact they appreciated to 10% to 15%.One cannot and should not compare "Physical" silver prices with the prices quoting in "Exchanges"(On line trading) & both with the "Numismatic Coin Culture". In the Exchanges their r contract with margins which can be forwarded and thus has a speculative nature of business added to it. While numismatics is a physical medium of exchange where by, it is difficult to find some specified coins, for eg, 1939 Rupee, if u demand 10 coins the price will escalate immediately. Another most important thing is the coins minted r illustrated, defined and numbered, the coin can only be made as a 'COPY' or "FORGED". Their will always be a vacuum when demand is more against the supply, the best eg is of British India Coins. In the past year or two the rates of certain coinages has hit the roof top and still r continuing to sky rocket. A normal collector is now only dreaming to own this particular coins.

Mudra Numisma

In all i would compel. encourage the investor's to seek this opportunity whenever it comes. My personal view on silver is buoyant. I feel after the month of April 2013 u will see a upward trend in silver with this year showing a new high, 75000. This year certainly we will see a strong silver and competitive prices

for your requirement of

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Highlight’s of Rajgor’s Auction 2 26-1-13 at Nagpur


Mobile : 98692 70268

Buying & Selling of Old Coins, Notes, Stamps & Medals

Lot # 34

Lot # 60

Hindu Kashmir, Kidarites - Hunnic dynasties, Sri Tujina I (7th century AD), Base Gold, 7.37 g, Dinar.

Ghiyath al-Din Tughlaq (AD 13201325), Gold, Tanka, Hazrat Dehli Mint, AH 723 (Rajgor# 1091; G&G D301). Deep striking, Extremely Fine with complete marginal legend, Rare.

Estimate: Rs. 3,00,000

Estimate: Rs. 50,000

Lot # 61

Lot # 75

Muhammad bin Tughlaq (AD 13251351), Gold, 9.1 g, Adli, Dar al-Mulk S u l t a n p u r ( t h e p r e s e n t d a y, Warangal), fi-zaman, Shahda type (Rajgor# 1202; G&G, D352). Very Fine+, Very Rare.

Muhammad Shah III bin Humayun Shah (AD 1463-1482), Gold, Tanka, Hazrat Muhammadabad Mint, AH 868 (G&G BH 111, not in Rajgor). Struck from two reverse dies. Very Fine+, Extremely Rare.

Estimate: Rs. 75,000

Estimate: Rs. 50,000

Lot # 96

Lot # 110

Akbar Token, Gold, 10.71 g, Square Mohur Token imitating the usual Agra Mohurs of Akbar with Kalima on obv, and jalal ud din couplet on rev, AH 985. Very early imitation of Akbar Mohurs, Very Fine+, Scarce.

Shah Jahan, Gold, 10.89 g, Mohur, Akbarabad mint, quatrefoil on both sides, mint name in the lower left area on rev, RY 26 (KM# 258.1). About Extremely Fine, Rare.

Estimate: Rs. 65,000

Estimate: Rs. 65,000

Lot # 162

Lot # 226

Ahmed Shah Durrani, Gold, 11.10 g, Mohur, Dera mint, AH 76, RY 16, only 76 engraved instead of full year. Extremely Fine, Very Rare.

Ranjit Singh (AD 1780-1839) with Governor Hari Singh Nalwa (AD 1820-1821), Silver, Rupee, Kashmir Mint, Har in Gurumukhi, Gobindshahi couplet, VS 1878 (1821) (Herrli 06.05.04). Die-cracks, Very Fine+, Extremely Rare.

Estimate: Rs. 1,00,000

Estimate: Rs. 75,000

B-17/107, Sultanabad Sadan, Behram Baug, Jogeshwari (W) Mumbai - 400 102. E-mail :-


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Piyush Agrawal

Amit Ashok Surana Numismatist- Jewellery Designer-Art dealers Specialised in Indian Old Coins,Tokens & Old Silver Objects of Art

+91 98222 20826, 93255 68570

An Exclusive Shop for all your Numismatic Needs Amit-9819381833, Ashok-9820081833, Off-022-23452927 Website: Email: & Off no 17, 1st Flr, J R Shetty Bldg, 72, Nakhoda Street, Pydhonie, Mumbai-3

Golcha Marg, Main Road, Sadar, Nagpur - 440 001 (India)

Tel: (O) (0712) 3253888, (R) (0712) 2546096 E-mail:

Valuation of Coins, Organizing, Display & Deciphering

Sanjay Gosalia +91 98190 82223 9/15, Morarji Velji Bldg, 1st Floor, No. 30, Dr. M.B. Velkar Street, Kalbadevi, Mumbai 400002 INDIA E-mail: Tel: +91-22-6610 6726

Zubayr Khan Specialist in Islamic Coins of India Cell: 0 98198 15301 Mumbai: Shop 8 (A), Ground Floor, 15, Amin House, Goa Street,Fort, Mumbai 400001. New Delhi: B-593, Avantika, Sector 1, Rohini, Near Rohini Book Centre, New Delhi 110085.

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Calendar of Events 2012-13 Month








HYPEX - GOLD - 2013

Hyderabad Philatelic & Hobbies Society




Nag Money - 2013

NRI - More Bhavan, Sitabuldi, Nagpur




Rajgor’s Auction No. 2

3:00 pm, NagMoney 2013 - More Bhavan, Sitabuldi, Nagpur



February March March

15-17 1 1-3

National Philatelic Exhibition, Philatelic Society of India, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade ( Bangalore 5th National Numismatic Exhibition 2013 Bell Hotel, Bangalore (Marudhar Arts) Ahmedabad Rajgor’s Auction No. 3 3:00 pm, Coinex 2013, Sardar Patel Seva Samaj, off CG Road Ahmedabad Coinex 2013 Sardar Patel Seva Samaj, Near Mithakhali 6 Road, off CG Road



INPEX 2013


New Delhi

Delhi Coin Show 2013

Delhi Coin Society




22nd Shukla Day Coin Fair

World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade (Farokh Todywalla)




Rajgor’s Auction No. 4

Gateway Room, The Taj Mahal Palace, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai - 400001 (5.00 pm onwards)

Rates of Advertisements in Gullak Category



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Happy New Year! Thanks to supporters like you, 2012 was a very successful year for us. We were able to exceed our goals and expand our services because of the generosity and commitment of people like you.

15 Guptas, Kumaragupta I, Gold Dinar, Kartikeya Type Sold ` 5,42,500

77 Jahangir, Silver Rupee, Agra Mint, Hijri 1020, RY 6 Sold ` 2,65,000

149 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Silver Hoan (1/5th Rupee) Sold ` 2,70,000

150 Chattrapati Raja Shivaji, Gold Fanam Sold ` 1,75,000

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