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GUMUCHIAN HISTORY The Gumuchian family has been in the diamond and jewelry industry for more than 100 years. In 1979 Gumuchian was created in New York by Anita and her daughters, Myriam and Patricia. Inspired by their European lineage the trio saw the need to create a refined collection in order to better serve the American market. From that vision, Gumuchian’s “Designed by Women for Women” mantra was born, setting out to capture the confidence and beauty of all women. Together the trio has created jewelry recognized for its creativity, innovation and unequaled craftsmanship. Each design is brought to life and perfectly executed by highly-skilled Master jewelers in their atelier in New York City.

G Boutique Collection The G Boutique Collection takes it’s inspiration from the beautiful bloom of a flower and the richly detailed panels of a stained glass window. The collection is fresh, light and wearable for every occasion from board-room to blue jeans. The collection has three motifs, Daisy, Kelly and Lotus. Each design is interpreted brilliantly in diamonds set in 18kt yellow gold, white gold and platinum. The collection has a complete range of pieces from rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and long sautoirs making for a great self purchase piece, or to give as a gift. MSRP starting at $650.

Nutmeg Collection The spice once worth more than its weight in gold reasserts its prized value in the Gumuchian 18kt Gold Nutmeg Collection. Borrowing more than a brilliant design, these textured pieces also have nutmeg’s added health benefits. With luminous encrusted diamonds, the collection gives the skin a radiant luster and aphrodisiac glow that you only find in nature. An instant delicacy, no cooking necessary. MSRP starting at $900.

Harem Rings- from the Nutmeg Collection. You don’t need a sultan to feel like royalty. The Harem Ring brings you the riches of the East by the woman who know it best. Traditionally presented to the king’s favorite, these diamond- encrusted bands of gold have been modernized for the everyday woman so you can wrap desire around your little finger. MSRP starting at $2,400.

Gallop Collection The Gallop Collection takes the classic allure of equestrian chic and modernizes it with the feminine touch so prized by Gumuchian. The iconic bridle, designed in gold & sprinkled with diamonds, melts into sinuous curves and majestic designs with an effortless grace. MSRP starting at $1,300.

Carousel Collection The timeless elegance of the Parisian carousels scattered around the French capital set the tone for Gumuchian’s Carousel Collection. Like a child switching from the carriage to the ornate horse within the same carousel, the necklace of the collection can be worn long or short, be wrapped around several times or matched with the collection’s rings or earrings.

Bowlero Collection Patricia Gumuchian drew her initial inspiration for the Bowlero Collection from the international hit series Downton Abbey taken place in the Edwardian time period, an era of elegance where grace and sophistication were most important. Designs of delicate lace encrusted with diamonds that flow like silk on the feminine body are represented in the Bowlero Collection with its fluid movements created in the forever white platinum and diamonds. The decorative interlacing of ribbons creating the signature bow motif seen in the collection is a dedication to a touch of feminine elegance.

The rendering of the bow with its open airy design works with the fluid movement of the female figure. By mounting this delicate diamond bow on strands of round white diamonds juxtaposed with the graceful shape of the perfectly proportioned marquise diamond, together create a slender brilliance where Gumuchian takes this simple icon to another level of grace. Who wouldn’t dream to go dancing with our new Bowlero Collection which depicts the swirls of its dance and the femininity of it’s movements. MSRP starting at $2,400.

Specialty & One of A Kind

Awards Gumuchian’s commitment to excellence does not go unnoticed as they have been the recipient of many jewelry design awards including: Excellence in Design from WJA (Women’s Jewelry Association) in 1995. North America Couture Show for best design with pearls & the Latin American Couture Show for best design in colored gemstones both in 1998. Couture Design Awards in 2002 for best in bridal. In 2004 Gumuchian was the winner of the DPS & JCK for their diamond right hand ring. Myriam Gumuchian became the first woman appointed chair of the JIC (Jewelry Information Center) in 2006 and held the position for two years. In 2008 Gumuchian was the winner of the Jeweler’s Choice award. In 2008 Myriam was elected membership into the elite 24 Karat Club. Myriam received the Dedication & Leadership award from New York Jeweler’s Group in 2012 (Myriam was the president from 2010-2012). Winner of the Centurion 2012 Platinum design award for their three-way diamond Gallop necklace. Most recently Gumuchian was the receiver of the Centurion 2013 Platinum design award for their Bowlero necklace as well as the AJA, Armenian Jewelry Association Award for Best International Emerging Brand of the year.

Gumuchian 16 East 52nd Street Suite 701 New York, NY 10022 800.223.0774 PR & Marketing: Jodi Heald @ 212.588.7089 Owner/VP of Sales: Myriam Gumuchian @ 212.588.7081 6

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