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25 J a n u a r y Issue 1225

Rob Rouse talks about the pressures (or not) of comedy. (Page 5)

Summer Ball Revived In a dramatic reversal of fortune, the Summer B a l l has been raised from the dead. While it is certainly still i n critical condition (to extend a metaphor), hopes are n o w once a g a i n h i g h that the e n d of year party w i l l go ahead. Last week, Felix reported that the Ball w o u l d be axed, but o n the same day that Felix came out, it w a s revealed that the £20,000 g a p i n funds w o u l d be covered b y College. S e n G a n e s h , U n i o n President, h a d informed C o u n c i l d u r i n g last w e e k ' s session, that it w o u l d b e inviable to have a B a l l this year due to lack of cash. This announcement w a s greeted w i t h disappointment b y a majority of students, but the reality of the situation made this decision necessary. However, M r . G a n e s h h a d spoken to College at the b e g i n n i n g of last week, a n d they h a d offered to underwrite the BaU to the tune of £20,000, but this h a d been i n place of p a y i n g back a grant that the U n i o n insists that College o w e s anyway. This w a s d e e m e d unacceptable b y

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While this is undeniably a very k i n d gift, there must be some reasons for it. Tom Miller, College Press Officer, said "College sees this as very important part of College life", explaining that it h a d been s u c h a great success last year that it w o u l d be seen as a great shame not to have one again. A d m i t t e d l y this money does not cover the full cost of the Ball, but the U n i o n n o w needs only a further £10,000 to ensure no loss is made. This money w i l l probably come from corporate sponsorship.

B u m p e r C a r s A t L a s t Year's B a l l U n i o n officials, a n d therefore the loss that w o u l d be made o n the Ball w o u l d be too large to swallow. However, on meeting w i t h t h e Rector, Sir Richard Sykes, a few days later, Mr. G a n e s h explained the decision, a n d surprised everyone b y emerging w i t h the necessary money, given to the U n i o n as a gift from College.

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One of the questions if the Ball does go ahead is that of the venue. W h i l e the decision is ultimately the Union's, no w o r d has yet been heard from t h e m on this subject. Mr. Miller, speaking for College, s a i d "College is right b e h i n d holding it o n the College grounds, a n d w e think it's the right place to h o l d i t . " will

college news

IC To Gain Independence The Rector, Sir R i c h a r d Sykes, has a n n o u n c e d that the C o l l e g e has a p p l i e d to the UK's Privy Council for reserved p o w e r s to a w a r d its o w n degrees a n d so become a university i n its o w n right. The announcement w a s made d u r i n g the Rector's b i - a n n u a l question-and-answer session w i t h Imperial students on 18th January. The College currently a w a r d s d e g r e e s from the U n i v e r s i t y of L o n d o n , a federal i n s t i t u t i o n d e s c r i b e d b y the Rector as " a conglomerate of lots of d a m n t h i n g s . " If a w a r d e d its o w n d e g r e e awarding status, Imperial w i l l no longer be a s s o c i a t e d w i t h the federation a n d its union, U L U . It is thought that IC c o u l d g a i n this i n d e p e n d ence w i t h i n t h e next five years. The p u s h for IC to a w a r d its o w n d e g r e e s is b o u n d u p w i t h the Rector's desire to improve b o t h p u b l i c recognition a n d the r e p u t a t i o n of the College b o t h i n the U K a n d further afield. S p e a k i n g to Felix after the address, the Rector confirmed his i n t e n t i o n for the College to b e c o m e a university i n its o w n right and emphasised his belief that the U n i v e r s i t y of L o n d o n w i l l see major c h a n g e s over the next five years: "It's not just IC that's g o i n g d o w n this road. Other colleges, i n c l u d i n g K i n g ' s a n d U C L , are also exploring d o i n g the same." Departure from U L U w o u l d result i n I m p e r i a l s t u d e n t s l o s i n g t h e benefits w h i c h come with membership. Imperial College Union President, Sen Ganesh, w a r n e d that "if the u n i o n w a s to disaffiliate from U L U , w e w o u l d need to ensure that w e get adequate c o m p e n s a t i o n

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The Rector for the loss of facilities a n d services." S p e a k i n g to Felix, U L U President, J u s t i n e Stephens, c a l l e d Sir R i c h a r d S y k e s ' plans for an independent IC " a b l o w to the federal collect i v i s m that is the U n i v e r s i t y of London." The Rector spoke at l ength about strengthening the Imperial College b r a n d a n d his belief that h a v i n g its o w n degree-awarding powers w o u l d h e l p to improve the College's s t a n d i n g as a prestigious international university of the s a m e c a l i b r e as Oxford a n d C a m b r i d g e . A n A m e r i c a n student i n the audience commented that Imperial w a s almost u n h e a r d of i n the U n i t e d States a n d that he h a d to t e l l friends b a c k home that he w a s studyi n g at 'the U n i v e r s i t y of L o n d o n ' rather t h a n 'Imperial College'. Other major issues of d i s c u s s i o n w e r e the C o l l e g e ' s sports facilities, student a c c o m m o d a t i o n a n d the n u m ber of f i r s t - c l a s s d e g r e e s a w a r d e d , w h i c h the Rector s a i d w a s b e i n g monitored, as it w a s one of the key measures u s e d i n university league tables. The Rector also a n s w e r e d questions regarding the recently revised opening hours of the C e n t r a l L i b r a r y

a n d the p o s s i b l e closure of some d e p a r t m e n t a l libraries. H e c o m m e n t e d that l i b r a r y provision across c a m p u s w a s u n d e r r e v i e w a n d that the w a y i n w h i c h students use t h e s e f a c i l i t i es w a s b e i n g monitored. He also a n s w e r e d q u e s t i o n s r e l a t i n g to the College's n e w faculty structure, w h i c h is currently b e i n g implemented. The sale of the Teddington sports g r o un d later this year was both confirmed and explicitly l i n k e d to the fundi n g of the sports hall at South K e n s i n g t o n . F e w m e d i c a l students w e r e present a n d the moment p a s s e d almost w i t h out comment. O n the subject of accommodation, the Rector confirmed that G a r d e n H a l l w i l l soon be sold to provide funds for the p l a n n e d refurbishment of the Southside halls, w h i c h is n o w put at a cost of £25 million. T h i s w i l l result i n the loss of around eighty-two bedspaces, h o w e v e r it is thought that these w i l l be m a i n l y double a n d triple rooms i n the £35 to £50 per w e e k price range. There are plans to refurbish the h a l l before it is sold i n order that it may achieve a higher price. The



P l a n suggests that i n order to meet the guarantee of accomm o d a t i o n for a l l first year undergraduate students, replacement a c c o m m o d a t i o n w i l l be found i n p r i v a t e l y o w n e d developments. In response to questioning, the Rector p r o m i s e d that s t u dents w h o w e r e house d b y the College i n . privatelyo w n e d accommodation w o u l d pay rents "controlled b y the C o l l e g e " a n d that they w o u l d be " i n the same ballpark as Beit a n d Southside...if i t ' s

Issue 1225 25 J a n u a r y 2002 Editor: w i l l Dugdale Deputy Editor: A l i Wren N e w s : Vacant M u s i c : Dave E d w a r d s Books: J o n M a t t h e w s A r t s : J o n Brenner F i l m : Darius N i k b i n Sports: Vacant C r o s s w o r d : Dr. Hot Fudge W i t h Thanks To: Etienne, J o h n S Felix, Beit Q u a d , Prince Consort Road, London, SW7 2BB Tel: 020 7594 8072 E m a i l : Printed by: MCP Litho Limited Felix is a registered newspaper: ISSN 1040 - 0711 Copyright © Felix 2002 more t h a n that it w i l l only be b y a few p o u n d s per w e e k . " He also o u t l i n e d his p l a n s for a n e w £14 m i l l i o n b u i l d i n g on D a l b y C o u r t to house the administrative departments that currently occupy Sherfield. M u c h of the vacate d space w o u l d be filled b y Computing and Maths, along w i t h p r o v i s i o n for unspecified " s t u d e n t facilities." The m a i n w a l k w a y w i l l also be rebuilt w i t h i n the next three years i n a n attempt to ease the congestion that b u i l d s u p as stud e n t s h u r r y b e t w e e n lectures. This w a s the second question and answer session g i v e n b y the Rector after a successful trial last year a n d it is h o p e d that this method of consultation w i t h the student p o p u l a t i o n over h i s future plans for the College w i l l continue. Etienne and John S three for each faculty. Sorry.





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CistoWfsO C0i-';i!v; usnssss


Opening hours;


IMPER1AL C O L L E G E LEVEL2, THE W A L K W A Y . S H E R F t E L D B U I L D I N G. SW7 2 AZ. 0207 594 9746



world rundown

The World

The Lord Just seen the n e w box office smash The Lord Of The Rings? Nice, wasn't it? Fancy d r e s s i n g up i n a b l a c k s h i r t n o w ? Because that's h o w t h e youth arm of the Italian r i g h t - w i n g National A l l i a n c e party w a n t you to feel. They are p i n n i n g their recruitment hopes afresh on the film, w h i c h they say strongly resonates with their o w n ideals of " p h y s i c a l strength, leadership and integrity". Their tradition dates b a c k to the 1970's, w h e n t h e first Italian i m p r i n t s of J.R.R. Tolkien's c e l e b r a t e d fantasy trilogy sparked a w a v e of martial fervour i n y o u n g boys at the time. A large increase i n part membership followed; as a direct result, the fascists say.

Junk While the party hopes for a Thousands of tonnes of scrap return to t h e c h e s t - w i g g e d barnet-bearing glory days of metal originally part of t h e old, leftist commentators w i t h - World Trade Centre are b e i n g in the Italian m e d i a a n d gov- s h i p p e d to t h e Far E a s t , ernment have insisted that the Reuters reports. novel - w r i t t e n partially during Nearly half a million tonnes the S e c o n d W o r l d of scrap are to be War - may actually be t r a n s p o r t e d to read as a cautionary India a n d C h i n a , tale of fascist oppres- where they w i l l be sion, and of a collec- r e c y c l e d and tive (elves, m e n , r e u s e d for n e w d w a r v e s a n d h o b - projects. bits) t r i u m p h over an Steel salvaged * omnipotent evil (the form the gutted and pgj evil Sauron). destroyed b u i l d i n g Tolkien, w h o died i n 1973, is actually quite valuable, d u e always insisted that there w a s to its resistance to corrosion no political dimension to his and weathering. work, a n d sought to distance A s w e l l as thousands of t w o himself from political interpre- foot thick girders from the shell tations of the story, w h i c h he of the b u i l d i n g , rescue and salconsidered to be more v a g e operations have also mythopoeic in nature. yielded burnt yet usable items Joe

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Elery Wednesday Cocktails in the UDH Hon-Alcoholic Drinks a Cocktail Specials Bars t i l midnight Dance'til 1am Late Night Chilli and Fries â&#x20AC;˘* imperial >â&#x20AC;˘ college

of office furniture, s u c h as desks, filing cabinets and the occasional Bauhaus-era allmetal basket chair, all of w h i c h survived the blast. Zimbabwe A N S : The eyes of the international m e d i a continued to gaze u p o n the former colony of 1 Zimbabwe this week, as the A R C I (a body of fellow African nations ostensibly dedicate d to c h a m p i o n i n g new democracies) d e c l a r e d its acceptance of ruler President M u g a b e ' s electoral plans. The 78-year-old ruler has agreed to hold elections this year to find a n e w ruler, w h i c h he insists w i l l be free a n d democratic. However, spectators have called for M u g a b e - w h o instituted the controversial 'landredistribution' policy that parcels out l a n d formerly o w n e d by white colonists to

blacks i n the colony - to stand down. T h o u g h he insists the elections, to be held this May, w i l l be both fair a n d truly democratic, spectators have expressed reservations. M u g a b e o w n s or controls nearly all of the state m e d i a i n t h e country, including three T V c h a n n e l s a n d s e v e n of the c o u n t r y ' s radio stations. W i t h this control, t h e elections could easily be rigged, they say. Moslems B B C : Beijing has announced a series of arrests this w e e k i n the X i n j i a n g region, i n t h e northwest of the country. The arrests are said to be connected with extremist Islamic terrorist cells suspected to be operating i n the area. The province is considered a hotspot b y the Chinese religious watchdogs; a series of measures have b e e n introd u c e d recently to clamp d o w n on g r o w i n g numbers of Christian and M u s l i m " s e c t s " in the area. Islamic groups i n Britain, however, cond e m n e d t h e moves, i n s i s t i n g that the evidence presented w a s "flimsy and c i r c u m s t a n t i a l " . Calling... A n e w company launched o n the Internet this w e e k a i m s to r e v a m p the image of the mobile phone as a teeny-bopper's toy. The company, Vertue L t d . , offers handcrafted custom phones d e s i g n e d for the customer, delivering "sheer class... starting at $1,200." Joe



Rob Rouse: Man Of Fun Rob Rouse is a very funny stand-up comedian man, who happened to appear here at ICU last term on the Comedy Network circuit. Felix looked in for a giggle... Ah, the comedian. That most rock 'n' roll of all teenage icons, the funny m a n w i t h the twinkle i n his eye and the quick wit w h o can charm his w a y into the ladies' pants w i t h nothing but a sharp eye for contemporary culture and a collection of idiotic gestures. A l l bunkum, for the life of the comic is one of tragedy and misunderstanding, loneliness and despair. A t least, that's the theory. So it's a bit of a shock to find that Rob Rouse is every bit as funny, nutty and generally irrepressibly cheerful as his onstage persona suggests. Still, it is already three i n the afternoon, and Rob freely admits he's only just got up. L i v i n g up the party lifestyle? Or the pressures of the tour? No, apparently. "I'm just lazy, me," he chuckles, "the tour's not hard work at all. It's a laugh that's w h y w e do it." Still, exhausting or otherwise, you have

to give the boys credit. This year, the h a r d w o r k i n g guys a n d gals of the Comedy Network circuit are visiting over 20 U K universities' unions, including our


contact w i t h (live comedy). So it's about a regular, cheap spot. People k n o w it's going to be something good, that they can come back to." Comedy capers around the w o r l d are all w e l l and good for the superstar comedians of this w orld (Amsterdam, Poland and Australia have all featured in Rob's itinerary this year). He admits, however, that finding time to enjoy yourself can be tough for the beleaguered London student. "Its difficult, I never really had much time to take stock, myself! See all the bands you can, see all the comedians, get out to all the clubs. Do all the silly dances, drinking all the cheap beer you c a n ! " A n d his ultimate goal? Perfection. "To get better a n d better, to keep improving my live show. W i t h stand-up, it's something that you can keep doing, keep on improving at... as long as you can 'stand-up' really."

< m


i very o w n dBs, on frequent T h ur s d a y nights (including this Thursday). You can witness all sorts of performers, from hot young newcomers fresh on the scene to accomplished veterans, as Rob explains: "I think it's a really good thing, because for a lot of people, this might be their first

He grins. " A n d beyond, I suppose: bath-chair comedy'." Rob Rouse talked to Joe Parker.

â&#x20AC;˘1124 Morgan Stanley invites you Investment Banking Opportunities in Asia We invite interested undergraduate students (class of 2003) to apply for 2002 Summer Analyst Positions. [leadline for resume submission: February 1, 2002. Applications will only be accepted online. SI For more information on this opportunity and to apply online, please visit our website www. rs. 1

If you have any questions, please contact Morgan Stanley IBP


Recruiting Team:

1 b d. a si a re c r uitJ&norg anstanley.c 0 rn. Apply online at


Join Us.

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felix talk

Chaplaincy OK, n o w you're i n L o n d o n - one of the world's most culturally diverse cities and you've filled your spare time w i t h trips and outings to e x p a n d your horizons and challenge your presuppositions. Your friends are ethnically diverse and you are daily b e i n g challenged to become more and more of a w o r l d citizen? N o ? Well, panic not. Help is at h a n d . The C h a p l a i n c y and faith societies are organising a n afternoon trip o n Wednesday 13th February from 1 till 6 to visit places of w o r s h i p belonging to the major w o r l d faiths - yep, all i n one afternoon. So if you've ever vaguely w o n d e r e d w h a t t h e differences are b e t w e e n a church, a mosque, a g u d w a r a , a mandir and a synagogue but have been too b u s y to find out, n o w is the perfect chance. The trip is part of the C h a p l a i n c y ' s commitment to encouraging people of faith on campus to come to k n o w a n d understand one another - a task that seems the more urgent since the events of September 11th last year. Bill Clinton,

speaking in the annual Richard Dimbleby lecture in December captured the essence of the challenge facing us all. "Think about h o w important your differences are to y o u , " he said. "Think about h o w w e all organise our lives i n little boxes: m a n , woman; British, American; Muslim, C h r i s t i a n , J e w . . . O u r little boxes are important to us. A n d indeed, [they arel necessary. H o w could you navigate life if you didn't k n o w the difference b e t w e e n a child a n d an adult, an African a n d an Indian, a scientist a n d a lawyer? B ut somewhere along the way, w e finally come to understand that our life is more than all these boxes we're in - and that, if w e can't reach beyond that, w e ' l l never have a full life... I don't w a n t you to look at people w h o look different from you and see a potential enemy, instead of a fellowtraveller.. ." Don't be a box-dweller. W h y not sign up for the trip o n Wednesday 13th February and be a better fellow-traveller as a result.

A n d if you prefer to do your exploring from the comfort of a chair, then join us for THE W E D N E S D A Y DISCUSSION which takes up the same theme of b e i n g a fellow traveller. T h i s t e r m ' s series 'Being H u m a n ' draws together diverse speakers to help us explore w h a t it means to be a person in the 21st century, w h e n the challenge of difference is a daily experience. On Wednesday 30th January, Eugene Culas from 'The Voice of Dalit I n t e r n a t i o n a l ' w i l l t a l k about h u m a n rights violations t o w a r d s t h e Dalit (untouchable) communities i n India. The following week, Wednesday 6th February, the speaker w i l l be Rabbi G a v i n Broder, the University of L o n d o n J e w i s h C hapl ai n. The meetings take place i n 6B in the East Basement of Beit Q u a d from 1 till 2. To join the W O R S H I P W H I Z Z on the 13th February or for a full programme and further information, contact The Chaplaincy Centre on x49600 or on

Cards, chocolates a m i uift* a v a i l a b l e fur the soccail people in y o u r life. shop







felix talk

IC Radio So what's on IC R o d e o ( s i c ) this week? I thought I'd bring you a quick summary of four of our best shows. In coming weeks we'll have some interviews w i t h the presenters of said shows, as w e l l as details of forthcoming events. Of course, if you're out doing all manner of exciting things at the time your favourite s h o w is on, you can listen to it on the w e b s i t e later, at Of course, if you're sitting at home at the time, lonely and bored, tune i n to 9 9 9 A M (Linstead and Southside halls) or the webstream. Felix F o r t y - F i v e w i t h w i l l D u g d a l e . Mon day 11 pm -midnigh t. The random late-night ramblings of a (usually drunk) Felix editor. M o n d a y night, as you may not know, is deadline night for this lovely publication. A s such, Will sees it fit to get somewhat intoxicated and ramble at anyone w h o is m a d enough to still be up, a n d w h o isn't out doing better things w i t h their life. A l l this via the miracle of technology that is IC Radio. There's usually a competition or two, and the m u n c h of C h i n e s e food

b e i n g c h e w e d in the background. T h e IC Steve.




Monday 10am.

Tuesday & Friday Mornings


those things you hear i n the U n i o n w h e n you're b l i n d drunk, a n d impress your friends b y f a i l i n g to remember by Wednesday night. Bargain.

8Drivetime w i t h Dave Edwards.

Something nice to wake up to. Tune your

punk/metal tinge to it. The thinking is, that by nine, if you haven't got a lecture, you s h o u l d be a w a k e anyway. W h y should only some of us have to suffer? Of course, there's a selection of random rambling and bizarre burbling too.

Mondays and Thursdays, 5-7pm. Dave knows what's w h a t w h e n it comes to the latest mainstream music, and usually has a couple of guests along for the s h o w to lower the tone and generally supply comedy interludes in w h a t is possibly the best collection of n e w music anywhere on radio. The people w h o brought us "Tube or Trout' (the comedy quiz show) have various competitions where you can w i n the latest singles or a variety of other prizes, and the n o w infamous 'Joke of the Day'.


A n d for info on w h a t other shows are available, check out the website...

alarm clocks to 9 9 9 A M and be w o k e n by a selection of soothing chilled music, both from the charts and rarer stuff. Or at least, that's the first hour... The second hour takes a more sinister turn, w i t h louder and harder music w i t h an occasional

Cheesy L u n c h Stratford.



Wednesday Lunchtime, 12-lpm. J o h n brings you the very finest in m u s i c a l stilton. Every track a classic, or your money back. Useful info about the tracks and the bands, so you can swot up on all

icradio *


Medics' Rag Ramble This year's M e d i c s ' R a g k i c k e d off just before Christmas, w i t h our a n n u a l C a r o l singing venture just before Christmas. We r a i s e d a sleek ÂŁ688.60 for C L I C (Cancer and L e u k a e m i a i n Childhood), this year's designated charity; w o r k I think you'll agree not a b a d day's. We thought a good place as any w o u l d be Victoria station at r u s h hour. We sang for nigh on 6 hours straight. People were eventually p a y i n g us to shut up, 'cause they were so sick of us. Since then, w e have moved onto bigger and better things - Rag Dash. This year's Rag D a s h consisted of a pissed hitch-hike u p to the sunny climbs of N o t t i n g h a m . W i t h over 200 people dashing, this seemed a bit optimistic but in the end, everyone m a n a g e d it, a little worse for w e a r to say the least, but booze w i l l do that to y o u if y o u consume over 3 times the monthly limit of a Hippo.

The lot of us boogied the night away at a club called M c C l u s k y ' s , an amicable little nightclub w h i c h unfortunately d i d a 2for-1 offer on cocktails; those w h o had not s u c c u m b e d soon fell foul. A t l a m , w e were all kicked out and piled onto 4 b u s s e s w h i c h b e g a n the l o n g trek overnight to E d i n b u r g h . Sleep came easily to some people who'd drunk the equivalent to a Horse's dose of Ketamine. However, my sleep w as inhibited by the babblings of t w o alcoholics, J B and Bill, w h o could only spout shit for hours u p o n end. For the rest of the day, the dashers were

enough, post Pub c r a w l , dashers were free to go to a c l a s s y c l u b c a l l e d 'Revolution' (since w e had m a n a g e d to get on the guest list). I can't remember getting into the club but I remember spendi n g a lot of money i n a k e b a b shop on my w a y .home. Next day, w e finally headed for home. M y coach resembled a s a u n a since the driver w a s having issues w i t h the heating. The journey lasted for about 9 hours and w h e n home, those w h o h a d some

left to their o w n devices. Hardcore dashers went to a pub or a bar and carried on boozing until they could no longer walk. However, if their legs still functioned, they were free to join an organised Pub c r a w l to finish off any part of their liver that w a s still functioning. If that wasn't

Next day, the rag committee had to count all the hard earned money. We had somehow managed to collect the staggering amount of ÂŁ6,015.85 in just 3 days of hard boozing. Not b a d at all. Our Rag w e e k is next w e e k (28th J a n - l s t Feb), make sure you get involved! Saf

kind of b r a i n w ent straight to bed; those who were clinically insane w ent to the pub.

T h e C i t y and Guilds College U n i o n Present

R From the Internship Centre

L a u n c h Event with Free Food Thursday 31st J a n , l p m

C i v i l E n gin eer in g Lecture Theatre 201

union felix

City And Guilds Union "My complaint arises from the fact that I spent the greater part of the first and second terms of last year searching in v a i n for a decent job over the summer. I, like many other students, don't w a n t to w a s t e time s t a c k i n g shelves i n S a i n s b u r y ' s instead I w o u l d rather do something that may help me b u i l d a career i n the future. If the C & G College U n i o n could do something..."

31st and to celebrate this w e are having a L u n c h for L a u n c h in the C i v i l Engineering B uilding Room 201 at 1pm, where there w i l l be a presentation s h o w i n g you h o w the w e b site works, and the application procedure... and get F R E E F O O D . . . Over 100 jobs have been procured for

Letter from Shovi G h o s h , E E 2 year rep. Ladies and Gentlemen!! We at the City & G u i l d s College U n i o n are delighted to announce the re-launch of our Internship Centre! The Internship Centre aims to provide students w i t h the opportunity to g a i n jobs for the summer period. However, w e can only get to create s u c h a Centre through progressive stages. This year w e have a snazzy v i r t u a l Internship Centre, located at the web site, w h i c h w i l l provide information on placements at a variety of companies - and details of h o w to apply. B u i l d i n g on last year's success, the w e b site w i l l re-open for business on J a n u a r y

L d i r i g e

the Internship Centre Project. The nature of these placements tends to vary but they are m a i n l y those related to the degrees of students in C & G College. The w e b site w i l l contain details of employers and the jobs offered. Students w i l l be able to contact these employers and apply directly. The project aims to add to the number of jobs already available from departments and the careers service by m i n i n g

the membership of the C i t y & G u i l d s College A s s o c i a t i o n ( C G C A ) . The C G C A consists of past and present students of C i t y & G u i l d s College. By requesting former students to consider offering placements, w e have been able to create extra opportunities for s t u d e n t s looking for summer work. M a n y of these opportunities w i l l be unique to Imperial students, as some of these employers w i l l not have previously considered offering jobs. There w i l l also be a regular e m a i l newsletter that you c a n s i g n up to w h e n you login to the site. This w i l l provide information on u p c o m i n g C V help sessions, presentations and the latest details of n e w jobs posted online. A n Internships Fair is also being planned. E x c i t e d yet!? Keep your eyes and ears open for more adverts around campus. [Of course if you w a n t to boost your C V points, you could do worse t h a n helping to run the Internship Centre project - and m a k i n g contacts w i t h companies. E m a i l if you are keen to help in any w a y ] Mustafa Arif, C & G President Email:

Rag Ramble Hey kittens!

M e n Of The W o r l d

I'll apologise n o w for the c o m p l e t e deranged insanity of this week's column, it's final project deadline time for Physics so after three hours of sleep this w e e k e n d I've found myself i n the Felix offices again, pouring my heart out to you all w h i l e IC Radio p l a y s "spirit i n the sky", old Chinese food cartons spit M S G into the basement air conditioning and I try to forget everything I've ever learnt about Biophysics. M m m m , s p r i n g rolls...

You k n o w h o w it is, girl meets boy, boy meets girl, a beautiful friendship turns into a beautiful relationship, and before you k n o w it you're b u y i n g curtains and m a t c h i n g kitchen accessories in Ikea. If you can't get enough of that lovey dovey stuff (or just w a n t to embarrass the hell out of anyone you know) I C U R A G and M e n Of The World are here to help you! T h e y ' l l be doing their t h i n g to raise cash for the Shooting Star A p p e a l on Valentines Day, February 14th, and also Friday 15th. For a round tenner, these gorgeous gentlemen w i l l deliver a rose, a close-harmony barbershop song, poem, a teddy, in fact anything short of Anthrax, to anyone i n any lecture on campus and

Medics' R a g Dash Saf wrote it all somewhere else i n this issue, those cheeky medics already seem to be famous i n E d i n b u r g h from the amounts of emails posted on the w e b about their antics... A nice load of cash w a s raised for C L I C - y o u ' l l have to w a i t for Medic's Rag Week next M o n d a y to get out of the library a n d make some more!

s i n g a s t u n n i n g serenade to your victim. A h e m , beloved. E m a i l for details of h o w to order instant distraction in your lectures, or check out to find out w h a t ' s going on in I C U Rag Week, February 15th to 22nd, get ready! Winkers wanted 2002 is the last possible year for I C U R A G to revive that time-old tradition of inter C o n s t i t u e n t C o l l e g e t i d d l y w i n k races d o w n Oxford Street! Contact your local President to find out h o w to join the team from your departments on February 20th. M a d enough? There's still places available for anyone m a d e n o u g h to a b s e i l d o w n C h e l s e a Harbour, and experience the most inspiring v i e w s from halfway d o w n a rope. You can do it for free on Sunday, February 17th just by raising a bit of cash for St John A m b u l a n c e . M a i l to s i g n up for the ride. Night!


felix talk

lnkwell:The ArtSoc struggle Imperial College prides herself on being a specialist institution. Her selection of courses being arguably the most competitive and highly rated in the country, while she sits regally at the peak of university league tables amongst the finest institutions in the world. The unfortunate result of this achievement however is that it has n o w come to be regarded w i t h i n the corridors of power that the study of science and the appreciation of the arts must be mutually exclusive. It w a s revealed late last session that Union funding for the A r t Society w a s to be substantially cut, as the idea of susidising students to enjoy opera and theatre w a s little more than a colossal waste of Union funds. Of course the impication of this, is that lovers of art who happen to be scholars of science are denied the enjoyment of a hobby that many in other instituions take for granted. Not only has the Union failed to realise the enormous contribution the ArtSoc makes to student life at IC, but like the L E Q blunder, this once again speaks of poor insight and decision making. Imperial College has neither A r t nor Social Science departments, and as efficient as the humanities department is, it offers little in the w a y of extra-curricular activities for students. ArtSoc served as

the bridge between the shallow pocketed London student living on a government loan, and the pomp and culture of the performing arts, by providing tickets to highly acclaimed west-end productions at substantially discounted prices. But sadly the Union does not realise this. The "democratically elected" union has also failed to see that ArtSoc stands as one of the biggest societies in the college w i t h a membership base of w e l l over three hundred and fifty members. Do the principles of democracy and proportional representation not demand that funding be allocated accordingly to a society that houses a significant proportion of the student body? Sadly, it seems the Union does not realise this. A s Imperial College is located in London: the epicentre of the performing arts, not only d i d ArtSoc further the appreciation of the arts in a purely scientific institution, it also served as a useful ground for foreign students, enabling them to enjoy the sites of London, whilst mingling w i t h ArtSoc students of other cultures and backgrounds in a non-academic setting. Where ethnic societies further divide the Imperial College student body along racial lines, ArtSoc served as the melting pot of cultures and backgrounds in an institution where racial divisions are

noticeable, and impossible to ignore. But sadly the U n i o n does not seem to realise this. The concept of an all-round education means that students should be given the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities that do not necessarily pertain to, or stem from their academic pursuits. A s the saying goes: To define is to limit. IC may pride herself on being a fine specialist institution, but if she limits herself to being one by suppressing the activities of a society that aims to bring the beauty of the performing arts to the penniless student, one doubts if the University Challenge success w i l l ever be repeated. I am not looking to assume the role of the voice of ArtSoc. In fact, let me assert that the views expressed herein are in no w a y representative of the views of the A r t Society. But w h e n a "democratically elected" student-representative-body drastically cuts funding to one of the biggest societies on campus, then one wonders what has happened to principles of democracy that w e all should hold sacred. Funding to ArtSoc should be re-instated. A society that seeks to broaden, enlighten and expose should be appreciated not scorned. Sadly, the Union does not realise this. Nate Evuarherhe

Editor al This is my second attempt at this bloody editorial, and the first one w a s quite reasoned and rational, and then the arsing computer crashed, so n o w I'm annoyed. So this one's just going to be a real rant. I'm not going to continue on the subject of L E Q s , since my m a i n gripe is w i t h the attitude of College to students in general. While I am not accusing Prof. Rawlings of this personally (having met h i m he seems to be one of the members of staff who most cares about students), even he is beginning to exhibit symptoms of this trait. In his letter he spoke of concern that only 20% of students h a d bothered w i t h the L E Q s , but there has never been a note of concern about the pitiful turn out that Student Union elections have every year.

A n d I am sure many College officials reading this now are thinking A n d w h y should we', and many students may even agree. This is the problem. The College is under obligation to have a students' union, and this is where it seems to end. The fact that the Union is here to represent the students often seems to be ignored, and in my job I have also found similar problems. I am meant to find stuff out for you. That is my job. But many times I have tried to obtain a quote or information from some member of College or other, only to meet a stony silence, or even abuse, along the lines of 'I don't have to tell you anything.' This is entirly incorrect. College only exists to educate its attendees, and as such w e are all w e l l entitled to kno w what

is going on. It seems to me that this important fact seems to have been forgotten in the mists of bureaucracy and business of College life, and w h i l e the wonderful scores w e get in all those things like grants for research and lecturing, and the other things IC Reporter tells us about, it should be remembered that these should be the result of a good University. They should not be the end goal in themselves. But as you all probably k n o w by now, while I like a good rant, I also like to be balanced, and College is not entirely to blame in this situation. Most universities are run like this now, and the government, w i t h no grants, and more fees, is obviously similar. Oh well, eh? will

talk back L E Q Dear FELLX Negative articles about the first Collegewide iteration of the electronic Lecturer Evaluation Questionnaire (LEQ) compel me to intrude into your pages to set the record straight. Let me start by stating that these articles do give well-earned plaudits to I C U for assuming a greater involvement in the L E Q . Indeed from inception a couple of years ago, student representatives have been supportive of the introduction of a web-based system. The articles also correctly identify a major contribution to the poor response as student apathy. The L E Q is part of the quality assurance procedures aimed at improving the learning experience for students; completing the L E Q is to the benefit of current and future students. M y v i e w is that students have a responsibility to complete the L E Q just as College has a responsibility to consider and respond to the resulting data. Both articles declare that the system is inherently insecure and that a public service w a s performed b y those students who had tried to hack it. These statements are inaccurate and misleading. The system detected uninvited interference and identified two students w h o appeared to be using privileged information gleaned from the pilot study of last year. Both were reminded that the L E Q software, as w i t h all software, is protected from hacking by College IT regulations, w h i c h they agreed to abide b y w h e n they s i g n e d on as College users. A l l College users, whether students or staff, are subject to these regulations and to disciplinary action if they should contravene them. Thus the system is robust and w a s not successfully hacked. The College has run a paper based L E Q since 1987 but this w a s s h o w i n g its age i n the last few years of its life before becoming completely decrepit and thus unreliable; its software w a s beyond repair. E v e n w h e n operating to full capacity the system w a s unable to read some responses, w a s slow and labour intensive. W i t h the enthusiastic support of the then student representatives, the Undergraduate Studies Committee a couple of years ago commenced the development of a w e b - b a s e d L E Q . A trial i n December 2000 involving six Departments proved to be f l aw ed but nevertheless

yielded valuable lessons and helped in the construction of the more robust version that w a s exposed to science and engineering departments last month. I am a great supporter and regular reader of Felix and have been particularly surprised at the uncharacteristic and unreasoned hostility that has appeared in its pages. The L E Q project team put a great deal of effort into delivering a product w h i c h worked to its specification in that it accurately recorded the responses made and successfully collated the free form textual comments w h i c h under the paper system a poor scribe w o u l d have had to copy. The electronic results were truly anonymous w i t h Departments, including Registry, being unable to track individual responses; furthermore the results were available w i t h i n a couple of days of closure of the w e b site. The most disappointing part of the exercise w a s the poor response rate by students, just over 20% of those eligible, and the reasons for this are being examined and collated by departmental student representatives. Those students w h o h a d difficulty accessing the system and who reported this to the L E Q helpline had their access fixed rapidly in the main. Some students reported difficulty in accessing the L E Q site from halls of residence; this should not have been a problem and the matter is being investigated, w i t h students being advised during the live running to access the site from their Departmental server; a problem w i t h access from M e c h a n i c a l Engineering w a s not reported during the live running of the L E Q and is being reviewed. The Undergraduate Studies Committee w i l l be reviewing how to improve the promotion of the electronic L E Q among both students and academic staff so that the students feel more empowered to participate in this exercise w h i c h is one important (but not the sole) mechanism by w h i c h students can make their voice heard to Departments about the quality of undergraduate teaching; the optimum timing of a survey w i l l be one issue. It should be pointed out that a web-based system is flexible and once it is established for L E Q it may be readily extended and modified to obtain student opinion on other educational/welfare matters such as the personal tutoring system and research supervision.

Let us work together to make a success of the web-based L E Q to everyone's benefit. Yours sincerely, Professor Rees Rawlings Pro Rector (Educational Quality) As editor, I feel that I should stick up for Felix, and insist that the hostility was neither uncharacteristic nor unreasoned. As the vocal representative of all students at Imperial, if something as fundamentally important as the LEQs is found to be a flawed system, then this gross oversight by College and the Union should be addressed. The research (which was quite thorough) that I myself carried out, indicated that the students were being held scapegoat, in order for College to save face. The information I have received has admittedly all come from non-staff members of College, but this is due to every single member of staff I asked having said 'no comment'. Therefore the information I have recieved is only from 'non-trustworthy' students, but nonetheless, the blame seems to be on College. Last year there was a button on the LEQ website that took you to the administrator page, and while this button had been removed this year, the link was still identical. Also I know personally that more than two students 'accessed' this page, yet the two who are to be disciplined are the ones who published their findings on a news server. So, no, the system wasn't hacked, the students just 'walked' in. However, as stated, Felix does believe that LEQs are very important, but what we objected to was College blaming students while refusing to either comment or apologise. (See Editorial for more ranting)

That's Not



Dear ed, I hope you dont m i n d the informal style of this email, ed, but there is no place for pleasantries in todays high-pace society. The reason I write is simple. O n the front cover of Issue 1224, you glee-fully state "We like this helicopter...Black H a w k D o w n reviewed" etc.etc. However, next to it you have a picture of an Apache. Thats not a Hawk. So go figure. Do I get a prize? No. Don't be an arse.



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suspect the explosion of A l a s h i n g w i t h lead is no


abuse i n that l a u g h i n g

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No longer able to cope involving the liberation w i t h the endless repeti- of



tion, the cinematograph- i n s t e a d lots of special er has turned to drugs to effects a n d other things brigten his sad a n d dull, that make if magical life.

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She seems pretty popu- No need to w a i t until the lar, judging by the ticket end of the square to be sales.


n o t w i t h - rude about this lot. They

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serious... not to mention

in a very subtle way, that their punctuation is and after the e n d of the so run-of-the-mill. yyyyyiy''aMyyy

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Alternative Music Society I'm not entirely sure whether i t ' s t h e music or t h e society that's alternative, but I'm sure one is lower calorie t h a n the other...

Trivia Quiz Hello. My name's Norman, a n d I'm interested i n trivia. Hence, therefore a n d thus, I a m able to w i n money i n D a V i n c i ' s o n Tuesday. Apparently.

Wednesday Thursday 30th 31st C h e e s y Wotsits A chance to dance, foolishly, w i t h people you've never met. Alternatively, you could introduce your friends to n e w random people, a n d it c o u l d start a n e w relationship!

Comedy It's in dB's a n d it might be funny, but not nearly as funny as I am. If only it were true, they could throw a boiled haggis on stage a n d get some laughs.

M e d i c s ' R a g Sex G a m e s Tinnsili. '.';,;•;* ,;,;;;":; xxxx'xi .'.ft-.;/'' ' • . . ' . . . ' . ' . '-'.ft They're doing a Circle fla«''<:« iv'tjr;! x^yxxcyxiyxxr, ''.iSftft'iili xrxxuXxi£cXk<y(l^x] 'XXX'YXXWc. x:x.;X 'XXX .:.x:]' Lirie 'ft'HS IS'ifti'ft' jj'jhV'fttSftftfti 0;:,.; be using a minibus on M dU'jM ;;';;;»;:';.;:;;.''ft'-. ft'; i::i\vmM w i l l .;rL ;;i!'sui:c itai f.ft-'UftftisK;'.';.;!' w h e w e hntoio. but 1 nr-y ....... behalf, w e have discov- x still think it's hilariously ft"'ft OtiC^Hi'-Vft^ funny. I'm only s a y i n g X ered that someone ' " i l l ft;j'ft:.?'« :ft;fti.Lft:i'\^;V;h;;;:':. xx;xtx.y'xn y-'mxxi xx v*V, : we'll keep you informed this to w i n d them up. -;;";';'";, VWijI..,/-;: Behind Enemy Lines Mean Machine The Princess Diaries H a r r y Potter a n d t h e The tagline is, apparent- No, it's not the printer i n "The hills are alive...", or Baby-sitter P h o n e d ly, " I n War, There A r e your local friendly com- not, as it w o u l d be hor- IMDB, not that this is Some Lines You Should p u t i n g room. This rid to type-cast poor old where w e get our ideas, Never Cross." That incit- machine is even meaner. Julie A n d r e w s . Relive only have five top films ful piece of word-play It has Vinnie Jones i n it, the magic of M a r y for the week w h i c h is probably made someone so a bit like everything Poppins i n this popular inherently p r o b l e m a t i c millions. C o m p l a i n . else he's done, I guess. w e d d i n g romp. for a seven-day diary. :





xXyt§xXX '.ft;H/<;Vtftftftih:;ft;>lft''. -&'ft:l».h>:.;.#;.'"..' ';;...;..;•;. ...ft ft.' R e s t a u r a n t s F r o m H e l l ,«ifti ; X:y'hA$xxx2LXx;X^:;. Footballer •"'''to, ye;... ?' fti;;;;;;.;,;.;...;:.;.;;' Apparently, lots of peo- X'XXXXx' •;!•' XXs<XXgxxxXx': I only w i s h I"d found 'ft^Sftftftft/d:' :;lft;. ; ^ i ;ftfti;;>;.-< ITV's latest attempt to t h e s e daft I T V t y p e s disadvantages of being ift-Jftiftftft.,..; l-ft;ftr;ft;p;S'ft.,.;ft;ift.'!.j ft:''.ftftft /i;';:ft.;.:.;;;.;,'.;.•;;;' "Disasteious; • sooner. ••A iniiiifsv: •/: -•'..-•,!.!<:';:•..:.• beef? A i o you nuts'' It's 'ftftftftft'';ft x..yX', ("ft;ft;,;:• \ • ' ; . - ,d i n i n g debacles.." ill thai;, x;xX\,xx:yx. on preserving. Oh! Doha! ftfti":'; xxvxx'xk' ,:;ft •';;;,,. • ' • ' f t ' ? M txx ;,;;;;,;,. /TO 3 30pm ITV ' ir! ITV, 8pm !


• ••••








Friday 1st Horny! I've been told it's the sexiest night in pop, but I think fizzy orange is p r o b a b l y t h e sexiest, myself. A l l those bubbles a n d a r t i f i c i al colourings. Yum... What?

It's i. Medics' H a g week, w h i c h c o u l d b e mterpreted as a woeful failure t o s p e l l b u t m a y otherwise b e interprete d as a n a m u s i n g p u n . F e l l o w s h i p of t h e R i n g I feel I s h o u l d perhaps explain the Baphomet reference i n the previous 'Fellowship' entry. Unfortunately, I can't be bothered, a n d I doubt you c a n be either. ",'. •;- ' ' But seriously folks, c a n it be anything other t h a n good? No, seriously? Ok, b u t it c o u l d b e funny, couldn't it? Like youi mother, sunbathing?


Mister Benn Playing at the dominion, maybe he'll go into the fancy dress shop a n d do something truly impressive. I bet h e ' s never heard that one before. Oh no. Looking At Modern A r t The Tate Modern's usual -XxUrxxxxxxi, bivjv... .'•$)'•}• xii-ygx-x iyx... ft; .. order in the hope that :


Elizabeth Harper She a p p a r e n t l y plays w h i s t f u l 80s brit-pop folk. I'm not entirely sure w h a t this is, but probably like Tinkerbell fiddling w i t h the Corr's synthisizer.

Georgie Fame a n d t h e L o - F i A l l s t a r s Blue Flames A h , n o w I finally see, it's The H a m m o n d organ a play on 'Hi-fi'. H a v i n g makes a fairly prominent b e e n so p l e a s e d at appearance i n the write- w o r k i n g this out, I went ups for this act, w h i c h on to prove that black can't be b a d if y o u w a s white, a n d that I remember James Taylor. read Douglas A d a m s .

*-"V^ :feS'ft•, f.^v:s~:fe^.'":'<-;&?ri':;.-i^; '•f i:;Sh„ttft;''>.« xxyx; 'XX:.. .ft/tft.ftft.ft.ft.fty;, ft; Subject to C e n s o r s h i p ;





Subtitled " t h e secret life A n e x h i b i t i o n at t h e H o d g e s o n a n d Long of m a p s , " onft c a n only British Library exploring u s i n g worked metal imaqine w h a t the curathe history oi censor- sheeting to express then tors get u p to at night i n ship, but I'm afraid 'e*';'ftftftj;ft;ft. . •',:";'"';,x\ J ,ft • It's ;.ft;;.:ft';;.'i.:.'ft';.,ft; ;*"••< r-jixXl. AXc~Xi i:«'ftbtxft7 xxxxwx'ixxxx ,.'; :



.;.'; iU !.<j/i. xXjXO. probably magnetic :

'if w e l l


Staind I hate it w h e n carpets get that way. While that k i n d of stain may take some g e t t i n g out, it'll take little to get y o u out to this concert. D'ya see w h a t I d i d there? Wildlife


Tlu» coiii-.tiy's b(»s: t w i t c h i n g snapper ithonoured here. There'll b e lots of c l a p p i n g a n d pat t i ng o n the back, to boot, Yes.

music reviews

Limp Bizkit New Old Songs

Various Neil Halstead Sleeping On Roads ...Not A Soundclash

Out now on Flip / Interscope

Out this Monday on 4AD records

Out Monday 4 February

Formerly of Slowdive and currently of Mojave 3, N e i l Halstead certainly has enough experience be hi nd h i m to deliver a semi-decent solo album. But this is far from semi-decent; it's bloody ace. M i x i n g in a whole w e a l t h of supporting instruments be hi nd the s l o w acoustic guitar, from deep synths to the typical cello/violin combo, this sturdily complete a l b u m of soft, mournful songs makes most recent singer-songwriters seem like Pop Idol rejects. It revels i n influences and comparisons by the dozen, successfully melding the best of the male singer-songwriter genre from the '60s (Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel) w i t h the l e a d i n g lights of recent times (David Gray without the radio overkill, Kings of Convenience).

IThe full title is This Is Not A Soundclash, and the album retails at ÂŁ2.99]. While Nuphonic doesn't make any pretentious claims for its music, it is k n o w n for producing consistently good tunes: danceable, hummable, enjoyable tunes. Surely then, this compilation is a good bet?


This album has no n e w material, just remixes of their old songs, hence the title. These remixes come from some of Fred Durst's new-found friends, like The N e p t u n e s , P Diddy, T i m b a l a n d a n d William Orbit. There's more of a hip-hop feel to all the songs, a n d it seems like the remixers have put some real effort in. The Neptunes are the most soughtafter producers right now, for all types of music. From Britney to L i m p Bizkit, they still keep on the hip-hop side of things, and their tunes just make you stand u p and take notice. Their remixes of Nookie and N 2 Gether Now are definitely the highlights of this album. Then w e have a P D i d d y remix, w h i c h isn't b a d but has all the same old traits, like the lines " a n d w e won't stop" a n d "this is the remix, b a d b o y " . Get some n e w lines P but keep the beats. The major d i s a p p o i n t m e n t s on this a l b u m are the remixes of the most famous songs, Take A Look Around and Rollin'. The Rollin' remix sounds like b a d jungle, and Timbaland's remix of Take A Look Around just didn't do it for me. The beat consisted solely of t w o notes of the Mission Impossible sample repeated continuously, and really got on m y nerves. I doubt that either of these songs really suited a genre-changing remix. New Old Songs is really just another money spinner. But although I prefer most of the original songs, I do like the album. I'm not sure if it's value for money, as there are often m u l t i p l e remixes. However, if you're a fan, then this w i l l complement your collection.



OK, so this is not party music. It doesn't shake your rump or tell tales of how successful the guy is w i t h the laydees. There are no sing-a-long-a-Max-style choruses and it w i l l not prompt you to dye your hair stupid colours and pierce your face w i t h bits of metal. But hey, everyone occasionally needs music for the long, dark teatime of the soul, and this album does the job very, very well. Thoroughly recommended.



Unfortunately, Nuphonic have come up w i t h a dull, shockingly limited example of their w a r e s . Its u n i n v e n t i v e , lazy beats, its overlong mixes and its awful lyrics are, for the most part, stupefying. Marginal e x c e p t i o ns are Groove Armada's mix of And That's Saying a Lot by Natural Calamity, and The Sky Is Not Crying by Tiny Trendies. A n d it w o u l d be unfair not to include Block 16's Morning Sun, a track that has some of the soul that the others manifestly lack. Perhaps dance music has progressed so m u c h in recent years that " s e m i n a l " or " c l a s s i c " tracks n o w sound unimpressive and unambitious. Or perhaps Nuphonic simply don't have enough really good tunes to fill all their compilation albums. Whatever the reason, a foray into the "Best Selling C o m p i l a t i o n s " section in H M V w i l l guarantee a better buy than this.



COMPETITION This week, we're g i v i n g away 25 & Alive: Boneshaker, a D V D a n d bonus C D of Motorhead playing live at Brixton A c a d e m y on 22 October 2000. QUESTION: What was Motorhead's original name? Please email your answer, along w i t h your name, year and department, to by Thursday 31 January. The w i n n e r of the A s h competition from Issue 1223 is A l i s o n Twelvetrees of Biochemistry I, w h o w i n s the A s h video Tokyo Blitz.

reviews music INTERVIEW with James Lavelle James Lavelle is a resident at Fabric and the founder of M o ' W a x records. Felix asked h i m some questions over the telephone. F E L I X : FabricLive.01, m i x e d b y yourself, is out n o w


review, left]. W h a t w e r e y o u t r y i n g to achieve w i t h the m i x ? J A M E S : I w a n t e d to convey musically w h a t happens throughout the night at the club, so it's just like a snapshot of an evening at Fabric Live.

Various FabricLive.01 mixed by J A M E S L A V E L L E Out now on Fabric


A s you load your C D player w i t h this 70-minute mix b y James Lavelle, label manager of Mo'Wax and member of U N K L E , you'll probably be e x p e c t i n g eclecticism, dari ng and sweltering dancefloor fever! It's obvious that James Lavelle (pic above) likes a very w i d e spectrum of music indeed. He mixes abstract hip-hop, trip-hop, breakbeat, pop and house music. Nevertheless, he gives attention to heavy beats, w h i c h he brings out on almost every track. Moreover, in spite of this variety of styles, the excellent mix quality makes it all fit together nicely. You'll discover a lot of n e w names on this C D . A p a r t from the w e l l k n o w n Q u a n n u m , D J S h a d o w (both on Mo'Wax), C h e m i c a l Brothers, H o w i e B, Orbital and Radiohead, you can listen to some very interesting n e w sounds. The most impressive ones are Peter Dildo w i t h his tribal rhythms, Green Velvet w i t h their catchy beats and the funny L a La Land, and B u s w a c k a ! for The Healer, w i t h its addictive digitized vocals and keyboards. Al so, tracks 11 to 17 put some barely k n o w n artists together to form a lively n e w m u s i c a l entity. Forget the dancefloor as James Lavelle starts rather quietly, w i t h abstract hip-hop featuring heavily on the first six tracks. Then the C h e m i c a l Brothers and H o w i e B open fire w i t h Hey Jack's fantastic percussion. N o w your body begins to move to a frenzy of rhythms charged by heavy, repetitive beats as they provide a mix b e t w e e n breakbeat and '80s sounds. Then Lavelle links all that w i t h house music. He finishes up quietly, w i t h an excellent remix of Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place that combines pop and minimalist techno. This record is not a vital addition to your collection, and it's not particularly good at m a k i n g people dance. You discover a few n e w bands, and there's a really good Radiohead remix, but it doesn't ease the w a i t for the next U N K L E record.


M o ' W a x w a s b e h i n d a lot of the ba nd s i n the t r i p - h o p movement, b u t you've s a i d i n the past t h a t y o u don't l i k e the t e r m "trip-hop". W h y not? It w a s something at the time - w h e n you're d o i n g w h a t you're doing, you don't really w a n t to be told by the m e d i a w h a t your music is. It wasn't really a term w e ' d have come up w i t h ourselves, that w a s why. I think w e just didn't w a n t to be t h r o w n into a category, w h e n the whole point of w h a t w e were trying to do w a s not be part of a category, you k n o w ? I don't really care anymore. This w a s seven or eight years ago. What's h a p p e n i n g at M o ' W a x at t h e m o m e n t ? There's a lot of stuff coming out this year - there's the n e w Shadow record, Psychonauts, Black Lodge, Scratch Perverts and lots more. If the M o ' W a x l a b e l represents a lifestyle, w h a t w o u l d t h a t lifestyle be like? Erm... not w a n t i n g to have a proper job! No, I think it just represents an area of culture we're all into. I think we're about graffiti and toys, and bike things. Is it fair to say that M o ' W a x is a h i p - h o p label? I don't think it's focused on hip-hop anymore. It's about a certain kind of mindset of artists and people, and always t r y i n g to p u s h boundaries really. We don't always get it right, but w e try! W h e r e w o u l d y o u l i k e to see M o ' W a x h e a d i n g i n t h e future? I w o u l d like it to be something that survives and continually evolves and develops and pushes contemporary art. Out of a l l the roles y o u p l a y - D J , producer, b u s i n e s s m a n , etc. - w h a t w o u l d y o u say is y o u r t r u e title? Record collector! M y collection's not bad; I have about 30,000 records. I stole them all! Or they were sent to me, you know. W h a t ' s the centrepiece of y o u r collection? Probably my old skool hip-hop collection is w h a t I'm most proud of. This is going to sound quite trainspottery, but I also have all the Beastie Boys records on w h i te label, every record that w a s ever released in J a p a n and all the and promos of very early hip-hop too. W h a t do y o u t h i n k of t h e c u r r e n t m u s i c scene? I think it's really s h a l l o w at the moment, to Everything from pop to the n e w w a v e of rock, it

Major Force w h i t e labels

be honest. all seems so

clean and easy really. A n d that's not w h a t I'm about! Is there a n y t h i n g y o u ' d l i k e to say to t h e F e l i x readers? Just enjoy the record really! Don't try to read too m u c h into w h a t it's about. I just hope that people get some enjoyment and some inspiration from it.


music reviews OUT THIS WEEK The following m u s i c a l delights should appear i n all good record shops on M o n d a y 28 January. Please note that all release dates are subject to change. ALBUMS B L A C K R E B E L M O T O R C Y C L E C L U B - B.R.M.C. C A N D I D A T E - Tiger Flies C H E M I C A L B R O T H E R S - Love Burns NEIL H A L S T E A D - Sleeping O n Roads SINGLES H E L L IS FOR H E R O E S - You Drove M e To It J I M M Y E A T W O R L D - The M i d d l e L O - F I D E L I T Y A L L S T A R S - Sleeping Faster

LIVE: Her Space Holiday + Wauvenfold @ 93 Feet East

Singles Roundup

Arrgghhh! So I find myself i n ultra-trendy Shoreditch. Luckily, however, 93 Feet East "isn't like that". H o s t i n g some of the most experimental music s h o w s i n London, the atmosphere is never one of exclusivity or pretension. A n d tonight is no exception. With the venue's laid-back ambience a n d eclectic air, the crowd seem sincerely excited about the line-up.

H E L L IS F O R H E R O E S - Y o u D r o v e M e To It

W auv e nf o l d , a k a Tom H i l l a n d Noel Murphy, spellbind the crowd w i t h their full Powerbook artillery. Squeezing furious noise motifs into glorious glitch soundscapes, the duo contort their beats, clicks a n d gurgles through countless pedals, Kaos pads a n d a mixer. The results are imaginative a n d humorous renditions of songs from their t w o EPs and forthcoming album. Tom continuously giggles, obviously not intending to play exactly w h a t he is playing, yet m a k i n g a mighty fine job of it. Noel hides b e h i n d the mixer, visibly s h a k i n g w i t h laughter (at Tom, one presumes, though it's impossible to tell 100% w i t h this band). G r i n n i n g throughout their set, Wauvenfold clearly enjoy playing their music as m u c h as the audience enjoy listening.

Hell Is For Heroes is the incredible " n e w direction" of Joe a n d W i l l from S y m p o s i u m (remember them?). N a m e - c h e c k i n g Fugazi and Deftones as major influences, H I F H are a hailstorm of righteous anger a n d bilious angst. Live, they're a truly kickass band, but this single really doesn't do t h e m justice. It's not b a d - it's loud and tuneful and pretty angry - but it's just not one of their best songs. Stick w i t h them until the a l b u m comes out or go and see them live. You won't be let d o w n .

Tom M J I M M Y E A T W O R L D - The Middle Fresh from their sellout s h o w at the Astoria, Rock Sound's "brightest hopes for 2002" release another slice of melodic power-pop. Taken from their self-titled album, this is t w o minutes of uplifting yet unoriginal M O R . W i t h vocals mildly reminiscent of an americanized T i m Wheeler, The Middle is a likeable, albeit unremarkable, tune.

Sajini "When y o u see a laptop on stage, y o u might be at a Kid606 show, y o u might be at a M a t m o s show, but if you're really unlucky you might imminently be w a t c h i n g H e r Space H o l i d a y " announces the jarring computerised voice of HSH's Powerbook, w h i c h introduces the b a n d and each song. Her Space Holiday is the b r a i n c h i l d of Marc Bianchi, w h o uses technology to create rhythms over w h i c h he lays d o w n vocoder musings a n d self-effacing guitar passages. F e w bands are as modest and u n a s s u m i n g as H S H - the computer issues the apology: "Congratulations to those who've made it through a couple of our songs; unfortunately there are still a lot to go". H S H write saccharine, unpredictable yet sentimental songs about love a n d loss; about hope a n d giving up. They are the honest a n d authentic sound of the US underground pop scene. Don't be afraid to put all your trust i n them.


A L K A L I N E TRIO - P r i v a t e E y e Hey, someone still remembers Therapy? a n d the all-out indie rock nonsense that came out of the M i d l a n d s . M o s t of the bands involved are currently t r y i n g to reform before young upstarts like these take over. Indie rock? Indie rocks!

Robert A S H - There's A Star Gone are the almost grungy sounds from Ash's beginnings. Instead, w e have nicely polished pop-rock. There's a Star is one of the slower tracks from i^ee All Angels, a n d it might not rock much, but you c a n still dance to it. W i t h its chilled guitar solo and orchestral backing, this song does seem to sparkle.



T u e s d a y Wednesday T h u r s d a y 29th 30th.Ai




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film interview

Mohammad AM "Beyond Reproach?"

PROFILE Michael Mann

This week in film, the first part in a two part Ali special.

Born in Chicago on 5th Feb 1943, M i c h a e l Thomas M a n n studied at the University of Wisconsin, before moving to the U K to study at the London F i l m School.

Ali. A m a n as famous for his exploits i n the ring as his political dissidence and spirit outside the ring. In an age w h e n words meant something, he u s e d t h e m to transcend his limits as a sportsman and became a legend. A figure w h o sacrificed everyt h i n g for his beliefs, a m a n w h o w a s loved and despised in equal measure, and a m a n who, in alleviating the suffering of Africa and Black A m e r i c a , s a w his m i s s i o n in life. This is the myth. The question is, w a s A l i for real? Was he a man w h o affected real political change, or a gifted boxer w h o s e garrulousness made h i m an ideal propaganda tool for extremists like Louis Farrakhan a n d M a l c o l m X ? Either way, however, M o h a m m a d A l i represented a dissolution of the Black Power movement into popular culture. Here w a s a m a n w h o advocated the v i e w s of extremists s u c h as Elijah M o h a m m a d , and who was seen in the c o m p a n y of the Beatles. He w a s a dampener on a political movement that threatened A m e r i c a w i t h racial upheaval. What w a s his legacy to Black A m e r i c a ? M o h a m m a d A l i came to epitomise everything that Black A m e r i c a w a s and still is not. He had money, he h a d success, he h a d power and he had a political voice. But M o h a m m a d A l i ' s real impact w a s wholly illusionary The truth is that A l i w a s the centrepiece of the 1960s cultural revolution. A folk-hero and myth, w h o s e assimilation into today's popular consciousness is nothing but a detraction from everything he stood for. A m a n w h o aligned himself w i t h The Nation Of Islam, a group openly proclaiming "the white m a n is the d e v i l " , is n o w the d a r l i ng of liberals everywhere. It is this kind of double-think that moulds our current interpretation of the myth of M o h a m m a d A l i . The ultimate popular icon. The ultimate example of modern myth. A n d certainly not beyond reproach. Before m a k i n g up your o w n mind, you should go and see M i c h a e l M a n n ' s Ali, released on the 15th F e b r u a r y . Interesting and potentially controversial stuff.

He quickly gained notoriety as a versatile T V director w o r k i n g on titles such as Starsky and Hutch and Police Story. His career eventually took off w i t h Thief (1981), an intelligent crime caper w h i c h earned M a n n a Palme D'Or a w a r d and, more importantly, respect. Subsequent films, s u c h as The Keep (1983) and Manhunter (1986), confirmed his status as a talented and styli sh director. Throughout the 1980s M a n n w o r k e d on the w i l d l y successful Miami Vice, thus cementing his reputation. Major success finally arrived w h e n he co-wrote, produced, and directed The Last of the Mohicans (1992). Then came his most commercially successful movie, the Los A n g e l e s crime saga Heat (1995), featuring the only screen meeting b e t w e e n acting legends Pacino and De Niro. Heat became an ultra-contemporary and uber-cool arena for yuppie fantasy. It w a s De Niro the thief immersed in a quasi-religious code of discipline and prudence, versus Pacino the freewheeling loud-mouthed copper, l i v i ng and w o r k i n g by instinct and w h i m . It w a s M a n n ' s finest movie and made over $100 million, mainly outside the US. Heat gave M a n n room and money to make the commercial failure and critical success that w a s his last movie, The Insider (1999). In this movie he surpassed even Heat, w i t h superior dialogue and' photography. His achievement w a s recognised w i t h seven Oscar nominations and countless other awards from around the world. It w a s perhaps its anti-establishment theme that denied it an Oscar, but The Insider w i l l be remembered for its brutally honest portrayal of the greed of A m e r i c a n tobacco companies. Suffice to say that M i c h a e l M a n n w a s the ideal candidate to make a movie about one of the greatest cultural and sporting icons of our time. The movie comes out in the West E n d on the 15th February. W h e n all the plaudits are going to W i l l Smith's potentially O scar-w i nning performance, don't forget the M a n n be hi n d the camera.

interview film INTERVIEW Michael Mann The man who's bringing Mohammad Ali to our cinema screens next month speaks candidly about the difficulty of transferring Ali's larger-than-life persona to screen, his views on boxing, and the clash between mythology and corruption in the sport. W h y do y o u t h i n k i t h a s t a k e n so l o n g for a f i l m about M o h a m m e d A l i to c o m e to t h e screen? I think the reason is that Ali's life is so extraordinary. It's so dramatic and it has such extreme dynamics of sacrifice. What w a s actually i n t i m i d a t i n g about his life w a s h o w do y o u find one piece of it that w o u l d authentically do justice to the whole of it? To do all of it reduces the experience. So you w a n t to have a drama, it becomes a docu-drama, w h i c h is good. Wonderful documentaries w e r e made, the finest of w h i c h is W h e n We Were Kings. But his life is a truly extraordinary life. Will Smith and I probably exhausted ourselves for t w o years m a k i n g this film, and w h a t d i d w e do? W h a t w e d i d w a s replicate a fraction of w h a t he d i d and w e didn't even do it for real! We made a motion picture! So, he is larger to me n o w than he actually w a s t w o years ago w h e n w e first started. Not as a person. A s a person he is just a m a n sitting i n a room w i t h us, but the scale of what he d i d actually seems larger to me today than it d i d a couple of years ago. H o w d i d y o u go a b o u t b r i n g i n g A l i ' s p e r s o n a to screen? It evolved, it w a s very m u c h a year spent w i t h Will and myself learning A l i - n e s s basically. W i t h everything that W i l l h a d learned and all the training, all to you have to do is to p u s h h i m off the edge of a cliff. The only t h i n g I'm going to ask W i l l for is being A l i in the moment and b e i n g totally spontaneous to it. So if there is an outrage like he has just been visited by a boxing commission, and as he is coming d o w n the stairs i n the lobby, he is just exploding. It's not about dropping m y breathing to a different part of m y solar-plexus so that m y inclination drops into Ali's range, a n d p u t t i n g your tongue b e h i n d my teeth i n a certain w a y so that I get the Kentucky sound. That all has to be abandoned, you have to be o n a h i g h wire without a net. But the most difficult t h i n g of a l l is to see a n d grasp a n d have insights into things i n advance of everybody else the w a y A l i did. Because A l i characteristically w o u l d . It's almost as if [that's] the w a y his m i n d w o r k e d . M y job is to actually discover the w a y A l i discovered, to think the w a y A l i thought. The hardest part of the struggle of actually becoming A l i , in my mi nd, is to be so totally i m m e r s e d i n character that y o u are actually t h i n k i n g a n d dreaming the w a y A l i w o u l d . That's w h a t w e looked for. H o w d i d y o u go a b o u t c a p t u r i n g A l i ' s v o c a l m a n n e r i s m s ? We w o u l d analyse a n i n t e r v i e w he d i d i n 1965. Someone just stops h i m on the w a y into a Rooster i n a Holiday Inn and asks him if he has a prediction a n d A l i w o u l d say in five lines that he didn't have a prediction, but he pronounced the w o r d prediction three times i n a different way. A n d w e were w o r k i n g on it and realised he's three different characters i n one paragraph.

The f i l m is about a s u p r e m e boxer, b u t w h a t is y o u r v i e w of b o x i n g as a sport? I think, first of all, boxers are like actors, like directors. I mean, an actor isn't intimidated to get on the stage, he can't w a i t to get on the stage and he has to have his m i n d i n that perspective. It's the same w i t h a boxer. H e may have anxiety i n a fight but, if he's prepared, he can't w a i t to get in that ring. The spectrum of boxing personalities w e encountered on this film included intelligent, literate and decent guys. For these men, boxing is about commitment, courage, and strategy. It's a n art and not t w o guys getting i n a ring, hitting each other, w i t h the one who hits harder w i n n i n g . That's not boxing. H o w do y o u reconcile b o x i n g m y t h o l o g y w i t h t h e c o r r u p t i o n that has a l w a y s b e e n e n d e m i c to t h e sport? Of course. I'm not saying there's not corruption i n boxing. In fact, the area where A l i learnt h o w to box w a s t a k e n over by a couple of guys from Chicago a n d suddenly there were illegal fights. I remember b e i n g a k i d i n Chicago w a t c h i n g an unauthorised Friday night fight w i t h m y d a d and all the bookmakers had inside odds. There is plenty of corruption in boxing. A t the same time there w a s something real about boxing. There is all that wonderful cultural history i n the 1960s, t r a c k i ng primarily M u h a m m a d Ali's progress. So w h y d i d people w a t c h it? Because boxing is very corrupt, but it also elevates itself sometimes to become almost mythic. Clearly, the Rumble i n the Jungle, w h i c h is where w e elected to end this film, w a s a perfect example of the mythology. A l i came to signify some kind of aspiration to a lot of people a l l over the planet. H e signified s o m e t h i n g positive to everyone. H i s opponent, G e o r ge Foreman, came to signify something else. H e signified an indifferent, anonymous, disinterested power a n d the Frazier fight, w h i c h the film doesn't deal w i t h that much, w a s absolutely an analogue of a pro-life A m e r i c a . E v e r y b o d y rooted for M o h a m m a d A l i a n d the establishment rooted for Foreman or Frazier. That's h o w it worked. The f i l m seems to deal w i t h t h e h i s t o r y v e r y f a i r l y a n d h o n estly, b u t has there b e e n a n y negative r e a c t i o n f r o m people p o r t r a y e d i n it? Not so far. We have had a lot of contact w i t h everybody i n it. M a l c o l m X's daughter s a w the film last w e e k and liked the film very, very much.


coffee break

Crossword by Dr. Hot Fudge 1.





6. 7.


8. 10. 12.



12. A n offence in the East is foolish. (7)

14. 15.



18. 20.



Welcome friends. To coincide w i t h our ' G a n g s t e r special' G F Q Q , I tried to write a mafia-themed crossword. Unfortunately, the logistics were too d a m n difficult so I gave up in the end. There are a couple of clues that relate to the C o s a Nostra but that's about it. If you're interested, King's College are holding free screenings of classic films on Mondays and Tuesdays for all University of London students from now until mid-March. M o n d a y nights w i l l be A m e r i c a n gangster movies and Tuesdays w i l l have a range of themes. Details are in last week's Time Out in the student section, so root out your copy if you've still got it. I've had only one entry to this w e e k ' s crossword, so the w i n n e r is S o m s u d d i n A l i . I don't k n o w if it w a s too hard or you've just lost interest, but remember there is a playstation 2 on offer at the end of the year and every time you h a n d in a correct grid you get one more entry in the tombola. I tell you what, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. This week, either your brains or your answers are gonna end up on the grid. Capish? Dr. Hot Fudge 61.K M«K kLk b l«k bLk Mok kl«k kLk kLk UAkWl kl«k kl.kkl.k kl.k kUk blak klak bLk U«k kUk ••• okay,everyone 3trt--ttiorf ? Are ++ief£ o,ny ^weytiors? kLk kUk kUk bl.k kLk kl.k ...



CD CD F u c k ^ k t t l ' Ho* art Wt swpfos*<i

Down 2. C a p t a i n America's in love w i t h g a m b l i n g house. (6) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

13. Extreme bravery displayed by courageous Elliot, perhaps. (12) 15. U n p o p u l a r open u n i versity to get very loud dust particle. (3, 2, 7) 19. C o n c u r r e n c e above the knee. (7) 20. L o c a l rules bid farewell to Los Angeles women's society. (3-4)



Across I. A n expert m p r i s o n has a hidden advantage. (3, 2, 3, 4) 8. Two idiots get in w i t h a killer. (8) 9. Struggle on the street of precipitation. (6) II. B r o w n i n g reserves take t w o points for mixed drink. (7)

21. C o u n t r y ganster is concerned w i t h d r u g church. (6) 22. Uses pit as bed w h e n given a name. (8) 23. Revered figure out of Manchester s w a l l o w s softly. (3, 2, 7)

Motivate in church tower. (7) G u n - t o t m g horse is delighted. (7-5) Clothes w o r n by Mafia crime syndicates? (7) Reads paper in E n g l i s h studies. (8) Scattered and wrongly i n s e r t e d over each shilling. (12)


Famous naturalist at Xdistrict? (12) 10. Pick up the lamb awkw a r d l y and get extra c l a i m of responsibility. (4, 3, 5) 14. A n Italian theme is c o r r u p t e d in Greek temple. (8) 16. Protein made from can foil? (7) 17. Start to undress in convertible. (4-3) 18. A n average moment is approximately 3 light years. (6)

A n s w e r to 1224 - Across: Sorcerer, Fleece, Matches, Rapport, Elijah, Sacmpi, Agreement, Gnat, Item, Bird Table, Cheers, S t e w e d , C a r t o o n , F o r m u l a , Peseta, Computed. D o w n : Summer, Rotting, E l s e , L i p o m a , E r o s i o n , Extracts, A r a c h n i d s , H e a l e d , Immigrant, N i g h t - C a p , Master, Escorts, Law-Suit, Resort, E d w a r d , Afro.

break coffee

G F Q Q - The Great Felix Quote Quiz by

B o b b y

C y c l o p s


Dr. H o t

F u d g e

Number of players: 61 The L e a d e r B o a r d - top 15

M a f i a Special 1. "I want someone good, and I mean good to plant that gun. I don't want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands." 2. "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." 3. "A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man." 4 . "Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster." 5. "I want this guy dead! I want his family dead! I want his house burned to the ground! I want to go there in the middle of the night and piss on his ashes!" Bonus Question. What was the name of the dog Frank gave to Marilyn Monroe as a gift?


Name Daniel Sauder Chris Ince

Score 78 74

A n d r e w Ince Simon N o r t h A n t h o n y Rodriques John Anderson Christopher Dent

73 73 72.5 71 69

Rebekah H y m a s


A r o s h a Bandara Gregory M a n n Geoff Lay K i m Randell Vuk Cerovic

61 59.5 58 58 55

Fred M a r q u i s Chris Toffis

51.5 51

A n s w e r s to or to the Felix Office - West W i n g Basement, Beit Quad.

Answers to Bond Special: 1. Sean Connery/James B o n d - From R u s s i a W i t h Love 2. Roger Moore/James Bond - The Spy W h o L o v e d M e 3. Roger Moore/James Bond - The M a n W i t h The G o l d e n G u n 4. George Lazenby/James B o n d - O H M S S 5. M i c h a e l Lonsdale/Hugo Drax - Moonraker Bonus. In Goldfinger, Sean Connery's B o n d likens d r i n k i n g Dom Perignon '53 above a temperature of 38°F to 'listening to the Beatles without earmuffs'.











A lot of you tripped up w i t h quote 2 last w e e k believing it w a s from Moonraker. A l t h o u g h J a w s (played by Richard Kiel) does appear i n Moonraker, he is in fact Bond's ally. J a w s is, I believe, the only henchman not to be killed off in a B o n d film - though feel free to correct me on that. Needless to say, this disparity might be cleared up in a possible Jaw's Returns scenario i n a future Bond. More information can be found on the Richard K i e l website: www.richardkiel. com. This w e e k w e have another special for you w i t h a M o b theme (Fudge has w h a t some might call a penchant for trilbys and splurge guns, but not necessarily i n that order). Competition for the top spot is heating up, and w h a t w i t h a PS2 b e i n g given away in the crossword section, and a possible ÂŁ300 prize for G F Q Q , this is probably the biggest g i v e a w a y in Felix history - just keep those answers coming in! Today I'm feeling somewhat philisophical, a n d I quote the greatest G a n g s t a Physicist of them all - A l E i n s t e i n . He once remarked: "A table, a chair, a b o w l of fruit and a violin; w h a t else does a m a n need to be h a p p y ? " . H o w true. That's all for n o w 'Packers, see you next week! Bobby Cyclops

ioifiiiai tans



(3 (or 2 on Smirnoff Ice ami Bacardi Breezer)

-4 >

Thursday 7

F e b r u a r y Reception: 6pm Venue: Sherfield Building Dress Code: Smart/International

OSC Members Tickets: £12 Non Members Tickets: £10 Tickets Available From Union Reception

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Fortune Favours The Brave The defeat of Saturday 20th January 2001 (over a year ago now) w a s the last time that the I C U A F C third team w a s beaten, by anyone. Saturday the 19th of January 2002 a n d IC 3rds played Kings 2nds to stay in the U L U reserves cup and to keep their incredible unbeaten run intact... Kings were a bit late arriving to Harlington and turned out in mismatched kit and a couple of obvious ringers. Despite this, the first fifteen minutes of the game were all about the 3rds. Chances came and went think and fast but the ball just wouldn't seem to hit the back of the net. Jaime hit a post, G a b b a had a goal disallowed and Iain went close. This scared Kings into waking up and they started to produce a couple of chances themselves and only the inter-

vention of Ricky i n our goal and the inside of the post kept the scores even. Finally the deadlock w a s broken in our favour. Sherlock got round the back of the defence, crossed to Steakhouse who, rather than take it round the keeper, opted to square the ball to G a b b a who literally walked the ball into the goal. The quite ludicrously biased linesman tried to give it offside but the referee pointed out that if you pass the ball to a player behind you, he can't be offside. Our second came from G a b b a again w h o w a s found space on the right hand side of the area and slotted the ball i n past an advancing keeper. We went into the break 2 - 0 up and feeling very confident. N o changes were made by us but Kings tried to counter our dominance by

Hockey Success IC 1st Team I C S M 1st Team

4 0

IC ended their Liverpool-esque run of eight games without a w i n w i t h a comprehensive quality c r u s h i n g of m e d i c s . I C S M has little answer to IC's tide of blue a n d white goal pie. We arrived at the p a l a t i a l union at 11am for a n early pushback but were still waiti n g at 11:30. We eventually arrived at fortess Harlington as w e were due to p u s h back, but that didn't stop the monster IC goal machine. After a half of piss-taking, E s s e x Wide Boy scored from typically short range. Shortly before Herpes' inspiring team talk: "Pain is fleeting, chicks d i g scars and glory is forever!" (What a tool!), Villager skillfully placed the ball b e t w e e n the

keeper a n d the far post, a feat he w a s to repeat at a similar time i n the second half. After a spell of some total village hockey, e p i t o m i s e d b y G u m p trying to hatch out baby hockey balls, IC decided that the Medics has been out their o w n half for long enough, a n d an awesome team goal w a s finished off from about a foot b y our resident G e o g r a p h y Teacher. G u m p then pelted the ball b e t w e e n the I C S M keeper's legs. I think the phrase is 'nutmeg'! Nice. The scoring d i d not stop there w i t h E s s e x W i d e Boy scoring another rubbish goal, before Villager repeated his first half cock-up w i t h another spool of a mammoth proportion. We are legends!

trying out our effective 3-5-2 formation. This formation requires an able and effective sweeper w h i c h w e h a d in the shape of Dan. Kings did not have a good sweeper and their defence w a s a rickety as ever.

chance of the half but our response w a s swift. Jamie took the ball from inside our half, ran all the w a y to the goal line and, at full stretch, lobbed the keeper from a n impossible angle. Quality.

IC chances continued to be churned out, Basis went close w i t h a free kick and a couple of runs through the middle, but the final touch w a s lacking. Lily came on for Johnny and the Hamster came on for Iain to consolidate our lead just before the game took on its interesting twist.

Our fourth was sheer comedy. They got a comer and, it being a cup tie, their keeper went up for it. Stupidly they played it short, got caught i n possession and the ball w a s cleared. Their hapless keeper legged it back to his goal unaware that the ball w a s rolling only a couple of feet behind h i m . G a b b a sprinted clear of the recovering defenders to be first to the ball and, when his shot w a s blocked, the Hamster w a s on hand to knock in the rebound. It finished 4 - 1 . We drubbed a team i n the league above us to stay in the cup.

In a rare attack, Dhruve gave away a free kick on the edge of our area and w h e n it w a s taken, the w i n d got a hold of the ball and unluckily, it lobbed Ricky. 21 is far from safe and w e were nervous and felt robbed that they h a d scored w i t h their first

Imperial College Student Support Facilities Who's H e r e to Help You? Union Advice Centre Imperial College Union, Beit Quad, East Wing Confidential and impartial advice for students and staff on legal, academic, financial, housing, immigration and benefits. Martin Thomson : Telephone: 020 7594-8067 e-mail: : Other Support Services : Chaplaincy Centra

; Imperial College Union, Beit Quad. East Wing ; Telephone: 020 7594-9600 e-mail: chaplaincyfflc ac uk Reverend Alan Gyle. Anglican Chaplain of imperial College Mobile: 07973-654082 e-mail. a.gyle@! Reverend Cathie Bird, Methodist & tree Church Chaplain of Imperial College Reverend Father Ivor Netlo, Catholk: Chaplain ot Imperial College More House, 53 Cromweil Rood Coflege Tutors

Dr Anna Thomas- Berts, Royal School of Mines. Room 1.07 Telephone: 020 7594-6430 e-mail: a.tbomas-blsffiicac uk Dr David Uoyd Smith, Civil Engineering, Room 426 Telephone: 020 7594-6029 e-mail: Counseling Service

' 15 Prince's Gardens ' Dovid Ailman (Monday-Friday} ' Telephone: 020 7594-9430. e-maii: ! Sarah Cooke IMonday, Wednesday and Thursday momingsl ! Room G30, Royal School of Mines Telephone: 020 7594-9419, e-mail, ! Health Centra

Southside, Watts ' Way, Prince's Gardens Telephone: 020 7594-9375/6 Doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrist, sports medicine specialist, physiotherapy, acupuncture, Alexander Technique, homeopathy, osteopathy, reflexology, ; aromatherapy MusBrn Prayer Room

9 Prince's Gardens, E-mail: isiam@ic.acuk

» , , imperial 'Confidential listening and practical information. # rr\\\&f*\0 \ every night of term 6pm - Sam, * Ts«* A A ^ i Telephone: 020 76310101 e-mail- Fistening®london-nigh! UI IWi I Ntghttine


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Ladies Stepping Out Ladies' Football Ladies Football IC

3 4


Indeedy. There were only 9 of us playing in this Sunday morni n g match, d u e to reasons beyond our control. L S E had a full team, complete w i t h sub, three coaches a n d someone's mum to support. I am not a betting woman, but I would say that the odds were against us! After about 15, a great pass to Teens gave US the first goal! The c r o w d (someone from LSE's mum) w a s silenced, a n d w e realised that despite being t w o women down, w e could damed-well w i n this thing! Our stunning second goal by Maewie-baby (her first for IC!) seemed to put a confused LSE into panic mode, and rightly so, because b y anyone's standards, w e were wirrning! Oh, but then they got one back. N o matter though, because b y half-time, another smooth attack and a beautiful strike b y Teens h a d made the score 3-1 to us. Nice! We geared ourselves u p for a gruelling second half, in w h i c h

the strong w i n d would n o w be against us. LSE, having been shouted at b y their three coaches, piled on the pressure - especially in central midfield, giving Iona lots of work to do. Goalie Anneke h a d to make several excellent saves. But despite our best defensive efforts, w i t h Mo, Rim, a n d Claire coping commendably, they scored after about fifteen minutes of relentless attacking. Another scrappy L S E goal late i n the half, and suddenly, w e found ourselves at 3-3 with 4 minutes left. Exhausted b y our efforts so far, w e gave it our all to try and get the winning goal. Twice, our strikers Louise and Teens came achingly close to getting the fourth, but it wasn't to be. What w a s to b e w a s a n unimpressive, w i n d assisted L S E goal, and the final whistle being blown, in a seemingly very short space of time. So there y o u have it. In the end, I think w e h a d a bit too much to do. LSE got far more than they bargained for w i t h the nine of us, so w e l l done everyone!!

Ladies' Rugby Sunday 20th J a n u a r y A soggy start to this t e r m d o w n at Honour O a k Park ended w i t h a disappointingly soggy score. We fought hard but the highlights of the d a y w e r e t h e giant b a t h a n d sausage (or vegeburgers! - Lu), beans a n d chips to follow. Never mind girlies, things can only get better. Wednesday 23rd J a n u a r y With our spangly n e w line-out calls, fantastic scrums a n d wonderfully brilliant team, w e trekked to Harlington ready to whoops some Royal Holloway

ass. The massive turnout at Monday's training session p a y e d off to make today's match some of the best rugby we've played this season. We even h a d a sub a n d t w o fab supporters w h o rallied round w h e n times got tough w i t h a few choruses of " I C U Babes! Shaking that ass!" Quote

of the m a t c h from Holloway's front row: "It hurts, ow!" - well, it is a scrum, ladies. Injury of the match goes to a n inanimate object! Thank you to all those w h o played and supported, a n d let's make it a n even better one next week!

Netball W e l l t h e year shot off to a n i m p r e s s i v e start g i v i n g u s another victory. U n u s u a l l y t h e w e a t h e r w a s o n our side but t h e court w a s ugly. A s w e l l as the m o u n d s of g r a v e l there w e r e also several u s e d s p a r k l e r s l y i n g a r o u n d . So w h e n slipping on the gravel ( w h i c h I m a n a g e d quite a lot) w e t h e n h a d to a v o i d landing on a sparkler a n d i m p a l i n g ourselves! R u m o u r s are t h e n e t b a l l c o u r t s are home to closet sparkler users! A n y w a y b a c k t o t h e m a t c h , t h e g a m e s t a r t e d fairly m e s s y b u t w e soon g e l l e d b a c k t o g e t her a n d b y t h e last quarter the goals w e r e flying i n , e x c e l l e n t a t t a c k from Mills, Jo and Jen! The umpire HCiS


sport o n t h e

h o w e v e r w a s not so good, any attempt from our side to t o u c h the b a l l l e d t o u s b e i n g p u l l e d u p for some reason. were; Common examples c a t c h i n g t h e b a l l perfectly, r u n n i n g too fast t o w a r d s t h e b a l l a n d finally for l a n d i n g o n our feet. H o w e v e r t h e other team m a n a g e d not to get p u l l e d u p for t h r o w i n g their w e i g h t at u s a n d s t a r t i n g to play basketball half w a y t h r o u g h ! N o b i a s there t h e n ! H a t s off to S h e r r y w h o got the most of t h e umpire's b a d side for b a s i c a l l y b e i n g too tall! O h well w e still hammered t h e m ! So t o s u m u p it w a s n e t b a l l o n rollerskates, w i t h a blind umpire but w e kicked a**e!



Saturday 2 6 t h J a n . Middlesbrough v Man United 12pm Kilmarnock v Celtic 5.35pm bar open at 12 noon Sunday 27th J a n . Arsenal v Liverpool 1pm Darlington or Peterborough v Newcastle United 4pm Man City v Ipswich 7pm bar open at 12 noon Tuesday 29th J a n . Bolton v Man Utd 8pm Wednesday 30th J a n . Chelsea v Leeds 8pm . *

G r o u n d floor, Beit Q u a d r i n c e Consort Road


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