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Friday 8 December 2006


Shaken, certainly not stirred


Folake Adegbohun checks out the Afro-Caribbean Society's spectacular fashion show The Afrogala, hosted by the AfroCaribbean Society on the 25th of November 2006, was one of ICU’s biggest events. The main highlight of the show was the Fashion Show which was in theme with the recent Bond movie “Casino Royale”. This was, unlike most fashion shows, certainly unique. How ironic that a show based on demonstrating the African and Caribbean cul-

ture decides to use a theme from a western film to showcase it’s finest of all finery. However do not be fooled by the contradicting theme. The action film theme gave a mixture of electric sexiness and explosiveness to the show. The show began with Grace Jones (Wendy) wearing a red jumpsuit and bullet belt from Twinkled. LSE’s very own ACS President Nnamdi

Students looking swish at the Casino Royale themed Afrogala

Awa–Kalu, was a bad guy, wearing a waistcoat and trousers, both in black, accompanied by 3 bad girls Erica, Amaka Akobundu and Odiri Obrutse. All were wearing identical outfits; silk Chinese gowns and vintage blue brassiere from Twinkled. The show had a general theme for the guys, which was quite boring. It consisted of standard pin-striped waistcoats and plain trousers but the accessories, such as the bowler hat worn by Remi and the blue lion tie, from Twinkled, were thrilling. Fortunately the same cannot be said for the female models. The outfits were extraordinarily electrifying with KCL’s epitome of sexy, Charissa Hu, spotting a jaw dropping Dolce and Gabbana bra with silk shorts and an Aquascutum trench coat. IC’s Vese Aghoghovbia and Louisa Awolaja were both wearing a brownish red leather jackets, berets and white dresses with neck ties, both outfits from Twinkled. The Bond girl played by Ojuigo Ndukwe bewitched us with an elegantly worn Sue Wong, hand beaded, beige silk dress. Shaun Githuku emulated Bond to perfection as he graced the stage in a white tux jacket, worn with black trousers and a black shirt with a black bow tie. It most certainly gave him a licence to thrill. The show was undoubtedly a success, with something for everyone, from retro to sheer class. Even if the scripted scenes did momentarily detract the limelight from the outfits, one hardly noticed as the overall effect was dazzling. With all the pizzazz oozing from the models, the funky outfits and the melodramatic acting onlookers can only wish that they too could look so effortlessly chic, who says Halloween can’t be everyday. A big thank you to Amena Imasekha and Ngozi Ofili-Okonkwo the organisers of the show. Most of the clothes worn and all the props were kindly provided by Twinkled (, a vintage shop in Kingly court on Carnaby Street.

90s style Fashion is cyclical, and we've already done the 60s, 70s and 80s to death. The 90s time is now. I can see the sceptical look upon your face, but you'll come around. After all fashion is linked to music, and with all the 90s group comebacks, fashion is not far behind.

Unicorns and magical things Especially in the form of jewellery. As seen at Topshop, with silver chain necklaces and earrings with plastic & mirrored charms of unicorns, stars and other magical paraphernalia attached. Also see, Pan's Labyrinth, a film out now, split between two tales; one fantastical, the other a civil war.

Ooh la la. Suits you sir and ma'am

Lela Rose Her New York Collection is super-cute, with ruffled necklines, and pastel colours paired with black and olive tones.

Felix fashion police: what not to wear

T ' N



T ' N



Will.I.Am and Justin Timberlake

Lindsay Lohan

Fergie from the Peas

Gwen Stefani

Will.I.Am looks like he's channelling Willy Wonka here. Actually, he just looks like he wants to be him. He's probably having a house made of candy being built as we speak. Justin Timberlake, however, looks good enough to eat in grey, red and black.

OK, her face looks a bit like a foetus. I hear prolific "partying" (or snorting a small country's GDP worth of drugs) does that to you. But the monochrome look is hot. Just remember to put some pants on when clambering out of a limousine in front of the leering paparazzi.

Wonderful dress on Lily Allen or anyone below 25. Seriously, how old is this women? You'd have to carbon date her! You can't tell from her botoxed face, which is probably 90% plastic and animal derivatives, 10% human. This fact is only highlighted by her lolita-style dress.

Gwen Stefani looks super kawai! I'll be disappointed if Japanese people don't actually say "super kawai". I used to think French people say "hyper-cool", a phrase used in my 70s era french text book. Apparently it's the french equivalent of "fab". Whatever. Gwen looks hyper-cool.

Sarah Harding for Ultimo So trashy. I have to say, I hate Girls Aloud. Even if their songs are vaguely catchy, I can't stand their chavy hair and style. Harding even has a copy of chav queen, Victoria Beckham's hairstyle. Do Ultimo really want this image? Then again, chavs buy underwear too.