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? As n o n - f r e s h e r s are a l r e a d y aware, the Union i s a w a i t i n g e a g e r l y the opening o f new premises i n P r i n c e Consort Road. L a s t June the Union was informed t h a t the h u l k of the b u i l d i n g would he ready by October 1 s t , but i t soon became apparent to those watching the progress c l o s e l y t h a t there would be some d e l a y , caused (we are t o l d ) by l a b o u r shortages and t e c h n i c a l difficulties. The l a t e s t news c o n c e r n i n g the opening Of the new b u i l d i n g i s s u b j e c t to such i n c r e d i b l e and n e r v e - r a c k i n g f l u c t u a t i o n t h a t i t i s i m p o s s i b l e to p u b l i s h a d e f i n i t e schedule a t t h i s stage. At a "take-over meeting" on 2 5 t h September, attended by the R e c t o r , the Pro-Rector, the C l e r k to the Governors, the Head of the P l a n n i n g Department, the R e f e c t o r y Manager and the present and past P r e s i d e n t s of I.C.U. i t was d e c i d e d t h a t the Lower R e f e c t o r y c o u l d be opened on Monday, October 8 t h and the remainder o f the b u i l d i n g (except the gymnasium and Upper R e f e c t o r y ) on October 2 3 r d . The P r e s i d e n t o f I.C. was asked to impart t h i s happy news to the s t u d e n t s j and the f r o n t page of F e l i x was o r i g i n a l l y devoted to t h i s . Yet, such i s the apparent d i f f i c u l t y of adhering to a b u i l d i n g schedule, t h a t s i x days l a t e r t M s programme had to be r a d i c a l l y a l t e r e d . Not only d i d the c o n t r a c t o r s d e c l a r e t h a t i t had become i m p o s s i b l e to open the b u l k of the b u i l d i n g on October 2 3 r d but, f a r more s e r i o u s , the scheduled opening of the Lower R e f e c t o r y was endangered. F o r t u n a t e l y a f r a n t i c journey a c r o s s west London enabled the f r o n t page of F e l i x to be r e - c a p t u r e d from the p r i n t e r s and s u i t a b l y amended.


At the time of w r i t i n g (.October 4 t h ) i t i s s t i l l not known whether the Lower R e f e c t o r y can be opened on the f i r s t day of term. Meanwhile the f o l l o w i n g r e f e c t o r i e s w i l l do t h e i r v e r y b e s t to cope w i t h i n c r e a s e d numbers:1. 2.


A y r t o n H a l l (Unwin B u i l d i n g ) . R e f e c t o r y under the I m p e r i a l Institute building. I.C.Snack Bar ( B e i t B u i l d i n g ) .

N o t i c e s w i l l be posted i n every department and i n the temporary (!) Union g i v i n g the l a t e s t news about the Lower R e f e c t o r y and the r e s t of Meanwhile the U n i o n the b u i l d i n g . centr e w i l l have to remain i n the Unwin b u i l d i n g . Those who went away i n June e x p e c t i n g to f i n d a s h i n i n g new Union on t h e i r r e t u r n w i l l be d i s a p p o i n t e d at the delay,which we can o n l y hope w i l l not be prolonged. A r e a l i s t i c guess at the date of moving i n t o the b u l k of the Union b u i l d i n g seems to be about mid-November. The completion o f the Union b u i l d i n g w i l l r e p r e s e n t a b i g step forward towards b r i n g i n g a proper U n i v e r s i t y atmosphere to the l i v e s o f I.C.students. However, o n l y when l i v i n g - near c o l l e g e can a student o b t a i n the f u l l b e n e f i t o f a U n i v e r s i t y c a r e e r , and p l a n s f o r an even more important advance - the p r o v i s i o n of more h o s t e l accommodation - have now matured. The C o l l e g e has a c q u i r e d three s i d e s o f P r i n c e ' s Gardens ( a d j o i n i n g E x h i b i t i o n Road). D e m o l i t i o n o f the e x i s t i n g s t r u c t u r e s of the E a s t and South s i d e s s h o u l d b e g i n s h o r t l y and i t i s hoped t h a t accommodation f o r about 450 students w i l l be ready i n three y e a r s ' time. Meanwhile, a s m a l l but v e r y welcome e x t e n s i o n of the present h o s t e l i n v o l v i n g 25 e x t r a rooms - should be f i n i s h e d by Christmas. A.K.





CoMMiTTÂŁfc' rlooH


X :: i : : : : : : FILM

. Dine members of I.C Gliding Club took part i n tha World Gliding Championships held this year at St. Xan aorodpome in Central Franoe. Frank and Hike were crowing far Philip Wills; Martin, Philip S. and Toby looked after Diok Georgeson, New Zealand's'pilot; Tony and Ron helped everyone, and Betsy and Doo. 3. compared notes with other international meteorologists and c o l l ected valuable information from the world's best glider pilots. Finding i t impossible to give a reasonable account of the Championships i n a limited space, one oan only record a few impressions and hope that they w i l l gonvey a f a i r idea of the event. The prelude to our departure was a month's work f i t t i n g out the gliders an? trailers, buying everything, from tow-ropes to toothbrushes, fixing two-way radios i n the gliders and the Vangaurds, arranging passports - and so on. Ohoe at St. Xan the activity increased even more, for i n a l l such events there are always many things to be done at the last minute which simply cannot be predicted when at home. Twenty-five teams, speaking fifteen languages of their own, and trying to speak the other fourteen as well made l i f e very interesting and at times very oonfusing. However, i n gliding, as i n other forms of International Sport, much oan be accomplished by gestures and a l i t t l e guesswork and everyone got along quite well. Two of the features characteristic of St. Tan as far as we could t e l l were the daily aerobatics by their crack team of four 'Stampe' biplanes, who would f l y i n formation, inverted, at about 20 feet above the ground, for half the length of the airfield; and the p.a. system whioh appeared to be always doing one of three things:(1) Relaying, at great power, Eddie Calvert's rendering of "Oh Mine Papa", (2) Announcing that * M. X..... est demands' an Secretariat General avoo d'urgenoe.",(3) Warning us, i n slightly hysterical tones, that "Oh orage approohe avec vents a soixante - dix kilometres al'heure - guardea vos planeurs I" The sight of sixty gliders being sucked up into the maw of a giant thundercloud, which had been darkening the sky for the previous half-hour, and the sound of the radio messages to the ground as they reported "10,000 feet - oxygen an, 18,000 feet - aileron3 frozen; 21,000 feet, on course, s t i l l climbing - ;" was only to be equailed by the suspense round the central cont r o l at 9.30 p.m. the following evening, after a day's task across the S.W. Alps to Cuers, dose to the Med. A l l the machines save one - that of Paul M'Cready, who was eventually to win the Championships for the U.S.A., had telephoned back by just after eight. Had Paul pranged ? Was he s t i l l up; or stuck i n some narrow valley miles from anywhere ? He must be down by now... Everyone present was relieved when we heard that he had landed 15 km. beyond Cuers at 9.15 p.m. by the landing light3 of a military airstrip - thus winning the task. Philip Will's description of his 380 km. flight to Cuers was almost as f u l l of rapture as was his crew's account of the following day - spent lounging amongst the lovelies on the beach at Toulon ! Finally and inevitably, one remembers the food, wine and hospitality of the French. Few things are mare welcome than the sight of a large, hot, excellent and willingly-eerved meal, i n a small restaurant, at 10 p. bu, after a day's hard driving i n the heat of Summer. Above a l l , there was the feeling, a l l too rare these days, that here were teams from a l l over the World, both East and West, some of them State sponsored, who oould come together and compete on a completely friendly basis (although determined to finish as near the top as possible), without bringing to the meeting any of the unpleasantness and argument whioh seems to aoormpany present day international meetings, whether politioal or otherwise. As the French advertisements say: "VOL A TOILE, SPORT HEAL." T.H.






The Musical S o c i e t y i s i n v i t i n g a l l who are i n t e r e s t e d i n p l a y i n g chamber music (and that does not i n c l u d e the Mines' Pornographer .') to a meeting i n the C o u n c i l Room, C. & G., on Oct. 11th. at 5-30 p.m. At t h i s meeting they will discuss the formation of s u i t a b l e ensembles. The conductor of the I.C. Orchestra i s Mr. Frank Kennard who welcomes players of a l l orche s t r a l instruments to weekly p r a c t i c e s which commence at 5*30 p.m. on Oct. 18th. i n the C o u n c i l Room. So t r u s t i n g i s the Musical Soc. t h a t there i s no a u d i t i o n f o r new p l a y e r s .

For those who were unable to attend t h i s year, and f o r the people i n t e r e s t e d i n tha compsa-i s o n , above i s a photo taken at the Freshers' Reception l a s t year. Then the f l o u r i s h i n g Musi c Society's stand was a s t a r a t t r a c t i o n .





'Phone : FULham 7 9 6 9 307a

Film shows w i l l be held i n the Physical Chemistry Lecture Theatre i n R.C.S. for the f i r s t two terms of this session. These shows are open to a l l members of I.C. union and their guests and the charge to those who are not members of the Film Sooiety w i l l be l/6d. Screening of the f i r s t film, Roberto Rosselini's "Paira", i s on Friday Oct. 19th. at 6.45 p.m. Other notable films, including "The Red Shoes", "The L i t t l e World of Don Camillo" and "Kingdom of the Waters",will be shown at approximately fortnightly intervals on Fridays at the same time. Further information may be obtained from M.J. Bennett (R.C.S. Room 124, Int. Phone No. 577) or from J . Chadwiok (I.C. Hostel).










WeeXI-Y* S~-3o

W. 14.
















R o o m , AuDtriaH




This artiole i s reproduced from the Freshers' Edition of two years ago. It i s perhaps lamentable that the last paragraph i s s t i l l applicable.





Dear Fresher, Our Editor, i n his wisdom, i s of the opinion that a short note from the oldest active member of the Felix Board may he of interest to you. It i s with some astonishment that I find this honour falling on me, and with much trepidation that I reoord my experiences and ideas on a few questions whioh have been important i n my university l i f e . There i s nothing i n these notes for the glib young-man-about-town: I write only i n the hope that some of you are as sly, confused and lost as X was when I entered our oollege. Only four years have passed sinoe I crept into the Bookstall and bought a soarf ( which represented Studenthood to my young brain ), and then stuffed i t into my pocket beoause I was too selfoonsoious to wear i t . I soon learned that I need not skulk i n disguise, for the Fresher i s not a target for gibes and sneers; indeed the same day a thousand officials from a hundred olubs urged me most pitoously to join them i n their particular road to Elysium. In those days a high percentage of the older students were ex-servioeman, and many were old enough (and experienced enough) to be my father. They were much more self-assured than the people who arrived straight from the sixth-form, and they occupied a l l the important positions i n the Union. We lived i n awe of them - for the f i r s t few days. The percentage of exbervxoemen has fallen considerably sinoe then, and i t seems to me that with this decline we have become mors steady, sober and industrious, much less interesting, and much less enterprising i n Union affairs generally. This view may, however, suffer from aberrations associated with my extreme age. In our early Fresher days, most of my contemporaries studied conscientiously, and went home at five o'clock. I was among them. After a term or so I began to yearn for female company, but having been equipped with an efficient mental chastity belt at school, I was very reserved, awkward i n company and, worse, unable to dance. The latter defect at least oould be repaired, so I bought a book on Ballroom Dancing (the union library has since been equipped with one) and grimly learned a few steps on the floor ofraylodgings. Then, with palpitating heart, glistening brow, dry tongue and hands dripping with sweat, I wont to a hop. It was a dreadful experience, but i t was the beginning of my oollege l i f e . I was fortunate enough to share lodgings with several other students, and we wasted a great deal of time together. We would often spent half the night discussing Politics, Religion, Art, Women, Prostitution and allied subjects, Morality, Books, and the World as i t was beginning to unfold to us. We worked sufficiently to pass our exams, with a l i t t l e to spare. (We found i t helpful to suppose that anybody who learns everything i n his syllabus not only has no time to learn anything else, but must surely go mad). We were never in danger of madness or suicide, and. these discussions form some of the pleasantest memories of my l i f e . In due course I came into contact with the Student Rag. We dashed down the streets and did things collectively whioh none of us would have done alone. I saw acts of wanton destruction (smashing a Belisha beaoon, for instance) whioh would have been called vandalism or hooliganism had they been perpetrated by the "lower classes". But on other occasions, norphy Day, the Great Victoria Rag, and at several informal battles between R.C.S. and Guild's, I witnessed scenes which I shall always remember with delight. It seems a quality of rags that they appear best i n retrospect. (The back numbers of FELIX, available i n the Onion Library, contain accounts of many of these events.). You may have already run your head into the eternal problem of the Cultural Relations of the Scientist. It i s widely understood that "Culture" means reoognls-




ing Picasso'e Blue Period, Beethoven's Quartet Op, 59 No. 2 (first movement, second subject) or Shelley's "Prometheus Unbound"• I f you know nothing about these you can learn something by going to the I.C. General Studies lectures, and by reading a few carefully chosen books: by becoming i n fact, a Kultur-oonoious bore. This i s rather like sitting i n front of an infra-red lamp i n Stepney, and then boasting of your Riviera holiday. Surely, a cultured person i s one who i s responsive to beauty, and who i s repelled by ugliness, and who makes his own l i f e , and others, happier and richer by his reactions to a l l external aauditions. Knowledge of the l i s t above may help i n the achievement of such a state, but so may many other things, one of the most important being the rational discipline and aesthetic appeal of Science. In this respect we have an advantage over the Arts man, although many scientists neglect i t , with the result that we have a collective reputation for moronishness. Do not be intimidated by the connon, erroneous, petty conception of "Culture". It any seem to you that I.C. i s a bit of a hole. Our Union i s s t i l l i n a shocking condition: we have nowhere to eat oomfortably; we have nowhere to s i t . The authorities promise us eventual r e l i e f from these inconveniences, but we cannot expect i t for years, and i t w i l l be inadequate when i t arrives. Until we have a high percentage of residential students our college w i l l always be something less than a University. But i t i s the centre of our lives far several years, and i t provides us with the greatest of a l l boons; the companionship of kindred spirits. If you neglect your fellows at oollege you w i l l pay for i t in loneliness and frustration. Do not go home regularly at five o'clock. Stay for supper occasionally and talk with your new friends. Have a drink now and again, but not alone. - And pity the poor post-great who has to dash back to his lab 1 Tours sincerely, Watt A. P.S.


Pardon my use of the now de plume, but i t i s hallowed with time, and i s better known than my name.

(EDITOR'S won. Roaiars ^ay bo interested to know that "Watt" i s s t i l l with us.)










The beginning of a new session i s perhaps an appropriate time for a few weighty editorial remarks an Rags. We might begin: a university Education leads up to a position of responsibility, and responsibility implies a certain code of decorum of i t s bearer - but this i s not meant to be a lecture. It has often been said that the standard of ragging has fallen i n recent years; many reasons far this having been propounded. We do not propose to enter into that argument, but set before' you what we consider to be a good standard of ragging. The primary consideration i s that a rag should be funny - not only to the participants, but to a l l onlookers, and that i t should be " i n good taste". I.C. have a high reputation i n this respect; but rags do tend to get out of hand, and i t i s then that the f o l l owing point i s frequently overlooked. There should be no damage to property whioh may ooat the 'victims' of the episode money that they cannot afford. In fact, such 'victims' as there are ought to be able to be amused when viewing the incident in retrospect. We are f u l l y i n favour of a good rag. We hope to bo able to participate i n , and record in FELIX, many in the ooming session - but we do not want to see the college get a bad name as a result of the actions of a thoughtless few.

THIS EDITION IS UNIQUE ! - 8 pages, bigger print, and i t i s s t i l l only threepence. As always, FELIX i s i n dependent of financial support from the Union. Tour Union Counoil cannot dictate to you through the paper. This i s unlike SENNET, whioh oosts U.L.U. a l o t of money every year. As this i s our Freshers' Issue, produced by a much depleted staff, we do not apologise for using a small proportion of material that has appeared before In previous editions. Our older readers may miss some of their favourite features. "Viewpoint", "Letters to the Editor", and some news items have been held over until the next issue, No. 96, which w i l l appear on Friday October 19th. As usual, FELIX w i l l come out on every alternate Friday this session. We are not alone in thinking that i t i s worth 0.2143 of a penny per day to be informed on I.C. affairs - so remember to buy a copy of this paper every time i t appears. Contributions to FELIX are always welcomed. - So are letters to the Editor. Do not be afraid to write in. The paper i s 'made up' on the Sunday before the Friday on whioh i t i s due to appear. I f club secretaries desire publicity for their club, i t i s up to them to write us a report of their activities now and again* Put your reports and articles i n the Union letter raok not later than Saturday lunohtime of the 'make up* weekend. The sooner we have the articles the better.

Until the main part of the Union building becomes available later in October the following temporary quarters have been obtained :Bridge and Chess Clubs: the room whioh was known as the "small lounge" last year, opposite the Messengers' Office on the ground floor of the Beit Building. Committee Room: any clubs or committees who need to hold a meeting during the f i r s t fortnight of term may use the President's Office. Bookings may be made in the Union Offioe. Table Tenuis Club: the roam which was known last year as 'Committee Roam 'A" an the third floor of the New Hostel. During the f i r s t fortnight of term the Dsnoing. Judo, and Fencing Clubs w i l l have to hold meetings i n the Snack Bar - and any outside rooms whioh are available. In the period Oct. 23rd. - Deo 1st., the Concert Hall w i l l also be available for these clubs and the new Gymnasium should be available as from Deo. 1st. The Badminton Club w i l l continue to operate on outside courts until the Gymnasium i s ready. STUDENT


Anyone who wishes to make criticisms or suggestions about any aspect of the Union or College l i f e should approach the appropriate student representative, either personally or i n writing.' This representative w i l l be failing in his duty i f he does not investigate any serious suggestions fully. On the other hand, folk who grumble without coming forward with their own ideas are failing in their duty too. A l i s t of student officers and student representatives on college committeosi w i n be posted i n the Union throughout the coming session. The constituent college Unions have additional representatives on the Bookstall Committee, the Athletic Ground Committee and the Exploration Board.




- What reaction does the name evoke ? - Pictures of a few dull pietists sitting round In a gloomy circle, reading Bibles - killjoys, with no fun ? We are a body of Christians, united for a specifi c job, i n a specific place, far a specific purpose. The job ? - that of telling of the joyful news of Christ - of the meaning of Bis l i f e , death and resurrection - and challenging you with Bis teaching. The place ? - I.C. - doing the job with Universi t y level presentations of Christian faith and practise. The purpose ? - that you might have l i f e - i n a l l i t s fullness, joy and power - as God intends us to have i t . Join us on Mondays, at 1.15 pÂŤm. i n the Metallurgy Lecture Theatre (Ground Floor, R.S.M.) sec 'Coming Brents' for further details.

E an interdenominational

service of

worship for

all members of the college

The next issue of FELIX w i l l contain reports i n f u l l of the three expeditions carried out under the auspioes of the College Exploration Board, A report of the Camargue Expedition already l i e s on our desk. We hope that the others wil l be forthcoming when the participants have recovered from their exertions. Also i n the next issue we hope to print "P.G.'s A-HLre", an amusing account of a holiday i n a hired launch on the Thames whioh gave much pleasure to two I.C. men this smsu

















N On Tuesday, June 26th. 1956, fifteen good men and true made their way down to Plymouth to begin the tour of South Devon. To the uninitiated the Devon Tour i a an annual institution begun i n 1938 by E.R.S. Winter et a l i a cm which I.C. take on the local cricketing talent. The name of Imperial College i s reoognised frcei Exeter to Torquay (with the help of the WESTERN MORNING NEWS).

LOTO,"FELIX AND MARRIAGE: Join the FELIX staff and find happiness I L\jring the Vacation the lost Editor got married; the Printer became engaged, and the present Editor also became engaged - of course i t might be something to do with Leap Tear as well, but the suggestion would be unfair I NELSON congratulates a l l concerned.

The I.C. party this year inoluded 3 oompetent cricketers foam the CJonrocmwealth, Jerry "the Barbarian" Carter from W. Indies, Umeah Pande (India) and N. Bhatti (Pakistan).

CS3MMEM. DAT: We hear from a very important person that Mr. P.L. Levine has been re-appoiated STUDENT ORATOR for the <3omiiemoratio7Day proceedings i n the Albert Hall following his amazing success last year.

Seven matches were played on the tour of which 3 were won and 2 lost. The result of the opening match against R.N.E.C., Plymouth, was i n doubt until the last ball which Dytham, to the Surprise of a l l concerned, smote for the winning run to give I.C. victory by one wicket. The dusky pair, Bhatti and Carter, shared 8 wickets whilst Walker(36), Shepherd (22), and Hearn(59) obtained the major snare of the runs. The latter, alternating between glorious hits and palpable misses, scored 48 of his runs i n boundaries.

MINES' VIRGIN WHITENESS: 'Old Lags' w i l l hardly recognise the R.S.M. Its sjLeaning during the Vacation has nothing to do with the graduation and departure of the Lady Miner who spent the last three years there.

The next day saw the team on the stately ground of the R.N. Barracks at Devonport. I.C. managed to scrape only 95 runs, of whioh Kitchener soored a painstaking 29, quite out of oharaoter with his usual tour form. The Barrooks obtained the required runs for the loss of 3 wickets. Inoidentally this defeat was I.C, f i r s t sinoe the 1953 tour. Prinoetown, with i t s grey stone prison and oottages surrounded by the bleak h i l l s of Dartmoor, the whole almost enveloped i n low oloud, was the setting for a new fixture, that against the Dartmoor Prison Offioers. The wicket was prepared by the prisoners on parole and one suspected that they had left holes where a b a l l might f l y and injure an unsuspeoting warder. The warders soored 102, whioh they thought was a mammoth total. For once the English bowlers managed to share the spoils with the two spin 'wizards', Bhatti and Carter. I.C. achieved a oautious victory by 6 wickets due to a stand of 50 between Bhatti (22 n <s) and Watson(37 a o)»

FRESHERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT OARNIVAIS: Innooent Tounfl TMngj, "What i s a Carnival, pray ?" Habitual Oarnivalite: "An old saok, an empty glass, low lights and thee."


(by OGGT) I know that Coraroam. Ball Is open to a l l , But i t ' s a question, haooy,

After a'vacant day. on the Saturday, the team looked forward to the Whimple matoh with relish. Suitably fortified with the excellent lunoh at the Countess Wear Hotel , Exeter, I.C. soored 199-6 wkts in under 2 hours. This spate of sooring was load by atohea«r(7Jf) end Heam (52, inoluding 3 sixes and 6 fours). Hearn's bowling (4-17) assured I.C. of victory by the hand*• some margin of 93 runs. Thus i n % hours cricket, $g|< *r»2 runs had been scored.


And so t ; Torquay! This year Dickinson had a strong team to take an 'Curly' and the boys,This team inoluded Reg Dare, late of Hampshire, as professional. I.C. were not daunted and compiled 164 runs. Once again Kitchener (67) was mainly responsible, helped by Faaroa (38) and Shepherd (37). The crumbling wicket was of no help to pace bowlers and once again Carter and Bhatti took the ... .ckots between then. They were, however, unable to capture Torquay'a last wicket to achieve „•« victory. I.C, met their second defeat at Brixham i n the evenins matoh termed by the locals "Imperial College night". In the gathering gloom I.C. oould only muster 5b in reply to Brixham's 92, probably due to an overdose of "cockles and mussels" during the day. The and of the tour, as far as playing was oonoemed came rather abruptly when, after I.C. had scored 120-3 i n 73 minutes (Shepherd 60 n.o.) against Paignton, • rain prevented further play. On the social side, I.C. kept up their reputation as beer-sinkers, and, arising from this, many an amusing tale can be told of this latest tour. These are secrets whioh cannot be divulged to the press, bat may be extracted from a Devon tourist i f ho i s given enough liquid fodder as a reminder.


TOE EBB STAIRS I In the new union building, we are told, there w i l l be two l i f t s - one for feed and ana for human beings. At f i r s t , when installing these labour-eavlng devices, the tackle for the haulage of the former was Installed in the latter. The contractors have sine* regpairnd the defeat bat we wonder i f the food l i f t w i l l be Strang •asugh to carry the oollege steam puddings.

DEFINITION 07 AM 1,0, HUP: Somewhere where the students are fresher than the freshers.





C O M M E M O R A T I O N ml& 9$f


25t h



g A 1956


Danoing from 8.30 p.m. u n t i l 2.30 a.m. music of THE BILL SAVILL ORCHESTRA 2 i gne. i n o l . b u f f e t - Evening Order


to the


before the 19th Ootober to make sure of a ticket.


ALBERT [ g M « M C « A L



f f ^ ^

^ O / t J . ^


1. JANE BROWN - Morning Coffee, Lunch & Tea. 2. LAMLBY & Co - Stationery, Scientific and Technical Handbooks, Drawing Inotrvnaonts. 3. I.C BOOKSTALL (in Union Building on Prinoe Consort Road.) 4. PULTENEY - Booksellers.

TUBES: Piccadilly, Circle, and Distriet lines run from South Kensington and Gloucester Road.





82 THURLOB STREET South Kensington, S.W.7 KEN 0522.

BUSES: 46, 49, 52, 9, 73 run each way along Kensington Road and Khightabridge. 49 run up and down Glouoester Road. 74 run along Cromwell Road. 14, 30, 96 pass by South Kensington Station.



7, £x.Hl<ZlTloN The South Kensington



/""u^k! mis coffee^ 1, 3 &





30+0 3"ANE

BtfoWW m«.ke re


selected stock in —

PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING Drawing Instrui ts, Artists' Materials, Stationery ar. Books in General






A.M. — 6 p.











Monday Octc 8th. Demonstration hy the Judo Club, Snack Bar, 4.30 Wednesday


Pot. 10th.

Ayrton Hall, Hostel Residents' Dinner. Thursday 3.CM.

Pot. 11th.

Freshers' Tea, Snack Bar, Friday

5.30 - 7.00


TO ALL CLUB SECRETARIES: The "Coming Events" Diary i s open to a l l I.C. clubs who d e s i r e p u b l i c i t y f o r future meetings and events. Club o f f i c i a l s should send d e t a i l s to the " Sub-Editor ( Coming Events ), FELIX." v i a the Union Rack. S e c r e t a r i e s are a l s o i n v i t e d to submit some a d d i t i o n a l Information concerning t h e i r events which MAY be printed i f space permits. Bare d e t a i l s of a l l the e n t r i e s submitted w i l l be p r i n t e d i n any case. There i s no charge f o r t h i s s e r v i c e .


I.C.C.U. Freshers' Tea, Ayrton Hall, 5.15


6.30 For I.C. O r g a n l s a t l o n s : -

Monday Oct. 15th. Catholic Soc., Freshers' Tea,

Snack Bar, 5*00-7.30

R.C.S. Freshers' Dinner, Ayrton Hall,



Gliding Club Freshers' Tea, Snack Bar, 5.45 - 7.00 Wednesday Pot. 17th. R.C.S. Freshers' Dinner, Ayrton Hall, Thursday

7.00 - 11.00

Pot. 18th.

Eng. Soo. Freshers' Tea, Ayrton Hall,


5»45 -


Jewish Soc. Freshers' Tea, Snack Bar, 5.45 - 6.45

10/- per i n s e r t .

(other s i z e s pro rata.)

7.00 - 11.00

I.C.C.U. Open Meeting, "The Challenge of Christ" i n Met. Lect. Th. (RSM) at 1.15p.m. Speaker: Rev. Hugh Evan Hopkins, O.B.E. ,M.A. (Sandwiches on Bale) Tuesday


Outside A d v e r t i s e r s : 1/4


26/- per i n s e r t .

(other s i z e s pro r a t a , extra charges f o r f r o n t ^age space.) A l l drawings, made up advertisements and typing, should be BLACK on white paper free from f i n g e r p r i n t s . These should be prepared to s u i t a column width of 4 i " . Before the p r i n t i n g process a 1/4-col. advertisement measures 4.5" wide X 3.1" high. Reduction by the p r i n t i n g process i s 20%. Personal


7.00 - 11.00

A r a t e of 6d. f o r 20 words i s the nominal charge f o r p l a i n personal advertisements and book-offers e t c .

ANOTHER FELIX ON SALE - with more 'Coming Events'.

ALL ENQUIRIES should be addressed to the FELIX Business Manager, v i a I.C. Union Hack.

R.C.S. Freshers' Dinner, Ayrton Hall, Friday

Oct. 19th.

Mines* Freshers' Dinner, Ayrton Hall, 6 p.m. et seq. I.C.Y.H.A. GROUP: Day hike with Bedford C o l l ege (women.') on Sunday Oct. 14th. Please see Y.H.A. n o t i c e board f o r d e t a i l s . Nov. 4th. - 11th.

I.C.C.U. Mission: "What think ye of Christ ?"



BOOKSTALL ££££££££££££££££££££££££££Ji££££

SUPFLY:Instruments, Stationery, Text Books - as recommended by your teaching staff. WE HAVE high quality Ties, Scarves and Blazers

K 59,






9.30 - 11.45,

12.30 - 5.30



FLANNEL SCARVES: I.C.; London U n i v e r s i t y 8 25/C. & G.; R.C.S.; R.S.M. 8 27/6 H 11/TIES: S i l k Weft S0.UARBS: 8 18/BLAZSR BADGES: I.C. 8 43/6 ; Lon. Univ. 0 35/- ; C. & G. 8 25/- ; R.C.S. 8 42/- ; R.S.M. 8 37/6. BLAZERS: Wool F l a n n e l , T a i l o r Bade, Lined Sleeves: s.b. 8 £ 5 . 10s. d.b. 8 £ 6 . OB. Leading: Npoi-tM Outfitter*


Personal Advertisements HUMBER SPORTS CYCLE, excellent tyres and general c o n d i t i o n . Lightweight rims and handlebars. 4-speed Sturmey-Archer gear. Battery l i g h t s . Set of t o o l s included . £7 o.n.o. Phone PAD 7756 - Mr. K. Hunter a f t e r 7.30 p.m. during the week.





The Rugger Club has worn the U.L. Oup four times i a the last five years. This year, as well as winning the


An athletic team from I.C. toured the Oslo area of Norway during the vacation. At the time of going to press a f u l l report had not been made available to our Sports Editor and what we know of the tour we have gleaned from scraps of conversation. As with a l l successful, both view. To publish detract from the should appear i n

I.C. tours abroad, this tour was most from the athletic and social point of the assorted tales we have heard would value of a f i r s t hand account whioh next edition.


The Mountaineering Club holds a strong position in I.C. sporting and social l i f e . At present some of this strength may be attributed to the interest created by the projected Karakoram Expedition next Summer. Everyone i n the Karakoram party, whioh i s being led by Eric Sbipton, w i l l need mountaineering ability. We understand that there w i l l be a General Meeting and Illustrated Talk by Dennis Kemp on Monday Oct. 15th. The t i t l e w i l l be "Mountaineering, Climbing and Caving." On the 20th. and 21st. of this month there w i l l be a Freshers' Climbing Meet in North Wales.


Line out in last year's cup final when we beat U.C. 6-0. U.L. C<ip again (we hope), we are touring Cornwall at Easter when we are playing Penryn, Fz, & N.and Falmouth. We hope to maintain the high standard of the olub by blending the talents of the freshers with the experience of the 'old lags'. Apart from their prowess on the f i e l d , the rugger olub are seoond only to the Cricket Club in their sociability after the game. We run six Fifteens, so there i s room for a l l who wish to play. - I f i t i s sport you want, join the Rugger Club - and the I.C. definition of 'sport* wil l become more apparent as your stay in I.C. lengthens. (Editorial Note: Too much 'sport' w i l l lengthen your stay considerably S)



Owing to the delay in completing the Union gymnasium, the Boxing Club w i l l be holding joint meetings with the University of London Boxing Club at the U.L.U. gym. in Malet St. Training sessions with tuition by Charlie E l l i o t are held at the following times: Monday: 8.00 - 9.30 p.m. Thursday: 5.30 - 7.00 p.m. and w i l l oommenoe on the 11th. October. Novices of a l l weights are welcome and w i l l no doubt be amply rewarded, for, as freshers w i l l learn to their costs, folk are apt to be press-ganged into competing in the Rector's Cup tournament whioh i s held at the end of the Spring Term.


The Boat Club have sent us no report f o r t h i s i s s u e . We can, however, divulge that they did not do as well as usual at Henley t h i s Summer. Also, we regret to report that the Captain-Elect, Paul Harding, pranged once more and has l e f t us f o r good.

The soccer club hope f o r an improvement on l a s t season, when I.C.'s record was only moderate although we were only narrowly beaten i n the 3emi-final of the U. L. Cup. This improvement can be achieved i f players make a 3erious endeavour to get themselves match f i t . Competition f o r p o s i t i o n s in the 1st. XI w i l l be keen and f i t n e s s w i l l be necessary f o r s e l e c t i o n It i s hoped that as many freshers as possible wil l turn up to the trial s at Harlington. Selection of outstanding players from about 100 freshers is very difficult after only two trials and therefore anyone who believes he should have an immediate place in the t s t . XI should not be discouraged i f he i s selected for the lower teams i n i t i a l l y . The Club w i l l run four teams regularly throughout the season, each competing in the University League. This year i t i s the turn of the Soooer Club for a foreign tour. The destination has not yet been decided, but a l l participants w i l l be assured of an enjoyable time.


An account of the C r i c k e t Club's TOUR DBVON i s given on page FIVE, column

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