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August 2012

CHARLOTTE FRANCHISEE CONVENTION Enviro-Master held its first franchisee convention in Charlotte over the weekend of June 22-23. Over the weekend many topics were discussed, including product upsells, Quickbooks, OCS, and the introduction of the new mobile oďŹƒce software and tablet. There were several breakout sessions where key employees could get hands on training and feedback by both Enviro-Master sta and experienced franchisees. The highlight of the meeting occurred Saturday night at the Awards Ceremony where numerous sales awards were given including awards to Cole Sims for sales over $200,000, and Jill Johnson for sales over $500,000.

Alex Arriaga, Franchisee of the Year pictured at right Josh Wadley, Operations Manager of the Year pictured at left



Brian Beggarly of Detroit with Al Camera

Vicki Harris of Houston with Al Camera

Clay Whitehurst, attending the first EnviroMaster Annual Convention shared some thoughts with us.... “My team and I had a fabulous time at the First Annual Enviro-Master Convention. It was a real treat to have been Clay Whitehurst and Diana, present and also a Enviro-Master of Raleigh, NC participant in this ‘first of many’ event. My team and I were thrilled to be in the presence of so many experienced and seasoned professionals. We learned a lot of valuable tips from our peers. In fact, my sales rep Craig Simpson returned on Monday fired up. Craig used the bundling tip that he learned from Andrew Martin in Orlando to sell a $205 weekly account before lunch. I believe that the Convention set the tone and attitude for us to continue to accelerate in Raleigh. Most importantly, we made a lot of new friends. I look forward to many years of friendship with my fellow franchisees across the country. It will be nice one day to reflect upon the early days of EnviroMaster and how we all first met in Charlotte and grew into successful franchises!

Roberto Sanson of Washington, D.C. with Al Camera

Thank you for this opportunity!” --Clay Whitehurst Enviro-Master of Raleigh, NC


Accounts Receivable It was a pleasure meeting those of you who attended the


conference in June. It is great being able to finally put a face to the many of people who I am in contact with every day. For those of you who were unable to attend, I do hope that we get a chance to meet very soon. Since I have taken over the Accounts Receivable in March, I have improved or created several procedures that are now in place. One thing, for example, is that as soon as I receive a payment from one of your customers and one or more invoices are skipped over in that payment, I immediately contact the person who you have in their account profile and inform them of the outstanding invoice(s). I believe this proactive approach will eliminated invoices drifting out

Andrew Martin - Orlando

into the unknown land of >90 days past due... Current 1-30 31-60 60-90 >90 Total Customer XYZ


$271.84 $0


$72.18 $1,318.93

As discussed at the meeting, it is crucial that you provide as much information as possible into their Quick Books profile. This helps me get in contact with the right person who is paying the bills. Another proactive approach of mine to speeding up your receivables is contacting your new customers (usually within the first 30-45 days). It is a simple two-minute phone call to say hello, ask how service is going, and provide any and all information to them (i.e. my contact info, W-9, invoices, statements, etc.) to reduce the length of time for their initial payment. Updating me with a list of new customers on a weekly or monthly schedule will surely enable me to hit eery one of them moving forward. -Joel M. Herman

Al Camera with Berhane Yohannes, Washinton, D.C.

Craig Simpson of Raleigh, NC

Kenny Smith was presented with Route Tech of the Year by Rob Bumgarner!

Doug Hughes of Houston


Ketura Brandes shares her thoughts on attending the Convention.... “It was such a great event and I would shout it from the roof tops if I could. We are already reaping the rewards of attending the conference only 2 days back; Craig has already written 5 accounts (4 of which we are installing this week), 4 of those have scrubs and 4 of those include paper as well! Craig, Corey and I learned so much from the various sessions and got answers to questions we didn’t even know we had yet just from listening to other people’s questions. We have returned to our marked armed with a multitude of new ways to better explain (and therefore sell) the benefits of our service. There was not one wasted moment spent in this conference that was jam packed with information from start to finish. Ketura and Corey Brandes of Southeast Michigan

Thanks everyone in your team for putting on such a great event! --Ketura Brandes - Enviro-Master of Southeast Michigan Cole Sims, of Greensboro , NC won


many sales awards!

Rob Bumgarner, pictured at right with Pat Swisher and Dean Lovett, was awarded for Special Recognition as Operations Manager! If you have worked with Rob, you would know why!


Telemarketing Telemarketing is working to assist Franchisees in building a lucrative customer base. Since reporting May 11, 2012, we have assisted Franchisees in generating over $93,000.00 in annualized sales. We are currently in the process of adding new team members to the department and look forward to seeing these numbers as well as our brand recognition grow. Congratulations to Craig Towers on closing two out of three of the very first appointments set for him. In the month of June Craig closed more than $11,000.00 in sales. Over 50% of these accounts also contracted with a Scrub. Nice job on generating Scrub business right out of the gate Craig!Congratulations to Andrew Martin in closing his largest deal at $142.00 per week! Congratulations to Alex Arriaga in closing appointments in June that generated over $21,000.00 in annualized revenue! Go Bryan Beggarly! Congratulations in closing appointments in June and generating over $29,000.00 as of this writing.

A huge THANK YOU to our staff, Brad, Ruble, Scott, and Diana, our newest team member. Without you this couldn’t be done. -Shawn Hackney ext. 07

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Eddie Johnson is Sales Tech of the Year

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