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Christmas 2012


RSPCA legal eagle soars to new heights • Lonsdale gets a facelift • RSPCA Cupcake Day a ‘sweet success’

Dr Goring says Sammy is a “champion kitten”.

Sammy has come a long way in a few short months. He was found near our Lonsdale Shelter in August, badly injured. “Sammy was in obvious discomfort,” RSPCA Veterinarian Dr Andy Goring said.

Not one to let his disability get the better of him, Sammy adjusted to his new life quickly.

“He had suffered a fractured radius and also a fractured tail. The injuries were old, so we elected to amputate.”

“I looked at the research to see what adjustments I would need to make for him, but I didn’t really need to make any, he finds his own ways to do the things other cats do,” Michelle said.

The kitten remained bright and energetic, powering through his rehabilitation. It wasn’t long before he found his “purfect” match. “I thought he was really cute, I didn’t notice at first that he had three legs,” said Michelle, who spotted Sammy’s photos online. “He came up to me immediately and sat in my lap. That cemented it for me.”

“The RSPCA did a great job, there is a culture of love there. I’m so happy they put in the time and effort because I couldn’t imagine life without him.” Sammy isn’t the only little battler making the most of his second chance. Peanut the terrier cross was found on the side of Port Wakefield Road near Two Wells in September.

He had a broken rear leg, which was amputated by our Senior Veterinarian. He also had a heart murmur which was assessed by a cardiologist. Thanks to the love and dedication of RSPCA shelter staff and volunteers, Peanut made a fantastic recovery and was soon sprinting around! He is now happily settled into a loving new home.

Thank you… It’s thanks to your generous support that we are able to provide high levels of treatment, care and support for shelter animals like Sammy and Peanut.

Shelter Officer Mayley Mabarrack with Sammy and Peanut

From the CEO It’s been a challenging yet rewarding year for the RSPCA. We rescued over 1000 animals and investigated more than 2000 cruelty reports. Our shelters were inundated with furry and feathered creatures, and we continued to work hard to increase our adoption rate. We have been focused on reducing debt and becoming more efficient. This led to the difficult decision to outsource our call centre as part of a restructure in October. I am aware there have been some difficulties with the new phone system. While this is regrettable I can assure you it is being addressed. These changes were necessary to ensure our sustainability.

Cupcake Day a sweet success! More than 500 creative cooks ensured animal welfare was a hot topic, baking up a storm for this year’s Cupcake Day for the RSPCA. The delicious treats were sold at schools, workplaces, and morning teas across the State to help raise almost $98,000 for animals in need. Our canine friends didn’t go without, with ‘pupcakes’ also proving popular.

YOUR CUPCAKES CHANGE LIVES. Funds raised at events like Cupcake Day are vital: $250 can desex a shelter dog, $30 can microchip a kitten, and $15 can provide a shelter animal with fresh food and water.

TOP EFFORT! Fundraisers Krysten and her team from Skycity Adelaide raised $3380!

With Christmas one of our busiest periods, we are again urging people not to buy pets as gifts. While animals enrich our lives, adopting should never be impulsive. Thanks to our dedicated staff, volunteers and the many South Australians who supported us in 2012. We wish you and your pets a joyful Christmas and New Year.

Check out the fun in our photo gallery:

Neale Sutton Chief Executive Officer

Legal eagle soars to new heights Our very own Legal Counsel, Shatha Hamade, has earned a national nod – named the Australian Law Council’s Young Lawyer of the Year 2012. Shatha was selected from a nationally nominated group of candidates in September, and is the 13th lawyer to receive the prestigious award since its inception in 1999. “This Award is important because it is an acknowledgement by the legal profession that animal law is a recognised area of law,” she said. “As an RSPCA lawyer, every day I see the most heinous and heartbreaking crimes against sentient beings who have no voice and no rights to protect

themselves. They rely on us to give them a voice, not just because they can’t speak, but because in the eyes of the law they are viewed as ‘property’. “This Award has raised the profile of animal law even further and I hope in doing so has encouraged more lawyers and barristers to turn their minds to getting involved; and more law schools to offer animal law as a core subject in their law school programs.” On behalf of the RSPCA SA and animals in need – congratulations Shatha!

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Shatha with former shelter dog Prickle

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New Year, New Look! Come and see the changes at our Lonsdale Animal Care Centre! The new look is expected to increase adoptions by 10%, triple merchandise sales, and provide a welcoming environment for people looking to adopt, pamper their pet, or use our boarding facilities. An extra 100 square meters of space, increased variety of pet care products, glass enclosures bringing puppies and kittens to

the front of the store, VIP boarding check-in and check-out, and café style refreshments are just some of the new features. Work is expected to be completed by December 14. You can help officially launch the new design at a family (and pooch) friendly event in the New Year. Stay tuned for details!

Volunteer profile

RSPCA Approved Coles Free Range Turkey

Medina Gouveia How long have you been volunteering at the RSPCA? I have been doing work for the RSPCA since 1976 and in the thrift shops since 2005.

Why did you start volunteering? Because I always loved animals, even as a small child I used to rescue birds. I think my mum also used to rescue little birds that fell out of the nest. I’ve also never been without a pet.

Is there a sense in the shops that you’re helping animals? Yes, we are collecting money for the shelters and there are a lot of committed people here who want to do it for the animals.

Why is the RSPCA important to you? I’m just a caring person, and like to be a part of it. I will always support the RSPCA, it’s a part of me now. I think in whatever capacity you can help an animal, that’s the way to go. Medina and Thrift Shop Manager Neil Springbett

HUMANE CHRISTMAS LUNCH Demand for higher welfare food has never been stronger and with meats such as turkey, pork and ham a Christmas staple for many Australian families, it’s important that consumers are aware of the more ethical options available. RSPCA Approved pork, ham, turkey and chicken is widely available across Australia, making a welfare-friendly Christmas lunch easier to source than ever.

KEEN TO HELP OUT? Passionate volunteers, like Medina, are crucial to the work we do every day. If you are interested in volunteering or foster caring contact us at

RSPCA Australia update

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Don’t forget to source RSPCA Approved Rohde’s Free Range Eggs for pavlova this Christmas. Stockists can be found by visiting

LIVE EXPORTS It is more than a year since Four Corners exposed the horrors of Australian cattle being mistreated in Indonesia. Much has happened since, but still the mistreatment continues. Most recently, more than 21,000 Australian sheep were brutally culled in a feedlot in Pakistan. Thousands of Australians recently stood up at rallies across the country, demanding an end to live exports and ensuring Federal MPs understand this is a voting issue.

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Mammoth effort saves gentle giants It’s been a BIG effort – in more ways than one! But these impressive steers have found a new home. a stock contractor, and many others who offered their support, equipment and time.

They came to our attention a few months back, when a bank was inspecting an abandoned property south of Adelaide.

Once secured, the imposing steers had to be transported separately. Such was their size, only one at a time could fit in the trailer.

Our inspector arrived to find 40 acres of undulating, unpredictable terrain, two steers weighing more than half a tonne each, and a cranky horse.

It took more than three months of hard work, asking for favours, and investigations reaching as far as Turkey.

Our mission was to overcome the logistical nightmare and find a solution for these amazing creatures.

But Russell and Trevor, as the steers are now known, have settled into their new home at Freedom Hill Sanctuary, and CJ the horse has also been successfully rehomed.

Locating appropriate transport, securing the animals, and traversing the challenging terrain took dedication from our team,


Honey is lucky to be alive. She was skeletal when we met her and it took some time for her to wag her tail. She either didn’t have the strength, or just didn’t know what happiness was. After weeks of intensive care and love, Honey is making a full recovery. She now wags her tail with full strength and the happiness every dog deserves. HONEY

Please watch over abandoned, neglected and ‘unwanted’ pets like Honey this holiday season by becoming an RSPCA Guardian Angel before 25 December.

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RSPCA News - Christmas 2012  
RSPCA News - Christmas 2012  

In this edition: RSPCA legal eagle soars to new heights - Lonsdale gets a facelift - RSPCA Cupcake Day a 'sweet success'