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Issue 1130 Election Supplement

16 December 1998 EST 1949


T h e S t u d e n t s ' N e w s p a p e r at I m p e r i a l


Deputy President Finally Elected By David Roberts

Imperial College Union has finally secured itself a full set of sabbatical officers, ten months after the election process began, with Marie Nicholaou returned as Deputy President (Clubs and Societies) by a massive 9 2 % majority. Despite an election that has once again been marred by a very small turnout (less than 5% of all registered students), the margin of victory over the evet-present New Election campaign was nothing short of emphatic. Commenting on the result, Marie admitted that she had expected to win, and was "glad to see that the medics didn't block vote".

Asked what her first ptiority will be on taking up the position, Marie explained that she wouldn't know "until I've spoken to everybody". However, she did promise to support the Caving Club in theit



Miss Nicholaou will take up her new position on Thursday, effectively bringing to an end a term of confusion in which a combination of sabbaticals and staff have tried to cover for the lack of a Deputy President. Asked for her feelings on the way that the other sabbatical officers have dealt with this problem, Marie commented that "They've done a pretty good job so far - now I'll be able to take the weight off their shoulders". Indeed her general feelings toward Messrs Hellard and Ince seem nothing short of reverential "I'm sure they're decent blokes...they'll be supportive and good to work with".

and realise that everyone gets the money they want in the end". She refused, however, to be drawn on the controversial topic of ICU President Dave Hellard's plans for moving Constituent College Union clubs into ICU control (see Felix 1130 page 4), which she views as "'s good to talk about these things in the open".




Miss Nicholaou was only given the chance to run as a result of a chain of events that stems back many months. Initially, a large majority saw Adam Chcr rington elected as DP ) for 98-99, but he failed to achieve satisfactory grades in his summer exams and was consequently forced to stand down before he could take up the job. Although elections for a replacement were held earlier this term, the only candidate, Stuart Cook, withdrew shortly before voting closed (Felix

V V "The other sabbs have done a pretty g o o d Job so far n o w I'll be able to take the weight off their shoulders" Photo: Froggy attempt to abseil down the Queen's Tower. According to Miss Nicholaou, the biggest problem with the way in which

clubs are run at present is the constant struggle for Union funding; "We've got to make them stop fighting each other


Elsewhere in the Union, the result was warmly welcomed. Although Dave Hellard was unavailable for comment, Deputy President Chris Ince was clearly pleased by the outcome, commenting  "Yippee". Former DP ) Charlie joynt was also glad to see that the election process had finally run its course; "It's about bloody time".

With the elections for this year's sabbaticals finally over, ICU can finally take a break - until the elections for the 19992000 sabbatical team begins on 25 January.

Felix would like to wish lil Marie Nicholaou

l N e w Election _

• Spoilt

all its readers a very Happy Christmas. The Felix office is closed

Votes were thin on the ground, especially at St Mary's and Charing Cross, where there is usually a g o o d turnout at elections. Almost a quarter of votes cast for Miss Nicholaou were in her o w n department (Huxley Building). In the e n d . Miss Nicholaou received 370 votes against N e w Election's 33.












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from Friday, and will reopen on 4 January. The first issue of next term will come out on Monday 11 January.