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HALL f i l l e d the breach as the financial backers to projeots l i k e Weeks H a l l . Lord Falmouth, Chairman of the Governing Body, then replied on behalf of the College and unveiled a portrait of Lord Weeks commissioned by the College from Mr. Herbert Holt. The ceremony ended with'a speech by Lord Weeks after whioh the guests were invited to make a tour of the building.


A plaque commemorating the occasion has been erected at the entrance to the Hall.

Weeks Hall i s eleven storeys, with common rooms only at ground-floor l e v e l and the warden's f l a t at the top. As i s tradition i n universities, the warden and deputy warden arc full-time members of the academic staff.

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fclil Although the ground f l o o r -. room was unfinished, the strategical positioning of a few potted plants and furnishings did manage to hide the wet plaster and drying mortar. The Rector, S i r Patrick Linatead speaking f i r s t , welcomed the assembled guests who included Directors and representatives of Viokera Limited and Associated Group companies, members of the College s t a f f and a few strangely dressed students. (The President later disclosed to the editor that he had hired the suit from a reputable firm down the Portobello Road. ) His expression that"rush-hour travel was no substitute for dreaming spires" was heartily reiterated by the assembly. He went on to say that even "Brick and Mortar" were not enough, the s p i r i t of comradeship waa essential. He ended by extending bouquets to the people who had helped i n making Weeks Hall a realisation. Our condolences to Mr. L i d d e i l , the s i t e manager, who according to the Rector lost a stone i n weight and had several sleepless nights prior to the opening. 1

Lord Khollys, a commanding figure of a man, then formally opened the h a l l . During his speech he emphasised the f a c t that industry had stepped i n and

The opening of Weeks Hall marks the completion of the f i r s t stage of the College's scheme f o r the development of Prince's Gardens as a residential and social precinct. For this purpose, properties on the north, east and south sides of the Gardens were acquired by the College i n 1956.

Early i n 1957, Viokera - as part of t h e i r long-term programme of support f o r education i n engineering subjects offered to provide a number of scholarships f o r undergraduate apprentices and a benefaction of ÂŁ150,000 f o r a new Hall of Residence, i n whioh holders of suoh awards oould l i v e i n term-time with other students of the College.

This generous offer was .gratefully accepted by the College and the Hall was b u i l t i n the north-east corner of the Gardens. Weeks Hall, as i t has been named, was designed by Richard Sheppard, Robson and Partners (the architects for the Prince's Gardens Scheme) and, although conforming to the general plans for the remainder t o the area, w i l l possess an identity of i t s own within, This identity the oomplete development. springs from the faot that i t has been planned to meet a dual purpose. As well as being a normal College Hall of Residence during the aoaderaio year, i t w i l l also provide the venue i n the Easter and Summer vacations f o r educational and staff conferences of the Vickers organisations.

The b u i l d i n g i s designed o f r e i n f o r c e d concrete c r o s s w a l l s supporting p r e - s t r e s s e d concrete floors, so ther e


OPENED are no angular projections. Study bedrooms to the north and south, with windows the whole width of the room, present c e l l u l a r elevations, riding above a ground f l o o r of steel and glass. m cont r a s t , the 3 t a i r o a s e has i t s front w a l l entirely i n glas3, with the l i f t i n a glass cage, and a l l the steelwork shipshape and v i s i b l e .

On each f l o o r a se-s of eight studybedrooms has i t s own bathroom, shower, and galley, with a minute kitchen cabinet f o r each student. The uninstitutional a i r of comfort i s partly due to the quiet cork floors, but chiefly to the determination and s k i l l of the architect.

Most of the study bedrooms have a coloured wall, and these are intended to be seen as a bright motley from the street. Unfortunately none but the dark brown i s r i c h enough to be successf u l , and i t i s possible to miss t h i s feature altogether.

The colour of t h i s building does not quite match up to the architectural farm, once one acknowledges the superb grey of the steelwork. To preserve the c e l l u l a r character of the elevations the concrete panel below the windows has been faced with a lighter aggregate than the structure. The difference i n tone i s f a r too slight and robs the facade of d e f i n i t i o n .








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For those ardent heros, who are prepared to s i t i n the twenty sixth row of the gallery, who are w i l l i n g to be kneed and knudged by nonchalant nightingales and who have the w i l l power to resist replying to such tempting utterances as, "Cor! i t ' s a b i t slow ain't i t luv,* from Battersea backroom boys, and "Eeh lass, I shouldn'ta brought you i t I koew't sax was going to be mentioned", a l l from the twenty seventh row of the gallery, then the bright and brassy lights of limbo, the West End, offers a very fine selection of serious drama, l i g h t entertainments and films.

This must surely have been one of the quietest General Election at I.C, i n the history of the College. Apart for an informal discussion of the party manifestoes by the p o l i t i c a l l y minded members, and that i l l attended "Hustings in the concert h a l l , there was l i t t l e 01 no a c t i v i t y at College to indicate that anything out of the ordinary was happening (the reason was of course the proximity of polling day to the beginning of term]; no news meeting and no raga except for a small group of Guildsmeh who alternated between Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. The only spark of real interest waa shown on Friday, when the lounge was crowded to watch the one-eyed monster showing the results.


Ian Planner came to Imperial College four years ago and i n that time he has suooeeded i n getting a degree as well as devoting a great deal of time to Union Activities. These inolude being Hon. Secretary of the R.S.M. Union l a s t year During this l a s t session he has indicated that he w i l l be following the example set by Lea Allen of marrying into I.C.W.A. We congratulate him on h i s engagement to l a s t years Wornens Association Hon. Secretary, Miss Ann-Margret Radford,

Ian does not f i n d h i s spare time enjoyment on the sports f i e l d although he has been known t o turn out for the R.S.M. at rugger or even i n the asrmal Cross Country raoe between the constituent Colleges. His principal pass time i s photography and he was one of the 1959 I.C. team whose entry won the European Universities Photographic Competition. As a reward f o r this he has the somewhat dubious p r l v i l g e organising the next competition at I.C.

In conclusion i t i s perhaps f i t t i n g to point out that Ian was the f i r s t Business Manager of F e l i x to record a p r o f i t f o r many years. We hope that he w i l l succeed i n doing the same f o r the Union during the coming year.


We gents have got a bigger aquirt, We've always grovelled i n the d i r t To drink the stupid l i t t l e squirt But now we've got a bigger squirt.

I told old Dan some terms ago But he just laughed at me and so My nose grew like i t didn't ought'a o-wause you see I l i k e my water.

So may I praise the plumber who Adjusted some well hidden screw. My reader - careful.' Don't be pushful Or alas you'll find you've got a muahful. Roger Jefferyea. P.G. Elect! ENGi.

The really interested theatregoer w i l l f i n d a host of recent productions which are worth a good deal of consideration. "The Hostage", .a play by the now infamous Brendan Beaan and produced by the 'Theatre Workshop', along with Michael Redgrave's adaptation of Henrv Jame's novel, now known as "The Aspem Papers" produced at the Queen's Theatre are both plays ' which should not be missed. In the same category perhaps as Graham Greene's "The Complaisant Lover", although I doubt whether Greene the dramatist i s , as yet, as mature as Greene the novelist. Sean 0'Casey's "Cook-A-Doodl« Dandy" at the Royal Court Theatre i s , without a doubt, I think, the topline production of the day. Described by himself, as h i s favourite play, i t is a performance which, anyone remotely interested i n the history of the theatre, should not f a i l to see. I f your personal choice i s mare i a the realm of light-comedy, then, I aa advised, the revue "Pieces of Eight" at the Appollo Theatre i s f a r you. It i s a return to a rather more sophisticated style of production, something which I'm afraid has been sadly lacking far some time. Pater Cook's sketches, the music of Lanrioe Johnson and Faddy Stares s l i c k production a l l help to make a very fine show.

Going to the cinema? Well here again there are fine things to be seen, besides that couple who always ween ardent upon demonstrating their lawa immediately i a front of you.

I have no personal knowledge, but I have been t o l d that amusement of a nature to satisfy everyone from sentimentalist to sadist, i s offered by such films as, "The Lavender H i l l Mob* at the Classic, "I'm alright Jack" starring Peter S e l l e r s , Isa Carwdahael and Terry Thomas at Studio One, and "The Mammy" X at the London P a v i l l i c n , although I'a sane that by now you w i l l a l l have seen "pretty l i t t l e posters* announcing the

Walt Disney's, "Sleeping Beauty" at the Astoria, said to be Disney at his peak i s a f i l m which people interested i n the art of f i l m cartoon must see. It i s f u l l of charm, end i n i t s way, rather beautiful.

Besides these few, there are of course many more plays and films whioh one ought t o see, perhaps time and money are the deciding factors. Ripoi.

'A'ae this due to a party, or to a feeling that an Election waa too serious a matter for old-fashioned student pranks! Probably the latter,* but i t seems a pity that the time i a apparently past when a man might look back with nostalgia on his student days as the days of his gay and wild youth. There i a much to be said for the old idea of sowing ones wild oats when s t i l l young.



The combined I.C.-Bedford Hop held i n the Union on October 9th provided no startling innovations, but traversed the well trodden paths with a f a i r amount of gusto. It seemed that this year there was a rather large proportion of actual I.C. freahera present which probably accounted for the diversity of male dress, ranging from suits to open necked ehirta (via the national costume of Southern Mongolia postgrad I presume.') The large body of men which invariably atanda at one end of the Hall, preferring to watch rather than dance, waa once again present this was no doubt disappointing for the many young ladies s i t t i n g round the floor (on chairs). After the interval the band, f o r t i f i e d by aoa» beer, and having found a missing trumpeter, gave vent to a l i v e l y series of quicksteps, sambas, Cha-cha-chae and other international "gyrations. The President of Guilds , obviously of the opinion that things were not moving fast enough organised a apirited Paul Jones punctuated by vigorous cries of "Ladies to the right" etc:. The evening closed on the customary somnolent note, couples dancing to a dreamy waltz tune i n a*aiaily-lit Hall.


Breakfast i s exhausting by the time you've found the cereal packet, unwrapped i t , together and played with i t , for dinner. - L.A.

these days, toy i n the put i t i t s tine









The, J.H. C o l l i n s Saga,

Joan C o l l i n s i s one of the catstanding long distance runners t o bo produced by I . C . Ho has run b r i l l i a n t l y and consistently over track, road and country alike but professes a preference f o r the country where •middy conditions suit his style best. •> John n a i l s from Aylesbury, and learned his running at the age of He joined the 3-4 fran nearby ducks. I . C . olub i n 1955 when s t i l l classed as a youth. As a result of h i s London experience he returned home to win the Bucks. County Youths t i t l e easily. John was 3rd i n the U.L. champs, i n the l a s t two years, and i s the favouri t e to win the t i t l e t h i s year, despite the faot that t h i s race i s run over a distance whioh i s a l i t t l e too short f o r him. Last year he wan the S.W.E.T.C. trophy race f o r the second successive time. He won the Q.M.C. race and the Orion '15! l a s t year, but was runner up to the former international J ask Heywood i n the farmer t h i s year. In inter, college races John has a long and baring l i s t of v i c t o r i e s and t i t l e s . On the track he was t h i r d i a the Bucks 6 miles t h i s year and has a best time of 30 min.53 sec. He was t h i r d i n the Aylesbury olub champs one mile i n A>:?8 and second i n the 880 i n 2:3>4 - a distance f a r too short for him! W a l l look f o r the day when John i s an established marathon runner, he made a start t h i s year by f i n i s h i n g 9th i n the Bernie Barnes "Semi Marathon" at an average rate of 5 j min. per mile. e

John oan hardly be termed a On the night conventional athlete. p r i o r to running he i s usually t o be seen indulging i n h i s other hobbies, and always runs h i s best races for U.L. after carnival nights. As a member of R.C.S. h i s academic background i s now tinted with a B.So. and he i s now working f o r an M.So. i n rook magnetism. Last year John was n of A.C.C and t h i s year he i s a member of the I.C. Council His 'chief l i k e s ' are beer, women, the L i b e r a l party and marathons. Chief d i s l i k e s ; psvaioB, Sunday morning training and — y L j glasses.

I should t e l l you about my twenty-one years, of my leaving T i f f i n School i n 1956 as House Captain, Open Scholar and Henley oarsman, my successf u l year ae salesman, milkman, farm labourer and apple picker before I This turned for variety, to R.C.S. should be told to the literary accompaniment of amusing anecdotes of I should the author as a young prig. throw i n for good measure the reasons for my taking c r i t i c a l decisions moulded by reading the Kinsey Report during puberty. However I prefer not to t a l k such crap.

This jarring word i a an Americanism and i l l u s t r a t e s the effectiveness of using American hair-raisers i n our drawing-room King's English as a tool against cuckoos and humbugs; although the tool i s stolen from a I Utopia of cuckoos and humbugs. cannot explain this anomaly but w i l l not be joining the march to Aldermaston rain or no rain.

People faced with a camera or a tape-recorder cannot be at ease and similarly an untrained writer cannot be at ease when putting hie personality on paper. I have never published anything u n t i l I have stored i t for some months and then reread i t . This hasenaured that nothing I have written haa ev«r, appeared before the public. It is true that onea wine improves with keeping but onea writing becomes unbearable after some time. In fact this i a t h e wpy o f t e l l i n p t h e d i f f e r between wine and writing. I t i s unfortunate that my pen's maiden publication has not been exposed on the h i l l s i d e at birth ae have i t s other offspring. This i s the fault of the.Editor of Felix who, like an eccentric Emperor of decaying Rome, deplores the barrenness of the Imperial Family. The only obvious distinction i s that the Editor of Felix i s asexual and confines his distaste to his friendpens who boast s t e r i l i t y . Incidentally those who appreciate the position of an editor of Felix w i l l agree that h i s asexual!ty i a essential for his task aa impartial ah airman between good and evil or synonymously, for thoee uninfluenced by

the doctrines of Lord Baden-Powell discretely clad i n long trousers, more suitable for the S.W. climate and accepting the fashionable s e l f cozufciouaaees associated with bare knees for h i s task to mediate between I.C.W.A. and I.C.M.A. Now, my f i r s t year i n the oppressive atmosphere of the main R.C.S. building under the strain of my academic ambitions and the intensive Chemiatry courae was so soul deetroying that-only the purchase of a brightly checked jacket and a copy of John Betjeman's poems for the folks saved me. I was so grateful for my salvation that I passed my repeats with distinction. Knowing from reliable aourcea, mother, that shame i a p i t i f u l l y 8 h o r t lived, I realiaed the memory of my aummer f a i l u r e would g i v e l i t t l e driving force, f o r my,second session. I wae If deaperate, I confided t o a friend. only I myaelf couLA acquire t h a t perfect balance, t h a t aense o f proportion t h a t i a only known i n ex-National Servicemen and kindergarten s c h o o l teachera . So I plunged myself f u l l y i n t o other a c t i v i t i e e and my l i f e became one g l o r i o u s b u i l d up t o my w r i t i n g a F e l i x Profile. My t i p t o e to the top had begun.

L a s t paragraphlesa , I g r i n d l i k e my o l d f r e q u e n t l y p e t r o l l e a s Armstrong S i d d e l e y t o a h a l t o n l y t o s p l u t t e r a h e a r t p a i n i n g raeaeage. Note t h a t the compariaon dies a l u d i croda death here becauae the car'a u s u a l t r o u b l e i s d i r t i n the c a r b u r etter. BE GENTLEMEN, REMAIN GENTLEWOMEN. John H. For8ter.

Comment by my f r i e n d and f e l l o w p h i l o s o p h e r , Les A l l e n , who haa promised t o make a b e t t e r job o f my obituary than I w i l l s

"This F o r s t e r as w r i t t e n by JOHN PROFILE expresses f a r more c l e a r l y his t r u e character than a p l a t i t u d i n o u s l i s t o f d e s c r i p t i v e phrases r e f e r r i n g t o h i s background and i n t e r e s t s .

Here we have the t r u e FORSTSR; i n c o h e r e n t , bumbling, and s t r u g g l i n g i n t h i s wicked modern'world t o express h i m s e l f and communicate w i t h h i s f e l l o w human bainga. He f a i l e miserably"."





Hew Students Club i n Kensington


A new Hostel has been opened i n Zebra House, 3 Marloen Road, Kensington; W.8. for Overseas students. This Hostel, where the accommodation for t h i s session has been allocated a l ready, i s to contain a Student Club.

M.F. BARRON There w i l l be a UNION GENERAL MEETING i n the CONCERT HALL at 1.15 1959. on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20th,


This Club w i l l be run on similar l i n e s to the 'Goats Club' whioh meets every Tuesday evening i n U.L.U. The Club organisers welcome interested students from I.e., English as well as Overseas, who would l i k e to take the opportunity to be active i n a multir a c i a l olub.



i sod

EDITORIAL Slowly but surely that oollege machine i s grinding back into action, the peace and quiet that postgraduate students enjoy during the recession has been broken by the patter of the tiny and not so tiny feet of the Freshers. The various sporting fraternities have sifted their new supply of wheat and having accepted the "grain" gratefully have l e f t the constituent college teams to fight over the chaff. By ancient custom Saturday night i s the night when men relax from the ardours of their weeks work, and seek aocial entertainment to provide that relaxation. At college i t i a the time when studente can get together to diacuss the affaire of the moment. When men can assuage the great t h i r s t cauaed by the afternoon'a manly pursuits, and f o r t i f y themselves for further perauita; when men, working with men, during the week, seek the company of women (well moat of ua anyway.'.') The "Freehera Hop" commenced this Session's "hops", and a report i s included i n this issue.











Active either i n the sense of attending club gatherings or, very importantly at t h i s stage of i t s history, i n actually giving a hand on the organisation side of the club. Anyone interested oan get further details from the above address.
































Today more than aver, you've got to be good to get onto the regular Felix ctaff. But i f you're the keen, capable sort of c:.ap tr.ey take,,you'll be somebody - eomebody to be rightfully proud of. Join now for three terms - or for any time, - with tae right to leave at any time. Look at these advantages « Wide choice of interesting jobe . A central place i n the Union affairs . Sport, travel . Fair promotion on merit a man'a job for any student. INTO ACTION", Felix i a made up every alternate Sunday i n the morning and afternoon. NO experience ia required for new recruita to the roduction Board. SP0RT3 staff are always needed.


oalfirVV-v-BSS.. FIRE.' The men on whom the whole job depends are those who s e l l Felix. Another issue landa on the target.


APPEALING ADVERTS J The few advertisements i n each issue need some preparation. I t takes l i t t l e training and the work can be done at any time.


I 'The Editor Felix, Imperial College Union, S.W.7. I an interested i n helping FELIX. J Please contact me through the Union rack. I est

along here



Coming. £vent& Freshers are by now probably aware of the system of General Studies, which are organised by the college. We are told, by the more paternally minded members of -the college staff,, that the main idea behind theae talks i s to enlighten our merry band of three thousand or so i l l i t e r a t e scientists. They do i n this caae of course, defeat their own purpose, as only those people already sufficiently interested i n a certain subject w i l l trouble themselv s to go to a part i c u l a r lecture. However they s t i l l go on, and I hope long may do so.

This coming week, there w i l l be no General Studies. This i s due to the fact that on Tueeday there w i l l be a Union Meeting, and the following Thuraday f a l l a on Commemoration Day. The following week, however, they w i l l be resumed, as usual.

On Tuesday, the 27th Oct., Professor Blackett w i l l continue hia talk entitled, "Some Aspects of the His' -7 of Technology" which he started last Thursday, whilst for those interested i n the history of music, Peter Stadlen w i l l deliver a lecture which he c a l l s , "Mozarta Afterthought's"




&Ue%4 ta the £difa


Dear S i r ,

Dear S i r ,

Let lis put cn sackcloth and ashes, s i t i n the gutter and cry. These are the emotions whioh are forced upon me as I walk around the centre of South Kensington (now Imperial College?. I am informed that the cost to the oountry and tax-payer of our wonderf u l building scheme i s £20 million. Despite t h i s there i s not one piece of architecture of any aesthetic value whatsoever. I was s u f f i c i e n t l y depressed upon f i r s t seeing that concrete fortress called"The Roderio H i l l B u i l d ing", but hew my heart sank when t h i s term I observed the almost completed structure of the Physios Block. Oh] Beauty Beauty, tou are dead, And only the beast doe l i v e ( ? ) lours, A.F. Spiaks

I should like to offer some comment on your latest Editorial (and the f i r e t I have heard.') by trying to put the case of aome of the poor '10 t i l l 5' men. Many studente l i v e at home, because of the high cost of lodgings nearer College. In coneequence they apend several hours a day travelling, time which more fortunates can spend enjoying College Club f a c i l i t i e s , leaving I.C. at 5 may just allow a meal by 7» and a atart on "soaking up more Science" by 8 o'clock. B r i e f l y , the tired atudent f a i l s to understand lectures and gets even tireder trying to sort them out at home. Non-Scientific pursuits are neglected under threat of the a l l important exams. The only real cure for this type of "day,student" i a , ae you say more Hostel accomodation. Weeks Hall i s a start but what i s an extra 60 rooms among J,000. Unless and u n t i l t h i s can be provided I.C. i s better described as a "Techanical College* rather than part of a University.

Dear S i r ,

Tours f a i t h f u l l y ,

Being suoh an innocent l i t t l e boy I was absolutely shocked when at the Freshers Reception a g i r l (or 'young lady' should I say) approached my particular olub s t a l l ! 'Can you do anything f o r me?' she said. That should I have said or dene? Tours, A shy young gentleman.

Thuraday, 29th Oct. we see the beginning of another series of lectures, called, "The Poetry you never did at School", given by the broadcaster and poet, Patric Dickinson. Hia f i r s t subject w i l l be Louis MacNeice, closely followed by talks on John Donne, Robert Frost, Dylan Thomas and Thomas Hardy. Mr. Dickinson has a somewhat unorthodox, yet extremely informal method of lecturing, and hie v i s i t s are very much appreciated by that small group i n the college who are particularly interested i n poetry. Also on Thursday, S.J. Could, Reader i n Social Institutions at L.S.E. w i l l examine the Socialists Look at Industry.

Other coming events are: Oct.20th R.C.S. Mathematics and Physics Society, presents their Freshers tea, at 5.15 p.m. This i s followed by the Presidential Address from Prof. Blackett. Prof. Jonee w i l l take the chair. Oct.28th Brewery V i s i t to Charri igtons.













Sir, After your journal's 100 years of conservatism I am diagusted that you should suggest a vote against the Tory party. I intend to cancel my subscription. Yours etc: «D«T«R, SP*6T*T«R.



WEDS 2 8 * O C T O B E R





An innocent young ICWArian walking down Prince Consort Road l a s t week was shaken t o see a dishevelled, desperate mob of males leaning out of the ground f l o o r window of the Aeronautios b u i l d ing shrieking 'Ye don't want promises, (Jive us bread!' The presence of a Labour oanvessing van i n the road at the moment was purely coincidental o f course! F e l i x was surprised to hear that one of the gay young sparks of the ICWA oorridor l a s t year has got herself i n rather a jam. Not only has she sunk so low as to l i v e with WOMEN but she also has t o be i n by 10 o'clock at night! ' Passers by i n Prince Consort Road late one night l a s t week were amazed t o see a man scrambling down the s c a f f o l d ing outside the church. Their interest grew when he was followed down by an attractive young lady who was i n turn followed by another man. Are they taking Tommy Steele's advice and 'Going Ape'! Scene:- Union Hall. Enter from opposite sides a member of council and a constituent College President. M of C:- Where the h e l l were you on Freshers Day? P of C C:- Well actually Old boy, I was i n the middle of the Atlantic cn the „ueen Mary! J of C (Unimpressed) presume!

F i r s t olass I

FOOL AFOOT IN LONDON So this was London! not quite perhaps, f o r a l l that oould be seen from the airport bus were dark shapes and innumerable advertisement l i g h t s common t o most o i t i e s . To bed that night with Ill-suppressed excitement to see London i n i t s true colours next day. m the morning a f t e r tucking into a substantial breakfast, I s a l l i e d e e forth t o see London with several other J.J.o's (Johnny Just come) under the guidance, or rather the leadership o f a B r i t i s h Council representative. At f i r s t there,was a tendency t o l a g behind our guide owing t o long stops to gase at unfamiliar buildings and our more l e i s u r e l y pace. Eventually however, we were caught up i n the feverish a c t i v i t y o f London - the frenzied hurry i n a l l directions. The f i r s t r e a l excitement came when we entered an underground station. The noise of trains was shattering and the cold draughts from the subways withering. In the t r a i n i t s e l f there was l i t t l e consversaticn p r a c t i c a l l y everyone was either safely sheltered behind a newspaper o r staring meditative l y i n t o space. Even a oontigent o f Africans about f i f t e e n strong evoked only the merest l i f t i n g o f an eyebrow and occasionally, a cautious peep from behind the penumbra of a newspaper. The journey continued. Out of the tube, into a bus then from the bus a walk - across some most dangerous pedestrian crossings. We saw a great many buildings, but their names did not s t i c k 30 quickly were they passed. A few landmarks were too obvious to be forgotten. Few places apart frcm an Olympic Games stadium could have so many pigeons as Trafalgar Square and who else but Nelson would be so high up i n the world?

(Collapse of P of C C) Judging from the noise emanating from Room 23, Weeks H a l l i 3 continuing i n the t r a d i t i o n of the other hostels i n becoming a 'Sport' den. Those present i n the room were surprised to see the respectable Mr. Carter grappl i n g on the bed with an ICWArian. The only comment uttered by the owner of the room was a hysterical "My wall! Mind my lovely wall".

F e l i x i s interested to see the Mr. ICWA i s taking good oare of his lady charges. He was seen on Sat. night i n a compromising state o f undress frogmarching protesting Mr. Nation to a certain ladies room a

Vive l a Sport!

He understand t h a t the l a n d l o r d o f the 5nnismore Arms threatened l e g a l a c t i o n on t h e C o l l e g e u n l e s s aah t r a y s were p r o v i d e d i n the rooms.. One hears that a osrtain young and exceedingly attractive Iowarian has been preoipitcusly ejected from her room (not i n the hostel) on account o f the enormous amount o f noise eadnating from a party she held. Latest accounts vary but a r e l i a b l e authority has informed us that the.noise was due to certain drunken miners taking umbrage at the punch being adulterated with ash trays arid the contents thereof.

After the f i r s t day a few of the more courageous s p i r i t s amongst us set o f f alone or i n small groups. The experiences of these groups were varied i n d e t a i l but generally similar i n basic pattern. Many times we l o s t ourselves and address books were hurriedl y consulted, however due to the bobbies the way was usually refound (after some hard walking). . Having (very wisely I thought) provided myself with a tube map and of course the i n f a l l i b l e ' A to Z, I decided t o strike out on my own to d i s cover the lesser known quarters of London. The f i r s t time I asked f o r a certain street from a passer by he pointed down one road saying "Fourth l e f t , second right, t h i r d right and sixty yards on, you can't miss i t " . F a i r enough, but after walking about two miles by my reckoning and taking a score of turnings without finding the street, I had to give i t up. I quiokly disoovered that next to policeman, newspaper vendors were most e f f i c i e n t f o r providing information about t h e i r own l o c a l i t i e s . One 1 s h a l l never forget. He was at a crossroads, i t was just after five o'clock. When I asked him f o r a street, without looking up or even apparently taking h i s mind o f f his papers he said "Second Left".


I am i n love with London, with i t s great crowds and rush hours, i t s many neon l i g h t s , i t s cosmopolitan nature, the immense buildings, the variety of motor vehicles i n a l l stages o f disrepairs, but above a l l the pubs.

Young lady requires cheap digs near R.S.M. where landlady does not object i t s noisy parties!

F i n a l l y I a a grateful t o London for giving me such a sunny welcome and hope the winter w i l l be similarly

THE LOCK'S LAMENT A scrummage i a a l o v e l y s i g h t . When aeen from t h e o u t s i d e , With massive Forwards b i n d i n g t i g h t . Loud cursee as t h e hookers f i g h t , As I have s a i d i t seems a l r i g h t , But o n l y from o u t s i d e . I h u r l e d myself i n t o t h a t pack, A forward b i t e s my ear. My s p i n e d i s i n t e g r a t e s Ker-crack ("For God's sake forwards get i t back") They mean the b a l l and not my back, I wish they'd make i t c l e a r . At l i n e - o u t s n e x t , my s k i l l t o show I t ' s easy bo they say, Stands next t o me a brawny f o e , His s i z e twelve boot upon my t o e . His elbo'v gives my t e e t h a blow, This doean't seem f a i r p l a y . And now a t l a s t t h e end i s h e r e , I've got a t w i s t e d nose, A broken back, a f r a c t u r e d e a r . Four t e e t h are m i a s i n g t o o , I f e a r , I'm l u c k y 1 can e t i l l d r i n k b e e r , That's something I suppose. J.C.

I GOT SUNK IN THE SINK I had twelve bottles o f whisky i n my c e l l a r , and my w i f e t o l d me t o empty the oontents o f each and every b o t t l e down the s i n k o r e l s e ! So I said-1'would, and proceeded w i t h the unpleasant task, I withdrew the cork from the f i r s t bottle and poured the c o n t e n t s down t h e sink, with the exception o f one g l a s s , whioh I drank . I extracted the cork from the second b o t t l e and did_likewise, with the exoepte-On of one glass, which I withdrew aha cork from ÂŁ drank. the t h i r d bottle and emptied the , good o l d Booze down the sink, except a glass, which I drank. I pulled the cork from t h e fourth sink and poured t h e bottle down the glass, which I drank. I pulled the cork from the bottle o f the next, and drank one sink o f i t , and pured the rest down t h e g l a s s . I pulled the sink out o f the next glass and poured the cork down the bottle. I pulled the next c o r k out o f my throat and pured the sink down the b o t t l e , and drank the glass. Then I corked the sink with the glass, bottled the drink and drank the pour. When I had everything emptied, I steadied the house with one hand, and counted the bottles and corks and glasses with the other, which were twenty nine. To be sure, I counted them again when they came b y and I had seventy four. As the house came by, I counted them again, and I f i n a l l y had a l l the bottles and corks and glasses and houses counted except one house and a bottle, whioh I drank. Author UNKNOWN

The Mathematician's Courtship Let x denote Beauty; y, Manners w e l l bred; I , Fortune - (This l a s t i s essential). Let L stand f o r Love, our Philosopher said, Then L i s a function o f x, y, and s, Of the kind that i s known as potential. Now integrate L with respect to dt, ( t standing f a r time and persuasion) Then, within proper l i m i t s , ' t i s easy t o see, The d e f i n i t e i n t e g r a l Marriage mast be. (A very concise demonstration).





For the past f a * years, Circuit Training - a new farm of progressive training f o r physical fitness - has Veen arousing interest i n this country and overseas. The possession of a healthy body i s a prime necessity i n this modern age i f we are not to break down under the strain of l i v i n g , and this i s especially true i n the case of the hard-working student. The i d e a l : 'Mens sana i n corpora sano' i s too often forgotten. C i r c u i t Training (C,T.) meets this need in the physical education of students, and was i n fact evolved i n the gym of the University of Leeds. I t i s a medical faot that the best way of developing a healthy muscle i s to exercise against an ever-increasing r e sistance, and there i s not better way of doing this than weight training, increasing the number of repetitions performed, or steadily increasing the poundage used. The bar b e l l system i s ideal, since the weight oan be easily adjusted by as l i t t l e as i l b . at a time. Weight trainin g i s now used as a basic training f o r a l l sports. Example's of sportsmen who claim that t h e i r suooess i s largely due to regular doses of "iron p i l l s " oan be found everywhere. Famous athletes include Chris Brasher, Cordon P i r i e , Brian Shenton, John Savage, Pharoah, Ian Anthony, Emil Zatopeck, etc. The athlete who does not use weights i s Swimmers l i k e Mike the unusual type. Breoknell t r a i n regularly with weights, as do c y c l i s t s Reg. Harris, Dave Bedwell, C y r i l Peacook. Many f i r s t d i v i s i o n Soccer teams include weights i n t h e i r training schedules ... Rugger .. Rowing .. Need we' continue? For the benefit of the I.C. Musical Soo. Guy Mitchell i s a regular weight trainer as well. Weight training i s used as a means of physical culture (body-building techniques used to b u i l d the physique to the best size and strength) as a sport i n i t s own right (weight l i f t i n g ) and i s also extensively used aa a remedial The imtreatment (rehabilitation). provements possible are very rapid and have to be seen to be believed. (Not (continued i n next oeluan)

A specific time-table has been set out. I f you wish to use the gymnasium (and I hope you do!) please t r y not to clash with any other club's activities. After a training session or match please remember to clear away a l l appara tos, so as not to inconvenience others. During weight training or c i r c u i t training keep a l l weights on the mats provided. Splinters i n the floor oould cause a person to suffer pain. On the subject of splinters i t i s essential not to walk across the gymnasium f l o o r i n leather soled shoes. usually quite as quickly as Ch-rl-s Atl-o promises, though!) The fourth use of barbells i s the comparatively recent one of C.T.

Any information regarding looker keys or tines when the gymnasium i s vacant oan be found on the gymnasium notioe board, (outside the door at the east end).

At present the c i r c u i t i s open i n the Snack Bar every evening at 5.0 p.m. If or 5.3° on Tuesdays and Thursdays. you are interested, please come down one evening and have a look at the c i r c u i t . Enquiries to K.W.. Ludlam from beginners and unfit men (and women) expeoially welcome. I t waild be appreciated i f non-sportsmen would use the Wednesday training period so that overcrowding i s avoided.


The main purpose of this a r t i o l s was however to draw the attention of nonsportsmen to the value of c i r c u i t t r a i n ing f o r reaching and maintaining a> reasonable standard of physical strength and endurance. No s k i l l is. required and the exercises are graded to suit a l l Another advantage i s that the types. c i r c u i t can be completed i n less than half -an-hour.

The standard of play among the Freshers i s extremely high, as was shown when a Fresher XI beat Reading University 4 - 3 i n the f i r s t match of the season.

The I.C. c i r c u i t consists of nine simple exercises which are l a i d out round t i e room. The training rate, i.e. the number of repetitions carried out on each exercise, i s taken as one t h i r d of the maximum rate f o r each exercise, whioh i s the number of repetitions which oan be performed i n one minute. When training one passes from one exercise quickly to the next i n an anti-clockwise direction u n t i l three laps of the c i r c u i t have been completed.

BADMINTON CLUB Inconsistency and lack of coordination was the key note o f l a s t seasons a c t i v i t i e s and consequently our record mas not at a l l good. The seoond team had the best record and if n mare than h a l f their matches, the f i r s t VI had a poor season and should have been relegated into the 2nd division of the league. However, t h i s would have made the 2nd d i v i s i o n very overcrowded and were allowed to retain one team i n the premier division. The mixed team also met with l i t t l e suooess i n t h e i r endeavours though we gather they managed to thoroughly enjoy t h e i r games. We have an exceptional number of Freshers t h i s year, about 70 people having shown an i n t e r est i n the Club. At the moment we do not quite know how t o accommodate a l l these people on our court i n the gym, but we hope to obtain more court space i n the near future. The amount of talent i n the Club promises a good season provided everyone p u l l s h i s weight and keeps an eye an the Club Notioe Board so that he can keep ahreat of the Club a f f a i r s .


SWIMMING The swimming olub has an encouraging turnout f o r i t s f i r s t meet of the season on Friday night. The club w i l l be meeting every Friday at Buckingham Palace Road Baths from 7.30 u n t i l 9.30,

This i s an increase on l a s t season of one hours bath time, and w i l l allow regular matches f o r a l l teams and In addition there w i l l be time available for training and the not so expert swimmer to take part. A l l •embers of the oollege are welcome. The d u b programme starts this Friday with a f i r s t team match against Medway Technical College while, there w i l l be a further t r i a l f a r the combined second and t h i r d teams. The following week the f i r s t play Old Startfordians and the seoond the L.S.E.

The olub i s going from strength to strength and certainly the coming season premises to be as successful ss l a s t .

Additions to the Club Calendar include a coaching oourse under the supervision of David Archer, the England Goalkeeper, also a 'Beer Evening' intended to introduce freshers to the t h i r d half. Four teams w i l l be playing regul a r l y this season and with sufficient support i t i s intended to f i e l d a 5 t h XI - yet another milestone i n the Therefore, i f you Club's history. would l i k e to f i n d an up and caning club and be assured ef a regular game, ACT NOW! contact Mick M i l l e r i n the Garden Hall. The most successful I.C. 'Sport' team i s the Mixed Hookey (Marriage Bureau) XI. Last year was a record year, nevertheless i t i s hoped to improve on l a s t years best performance - 8 crates of Guineas.



Considerable interest was shown by the freshers on the 'Freshers Day' reception and a large number of names were taken. There are several good players among them and our team w i l l be considerably improved. It i s hoped to start group lessons far beginners i n a fortnight's time. Three of our team w i l l be representing the university i n the Blasters team - the 'A' golf side of the University.






After a year f i l l e d with unpreaedentod suooesa, the I.C. team hare a very f u l l programme arranged f o r the ooming season. Sinoe other colleges •ould not r i v a l the supremacy of the COLLEGE, t o f i n d suitable opposition we lave Joined the F i r s t Division of the London Basketball League and w i l l be playing some of the finest loams i n the country, as a result.

At the Freshers' Reception this year about 20 Freshmen indicated their interest i n the Club. Of these 9 -took part i n a t r i a l on Wednesday 7th over the Read Relay CfJorse i n Hyde Park accompanied by 18 o l d lags. For these stalwarts who survived the rigours of the afternoon, as well as the climb to the seventh f l o o r of Weeks H a l l , there was the reward of coffee and biscuits kindly provided by our captain, Alan Brown.

With t h i s greatly extended l i s t of fixtures the need for rejuvenation A by Freshmem i s painfully apparent. Freshers t r i a l w i l l be held i n the Gymnasium on Thursday 22nd. Although previous experience i s a needed essential for freshmen hoping t o make the f i r s t team, men with l i t t l e or no experienoe v i l l have the opportunity of learning X the game and receiving expert t u i t i o n from the College coach.

On Saturday 10th three intrepid freshers and nine o l d lags ran 6 miles on Hampstead Heath i n the University Trials. Good performances were put up by veterans, J.H. Collins and M.S. Barber who came 3rd and 5 t h respectively closely followed by J.D.T. Bernard (7th) Last, but by no means least, of the I.C. contingent was fresher Dave Rymer who, being an ex-naval bod, was a b i t weak on h i s navigation and went o f f course.

SOCCER On Freshers Day, with 50 freshmen indicating an intention to play soccer, the soccer club, with an a n t i c i pated 40 "Old lags* returning were reasonably confident of a.successful season and of maintaining the high This a t a n d a r d 8 attained last year. hope was further strengthened by the fact that a l l last year's University players have returned, and by the encouraging standard of' the freshers at the t r i a l on Wednesday.

With the f i r s t round of the Jniversity Cup only one week after the t r i a l s only a minimum amount of time i s available for picking a l s t XI and getting them match f i t . This made the freahera t r i a l s on Wednesday, and the combined freshers old lags t r i a l on 3aturday a l l the more important. The former of these waa played on a very dry hard ground which made the b a l l very l i v e l y and d i f f i c u l t to control. However the freshers gave a good account of themselves, although i n most cases by no moans f i t . The t r i a l s on Saturday' were played i n quite different conditions with the b a l l tending to skid on the wet ground, which never the less remained hard. These trials" were correspondingly disappointing with only s u f f i c i e n t support to make 2 gamea possible, whilst 4 games had been anticipated. This lack of support was presumably due to the rain, although thie could by no means be described as heavy. Better support i a required i f 7 XI'a are to be run s a t i s f a c t o r i l y , i n WET.'.' weather aa well aa fine.

The f i r s t gamea w i l l be playea on Wednesday, (before this report i s published) some friendly and some league, and i t i s hoped that- a l l participating w i l l have had an enjoyable game even i f not successful. P.S. Training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes i n the park. Meet i n the'gym at 12. JO p.m. These are moat enjoyaole except when organised by the captain!'

Las^ year the club had a moderately successful season registering victories over Oxford (once) and Sandhurst (three times), and B u f f e r i n g only one defeat at the hands of an exceptionally strong Cambridge team. The college was well represented i n the university fixtures, three of our members being chosen for the London university teams and also for the South East regional team. Even i f the trio did not perform too b r i l l i a n t l y for the London team, they did however acquit ' themselves well i n the drinking which followed. This year our secretary John Shepherd l s t Kyu, has arranged an extensive programme of matches including contests with Sandhurst and Soldsmiths, and a rather more exacting' fight with the Metropolitan Police Force. I would l i k e to take this opportunity of appealihg to the college to please allow the police team to reach the gymnasium unmolested as we wish to have a go at them f i r s t . For people interested i n starting judo we are holding meetings on Wednesday evenings at 6 o'clock when we hope to demonstrate aome of the fundamental principles, such aa the art of breakfalling and some o f the basic throws. I f you are interested why not come along on Wednesday evenings and be secure i n the knowledge that you w i l l be able to defend yourself at a l l times, whenever you are f i t enough to go out.

TABLE TENNIS Table tennis enthusiasts w i l l have noticed that no representative of the club was present at the Fresher's Reception. This lamentable absence was caused by the academic demise of the captain sleet At the moment the club i s a democracy but t r i a l s sre shortly to be held and new officers w i l l be elected by the people when the time i s ripe. See the club notice board i n the Table Tennis room on the top floor of the Union for details of membership e t c i , and help to give the club i t s best season yet.

On a regular 2 year cycle between I.C. and N.E.C. the Club welcomes back John Conway whom we a l l hope to see regularly at our future fixtures. Another old timer with whom many of the present members are unfamiliar i s Eddie Bennett who returns t o run for the Club and study for a postgraduate degree i n his spare time. Finally, to those freshers who have yet to discover the Club's notloe board, they should enter, the Union building from the quae v i a tne door i n the right hand corner and then pass through the double doors cn the right when they w i l l f i n d the board on the right hand wall.


Nearly 100 freshers were welcomed this year by the Rugby Club and a very successful season i s anticipated i f the enthusiasm now apparent remains through We are hoping to run out the winter. seven regular teams as the fixture card is devised to give exceptionally, varied games t o seven Saturday XVs. The Club owing to this seasons early fixtures were only able to devote one Wednesday to t r i a l s instead of the customary two day t r i a l s . I t w i l l be there fore understood that last Saturday's games were very experimental. I.C. teams f i g ured i n 6 matches, 4 of them including the 1st and 2nd were hosts at Harlington. Although seven I.C. players were holding together the University side, the 1st XV .lead by M. Bregazsi s t i l l enjoyed a promising start to the season i n winning out over a much improved Charing Cross Hospital side by 17 points to 0. The 2nd XII fought and even tougher battle against N.P.L. and was narrowly defeated by 3 points to 0. The other teams had mixed suocess but did well considering the d i f f i c u l t i e s of selection at this stage of the season. Last Tuesday the Club gave new a members an informal welcome when i t was addressed by Professor Sparkes i t s President and other eminent members of the Rugby world. members who weren't prese t missed an enjoyable evening.

Published b y F E L I X B O A R D , Imperial College U n i o n , S . W . 7 Printed b y W E S T L O N D O N O F F S E T C 0 . ^ 3 0 7 i Telephone Place, W . I 4 T e l . F P L 7969